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Sankara trial opens in Burkina Faso 34 years after killing of ‘Africa’s Che Guevara’
HOPES have been raised that a trial which opened in Burkina Faso today will “shed light” on what really happened to the country’s revolutionary leader Thomas Sankara. He was shot dead on October 16 1987 in a military coup just four years after becoming the African country’s president.

Majority of Israelis dismiss likelihood of peace with Palestinians: Survey
According to a survey by Israel Democracy Insitute, 87 percent of Israelis, including Palestinian citizens of Israel, believe that in the next five years, the possibility of establishing peace with Palestinians is very low. The priorities of Jewish Israelis focused instead on internal issues, with 35 percent saying that stabilising the economy ranked at the top of their interests.

Turkey to take 'necessary steps' in Syria following YPG attack, says Erdogan
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed on Monday to respond to an attack by Kurdish YPG forces in northern Syria that left two Turkish police officers dead. "We have no patience left in some areas that are a source of terror attacks aimed at our country from Syria," Erdogan said after chairing a cabinet meeting attended by top ministers.

Environmental activists take Brazilian president Bolsonaro to ICC over ‘crimes against humanity’ for destruction of Amazon
The request for the ICC to begin legal proceedings against Bolsonaro was made by Austrian climate activists AllRise, marking the first time campaigners have sought to directly link deforestation to fatalities. “Crimes against nature are crimes against humanity. Jair Bolsonaro is fueling the mass destruction of the Amazon with eyes wide open and in full knowledge of the consequences,” AllRise founder Johannes Wesemann said.

3 Cadres Of CPI (Maoist) Killed During Firefight With Security Forces In Malkangiri District
Three cadres of the CPI (Maoist), including two women, were killed in an exchange of fire with security forces in the Tulasipahad reserve forest along the Odisha-Chhattisgarh border. The area falls under the jurisdiction of the Maithli police station in Malkangiri district. The identities of the deceased were yet to be verified, police sources said.

Lakhimpur Killings: Huge Gathering for ‘Antim Ardas’ of Slain Farmers, Journalist in Tikonia
On a stage set up at the sprawling ground at Sahebjada Inter College in Tikonia village, family members of deceased farmers Daljeet Singh and Gurvinder Singh of Bahraich district, Nachhatar Singh and Lovepreet Singh of Lakhimpur Kheri district, brother and daughter of journalist Raman Kashyap of Nighasan (Kheri) were seen holding photographs of the deceased.

Independence leader: Wall won’t stop Western Sahara fight
The leader of the Western Sahara independence movement says that fighting with Morocco will continue across a long wall cutting through Africa’s vast desert until the international community delivers on an unfulfilled promise of self-determination for the Saharawi people.

UK job vacancies hit record high amid worker shortages
Job vacancies in the U.K. rose to a record high of nearly 1.2 million, official figures showed Tuesday, a further sign that the British economy is experiencing worker shortages in an array of sectors as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and Britain’s departure from the European Union.

EU ready to scrap most post-Brexit checks on British goods entering NI
The EU will offer to remove a majority of post-Brexit checks on British goods entering Northern Ireland as it seeks to turn the page on the rancorous relationship with Boris Johnson. Up to 50% of customs checks on goods would be lifted and more than half the checks on meat and plants entering Northern Ireland would be abandoned under the bold offer from Brussels.

Data-rigging allegations against IMF chief fall short, says French source
Claims that she pressured World Bank staff to change data to boost China's "Doing Business" ranking when she was World Bank CEO are looming over the opening of week-long IMF-World Bank annual meetings on Monday. read more


Jail and prison suicides increased by 39% over last 2 decades, federal data shows
Federal data on the number of suicides in local, state and federal correctional facilities in 2020 won’t be available until next year. But data collected by the Texas Justice Initiative suggests that at least 163 more people have died by suicide in Texas correctional facilities in 2020 and this year. Those numbers might be driven by the additional challenges prisoners have faced during the coronavirus pandemic, The Marshall Project reported.

Fewer in US turn to food banks, but millions still in need
Hunger and food insecurity across the United States have dropped measurably over the past six months, but the need remains far above pre-pandemic levels. And specialists in hunger issues warn that the situation for millions of families remains extremely fragile.

