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File: 1637869803348.png (1.44 MB, 3597x2581, 12482.png)


>BIPOC Empire that kept Euroaches at bay in a time they were the most unchallenged

Why should I dislike them again?



Hey, you never responded to my reply on your /siberia/ thread on this same topic, I'll ask again to see what you think:

Are you Palestinian, or if not any type of Arab? I'm assuming if you're, with a post like this, that you heavily dissaprove of the Arab collaboration with the British Empire in their revolt against the Ottomans. Do you think these revolutionaries genuinely believed the Brits would allow them independence? Or they knew they were bound to betray them eventually, as they did once the Ottomans were gone?

In a way, while it is very clear that by this point in history the Brits were undoubtedly an imperialist power, I can sort of understand why Arabs collaborated with them. It's comparble (though with one huge difference) to what the Kurds did with the Americans, the difference being ofc that these Kurds not only knew the history of American imperialism, aggression, and treachery, but they were inspired by a man who studied Marxism and imperialism, and knew for a fact that Americans were not to be trusted. If the people in Rojava knew this I have no clue, or maybe they deluded themselves into thinking the Americans wouldn't just treat them like geopolitical pawns and throw them away once they were no longer useful, but alas they still collaborated with them and now they have once again been used and dumped. "Our only friends are the mountains" and yet they still side with imperialism. Kurds should know by now, just like Arabs, they'll always be alone, no major world power is genuinely interested in their self-determination, these people need to understand once and for all that imperialism can never be trusted


I'm Spanish actually, just very sympathetic to Arab struggle


imagine idolizing a slave state


Brown skin chauvinism is just as bad as white.


Because they were a genocidal empire, who killed and pillaged non-Turks.


Don’t fight a fight that isn’t yours to fight. Don’t be a larper.


What would Ottoman relationship with USSR be like if they didn't breakup after WWI?

>The Great Game began on 12 January 1830, when Lord Ellenborough, the president of the Board of Control for India, tasked Lord William Bentinck, the governor-general, with establishing a new trade route to the Emirate of Bukhara.[2][3][7]

<Britain intended to gain control over the Emirate of Afghanistan and make it a protectorate, and to use the Ottoman Empire, the Persian Empire, the Khanate of Khiva, and the Emirate of Bukhara as buffer states blocking Russian expansion.

>This would protect India and also key British sea trade routes by stopping Russia from gaining a port on the Persian Gulf or the Indian Ocean.[2][3] Russia proposed Afghanistan as the neutral zone.[8] The results included the failed First Anglo-Afghan War of 1838, the First Anglo-Sikh War of 1845, the Second Anglo-Sikh War of 1848, the Second Anglo-Afghan War of 1878, and the annexation of Kokand by Russia.

>On 22 December 1917, the first meeting between Ottomans and the Bolsheviks, the temporary head Zeki Pasha, until Talat Pasha's arrival, requested of Lev Kamenev to put an end to atrocities being committed on Russian-occupied territory by Armenian partisans. Kamenev agreed and added "an international commission should be established to oversee the return of refugees (by own consent) and deportees (by forced relocation) to Eastern Anatolia. The battle of ideals, rhetoric, and material for the fate of Eastern Anatolia opened with this dialog .[25]

>The Armistice of Mudros of 30 October 1918, which ended Ottoman involvement in World War I, mentions the occupation of Bosphorous fort and Dardanelles fort.

makes me think of Dune


Because they were imperialists. Are you stupid?


File: 1637888041524.png (479.33 KB, 1206x1390, ClipboardImage.png)

For fuck's sake, not this again.


>imperialism is ok if they are BIPOC
Radlib brainlet


All my Arab bros say fuck the Turks


not arab but fuck the turks


Just because they were alright to some other cultures and they were not 'white' doesn't stop them from being a colonial slave empire just like any other European empire. It colonized places. Look at your map. Why did it own ports and cities in Ethipia? Isn't that a bit like what the English were doing in India? It used slavery to bolster its economy (similar to most European countries at the time). They were capitalist, and trade was one of the most important things to the Ottoman government. On top of this the capital of the country was in Europe, so I have idea why you think it wasn't a Euroach.


>Genocide Armenians, Assyrians and Kurds
>conducts imperialism and massive expansion into Africa, the Balkans and the middle east
>treat religious groups as second class citizens from Jews, Christians and Shiites
>Is an empire.
<why should I dislike them.

Inb4 "ur being a moralist"


>Islam prohibits dividing people according to race
Lol, fuck no. The Ottomans used troops to break up white man/brown woman marriages.




The roman empire was better. The ottomans never killed as much germans and anglos as the romans did.


Ottomans might not have been a nice guy at times but they were a necessary force to keep Europeans at bay


I'm Andalusian, not White


Ottomans didn't genocide anyone, Armenian genocide was made by republican forces


>supporting a slave empire


Next you'll tell me we need to decolonize Al-Andalusiya


File: 1637927050600.jpg (17 KB, 360x360, greekpepe.jpg)

>Ottomans might not have been a nice guy at times but they were a necessary force to keep Europeans at bay
Yeah and how did that go for them?


>Ottomans didn't genocide anyone

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