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I'm an ethnic city slicker who doesn't know how to change a tire, would rather go on a boozy guided tour of an art museum than a football game. However my only job offer may in rural south dakota. Do i have to worry about racism and ultracold winters? Savage country people?

What's everyone's take on this?


>Savage country people?
Wtf does this even mean lmao. You realize that rural areas are objectively safer than urban ones right?


ask the burger general


>>616572 theyre asleep


Nothing’s gonna happen to you, you spaz. Just keep your wits about you, lock your doors at night and don’t go out after dark if you’re really this much of a fucking pussy.

t. Grew up brown and rural


Time to go down to the countryside anon


Die then bitch. I would rather have a job then be bitch about it


File: 1637842229797.png (297.05 KB, 576x566, blur.png)

>get a job, prole!


>Telling people to work with the hand they were dealt is being a porky
Get bent


>stop complaining about capitalism


>When no one actually said that
Did you take your meds today, anon?


File: 1637852218743.jpeg (62.09 KB, 550x557, images (6).jpeg)


If you're a wagecuck that's your own fault, not "the system".


File: 1637856109445.png (151.47 KB, 513x336, 1636607268889.png)


eh, you'll get used to it, ask amerimutts about it.



You'll be alright but if you aren't going to be in Sioux Falls or some other metro? Make sure you know who has your back when like your car breaks down and other shit. Don't piss off the cops. You'll be alright. Drinking is a big culture in this part of the country but if you are going to be sober. Make sure you pick up something else to do within your community. Rural America is pretty chill.


It ain't so bad down here OP, you could be stuck in Dixieland like me and Shay, so count yourself lucky.


Most racism can probably be ignored, I don't think Dakota even has many minorities for whites to fuck with, so I think you're good.

>ultracold winters

Get a coat and accept that you'll have to shovel your driveway a couple months out of the year

>Savage country people

I'm a southerner, so I don't really know what folk in Dakota are like, but I guarantee you they cannot be worse than the average Texan, who must constantly maintain absurd matrix-like courtesies until you break some kind of social taboo in which case they will try to intimidate you (especially if they're fat) into accepting their weird beliefs. Just don't go around singing the Red Flag and the Internationale and praising the October Revolution and try to be normal, you'll be fine m'boy.


Yes, fuck off we're full


Kill yourself.


I'll drink to that, m8


thank you sonic


I was with you until Dakota.
That name make same think of Coraline.

>Do i have to worry about racism

Are you white?

>ultracold winters?

comfy tbh





What's reddit like these days m'boy?


>racist redneck bitches are good actually


OP is white as fuck and it makes him mad every single day


t. coping white


>ultracold winters
just make sure you have a decent winter jacket and some longjohns. you'll be fine
t. someone who lives 63°N

based comrade mises


except the dakotas are inland not next to an ocean so the average lows in jan/dec are like -15 to -20 degrees


Achkshually redneck bitches are the first ones to sleep with a black or brown dude vs some metropolitan self important bitch. Redneck and small town chicks are more "homey" than city chicks.



You will not make friends and be regarded as weird or unusual because you are a ethnic city slicker. You will get polite small talk as your maximum socialization and you will be tolerated by everyone but nothing more. You will get 0 respect from your boss and be passed up for promotions unless he/she is a ethnic or from a urban city. Your coworkers will hang out together at the bar but conveniently forget about you. You will get occassional backwards comments thrown at you like people calling you a "chinaman" or blackie depending on how dark you are. They are all genuine in their comments and don't realize how backwards it is to say those things. Be polite and don't go outside after like 10 or 11pm. The cops will pull you over and try to give you a ticket.


1) Yes, but still more common in the south than in any other “redneck” part of the country
2) This doesn’t stop them from having their prejudices, they’ll just mentally make an exception for you.

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