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I grieve in stereo, the stereo sounds strange
I know that if you hide, it doesn't go away
If you get out of bed and find me standing all alone
Open-eyed, burn the page, my little dark age


>3rd pic.
And there are brit/leftypol/ers who defend the peerage system.


what's the best cheap liquor to get drunk on that doesn't take like piss?
I'm getting bored of vodka


Rum, gin, sometimes 100%agave tequila can be cheap.


Also some decent cheap brandies.


any brands you'd recommend, found some J.J. Whitley gin for cheap


Lidl Port


The car's on fire, and there's no driver at the wheel
And the sewers are all muddied with a thousand lonely suicides
And a dark wind blows

The government is corrupt
And we're on so many drugs
With the radio on and the curtains drawn

We're trapped in the belly of this horrible machine
And the machine is bleeding to death

The sun has fallen down
And the billboards are all leering
And the flags are all dead at the top of their poles

It went like this:

The buildings toppled in on themselves
Mothers clutching babies
Picked through the rubble
And pulled out their hair

The skyline was beautiful on fire
All twisted metal stretching upwards
Everything washed in a thin orange haze

I said, "Kiss me, you're beautiful -
These are truly the last days"

You grabbed my hand
And we fell into it
Like a daydream
Or a fever

We woke up one morning and fell a little further down
For sure it's the valley of death

I open up my wallet
And it's full of blood


should i move to the UK or nah


depends where about in the country you're moving to


E&J is pretty good brandy.



Not unless you have a good job, being poor in the UK is hell.


is there any english-speaking country where being poor isn't hell?


How’s that 140 billion infrastructure project going along?


Boris “Deng gang” Johnson is developing productive forces


It’ll make healthcare and education cheaper, bring in jobs for designing and maintaining industrial robots instead of outsourcing all the jobs and optimize the resource usage of Britain’s industry


File: 1636474162657.jpg (35.87 KB, 590x350, 54.jpg)

British infrastructure is Chinese infrastructure afterall.


>Chinese companies have also invested heavily in property such as the £1.35bn "Walkie Talkie" building in central London and Royal Albert Dock in Liverpool, a 40 per cent share of which was bought by the state-owned investment firm CITIC in 2015.

>Meanwhile the sovereign wealth fund China Investment Corporation (CIC) has built up a portfolio featuring a 10 per cent share in Heathrow Airport valued at £1.65bn, a 49 per cent share (£1.37bn) in oil and natural gas company Neptune Energy, a 9 per cent (£1.2bn) share in Thames Water and a 90 per cent share in logistics and warehouse firm Logicor (£9.7bn).

>China General Nuclear Power holds a 33.5 per cent stake in Hinkley Point nuclear power station, which is owned by the French state-owned energy firm EDF.


Well and it’s growing business

Chinese policies have always benefited businesses more than American ones. Really makes you think


Not really, but that just reinforces why you shouldn't leave your local support network without some good reason.


>local support network
what do you mean


>British infrastructure is Chinese infrastructure afterall.


Wow didn’t know David Cameron was an anti imperialist.


File: 1636477697910.png (46.11 KB, 499x398, ClipboardImage.png)



Friendships and connections are critical to our well-being. Most of us have informal social support networks – people we count on and confide in; people who help us out: relatives, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. But for those who are marginalized due to disability, age or illness, making and sustaining relationships can be a challenge. This is where personal support networks come in.

A personal support network refers to a group of committed individuals who form a relationship with the person who is isolated. Networks members are not paid to be friends with the person at the centre of the network, nor are they doing the person a favour. They are people who genuinely care for the person and can offer support, advocacy, monitoring, or companionship. Network members receive friendship as well as provide it and we often hear how rewarding it is.

Personal support networks have become a powerful tool for creating a safe and secure future for marginalized persons. They spell the difference between living on the edge of community and being actively included in it. They welcome and connect people to the heart of communities and provide families with peace of mind.



the government is corrupt


Kek, that was some pretty good banter


File: 1636488123660.jpg (88.23 KB, 1200x811, AN81891176Brit.jpg)


>security stability opportunity
That doesn't look very stable.


Which motion are they talking about


Vaccine passports now in place in Wales for cinemas and theatres. Cunts.


The one that say them try to nuke the standards committee


What was the last thing you saw in the cinema: theatre?

For me, it was The Lighthouse and a play called “I can go anywhere”


when are we going to have more politicians with beard?


give it a few years, once all the kids syrian refugees have shit out are old enough to vote the commons will be filled with beards inshallah


You realise there are like, fewer syrian refugees in the UK than the population of Barry Island


Seems like it is Expenses Scandal 2.0.


>what is exponential growth
>what is first past the post


Sorry polyp, you cant just say terms and expect that to be an argument. THe UK has accepted less than 10k refugees for the ENTIRITY of britain. If you think this is gonna lead to some kind of islamic caliphate you're fucking dumb bruv.


File: 1636501620455.png (1.29 MB, 2048x947, ClipboardImage.png)

>SF largest party by 3pts
Ruh roh


>The virgin "Having a strong opinion on the government of the day"
>The Chad 20% "I dont really watch the news man"


Galloway got 21% of the vote in Batley and Spen using the muslims


But DUP, UUP, TUV (And Alliance lel) will all voot against them as a block.
And everyone else are Fairweather frens at best.


Mathematically impossible but get off.


Who has a beard by the way


That's not how Northern Ireland works, the largest party HAS to become First Minister.


that's just proof of his islamic piety.


As I said, exponential growth. They multiply very fast in good conditions. Look at what happened in Kosovo.

proof that muslims vote for bearded men


Do any Tories have a beard? Does Starmer? Case closed. Clean shaven is a sad state of affairs and if you can't grow facial hair you need to do something about that as a socialist


Nice job giving people more identifiable info on your appearance


So we know sage is a working class, bearded ex-con who lives in Glasgow. Right, that should narrow it down to about 200,000 people.


I find it very amusing that galloway is on the war path against claudia webbe, even though she is the only MP to really defend Assange, a pet issue of his, because he wanted to stand in her seat when she was booted out.


He's revealed a lot more than that (not that I will repeat it) but those 200,000 people aren't all maoist schizos are they. Just saying this because I care


Novara putting out some based shit.


The things I’ve given away, you’d have to be my pal to know in combination. In which case hello fren.

I live by the assumption that if the feds want me they will simply come take me. What I say on this wouldn’t be what caused it. I don’t think I say anything that warrants a watchlist that I wouldn’t otherwise be on


Also, I’m not totally thick, I throw in details now and then that aren’t true, deliberately.

So anything unbased you can chalk up to that I’m literally a perfect specimen


(I don’t have a beard it was a self hating post)

(Or do I)

As a Scotsman with Irish roots, I am ginger,

(Or am I)


File: 1636564493807.jpg (37.85 KB, 447x464, E5bB_yGWQAAI8lb.jpg)

>be me
>decide to browse /wsg/ for tiktok cringe
>see this thread
>think to myself "it can't be that bad"
>watch the first few webms


What he says about the comparison between BLM and extinction rebellion is really interesting.

BLM: working class, black, militant and willing to get violent towards people and property, has generally captured the allegiance of the populace

XR- white, middle class, pacifist, unwilling to do violence to people and property, has largely just pissed people off.

I’m saying based.


BLM represents working class? lol
i guess the proles have broken through to the corporate media since they keep promoting the movement.


The actual BLM base != co-opted corporate messaging


The vast majority of people that took part in those protests were working class people. How many middle class people do you think there are?

According to this guy: if you measure by number of people on the streets as a portion of population they are the biggest protests that have ever happened in the US.

Which makes perfect sense given the position of race and class in the US


co-opted to what alternate ends? its the exact same messaging. raising awareness for liberal reforms - movements for freedom of association have been dissipated as leaders of the movement have collaborated with moderates to strengthen a voting block. i dont see any radical potentials, especially for the working class.


Doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, it obviously wasn’t a revolutionary movement by itself but that isn’t how revolutionary movements get built. They get built over time. It’s no coincidence that pretty much every communist/ socialist/ anarchist grouping have seen huge boosts in membership recently, Black Lives Matter is a big part of that. How many people have become radicalised and started getting properly organised because of it? A lot I would say. There was also genuinely proletarian elements to it, unions that went on strike and so on.

Socialism in the US and across Europe is something which is growing in prominence not shrinking. That isn’t just BLM obviously but it has definitely helped.

If you are a person of colour a large part of your experience as a working class person is also predicated by race. This is something that Marxists back to Marx himself, who wrote a letter to Abraham Lincoln in regards to slavery, understood


Don't really see what's wrong with any of that.


>If you are a person of colour a large part of your experience as a working class person is also predicated by race.
racism from a materialist conception is the exclusion of opportunities from the practice of labour, not about twitter trolls. i see an "intersectional" discourse in socialist party platforms today - what is the imperative? maybe i am antiquated, but i am a class reductionist.


