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Repost of more of the aus com content from last thread:

"New Britannia" in full: https://www.surplusvalue.org.au/McQueen/sborder/australian_history.htm#ANB


This channel has some good videos like this
This is a pretty decent podcast too.


File: 1638513765370-1.jpg (60.41 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: 1638513765370-2.jpg (120.7 KB, 940x627, 211234-3x2-940x627.jpg)

And rest in peace to this legend



>Veteran federal agen- I mean anarchist, Joseph Toscano … does not condone the effigy burning [of dan andrews].



(yes, its real)

Commence panicking!



>the anarchist who has been fighting against right wing cunts trying to appropriate the Eureka stockade is a fed.

Fuck off dog-cunt.


>the anti vaxxers hate the state so they are my allies
useful idiots, everyone one of you


who else is getting an early night in nsw? you know ill be up counting til fuckin midnightf


>pro public broadcaster
>pro medicare
I'll never understand the mental gymnastics of these people


just tell them. then they will be a minarchist yes thank you no political dilemma for today


File: 1638533404456.png (97.51 KB, 500x492, 4567898123123.png)




>this video is age restricted



File: 1638534663425.jpg (42.64 KB, 466x458, 1637847577734.jpg)

>implying anarchists/anarchism is worth bad jacketing
>implying anarchists/anarchism isn't just a psyop for the past 60 years
don't care


I'm sure they are watching you all


File: 1638536186238.png (348.23 KB, 643x943, 1635998806736.png)


The real chads are lefty boomers and Lebs that sometimes rock up and call Yemeni a Zionist Mossad agent in front a bunch of Nazis but for totally opposite reasons lel


ok glowie


idk bruv


man's talking about two different things


>being this guy
I feel bad for you, anon. I hope you get better sone day. <3


Can you recomend me any good reads or documentaries about based Ned, anon?


File: 1638565882262.jpg (547.31 KB, 3464x3464, 13111.jpg)

SAlt glows like the sun anon.




Just set them alight before theyre occupied, anon.


File: 1638592503827.jpg (248.11 KB, 1698x1474, Youcanjustleave.jpg)

>There is apparently a looming global shortage of a Diesel additive you need to make trucks and other heavy vehicles work.
>Other cunts like China, South-Korea and Japan and basically everyone else in the Indo-Pacific/ASEAN has started buying up a national stockpile of it just incase the supply chain of the shit that makes the supply chain possible breaks down.
>We dont.
>Because we're applying the 'J.I.T' model to our fucking fuel supplies
>Even the Liberal 'Industry body' of Truckies are admitting that if a global shortage / breakdown of supply of this additive hits anywhere from 50% to 75% of trucks used for the supply chain may not be able to hit the road.
Failed state level if this comes to pass.


idg what the big deal is
it's just pee lol


You should all go and buy as much toilet paper and canned food as you possibly can!


File: 1638609742323.jpg (173.09 KB, 1200x742, electric freight train.jpg)

>if this comes to pass.
Maybe people will see the light and support for expanding the rail network and electric freight trains grows.


Yes please! And convert everything to standard gauge.


lel Austards

You will never get your fancy trains. Trains are Gommulism, remember?

You'd better go and buy all the toilet paper and canned food in the shops ASAP.


You should also start hoarding petrol, because they won't be able to deliver it. Buy as much as you possibly can.


File: 1638732467535.jpg (71.28 KB, 1280x720, download (7).jpg)

anyone see this? great film - the chinlet meme was acknowledged.



>A Bushfire affected community has been asking since 2020 for more water storage as to allow the community's residents and the fire-service to better fight future fires in the area.

>After two years of waiting they did not receive the requested water storage but instead COMPLIMENTARY DANCE LESSONS that were payed for using the necessary money.
I admit i found this on reddit and heres what a comment on the post said.

>My community was also bushfire affected (Bunch of people lost homes and a ton of public buildings like the community centre got burnt.

>There has been literally NO help in trying to clean up the lots or rebuild anyone's homes or the community centre.
>Now i've found out the other week that the state-government is apparently 'Paying to have a concert held'? Not even a fundraising concert or something silly like that. Literally their idea of bushfire relief is to have the Triple-J shittest 100 come play music for us for 5 hours and then leave.


I’m tired of this parliament.
These shit cunts.
I’m tired of being caught within the tangle of their stitch ups.


George Christenson has called for protests outside Australia's embassies against the lack of hooman rights and freedoms. there are no hooman rights in Australia!


What they need is a new stadium


>these cunts don't know we don't have a bill of rights.


Doesn't matter, if your government ratified the UN convention on human rights it is a law your government must follow. Unless Australia has laws saying it doesn't have to respect any international treaty.


File: 1638844094353.jpg (29.84 KB, 640x640, SSbrainlet.jpg)

>"I am a member of the European parliament (Germany - AfD) And i am answering Australias SOS call"
>"Your country has been transformed from a Liberal-Democracy into a totalitarian state!"



Mad Max 2 in bound.


This is nation-state level toilet paper hoarding.


i liked it too. small-town autismcore type kino



We should join the protests. Australia ratified the ICESCR in 1975 This guarantees full employment and the current government is in violation of this treaty.



Glow harder


Glowie is when you think employment should be guaranteed for all citizens.


File: 1638914133969.png (15.96 KB, 713x295, jordon.png)

Does anyone know what the "allegations" refer to? Nothing comes up when I google it.


stfu tulcel


Has anyone started receiving political campaign emails after entering the Milliondollarvax lottery?


No because I'm the one sending them


you cereal?


File: 1638950191709.jpg (286.45 KB, 1160x759, Trabant.jpg)

How about instead of this Public-Private nonsense to create 'Australian electric cars' we create a literal (not scam) modern Volkswagen scheme and set-up a gigantic government run car complex that employs like a 10000 or however many people and then just sell car's directly back to the population for a relative pittance.



>implying anything made in this country wouldn't explode the moment it was turned on
I hate the private sector, of course, but you trust these idiots to run a car manufacturing program?


>Watching the news.
>Calls to review how the PENSION operates as some claim it DISENCENTIVISES People 'Still capable of working' from staying in the workforce. Amid national labour shortage.





