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File: 1633694678055.jpg (229.31 KB, 1200x800, free pontypandy.jpg)

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This is the whitest thing I’ve seen here in a while. It’s like another language.


File: 1633694941602.jpg (12.96 KB, 480x360, Sam tan.jpg)

I'm not racist I have black friends


I am convinced Brexit was a Monty Python sketch after all.



Go back to Pol, what are you even doing here


>I have […] friends


File: 1633695322596.jpg (75.49 KB, 1278x965, Free Wales Army.jpg)

I am here to uphold the militant struggle of the free wales army. Our day will come


File: 1633695381969.png (221.89 KB, 474x355, ClipboardImage.png)



lol why are ethnic types often so fragile?
it's just banter m8


Uphold Cayo-Evans thought.


>Security services' files from the UK National Archives described Cayo-Evans having "a mental age of 12", and Coslett, his second-in-command, as "unbalanced". The documents said that authorities[which?] did not regard the Free Wales Army as a serious threat at the time.[6]


Cayo-Evans plays the classic Kaiser Sose move and the free wales army lives on



We’re not fragile. Our numbers are multiplying and Wales along with the rest of the UK will be international in its demographic make up.


>We’re not fragile
<spergs out over a single word
>Our numbers are multiplying and Wales along with the rest of the UK will be international in its demographic make up
Personally I have never considered the welsh to be white anyway. Savages.


you've got one of the oddest bits on this website, and this is coming from the one who made a narcissism fursona


things at work have gone full joker mode.

I am cooming


lol, where?


You are the most easily butthurt flag poster we’ve had here in months. You must be falseflagging as black to sow diiiiscored


Give us the deets.


>be me small fudge packing business manager
>boss tries to sell business without telling us
>new owner comes in a day early and starts throwing his weight around in a deeply autistic manner
>me and assistant manager and all staff hand in notice at the same time the next day as a result
>new autismo not quite owner turns up mid way through day for assistant manager to tell him none of us are staying
>new owner stars talking about us as if we chattel and “part of the deal”
>new owner phones old owner
>meanwhile I’m telling the staff to change all the passwords on all the stuff and basically brick the place in other ways alongside some financial things in minecraft
>tell old owner we are all leaving cos new owners a dick
>refuse to answer new owners calls all day
>old owner calls new owner and tells him to leave the shop until he’s actually bought it
>screams at him to fuck off
>customers leaving in droves
>me deliberately giving both old owner and new owner disinformation
>new owner refuses to leave, admits he has been parked outside the shop every day for the last two weeks watching us
>both old owner and new owner now begging us to stay, promising extra money and so forth
>old owner has told us he will give us extra money to lie to the new owner and say we are staying and then leave as soon as the keys are handed over.

Is all fine by me. In place of a union deliberately causing maximum chaos has paid off for me and the staff


Absolutely beautiful.


File: 1633709754587.png (567.94 KB, 677x676, 1623008639164.png)

Lads…..is the sun starting to set on the British empire…..?


The Sun had already set on the British Empire when it became a Vassal of its former Colony the United States Empire.


that pic lol


>fudge packing
i thought this was a euphemism for gays, are you telling me it's a real job



>old owner has told us he will give us extra money to lie to the new owner and say we are staying and then leave as soon as the keys are handed over
the proletarian-petty bourgeois non-agression pact


How do you think fudge get into packaging?


Are you an actual fudge packing business of something else…I want to share this but i don't want people to think it's homophobic


any of you coming up to Glasgow for cop26 ?


Don’t share it for at least a week. Yes, I work in a factory where fudge is packed


You coming for November 6th?


Seeing how football fans react to their team getting bought by Saudis really blackpilled me. Should I join the /ego/ posters?


just to think this could have been avoided if the guy just came in a friendly manner and said "hello"


Trying to set up a living rent branch where I live, people seem to be really flakey. Do any of you have any experience of organising with them/any tips on trying to get people more engaged?


what did the fans do?


Daily reminder that squaddies aren't your friends and they will fuck you up in an eventual revolution.

Also, legal guns don't help since the vast majority of gun owners are shiteheads, just look at Yankland

The revolution will be delivered by the ballot box.


File: 1633732555748.mp4 (2.17 MB, 434x360, laugh.mp4)

>old owner has told us he will give us extra money to lie to the new owner and say we are staying and then leave as soon as the keys are handed over.


File: 1633877402206.jpg (593.37 KB, 1915x1273, 59c9138a85600a38003b3bc0.jpg)

thinking about how Orwell's quote
"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear"
and how that is the stupidest fucking thing I've ever heard. (and I dedicate almost everything I say to that end! I'm the fucking target audience for such contrarian autofellatio!)

even were i to put myself in the mindset of a liberal i would have to grant that Stalin had the better line on this:
>"It is difficult for me to imagine what "personal liberty" is enjoyed by an unemployed person, who goes about hungry, and cannot find employment. Real liberty can exist only where exploitation has been abolished, where there is no oppression of some by others, where there is no unemployment and poverty, where a man is not haunted by the fear of being tomorrow deprived of work, of home and of bread. Only in such a society is real, and not paper, personal and every other liberty possible."


File: 1633878290817.png (433.93 KB, 2560x2376, 1631473553458.png)

>The revolution will be delivered by the ballot box.
>Thinks rightoids won't just coup such a government, because they have all the guns and control the military, as has happened plenty of times in South America
Succdem brainworms


Who still eats fudge?


File: 1633881875920.jpg (88.47 KB, 640x1438, UK.jpg)


t. people who have LARPy fantasies of dying in a revolutionary war or as a conscript on the beaches of Hainan rather than the respectable fantasy of being killed with full moral legitimacy and historical sympathy


(for the avoidance of doubt >>541049 didn't post >>539122 and my angle is that there isn't, at present, much hope of seizing either the ballot or the bullet so go join acorn)


is it really that bad up in old Ingerland? Do you think anything could result from this?


First details: without giving too many details, please don’t say too much honestly be as vague as possible.

What sort of area I.e students, older people, a lot of social housing? is it a city/ town area or a specific neighborhood? what are the demographics?

What sort of stuff has already been done? How much support are you getting from staff?


Highly based tho btw the most based thing you can do, it is a hard thing to do but stick at it you will see results we always do


I know most squaddies are right wing but I’ve met a fair few left wing squaddies/ ex squaddies. Even the racist Welsh one was still a labour voter . Apart from one guy I used to smoke weed and vandalise stuff with and now the cunt posts articles of British soldiers being killed in some country they shouldn’t be with the text being like “ shocking!” Even though he’s only joined the fucking TA. Cringe.

Absolute worst night of my life was getting coked up with an Aussie ex squaddie/ cop tho that guy was a fucking cunt and a fascist.

The thing is, you need to be developing these capabilities long before you need them, and the only way to develop them is to practice them.

Not saying you need to be blowing stuff up, but you need to be practicing the organisation of it, having groups which can carry out dispatchings of people, networks of communication and chains of command, large numbers of fighting able proles and the ability to arm them.

Yes it seems mental and a larp, but it’s a cold fact of history, there are literally zero socialist movements in history that didn’t face an onslaught of the most heinous violence.

You can’t name one, I challenge you this


File: 1633883825924.png (Spoiler Image, 77.56 KB, 830x594, 176238759625.png)

>You can’t name one, I challenge you this
The Breadtubers


reading this sharticle just to make myself angry

i take the view that the level of organisation and class consciousness is sufficiently low that it's premature to be practicing at certain types of organisation in 90% of circumstances, whether that's preparing for a fight or preparing to run an election campaign. people have to start smaller and less exciting as a matter of building up basic competence at organising rather than thinking they'll just jump straight to forming the people's protective militia and WALTing about with an airgun or thinking they'll just displace the Labour party and then wasting £500 on a quixotic independent election run where the candidate spent half their days sleeping and didn't even use the free mailshot because they couldn't get that many printouts of their web-manifesto into envelopes.
>You can’t name one, I challenge you this
if you want a successful one i take the point, but in the absence of such a rule: practically all the middle class trots in that "go fourth" book except that Militant bloke that neil kinnock heemed in the toilets at conference. as a rule they don't bother beating up the irrelevant.


File: 1633884636563.gif (1.37 MB, 264x264, ef4.gif)

>Criticising the concentration of wealth can backfire badly if it is done in the name of equality of outcome, as Jeremy Corbyn discovered: nobody wants to live in Venezuela.
motherfucker actually wrote this


>Adrian Wooldridge is the Economist’s political editor and Bagehot columnist.
>His new book, “The Aristocracy of Talent: How Meritocracy Made the Modern World”, is published by Allen Lane on 3 June
of fucking course
you left that little detail right to the end, didn't you, you shite hawking cunt.


> i take the view that the level of organisation and class consciousness is sufficiently low
Yes and what better way to make it higher than to form a strictly disciplined militant (in every sense of the word, organising like a military) dedicated precisely to building class consciousness.

Yes, armed capacity is only one facet, but you need to build a whole eco system of groups in struggle on a variety of fronts, each of these ultimately answering to a central authority which cannot be corrupted or deterred and which answers only to the wishes of the organic working class movement, taking a dialectical part in both building, directing, but also learning from these.

