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The previous thread died (is full) for our sins. >>326202
Everything Russia related belongs here.


reminder that russian food is god-tier


File: 1638575281788.jpg (432.57 KB, 1024x1280, blocks.jpg)

First for panel housing


>Russian thread with no russian language posts


New Kagariltsky just dropped


looks like something you put together from a bunch of ingredients lying around when you're starving


maybe, but it's still good


Main ingredients of that are cucumber, radish, potatoes, beef, herbs and kvass, hardly a starvation ration.


File: 1638635192051.jpg (151.92 KB, 680x680, redarmyman.jpg)



is the KPRF going to do something ?



Asking from the last thread:
>Does Russia really need a buffer zone to its west or is there no chance it would get invaded, thus negating the need for it?
Asking this because I saw some liberals shitting on the idea of Russia trying to get Ukraine in its sphere of influence as a defensive measure.


it needs a buffer zone. if NATO doesn't want to attack them, then why are they trying to get closer to their borders?
all this screeching about how Russia will invade Ukraine in the january are total bullshit, imho. Russian army isn't in situation to even defend itself properly. why would they risk a NATO invasion


NATO won't invade because Ukraine isn't in NATO. It would result in America tarding out on the world stage and nobody doing anything.


yeah, but maybe they are planning something. they bitch about muh rushan invaishun more than they usually do.


>why are they trying to get closer to their borders?
To prevent Ukraine from falling to Russia as well as to invade places like Iraq easier.


все смотрим Держать Курс

non-russkies too


what is it with russians and 2 hours long videos? making series of shorter videos will get them more views, imho


Shut the fuck up, burger


this guy sounds like dunkey, hard to take it seriously


Anyone buying land in Siberia as it warms and gets fertile, I would very much like to be part of the new kulak class


People still have attention spans in some parts of the world you know


>buying land in Siberia as it warms and gets fertile
Anon, I…
>I would very much like to be part of the new kulak class




have you seen the actual Siberia? you'll die there quite fast from tick diseases and the general environment


why does Syomin hate video games?


Why shouldn’t he?


I am just asking what's the matter and why people can't shut up about it


File: 1639081209095.png (96.09 KB, 530x456, russian genocide.png)

so looks like those talks with biden failed kek


they want to use it to pressure eurocucks into cancelling north stream


No the only thing that you'll get when Siberia finishes thawing is ancient bacteria and viruses that will make AIDS look like the common cold.


Wish the other videos got a translation


Russian government's struggle against Memorial is pure LARP. The pro-government historiography is anticommunist as well, but just in a different way. They could just make it governmental org and nobody would notice.
Nothing will come out of this.


Привіт москалі, ми ваших дітей і баб всіх мочем артилерією, коли у Донецьк всіх росіян вб'ємо тоді ми підемо на схід і замочим всіх москалів з благословення НАТО


File: 1639179386264.jpg (54.02 KB, 438x552, 1924_962335.jpg)

yeah, good, ok, mate

most of people in this thread aren't even russian, lmao

nice LARP, tho


Where can I find some Russians?


join a sambo class


Хохляндию долой


Give it to me straight; how useful is Russian? Should I learn german instead?


>Should I learn german instead?


Burger here with some experience learning both (A2 in German, only a bit of Russian so far). What are you hoping to get out of another language? Whether German or Russian is more "useful" depends on what you intend to use them for.


No. Russian is easier than german. It doesn’t have a braindead word order


I've decided to learn Russian, I've learnt the alphabet today and hopefully will try to start learning pronunciation tomorrow
My reasons for learning Russian are because I want to read Russian literature like Gogol, Tolstoy, Sholokhov and Lermontov, I've always been fascinated about Russian literature and I want to learn a language for reasons unknown so I decided to try to learn Russian because there's just so much literature I wish to read
I would like to know if there are any sources of info about russia today from a leftist perspective in english, discussing what is actually going on in russia and analysing current issues, any suggestions?
I want to know if the knee jerk 'putin bad' is good or not since I know nothing about it
That's strange, I thought german was fairly easy and russian was supposed to be extremely difficult


>I thought german was fairly easy and russian was supposed to be extremely difficult
if your native language is english then german is going to be easier to learn, that's for sure.