>spend $4.4 million dollars for data harvesting campaign prior to the election
>disguise it as bogus mass vaccination effort (sorry, to "reward" people who got vaccinated but not actually convince anyone to)
>all of the donors are anonymous
>"but it's philanthropy"
>route the money through a disability charity (Summer Foundation)
>all of it tax-deductible
>get the personal details (full name, email, DoB, suburb, postcode, mobile number) of at least 1 million (but likely many more) Australians



I mean tbf there is a succesful public private plan that succeeded in making car shit

Points to yunshin constitution korea where the gov succesfully manipulated the market to make a domestic car industry

So the public private option isn't nescarilly a bad thing tho this is electronic cars we are talking about

But then again hasn't china done the public private shit regarding electric cars too


And that succeeded


>Amid national labour shortage.
meme or real in Australia?


Very real.
I work in recruitment for a large employer. We've had a dramatic drop in applications since covid hit.



Just got home from work.
Gonna leave(start lol) today with one more comment i read somewhere.

>Even though im not a teacher, I work with a lot of teachers through my job. Kevin Rudd getting knifed was not just the end of the Lenovo thinkpads, It was basically the point when this country's entire education system began to full on collapse, To the point where i dont think we even realise how we have completely fucked our next generation of workers.

>All that really needs to be said is that in 2021 there are fair chunks of the Australian population who are finishing YEAR 12 (Not even 10! 12!) while being functionally illiterate and / or not knowing how to do maths correctly.
>Some people who work at Uni's that i work with tell me how they are getting people doing modules in their first year of Uni who dont even know the rule of "To, Too, Two." and use them interchangeably and students who need to look at a piece of paper for minutes on end and eventually resort to reading the words out-loud phonetically to help themselves read/understand it.


what do you think of the subreddit r/recruitinghell

are you like that irl?


the earlier attempts to resolve the imaginary labour shortage by delaying pension age only caused companies to skimp on training younger people which made things worse for them today

appears to be only real in small pockets. the RBA and other economists do not notice any significant wage growth overall


he is allegedly a sex pest, this all came up years ago


File: 1638982088665.jpg (50.54 KB, 720x478, free laptops.jpg)

>Australian Labor, like other social democratic parties internationally, has tended to underestimate the challenges involved. Indeed, traditionally Australian Labor over-emphasised the positive benefits of technology while underestimating the downsides, including the potential impacts on employment.
I know it's from a socdem book, but still found it an interesting read.


>Amended by the 11th National Conference of Socialist Alliance. June, 2015.


I was over simplifying my job for brevity. Its only one element of what I do because management would rather waste the drones time recruiting people rather than get HR to pull their weight.

I don't use reddit but at a glance, yeah, as someone who has applied for many jobs in my life it seems pretty accurate. Thankfully one of the upsides to getting the drones to do the recruiting means applicants don't deal with HR dickheads.


File: 1639030231687.jpg (34.62 KB, 600x434, breaking.jpg)


File: 1639031096933.jpg (68.59 KB, 646x687, 1634955369013.jpg)


wow another olympic boycott larp that achieves nothing but preventing athletes from participating after years of training cool cool this will definitely make china reconsider their mean ways like it did the USSR in '80


File: 1639033733760.png (162.76 KB, 580x503, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1639034088258.gif (1.7 MB, 619x672, 1639033742096.gif)

in liberal democracy their is no difference between the public and private sector, they are all the same cliches of elites


At some point you have to think these people are just terrified of dipping their superannuated officials into the shared tank of unvaccinated humanity.


So from what i fucking gather literally all that a DIPLOMATIC BOYCOTT means is that the PM and like Ambassadors wont actually attend the olympics or anything. Athletes still will.
So what on EARTH is the point of this?


The point is to continue our diplomatic freeze out to hurt our farmers and help farmers in the United States of America


>Literally the entire world (Including the Euros and the entirety of the third world) is attending the olympics.
>We have to sit in the five eyes cuckshed.
Do you guys think that Maybe Scomo/Biden/Boris genuinely thought that more countries would go along with their bullshit?


> students who need to look at a piece of paper for minutes on end and eventually resort to reading the words out-loud phonetically to help themselves read/understand it.
Shut the fuck up BITCH it helps me think because 'tism.


wait is it actually happening? not just america?



I think Japan is boycotting


File: 1639080246846.jpg (82.49 KB, 1080x1115, cringe empanada.jpg)


cut a liberal…


>I consider you unworthy of rights
Yeah, well I don't care about your opinion


lets face the facts here

these fuckers that dont want vaccines even in a socialist country would screech about muh rights

these people would tend to be the deepest reactionaries possible like the ones sent to the soviet gulags

sure some of them are leftists cough lenin hat cough but a large portion of them are as in america either rural rednecks, rural reactionaries, or middle class white lolberts


imagine being such a fucking loser that you choose opposing mandatory vaccinations during a highly contagious and already barely challenged pandemic as your cause celebre


i dont need to when we have lenin hat here


imagine supporting a vaccine that does NOT stop the spread of the virus and was created by corporations that have a VERY VERY VERY long history of lying, if you trust lairs you are an idiot by default


File: 1639117232144.png (366.97 KB, 1200x1200, ClipboardImage.png)


those are cases not death rate you dumb fuck



did you click the link

the image is from something else meanwhile the link i gave to details death rates

the only dumb fuck here is unironically the guy that didnt even click the link kek


aka i was detailing both infection and death rates
the image gives info about infection rates while the link gives info about death rates
and if you click the link the death rates are fucking bad for unvaccinated


>dude i totally didn't mean to insinuate that the graph was related
fuckwit. and I did click the link. I love how on the actual death rate graphs you have to cycle through each age profile instead of having them all on the same graph lest people notice that it's insanely skewed towards old as fuck people


> it's insanely skewed towards old as fuck people

yeah but the charts still show that even for young people unvaccinated deaths still tend to be higher like the young ones

>>dude i totally didn't mean to insinuate that the graph was related

also i literally said

also heres death rates too



>still tend to be higher like the young ones

damn i didnt complete this sentence what i meant to say is "still tend to be higher like the us chart showing that younger unvacinated people have more death rate than vacinnated young people


>implying this "cause celebre" is not just an obviously contentious issue for very obvious reasons.
If anyone's a fucking loser it's the people like you who are utterly incapable of stopping to remove the corporate cock from every one of their orifices before forming an opinion about a virus that primarily kills old people with a hundred comorbidities, and mandates for a vaccine which by normal conventions is extremely undertested and where it has been tested, procedures have been botched beyond reproach (https://www.bmj.com/content/375/bmj.n2635).
You rabidly pro vax fuckwits are so out of touch. The point of contention is not only that you can still contract and die from covid if you take this highly experimental vaccine, but also that there is very little point in taking the vax if you aren't old or already very sickly. The average age of death is 87.9(!), so what, we have to upend our entire lives for two fucking years then force everyone to take the highly experimental vaccine plus a booster (plus god knows how many more boosters - already talking about a third for fuck sake) so that <1% of the population under 50 and <2% under 60 (Switzerland, not USA aka fat fuck central with no healthcare) who are morbidly obese or likely have a pre existing comorbidity don't die and would arguably also die if they had a bad case of the flu? I guarantee you if we didn't know it existed, we literally would not notice anything out of the ordinary.