I didn’t say anything about Twitter trolls. People are excluded from labour opportunities because of their race yes. Which is one of the reasons a workers experience is predicated on race as well as class. This is in fact the antiquated position as I said. Literally all big Marxists including Stalin, Lenin, obviously Mao have understood and spoken about the racial aspect to class struggle. Class struggle is the fundamental universal struggle. In many societies, race has been a class. Until very recently in basically every society woman was a class. Not some socially constructed class, but a separate class of people with a fundamentally different relationship to labour than the dominant race or males.


It's almost like the media gets to define how people feel about everything, and the people that control the media are more sympathetic to BLM than XR.


Are they though? Media kicked off about both and pretty much no mainstream media outlet was in favour of either riots or peaceful direct action XR style.

Maybe the media are more inclined to support the sentiment of anti racism, but by the same token it’s only crank rightoid media which is actually climate change denying and so on.

I think you can expand it though, look at the gilet jaunes for example.


File: 1636582580772-0.mp4 (6.93 MB, 848x480, PJtxNBVRSGsAExsK.mp4)

File: 1636582580772-1.png (138.33 KB, 937x631, anglos r insane.png)

File: 1636582580772-2.png (100.14 KB, 948x612, lmao.png)

Shambling on stage at the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, Little Amal, the 11ft-tall puppet, is a Lovecraftian horror born of the worst impulses of Western liberalism.

A bug-eyed and waxy-skinned effigy of a 10-year-old Syrian girl, Little Amal was designed and built by British activists and South African puppeteers, and set out this summer on an 8,000km (5,000-mile) ‘walk’ from the Syria-Turkey border all the way to the UK. Her journey was intended to symbolize that of child refugees and serve as a “celebration of migration and cultural diversity.”

She’s since added climate change and gender issues to her portfolio, reaching her final form on Tuesday, when she rolled on stage at the 26th UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow to open its ‘Gender Day’, which exists for reasons unknown outside the NGO-media-bureaucrat bubble.

Her coming was treated with reverence by the suits and bureaucrats in attendance, and even by the media, with even the nominally neutral Reuters describing her arrival as delivering “seeds of hope to COP26.”

Anyone not paid or obliged to applaud this grotesque spectacle may have stopped to ask a few questions. For instance, aren’t the Western leaders gushing over Little Amal at COP26 the very same leaders who supported or actively aided the failed removal of Syrian President Bashar Assad from power, giving rise to the European refugee crisis in the first place?

Additionally, what does gender have to do with the climate? Wasn’t the European refugee crisis mostly an influx of African and Middle Eastern men? And how exactly does a walking celebration of illegal immigration help change the weather?

Even the Archbishop of Westminster, a man one would assume to be above worshiping false gods and idols, found himself transfixed.

“Half of me says, ‘Come on, this is a puppet.’ And half of me found myself speaking to her,” he recounted last month. “It wasn’t just a puppet – though it was – but it kind of embodies a whole dimension of our human family … there was a strong emotional presence and a pull that, somehow, in her gestures particularly, was expressed.”

Little Amal’s trek was funded by British and EU taxpayers, the New York Times, religious organizations, universities, and a panoply of pro-migration NGOs and trusts, including Amnesty International and the Rothschild Foundation.

But her journey hasn’t always been smooth. She was pelted with stones in the Greek city of Larissa, where a new refugee camp was opened in 2019. The Greeks, who have been on the front lines of the refugee influx since 2015, were understandably not as enthused as her globalist backers about a “celebration of migration and cultural diversity.”



A real redpill is that the reason Britboings were so far out ahead of everyone for so long was because the English Civil War basically gave them the proto enlightenment and a (de-facto) dictatorship of the bougie 0.1 (BETA release) and it took continentals several more decades to begin catching up.


Hey bong chads, burger here
I was doing some research on the Cromwell revolution and came across Alan Woods.
Did some more research and he's a labour entryist trot, according to his wikipedia..
What are your opinions on Woods and "In Defence of Marxism"?



Is that International Marxist Tendency? They recently got kicked out the labour party which is based, but I think there is about 150 of them in the whole UK. Also Trots. Its basically a reading group.The Welsh are cool.


find it insanely funny to compare cash for honours to the current tory scandal.

if you want the sheer level of political incompetence that underscores blairism, make that comparison. boris sells peerages for a few million quid - well good on him, lloyd george did the same. smart scam if you've got the tools for it.. you know what blair did? you know what the third way in corruption looks like? trading peerages for loans at market interest rates, many of which have maturity dates measured in months, many of which were so short-term as to require new loans to be taken out to pay them back!


(should probably explain the big brain logic behind this: donations had to be declared, but loans didn't. except the loans exploded into the cash for honours scandal, which was far more damaging than private eye going "oh lord nonceprick has given tony's tories a bung")


The anon is right that the Dutch did it first, but yeah that is the reason britain was a stable parliamentary system well before 1848.


We used to have an Alan Woods poster, those were the days.


He's quite charismatic, for a trot, oh yes.
I already miss him.



File: 1636610350239.png (40.48 KB, 598x392, lonerbox.PNG)

Mr Loner "please stop making fun of this fascist who killed two leftists because he tried to cry" Box. Someone should fucking smash this dumb cunt's glasses.


I'd be more worried about some nazi schizo online


Nicola Sturgeon and AOC photographed together. Just to let you all know.


True I’ll be more careful thank you anon.


Why should I care about some literal who


Alex McCay is my favourite online crank. His podcast is decent too


>Nicola understands that building social strategies to actualise our communities is very important to communificationalising our life structure in our communities


File: 1636627929359.png (25.87 KB, 372x547, ClipboardImage.png)

Was chatting to my brother about who they study in politics class and the "key thinkers" they read for socialism include fuckin Giddens.


Reading that picrel gave me cancer


Is this a real quote?


Tory vice chair has resigned over recent sleaze.

Wonder when the levee will break, if it will. When you’ve got top Tories finding a conscience you have to wonder how bad it really is inside Tory HQ.

Last year has been bad enough in my line of work. God only knows the toxicity in Tory land


File: 1636635729382.jpg (112.73 KB, 800x600, 3736787.jpg)

See this?
This is a lie in order to disinform your population.
in reality, I'm the one holding all of the lettuce, and I won't be releasing them until you give us Gibraltar.


Who is buying 3 iceberg lettuce that isn’t a restaurant anyway?


vegetarians and rabbit owners


With a can of Irn Bru lmao


don't know who this is but hope he steps on every individual piece of a lego megalopolis.


people who make the crosland-giddens connection should have all of their teeth removed. people love to whitewash the fact that by the 1970s when capitalism was actually in crisis, crosland's conclusion was that it was time for a move to the left.

the only remotely "socialist" thing about giddens is that he was a gigatankie when it came to Libya.


tbf my a-level politics teacher was a commie who taught us that giddens is a neolib and we just have to pretend he's not for the exam.
A-level politics wasn't even that bad, economics was the neolib indoctrination chamber. The easiest was to get a good grade in macro was just to shit on keynes in every essay and marxism was written off as a failed system in week one.


"Third Way" = fascist "third positionism".


He's a typical "bumbling bourgeoisie" spook who thought vaccine passports wouldn't happen.


There's no need to out-crank him Lenin hat, you'll always have a special place in my heart


were your textbooks like that or just your teachers?
in my general but limited experience a-level econ textbooks are probably still the most passable introduction to mainstream econ. ones written for adults tend to take on an overtly "here's why capitalism always works" / "why it doesn't work at all" stance rather than reflecting what the mainstream position is without any stupid numbers to make it hard. any mildly curious or critical reader can then build on that themselves. (seeing instinctively why certain models are shit, or cross-comparing consensus positions to historical data on an ad-hoc basis.)



you're still wrong about dresden, unlike I, who stands with the immortal intellect of Joseph Stalin


Could people tell me about the ways in which the UK left subverted the state from within during the 80s (maybe 90s too?)..I know little bits (GLC?) can anyone give me a rundown?


Think I’m about to get fired for taking a sick day… from my boss… who is off… on no.3 of his sick days.


The petit boug, can’t live with them, could easily live without them ayyy lads


File: 1636734321718.jpg (219.92 KB, 1200x1465, 1636733456884.jpg)

>>anglos killed millions for spices
>this is their cuisine


You can have the others but I won't stand for any slander of the crisp butty. Ham + salt & vinegar? Chefs kiss.


Grow up.


What's so surprising? Without spices Anglos would not be able to swallow whatever went trough their kitchens.


Anti-anglos will never know the joy of having a crisp sandwich.


>were your textbooks like that or just your teachers?
It was just how the curriculum was set up. Questions had to be answered with either a keynesian or neo-classical perspective, and then countered with the other. Consequently, the easiest way to answer questions was to start with the keynesian perspective, and then explain why it's largely flawed (inflation, national debt, "muh free market" etc). This is pretty much what everyone including myself did in exams.
I dug out this photocopy of a textbook I had saved, these were the only economic models we were taught in depth.
>in my general but limited experience a-level econ textbooks are probably still the most passable introduction to mainstream econ.
I guess it was good for basics, but marxism was very rarely mentioned. We were just told that marxism and "command economies" exist, and we should be aware that they do. Not much else.