Ah yeah that's a good point, yeah my native language is english


>That's strange, I thought german was fairly easy and russian was supposed to be extremely difficult
Depends on your individual psychopathologies. German is like an Ikea language: if you can follow the instruction manual, boom, you've mastered the language. But the instruction manual was made by a drunken retard who hates humanity.

Russian is the opposite. The instruction manual is simple and easy to follow but to master it in living practice, you have to be a drunken retard who hates humanity. This is why their fights are so epic.


>I've decided to learn Russian, I've learnt the alphabet today and hopefully will try to start learning pronunciation tomorrow
Glad to hear it. You should start learning to type with the Russian keyboard soon too. Add it with your keyboard settings, then do daily typing exercises. Personally I use https://www.ratatype.ru/?fromVse10=1
>My reasons for learning Russian are because I want to read Russian literature like Gogol, Tolstoy, Sholokhov and Lermontov, I've always been fascinated about Russian literature and I want to learn a language for reasons unknown so I decided to try to learn Russian because there's just so much literature I wish to read
Nice, nice. If you want to learn a language for literature, Russian's as good as it gets.

I already recommended this in the last thread, but check out the New Penguin Russian Course (https://u.teknik.io/Na0xf.pdf). Apparently it's the "definitive" Russian textbook for beginners. I think Moscow State University has a free online course for self-directed students as well, but I've yet to look into it. Lastly, use Anki, if only a little. It's got this great feature for easily adding audio files from Wiktionary of native speakers pronouncing individual words. Duolingo is fine too.
Yeah, German's easy as an English speaker. Tons of cognates, pronounced as it's spelled (in Hochdeutsch anyway), and the grammar's pretty straightforward once you get used to it. Russian is almost wholly alien to me as an Anglo. FSI says it's is about twice as time-consuming as German for a native English speaker to learn.


>>642323 (me)
>FSI says it's is about twice as time-consuming as German for a native English speaker to learn.
Disregard that. It's actually more like 150% more time consuming.


>You should start learning to type with the Russian keyboard soon too. Add it with your keyboard settings, then do daily typing exercises.
Doesn't this mess up your usual typing pattern? I'm very happy with my natural system of touch typing, I'd hate to mess it up with a new keyboard layout.


>Doesn't this mess up your usual typing pattern?
I've never heard anything about that. Maybe? Kind of seems like you're engaging a "different part" of the brain so the wires aren't that likely to get crossed. I can't say I've had problems yet. On the other hand, I type like a wild animal in English (95 wpm tho) because I taught myself to type as a little kid. Russian's the only one I try to touch type with. I guess it isn't necessary if you don't plan to type much in Russian. Actually I started learning it for Anki exercises because I have to consciously think about the word, how it's spelled and pronounced, when it's easy for my brain to dismiss it as a vague collection of consonants with a vowel here and there. Might just be me though.


My native language is bengali and I found russian pretty okay, while german was a pain. Make of that what you will.


>Glory to great Stalin. 1959. Oil on canvas
Is the date on this legit or a typo? Was this guy allowed to make Stalin paintings after the de-Stalinization?



I've got a program here that inputs Cyrillic letters for its Latin equivalents. It's called Buuz; meant for Mongolian, and uses Mongolian Cyrillic, but it only has 2-3 additional letters and one letter that we don't use missing (Щ оr Shcha, but you can use Шц as a replacement. Bit awkward, but gets the point across)



Anybody got an HD version of any of the paintings on the website? I'd like to print it out and hang it on my wall



File: 1639596005855.png (802.04 KB, 1360x765, ClipboardImage.png)



Great russian and english marxist/socialist social science article repository


cyberleninka is not marxist, they just publish science papers


Russian language Matrix /leftypol/ room for those interested:
Русскоязычная комната /leftypol/ в Matrix, для тех кому интересно:


File: 1639640986364.png (230.66 KB, 1920x1080, minecrafthohol.png)

t. хiхiл.