You can also effectively practice doing violence on people nobody cares about I.e street fascists , really the point is muh antifascista but to practice sending squads to dispense with enemies and to train squads in doing so.


* the point is NOT muh antifascista


(You can also practice militancy on other highly unpopular targets like for instance energy companies right now, or a restaurant in town which is famous for fucking it’s staff over in some current way) - these last couple are probably the preferable option. Putting a brick through your local hospitality mini tycoons Audi windscreen might actually make him think twice about bumping his staff for holiday pay


wish this was real


File: 1633891570571.jpg (144.56 KB, 1077x717, FAg3WuuXEAM2a1F.jpg)

in what the fuck kind of accent does "admire" rhyme with "GDR"

the organic working class movement on which everything else wishes to depend has to be grown. that is the hurdle at which every other aspiration stumbles.
(i'm also inclined towards decentralization, but not in a hippie anarchist kind of way. more as a practical matter so that all the guys who know how to organize a meeting don't wind up unavailable for the next few decades because one of the fascists they decide to play river city ransom 3d with turned out to be an undercover cop.)


Believe what you want m8

>has to be grown
That’s what I’m saying brosephine, what better way to grow it then a military esque formation


Thanks for that my eyes are bleeding now.


Man imagine if Mountbatten had been about during the winter of discontent: the IRA may literally have saved british democracy…


File: 1633912881042.png (1.67 MB, 784x1518, ClipboardImage.png)

Commercial Rental porky is scared to shit lamo.


as much as I despise the middle class work from home lot, this is based af lmao


That reminds me, of this alternate history Timeline where Mountbatten coups Harold Wilson



How big of an issue are the empty supermarket shelves?
I still haven't seen any


Plenty shit in my local not there it’s annoying as fuck.

Also getting supplies in fudge packing hospitality has been a fucking nightmare loads of wholesalers out of chicken and stuff


You should go out and buy as much toilet paper and canned food as you possibly can


Why do you need chicken to pack fudge?


it's scotland, so probably some horrific delicacy that I wouldn't even feed to my dog


aye, they sure love their sodomy the rascals


File: 1633967692682.png (1.02 MB, 781x586, ClipboardImage.png)


Kek I don’t actually pack fudge. I work in hospitality I was just continuing the bant and keeping my story in minecraft


Yeh we sodomise your pig English mum on the daily


File: 1633970633497.png (109.79 KB, 1021x582, ClipboardImage.png)

Piersy going full galloway


absolutely based
although, given you're a namefag, you're prolly lying for attention.


>Pansexual Lois Lane and gender fluid Lex Luthor
Sounds based


File: 1633972056952.mp4 (1017.14 KB, 404x720, laughing duck.mp4)


can we just remember that all of this is downstream of someone being such a boomer that they e-mailed the entire blairite whatsapp conversation to their Labour e-mail account



can I post your story on new multitude yet?


>be me … business manager
tell us more about how you can't wait for the revolution, you fucking middle manager. you make me sick. half of your posts are humblebrags
>I'm a manager who fights for workers! I'm one of the good ones
fuck off you piece of shit



Okay guess I should have just stayed skint at minimum wage for eternity in a shitty industry instead of earning pence more in that industry to also make rotas and do stock takes because you seethe about it.

I wasn’t a middle manager, I was in fact head honcho. Cope even more and cry. Probably you disagree with me on some ideological position and have been merked in other threads and now you’ve come to deliver this fundamentally anti Marxist babble. Managers are for the most part proles.

Managing is an essential part of most work places. Really hope you’re not a dengoid or into the Soviet Union otherwise crying about managers existing is BiG LOL


Sage is a piece of shit because he has shit opinions, not because he is a middle manager.


Funny cause sage has always tried to be a middle manager of the community.


My opinions are better than your opinions it’s simple

>forming a union is middle management
T. Cop janitor


Aye, don't wanna get v&

some students, a very patchwork place with highly deprived areas. There is quite alot of social housing.

We're starting in a specific neighbourhood, we have done some door knocking and a stall in the center of the town. Yes we've got support from a much larger branch near by. Only had the founding meeting three weeks ago


I get what Stalin meant when he said the British ruling class is the most competent in the world. Thinking about all this "accuse everyone of being an anti-Semite and trans people of being anti-feminist" shows how uniquely good they are at co-opting leftist rhetoric and using it to attack us.
Whereas any other ruling class goes the obvious route and tries to use Jewish people as scapegoats and boogeymen, the British ruling class instead turn anti-semites into the boogeymen and use it as a cudgel to beat leftists with because they know it will divide us. Its the same with TERFs, why be openly transphobic like American conservatives do when you can get feminists to do it for you?


thinking about Corbyn again lads
part of it's obviously nostalgia but also just: here's a guy who got all of these young, generally pretty normal and good people and got them interested in something as unspeakably fucking dull as the labour party, who managed to take a decrepit bankrupt election losing machine and get enough people into it that it could be made viable again, and his thanks was being told to go fuck himself and being replaced the world's most aggressively boring man, a man so bad he's got plenty of people convinced that Ed Miliband is the epitome of cool. A man so dull that when he does inevitably lose the next election Wikipedia editors will struggle to find a reliable source for his name because everyone fell asleep rather than writing it down.

But this isn't about how terrible Starmer is. no, it's about stuff happening. Corbyn being elected through to 2017, maybe 18 or 19 was a moment of something outside the parameters of ordinary parliamentary politics happening. I'm not saying there's any lessons to be drawn from it, it's not about that, it's just an interesting moment - and it's a fascinating study in organizational culture that Labour not only doesn't appreciate this but is actively hostile to it. They love the image of crowds cheering that Blair got in or even look over at people liking Jacinda Ardern or whatever, but when they've got a leader who can show up to Glastonbury and get a massive response their response is to go out and tell newspapers he's literally Hitler if Hitler lead a cult as well as being Hitler. It's truly incredible.


You're dead right, but also I feel like this isn't the defeat it could have been. Like those mobilised and radicalised by Corbyn act like a reserve army of socialism, that when the next big thing kicks off they will go all ham on it. I have this general feeling things are gonna kick off this winter, who knows where they go…


If things kick off it will probably be summer 2022, rioting and protesting generally happens during the summer.


Yeah but we're getting shortages this winter, also the UCU is set for industrial action: and considering how things were on campus last year I expect it to get things lit.


I will kill all the Greggs for Northern Ireland


>I wasn’t a middle manager, I was in fact head honcho.
A.K.A. the owner's bitch. You have to do the dirty work and make as much money for the owner as possible. I bet you enjoyed firing proles, it gave you a sense of power and superiority, didn't it? You strike me as the type who'd have his female employees suck him off to keep their job.
>Probably you disagree with me on some ideological position and have been merked in other threads
This is how you expose yourself as an angloid lib, you think any difference of opinion is a result of a personal vendetta.


>aka the owners bitch
Yes that is how jobs work

>you strike me as the type

Completely baseless accusation but cool

>bet you enjoyed

Actually I did have to sack one guy and it was horrible but he stole tips off the the others so what am I supposed to do exactly?

>you think everything is a personal vendetta

Because it is lmao you’ve just accused me of sexual assault and sadism based on zip and you’re trying to say it isn’t personal ho plz


Never underestimate the power of Christmas shortages to upset the proles


There was no herring at the supermarket today, I’m gonna blow


>I’m gonna blow


Which is bullshit because we all know you're a prison bitch maoist who is also a grocery store manager.


>you're a prison bitch maoist
do we know what sage went to prison for?


Cant speak for all places but its fine where I live. Cityfags will have to cope on their own tho


sucking dick in public


>not getting banter revolving around the term fudge packer
Every day you embarrass yourself more


>haha i'm totally not homophobic, it's just banter m8
i get it, but you're still an unfunny faggot


being a rowdy sco'ish punk who probably got his lifestyle from watching trainspotting.

no wonder he's a maoist. he thinks he is lumpen and wants to feel important.


The amount of butthurt I cause is proper hilarious to me



Monty Python tier anglo humor is cringe tho.


can i put "Monty Python Tier" on my website as a review


by "my website" he means his twitter


go ahead anglo


actually i have been a proud user of webs.com since back when it was freewebs


no one cares


I care
sure, I don't get the joke. But if I did I'm sure it's somewhat funny.



Nobody is doing that you freak.

>come into britpol

>none of you are funny Anglos
Well we like it so fuck off yank


>disregards previous posts like a dishonest anglo
okay fag


Sorry I ignored your highly interesting post obsessed weirdo. Which one was it?


Sorry you don't know context either. I'm not an anglo.


Okay cool do you want a medal? Hey everybody, this guy is not from the U.K. or Australia or the white parts of America, bro can I buy you a drink? You seem like a special guy


The anti-anglo posters are an odd bunch. They're usually schizos, so trying to reason with them is pointless. It's better to just bait them with shit like picrel.


The funny thing is half the time it’s like a frog or a third generation burger acting like we all don’t live in a turbo burger world


Cry harder.
The burger cannot exist without the anglo.


Can you at least be witty or something? Make a joke instead of just raw seethe


Just eat a toast sandwich lad. Instant anglo


File: 1634180479370.png (585 KB, 640x360, ClipboardImage.png)

DUH!!!! ANGLO!!!! DUH, ANGLOID!!???!!1 ANGLO!!!!!