Clean this shit up jannies.


shut the fuck up schizo


File: 1639124679964.png (939.13 KB, 736x890, 231q09465.png)

Can we just drop the fucking virus for 20 fucking minutes? I'm so sick of this shit.

There is a correct line and it is this:
>Vax good
>Forced vax not good
>Vaccine development and production should be out of private hands
<more important issue is actually having a functioning fucking healthcare system
>protests are 50% retarded
<the correct line of action is for communists to go to them and steer them away from conspiracy schizo nazi shit and towards the light of socialism instead of sitting in their ivory towers and proclaiming them as wholly reactionary

The left has abandoned the aussie worker for decades, gotten bogged down in economism or single issue idpol campaigns.We are witnessing the fruits of our failure.
The communist movement will live or die depending on the resolve and courage of it's champions and as of late, it seems both are missing in great scale.
So step the fuck up or step aside, history is marching.


not an argument


>muh freedumb
libertarian moment


you off your meds again? who are you talking to?


Conspiratards having a meltdown over Frydenberg saying that Australia will have a digital currency 'BECAUSE ITS GONNA BE HECKIN CENTRALISED BY THE BANKS' (Within Cryptotard speak Centralised = Bad for no particular inherent reason) When all its going to be used for is to be embezzle money quietly and with ease lmao

People should actually look into the actual uses of shit like integrating crypto technology into (actual) money.
The PRC is already putting a massive effort into creating the 'Digital RMB' not just because of the belief that the RMB could eventually rival the USD as a global reserve currency, But because the technology originally developed for cryptoshitting could be insanely useful for shit like the Anti-Corruption campaign.

iirc the people working on the digital RMB have said that a digital RMB that has to be used for state and large scale buisness transactions makes embezzlement and other forms of corruption 'Functionally impractical/impossible' without getting caught. And you can basically freeze and if necessary literally DELETE someones assets in real time, Killing some of the biggest arguments against socialist economy in one swoop

Of course in China their state is actually trying to keep their government structures…you know…not corrupt.
Meanwhile our state is notably obscenely corrupt from the top down with people at basically every level actively facilitating further corruption. so i doubt the 'Digital AUD' will do us much good.


Authoritarianism is a good thing.


leftypol moment


>Centralised = Bad for no particular inherent reason
The reason is it concentrates all the power in the hands of a small number of elites.

>you can basically freeze and if necessary literally DELETE someones assets in real time

I'm sure in your head the "good guys" will have all the power but that's just wishful thinking.


Totalitaranism and Authoritariansima re very diffrent things
Authoritarnism is when a state is activly repressing its people, Totalitarnism is when the totality of a society (masses, state, productive forces, and other instutions) are all unified behind a common goal, Totalitarian states need support from the masses to exist, while authortarian states are created by opressing the masses


Not sure how receptive anons here will be to this, but god, dealing with the NDIS (and the associated providers) is nauseating. I'm glad it exists, but fuck Gillard.
A disability support worker told me they didn't understand why I wanted to volunteer (to help out with my local community) when I should be focusing on getting a "real" job. And also, they don't "see" my disability, and we're all the same :)


File: 1639250947306.jpg (66.25 KB, 500x654, 5txfyl.jpg)

Based as always. BadEmpanada is so fucking good!

>Everybody, who is pro-vax mandate is a lib
Absolute state of coping


lol cope you fucking ugly cunt


File: 1639262497027.jpg (167.18 KB, 500x600, Vax tanks.jpg)

>Insults about looks
Bro, this isn't TikTok, Instagram or something. You don't even know how I look.


You will never live out your sexpat fantasies. Disgusting goblin faced fucker.


this isn't a blog.


Fyi, that red flag anon posting lib vaccine fetishization is not Australian, he is Austrian (or German) and known for shitting up the German thread posting the exact same images. Don't feed the troll my aussie cunts.


Assange has a stroke after being tortured by the brutal authoritarian regime of Burgeria

Most of the Fake News MSM is not reporting this


>Vax good
>Forced vax good
>Vaccine development and production should be out of private hands
<more important issue is actually having a functioning fucking healthcare system
>protests are 100% retarded
<the correct line of action is for communists to shoot nazis in the street


>have your freedom restricted
Don't frame it like that. Where is my freedom to not get sick from these idiots? Mass vaccinations increase freedom, not decrease it.


Thanks for posting this anon, I found your experience to be interesting to read about and that made me very angry, especially the last bit
Sanctimonious condescending assholes


>the correct line of action is for communists to shoot nazis in the street
no it isn't, you can't be consiquentalist when dealing with this kind of stuff


you sound underage


File: 1639382384612.jpg (207.56 KB, 1024x683, e9df4f6821a4.jpg)

absolute dogshit pic OP impossible to see the thread at a glance from the catalogue

we need more flags for blind cunts


File: 1639391389156.png (509.24 KB, 913x999, qualifications.png)

Yeah, it sucks. Part of me honestly believes a disability-related occupation should be restricted to disabled people. Being friendly and a "people-person" means jack shit if you have no clue what it is like to *be* disabled, you're not going to be able to properly fight on behalf of your client without that experience.

Like, we're all meant to be striving towards "independence", which is framed as empowering and a universally *good* thing that will make you happy, improve your life, etc. (perhaps what they really mean is "self-sufficient, living by yourself and ideally not using govt money", google "myth of independence disability")

It's almost non-sensical to employ someone who doesn't actually have experience with that, right? The only knowledge of disability they seem to possess is (possible?) ideological indoctrination on part of the NDIS (this is likely the "informal training" part), which is then accepted as authoritative and what disabled people want to hear.




cunt quotes Stalin in parliament:

>There are others who suggest that all people will be reduced to the one level. That also is a lie. Those who take the trouble to read the writings of Karl Marx, Frederick Engels, Stalin and Lenin, will realise that it is a lie. Today I merely propose to quote one extract from the report of Joseph Stalin to the 17th congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in January 1934:

<By equality Marxism means, not equality in personal requirements and personal life, but the abolition of classes, ie (a) the equal emancipation of all toilers from exploitation after the capitalists have been overthrown and expropriated, (b) the equal abolition for all of private property in the means of production after they have been transformed into the property of the whole society, (c) the equal duty of all to work according to their ability and the equal right of all toilers to receive according to the amount of work they have done (socialist society), (d) the equal duty of all to work according to their ability and the equal right of all toilers to receive according to their requirements (communist society). And Marxism starts out with the assumption that people’s tastes and requirements are not, and cannot be, equal in quality or in quantity, either in the period of socialism or in the period of communism.

