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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1642154433830.jpg (112.66 KB, 960x624, eureka-red.jpg)

Eureka flag in red because it's simple. Also it's not introducing foreign symbolism, everyone understands this is a radical left Australian party. Because it's a symbol people are familiar with, more people will get behind it.


A hammer and pickaxe could be good, it's manufacturing and mining.

Pickaxe and boomerang though, hmmm


So, when we doing it lads?
I've got a swag and a six pack.


This little white bits behind the stars always shit me off idk why


File: 1642183689231.jpg (44.84 KB, 389x504, 1425098196118.jpg)

My sister is moving to australia to do a phd and probably stay there.
I just hope she doesn't become a rightoid


depends on where she's going and what she's studying


architecture, in melbourne I think.
Honestly that's beside the point, one's sister moving away is one of those things one has to talk out.


She's more likely to become a liberal than anything. There's a strong, by Australian standards, socialist movement in Melbourne though.


Xir will become a liberal vegan and discover they are actually a transmale. They will be cheap labor in some hipster restaurant and then die of covid.


Australian architecture - a fine example is the Opal Tower in Sydney.


If she's going to melbs then maybe she could help out at the soup kitchen with the ACP kiddies if she's so inclined


My sister is a bitch, she'll totally fit with you all.


Does xir know that Australias foreign student industry functions as an indentured labour scheme?

Maybe after a few years of indentured servitude, xir will be less of a bitch.



If you're a yank then fuck you and I hope your entire family get gangraped and beaten to death and your sister's plane crashes. If you're from the global south or eastern europe or whatever then fair enough, I'll cop it.

If you're able to probably best to advise your sister goes elsewhere. Australia came out of the 2000's great recession okay and up until this point in the pandemic was hanging in there compared to the US/UK, but strong chance things are about to get seriously rough here. Economy is in freefall, healthcare system is collapsing & politically/socially things are possibly about to enter a period of hyper degeneration similar to 2016-2020 US. She's not going to be able to enjoy the cool consumer hip pety-bourg party life her uni sold her & is probably going to struggle to find the work she'll need to support herself here.

>I just hope she doesn't become a rightoid

If by rightoid you mean hyper-woke neon hair deranged libfem whore with a femininized low t white boyfriend who spends all her time ranting about white males, "white supremacy" and how totally problematic working-class people are + hyper obsessed with marvel capeshit and parroting whatever US state dept lines on whoever the current "literally hitler" mild national development/anti-imperialist leader in the global south is then yes, probably, but that's true of most western unis.

Answer to anybody in the global south asking if they should go to x western country to study is to go to China instead if they're able.

also what >>691951 said unless your family are super-wealthy. Prior to the current mess a lot of foreign students would end up doing shitty under the counter work at 7/11's or fast food places for half minimum or in prostitution. God knows where those people will end up if things really go south though.


Supermarket shortages: real or fake and gay?


Real, you should buy as much as possible or you will starve.


She probably knows and it's just too full of herself to know any better.
I bet if things are like that she won't stay once she's done.



Even if not real in your local yet, the fear of them makes them real. Beautiful, innit?


Its a crying shame to be honest. Prior to the pandemic every foreign student I met loved being here and wanted to stay. I don't blame anyone for wanting to be closer to family during this nightmare we're all living through.


Since I always agree with your posts and outlook on things, and you're australian, I want your opinion on A. D*gin if you have one. I have 0 working knowledge of him and his beliefs, just that he's anti n*to and all that which will obviously mean there is going to be a lot of misinformation around him.


>she won't stay once she's done
the first few years of the international student thing will be a huge financial loss. she will probably suffer huge losses if she does not finish everything up to the point of gaining residency.

if she somehow managed to pay for the fees out of her own money, then she can leave and only suffer sadness of wasting money. if she borrowed the money from someone else she would not be free to quit whenever she liked.


Get a white boyfriend with a degree, get married, get citizenship.
Avoid uneducated men, very high rate of domestic violence.


But most women are desiring a man with a degree, and complaining of a man shortage. She would have better chance of success if she married an ugly incel.


File: 1642412517949.png (76.8 KB, 1151x604, Captur.PNG)


In case anyone forgets where the ALP stands on things. Maybe there's an opportunity here to pry people away from parliamentary politics and voting, turning them to more direct forms of politics. Maybe.


Sleepy Anthony is a low energy neoliberal. Nothing will fundamentally change.


pls resp0nd >>694668 I'm interested in your opinion


Nice try Bruce


I've never noticed Labor waging class war.


