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This is something ive been thinking about for a while.
Could "statist" communists create a constitution and state that would appease anarchists ? State sanctioned anarchy? If you had to draft up such a constitution, what would it look like?
Just for fun.

please no sectarian shitflinging like muh sewage and muh fascism


We could allow for special autonomous areas without sewage systems for the anarchists to explore their ideas in.


This idea came from me being an average ml but I still see anarchists as extremely brave people whose radicalism I apprrciate and admire and some of my best comrades are anarchists including my girlfriend so I started exploring the idea of a mlm state coexisting with anarchists and giving them huge concessions since after all they mostly dont clash with core Marxist principles. Idk I just wqnt some imput from others and to see if anyone has thought of this before


Well, all previous revolutions that survived the harsh initial stages had to form a strong state apparatus to protect and continue the revolution, with varying levels of success. Anarchists are firmly against strong states, regardless if they are made to protect the workers, so I don't think any middle ground can be found to appease their demands within an ML state. Worth to mention is also the fact that if autonomous zones were created (similar to autonomous SSRs) for the anarchists to practice their experiment, depending on the size and number of these autonomous zones, serious bureaucratic problems could be created making the entire state structure a confusing mess. Not to say that both groups couldn't co exist in a worker's state (or to claim that I'm an expert on anarchism) but those are my two cents on the issue OP posed.


if I recall , Lenin and Trotsky wanted to do that




-all officials immediately recallable
-broad bill of rights
-strictly enumerated state powers


Directly democratic legislature


Libertarian vs Authoritarian or Statist vs Autonomist debate is a dead end waste of time created mostly by brainless hyperonline ideologists who adopt a wacky anachronistic ideology and larp out its rivalries.

At the end of the fucking day the only thing that matters if you are for positive or negative liberty - do you want to take humanity and radically alter and transform it from its current nature to a new paradigm where it can find a new sense of freedom, or do you just want to coddle the personal freedoms of the individuals that exist now and deffend them from any sort of ideological opression that would violate their current ethos. This is why at the end of the day Orthodox Marxists and Left-Wing Anarchists are brothers, opposed to the abominations that are Egoist Anarchists and Market "Socialists", be they of the COOP or Dengist variety.


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I'll drink to that mate


>> 616754

I don’t know if it would actually be tolerated in a real-world situation. If it worked alright, the people still subject to the state could “get ideas.” The legitimacy or need for the Party, or apparatchiks, or whatever would be called into question, and people in power often want to stay in power.


File: 1637883434494.gif (1.26 MB, 320x240, 1618198234574.gif)

>Communes planned within the 5 year plan


OP's question depends entirely on what kind of anarchists we're talking about. syndicalists might be on board with something like >>617027
insurrectional anarchists not so much

>5 year plans
>not continuous planning
take the cock shott anon

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