Jesus H. Christ tell your professor they are an idiot.


File: 1636752359865.png (46.41 KB, 756x342, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1636780564643-0.jpg (240.36 KB, 3840x2160, wp1809904.jpg)

File: 1636780564643-1.jpg (153.88 KB, 992x688, 1636764280211.jpg)


>Water sandwich

You are awful salty for anglo. Are you sure you don't want to rinse your slice off with some water?



Is this American banter?



I think he's just a 13 year old with no social experience


Why did this get so many replies? You are proving his point.


Hey guys remember if you shout at the Israeli Ambassador you are literally doing a Kristallnacht.



cackling at "extreme keynesians"
i appreciate that your class attempted to get in early indoctrination into one of the key skills of economists: holding on to a model where unemployment shouldn't exist in the face of a world where unemployment figures are regularly compiled and published.

and yeah, HS econ textbooks are useless for Marxism. they're just generally passable for bourgeois econ although yours seems a touch more monetarist than usual.



The trotskyite infestation in Britain is truly one of the most embarrassing things about this shithole country. It's understandable given the dominance of bourgeois ideology and imperialist parasitism, but still. Germany or America are nowhere near as bad.


Damn, this is pretty gross


Rapeoid party. Who cares.


File: 1636885532907.jpg (45.55 KB, 385x512, 1636885530777.jpg)

Do you buy the Private Eye, anon?


File: 1636908724185.png (177.32 KB, 500x664, ClipboardImage.png)

The IRA are back??


highly doubt it
the IRA bombing liverpool would be like islamists bombing bradford. makes absolutely zero sense.

the fact a hospital was the target suggests it was an antivaxx schizo. but I did say that about amess and was wrong so idk



Islamists don’t see it that way. They routinely target their own. Islam is not just some great uniform monolith. As a Briton I can attest to Liverpool being the heart of anti racism and leftism in England. I’d assume any terrorism there is white supremacist.


>outside a woman’s hospital
Whatever the colour of the perpetrator this has Abraham written all over it


Also my theory is the queen is dying bros, what is the Queen doing that would sprain her back? Deadlifts? Doubt.


A fall, maybe?


Bomb the mosque, radicalise the moderates.


Let the uuuma rise up


If she’s at the stage a fall is dangerous she ain’t long for this world




Scouse Gladio


She's 95 dude of course she is at that stage lmao. Been at that stage for a decade+


I rag on western leftists a lot but hearing a "right winger" for more than a second really fucks with my brain and I reconsider my hatred of the liberal left.




People still think the elite aren't satanic jfl.


Well it's officially over boys. They're just pissing on the corpse at this point. Just eat cake and enjoy this eternal winter.


File: 1636924597627.jpg (436.55 KB, 1920x1080, FD_pH18WQAE_mFh.jpg)

totally not suspicious that all of these webms are from "lotuseaters.com" which presents content like "communists eat golden steak!", "corporate media attack [rittenhouse] judge!" and other similar right wing shite on their twitter account. absolutely believe this was made in good faith, and furthermore i would not for a second contemplate that these webms were uploaded by shills from that particular cluster of unused firing squad practice dummies.


>They routinely target their own.
I can't think of an example of that happening in this country.
>As a Briton I can attest to Liverpool being the heart of anti racism and leftism in England. I’d assume any terrorism there is white supremacist.
check the news, it was a suicide attack (which basically confirms islamist). Still probably encouraged by the glowies though, as is most far right terrorism



File: 1636929758473.png (13.05 KB, 194x250, ClipboardImage.png)

Based cabbie


standard day for a scouse cabbie


File: 1636930508767.jpg (11.82 KB, 320x306, kekkety.jpg)

Imagine getting cucked during your suicide bombing by a taxi driver locking you in the back of their car


File: 1636930564956-0.webm (3.8 MB, 960x540, pinko.webm)

File: 1636930564956-1.jpg (62.77 KB, 1200x702, FS-Lana-F.jpg)

>Looks like obese Lana Wachowski
>That elocution tho
Gib me posh girlfriend plz. I hate to be snobby but the working class accents don't do it for me. I've seen hot girls with them, but then they speak, and I'm picturing that maid from Disenchantment.


Love live the invincible banner of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin.


Kek, reminds me of the time when a Glasweigan kicked a would-be suicide bomber so hard in the balls he broke his ankle lmao


Reminder that the Red Pill in The Matrix was estrogen and progestin.
Reminder that the Red Pill in 4chan.org/pol/ was estrogen and soybean paste.


Feel like it's a retcon tbh


File: 1636935214029.png (18.25 KB, 982x105, oh nononononono.png)

Oh boy, looks like someone made /pol/ mad by pointing out Marxism is a synonym for materialism!


>The car's on fire, and there's no driver at the wheel.
Except quite literally.


File: 1636941727393.png (1.09 MB, 615x782, ClipboardImage.png)


Mate the reason its red is because the first commercial available estrogen was red.


This was a redpill so powerful I've grown tits


File: 1636950977984.jpg (231.26 KB, 1080x2160, FEHAiM9WUAMEkaG.jpg)


Meh, nothing that funny. Would be better if there was someone calling him a saint in an attempt to brown nose or subtly implying he's a nonce.


File: 1636952197169.jpg (79 KB, 1080x809, BristolBar.jpg)

>Meanwhile at Norf F.C HQ.


Actually no this south city is apparently in the south…
souf f.c


File: 1636953169036.jpg (39.68 KB, 500x500, SmugSoy.jpg)

>"I…Is that a poppy? WOW WHAT A chinlet!!11!!!"


>soyjak isn't wearing a poppy
why do you hate the fallen


I saw far fewer people wearing poppies this year. Encouraging sign.


Nice of them to bring out the cumbuckets for me to jizz into so I can wank myself dry on the spot


Go back to r/GreenandPleasant and make 500 threads crying about stupid Pro-Brexit C H U D proles.


I'm a pro brexit prole.


Why do you care? You don’t even live in the UK.


shouldn't you be having anzac day or something


Can you explain how a lolcow thread on /wsg/ *could* have been made in good faith?


>antivaxx terrorism
>white supremacist terrorism
Come on lads, do you really believe that? Give your head a shake.


Europe is turning fascist, so was Brexit good in the end?


It's funny that the far right constantly talk about doing a terrorism but their only real recent attacks are from a couple of retarded alcoholic boomers and the vast majority of their arrests are for noncing.


>the far right


MI5 made me touch the kids


Fascism never died in Western Europe to begin with.



How long before we see Minor-Attracted Persons represented at the Labour conference? And will leftybritpol be coming down on the right side of history?


They are already represented in the labour and Tory party by every monarchist.

Remember when Boris Johnson said “the royals are beyond reproach” that was minor attracted pedos being represented.

Keir Starmer has been head of the crown prosecution service throughout a variety of major elite noncing scandals.


Is working behind a bar at a strip club a degenerate thing to do?


I mean it might raise a few eyebrows from some people but I can think of worse places to work behind a bar. Clientele probably a little unusual but they're gonna be distracted away from you a lot of the time.


New phallus slam dropped


>Is working behind a bar at a strip club a degenerate thing to do?
Yes. Fuck strip clubs. Resist Americanisation.


File: 1636987305402.png (626.73 KB, 794x835, ClipboardImage.png)

lamo, imagine being so reactionary the border guards are gonna strike against you.


good faith in the sense of innocent bad faith, mere sociopathy rather than a funded political agenda.


it's degenerate but if your gf is okay with it that's even more degenerate


>Exploring Medieval Birmingham 1300
Some say it hasnt changed


Holy shit, this comment lmao:

>My family are from Coventry, they had rural property out that way and a town house in Surrey where we were, ancestrally, granted land. It's all gone now, made way for migrant ghettos because for some reason all the brave men of adventure left those islands to 'shore up the colonies' when they were told they had too many workers and subsidised travel out while the government were telling others they had no workers and subsidising travel in for foreigners. What you now call the windrush generation who 'saved britain' (or what a sane person would call an enactment of the Hooton Plan of population displacement and what the United Nations would consider a genocide by altering, intentionally, the population of a country by demographic, religion, or ethnicity). And all the weak men left behind are too cowed to put a stop to it, leading to that island becoming a third world nation. Every time I revisit my ancestral lands I feel nothing but shame for what you've all done to it. I finally surrendered my British passport in disgust. We've become a weak people, and weak people deserve the erasure they will inevitably reap.


most sane daily mail reader.


File: 1636995032157-0.png (1.49 MB, 999x858, ClipboardImage.png)

Are the boys back in town??


I've never really committed to listening to a radio show but I'm aware of how much I enjoy the Ricky Gervais xfm show.
I presume there isn't anything like the quality of the xfm show, but are there any UK radio shows you folks recommend? Preferably airing now rather than in the past.
Would be keen to know if I'm missing out



Just regular swamp people food.