File: 1634181640162.jpg (73.7 KB, 552x616, gaddafi ira.jpg)

You are now entering BASED territory



>>new owner refuses to leave, admits he has been parked outside the shop every day for the last two weeks watching us

Theme for this story


File: 1634207042864.jpg (99.32 KB, 494x866, auspol.jpg)

>newmultitude zine now has a 'shitposts' tag


Not been in work since that day now, had a week off, on my way to an interview, got a trial shift next week, probably won’t start for at least a week after that. One of the jobs is more pay than that one for less work. Things are looking comfy. Would recommend


>be fudgepacker
>do crime
You're an absolute douche sometimes, but this time it's aimed the right direction. You're alright with me.


wow. wicked cool. tell us more.


still in catering?
I hear that's a good industry to work in right now


Don’t be jel man, be reem

Actually getting into sausage smuggling game these days. Big food shortages atm can make a pretty price on some prime polish keilbasa


Lab conference bounce

Westminster Voting Intention:

CON: 43% (+6)
LAB: 30% (-4)
LDM: 11% (-3)
GRN: 6% (+1)
REF: 1% (-1)

Via @Kantar_UKI, 23-27 September,
Changes with 23 August.


the absolute state etc etc


Are you Brits still outta gas? What's the situation now?


File: 1634249519862.mp4 (7.65 MB, 640x480, T2qs19S110EnMrIw.mp4)

>whenever a burger posts in /leftybritpol/


Starts strong af

>well you’re going to be at this fuck off place

Continues excellent

>every time they drink they throw the furniture out the window



wasn't expecting this to happen today. barbaric stuff.
Islamist, schizo or antivaxxer would be my guess.


We where never out of gas, media hype


In Southend, probably vaccine schizo or someone with a personal issue.


Would put money on vaccine schizo.


fucking hell, he's died


If it was a leftie, it was based propoganda of the deed

If it was a vaccine skitzo, it was based, everyone thinks vaccine skitzos are skitzo anyway and now a Tory is dead

If it was a white supremacist, still based, will cause schisms

If it was an islamist, based, inshallah, it’s not like the reputation of Islam amongst the player haters can get any worse and a Tory is still dead.


The only thing that is certain is that HE yes I’m assuming it’s a HE was known to mi5 and they egged him on


never exactly heard of a women terrorist tho ngl or atleast that's that's actually committed something


File: 1634308259063.jpg (327.12 KB, 530x706, Zasulich-vera.jpg)

nah man, that's just wrong


I assume the plod know every attacker at this point if they didn't directly do it themselves.


File: 1634308727442-0.mp4 (488.75 KB, 480x1038, 70f9j18tJFqlN8Xl.mp4)

File: 1634308727442-1.jpg (18.29 KB, 667x222, bffadsaf.jpg)



Bruh we can see your Twitter picture edit and deleto


not my vid



Oh now reading the stabbing was in a church, if it was an islamo- brown man that ain’t gonna go down well.

Otherwise hail Satan even more based


File: 1634309421409.png (23.27 KB, 501x228, ClipboardImage.png)


Rolling for this, omega based if true, now the hunters become the hunted


Oh wait, I read this backwards he was actually against fox hunting. Pretty cool for a Tory RIP never forget


I done the same, surprised that pressure groups exists tbh
RIP to him then. He clearly wasn't a complete bastard like some of his peers.


>white supremacist
What a fucking meme.


What universe are you living in where you think antivaxxers are assassinating politicians?


Well, if it was some pro fox hunting loon, we might expect Tories to begin taking fox hunting seriously, some anti hunting guy had his car blown up outside his house the other day, clearly the pro hunt people have lost the plot with lock down

Um.. what?


Mate plenty of them would do something like this.

There was an underground guerrilla army made of squaddies that was gonna attack vaccine centres memba


>There was an underground guerrilla army made of squaddies that was gonna attack vaccine centres memba
Do you believe everything you read in the Mail?


Pretty sure it wasn’t just the daily mail and yes I 100% believe retardo squaddies would do this. It’s not like they didn’t present evidence. It’s also not like it was well planned, but skitzo shit never is


Also I retract the use of word skitzo it’s become a stupid word to use on it his board.

I don’t for the record believe all anti vax stuff is silly


Is Boris/MI5/the deep state starting a British strategy of tension? But yeah wouldn't be surprised if it was just some schizo and that GCHQ knew of him before the attack


wouldn't they opt for a different choice of weapon than the blade of peace?


File: 1634311832702.png (12.33 KB, 897x85, ClipboardImage.png)

plot twist: it was a /leftybritpol/ anon


Cannot abide all the performative whining about there being no place for violence in politics (as though there's any ethical difference between stabbing a man to death and locking him on the streets to starve!) or for all the trite "well we've got to say something, very sad, etc" statements that will come out.
Worse yet, the eternal quest by MPs who get insulted on twitter to try and link this "verbal ""abuse""" to some of their colleagues actually being fucking murdered, in the vague hope that the state or Twitter will protect them from the knowledge that some people don't like them.

I have nothing in particular to say on the man from Brass Eye's drugs episode, but a lot of objections to how the press and parliament are going to play it off. I can let the Tories mourn, but for Labour and the press: nothing but scorn.


>Merseyside police raiding homes of protestors they arrested at the arms fair
If you're gonna protest better make sure there's nothing illegal in your house cause they'll use it to throw the book at you


Performative nonsense. They get what they deserve.


>Person who enjoys violence commits acts of violence
Who could have guessed??!! s/.


Don't be a twat, they at least raise popular awareness of the issue. Protests don't do that much but they're still based.

I seriously doubt a pro-hunting supporter is the one who killed this guy, but if it is I will fucking cum, it will be the best thing ever for the anti hunt movement


I remember some YCL members who worked at a convention centre, managed to disrupt an arms fair that was taking place in the convention centre. Hopefully the police haven't raided them.

Also its very likely the people in the article are also GPB/YCL members since the YCL does often protest arms fairs. We shouldn't be celebrating the arrest of our comrades. Even if they weren't YCL members saying people protesting against arms fairs and british imperialism deserve to be arrested just because you disagree with their praxis is retarded


What are the conservatives offering these days that are bringing the masses in? Brexit happened so what is there to sell?


Have you seen the Labour Party?


Shut your hole


not being Labour


How long does it take for who was arrested to come out? Then the topic will actually get interesting.


>Cannot abide all the performative whining about there being no place for violence in politics (as though there's any ethical difference between stabbing a man to death and locking him on the streets to starve!)
Perhaps its not ethically different, but it is the norm for our current system. A system that everyone in the UK lives under.
Amess wasn't in charge of the system - he was simply a part of it, a small part of it at that.
If all Tory politicians stepped down, you do realise you would still need to convince the public that:
1. The system needs to change
2. The new system should be socialist

Socialists in the UK have utterly failed at doing any convincing of the public.

Acting as if the murder was in anyway justified will simply make you look mental.


How can you fuck up so bad as a labor party that you throw the masses into the arms of the conservatives? I honestly don’t get what the labor party thinks it is doing beyond constantly fucking up.


>as though there's any ethical difference between stabbing a man to death and locking him on the streets to starve!
Which liberal "ethical" system are you talking about here?


Starmer and Labour Right's current goal isn't to win the next election but rather to purge the party and rig the party structure so that another SocDem like Corbyn can never come into power again.

Once you realise that, Labour's current actions all starts to make sense


The failure of labor started earlier than that with Tony Blair.


Corbyn got the leadership only after electing rules were changed under Miliband


guy was a somali


typical far-right white supremacist pro-hunt antivaxxer


I said schizo or islamist
but yeah, the fox hunter theory just went out the window


Looks like islamist in a church it is.

So defo an mi5 job then


Who? And what changes?


Poggers proofs?


for clarity: I'm not saying it was justified, I'm saying that death is death and that people shouldn't use lying cliches in their copy pasted tributes. you let it slip yourself in speaking of norms: his death is abnormal, the deaths of a hundred migrants in the channel or however many thousand disabled people at the hands of the DWP or god knows what are "normal", and public figures gather around in unity to (often pretend to) mourn the loss of one of their own. It's grotesque.
my disgust is less at the general public, a mass of idiots, and more at mid ranking figures. backbench Labour losers with no real politics and the like expressing another unoriginal viewpoint. forget convincing them to be socialists or changing the system, I'd settle for their mandatory tribute speech in the house of commons having the slightest bit of artistic merit.

my own. I have always preferred discretionary moralising over any nominally consistent rules based system which will, inevitably, give wrong answers where the facts align with the rules in unpleasant ways.



>Tories dip in the polls

>Islamic knife attack
Every time



This anon just posted it, thanks >>548273
I know it's the torygraph, but this isn't the kind of thing they tend to get wrong


You realise that unlike america, the british anti-vaxx movement is pretty ethnically diverse. If you look at any qanon protest you will see just about as many black people if not more that are a % of the population.