I'd rather ask why people are so bothered by him hating video games.
Old man thinks games are a waste of time, big whoop.


Because contemporary mainstream gaming and the surrounding community are very dumb and alienating rather than engaging and socializing. Strategy games are dead/extremely niche, puzzle games are aplenty but are also ignored by most streamers if they are not trendy, RPGs have been dumbed down into the ground both story and gameplay-wise and MMOs are pretty much the definition of the word "alienation" due to how their game mechanics and social interaction systems are designed. Almost all mainstream streamer attention goes to battle royale shooters, survival "horrors" and meme games, with maybe a sideshow of something more mentally stimulating like modded Minecraft or an odd strategic management simulator game like Factorio or Prison Architect.


Syomin isn't aware of the particulars of the gaming industry to care about any of that, he doesn't play games.


Man, why are ukkkrainians so bloodthirsty?


He probably does see the surface level of the community though, which likely reinforces his opinion that gaming is a worthless waste of time with no potential benefits.


Bump with Rebel Jack.


Resentment. Kruschev was one resented moron, for example. He believed Stalin sent ukrainians to a slaughter against the nazi. He was a moron, it is logical that ukrainians were the first line becayse they were close to the border.


File: 1639947468007.jpg (312.6 KB, 1600x794, Th7TVbaX5w4.jpg)



Будет ли войне В Донбасс анони?


Никакой войны не будет. Армия РФ не в состоянии вести войну (даже с Украиной).

в 2014 году Путин зассал и не ввел войска в Донбасс, побоится и сейчас.


Надалюсь ты прав анон…




Are there any legitimate grievances by Malorussians (Ukrainians) against the USSR? Or is it all misinformation behind their dislike of it?


stop LARPing

Russian Empire and tsar Nikolka are gone


>Little Russian
<No you can't say that you have to call them border people (as in, at the border of Russia)
Anyways, got an answer as to whether the anti-Soviet sentiment is justified at all?


Risk/reward ration doesn't seem to be in Putin's favor at all, so I'm not sure what could be gained from that. Ukrainian's provocation is possible, but then again, the conflict would be devastating for them too. I don't really see it happening.


>No you can't say that you have to call them border people (as in, at the border of Russia)

bolsheviks called them ukrainians and they themselves use that name.

But nobody uses the "malorossy" name except monarchist larpers.


Будет, Сёмин не даст соврать.


Panel housing is best housing and this is a hill I'll die on. I would know, I'm in a commieblock rn and I've lived in commieblocks for my entire life.


Is the "Internet Research Agency" real?


Just wanted to say that this was an underrated post. Well done.

Furthermore, what's a better country to live in: USA or Russia? Sick of living in the West, bros.


Russia. It’s like the USA but has less of the standard of living gained from imperialism. If a communist force actually takes over, I’ll be inclined to say otherwise, but at present it’s the poor man’s USA


Why exactly is it that Russia is not imperialist? It has a small, tight oligarchy with an immense concentration of wealth, and likewise the country is fairly developed. Is it because the capitalists are focused on selling natural resources like natural gas?


Uh yeah, why would it not be? It does good work.


It’s not imperialist “yet”. But because it’s not really able to flex its muscles on the international world economy. This is changing, though.


What if glowies do a false flag and then watch the sparks fly though? Russia and Ukraine themselves might not want it but plenty of burgers do.


Apparently russia delivered an "ultimatum" about ukraine recently

- remove all foreign troops from country bordering russia, in exchange russia accept to make a zone without their military near their border
- no more US nukes on EU soil
- no more nato extension
- US ships and boat keep their distance from russian borders

If no discussion on these they threaten to start hostilities
did you guys heard of it ?


