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File: 1637672063859.png (269.65 KB, 1024x582, ClipboardImage.png)


Since the capitalist world we live in is trying to work with businesses to reduce their carbon foot print, and is failing miserably, how would a communist world tackle climate change?
If the cold war ended with the USSR winning, and almost all countries ending up with communist parties taking over, how would they deal with climate change?


File: 1637673315743.png (182.66 KB, 1024x549, ROP.png)

I want a combined climate change and declining ROP graph to really hammer home the spiciness of the next 30-40 years



File: 1637673835461.jpg (105.04 KB, 1200x800, tackling climate change.jpg)

We would just do what scientists say:
Build nuclear power plants (fission and fusion) as well as renewable energy power plants.
Optimize the system, like installing more mas-transit systems like trains and buses, rebuild a lot of industry to replace old techniques with newer ones that have less destructive side effects.
Make consumer products last longer, make them easier to repair, and more modular and up-gradable, so that we get less waste to begin with, and then make recycling more technologically advanced.
Start a large scale project to reduce desertification.

Try to overbuild the energy sector so that by the latter half of the 21th century there is a really big energy surplus to power geo-engineering.


Is this a joke like chernobil?


you mean the picture ? that's just imagery of what went through my head when i read "how would a communist world tackle climate change"


How CCCP do with ecological disasters?


it's 2021 grandpa


File: 1637685539905.png (1.49 MB, 1018x1458, ClipboardImage.png)

Yeah, just look at Gorbachev.
He's one of the most outspoken people for the environment. Times even called him one of the
>Heroes of the Environment




Oh God not this irrelevant retard again 🤦🏾‍♂️
I swear he only has fans here because this board is full of social outcast losers and nerds


File: 1637687029289.jpg (68.57 KB, 300x300, 13264342.jpg)

Do you know that Gorbachev supported private businesses to continue polluting the environment.

And instead he only took down public Industries and state Industries.

Such an environmental Hero
he allowed private Industries to continue polluting the environment.

Also I hate Gorbachev


What if I told your Gorby is still alive and well how much seething would you do to know that the man who helped destroy the Soviet Union is 90 years old.


Nice maybe this will refill aral sea.
Ok, how many ecological disasters did CCCP create?


Looks like I have to kill someone
and yes I already knew that


Would you like to go hunting and kill Gorbachev


Neither is covid, right lenin hat?


Covid is real, but the response from politicians is to take your liberties away, and covid is only pretext


Why are capitalist shilling this global warming so much at davos, and cop meeting? What is their agenda?


just more state of exception which was already happening


Even Niall Ferguson who wrote a book about kissinger, and rotschilds said that west copied china and was surprised at how authoritarian they could become


Crisis becoming to big for them to ignore so they try to find ways to make money with its management, nothing really complicated here.


What crisis? Are you talking about downfall of west and elites becoming totalitarian to save their rule?


of course he did, he is a grifter. China has harsher lockdown policies that still remain in place


No just about the millions of people loosing their homes every year and/or suffering from hunger.


Climate change isn't a working class issue, it affects everyone, bourgeoisie included.
It becomes a working class issue in how the bourgeoisie uses it as an ideological stick to justify increased exploitation of the working class, the allusions to 'war time economy' make this very clear
There isn't much reason to believe that capitalism can't handle climate change either, indeed in many ways it seems like a gift come true for capital, enabling the reconstruction of increasingly unprofitable industry in virginal 'green' form, indeed in much the way that the giant wars of the 20th century resolved capital crisis, this 'war against nature' (or so we are told) will also explain away the unnecessary death and destruction for the same of continued capital accumulation.


The people who lose their homes, who are forced into poverty migrating away from famine and wars.
It will all have been unnecessary, just as climate change is preventable we can also mitigate against it.
It doesn't happen, because for capital, it's preferable this way, not because of some physical impossibility.


> Why are capitalist shilling this global warming so much at davos
Because they literally can’t ignore it at this point?


But we all know they'll use it to give corporations more control over government. They'd get the government to pay them to turn green.