File: 1634322710817.png (345.76 KB, 568x585, ClipboardImage.png)


>José Calvo Sotelo, 1st Duke of Calvo Sotelo, GE (6 May 1893 – 13 July 1936) was a Spanish jurist and politician, minister of Finance during the dictatorship of Miguel Primo de Rivera and a leading figure during the Second Republic.[1][2] During this period he became an important part of Renovación Española, a monarchist movement.[3]. His assassination in July 1936 by the bodyguard of Socialist party leader Indalecio Prieto was an immediate prelude to the triggering of the military coup plotted since February 1936, the partial failure of which marked the beginning of the Spanish Civil War.
Note that in Spain this always smelled a bit fishy, as the conservative side wasn't repulsed with killing it's own members in false flag attacks in order to justify their stuff or out of their own advantage (there were 4 generals who died in mysterious circumstances before Franco took power at the national side, to put an example).
This is going to be an actual turning point for britain for the worse, as the state will turn more authoritarian, or have some sort of "democratic" dictatorship put in to "put things in order".


Btw how did they know he was somali? Do somalis have an specific shade of black or something?


Have you not seen the feckin heads on 'em?


take them


Not to get all phrenology on you, but Somalis look very distinctive. Also I think he was a Somali national.


Are there many QAnon protests in the UK?


It can happen in your country as well.


>This is going to be an actual turning point for britain for the worse, as the state will turn more authoritarian, or have some sort of "democratic" dictatorship put in to "put things in order".
So basically nothing will change


He introduced 'one member, one vote'.

NOTE: Last week he supported Starmer in destroying his own legacy.


Still cackling that Blairites thought OMOV would lead to Democratic party style primaries full of centrist voters rather than only socialists being willing to give the Labour party £3 to pick who'll lose the next general election instead of spending that money on Greggs like a sane person.

Even better that Corbyn won overwhelmingly with party members too.


>Note that in Spain this always smelled a bit fishy, as the conservative side wasn't repulsed with killing it's own members in false flag attacks in order to justify their stuff or out of their own advantage (
You post text detailing how a socialist bodyguard killed him, then baselessly say it was actually the conservatives. Who exactly is drawing this conclusion?


Since last summer, yes. They then just morphed into the general anti-vaxxer movement. I remember seeing one of their first protests while in London being like "who are those guys?" because the only thing they carried were banners saying "Protect our Children".


Centrists love trotting out the MUH THREE QUIDDOS but if you removed Corbyn's £3 supporters and added all the votes for others including the £3s together, he would have still won.


ik intelligence agencies target vulnerable ppl for shit like this, do you have any sources of it happening in the UK?


have we touched on Labour spending more on legal disputes than on campaigning yet?
or on paying furlough out of party funds rather than taking the government's money because David Evans thought it might get a few bad headlines, despite the fact Labour asked for the furlough scheme in the first place?
funniest thing of all is that apparently porky donors are put off because they're happy to spend money trying to buy the next government, but they've no interest in funding the Labour party's constant quest to sue itself out of existence. you've gotta hand it to capitalists…

even funnier that the 2016 leadership challenge lead to Corbyn winning among members by 59/41 and 61/39 in the party as a whole despite all the chicanery they pulled.


where's the proof the he was Somali ?


So your labor party wants to basically self sabotage. I don’t understand British politics and I don’t understand why these people want to look for the imaginary “center”. Over here in the US, there is a clear line between the Sanderscrats and center/moderate Democrats and that clarity draws a clear line in the sand where it’s obvious when the “left” democrats capitulate to the establishment and so often you see the center democrats trying to adopt populist language in order to win over the left democrats. In British politics it looks like the centrist Laborites aren’t even trying to appear populist.


>In British politics it looks like the centrist Laborites aren’t even trying to appear populist
because they're idiots. their fundamental model of politics is that a strawman of 1974-1997 ("in power > lose power > move left > lose big > move center-left > lose > move more center less left > lose > move center > win big") is an eternal cycle rather than a specific historical configuration of events. they have no conception of political strategy, no understanding of world events, nothing. ironically for all that "new Labour" was built on being (then) forwards-looking towards the globalized world of the 1990s-2000s, it's now become a profoundly backwards looking worldview. Blairites have no answer to, for example, questions about social media algorithms or fake news or AI or any of that sort of contemporary talking point because fundamentally they're still watching the 1990s: they think Labour needs to "make crime a Labour issue" for example, not because the public are presently really focused on crime, or even because it plays to Starmer's strengths as a man who's worked in the legal system, but because in 1994 there was suddenly an upswing in concern about crime to which Labour responded and then won (correlative, not causative.) so obviously they need to do that again. (The really funny part about this is that, in part, it reflects the "establishment populism" [for want of a better phrase] of Blairism. a sort of tabloid pandering "lock the bastards up", "deport them all" kind of rhetoric coming from your standard "Man in a suit" politician - unlike a "true populist" like Trump who just runs his mouth. Blairites are in a vague way "populists", but they fundamentally do not understand their constituency.)

Democrats appear to have similar brain worms around Bill Clinton, but perhaps because the watchword is "compromise" in America's dysfunctional system of government they're always playing catch-up, always changing. in Britain with a majoritarian system of government it's easier to maintain fantasies that the 1990s can be repeated even as the Conservatives rocket into the 2030s.
this is a badly written post but i don't care to redraft it


Don't you ever shut the fuck up?


So assassinations are back?


File: 1634328228090.jpg (35.5 KB, 650x533, theonly.jpg)

Recently moved to the big city (London) and need to actually go make some friends. Thinking of joining some left wing stuff but not really sure what. There's too much choice really

Labour party: Pretty dead right now and might take a while to find some sound lefties. Tend to be full of retired people and the occasional student

Actual left wing party: Due to my work couldn't really join the likes of CPB/YCL/CPGB/Red fight back etc. Also can be full of the deranged and socially-inept

Union: Will join and get involved, but also will still be work colleagues and probably not that left wing

ACORN: Not really that active in London but there is the London renters union. Anyone got experience of them?

Anyone have any experience of groups? Basically just want to go pub with some normal-ish people who don't have wet politics and aren't full spergs. Don't want to join some culty Trot group either

Also what happened to Red London, remembered they had a decent Facebook page at one point


another anglo bites the dust


File: 1634328298203.jpg (197.1 KB, 1280x1024, 201817-stranger.jpg)

not unless i'm playing Civilization and recreating IMPERIVM ROMANVM


There was the Manchester bomber who MI6/5 let go to Libya to overthrow Gaddaffi then he came back and did this.

More probably if I think


Modern labor looks to me like they WANT to be Hillary Clinton and not a Hillary Clinton that virtue signals about the GND and ending the wars. At least Biden virtue signaled about the GND and raising the minimum wage and all that populist shit. Your Laborites don’t even have that and instead suck the dick of the European Union and the highest of the professional class, mostly the tech folks who are mightily well off. It looks like some weird shit where the Tories the progressives and the Laborites the reactionary Thatcherites. What the fuck is going on?


Does someone have a link to that "go forth and multiply" text about the British left in the 1980s?


In London best choice is young labour if you wann still be socially acceptable. (They are mostly weird careerists but you will make mates)


Tories are more or less the same cunts they've always been, but they're willing to say anything to get elected, and public school has prepared most of them to tell brazen lies confidently. They're a party of power. They understand that it cost them practically nothing to promise to throw money at the North in 2019, for example.

Labour on the other hand is run by idiots who almost give the impression of believing that the general public read party manifestos. They think that if they outflank the Conservatives to the right (unstatedly: the Tories appearing "too left wing"), the public will see that Labour's in the "center ground" and vote for it. There's no understanding of, for example, the structural power of the press or the Tory party in general, and there's certainly no proper marketing understanding of what the public wants. (though there have been some truly laughable focus groups.) Labour don't think populism would appear "credible" and would take Corbyn's failure as a sign it doesn't work. (even in light of the 2017 result where, Brexit sidelined, Labour did well.)
Which quickly leads to the problem that underlies all others: there is no talent in the Labour party. Blair and Brown picked sycophants and yes men, which worked well when Blair and Brown were there to run their fiefdoms, but they've both fucked off now and there's nobody left to take over. Anyone who was a serious possible leader would've threatened Browns succession or made it easier to topple Blair, you see, so they couldn't be allowed in. The result is that now Labour has to pretend that Starmer is a candidate for Prime Minister despite the fact he doesn't look or act like one. Despite the fact he's not fit to lead a party, let alone a country. And the problem is replicated all the way down: the MPs are mediocre to dismal, a lot of the staff are Blair era hanger-ons who're so right wing they no doubt think Starmer is a Trotskyist, and worst of all a lot of the advisors are Blair era people with no understanding of the modern world, now old and nostalgic for when they were younger and thought they were cool. Listened to as sage advisors because they once won an election, despite the fact it was in an age when people still read newspapers and used VHS players.

"They want to be Clinton" is a good summary, but I'd underscore it like this: They think Clinton can still win 2016. Their model of politics says that people will pick the sensible middle ground candidate. They think this even though we know Clinton lost 2016, remain lost the EU referendum, Scottish Labour have been obliterated by the SNP time and time again, etc. It makes much more sense if you read it as brain damage rather than right-wing brainworms.
(I would say though: Labour's pitch isn't really to tech people or PMC. A lot of it is more like pining to appeal to a half remembered "Mondeo man", an upwardly mobile working class person [a self-employed electrician who's bought their council house and a Ford Mondeo in the original story] who stopped voting Labour because he thinks they want to penalize his success. But over time that's become a more general wish not to "Punish aspiration" which often means avoiding policies which would "punish" the super-rich, such as inheritance tax or whatever. Stupid, but that's Labour for you.)