Hold on.. is this… another terror attack just when Tories are under heat..


Same people made this one a couple weeks ago lmao


File: 1637004265643.png (45.1 KB, 1669x133, leftypol word filters.png)

>it's degenerate but if your gf is okay with it that's even more degenerate
Feeling nostalgic,miss when degen was filtered to fun.


So the guy that did the Liverpool bombing was middle eastern, islamism it is.


Yeah right. Evil brown men in caves again eh. Definitely not the British ruling class.


>government to ask staff nicely if they would kindly enforce the law


Who do you think is funding them?


>We've become a weak people, and weak people deserve the erasure they will inevitably reap.
Can't argue with that


What an optimist


File: 1637008068542.jpg (87.29 KB, 1169x799, 1637008019649.jpg)


vaxxtards on suicide watch


File: 1637008755113.jpg (349.83 KB, 800x534, pn417dlp76m11.jpg)

still can't believe there was a day when you could move to much better countries for a tenner and yet this godforsaken island wasn't left completely barren

worse yet, they went and changed the rules. why take some talentless dickhead with a history degree and give him a tram to drive for having a british passport when you can filter out all but the most skilled of light rail operation engineers with a degree from fucking MIT using your points based go fuck yourself system.


Australia's a tyrannical shithole just like Britain is. Worse even


"Ten-Pound Poms" is a right-wing myth used to discredit the Windrush generation.


other than the one stupid youtube comment above i've never seen it used in that way. it would be ridiculously stupid to do so: the subsidy for moving to Australia was Australian policy, commonwealth migration to the UK was UK policy. "people are being paid to leave while we're importing people!" misses that you're dealing with two governments, each acting in their own self interest. the only half-coherent way to reverse it would be "keep the Brits here and send the commonwealth migrants to Australia!" which wouldn't work because of Australia's explicitly racist immigration policies.


Australia is a coup induced settler shithole and aussies are the worst people around abbos should unironically land back the shit out of them


Why do they always raise the terror threat level to severe after a terrorist attack. They should raise it before the terror attack so people know to be more careful.


anglo mad


Australia is an anglo country you dumbass?


Didn't mean to put a question mark


Anglos can get mad at subburned anglos and asians. No contradiction!


This is your brain on amerimutt racialism.


>The Liverpool Hospital Bomber was a converted Christian
What do we think is more likely?:
1) He converted as a bluff (to prevent deportation) and actually radicalised as an islamist
2) He is an anti-abortion extremist


Imagine vaporising yourself because you got locked in the back of a taxi lmao


Best part is that it wasn't even the bomb that went off: the detonator caused an electrical fire.


3) Gladio.


4) He actually did convert to Christianity


he was Iraqi
when was the last time a christian blew themselves up?


The anti Anglo burgers are all like 4th gen half Japanese guys whose dad is a brain surgeon or something


The other day when this guy blew himself up lmao


>when was the last time a christian blew themselves up?

He also wasn't planning on blowing himself up.


Very true in my experience. A few weeks ago I found out one of the anti-anglo fags in the matrix chat was actually american lol, took the piss out of them so hard for that.


you are an extremely intelligent individual, sage

it happens once in a blue moon. There's a precedent for muzzies from the ME bullshitting converting to get into the country. I think that's the more likely scenario here.
Plus Christian terrorists aren't as retarded as islamists, so he wouldn't have ended up accidentally torching himself in the back of taxi.


>it happens once in a blue moon. There's a precedent for muzzies from the ME bullshitting converting to get into the country. I think that's the more likely scenario here.
>Plus Christian terrorists aren't as retarded as islamists, so he wouldn't have ended up accidentally torching himself in the back of taxi.
Literally more than an incident a year, including targeted assassinations: but go off.


Bruh you aren’t actually a christcuck are you? Pretty sure Anders Brievik was a Christian. As far as I an aware that’s the one of the highest casualty terrorist attack in Europe in the last 10 years, aside from Bataclan I think

If you look at the us the list of Christian terrorists is ginormous


I guess we're just going to have to wait and see. Just know, once it comes out he's a jihadist I'm going to gloat so fucking hard. You retards thought the amess killer was an anti-fox hunting campaigner. Just because you really want something to be true doesn't make it true.
Oh, and for the record I'm not a christfag. I can just acknowledge that a Christian is substantially less likely to blow themselves to smithereens than a Muslim.


No we really didn’t, we memed. The thread is probably still in the catalogue.

And yeh suicide bombing is jihadi style, there is still ample Christian terrorism what is your point here?


>it was just le epic meme xd
didn't seem that way to me. vaccine schizo or village fox hunter was the consensus iirc
>And yeh suicide bombing is jihadi style
he was also an arab, the race which leads in suicide bombings per capita


Bruh how much of a basic bitch are you. What is your analysis for the causes of jihadi terrorism you talk about? What point are you making? Da beard men scary? Da Islam is an eeebil killer ideology? What?


>What is your analysis for the causes of jihadi terrorism you talk about?
We're not talking about causes, I'm just saying the cunt who blew himself up in the back of a taxi was almost certainly an Islamist in my opinion.
>Da beard men scary?
I don't trust men with beards regardless of race/religion.
>Da Islam is an eeebil killer ideology?
Yeah pretty much. Religious fundamentalism is even worse than capitalism or imperialism at killing huge numbers of people and running nations into the ground. This isn't a controversial thing for a socialist to say.


Yeah and NATO has agents worldwide.


> Religious fundamentalism is even worse than capitalism or imperialism at killing huge numbers of people and running nations into the ground.
Lmao you’re a dumbass.

Do you honestly think capitalism and imperialism isn’t responsible for basically 100% of jihadi terrorism in the last like 100 years?


I cba arguing about this any longer, it is a waste of time. We will soon find out what his motives were, arguing will not change this.


He got his asylum rejected and was a Syrian refugee.

How come people would flee Syria anon? Islamic extremism was it?


>was a Syrian refugee
more evidence for my Islamist suicide bomber theory
>Islamic extremism was it?
No, evil assad barrel bombed and gassed the friendly, moderate muslims, forcing them to leave. This is why we have so many friendly, moderate muslims in our country now :D


judging by your weirdly direct sarcasm I assume you understand the problem in Syria was neither Islam nor Assad


The problem in Syria obviously wasn't Islam, I neve claimed it was. However, over the last 10 years Syria has produced a lot of dedicated Islamist schizos, just like the one who blew himself up in Liverpool.


yeh mate so why do you think Syria is producing dedicated islamist schizos??????!!!!??????????




stop encouraging pol posters you fucking tard. jfc.


>However, over the last 10 years Syria has produced a lot of dedicated Islamist
There's also been tens of thousands of jihadi cannon fodder for NATO sent there, from Morocco to Xinjiang.




I bet this cunt votes Tory from his chalet in Spain and wonders why the UK is a shithole.


File: 1637200477637.png (48.41 KB, 615x161, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1637202228542.jpg (54.79 KB, 678x346, 20211118_022026.jpg)

preemptively buying a bottle of Irish Cream tomorrow to mark the occasion. can't fucking wait.


oxbridge moment


where the fuck did you find this


from an article bojo's sister wrote in the fucking spectator kek
I hate this country so much



damn… queen's about to transcend or go super saiyan or something


File: 1637203244297.jpg (49.91 KB, 442x352, bogdandor.jpg)

>Queen has 'entered a new phase'


They're keeping her alive hooked up to a machine injecting her with ground up foetuses, so they can wheel her out for the jubilee.


File: 1637240961197.png (24.32 KB, 507x266, ClipboardImage.png)


their full statement ( https://twitter.com/LeedsUniUnion/status/1461016931524386819 ) is either terribly written, or a masterclass in attempted wallet inspecting ("we support the right to strike, we support the union's demands, we pretend we can't see how they connect to this uni specifically, we cannot support the strike") cut down by the fact that because it was published on twitter people can just retweet the 240 characters that include the contractual clause that states your wallet doesn't have to be returned.


What the fuck is this


Jesus H Christ. This article is fucking hideous

Its takes like 500 rambling words to mention the Maxwell part, which include gems such as:

>It has been a source of mystery to me and no doubt many others that I manage to host a radio show without landing in the soup more often. I’m always saying things like, ‘But are we allowed to say Liverpool Women’s Hospital any more?’ and ‘I only want to see someone in a surgical face mask in an operating theatre’ and ‘If lockdowns work, why are we having another one and if lockdowns don’t work, why are we having another one?’ But then I realise I am a mere soggy centrist snowflake compared with some. How I long to have the tungsten nerves of Lionel Shriver of this parish, who stars in my Difficult Women podcast this week. After discussion with my producer and the execs we decided not to issue any trigger warnings before dropping the podcast that contains, ah, firmly uncompromising views on immigration, cancel culture, trans issues, cultural appropriation and having children (she is strongly against, as ‘You don’t know what you’re going to get’). You must listen and judge for yourselves.

the next paragraph opens

"It’s hard not to feel a batsqueak of pity for Ghislaine Maxwell"

I am actually furious.
>haha those woke people right, those damn lefties ahaha
>btw Maxwell is innocent
>also my brother shagged her lol so scandalous

Its so fucking shoehorned in. She rambles for such a long time about basically nothing, then has a moan about woke people, where she paints herself as some kind of Maverick for saying things that are in the news literally every day, THEN AFTER THAT is when she choses to take Maxwells side.