<That is the Marxian conception of equality.
<Marxism has not recognised, nor does it recognise, any other equality.

>To draw from this the conclusion that socialism calls for equality, for the levelling of the requirements of the members of society, for the levelling of their tastes and of their personal lives, that according to Marxism all should wear the same clothes and eat the same dishes and to the same quantity - means talking banalities and slandering Marxism.”


>Like, we're all meant to be striving towards "independence", which is framed as empowering and a universally *good* thing that will make you happy, improve your life, etc. (perhaps what they really mean is "self-sufficient, living by yourself and ideally not using govt money", google "myth of independence disability")
because you aren't entitled to have a fucking servant do everything for you


imagine missing the point this hard


File: 1639465976530.jpg (188.89 KB, 814x785, 5678903294234.jpg)


rentoids have you thanked your landchad with a gift hamper of tendies and 5 dollar sav blanc this christmas?


File: 1639541078159.jpg (11.78 KB, 300x300, remember.jpg)

>ring ring




I <3 serf life minus any opportunity for self subsistence


Its best to never answer it



yaassss we love an anti-CCP uyghur feminist girlbossing her way into parliament


File: 1639568312155.png (622.19 KB, 595x866, democratic alliance.png)


ABC may as well do a puff piece on UAP if they're comfortable publishing this garbage.



I'm gonna voot for UAP!


>be racist to Chinese people at Uni
>get suspended for being racist
>claim Xi Jinping is personally targeting you to suppress free speech
Genius grift, kinda respect the hustle.


Is there any party worth voting for in the next federal election? ANY?


No, there are no communist parties. Greens are the best we have.


>t. Doesn't live in Melbourne


oh shid I forgot about them


UAP for Acceleration


>There are federal agents monitoring this thread RIGHT NOW edition
Talking of youse mob should really listen to this in the interests of national security


File: 1639724345718.jpg (670.9 KB, 2048x1384, 13larouche2-superJumbo.jpg)

no thanks


Oh the trotskyites who scare burger intelligence agencies with their capabilities?
Ok they say pine gap isn't just a listening post but rather a missile guidance outpost and it will be vaped in 15 minutes from the outbreak of hostilities
Strong suggest move as far away from pine gap as possible since it'll be nuked if we get dragged into hostilities w/ China over Taiwan province declaring independence and our pollies are retards


>"If your THAT afraid of coronavirus - It's your choice to stay home"
lel based.
reddit mad.


actually based


wtf aussies, is this how all your media is? nothing but FEAR FEAR FEAR THE CHINESE ARE TAKING OVER AND THEY GONNA NUKE AUSTRALIA


>In our backyard.
We're in a different hemisphere lMAO.
Most of our population wouldn't know though.


Why, what are they meant to do?


its really amazing if you watch that video, at some point they suggest a war with china will result in a far right takeover, asians in concentration camps, australia getting nuked, and ultimately Chinese global domination.


If you live here you've heard it all before. I grew up with this shit. Its only been the last five years that this has become a hot topic in the news.


File: 1639988513120.jpg (20.19 KB, 325x264, glowface.jpg)

>Switches to the herd immunity "strategy" with random bullying characteristics.
A bold yet unexpected move by the roofucker government.


Fuck china. WWIII now.


CIA posters have gotten really lazy


If I am CIA, then you're a monkey's banana.


File: 1640039252990.png (1.1 MB, 1011x903, ClipboardImage.png)

>control of Taiwan would give China a huge new military reach over the Pacific.
I'm not a military strategist, but… like Philippines and a Japanese air base at best.


This may literally just be me.
But has anyone else noticed that there are just way more people riding their fucking bikes / walking around at night and / or hooning about screaming out of their car for no apparent reason?

Feels like the number of people partaking in like bizarre Anti-Social behaviours has really started to go up the last few months


people are less patient generally, I suspect things will only get worse


Well obviously there is a reason, maybe the water line to your community was in lead and finally crumbled


File: 1640141287458.png (97.45 KB, 860x845, Schizojak.png)

>I need to show my Vaccination for work
>Well ok.
>Go onto MyGov.
>Forgot my password.
>Make a new MyGov.
>Try to link it to my Medicare.
>Put in like 5 pages of information.
>On the last page
>Call up Medicare
>Spend 45 minutes on the phone.
>Get the 'Green tick' on my phone.
>Get home from the work and try to link the 'MYHEALTH RECORD'
>Call the MyHealth record line the next day.
>Im lucky that time i only spend ABOUT 30 MINUTES ON THE FUCKING PHONE THAT TIME.

You see its that simple guys!
We cant even blame the fucking burgers for this one…
we did this shit to ourselves…

Americans? One person. One 12 digit or whatever on a paper card you go to replace in person. ALL THEIR GOVERNMENT SERVICES ROLLED INTO ONE.


Wait they forgot Indonesia? It's a major crypto-ally of the West with its anticommunism and general right-wing political atmosphere.


>walking around at night or riding a bike is anti-social


>Conspiratards having a meltdown over Frydenberg saying that Australia will have a digital currency 'BECAUSE ITS GONNA BE HECKIN CENTRALISED BY THE BANKS' (Within Cryptotard speak Centralised = Bad for no particular inherent reason) When all its going to be used for is to be embezzle money quietly and with ease lmao

in other words, the "conspiratards" are right that centralising it in the hands of corrupt banks is gonna be used for shady shit. so why are you pretending regular people's instincts against this shit are wrong?



>has never used mygov before covid
Get out bourgeois cunt


Just get a printed certificate when you get your experimental vaccine or call the office to get one sent to you


Way more hoons now, cars with loud exhausts are driving around constantly now. Where the fuck did they come from? The NPC meme is looking like it's real.


Just had a tradie explain my constitutional rights to me
Looks like I won't be paying that $150 speeding fine after all(Implied personal pic. Don't post identifiable info m8)


the glow can track you down with your penalty ID number


Its the beginning of the first Mad Max


File: 1640227418810.png (109.37 KB, 627x892, schizo central.png)

Time for your seroquel sweety



Poor old paddy's not looking to well, many of the oldies are looking sickly. When they are buried with them will be the memories and experiences of a once radical Australian working class, the question is, who is there to replace them?