File: 1634331296306.jpg (421.71 KB, 500x710, 18301-go4th-cover.jpg)


It’s actually kinda funny how they never talk about Scotland: like they just ignore it existing (which is the reason they lost it in the first place).


the SNP outflanking Scottish Labour by constantly positioning themselves an inch to their left is one of the funniest things in modern British politics. Whining about scroungers and handouts even though the middle class swing voters benefit from things like free tuition. picking Jim Murphy to run up against Sturgeon… I don't know whether to link the PPB, or Sideshow Bob stepping on rakes…

(what an incompetent video. "10 reasons" my arse, there's more duplication here than at the xerox factory. and that sound mixing, jesus.)


>even funnier that the 2016 leadership challenge lead to Corbyn winning among members by 59/41 and 61/39 in the party as a whole despite all the chicanery they pulled.
Fucking kek

As for porkies put off from donating to the labout party, with what you just said, don't really fucking blame them tbh

I wonder, where is that from, a documentary or something?


Not an Islamist, but dead parliamentarians is always based.


why are all our communist parties so fucking lame
the fabian society is more communist than the cpb or the cpgb-ml and that's not because the fabian society has rediscovered the fabian strategy recently, it's because it's honest about being a labour fanclub for people who like the sound of their own voices.


The Fabian society are basically moderate Tories lol


like the Labour party they use the devilish strategy of occasionally publishing a leaflet about Keynes that nobody will read written by someone actually based so that you forget that most of what they publish is either outright evil or boring shite written by third rate nobodies on an ego trip.


what do you think it going to happen eventually, labour fading into irrelevance as they keep pushing the blairite dream?


CPGB-ML isn't a "Labour fan club".


When Starmer gets trounced they will say "It wasn't REAL Blairism" and go on to put some twerp as leader and lose their fourth election, bemoaning Jernobyl Columbine losing two and DOOMING the Labour Party.


This is correct but also they do absolutely zero mass work and so are equally as lame


leftybrittpill me on powell


1) a fascist 2) a pedo

He’s basically your typical British elite


I like listening to the rivers of blood speech. It's a good speech.


Either some talented people will accidentally be selected and in 10 years they might be able to win an election, they'll fade to a slow death like the Liberal party and be replaced by something else (possibly with a short sharp collapse at the end, as happened to Scottish Labour), or they'll wind up like the Japan Socialist Party and get locked out of power but sit stably around 150 seats until eventually just dying, the country remaining essentially a Tory monopoly all the while.

What exactly will happen, hard to say, but the prospects are bad.

it absolutely fucking is, sitting around whining about Labour conference like a gang of fucking nonces. the wankiest kind of Labour fanclub, the kind that disavows Labour only to enjoy their obsession of it even more. the scorn of a divorced man towards his wife.


>Scottish Labour
Sorry never heard of them


Communism requires a necessary struggle against social democratic labour aristocrats and enemies of the proletarian masses.


think the present SNP but with less competent graphic designers and a viable challenger to their left.

necessary struggle against social democratic labour aristocrats like: crying that your warmonging europhile culture war allies are pretending not to feel safe at their conference.



You ok anon?


I’m not English but I’m willing to bet that most likely a new technocratic party will be formed in the likes of the Greens, not the American Greens here who are broadly left but into the neoliberal German Green Party. It’ll most likely be a purely tech bro party that is essentially Yang Gang crapitalism who’s only defining quality will be most likely some kind of UBI. Labor is 100 percent dead, I don’t doubt it for a second that it’ll be phased out of existence in the next coming decade(s).


He fought against fascists. Also there were never any paedo allegations, it was some schizo who said he was a Satanist or something.



Yes skitzo bishop getting reports from skitzo children obviously a British far right politician would never abuse children only a skitzo could think such things


>far right
Powell was an old school conservative


Yes exactly far right

>oooh you can’t be a fascist if you served in the British army and are a Tory

Nonce sense

Btw he was also in Ted Heaths cabinet until he got sacked for the rivers of blood speech, Ted Heath, another pedo but I’m sure nothing was amiss


The word fascism is meaningless if you just apply it to everyone, m8


True, that’s why I only apply it to fascists.

He was also a Fed, working in intelligence at a high a level.

He also worked closely with Lord Louis Mountbatten… another pedo.. but again, I am sure there is nothing to it


Not really. It can be useful to purge unwanted elements.


sounds a bit fascist tbh


also he was housing minister at one point and voted to end rent controls so I have a personal beef with this being a tenant orientated person.

Obviously he blamed immigrants for housing issues and not landlords


Always worth remembering with Powell that his beloved colonial India was the model the nazis wanted to use to rule the Soviet Union.


>sounds a bit fascist tbh
Your brain on anarkiddism. Even the most idealist of liberals will purge elements they consider undemocratic from their ranks. For example a democratic liberal would rid themselves of the KKK joining their ranks because they don’t believe they deserve representation. Purging is normal for any kind of politics.


It was a joke you dense sod.


He was also once accused of being a German spy, even arrested, for singing a Nazi song and being overheard. Although in his defence on this one he did speak a bunch of languages so was perhaps a linguistic nerd thing.

Also he was part of intercepting soviet intelligence and spying on them


Horst Wessel Lied is a cracking tune tbf


you know what other party has a song about raising a flag


a fucking Christmas carol


>Brian Jones, vice-chair of CND Cymru, tells me that similar proposals during the last Scottish independence referendum campaign received a “negative response across the board” in Wales. Although Carwyn Jones, Wales’s first minister at the time, welcomed the prospect of a Trident base on the Welsh coast, he was out of step with both his party and the wider public. When, in 2012, CND Cymru rallied outside the Welsh Assembly (now the Senedd Cymru) under the banner of “Nuclear Weapons – Not in Wales – Not Anywhere”, one of the speakers was the Labour assembly member Mark Drakeford, who replaced Jones as first minister in 2018.


I’m gonna beat you up


>an old school conservative
tomatoe tomahto, especially in the rivers of blood dude's case


>he raised a retarded nonce rapist
not so based



Tbh I’ve changed my position on CND. Can’t very well talk about Stalin and complain about nukes.

In fact an independent Scotland should, like North Korea, develop its own nuclear capability, not only to create jobs in a green energy transition, but also to stop English pigs and europhiles from couping the Scottish Revolutionary junta.

Plus it’s good optics for all the gorillas who want da big bomb 4 country stronk

We can even make bombs called big man and wee man for National spirit


big jobby and wee boaby



do the dr. strangelove thing of having nukes but not telling anybody, thereby completely avoiding the advantage of a nuclear deterrent


hate politics


File: 1634486040238.jpg (68.4 KB, 747x788, FB5ibrxWEAELIuV.jpg)

sending my thoughts and prayers to our MPs, who have to deal with such awful abuse every day


putting on Saudi getups and prancing around outside the stadium


File: 1634487084231.png (94.74 KB, 207x255, 1429118490460.jpg.png)

fucking terrific


> In January 2015 Bryant suggested that too many successful artists such as "James Blunt and their ilk" had been educated at private schools, and that he wanted to see more encouragement for the arts for people from a variety of backgrounds, even though Bryant himself attended a private school. Blunt said that Bryant was a "narrow-minded 'classist gimp' who was motivated by the 'politics of jealousy'"; Bryant responded by claiming that Blunt should not be "so blooming precious" and that he was not "knocking [his] success" but attempting to draw attention to the lack of diversity in the arts

Critical support for Bryant against the James Blunt elite.

Why is the Wikipedia page of every single Blair Era Labour Party member such a wild ride.

>friends of Israel

>also friends of Palestine
>voted for the Iraq war
>supported Owen smith (lol remember Owen smith)

>had his phone hacked by news of the world

>rinsed expenses and was exposed during the expenses scandal


>a bishop
>used to be a Tory
>stonewall politician of the year in 2011

> On 12 January 2017, Bryant bemused his fellow MPs and Speaker of the House John Bercow, when he wished Bercow happy "kiss a ginger day", during business questions.

>called for the arrest of Donald trump when he visited the U.K.

> In January 2017 Bryant, ex-chair of the all-party parliamentary group for Russia, claimed that the Russian government orchestrated a homophobic campaign to remove him from this position, saying that the Russian government has acquired kompromat on high-profile Conservative Party MPs including Boris Johnson, Liam Fox, Alan Duncan and David Davis.[29]

> In 2011, in the House of Commons, he criticised Prince Andrew, Duke of York for a number of alleged indiscretions.

This part in unironically based

And now he joins Joanna Cherry and indeed exceeds her in the Twitter cry baby Olympics.


They're Friends of Palestine so they can suppress it, Nandy is the latest to drive it into the dirt.


File: 1634516060460.png (4.04 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

Nah they join as idealists, then they get bought out. I mean ffs…


File: 1634516770127.jpg (286.27 KB, 2043x2048, 20211012_095721.jpg)

They're talking about outlawing social media anonymity again. How long do you lads reckon it will be before posting here is a criminal offence?