I am not exaggerating when i say my bottom eyelid is twitching right now. I'm worked up.


>I have a memory of her father, Bob, coming out in a towelling robe and telling us all to go home. I’m sure fairweather friends would not reveal they went to a Ghislaine Maxwell party: as Barbara Amiel’s brilliant memoir Friends and Enemies proves, you only know who your real chums are when you’re in the gutter.

Oh aha just saw robert maxwell at one her parties yknow robert maxwell famous mossad spy who died in a mysterious boating accident…

Oh and its fucking worse by the way I was so overcome by the anti woke thing i didn't register.

This is the order of paragraphs in this article

>i got le pupperino in lockdown

>i love le cute pupperino such a good replacement for kids hahahaha
>so how about those woke people huh
>im always saying anti woke stuff me
>im proper daring that way
>btw partied with Ghislaine Maxwell and her dad
>chums with her in fact
>ps still love pupperinos








File: 1637246903759.png (8.55 KB, 960x576, 918541245.png)


With UK hip-hop blowing up over the last decade will we see shit like 'Wrech 32 For Prime Minister', 'Chipmunk in the HoL' in the coming decades like over the pond?


I don't see the point celebrating the deaths of royalty unless it's like 1649.


nice quads
I enjoy knowing that there'll be anxiety amongst the establishment because of uncertainty caused by lizzie dying (something they're clearly trying to delay as much as possible)


We could have had Lord Stormzy of Barking if Corbyn had won.


no wonder youre not feeling so good anon
>tfw uncle is evangelistic about sky news


File: 1637272624668.png (369.88 KB, 481x545, ClipboardImage.png)

>the point celebrating the deaths of royalty


>I don't see the point celebrating the deaths of royalty unless it's like 1649.
Because now you're a subject by choice huh?


This general kind of died, huh?


Good. Anglos are most of the worst posters.


it goes through periods of very high activity and then literally nothing. Just depends what's going on over here tbh

rent free


Says the anglo


I'm asian born, french second language, you nationalist.


No it's because aristocratic parasites will keep spawning until they're all culled.


Anglos tongue the queens anus.


oi bruv wanna fondle the royal cunt?


>obsessed with "anglos"
>asian born
every single time lmao


>french second language
well ohh-la-la


Why have you all spent days royal posting? Who even cares about these people? The only time you even hear about the fuckers is when people seethe about them in leftypol.


Devlin could have been the Labour MP of Barking and Dagenham..


File: 1637274322919.jpg (104.92 KB, 474x648, OIP(38).jpg)


me and the lads playing vicky 2


haha true
I'm a hetero guy but would still fugg a BTS twink


mmm damn france be lookin so fine doe what social democracy does to a mf


agreed i wanna fuck femboy france



So some IslamoShchizo tried to blow a church (but failed) so he tried to blow up a hospital (but failed)
And then he tried to blow up the Taxi driver that took him to the hospital (but failed) and only managed to blow himself and the guys taxi up?
That sounds like a British comedy sketch lmao.


could've easily been a scene in the last twenty minutes of four lions lol


Is that what happened? I thought he was just getting dropped off at the hospital to walk to a nearby remembrancing ritual.
Yeah it's actually a more comical ending than blowing up Boots kek


File: 1637280072642.png (47.74 KB, 182x190, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1637282119720.png (168.49 KB, 828x533, FEbbgcDX0AYtBG6.png)

"London Bridge" incident imminient. 6 months of 24/7 Royal cultism on every major media outlet incoming. Hope you've been studying up on confucian weaving and are ready to signal to normie friends/family hard as any anti-monarchy sentiments will result in total ostrasization and/or public lynching. God speed fellow commonwealth anons.


I'm not just well studied in confucian weaving, I have a bachelor's degree in basket weaving.


Don't forget the white supremacists who shot Sasha Johnson.


AHAHAHA I'd forgot about that!
there's another occasion sage and half this thread was wrong while I was right. A few fags were even claiming the glowies took her out, when it was actually some london roadman with shit aim LARPing as an LA gangsta.


Nah, keep up, it was a far-right Syrian Christian anti-abortion anti-vaxxer attack caused by imperialism


File: 1637283099609.png (1.67 MB, 1280x926, ClipboardImage.png)


brb gonna "talk" to the CEO of covid


Don’t even know who that is lol

Again, are you trying to tell me terrorists who come from Syria aren’t the fault of imperialism? Cos if so you’re a shitlib and a retard to boot


I’m planning to post something celebratory online so they speed up the online anonymity bill and I spend that six months in the slammer away from the media


>Don’t even know who that is lol
mate tomorrow morning I will scroll through archive.is until I find the thread. You and a few other anons were convinced that Sasha Johnson was taken out by the feds, like some kind of really shit, british Martin Luther King


based lmfao


>Again, are you trying to tell me terrorists who come from Syria aren’t the fault of imperialism?


Come again


The British bourgeoisie are working out the intricacies of the Austria style lockdown.


And yet the British bourg will make a complete and utter pigs ear of it


File: 1637373464876.png (214.21 KB, 757x472, ClipboardImage.png)

What are your hobbies leftybritpol?


>UK and Greece only countries that don't value material well-being


File: 1637374090382.jpg (88.11 KB, 550x412, Italians.jpg)

>Italians value work more than any other country.


>France values occupation
So that's why they surrendered to Germany


>all the people valuing their occupation
that shit is just sad…


refuse to believe this is the only country which has a soul (for my own wellbeing)
my hobbies are imageboard contrarianism, not playing videogames, and watching documentaries from 1986 narrated by people who all have those weird mandatory TV accents from before the 90s, even when they're from countries with silly accents.


Drink your flask of weak lemon drink


Who are all these boomers who love their family so much.


Mental stability and love for your family tend to go hand in hand


Faith and mental stability however, do not.


South koreans are the most vapid according to this list


Says who exactly? A large amount families are the cause of mental instability


Northern Italians do nothing but talk about work because they've nothing else going on for them.


Thanks for proving my point



>pie and mash
terrible terrible post, it took me five days to even recover from how terrible this post was.


Lads, I'm kaing a Hinge profile and I'm torn on the Politics section.
Options are
>Prefer Not to Say

Obviously as a socialist I would be 'other' but I get the feeling 'other' would make you look more right wing to the other users.
How do you folks handle this dilemma?
Seems like 'liberal' is the only feasible way to go.


Please don't bother with online dating. It's alienating, self destructive, competitive and unnatural. You really don't need it.
>But I'm desperate!
This is entirely part of the problem. People are desperate because they push others away and aren't social enough. You need to fix that part of yourself instead of hoping for a relationship to come along and fix everything.


>being on a dating app that doesn’t have a socialist option
It’s simple anon you burn down Hinge HQ and have crazy birds become your pen pal from jail. You’ll probably only get 5-10 years and remember you only serve half if you’re good so by the time you get out you’ll have a harem if you play your cards right


>What are your hobbies leftybritpol?
I walk, eat, drink, game and shitpost

Go with 'other', see if you get any trans, catgirl stalinists matching with you


Just pick 'liberal', you know what it means


Just dont put anything.


>SK and Taiwan



>He can't pull girls on a dating site with a blank profile.


File: 1637436828285.jpg (32.54 KB, 480x360, a8f (2).jpg)


As two societies that had US-backed juntas tbf I think they understand the difference.


It's what I do. Completely blank. I've never liked writing them so now if I ever fuck around with online dating I just leave it blank and still get women messaging me first even. Believe me or don't. My advice in general to guys is: say less. Honestly. It's way easier to go wrong saying more than saying less.

Think about it. Unless you can advertise your assets, like your degree, your job, your career goals, your house, etc. there's no point for you to put any information there. As the man, you're going to be doing the majority of the first messages and your first message should be something about HER profile. So your profile is rather irrelevant other than are you attractive enough, in combo with the convo you started. Then, ask for the phone number immediately. From there you figure it out on your own. These first few steps are ridiculously easy and will get you a good portion of the way to a date.

That's my experience, take it or leave it.


>I've never liked writing them so now if I ever fuck around with online dating I just leave it blank and still get women messaging me first even. Believe me or don't. My advice in general to guys is: say less. Honestly.

<just be good looking bro


Your results may very but it's still good advice. I used to try WAY too hard on those dating sites and I think it gave me any lick of advantage. Just put my face out there for the world with a cringe try-hard profile. Now it's just a photo and a private conversation with an interested party. I don't think people should really put themselves out there to the public like that, unless you're into the blogging with your real name stuff.

