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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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>Facing the pressures of the Cold War, Kenyatta officially pursued a policy of "positive non-alignment". In reality, his foreign policy was pro-Western and in particular pro-British.


Somewhat relevant


Kenya and Ethiopia are likely going to become regional powers in the coming decades


<no i dont care if I spelled that wrong
this is the same rat that called china authortarian while failing to inform his own audience of the abhorrent tyranical and genocidal regime that is NATO and its seemingly endless list of atrocities towards the global south and its own people and assumed france would have the geopolitical strength required to recolonize west and north africa even though the french government announced that it would disband all of its troops by 2023 literally a month after he made his video


also he calls himself a libertarian which is codeword these days for
>im partly a fascist that endlessly dicksucks the bourgeoisie and I dont have an understanding of economics beyond thomas sowells basic economics and got my understanding of world history off colonial education


Yeah whatifalthist is just another cliché right wing armchair historian on youtube. He has plenty of shit takes. If you want an amalgamation of idealism, great man theory, 0 understanding of historic materialism and Western chauvinism then watch his video where he explains why the West rose to the top.


No, sorry, countries that aren't white can't be imperialist


File: 1634212118514.jpg (78.7 KB, 400x557, mugabe1.jpg)

love this man <3


Lmao stop shilling this libright dude


>third world shit hole
who cares? nothing happening in Africa is relevant.



>global south
only faggots use that term


Relevant in what sense?


really weird lighting and mugabe has dilated pupils


is Ethiopia going to survive the separatists?


Dude the tplf at this point is completely broke and destroyed since it’s been btfod like 5 times now, whatafuckwiththis is an awful historian and libertarian


>5 times now
they seem to have staying power, Eritrea and Ethiopia had occupied them last year until they were chased out


Yeah more like French support, it’s not the first time a militia has reorganized itself after being destroyed repeatedly like al queada in mali or the taliban in Afghanistan after surrendering to the United States fucking what? Three times

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