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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1634172049825.jpeg (138.55 KB, 391x594, Lyndon LaRouche_0.jpeg)


So I've looked at Larouche's economic policies and he's kinda based.
>Pro FDR
>Pro Nuclear/Fusion Energy
>Anti British
>Anti Zionist
>Pro Multipolarity
>Pro National Credit
>Likes massive infrastructure projects and central planning
Idk leftybros its better than DSA's politics for sure


This guy is a sigma male, all the kvetching about him here is really baffling imo.Then again it isn't uncommon for leftists to rip on someone for a few points they disagree with despite agreeing on almost everything. I'm certain most MLs here would have the same position as LaRouche on most relevant issues and yet they still irrationally hate on him.


File: 1634172320418.mp4 (2.02 MB, 480x360, cults.mp4)


>>Pro FDR
stopped reading


This, of course, he's not a socialist but there's stuff any Communist could agree with Larouche on.


LaRouche didn't do anything to reduce sectarianism, in fact he fulled it


Itt: people not knowing his actual history, only his populist platforms


The problem comes when his goons beat Communist pwrty members with nunchucks


Most Larouchies are feds.


95% of Caleb Maupin's views are cut-and-paste from LaRouche.

Hatred of the British, belief in a Zionist banking conspiracy, pushing the myth of a pure "American working class," the idea that socialism means more stuff and large-scale infrastructure projects, the idea that abolishing billionaires is anti-socialist, even his fucking conspiracy theory about the Frankfurt School deliberately pushing cultural pessimism comes directly from LaRouche.


PDF was a fag


>pushing the myth of a pure "American working class,"
the myth has some truths, most burger pmc and porkies are very culturally anglo, while the industrial working class that lives in the small towns, as well as the urban poor have a culture that is very distinct from the upper class and from Europe.Their clearly is an ethnic conflict component of American class conflict. The problem is that people try to map this ethnic conflict onto racial lines which doesn't work because racial lines are a very happ hazeard lines of this conflict. If you've ever been around both groups of people, its clear as day that they aren't the same nation.


>Start memeing about LaRouche because he was a funny schizo crank
>Retards unironically become LaRoucheites
This is NazBol gang 2.0, isn't it?


>Pro FDR


Dengist-to-Larouchie pipeline.


>muh anglos


A natural progression for the hyper-online leftist


Didn't they help expose Iran-Contra and the broader Operation Condor ops it belonged to? I also recall they pushed elite pedo-ring conspiracies in their early days. Sounds based to me tbh.


I don't think the critiques are so much about his policy ideas as they are about his general conduct/execution.


just build the fucking land bridge already


File: 1634212166295.jpg (180.54 KB, 1024x904, 16488211.jpg)

>Pro FDR
>kinda based


I got an ad from the LaRouche party in my country the other day.

they want to build a high-speed rail and open up a massive coal pit in QLD and then open up a giant Iron ore mine in WA and then put 10 steel smelting plants in the NT on the coast and have a high-speed rail connecting both of them.


Most of the antagonism against LaRouche doesn't come from his policy positions but from the fact that he built a cult that was beating up communists.

I'm sure if you show me Bob Avakian's actual policy positions I wouldn't necessarily disagree with them but that's not why he is criticized.



Larouchies glow something fierce.


Leftypol be like
>Gonzaloists are a CULT
>Larouche is normal and cool because he said he likes US and China to become one big happy family


cry louder
cope harder


he even wears the pedophile glasses and also kept a sex slave lmao which he was then cucked by one of his cult members


Nothing to cope over little boy, both groups targeted other communists


Only Gonzalo was actually a communist not some crypto fascist who hung out with neo Nazis


Fair enough, wasn’t LaRouche staunchly anti Stalin?


>>546726 (me)
Or rather vocally anti-communist broadly?


Wew I doubted it but now I see the Maupin to Larouche pipeline is real somehow


No way that actually happened. plz be true


It was part of CoIntelpro. The feds infiltrated both the CPUSA and NCLC. They played them against each other as they did with factions of the Black Panther Party. Larouchites are still not socialists though, and one needs to be able to distinguish. They're just esoteric (non-Keynesian) social democrats from what I've seen.


Not only did they attack CPUSA meetings with nunchucks, they did it to other Trotskyist groups, leading the CPUSA and Trots in New York City physically defending each other's mayoral candidates.


Cope and seethe trot


Actually Larouche is so retarded he managed to unite trots and stalinists


That makes him officially worse than Hitler.


He’s the anti - hitler … which makes him… Stalin


>larouche is based and redpilled because he liked the new deal
these maupinite zoomers multiply like bacteria

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