I mean yea, but that’s sort of like pointing out porky will use climate change to put automatic machine turrets at the border, wage war, and commit genocide
The problem isn’t that the very real and very extreme threat of climate change is being discussed, what you’re seeing is how truly depraved capitalism becomes in the face of genuine crisis produced by the internal inertia of the system


They won't be turning green. Governments give to oil and coal corporations the profits those corporations have lost due to meagre increases in green economy.


I hate the fact how vast majority of people realize that capitalism is inherently unsustainable and causing the climate change but still won't consider the socialism.


They already get subsidies to artificially keep fuel, and thus transport costs and consumer products, cheap.


No one knows what a communist society would even look like. If you mean socialist projects of 20th century they were just crypto capitalist shitholes.
Communism is not an option. Look into possible alternatives like degrowth.


So what is your socialist china doing to combat climate change? Absolutely nothing.
Degrowth is the only alternative we have.


>it affects everyone, bourgeoisie included.
It doesn't affect everyone equally. It doesn't spell the end of the world.


Let's be honest. You people only care about muh climate change as a way to promote socialism.


Not only are we interested in promoting socialism, we also are interested in destroying capitalism and individual capitalists.


Hypothetically if we stopped all carbon emissions right now would it even make a difference? We've already added so much Co2 to the atmosphere that it's causing the arctic to melt which is releasing methane which is causing more global warming which is causing more arctic to melt.


we might have to some light geo engineering such as spraying aerosols to attenuate the sun


Isn’t China building nuclear fission and fusion plants.


For me it is the exact inverse. I care about socialism precisely because capitalism cannot fix climate change.


More than you, amerifat.

Now go eat mcdonalds and watch fart porn


Ultras get the wall, too.


And world leader in solar power now.



Affording air conditioning and desalination.

Degrowth will be a death sentence for hundreds of millions of people. Get fucked ultra.



>Isn’t China building nuclear fission
They are going for liquid salt thorium reactors.


Air conditioning is actually a very bad thing in most cases, consumes enormous amounts of energy only for a little bit of convenience
He's right in mentioning degrowth but wrong in saying it's an "alternative", capitalism depends on perpetual growth. Degrowth will simply occur naturally after capitalism for the economy as a whole as we stop producing stupid shit and commodifying everything.


meme technology


The irony is that we had more than enough freshwater for every human on earth without trying to drink seawater before porkies with your exact same warped mindset poisoned and wasted our supply


They have a running prototype that has completed it's 10 year testing phase and they are going to put a commercial reactor based on this on the grid soon.


They've been saying that for the last 5 years


probably wouldn't be too much of a problem.

Climate hysteria is a result of porky trying to sell you shitty ECO products.


I get free electricity and blast the AC constantly


I hate to point this out but shit like building a new nuclear reactor based on experimental technology is going to have delays that each can cost months. "Debugging" designs can often take longer than setting up the initial design in the first place.


what I'm talking about was announced in july 2021, so 4 months ago.


Those grand heroes
Fossil fuel porkies


I sure hope you're not a westerner or even better, an anglo, complaining about having to take care of an earth that was ravaged for over a century for cheap commodities


Yes it was also announced in July 2020, July 2019, July 2018 etc


>simping for green energy ceo's


stop shilling your electric car elon


That's a funny way to not deny being a global leech screaming about being pulled from your victim


>Simping for oil porky


>I hate to point this out but shit like building a new nuclear reactor based on experimental technology is going to have delays
It's high tech and therefore it's difficult, but why would that matter, that hasn't stopped people from building things like this.
No the plans to deploy it for grid power are from this year, the previous announcements only talked about the test results of the prototype.


The plan was to have something that generated a small amount of power this year. Not sure if that has even happened or if it's just been "imminent" for however long. The commercial unit was scheduled for the 2030s. Again, not sure if that is possible either.


I meant to reply to this >>616813
Five years of delay on a nuclear reactor that works is going to be worth it compared to a nuclear reactor that is delivered on time that suffers critical existence failure six years in

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