Supreme Court signals it will side with Kentucky attorney general in bid to defend restrictive abortion law
The Supreme Court on Tuesday considered a Republican attorney general’s bid to defend a restrictive Kentucky abortion law, with some liberal justices sounding skeptical that a lower court was right to reject that request to intervene.

First look: Dems’ NFT dreams
A group of Democratic operatives plans to turn political memorabilia and photos into NFTs, looking to raise money by minting — and then selling — digital assets beyond the sports and entertainment arenas.

Miami’s top cop flames out after acrimonious 6-month stint
The city manager decided this week to suspend Acevedo, with the intention of firing him, after a tumultuous six-month tenure in which the new police chief fired high-ranking officers and accused influential city commissioners of running the city the way Fidel Castro ruled Cuba.

Homeland Security secretary orders ICE to stop mass raids on immigrants' workplaces
Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents will no longer conduct mass raids on workplaces where undocumented immigrants are employed, according to a new order by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.


They can bring justice by re establishing Sankaras policies




File: 1634071695570.gif (272.68 KB, 600x736, 2628912.gif)

Thanks news anon


Chapo Trap House: 566 - Dopeness Report (10/12/21)
Join our NFT community for Christmas Cheer 🎄🚀!! A market for true xmas kings 🤴 and queens 👸. Boost this to 15k and hear the #CarolGang sing!! Send $10,000 to cryptochapo.io and become a 🎅 warrior!

Sudan coup attempt is a warning that civilian transition is in danger
In accordance with the country’s 2019 power-sharing agreement, Sudan has since been ruled by a joint civilian-military transitional government. But amid ongoing tensions between the ruling partners, a coup was thwarted late last month, ironically coinciding with US President Joe Biden’s speech at the United Nations in which he praised Sudan’s democratic transition. Following the failed coup attempt, thousands of Sudanese people staged protests in Khartoum, calling for civilian rule and sustainable peace. The military fired tear gas to disperse them. The 21 September coup attempt came in an atmosphere fuelled by tension, distrust and myriad controversies besetting the transitional government. Immediately after the coup attempt, Mohammed al-Faki Suleiman, a civilian member of Sudan’s Sovereign Council, issued a call on social media for the democratic transition to be protected by Sudanese citizens, noting: “The revolution is victorious.” He is now viewed as a revolutionary icon. Suleiman is also a member of the Committee to Dismantle the June 30, 1989 Regime and Retrieve Public Funds. In the wake of recent events, the military withdrew all security forces guarding the committee’s headquarters. Tensions between the ruling partners went even further when Mohamed Hamdan Dagolo, known as Hemeti, the deputy leader of the Sovereign Council, publicly blamed civilian politicians for the coup attempt. “Politicians are the main cause behind coups because they have neglected the average citizen … and are more concerned fighting over how they can stay in power.” General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, the council’s chair, made an even more shocking statement: “Sudan doesn’t have an elected government at the moment and the armed forces remain the custodian of Sudan’s security and unity.”

Bolivia shows us what is possible
THE politics of the post-cold war period were originally dominated by the famous claim of Francis Fukuyama that we had reached “the end of history” — neoliberalism was now the only game in town and in the words of our own champion of Chicago school economics, there was “no alternative” to letting the market run riot. All of us who believe in prioritising the future of people and planet ahead of private profit owe a huge debt of thanks to left forces in Latin America for providing the first major challenge to this doctrine. In addition to the remarkable survival of the Cuban revolution, the turn of the century saw what became known as the “pink tide” — the election of numerous governments across the region which shared a common commitment to addressing the needs of the majority and ending the days of being treated as the “back yard” of the US. The importance of Bolivia’s role in this process should never be understated.






>Chapo Trap House: 566 - Dopeness Report (10/12/21)
>Join our NFT community for Christmas Cheer 🎄🚀!! A market for true xmas kings 🤴 and queens 👸. Boost this to 15k and hear the #CarolGang sing!! Send $10,000 to cryptochapo.io and become a 🎅 warrior!
why the fuck is this in the news? you done fucked up NA3.0


it's the episode description



Justice for the legend himself. He was a fucking LEGEND

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