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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Hello leftypol,
we are looking for new moderation staff who can help manage the site from around the world. We are especially interested in applicants availabile outside of standard North American and Western European time zones. Speaking a language other than English is also a bonus. If you are interested, please reply with a few posts you've made and a unique phrase or tripcode. Then send an email to [email protected] including your unique phrase or tripcode letting us know your timezone, why you wish to become a moderator and any relevant experience or skills you may have.
Use this thread for relevant questions, off-topic will be removed.

Thanks a lot, see you around.


reminder that this site is 70% anglo (US, UK, AUS, etc.) moderated


This isn't even fucking true, no matter how much you repeat it.


File: 1636911368035.jpg (26.28 KB, 460x434, wew wew!.jpg)

>an english political site hosted in america is moderated largely by english-speakers
there's a reason it's not called gauchepol, linkepol, levyypol or sayokuseiji



I don’t think some diversity would hurt on a board which is international in political nature.


>REEEE anglos on muh lefty website
<what do you expect for an anglophone website
>I'm just saying maybe add diversity
le motte and bailey has arrived



What’s the terrible position that I’m advocating here? You sound like right wingers when they ask why we should have more diversity in media, they’ll argue their country is still majority ‘white’ so minority representation isn’t needed.

Anyway it’s irrelevant and I wasn’t trying to make some big statement. Anybody can remove pol shitposters and cryptofascists.


File: 1636924170794.jpg (201.97 KB, 660x880, cats-vs-reading22.jpg)


I volunteer.




File: 1636925707281.png (113.02 KB, 275x183, ClipboardImage.png)

>I volunteer.



hide leninhat threads
ignore leninhat posts
do not reply to leninhat posters


No more idpol jack asses please


yo can i get mod


Fuck no


I want to be mod make me mod retard faggot or I'll hack your website


That's why this thread is created


>or I'll hack your website
That's my job.


smh the hacker known as leftypol only knows how to hack leftypol


Dang, I want to be a mod because I'm the only person up at three in the morning to report CP and scat, but I don't bother effortposting to justify getting a mod position.




>but I don't bother effortposting to justify getting a mod position.
Eh, try it anyway. You don't have to be an effortposter, just don't be a shit and have a decent understanding of topics.


File: 1636970287603.gif (57.98 KB, 220x386, sad gachimuchi x2.gif)

i just want to have moderation privileges so i can put funny red text on troll threads or remove them if they're not funny enough

that's it, i really don't promise to take anything serious


This wasn't funny in 2005 and it won't be funny today.


>2000s humor
>anime pfp
Yep its an antisocial shut in




this is how you can tell leninhat being a mod is a good idea


Sage at this point you have no room calling anyone a cuck.



the duality of man


give me mod privelges RIGHT. NOW. or i will leave this site. FOREVER., have a job a wife and child and die happy


File: 1637022032485.png (628.58 KB, 600x1004, ClipboardImage.png)

I don't want to mod again but good luck friendos


Thank you for your service.



Dear idpol radlib: This is not Reddit.




you're right, it somehow manages to be worse


>get voted off the mod team
>try and get rid of the rest of the mod team with the disgraced former server owner and proclaim yourself kang
>beg to be made mod again
What a pathetic loser you are.
You are the biggest cuck here you attention seeking faggot. Zul (Lenincap) made you his cheerleader for gayops site splitting with the promise of giving you pseudo janny privileges and you never even got that. The fuck are you still doing simping for him?


Do you know realise that the image you posted is ironic?


I'm thinking of volunteering, considering that my timezone is nighttime for NA and EU


Literally not one part of this post is true


Any attempt in internationalism means that language used for communication will most likely be english and with that come the anglos and liberalism. Therefore if the isn't an effort to keep the anglos away the project becomes dominated by them as the largest single block of users.


Sounds good, go ahead.


>and liberalism
post discarded tbh.


No its not

.t I made it


Don’t hire anyone who is pro-IdPol. They will fuck up everything entirely


Angloids push for the IdPol though.


Are you the antivaxxx leninhat? You should have been banned months ago.


lemme be a mod so i can talk site admins into couping the rest of you to create more site lore
trust me bros, this sites grown boring without leftychanoids making any strides anywhere because theyre fucking retards


he has been banned like 40 times
he just ban evades


I am persecuted for speaking truth to power.


>ban evades
>they hate me because I tell the truth
irrelivent. Take a hint that nobody wants to listen to your one-trick shit when people are actively trying to make you fuck off. knob end.


>speaking truth to power
<posting on an imageboard




To be fair it's such a muddled meme I laughed.