>oh yeah? well here's a pic of a glowie there
rly m8…


I can't see it happening in the immediate future, I think it would draw so much ire from all kinds of groups.
The one bonus of that horrific law would be pretty funny how poorly it was implemented.


It would just get the boomers off facebook, everyone with brains not lined with lead would evade it easily


we'll have to post on here with our real names with our gov.uk accounts


>Sir David Amess: Man arrested over MP Chris Bryant death threat
top lel, article is totally uninteresting though besides the guy arrested being 76


Somalis have been lit recently


Cymru am byth


>On 18 October 2021, it was announced that Southend will be granted city status, as a memorial to the Member of Parliament for Southend West, Sir David Amess, who was fatally stabbed on 15 October 2021.
okay i'm sorry WHAT


It was literally something he had campaigned for all of his life.


I love that their response to a guy getting radicalised in lockdown is to… ban anonymity???


can't decide the precise wording of a quip so: still weird though


It troubles me that someone’s life’s work was to make Southend a city and that’s lame but I haven’t even come close to anything like that lmao.

What is the advantage of being a city?


More funding probably


Sounds typically British. Surely more sensible would be a funding allocation by population / demographic breakdown / some kind of economic development metric


I'm sure that is mostly how it works but there's probably grants and stuff that have requirements like 'be a city' and so on


File: 1634584993488.mp4 (4.32 MB, 606x1280, uGJSsJmqoh7qXbG-.mp4)

good or bad?


Do you ever shut the fuck up?




File: 1634591802932.png (47.22 KB, 589x387, ClipboardImage.png)



No. Seethe


What's the story here?


File: 1634651960993.png (65.91 KB, 594x485, ClipboardImage.png)

Based Rothschildposters have redpilled everyone on Starmer being NONCE DEFENDER IN CHIEF


Could you expand on this?


Facebook shitposters are convincing people Starmer covered for Savile, when I used to use facebook a long time ago the sort of people I imagine posting about it constantly are the sorts that would have shitty infographics about the Rothschild's. One of them tried to convince me that Big Oil is suppressing an engine that can run off water, to give some idea of how broad the conspiracy posting is/was. It's probably changed a bit since then but it's my headcanon that Starmer is getting owned by these people.


Interested. Wouldn’t even surprise me, are they posting any proofs?


>Big Oil is suppressing an engine that can run off water
that one is true


No it's not, there are no workable hydrogen powered designs, and those don't actually 'run off water' anyway, they create water vapor as a byproduct but the actual fuel is very energy intensive to create, and oh yeah, fucking explosive (before you say gasoline is explosive, no it's not).


My bad, hydrogen fuel cells aren't actually that explosive, but even still, hydrogen is very energy intensive to create and gives much worse performance per kilogram than petrol. It's also highly expensive to transport and store safely.


>hydrogen fuel cells aren't actually that explosive
hydrogen storage comes in 3 varieties, in decreasing order of hazardousness, compressed hydrogen, cryogenic hydrogen, molecular foam substrate hydrogen. Only the first one can actually explode, the other two can only burn off like most petroleum fuels. CryoH2 is safe enough for airplanes.
>hydrogengives much worse performance per kilogram than petrol
Hydrogen has extremely good energy per weight, that is why it's used as rocket fuel sometimes. It's much better than petroleum gas. It has less energy per volume than petrol, that is what you mean ?
>It's also highly expensive to transport and store safely.
Also not true anymore, they have solved the H2 pipeline problem. The pipe-metal got brittle, and they fixed that by re-configuring something with the pumps to have more constant pressure and temperature. It's comparable to LNG in cost.


No idea, as I said I'm not on facebook and I'm making a few assumptions. I've heard the gist of it a few times though; it's from his time as DPP and he greenlit the CPS not pushing for prosecution. Cue coping centrists trying to blame the CPS.


>It's much better than petroleum gas. It has less energy per volume than petrol, that is what you mean

Yes that's what I mean. Isn't it less energy by weight also though?

Hydrogen cars have worse range than petrol ones is what I mean. Right?

Also, they take more energy to run than electric cars do, so what's the point?


File: 1634675682484.mp4 (7.53 MB, 1280x720, video0 (9).mp4)


cackling like a motherfucker at this
imagine sitting back and letting Corbyn cop all kinds of smears and then winding up with something like this coming up in focus groups.

even funnier seeing a few Blairites blame facebook Corbynites for spreading it.

it's worth throwing in that even if we were to accept that hydrogen was say, 5% better efficiency than petrol, equally usable, and more environmentally friendly etc, it still wouldn't necessarily take a conspiracy to suppress it - it's just basic capitalism and to some extent a problem of path-dependency which will apply under any system.

for a parallel example look at railway gauges (gap between the tracks): Australia's a clusterfuck and Japan is overcrowded yet mostly runs quite narrow trains. Even if we know that having a single unified gauge of track would be better for Australia, and a wider one would be better for Japan, both are stuck by the fact that they've already built the track the way it is and it would be incredibly expensive to make the switch. Even if we found ourselves under socialism, without the distortion of private ownership and the profit motive, we'd have a challenge to face in that we've already got all the oil rigs and refineries and distribution networks set up, we've already got the pipes and the pumps and the petrol cars and so on - to move to hydrogen would mean slowly scrapping all that before the end of its useful life and bringing in something new. Now in socialism we can go "well, when you remember it saves the planet without hurting living standards it's a bargain", but under capitalism that's trillions of pounds of investors money you're hurtling down the drain to the benefit of an entirely different set of investors in a different industry.

(not presuming you don't already know all this, I just wanted to type it all out.)


Not one of the glowie delegates but that is extremely funny lmao


Thoughts on the rise in spikings innovation of "injection spikings", and the coming boycott by students?


File: 1634676897576-0.jpg (127.6 KB, 1332x850, TKB-517.jpg)

File: 1634676897576-1.jpg (31.01 KB, 619x190, TKB 517.jpg)

>imagine sitting back and letting Corbyn cop all kinds of smears and then winding up with something like this coming up in focus groups.
Yeah it really tickles my funny bone because in my experience there's a big overlap between Rothschilders and establishment pedo hunters, making this the second leader in a row to get memed on by them for totally unrelated reasons.
Next leader will be an actual lizardman and have his face mask pulled off on conference stage.
>it's worth throwing in that even if we were to accept that hydrogen was say, 5% better efficiency than petrol, equally usable, and more environmentally friendly etc, it still wouldn't necessarily take a conspiracy to suppress it - it's just basic capitalism and to some extent a problem of path-dependency which will apply under any system.
This actually happened to the AK47. At some point after AKM adoption a superior design was perfected but they were already rolling out an incredible amount of guns so they just left it as it was.


i said:




Wales will never recover


>Off by one


>Agilag for the late tbof then imo


you just delayed welsh independence by another 500 years m8

Ignore me, deleted that post now.


Need this in the form of a webm please.


actually fucking cackling
they really are the most opportunistic shower of [wonderful hardworking public servants who's parents were married at the time of their birth]


Search "download youtube video", or "download youtube video webm" if you really don't want it in mp4 for some reason


Yeah it's hilariously transparent. I'm not even sure why they wait for opportunities to use as excuses for what they do given their supporters are either mouth breathers or senile old biddies.



I find it very funny that Starmerites get mad at her criticising Labour and unironically accuse her of lying to get elected


File: 1634733890343.png (30.54 KB, 509x394, ClipboardImage.png)

Stfu posturing syndicalist


File: 1634734126731.png (26.44 KB, 517x280, ClipboardImage.png)

How is starmer got the good take on this one???


File: 1634734648327.png (1.71 MB, 1124x1767, ClipboardImage.png)


nah mate now he's going after telegram in PMQs


File: 1634736400753-0.png (27.4 KB, 584x225, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1634736400753-1.png (168.06 KB, 435x445, keir.png)


File: 1634736673994.png (292.42 KB, 577x403, ClipboardImage.png)

Found your tweet lad, you've been busted


Labour hq finically got its revenge


Love having no opposition party


Has anyone here read George Orwell's short IN DEFENCE OF ENGLISH COOKING? He wrote it with capslock like that because he was really pissed by people who shitted on Brit slop.
His line of reasoning is basically:
>Where else are you going to find swamp food if not in our great British swamp?
>You can't find our glorious mud pie and fish head pudding in the pompous streets of Paris!
>The actual reason why people think our swamp food is bad is because they only see French and Chinese restaurants in the United Swampdom. They don't realize how good our food is when a homely cook makes it for its family.


He makes fair points though, there's plenty of English food that has just become mainstream (like crumpets, scones, etc etc) to the point it's not even thought of as 'English' anymore.


Nah no one can cook in England.


File: 1634739935683.mp4 (4.52 MB, 1280x704, V6_XIMpQj-eMLsTl.mp4)

the video is great as well
finally some decent hopium


File: 1634743823992.jpg (707.37 KB, 1066x2428, 66418763.jpg)



Very based


There are not words to describe how based this is.


Tbh the best thing I ever read about british food is that we are too sexually repressed to make good food, and that most cultures and countries in europe that are known for good food are sexually liberal, and there needs to be a sense of sensuality in the creation of a good meal. Can agree with it tbh.



India is sexually repressed and has good food

Same with South Korea and Vietnam.

This is stupid cope.