>many of the oldies are looking sickly.
They're just old fam


The only people complaining about 'lockdowns' at this point are the type of people that go on like 5 holidays a year to either Melbourne or surfers paradise. + A minority of people whose jobs involve them crossing state lines regularly.
For like 90% of proles the pandemic is pretty much over in regards to their life anyway.


this is the case especially in WA where the only people i've seen call mcgowan an anti-christ dictator are the facebook boomer ideologues completely divorced from reality


My grandfather died during the lockdown at a time when I would have normally been with him, so I'm extremely bitter about it.


Quick question cunce, if I am threatened that I will lose my job, I will get kicked out of study, kicked out of public places, fined, persecuted, socially shamed for not doing something that is supposed to be self-evidently good for me, why should I do it? Especially when the people demanding it will only demand I do more shit forever if I say yes. It's not like doing the thing or not doing the thing will kill me


>the question is, who is there to replace them?
legions of coolies


Lockdowns are good for making poor people poorer. People are taking to the streets because they're broke, not because of idiots like >>662606


Um this question is problematic. Probably just don't ask or think about it next time???


>would rather see poor people die than have lockdowns
Not my comrade


burger here. what is a woolie?


It's kind of like a dropbear but more dangerous


Kind of like the aussie version of Wallys over there, but much smaller, no guns sections and most of the frozen section qualifies as food.


Australian version of the sasquatch


Australian elephant, 2ft tall, fluffy fur, venomous fangs in its trunk


Bush spirits that supposedly grant wishes. Most don't take them very seriously and woolies have come to be regarded as dealers of cheap but convinient boons. "Could ya get something from wollies?" or "Can ya drive drive down to woolies?" both basically mean "I am looking for some food/supplies and don't really care about the quality so long as it's inexpensive and arrives quickly".


Pro-democracy activists have set fire to the Old Parliament house


I>dpol protestors try to burn down museum


>pro-democracy activists set fire to Museum of Australian Democracy


File: 1640872494366-0.png (51.5 KB, 1956x1282, 1640755268907-0.png)

File: 1640872494366-1.gif (1.51 KB, 324x216, 1640755268907-3.gif)

Over in /draw/ we're trying to come up with some new Australian flags

So far one anon posted this



I think the lighter shade of yellow would sit better on the top.

Are you aware of the 1998 Ausflag competition? There's also the Australian National Flag Association, might be worth checking out.


Blue and lone star feels too derivative, otherwise symbolic use of colors is good (esp. red earth). Iconology like the Southern Cross is important
Also see >>667287
NZ also had a competition.


I made one I'm pretty pleased with in spite of my garbage MS paint skills. I'll post it when I am back at my PC tomorrow.


File: 1640907701471-1.png (57.95 KB, 600x407, 1640755268907-4.png)

one on the right is not a new flag, it has been flown at the tent embassy. The others I posted in the thread weren't original either, i've attached explanations in the thread but I'll just share one because it's important to the history of working class Australia and it gets overshadowed by the Eureka Rebellion.



File: 1641008892519-0.png (15.84 KB, 800x400, flag.png)

File: 1641008892520-1.png (10.97 KB, 800x400, flag2.png)

File: 1641008892520-2.png (10.97 KB, 800x400, flag3.png)

Flag ideas I made


I like the first one most of all three.
I can't help but feel blue needs to be in there somewhere, but then that results in a lot of colours…
Maybe the dividing line can be a blue strip?


Personally I'd like to do away with the blue. I figure the black, red and gold pays tribute to first nations people while also having some affinity with our neighbours in PNG and Timor Leste. The white stars on the black also shows affinity with New Zealand, particularly if they were to take on their fern flag.


Maybe put the yellow star in the centre with the torrest straight islander symbol on the bottom right?


File: 1641025547956.png (9.17 KB, 225x225, download.png)

absolute dog shit symbol


That's a fair enough point.
I guess I'm of the persuasion to keep the blue because it represents the sea, waterways, and sky, but also because our Eureka was blue too.

It is a bit messy yeah.


>A man has set himself and his car on fire in front of horrified diners while screaming about Victoria's Covid-19 vaccine mandates.

>One witness who helped restrain the man said his flesh was burning before the flames were put out with water.

>'His skin was burning. He was on fire. His skin is stuck to [my] shirt,' she told The Herald Sun.
>'He was off his face screaming about the mandates.'








why even stop that guy burning at that point?
let a crispy uygha grill nawmsayin


File: 1641121173798.png (2.01 MB, 1200x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

>>A man has set himself and his car on fire


>Fast rail linking Sydney and the Hunter will be prioritised under a Labor government — the first step towards high-speed rail linking major cities, Anthony Albanese will announce on Sunday.
I swear this was a Utopia episode.

Question for the thread:
>If you were in charge, what infrastructure project(s) would you build?


You will never get high speed rail.


Its a well known meme that people start talking about high speed rail when an election approaches.

You will never get high speed rail.


>If you were in charge, what infrastructure project(s) would you build?

If the system of bourgeois elections remains in place, the logical answer would be carparks in marginal seats.


I'd honestly have to look into what would/ wouldn't be beneficial to the populace and the environment. But for one, ensuring that we actually have decent fucking wi fi would be a start. A move towards self-sustaining energy for communities would be another, and a lot more focus on ensuring ACTUAL STABLE FUCKING HOUSING that isn't made by propertty developers. Maybe even set up houses that serve as communal squats for the homeless.

Also ensuring property developers are denied positions of power is an infrastructure project that must be made.


Everyone loves to complain about how infrastructure hasn't kept up with immigration, how expensive and congested the cities are, and yet no one wants to put in the money to build the fucking HSR to fix it.


>january 1st was a saturday
>caturday was the first day of the year 2022
>australians do this shit
Cats ward off evil spirits and guide the souls of the dead through osiris' realm, so australians doing this shit is basically asking for their souls to be lost in the underworld


We are not on the land of Osiris but the land of Yurlunggur, and it would not be wise to disturb it just to privilege some foreign god.


Supermarket shelves empty once again!

You should all go and buy as much toilet paper and canned food as you possibly can!


Don't panic lad us logistics workers are mostly still on break for another week or so



the only plague in australia are and have always been the fucking angloids


Is there going to be another rat plague in Australia?