File: 1637201967165.mp4 (603.06 KB, 468x352, newcomers lurk.mp4)

Lenin-hat doesn't ban evade, only Luffy-poster and the gay-poster does that (and even then stopped).
>nobody wants to listen to your one-trick shit
<2-3 people shitting themselves every time Lenin-hat posts means everyone doesn't agree
See video


I don't always agree with you (I rarely do) but you're right about 598045


There's basically only two ban evaders left, the thing noticer (gets left up half the time anyway because people want to laugh at the patently-shit takes) and whoever filled that meta thread and spams their bans and toilet pictures on all the boards.
Fucking thingy man, how can you come almost every day for… is it two years now, or longer?


you mean retarded schizobabble right
im gonna take the tiddy growing peen shrinking vaccine today and you can tongue my fucking anus you stupid uyghur


File: 1637227334922.png (151.19 KB, 683x1168, bartnoff.png)

do mods get paid in any way?
a second tought if i got paid so my dad stops yelling at me i could probably do it


File: 1637229561985.jpg (72.1 KB, 640x614, 85781276.jpg)



Mods truly believe they are everybody


No, no compensation.
This is very incomplete. There is a couple dozen unnamed /pol/yps and what not.
But what is interesting is King Lear and anti-vax schizo here don't want to drag the site down, at least consciously and aren't active to the extent that they become much of a concern. Which means compared to some, these guys are normal. This is true horror. This is the kind of shit that has the potential to keep you up at night.


What can I say except I support communism with all my heart.


You can say "WotWU" in public. That might help.


File: 1637276320575.mp4 (9.44 MB, 1280x720, Sinclair script.mp4)

>anti-vax schizo
The DPRK refused the Vaxx and numerous times people have posted large effort posts as to the reasons these vaccinations are suspicious and unreliable if not outright dangerous. Mainstream media, that is pressured by the government and by Big Pharma, is rarely going to be honest about anything or is going to manipulate the truths it does say. The Sinclair Script is a good example of the sheer control these corporations have. Hell even going by CDC and FDA statistics you can see the bullshit fearmongering surrounding the shots and the virus itself.
As you pointed out yourself NONE of the anti-vaxx posters are overbearing enough to be a problem, but if you are "scared" because they're "normal" then you really have your priorities off.
>inb4 arguments about vax
This isn't the COVID thread so I am not going to reply to any arguments about it, I only gave an overview of the point being made.


Yeah take all this derail to the general, or to a /meta/ thread if it's about moderation policy.


Wouldn't it be funny if an antivaxxer schizoid got in?


>"scared" because they're "normal"
Not at all. I wrote
>compared to some
I am very peculiar with my words.


It would be better than the distinctly strange mixture of incels and radlibs which currently run things


>It would be better than the distinctly strange mixture of incels and radlibs which currently run things
Sadly only a certain type of person will ever do the job. It is why internet communities always end in drama, public shitfits and unadulterated cringe.


thats why I think you may as well have a diverse range of nutjobs rather than a concentrated form of one or other type of nutjob.

Its fine that the lunatics run the asylum, but not if its entirely Anti Social Personality Disorder and Narcisstic Personality Disorder.

We need much more chaotic skiztoid type personality disorders to balance out the control freaks

This is an entirely scientific analysis of the internet community formula.

inb4 NPD and ASPD come in here screaming about how they are not control freaks but must remain in total control and self select another one of themselves


I call my theory the type A type B dialectic


obvious false flag post is obvious


did i ever get a reply back?


You should. I'll remind them.


File: 1637671184975.jpg (91.53 KB, 768x1024, 1632247132625m.jpg)

>Our kangaroo court voted you out

You people are truly the scum of the left and I hope you all die a painful and miserable death and rot in the deepest pits of hell for what you've done to this site.

The current administration should tried in a legal setting and sentenced to death for their crimes.


I volunteer 🙋‍♀️



>inb4 NPD and ASPD come in here screaming about how they are not control freaks but must remain in total control and self select another one of themselves
top kek


Gotta post over tor cause the pussy liberals who run this website can't handle the fucking facts of the situation;

You, honestly, fuck you. Not only are you a spineless coward but an opportunistic faggot as well. You're worse than the jannies who run this place. At least they have SOME kind of values. You, you just are looking for an easy way to get you egomaniacal ass injected into the conversation. So yeah, especially you, fuck you, sage.

You all reap the seeds of what you sew.


>You all reap the seeds of what you sew.
>mfw im a carnypilled 25 year old sooer
>wanted by ukrainian authorities for sooing all their seeds
>sometimes reaping, always sooing


That’s a good nice bunch of words prick.

In fact I have shown the most spine in standing up to the retard jannies, and for the longest. In fact i am not an opportunist, I have had a consistent position on what should happen to the board, again, for a long time.

And no, kek, the jannies have literally no values at all but a bunch of whims. Insane ones at that. I on the other hand am a principled communist who actually does the irl work and the homework.

I have had a very consistent position on what I would like to see from the board, which is also borne out in the facts.

I am infinitely more principled than the entire janny team combined.

I have never banned somebody because I didn’t like their opinion, I have never purged a thread because it triggered me, all I have done is advocate for posters to have a place where they can discuss how they want the board to be, which they themselves are in control of.



pathetic unpaid cheerleader simping for any jannies that give him a gold star and tell him he's special


shut up janny


bring me hot pockets or I will sell your metadata to facebook


You are persecuted for being a retarded Leninhat.




Hey, this is antious.
I'll be back soonish, in like a month or two.


But who will janny the jannies


posters union


Kill yourself


commit sodoku

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