Some more general advice that will help you no matter your looks. On Tinder, just make a new damn account. I signed up for that shit and got 30 matches in the first two days(I just swipe right fast on everyone, so I'm not saying 30 top tier matches) and then after that the matches start to trickle to like 2-3 a day.


this reads like some kind of cruel joke
or you're just retarded


Cruel joke in what way? Like you're going to follow my advice and not get matches? Where's the cruelty. It's just online matchmaking. It's not that serious.


File: 1637443779008.png (170.6 KB, 875x525, ClipboardImage.png)

If you're an ugly or average guy, having a decent bio is literally the only chance you have of getting matches. And if you're both ugly and poor then you're fucked. The stats behind tinder back this up, it isn't some incel blackpill shite.
You saying to me that "it's easy to get matches, you don't even need a bio" feels like a trust fund kid explaining to me how there isn't actually a housing crisis. That's why it's cruel.

<It was determined that the bottom 80% of men (in terms of attractiveness) are competing for the bottom 22% of women and the top 78% of women are competing for the top 20% of men. The Gini coefficient for the Tinder economy based on “like” percentages was calculated to be 0.58. This means that the Tinder economy has more inequality than 95.1% of all the world’s national economies.



Upon election the next Labour government will immediately convene a royal commission to look into legislation to change the spelling of the word "Meringue"


>upon election
Is the funniest part of your post


what's wrong with your wang?


Ehhh, a big portion of my suggestion would be lower your expectations as well. I guess if you think you have something in your profile that can put you over the edge then good. I'm just saying from my experience there's no point in putting anything in your profile that's not going to put you over the edge. Like you said, it's slanted towards women, so there is no advantage to putting out too much information about yourself unless it's a universally accepted plus like I said:
> like your degree, your job, your career goals, your house, etc.
Don't put humor, don't put your musical tastes, movie tastes. These are all hit and miss. Just go off the stuff that's in their profile.


>Don't put humor,
Humor is a more subtle and effective way of signalling intelligence than posting your degree lol.


>a big portion of my suggestion would be lower your expectations
Mate, I don't think you understand how this works. I have no expectations or standards. The only reason I would reject a girl based on looks is of they're morbidly obese or significantly older than me.
The issue isn't below average guys being selective with matches, it's that we don't get any matches to start with. You're right that online dating is based on looks, so why would a girl swipe right on an ugly or average guy when they could match with good looking guys?

I'm not saying your advice regarding bios is bad. I'm just saying that it only applies to good looking men, which make up a minority of the male population.
The only way you can get matches on tinder as a guy is to A) be conventionally attractive or B) be wealthy and make it clear that you are in your profile


>i would reject a girl for being older than me
this krazy krackaaa isn't into milfs and gilfs, point at him and laugh


>krazy krackaaa
Sage, how much have you had to drink?


I haven't had a drink in 2 week pal, can't even memba the last time I did drugs. I'm just doing research tonight


what you researching?


the schiller institute and larouche stuff, duterte and his spiritual leader cult guy,


Josh Jacksons two brain cells miss-firing, after he hears Xi call Joe Biden an old friend, and becoming an unironic Biden-stan


I hope they do, just so that Charles hands can continue to swell up and explode before he gets to be king


>duterte and his spiritual leader cult guy
never know what to think of duterte. He just seems like you're standard tough-on-crime asian populist type but the msm seem to dislike him for some reason.


I'm guessing you're pretty young or pretty immature. Pick up artist bollocks like this will have you being miserable in the long term. You should be vulnerable and open, don't play stupid mind games or worry about how you're perceived and you will eventually meet someone who you click with


He allegedly almost cut a deal with the NPA to turn the Philippines into a Dengist state. The NPA turned on Duterte and their exiled leadership when they were told that there would be no integration with the military and that all the 60 year old lifelong Maoist rebels should return to the workforce rather than gain ranks and receive a military pension. Allegedly.


good advice

Interesting, had no idea this went on. In all the videos I see of the NPA in combat they're either incredibly effective or get slaughtered.
I have been liking the increasing anti-american sentiment in the philippines, which seems to be partly down to Duterte


>I'm guessing you're pretty young or pretty immature. Pick up artist bollocks like this will have you being miserable in the long term. You should be vulnerable and open, don't play stupid mind games or worry about how you're perceived and you will eventually meet someone who you click with
This is to get a date dumbo. Often dates are made with people you barely conversed with on the street. Important things are best said in person, not through text. It's better to give people a three dimensional audio impression of yourself first than to write about yourself extensively. That's the natural way of interacting. Also where was mind games said? Why be so negative? Giving people the best impression is mind games?

So how was your experience with online dating?


Yeah you're probably thinking about the "stick up" footage (attached) and the truck bed slaughter that most have probably seen even if rebranded at some point. Most other footage is rare, a lot of what I see is them sparring with the AFP with the occasional ambush thrown in. Guys are like ghosts, and Maoists are a century long nuisance if you maintain a peasant population. Maoists are very stubborn people, and Flips are like Nepalis with their own stubbornness and fighting mentality.
They're a mixed bag tbh, but they definitely try to be nicer than the Senderos.
The Revolutionary International Movement has rarely seen success, but if they succeed like they did in Nepal then I suspect they won't cave as easily as the CPN and will be a thorn in the side of places like India. If they ever get close to winning then I could imagine the Indians flooding the place with military advisors.


>Often dates are made with people you barely conversed with on the street
This is cool if you happened to talk to someone about a mutual interest or they seemed nice etc. Otherwise it's not much better than online dating. Blind dates are a waste of time.
>also where was mind games said? Why be so negative? Giving people the best impression is mind games?
By "saying less" you mean the traditional nonsense advice that inexperienced people give - "just seem really cool and busy and above everyone by being distant". It's stupid. Stop worrying about making the best impression, stop living a lie. Unless you mean just to have meaningless hookups that add nothing to your life.
>So how was your experience with online dating?
I get a good amount of attention from women IRL but I had a shit profile in terms of what is considered a good profile there (which is to be as fake, polished and vapid as possible) but I got a decent amount of matches, had a few very short term flingd with women and one night stands and realised it was adding literally nothing to my life. IMO dating apps are some of the most mentally damaging social media enterprises of our time. They make people feel worthless by design and inspire very damaging views on social relations. When someone asks for how they should set up their profile, it's your duty as a fucking socialist to tell them they should steer clear of it.

Just increase the social aspect of your life and meet women irl for fuck's sake, it's not rocket science but it does take patience and graft and that's not what people want to hear. They want to imagine they can stay in their lane and not grow as a person and they'll meet the woman of their dreams who will fix everything about them. Or they're just pathetic twats who need constant affirmation of their ego via boring sex with strangers.


>dengoid fanfic

I suggest the anon who was asking go look for the current duterte thread. If not I’ll post after I’ve had some lunch.

Long story short his spiritual leader cultist christfag best buddy is a sex trafficker and his daughter is in bed with the son of Ferdinand Marcos.

I mean yeh, I guess that last part does sound dengist


>dengoid to neocon pipeline
A very short pipeline


Do you actually know what neoconservatism is?


Bidens cabinet is full of bush era war hawks pal


biden himself is


So the answer to your question is:

Duterte is your typical US puppet, sort of like the inverse Manuel Noriega: Strong Man put in place by the US, turns mildly on the US and gets cucked. Whereas Duterte is the other way round, strongman who talked a game against the US, then immediately turned around and cucked out. Probably his plan the entire time.

He does military drills with the US, for one thing. He is a rabid anti communist, despite having connections to the workers movement, but this is true of many rabid anti communists, like Mussolini etc. This is significant, Marcos, the junta leader who was backed the CIA was backed because he was an anti communist, Duterte, despite being supposedly part of the movement which got rid of Marcos, is firmly carrying on his traditions. More on this later

His war on drugs mimics the CIA war on drugs, where the phillipine state is actually deeply implicated in the drug trade. Something he originally called out, but now seems content to murder your average drug user while the trade carries on regardless like it does literally everywhere such policies are implemented.

Now, his "spiritual leader" who is an insane evangelical, which btw, is who most of dutertes base are, has been found out for a sex trafficker, calling seriously into question Dutertes own links to organised crime and thus, most likely, the drug trade. Although this part is conjecture but the two almost always go hand in hand.

On top of that, his daughter is now the running mate of the son of Ferdinand Marcos, so this supposedly anti establishment figure, has now turned full 180 and his own daughter will be running with the CIA candidate.

Looking very strongly like his pretense of populism and socialism was a ruse, and in fact he aims to maintain the policies of Marcos.

Now, onto why this post, is, like typical dengoid view of the world, fanfic, and ridiculous, having more to do with internet personality sectarianism than with the actual facts of the situation. Lets break it down.

>He allegedly almost cut a deal with the NPA to turn the Philippines into a Dengist state.

>allegedly almost
sounds like you are aware this is going to be challenged, and you know is complete fluff, so you pre loaded it with get out clauses. Not just allegedly, not just almost, but the double whammy allegedly almost.