Based tradie


Novax got an exemption to enter the country.
One rule for me, another rule for thee



Australia has always had a plague it's called angloids


will, always will be


>Australia has always had a plague it's called angloids
We traded those out a while ago.
The CIA and Yanks have been calling the shots here since the cold war
two CIA coups in our country should probably be an indicator of that


Is another lockdown gonna happen or are things stable enough despite rising cases?


No idea. But you should always have a large hoard of toilet paper and canned food anyway. The supermarket shelves are already bare in many places. If they aren't bare where you are, you should go and buy all the essential goods you can!


File: 1641381389754.gif (1017.54 KB, 500x700, 1629653105646.gif)

I wonder what the "patriotic socialist" line is on Australia Day?


No real Australian gives a flying fuck about Australia day other than it's good to get a day off work


Meat is in very short supply at supermarkets and could run out for Australia day. You should all go and buy as much meat as you possibly can or else you will be forced to eat ze bug!


Cop out like triple J did and have it on the last Monday of January or something.


lol Novax' visa got cancelled after he flew into Melbore

Based Austrolls




I still sometimes wish Trump won the 2020 election.
With the amount of seething from Ameri-chinlets about our covid response, I can just imagine Trump calling for a coup.


>Ruptly is live in front of Novak Djokovic's lawyer's office in Melbourne on Monday, January 10 after a judge has ruled that the star tennis player is not to be deported from Australia.

>The player was barred from entering Australia last week after failing to meet the country’s COVID-19 entry requirements.

>Djokovic had travelled to the country in order to play in the Australian Open tennis tournament.

>To enter Australia, travellers must provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or provide a medical exemption for lack of vaccination.

Why are you Ausbros freaking out about this? I don't get what I'm watching.


It's vax politics. He was given a medical exemption by two medical bodies because he has has contracted covid in the past and is thus immune per the medical body's standards. Because he is apparently antivax (literally just not publicising his vax status) our government, who have implemented vaccine mandates, doesn't like him, so they spun the story to make it out as "The wealthy are being given different rules to the normal people" which upsets people, except he's been following the same rules as everyone all along hence the judge's decision. Basically our government is rabidly pro vax and we're a nation of retards.


Djokovic is a faggot
Serbs tend to be massive faggots
Cops are faggots
Its really a shitstorm of faggotry.



>tfw a family member gets unironically offended that people want to move the date
such is life


>>If you were in charge, what infrastructure project(s) would you build?
You know how the government did a cash for guns program? That but for cars.


>Guys Captain Cook was progressive for developing the productive forces.
But nah joking aside, they'd probably push for December 3rd to be Australia day


Either way, change the date or do away with it. There's nothing Australian about "Australia day".


Cars for guns?


We need an Australia Day for every shitnificant event we've had.

In fact, we need a minimum of 52 Australia Days.


This as long as they're all public holidays


The only reason Australia day is such a big issue for indigenous people, to begin with is because they've been totally assraped by poverty and demoralized to an absolutely crushing extent and with the absence of a movement capable of making real concrete demands for economic/political autonomy they are being dominated by narcissists, grifters & pety bourg rootless cosmopolitans claiming indigenousness whose politics are influenced by the CIA controlled media towards safe, meaningless, publicly divisive demands which just get people upset on both sides & even if they did come to pass would do fuck all to actually improve the lives of Indigenous people. There is a reason media on "both sides" of the politically correct CIA controlled discourse push the issue so hard, and it's it is a dumb nothingburger issue which will never be resolved but which can reliably be utilized in order to rile dumb grillpilled normies, richkid rootless cosmopolitans (lefty & young libs alike) & Twitter addicted neon hair BPD whores up at each other over a nonsense issue rather than fighting for actual concrete material demands which could actually improve the lives of indigenous people.

>But muh trauma associated with invasion day

The day is awful for them not because of some mystical connection to the date but because their day by day living conditions are fuck awful, most of them are in assfuck poverty and hopelessness, and seeing society celebrate the day that their people were obliterated and this entire shitshow began is upsetting. The solution isn't to "change the day" which literally achieves nothing. The solution is to totally change the conditions which aboriginal people have been forced into, to improve their lives in real way, to allow them the basic political/economic autonomy to be able to self actualize as a people in dignity & to build themselves up rather than to "gift them" dumb, patronizing hand-out social policies which just lead to a cycle of dependence and worsening destruction.

The reality is that the conquest of Australia was an inevitability long before cook ever set foot here. A population of neolithic semi-sedentary hunter-gatherers on a huge, resource-rich continent in a world of hyper-competition dominated by imperialist industrial powers will eventually be conquered and looted bare. This does not excuse the scale or atrocities committed against them as a people, but moralizing aside what happened to them was guaranteed to eventually happen, the most optimistic cut off point from which they could have developed mass agriculture & developed up to a point that they could match the Europeans or Asians enough that they'd have gotten the same colonial treatment based on the exploitation of the indigenous people with a transition into neocolonialism (as in the rest of Asia minus Aotearoa) vs the outright megaholocaust genocidal settler colonialism they were forced to endure was thousands of years beforehand. The idea that the 26th of Jan is the anniversary marking the beginning of their destruction as a people is to this end a total myth to the same degree as the idea that cook "discovered Australia" is.

Moralizing over the past, crying over the horrifying history of what happened achieves nothing. “Punishing” the descendants of convicts and settlers, treating the entire issue as if it’s a problem of some kind of original sin which can only be changed by self-flagellation and performative moralizing achieves nothing. There needs to be a focus on real concrete, material policies which can eliminate the assfuck conditions that these people are forced to endure, give them the means of building themselves up & actualizing independently as a people with dignity. Do this and you're going to see trauma and upset over the date disappear very quickly.

As for what could be done, one example I’d advocate for would be an autonomous region or state within the interior (carved out of WA, NT & SA) with its own independent parliament (one with a minimum 60-70% indigenous membership), security force + ownership of natural resources, etc within its boundaries, basically akin to an ASSR or if you want to sell it to grillpilled normies in a way they can relate and which isn't associated with big scary political language, Wales or Scotland within the UK. Just eliminating the assfuck poverty & allowing them to build for themselves a sense of human dignity is going to go a long way on its own though.


>Why are you Ausbros freaking out about this? I don't get what I'm watching.

Spectacle, media needs some kind of retarded celebrity drama complete with a human face to be mad at to keep people's minds fixated & arguing with each other over on so they aren't getting upset over empty supermarket shelves, the rapidly degenerating economic situation or the federal govt's shitshow infantile reaction to the entire crisis. The Serbs are angry & sperging out over it because Serbs have a strong sense of in-group tribal identification/solidarity with each other and they're being actively baited into providing more content/hate clicks.