File: 1634746235038.png (9.09 MB, 1758x1920, ClipboardImage.png)

>India is sexually repressed
Is that a fucking joke?
>SK, Vietnam
Cant speak for them but tbh its more about publicly displaying emotion. Also this article was written by a franglo so you can cope.
(Also worth saying, that any good American food comes from sexually libertine cultures like the Latinos)



File: 1634749398248.png (93.77 KB, 435x445, glow starmer.png)

I'm seeing the GLOWING… where's the apology?


South Korea has fucking shit food tbh. Idk about Vietnam though.

Japan is the only country that bulls this trend



>references 2000 years ago sculpture as proof of lack of modern day sexual repression.

India has one of the highest rates of arranged marriage in the world. Women literally pay men a dowry to be force arranged married. There are dozens of cases of men in india raping females because they showed too much skin. The average age to lose virginity is 23. Being gay became legal 10 years ago.

I am indian and i can tell you first hand that hindus arent like hindus who made that sculpture. My aunt have kicked out their gay kid, my mother constantly pressures me to get married to a nice indian woman and i was grounded for watching transformers because "megan fox is a whore"

Now compare that to the UK where the gay pride parades are everywhere, people overwelmingly hookup on tinder, nobody is arranged married amd where women can walk around in a tanktop without being raped or get hundreds of horny men taking pictures of them.

Westoids are so insufferable.


>This actually happened to the AK47. At some point after AKM adoption a superior design was perfected but they were already rolling out an incredible amount of guns so they just left it as it was.
huh I had no idea that happened. The gun looks cool af


> i was grounded for watching transformers because "megan fox is a whore"
Big kek



You cannot equate Oversexualisation in the UK to other countries fucking hell, Plus the whole stuff comes from neoliberal development really if you think about it, with increasing atomization, more consumption what else would happen? Literally saw some girl today braless anyway


I still don't understand why she's here if she's a Bengali nationalist.



democracy in action



The original statement was india is not sexyally repressed because of some stupid sculpture. People who believe india is sexland are idiotic westoids.


File: 1634759033521.jpg (56.18 KB, 595x335, 20140705_blp503.jpg)

does anyone know who the soviet representative is in this photo?


File: 1634759996205.png (1.41 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

>we need to put a stop to those who support violence against elected officials
But Black Dynamite, I support violence against elected officials!



>This actually happened to the AK47. At some point after AKM adoption a superior design was perfected but they were already rolling out an incredible amount of guns so they just left it as it was.
Interesting, more info on that, I assume the pics are related to that?


That Amess was quite the opponent of compulsory masking, passports and lockdowns. Makes you think doesn't it.


not in the mood for thinking about anything other than the fucker who stole my get


File: 1634766058809-1.png (198.57 KB, 1920x501, TKB 517 ТКБ-517.png)

Yeah but it's pretty hard to find stuff about it, I did another search about it after posting and found that Kalashnikov Concern say that it wasn't adopted because it didn't handle ammo quality/temperature variation as well as the AK, which can shoot any ammo you put in it, and because it's delayed blowback it needs cleaning more often. They do say that it costs half the labour to make one and it's much more accurate in fully automatic, so I'm surprised they haven't brought it out as a budget AKM in a world of high quality ammunition.
Also shows off the gun from the pic in a video of more angles, it's kept at the Tula State Museum of Weapons. Engraving on the side says NO12 so unless that means something else there's more than you'd expect but still hardly any in existence.
Article text:
>Against the background of the obvious advantages of the Korobov sample, the victory of the future AKM looked rather strange, which gave rise to a number of conspiracy theories.
After the failure with the 408, German Korobov continued to work on the weapon according to the semi-free bolt scheme. The next samples in the line were the TKB-517 assault rifle and the TKB-523 light machine gun based on it, which was distinguished by a longer barrel length, butt and magazine capacity.
>The main differences from the previous images were: improved lever retarder, which became more reliable, reinforced receiver, new open sight and forend made of steel sheet with ventilation holes.
>Most of all, military customers were interested in the fact that the scheme used by Korobov made it possible to solve the main problem of the AK - low accuracy during automatic firing from unstable positions. A similar scheme was implemented on his sample and the Kovrov designer A. Konstantinov. It was the Konstantinov assault rifle (2B-A-40), together with the Korobovsky TKB-517, that became the main rival of the M. Kalashnikov samples during a series of competitive tests of the 50s.
>At the first stages, the chances of TKB-517 looked quite promising. The assault rifle demonstrated good manufacturability, which was a very important parameter when choosing weapons for the huge Soviet army, not to mention helping the "fraternal peoples". With accuracy, too, everything was fine - the tests of the TKB-517 showed that for inexperienced shooters this indicator almost doubles (1.3-1.9).
>Against the background of such obvious advantages of the Korobov sample, the victory of the future AKM looked rather strange, which eventually gave rise to a number of conspiracy theories:
<"Despite the superiority of the TKB-517 over the AKM in many respects, including the accuracy of fire and half the labor intensity, the preference at the hardware level was given not to the more successful Korobov assault rifle, but to the assault rifle with a gas outlet circuit, which has been tested for several years in the army".
<"Systems with a semi-free shutter, as unconventional for the USSR, were rejected, since it was completely unreasonably believed that they did not provide advantages over AKM both in terms of service and combat, and in terms of production and economic indicators."
<“And the victory of the Kalashnikov assault rifle in that ill-fated competition is more a political and propaganda move than a reasonable approach to increasing the state's defense capability. All weapons experts unanimously affirm that the Korobov assault rifle was an order of magnitude better than the AKM, in all respects, from the mass to the accuracy of the battle with bursts from any position. "
>In fact, weapons experts without quotation marks are well aware of the main problem of the scheme used by Korobov and Konstantinov (by the way, also used in samples of another "underestimated genius" - Baryshev). This is an early unlocking of the bolt with all the ensuing - in the literal sense of the word in the form of powder combustion products - consequences. Large contamination of internal parts with powder carbon deposits, a decrease in the energy of moving parts with dry parts, the sensitivity of the automation to external temperature due to pressure surges. Of course, if it was possible to pick up a "clean" gunpowder, insensitive to temperature, some of these complaints would be removed. But as practice shows, such results cannot be achieved even now, and in the USSR of the 50s, such requirements for the production of ammunition were classified as anti-science fiction.It will be appropriate to recall how many problems the Americans got in Vietnam by changing the gunpowder for the serial M16 cartridges. And the USSR also had the experience of the Great Patriotic War with a drop in the quality of the ammunition produced. And the French, having played with FAMAS to their heart's content, eventually came to bow to the Germans from Heckler-koch with their short-stroke gas outlet.
>Nevertheless, one should not forget that when discussing the results of testing the competitive machines of the 50s, along with the listing of the shortcomings of the "semi-flexible scheme", the following phrase sounded: "Merit comrade. Korobov is big, he showed Comrade. Kalashnikov ways of solving many issues. " And in this regard, the TKB-517 assault rifle became a quite significant stage in the evolution of Soviet small arms.
This article is the only thing I've ever stumbled across addressing it too lol



Nigel Farage gets tricked into saying up the RA, somebody please webm dis


Yes it’s Novara media cry about it, at 56.21 the sphere gets unanimously merked by a focus group for a full minute or two.

It’s good watching


let's see who you lost it to >>555555


(Plz somebody webm that focus group one too)


The guy was “known to prevent” and now the line from the spooks is that mi5 should have more direct power with prevent

I draw the posters attention to this post made by me sage not a week ago :





do it yourself you lazy cunt
>find the video on twitter (I've had both those clips in my feed in the last day)
>go to twdown.net
>download as mp4
>if you want it as a webm use an online mp4->webm converter or download 'webm for retards'
"teach a man to fish…" etc etc


I am technologically illiterate I never have pretended otherwise


File: 1634770928647-0.png (351.76 KB, 1428x646, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1634770928647-1.png (166.11 KB, 1416x698, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1634770928647-2.png (210.81 KB, 1436x968, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1634770928647-3.png (26.74 KB, 507x273, ClipboardImage.png)




IRL got bumped down from being a comedy show to a Netflix original.


Explain further


The Needle spikings are either from some hitherto unknown chemical that is quick acting and can knock someone out at low doses, or some organised group is deliberately engaging in mass needle spiking for some unknown reason.


What needle spikings?


People getting roofied via injection.


finally finished my life's work: building a house entirely out of lego in the hopes that one day nick clegg will be misdirected within its walls en-route to a press conference to explain the bugs in facebook's new maps app, finally ensuring he gets what he deserves: to have to spend every single moment of the rest of his days standing on lego


File: 1634781905622.png (1.32 KB, 1200x750, Beiyang Flag.png)

The color pattern on those walls give me Beiyang Army ROC flag vibes.


Based , revisionists get boiled

Also, both binmen and train drivers are striking during cop26 now lmao UN btfo


I hope they make it a total shitshow


File: 1634816253205.mp4 (13.34 MB, 1920x1080, UptheNigel.mp4)

You guys see this?


>Up the Ra, Nigel
Kek the fucking delivery of that line


did james may build that house or was that a fever dream I've had


had a dream last night where i spotted george galloway in a lebanese restaurant, he had brought his own spices with him and insisted on re-seasoning all the food because it didn't taste authentic


File: 1634869584511.png (561.55 KB, 828x576, ClipboardImage.png)

Jesus Christ.