>Phillipines into a dengist state

So Duterte almost soldified the rule of the Philippines under a at the very least nominally communist party generously, DOTP, and implemented a half planned half mixed market economy, did he? I guess this is why you put the "almost, allegedly" in. Because he did no such thing.

Then we get to the rule good shit, typical dengoid crying

>The NPA turned on Duterte

is literally the opposite of what happened. But I suppose it serves as a good excuse as to why "muh based duterte" didn't end up implementing that almost dengoid state eh

>and that all the 60 year old lifelong Maoist rebels should return to the workforce rather

those smelly maoists just didn't want to get a job eh, poor duterte, must have been so hard for him to create his dengist state after this. Lifes been really hard on the guy.



File: 1637517299811.png (1.09 MB, 922x2048, ClipboardImage.png)


Just to be absolutely clear you are saying England bares no responsibility in this situation?

You better not be the duterte simp anon lashing out furiously because you have no response.

I suppose the Indian people are responsible for the way they were used as a base by the british empire as well. All those africans who ended up doing mperial bidding, i suppose that was also their own fault.

What a shit meme. Be saltier english pig.


love the implicit (ethnic?) nationalism in these things. "Scotland" gets the blame because a "Scottish" king decided to merge two kingdoms. No conception of the distinction between the people of a nation and its leadership, even when it's an actual monarchy.

though of course the real slight of hand is "why would England do this?" when the real question ought to be "why would the United Kingdom do this"? The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It is not Scotland or England or Wales that is sullied by empire, but the joint enterprise. The people of Scotland resented union with their neighbours openly, but we might well regard England as equally a victim of a joint enterprise perpetuated by the leadership of all of the nations of these isles. (Albeit one that hasn't yet effectively articulated such a feeling.)




>where you getting vaccinated anon?

>oh just the dumbarton masonic lodge

KEK. Some based image board user in local government surely did this for the memes



some of the stories I've heard about the masons, jesus christ. I hope they'll get the wall in your cultural revolution, sage.




>Randomly online stalk someone I used to go to school with
>Now a trans, terminally online, Agent Kochinskiite politics/gaming streamer on twitch

Helena, if you are reading this, fair enough on the whole transitioning thing, but sort yourself out on the other shite.


1) im scottish
2) guy who made that was scottish
3) cope harder Sturgeon simp
>though of course the real slight of hand is "why would England do this?" when the real question ought to be "why would the United Kingdom do this"?
I mean considering the English is the explicit target of modern scottish nationalist weirdos nah it isnt a slight of hand.


1) you’re a cuck
2) the guy who made that is a cuck
3) if you are calling me sturgeon simp having never once in any electoral or material way supported Nicola sturgeon, purely because I believe in independence and she is the current Scottish PM, then I feel perfectly comfortable calling you a Boris simp, as you are a unionist and so is he, and he currently runs the U.K. ou you’ve never voted, campaigned, organised for Boris and you hate him? Too bad. Thems your standards.

How’s things in the YCL anyway comrade? Still harping on about trans people like the culture wars aren’t an MI5 op?


>Labor party
>Pro business
This hurts like swallowing glass


I find it amusing that you amalgamate everyone who disagrees with you here into a single identity.

The vast majority of the YCL are pro trans, it's the main party that has a large section of old cunts who refuse to go away and have such views.


>This hurts like swallowing glass
Where have you been the last 100 years?


I would say from my dealings that is largely correct. Time for a youthful and muscular cultural revolution. I think you still need to include both sides however, which would be the optimum position. Ideally you’d run a unity and concrete issue campaign around getting more woman’s shelters or something with a big push on getting both sides to actively participate. That would be fully based.

Do you like how I knew you were in the YCL tho cos only the YCL in Scotland would make such a dogshit boomer tier meme on that subject and then share it around their hugboxes having a good laugh. Perhaps another element a cultural revolution could sort.

In reference to Independence, John Maclean smiles on me comrade, can you say the same?


>Time for a youthful and muscular cultural revolution.
The YCL has begun fracturing from the main party in some key areas. For example they recently decided to support a one state solution to israel and the main party not only supports a two state solution but has many figures within it who sound a lot like Rachel Riley, lol. The issue is that the YCL is still headed by people who are aiming to get into the leadership roles of the main party, and thus they are all insufferable, arrogant, esoteric backstabbing arse lickers. Either that or they are playing the long game and waiting for the old fuckers to die so they can spring into action and turn the party into anything but a terminally ineffective waste of space


This. Both the party and the YCL are controlled by a group of sycophants who all think they're the dog's bollocks and think new members are there to be changed to fit their failing 60 year old programme, not to change the party for the better.


>some of the stories I've heard about the masons
go on


Vax passes and pods it is then.


>How’s things in the YCL anyway comrade? Still harping on about trans people like the culture wars aren’t an MI5 op?
>it's the main party that has a large section of old cunts who refuse to go away and have such views.

Pretty certain its the Rug merchants over at the CPGB-ML that are the transphobic ones lmao


Sorry to disappoint you but there are a lot of transphobes in the CPB too.


>the English is the explicit target of modern scottish nationalist weirdos
only by deft use of the linguistic ambiguity you've inserted here - either you're saying all Scottish nationalists (in the range of 50% of the population) are weirdos, or you're saying that only the small number of weirdos within that ~50% are obsessed with the English. expecting me to pick one or the other, you lay a trap, but I deftly disarm it with my autism score of 105.

in the case of the former reading it's just an outright lie ("Westminster" embodies not England but Britain, and the enemy is always deftly identified as "Westminister", "The British Government", etc.) and in the case of the latter: who cares what a small number of weirdos think. (i ask, in this thread of all places :^) )


I’m asking a question to confirm something I kind of already know, do you feel like there is a clique doing these things, helping each other into leadership positions and so on?




Get tae fuck pal, lallands genocided my clan.


the absolute state of north europe island


Obviously didn’t do a good enough job


File: 1637665154610.gif (991.95 KB, 240x135, 1635302477120.gif)

Get me OUT I want OUT of this fucking hamster cage OUT OUT OUT


>you WILL run round and round the squeaky wheel
>you WILL slurp little droppies of water from the dispenser
>you WILL eat the hay
>you WILL nest in a pile of your own shit
>you WILL die young, suddenly and inexplicably, breaking the heart of a child but also teaching them an important lesson about the circle of life


head of the CBI: the free market isn't working, please invest in the regions the economy is dying
prime minister: well the great thing about the free market is that unlike the government, it works. that's why we're going to leave everything up to the free market.
leader of the opposition: unlike the government, which thinks government works, labour knows that government doesn't work and so will leave everything up to the free market.


Well one thing is for sure, while pandemic has brutalised hospitality workers to the point nobody wants to work, employers are now desperate for staff. Its about equal numbers of jobs which are offering min wage and are offering tenner an hour. I've got three people desperate for staff in my inbox, currently telling them all exactly how I want my working week to be with shifts. One has currently immediately accepted my terms, now waiting on the other 2, I shall take my pick. Feels pretty good to be able to flex on employers for once. I also don't think its brexit, the only people still willing to work in hospitality are polish people (and me) . In terms of Scottish hospitality eastern europeans mog us utterly. They are a far superior workers its just a fact.


I think we're going to see a hell of a lot of progress in automation in the next few years. Wages are getting pushed up so porky is keen to cut people, and it's easier than ever to invest in the machinery what with cheap loans, the capital allowances superdeduction and various EU grants for automation which UK businesses can still get.

Going to be grim for 'unskilled' manufacturing.


Let me tell you a couple of three things.

There's been massive depopulation the past two years and vaccine passes are killing large chunks of the economy while Amazon, Tesco etc boom.

It proves Brexit was the right choice in depriving British capitalists of slave labour from eastern Europe.

And it's also to do with massive increases in costs of food, transport, logistics, materials etc.


>killing large chunks of the economy while Amazon, Tesco etc boom.
Based. Bye bye petitbourg boons.


It happened before in nazi Germany and did it lead to communism? no


I mean you don’t need a vaccine passport to go to a restaurant or bar in Scotland it’s only stuff with over 500 people.

Also most of the Eastern Europeans are second gen by now, they’ve lived here all or most of their lives.

Also I think brexit was the right choice, a lexit would have been the real right choice. Right now they’re just opening up the NHS and gutting it. All’s I was saying is I think the wage bump has more to do with the pandemic than brexit

I’m not sure though how you are connecting booming Tesco to no more Eastern Europeans?

This is correct the déclassé petit boug are fascist bait. It’s also been going on for a while which is why we currently have such a fascist society.



>vaccine passport to go to a restaurant or bar
Booming Tesco is due to the lockdown magically requiring "non-essential" shops be shut down while supermarkets get to stay open. Funny.