Biiiiiiiil Shoooooorten



File: 1642844290801.png (17.3 KB, 640x140, timebanking-logo.png)

What do you think of the NSW government's plan to replace money with labour vouchers? They've kicked in $2 million to get this going.


How do I pay rent with it?


how do I receive rent with it?


File: 1642865674658.jpg (75.78 KB, 474x656, KitaIkki.jpg)


I haven't been on leftypol as much recently because busy (when I do have free time it's usually at some ungodly hour) /I don't have reliable access to internet, so you'll have to excuse me for taking so long to get back to you.

In terms of his actual writings/theory I'm unfamiliar outside of soundbites & recordings of public talks/interviews, low-level articles etc. Recently bought a couple of his books (Last war of the world island + 4th political theory) so depending on when they arrive I'll be able to get an actual informed opinion at some point soon.

My less than properly informed, take it with a grain of salt opinion is that politically he just seems like a well developed/non-vulgar left third positionist concerned with a particular political geopolitical/political project. Outside of Eastern Europe & the west, in Asia as a whole, he'd probably be lumped in as a communist with fairly stock-standard social-nationalist views. His rooting in Idealism & rejection of materialism also puts him closer to the DPRK, CPC/China (esp Maoist era), Asian communists broadly than the old school Russian or Orthodox Marxists.

Pic semi-related, based comrade Kita Ikki aka Dugin b4 Dugin. Normally despise people who are obsessed with japshit & I try to avoid talking about anything remotely involving Japan if possible and to the point of feigning ignorance publicly about anything related to Japan but Kita Ikki is the one exception, will eternally shill for him & remind people that he did nothing wrong.


Semi-related note, gonna bet now that LNP realizes they're almost certainly going to lose the next election that they're going to hand Labor a poison chalice victory. IE deliberate mismanagement of the pandemic, medium-term economic sabotage etc which is going to create a time bomb designed to ensure a 1 term labor government. Media will start off with an intial honeymoon period & later push a line that both labor and coalition failed, both as bad as each other, before shifting to a pro LNP position in a couple years as "silent Australians" and grillpilled normies forget all about the last few years, transition to eternal neoliberal comprador hell regime with yass queen and strong woman characteristics as the far more ethnically diverse & internet-savvy Millenials & zoomer woke-torys gradually replace the current crop of boomer/gen-x leaders.


Thanks Jaq, love your work.


File: 1642895582428.jpg (22.9 KB, 526x358, 1626557715114.jpg)

>Try to listen to music on YouTube
>United Australia Party ads begin to bitch about muh freedumb.
I fucking hate this clown earth, lads.


What If the LNP squeak through, will we be in hell world?


>>Try to listen to music on YouTube


What're your opinions on the UAP?


'Political' Peng messages banned at Australian Open
>Australian Open organisers said the safety of Peng Shuai remains their "primary concern" even as security officials at the Grand Slam forced fans to remove shirts referring to the Chinese former doubles number one.


Reminds me of last year's final when some fool tried to start a chant about freeing the refugees but was escorted out before he was even audible.


nice try FBI


File: 1642957937038.png (20.77 KB, 388x294, ClipboardImage.png)


Watch as UAP dipshits filter votes to the coalition
>24 + 5 + 18 = 47
Whoda thunk it


PM's WeChat account morphed into pro-China propaganda page
>His 76,000 followers on the hugely popular platform were notified earlier this month that his page had been renamed “Australian Chinese new life”, with his profile picture changed and the account description now reading, “(to) provide life information for overseas Chinese in Australia”.


>Joint Parliamentary Committee on Intelligence and Security chair Senator James "Hitler Youth" Paterson told the paper Beijing was seeking to “enforce censorship well beyond its borders and interfere in our democracy”.

>“(The CCP are) targeting our Prime Minister by seeking to shut down his ability to communicate with the Chinese Australians by banning him from the most widely used channel of communication in that community,” he said.

>“I am calling on all Australian politicians to voluntarily boycott WeChat. We cannot allow a foreign authoritarian government to interfere in our democracy and set the terms of public debate in Australia.”

Imagine being so high on copium that you think this has anything to do with Beijing and not just Morrison being a fucking moron and having a password like "jenny".


Silence, Skaven.


These polls always underestimate the LNP vote. Or the LNP rigs the elections.


Thanks for the reply brother. I also bought 4th political theory recently but I've got a few other things I have to read before it. Keen to hear what you think when you're done.


So now Morrison is making Liberal PMs boycott Wechat because of foreign interference.

Calling it now - the agency in China they used to verify the account screwed them and sold the account - no interference.

The goverment is now lying about interference to drum up anti-China sentiment because "being tough on China" is a winner in the polls.

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