Lmao so now if you work at a coles and your job is justifiably part of logistics or the supply chain you can just go to work with coof


>dumb grillpilled normies
What is wrong with this website
Grill pill does not mean apolitical



File: 1641876771738.jpg (72.81 KB, 887x1097, 1639932218158.jpg)

>His skin is stuck to [my] shirt


Good post
Just stay in r/PCM if you want people to accommodate your hyper online political pronouns correctly you dumb cunt


>Just stay in r/PCM if you want people to accommodate your hyper online political pronouns correctly you dumb cunt
Where do you think you are? lmao


Yes, but I never said this place wasn't for hyper onliners - there's a difference between the two places.
>I'm a an authright monarchist on issues concerning the economy but pretty libleft/right when it comes to social causes. Sometimes though I just want to grillpill lmao
>I'm a marxist-leninist-maoist-dengist-gonzalist with chomskyist characteristics
If he wants his special brand of hyper online, he should stay in his special bubble instead of acting like a completely unselfaware spastic cunt elsewhere.


What the fuck are you talking about?
This is a leftist board where words have meanings you autistic dipshit


New Australian Republican model: "The Australian Choice Model Launch Event"



If you can't follow what I mean, then the meaning of words was never your forte anyway.


Political parties will continue to gate keep and its quite possible states will vote for their states candidate, marginalising people in smaller states.


File: 1642035923983.png (343.95 KB, 2120x3125, acpvariant1.png)

I tried redoing it


File: 1642036640739.png (340.65 KB, 2223x2921, acpvariant1_edit.png)

cleaner version


>As for what could be done, one example I’d advocate for would be an autonomous region or state within the interior (carved out of WA, NT & SA) with its own independent parliament (one with a minimum 60-70% indigenous membership), security force + ownership of natural resources, etc within its boundaries, basically akin to an ASSR or if you want to sell it to grillpilled normies in a way they can relate and which isn't associated with big scary political language, Wales or Scotland within the UK. Just eliminating the assfuck poverty & allowing them to build for themselves a sense of human dignity is going to go a long way on its own though.
So basically some sort of Zapatista inspired shit?
That could actually be doable…


Another bandaid on a decaying system.

No mention of direct democracy other than referendums (I I bet they make them hard to do), and still basically just pulling "representatives" from the connected anyway.

Basically trying desperately to salvage anything that means they can get control.



Tight, but a lot still going on.
Frankly I think the sickle is out of place, it needs something more iconic, though what I don't know.


I tried to include the same symbols as the original, I personally like the hammer and the pickaxe more. Although you could do the shovel and pick as per >>667404 or even the hammer and boomerang.


>As for what could be done, one example I’d advocate for would be an autonomous region or state within the interior (carved out of WA, NT & SA) with its own independent parliament (one with a minimum 60-70% indigenous membership), security force + ownership of natural resources, etc within its boundaries, basically akin to an ASSR or if you want to sell it to grillpilled normies in a way they can relate and which isn't associated with big scary political language, Wales or Scotland within the UK. Just eliminating the assfuck poverty & allowing them to build for themselves a sense of human dignity is going to go a long way on its own though.

What I've always believed as well. If I was aboriginal I would unironically be pushing for NT/Parts of SA/WA Aboriginal Independence (as a communist movement) hardcore.



File: 1642127319045.gif (986.61 KB, 182x246, dog-smelling.gif)

>“There’s a misconception out there that I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth,” he says. “And I’m thinking: hang on, my dad now drives trucks and my mum isn’t in a full-time job either. My first job was at 13 at Gloria Jeans. I’ve always worked hard and studied. There’s a lot of people out there who just don’t really work and don’t want to work."


If you are poor, maybe you should become the lover of an old pederast cuckservative! Its hard work sucking wrinkly old cock!


File: 1642154433830.jpg (112.66 KB, 960x624, eureka-red.jpg)

Eureka flag in red because it's simple. Also it's not introducing foreign symbolism, everyone understands this is a radical left Australian party. Because it's a symbol people are familiar with, more people will get behind it.


A hammer and pickaxe could be good, it's manufacturing and mining.

Pickaxe and boomerang though, hmmm


So, when we doing it lads?
I've got a swag and a six pack.


This little white bits behind the stars always shit me off idk why


File: 1642183689231.jpg (44.84 KB, 389x504, 1425098196118.jpg)

My sister is moving to australia to do a phd and probably stay there.
I just hope she doesn't become a rightoid


depends on where she's going and what she's studying


architecture, in melbourne I think.
Honestly that's beside the point, one's sister moving away is one of those things one has to talk out.


She's more likely to become a liberal than anything. There's a strong, by Australian standards, socialist movement in Melbourne though.


Xir will become a liberal vegan and discover they are actually a transmale. They will be cheap labor in some hipster restaurant and then die of covid.


Australian architecture - a fine example is the Opal Tower in Sydney.


If she's going to melbs then maybe she could help out at the soup kitchen with the ACP kiddies if she's so inclined


My sister is a bitch, she'll totally fit with you all.


Does xir know that Australias foreign student industry functions as an indentured labour scheme?

Maybe after a few years of indentured servitude, xir will be less of a bitch.



If you're a yank then fuck you and I hope your entire family get gangraped and beaten to death and your sister's plane crashes. If you're from the global south or eastern europe or whatever then fair enough, I'll cop it.

If you're able to probably best to advise your sister goes elsewhere. Australia came out of the 2000's great recession okay and up until this point in the pandemic was hanging in there compared to the US/UK, but strong chance things are about to get seriously rough here. Economy is in freefall, healthcare system is collapsing & politically/socially things are possibly about to enter a period of hyper degeneration similar to 2016-2020 US. She's not going to be able to enjoy the cool consumer hip pety-bourg party life her uni sold her & is probably going to struggle to find the work she'll need to support herself here.

>I just hope she doesn't become a rightoid

If by rightoid you mean hyper-woke neon hair deranged libfem whore with a femininized low t white boyfriend who spends all her time ranting about white males, "white supremacy" and how totally problematic working-class people are + hyper obsessed with marvel capeshit and parroting whatever US state dept lines on whoever the current "literally hitler" mild national development/anti-imperialist leader in the global south is then yes, probably, but that's true of most western unis.

Answer to anybody in the global south asking if they should go to x western country to study is to go to China instead if they're able.

also what >>691951 said unless your family are super-wealthy. Prior to the current mess a lot of foreign students would end up doing shitty under the counter work at 7/11's or fast food places for half minimum or in prostitution. God knows where those people will end up if things really go south though.


