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Where I live I just work crappy minimum wage jobs and have no real connections to anyone that loves me.

I was wondering if you can leave DPRK after immigrating there as I may try to immigrate to DPRK but I would like to be able to leave every couple of years to see what's happening in the world and decide if I want to stay in DPRK.


Not an option
They're not letting anybody in because of covid.
Might be years before this changes.


I can wait years


Can you speak Korean?


You're not even allowed to immigrate there


Marry a dissident or something. Good luck finding one


find a way to join your country's diplomatic corps, or join a communist party that has links to the DPRK. I remember someone on here said they were part of a German communist party that visited the DPRK, and they had more freedom than tourists.


yes it can be done. As another anon said your best way to begin the process would be through a party that is friendly with the dprk


this nibba rly tryna go into the DPRK, might as well go to china and be a "white monkey" influencer



Moot question. They’re not letting in anybody period. DPRK does not allow immigration to their country, and refugees (with exception to s koreans) are only allowed if they actually prominent people like high tier political refugees, scientists etc. During the Cold War some low ranking American soldiers defected, although they’d be more likely to throw you in a labour camp and use you as a bargaining chip now unless you either have something serious to offer then or are a high ranking officer/official.

Support for mass immigration, open borders and free movement of labour is a strange anomaly of the western left. Cross the border in the DPRK practically any “AES” (whatever your view in them) or historical socialist state as some nobody foreigner and you’re either going to get shot down or thrown into a camp (and usually later exchanged for some kind of concession).


If you’re not an ethnic Korean (as in full Korean, as they don’t take kindly to halfs, also likely to be rejected if you’re from a western country other than Japan/S Korea) or a prominent defector (Actually prominent not just some random communist but a high profile political refugee or senior officer level military defector) then it isn’t happening. OP is either getting turned away at gun point or breaking rocks until he can be exchanged for some kind of foreign aid concession or similar.


you sound like you have a cucked crabs in a bucket mentality. You offer no proof of your claim whereas the letter of the law I have cited supports my conclusion; the conclusion is that non-koreans may become citizens of the dprk.


Back in the day, some URA kids did commandeer a plane, which enabled them to get to the DPRK from Japan, but that is probably out of the question here, obviously.


File: 1637864975596.gif (2.63 MB, 640x640, kekbomb.gif)

>Where I live I just work crappy minimum wage jobs and have no real connections to anyone that loves me.
>moves to north korea
>still works crappy minimum wage jobs and have no real connections to anyone that loves you


oops forgot to take off false name


Are you incapable of secondary school level reading comprehension? I never claimed that a non citizen cannot become a citizen. Nothing I said was in contradiction with your source, In fact my posts should make clear that this certainly is possible - however, only in exceptional circumstances, and usually only when the immigrant is a full ethnic Korean, a prominent political/military refugee or if you something serious to offer them (ie some kind of skill set that they don’t possess)


so what you are saying is that the dprk is an ethnostate?


File: 1637865869604.png (901.31 KB, 1214x1109, Maximum_Smugness.png)

>gentleman from east turkestan wants to insult the reading comprehension of others
watch yourself boy. You go ahead and read what I said again. I said that you said non-koreans may not becomes citizens of the dprk and you've done and said it again. I maintain the opposite. You've said non-koreans may only become citizens in "exceptional" situations, yet you don't give any explanation for what those situations might be. Most countries limit immigration to highly skilled migrants, the fact that the dprk does this as well is not unusual. That being said, if OP has skills, yes he can immigrate to the dprk without being korean.


If a person attends university there, then that person could go and then return.


they would do that in DPRK maybe, but in China or Vietnam, first they'll try to sell you a bunch of shit

And Cuba is usually accepting of American political refugees, like Assata Shakur.

True socialists abhor nationstates and the fictive boundaries between them.


try cuba it seems a little friendlier


DPRK will welcome people with useful technical skills. They won't accept unskilled people.


can you teach English over there?


That probably depends on how many English teachers they already have and if they need more.


There's other topics they import professionals for like computer science.


cringe cuck


If you want to emigrate go to China, and learn the language, it's almost guaranteed to be better than the US anyway.



>don't show your emotions
I never been told this in my life, only have endlessly heard that "toxic masculinity makes men not show their emotions"


lmao pls do this and keep us posted as well as you can


I found a video of OP

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