Nah he did: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZvMGg4WY1o
James May's Toy Stories was fucking quality.


File: 1634872416170.png (653.4 KB, 815x751, ClipboardImage.png)


let the strike waves flow



Terrible Idea for a strike, GPs should be in person by now. Its getting ridiculous. We can quadroople jab them if they feel unsafe.


Sure why not lmao

Isn’t it about like the workload being too much for them?


This. GP's are lazy bougie faggots who've had it piss easy for too long. I have no sympathy for the fuckers honestly. My GP is on holiday 90% of the fucking time, the only time I saw him in the last 5 years was when he was parking his new model Merc at the shops. Most of them are snobby, judgemental bastards who treat poor people like dog shit. I genuinely dread having to deal with them, which is really not how it should be. Especially when I have to ring the surgery 100+ times to book a fucking 4 minute long telephone consultation. Them being "worried about covid" is just a pathetic excuse to avoid doing their fucking jobs, despite it regularly causing shit like picrel.
Rant over.


Yeah it's a pisstake to be honest, teachers and shit have to interact with hundreds of little plague rats every day and cashiers have been on the front lines this whole time, but no, actually seeing patients is a step too far.


Post the music playing when Lidl hasn’t had bagels for 2 weeks and has given up entirely, filling their position in the shelf with other bread products.

no they haven’t just moved it somewhere else I looked



Also yeh if it was hospital workers striking OK. Seems like being a GP is pretty kushy for a doctor, your entire job is basically writing prescriptions and referrals.


>Isn’t it about like the workload being too much for them?
Have you ever been to a GP? They do literally fuck all for anyone unless they're a boomer.


ahhh thanks, I knew I remembered it
The last bit of that clip though lmfao. May probably still loses sleep over that.


>no they haven’t just moved it somewhere else I looked
did you ask a member of staff?


No, isn’t this the britpol thread? I wouldn’t do something so gregarious. Instead I spent 5 minutes scouring all bread related product spaces. Trusss me, there is no bagels.


Mate they haven't had chicken thighs in the two ones near me for well over a month. Gets on my tits.


Post the music which plays




File: 1634911803526.png (98.94 KB, 389x265, ClipboardImage.png)

<We've got you surrounded! Come on out and help us stop the Tories!


Defo got them “nearing apocalypse” vibes

Feels more like the intro to an 80s cop serial but cool nonetheless


To be fair I don't think they really expect you to pretend to be happy at Lidl, I worked there and nobody gave a shit as long as you didn't cuss out the customers.


>Yes it’s Novara media cry about it,
Novara are a great boon to the left in this country. Fite me.


File: 1634916171442.jpg (27.68 KB, 624x336, IDooX0Xh.jpg)

Fuck me forgot about this gem of a movie. Cheers!







>we’ve got you surrounded
>come out and vote so we can get the win we need to implement PR


They are the best of the labour lot. But still have some genuinely loony intellectual opinions and have an off putting aura.


Is it messing with your chakras?


>have an off putting aura.
To who? They're always converting normies. My parents love them.


What opinions would you say are genuinely loonie?

Also what about their Aura is off putting?

They are kinda like the typical group of leftie students, you’ve got: gay bestie who everyone loves, peppy outspoken hot girl, reserved academic hot girl, stuffy grumbling mature student who the rest deal with cos he’s not that bad and he’s the only one with a car to drive to far off demonstrations.


Honestly yes, I rarely outright disagree but something is off about them.
The loony stuff from what I can remember that jumps to mind

Pushing prison abolition (obviously we need reform but abolition is complete loony land.)
Open borders
Getting rid of most private housing and Moving to building communal housing/flats. (Because having private kitchens is a waste of resources)

And it’s not that I hate them , (I agree very similar to uni lefty mates I knew)just something off putting about them at points. As I say still the only news source in the Uk I ever watch


>Pushing prison abolition
They dont all believe this and have been very clear in saying it. At least bastani.
Which disappoints me as an abolitionist


Bring back gulags


>cashiers have been on the front lines this whole time
Don't worry, automation will keep them safe in any future pandemic.


>Defo got them “nearing apocalypse” vibes
Irony is, the song was used when the apocalypse was stopped lmao


Oh yeh also ash tried some counter narrative to Epstein being a CIA nonce one time. Probably their whackest moment


Lmao wtf never even remember this, this is giga Wack.


>Also yeh if it was hospital workers striking OK
You're joking, right? They've never had it so easy as they have during the past two years.


File: 1634922286714.png (544.03 KB, 667x573, ClipboardImage.png)

>friends with Thatcher
>told people to vote tories decades ago when a popular socialist almost won under Labour, spread lies with Angela Eagle about communists attacking old women to stop him
>against assisted dying until he himself is dying, curious
>got a seat in the HOL for betraying Labour a final time, dies anyway


lol what


They've had more money, time off, and public adulation than ever before. Even millions raised by charity for free snacks and foot massages.


Also everyone went outside and clapped for them


One of the most bizarre cases of mass hysteria in recent memory.


didn't he propose some welfare reform to Blair that gets wanked off when people remember it but which was actually so bad that even Tony "starve single mothers into the workplace" Blair thought it might be bad PR and put the bullet in it.


there's some essay to be written, probably already half-written, about the politics of recognition.
the seething jealousy that comes from people clapping for NHS workers or pretending to recognize Scotland exists because nobody's ever clapped for you, nobody's ever pretended to recognize you exist, etc. and its mirror image - a chunk of the SNP's impenetrability coming from the fact that although they do nothing to materially advance Scottish independence, or a vaguer sense of Scottish exceptionalism, they nevertheless effectively recognize it.

it intersects well with negative solidarity in general (why are they unhappy and whining about their shit material conditions? they're recognized! i have shit material conditions and i'm not recognized!) but is also independently interesting, especially if you use a broader brush (why are LGBT people still happy? we put their colours on our logo!) and so on. it's also personally interesting, because as a serial-contrarian i am effectively impossible to recognize.


>why are they unhappy and whining about their shit material conditions?
see >>560266


i can write (and have written on my website) that i'm the funniest man in england, but that doesn't make it true.

furthermore, here's where the negative solidarity element comes in, the question is posed as: "they've not even had it that badly! why can't they have it shit, like me!" - and the implication is that you don't demand: give me public adulation, give me charity money, give me free snacks and indulge my foot fetish, you demand only that these things are taken away from others. (and in this case, relatively inoffensive sick-note signers rather than parliamentarians or someone actually worthy of contempt.)


File: 1634938145037.jpg (92.63 KB, 1193x623, F1.medium.jpg)

also on time off specifically: i'd demand evidence of that, but in expectation of a cunt off i went to look and then the perversity of this position became so beautifully clear as to make investigation irrelevant.
give all your health service staff the plague so that they physically can't go into work (and would kill their parents if they could and did), then go "hang on, you can't demand anything, you've had record time off!"


krautfag here. Sorry to interrupt but Is Corbyn based? What's the general consensus on him among british "leftists" and the population in general? Seems like there's more support for left-leaning politics in your country than there is in mine.


Bro what the fuck are you on about. You can’t know many hospital workers


Corbyn had based ideas but he was neither charismatic nor ruthless enough to lead a socialist labour to victory.


People say he's uncharacteristic quite a lot but he's vastly more charismatic than most British politicians. Like who is he being compared to, poorly built animatronic Starmer? Droning PR posh boy Cameron? May the actual sperg?
This isn't even getting into most of the human shaped objects on the right of the PLP.


The issue is that he's soft hearted and excessively concerned with appealing to the dumbass tendencies of his own labour party.


Very true


These tbh, had Corbyn actually purged the blairites from the party, I do think there might've been a chance that we would've at the very least, gotten a minority labour government



Corbyn was great in person, but he didnt work over Mass Media. I guess if tiktok had existed he may have been better but eh.


realistically there remains a prospect that if he'd tried all the Blairites would've just fucked off and created their own party with massive porkydollars, but tbh maybe he should've gone for it. the brand value of Labour is much stronger than that of a new party and the complete collapse of the opposition would be a good chance for May to have called another snap election, which (although not guaranteed) would've almost certainly lead to a rout for an unprepared unknown party, even one propped up hugely by the media if done immediately, and which could still quite possibly have had that result if she'd hung on until 2022. (since ultimately Labour would still be the party with hundreds of thousands of members, including more activists, as well as 100+ years of institutional experience while the Blairites would mostly have "guy who wishes he was trothunting in Kinnock Labour", "Guy who remembers trothunting in Kinnock Labour" and "MP who doesn't know anything about campaigning except what his advisors tell him.")


Something along the lines of like “yeh he was a nonce who got away with cos he was rich and he also knew a bunch of rich powerful people” story over. In fairness, she didn’t say it like she believed it, was more like “we are trying not to sound like conspiracy theorists so here is the soft version but lots of people are saying he is a massive CIA nonce”


Looks guys we all loved Jez. He will live forever in our hearts. But that’s it’s. In our hearts. He’s dead. Okay. It’s gone. The sphere is in charge. That time is over. Now we need to speak to uncle Seamus about the crate he has buried in yer mas back garden

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