Supermarket shortages: real or fake and gay?


Real, you should buy as much as possible or you will starve.


She probably knows and it's just too full of herself to know any better.
I bet if things are like that she won't stay once she's done.



Even if not real in your local yet, the fear of them makes them real. Beautiful, innit?


Its a crying shame to be honest. Prior to the pandemic every foreign student I met loved being here and wanted to stay. I don't blame anyone for wanting to be closer to family during this nightmare we're all living through.


Since I always agree with your posts and outlook on things, and you're australian, I want your opinion on A. D*gin if you have one. I have 0 working knowledge of him and his beliefs, just that he's anti n*to and all that which will obviously mean there is going to be a lot of misinformation around him.


>she won't stay once she's done
the first few years of the international student thing will be a huge financial loss. she will probably suffer huge losses if she does not finish everything up to the point of gaining residency.

if she somehow managed to pay for the fees out of her own money, then she can leave and only suffer sadness of wasting money. if she borrowed the money from someone else she would not be free to quit whenever she liked.


Get a white boyfriend with a degree, get married, get citizenship.
Avoid uneducated men, very high rate of domestic violence.


But most women are desiring a man with a degree, and complaining of a man shortage. She would have better chance of success if she married an ugly incel.


File: 1642412517949.png (76.8 KB, 1151x604, Captur.PNG)


In case anyone forgets where the ALP stands on things. Maybe there's an opportunity here to pry people away from parliamentary politics and voting, turning them to more direct forms of politics. Maybe.


Sleepy Anthony is a low energy neoliberal. Nothing will fundamentally change.


pls resp0nd >>694668 I'm interested in your opinion


Nice try Bruce


I've never noticed Labor waging class war.


Biiiiiiiil Shoooooorten



File: 1642844290801.png (17.3 KB, 640x140, timebanking-logo.png)

What do you think of the NSW government's plan to replace money with labour vouchers? They've kicked in $2 million to get this going.


How do I pay rent with it?


how do I receive rent with it?


File: 1642865674658.jpg (75.78 KB, 474x656, KitaIkki.jpg)


I haven't been on leftypol as much recently because busy (when I do have free time it's usually at some ungodly hour) /I don't have reliable access to internet, so you'll have to excuse me for taking so long to get back to you.

In terms of his actual writings/theory I'm unfamiliar outside of soundbites & recordings of public talks/interviews, low-level articles etc. Recently bought a couple of his books (Last war of the world island + 4th political theory) so depending on when they arrive I'll be able to get an actual informed opinion at some point soon.

My less than properly informed, take it with a grain of salt opinion is that politically he just seems like a well developed/non-vulgar left third positionist concerned with a particular political geopolitical/political project. Outside of Eastern Europe & the west, in Asia as a whole, he'd probably be lumped in as a communist with fairly stock-standard social-nationalist views. His rooting in Idealism & rejection of materialism also puts him closer to the DPRK, CPC/China (esp Maoist era), Asian communists broadly than the old school Russian or Orthodox Marxists.

Pic semi-related, based comrade Kita Ikki aka Dugin b4 Dugin. Normally despise people who are obsessed with japshit & I try to avoid talking about anything remotely involving Japan if possible and to the point of feigning ignorance publicly about anything related to Japan but Kita Ikki is the one exception, will eternally shill for him & remind people that he did nothing wrong.


Semi-related note, gonna bet now that LNP realizes they're almost certainly going to lose the next election that they're going to hand Labor a poison chalice victory. IE deliberate mismanagement of the pandemic, medium-term economic sabotage etc which is going to create a time bomb designed to ensure a 1 term labor government. Media will start off with an intial honeymoon period & later push a line that both labor and coalition failed, both as bad as each other, before shifting to a pro LNP position in a couple years as "silent Australians" and grillpilled normies forget all about the last few years, transition to eternal neoliberal comprador hell regime with yass queen and strong woman characteristics as the far more ethnically diverse & internet-savvy Millenials & zoomer woke-torys gradually replace the current crop of boomer/gen-x leaders.


Thanks Jaq, love your work.


File: 1642895582428.jpg (22.9 KB, 526x358, 1626557715114.jpg)

>Try to listen to music on YouTube
>United Australia Party ads begin to bitch about muh freedumb.
I fucking hate this clown earth, lads.


What If the LNP squeak through, will we be in hell world?


>>Try to listen to music on YouTube


What're your opinions on the UAP?


'Political' Peng messages banned at Australian Open
>Australian Open organisers said the safety of Peng Shuai remains their "primary concern" even as security officials at the Grand Slam forced fans to remove shirts referring to the Chinese former doubles number one.


Reminds me of last year's final when some fool tried to start a chant about freeing the refugees but was escorted out before he was even audible.


nice try FBI


File: 1642957937038.png (20.77 KB, 388x294, ClipboardImage.png)


Watch as UAP dipshits filter votes to the coalition
>24 + 5 + 18 = 47
Whoda thunk it


PM's WeChat account morphed into pro-China propaganda page
>His 76,000 followers on the hugely popular platform were notified earlier this month that his page had been renamed “Australian Chinese new life”, with his profile picture changed and the account description now reading, “(to) provide life information for overseas Chinese in Australia”.


>Joint Parliamentary Committee on Intelligence and Security chair Senator James "Hitler Youth" Paterson told the paper Beijing was seeking to “enforce censorship well beyond its borders and interfere in our democracy”.

>“(The CCP are) targeting our Prime Minister by seeking to shut down his ability to communicate with the Chinese Australians by banning him from the most widely used channel of communication in that community,” he said.

>“I am calling on all Australian politicians to voluntarily boycott WeChat. We cannot allow a foreign authoritarian government to interfere in our democracy and set the terms of public debate in Australia.”

Imagine being so high on copium that you think this has anything to do with Beijing and not just Morrison being a fucking moron and having a password like "jenny".


Silence, Skaven.


These polls always underestimate the LNP vote. Or the LNP rigs the elections.


Thanks for the reply brother. I also bought 4th political theory recently but I've got a few other things I have to read before it. Keen to hear what you think when you're done.


So now Morrison is making Liberal PMs boycott Wechat because of foreign interference.

Calling it now - the agency in China they used to verify the account screwed them and sold the account - no interference.

The goverment is now lying about interference to drum up anti-China sentiment because "being tough on China" is a winner in the polls.

Unique IPs: 99

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