File: 1637759017395.png (18.26 KB, 525x256, ClipboardImage.png)



>When you're the culture secretary and you don't know how Channel 4 works


Don't see it doing much of anything tbh, but I'll believe it when I see it


Funny how the only time the BBC actually give a shit about something it's some shitty ultimately meaningless speech shortly before no confidence letters start coming in. Suppose credulous libs will just believe it's the power of le media holding the government to account and not an organised effort.


any of you cunts every watch scrapheap challenge? That was fucking amazing.


and robot wars. Also, fucking class


Aye, they were some good shit, shame about the Robot Wars reboot being cancelled though


Fucking incredible scenes.


Aye, fuck I should watch it again sometime


And you WILL be HAPPY.


It really hurts that in this country the opinion of most people towards refugees wouldn't be out of place on /pol/ and is outright fascist. 31 migrants drown in freezing cold water and all most people can say is "the French did it!" at best and "they deserved it" at worst.


File: 1637804361140.png (8.06 MB, 2827x4266, BeserkShiva.png)

>"Fools, You think im near death? Im simply entering a N E W - P H A S E"


I fuckin hate business owners. Especially so when they get interviewed on the news all the time as if I'm expected to respect their opinion


File: 1637848920922.png (210.78 KB, 572x400, ClipboardImage.png)

The Yanks are coming for Panto.



Oh no they aren't :^)


can someone explain?


Milkshake conniesseur Andy Ngo not knowing what Panto is lmao

(Although in a follow-up tweet he does mention about it being Panto, presumably after he got mocked about Panto being a thing over here in Bongland)


In the UK we have dumb plays which are basically big fuck arounds, they're a meme but they can be fun. It's probably one of the most benign things in the UK.


I dunno if this is a new thing or not, but during the lockdown loads of Glasgow petit boouj were using their restaurants Instagram following to promote anti lockdown shit, and all the consooomer boomers/ ageing gen x were lapping that shit right up.

I know I harp on about the superiority of the Scottish people, the cleanest race, and Alba Juche, but we do also have a severe burgerfied element. who are mostly unionists who are raging with wee nippy cos she stopped them for consuming burgers and drinking themselves into an early grave for a temporary period.


Andy NGO is behind you


>raging with wee nippy cos she stopped them for consuming burgers and drinking themselves into an early grave for a temporary period.


>mutts hate panto
Every thing I learn about burgers makes them worse and worse. Roaches are almost preferable.




Yup, it's VPN time




hasn't it mostly been boombooms and zoomzooms who have been the most okay with giving away their information? Won't this mostly affect GenX'ers and Millenials?


Facebook are the most autistic about collecting IDs of people, I doubt many others will make a serious attempt at enforcing it.


Mps literally passing a bill so they don’t get pelters online for being shit. Who actually wants this, has your mate/ parent/ colleague EVER mentioned that they think we need to get rid of online anonymity ? Also, do we reckon this will be just the big dogs or will they come for based leftybritpol?


MPs are retarded clowns so they'll probably fuck up writing the bill enough that it eventually becomes something like "Please confirm your identity when submitting your credit card details to your ISP"


>who is openly gay
lol he's such a scumbag, you know he's trying to hint at the "homos = pedos" retardation


Masterful move of them to pose for a photo with an easily photoshoppable placard


File: 1637880593498.png (577.63 KB, 1068x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

The Canary and Skwawkbox cleared from all wrongdoing by IMPRESS
(About antisemitism)



Implying Owen Jones was out there woking it up about anti semitism




File: 1637882251629.png (73.14 KB, 824x511, ClipboardImage.png)

Razor thin


not a W at all considering they're in opposition and govs getting assfucked by scandals atm


File: 1637886460634.png (66.57 KB, 1040x550, ClipboardImage.png)

Keith is such a gr8t leader


Jesus Christ. Labour losing votes to both Green and Tory??? who voted for Corbyn that is switching to Tory at this juncture? Who is the MP here?


They call me 007
>0 fucks given about MP's feelings
>0 compliance with the law
>Posting behind 7 proxies


The fact that every fucking neighbourhood in engerland now has a regionalist party is pretty lolsy


Remainiac Tory tactical votes return to Tory
Labour voters go Green, while EcoTories go to Tory
LDs break even after exchanging votes between parties over niche issues
There's all sorts of nonsense going on outside of direct transfers of voters


Local trans kids are up in arms throwing a hissy fit at Living Rent asking the union to expel members and fire staff cos the local terfboomers can’t keep their fat ugly mouths shut on the Facebook group. Lord deliver us from culture wars


File: 1637932104465.gif (3.78 MB, 480x300, now-old.gif)

I hate to side with schizo TERF boomers, but some troons just need to get a grip. They can't have people kicked out of orgs just because their feelings got hurt, it's not sustainable.


How does the trans issue come up on a fucking Living Rent page? Living Rent more like Living Rent Free.


yeah they really do need someone on the left who is willing to dope slap their dumbasses


> How does the trans issue come up on a fucking Living Rent page?
Because trans politics is one of the contemporary methods for getting leftists to infight over meaningless nonsense


Presumably because said terf boomers couldn't keep their mouths shut as sage said


That doesn't explain what prompts them to flap their gaping maws though.


I made a big long post to answer all your questions, but then found out I was banned by jannies for arguing about pet China.

So you can blame them that you don't have an answer.


File: 1637948285514.png (210.69 KB, 500x478, ClipboardImage.png)


lol was it Pask? He hates people talking shit about his favourite state.


File: 1637948433085.png (328.12 KB, 500x478, ClipboardImage.png)


I am willing to put money on it.

The reason for ban was "this post is reason enough to ban you without your other retardation"

this was the post


he's a lunatic honestly


if being "an obnoxious faggot" is against the rules

1) Pask himself should immediately go the way of the samurai
2) Every other poster on this board should. Its an anonymous board specifically so we can be obnoxious and toxic. That's sort of the point, and everybody does.


File: 1637948653578.png (11.28 KB, 1245x41, ClipboardImage.png)

Damn we're both wrong it's that faggot from chapo.chat


another lunatic then


File: 1637948947270.png (5.59 KB, 461x85, ClipboardImage.png)

>heh someone disagrees with you are you butthurt about free speech?
>reaches for the mod panel


yeh funny those two things come in around the same time.

Mods = completely insane.


I know bob sometimes referred to himself as a communist but what was his ideology exactly? Was he a wishy washy eurocommunist type or a full on tankie?


The funny thing is that the canary is the most useless histrionic liberal rag out there. Literally all it does is take after Jacobin by ceaselessly heaping praise on Corbyn and his allies with absolutely zero understanding of socialism, marxism, politics etc beyond that


why should boomers not get a grip and not post terf shit on a living rent page



>Crow identified as a "communist/socialist",[14][18] and between 1983 and 1997, was a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain and then the Communist Party of Britain.[5][12][13]

>He described his political philosophy with a quote from Argentine Marxist–Leninist revolutionary Che Guevara: "Hasta la victoria siempre!" ("Forever onwards until the victory!").[19] He kept a bust of communist leader Vladimir Lenin in his office.[18][20] He described the aims of a trade-unionist as to secure "Job security, being safe, best possible pay, best possible conditions, decent pensions, and a world that lives in peace."[18]

>In 1997 he briefly joined Arthur Scargill's Socialist Labour Party (SLP),[11] and was always a strong supporter of Scargill for his commitment to trade unionism.[1][11] Crow rejected the argument that Scargill was responsible for the defeats of the miners and the union movement more generally.[11]

>Crow was a founding member of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition for several years up until his death. Previously he gave his support to the now disbanded Socialist Alliance, and believed all socialist parties should unite.[1] In the 2005 general election, he endorsed Robert Griffiths, the Communist Party of Britain candidate in Pontypridd, calling him "a champion of workers' rights".[21] Griffiths went on to win 233 votes (0.6%), coming last out of the six candidates. In the 2010 Local Election, he publicly supported the directly elected Mayoral candidate in the London Borough of Hackney Monty Goldman and the candidate for Leabridge Ward Mick Carty.[22]"


I want to begin my opening remarks with a comment about Jason Unruhe. Alright? I'm going to begin my open my remarks with a comment about Jason. Unruhe. Oh, hang on. *Sighs* *clicks pen* "what is surplus value…" Alright. No, I'll answer it once I have finished my opening remarks and the roll. call. Don't worry folks. Hang on. I'm just going to take a sip of my unnamed water beverage *sips* sorry folks, I've been working all day, I did an interview today with a man from the new york stock exchange about the rubber chicken industry bubble collapsing. Alright! So I'm going to begin my opening remarks with a comment about Jason Unruhe. Now, what I don't understand is why he spends SO much time playing fallout 4. Now I personally found that game to be a tiresome rehash of fallout 3 that was much less fun and more dumbed down. Buuuuuut Jason seems to find it SO fun that he dedicates every stream he does to it! Now if I did a gaming stream, if I did a gaming stream… if I did a gaming stream, I'd pick something really good like Stalker or Deus ex. At least tell me why Jason doesn't choose, if he insists on playing a fallout game every stream, at least why doesn't play fallout new vegas.


is this about the rape thing?


/itg/ is this way my dude >>370215

Unique IPs: 146

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