Putin's annual press conference is starting now bros


what will he say today? that BLM are literally bolsheviks? or that Lenin put Atomic bomb under Russia and he is trying to save it?

Fuck Putin, seriously




Happy Kagarlitskymas!!!
Rabkor is streaming with Jeremy Corbyn


File: 1640384057873.jpg (168.57 KB, 1000x1080, EF5v_nOG5os.jpg)


Can someone explain what the fuck Cossacks are? Are they an ethnicity? An ethnoreligious group? According to Wikipedia, they're Eastern Slavs that are also predominantly Orthodox Christian, so would that make them an ethnoreligious group that are also nomads? I don't get it at all to be honest.


They themselves think about themselves as an ethnos.

The old soviet theory about the origins of the Cossacks says that originally they were just peasants (krepostniye / kholopy) who wanted to escape serfdom and started living in the steppes and then became a special military class of Russian empire.

There are many other theories Lev Gumilyov (father of modern eurasianism) claimed that they were originally christian kahazars. There are also many theories that they come from scythian and turanic tribes.




File: 1640545143534.jpg (402.44 KB, 1280x960, medvedevkronstadt.jpg)

I've just found out that this year, Russia unveiled a monument to the Kronstadt rebels, lmao.
Anti-tankies for oligarchy.


30 years without USSR


File: 1640624076821-0.png (417.92 KB, 456x547, 16406175278730.png)

File: 1640624076821-1.png (26.38 KB, 608x187, 16406209792771.png)

File: 1640624076821-2.png (1.23 MB, 938x1280, 16406209792803.png)


Were they basically the Samurai of Russia?


Eh, not really, more like mamelukes maybe? A minority caste that was mostly known for their combat skills.


Он был болен? Или почему совершил самоубийство?


Евразийство долой



Он был под наркотой и поссорился с женой накануне. Есть ещё вариант что у него были терки с этнической мафией.


File: 1640709536860-0.jpg (141.56 KB, 728x843, MemorialPohuy.jpg)

File: 1640709536860-1.jpg (264.76 KB, 750x1080, MemorialPohuy2.jpg)

File: 1640709536860-2.jpg (191.05 KB, 635x1080, MemorialPohuy3.jpg)

File: 1640709536860-3.jpg (152.91 KB, 915x697, MemorialPohuy4.jpg)


Timeline is fixing itself. General Prosecutor's Office says that Memorial "speculates on repressions, twists historical memory, including of WW2, and creates the fake image of USSR as a terrorist state". Memorial, for the people who do not know, is Victims of Communism Foundation but in Russia. Eltzin-center and some academics already DEMAND that Memorial be let going.

Check this shit out:

>At a hearing in the Moscow City Court on December 23, a representative of the Moscow Prosecutor's Office said that Memorial's materials could cause a “depression” in those who read them. “The mental health of citizens may suffer. These materials can cause, among other things, a depressive state of citizens, "- said the prosecutor, answering a question from attorney Maria Eismont about the" destructive "consequences of distributing Memorial materials without marking that the center is considered a foreign agent.

>When asked whether the prosecutor's office had established such facts, the representative of the department replied that data on such cases were not attached to the case file. In addition, the prosecutor said that Memorial's materials could have a negative impact on the "spiritual and moral development of minors." After the lawyers asked to clarify this argument, the plaintiff's representative stated that the children could not critically assess the information disseminated by the Memorial Human Rights Center.

<children could not critically assess the information disseminated by the Memorial Human Rights Center.


File: 1640710816707.jpg (10.85 KB, 300x207, kekbig.jpg)

>said that Memorial's materials could cause a “depression” in those who read them. “The mental health of citizens may suffer. These materials can cause, among other things, a depressive state of citizens, "


What are those memes saying?


Peasant caste that got land and special privileges in exchange for military service.
Used as riot cops a lot during late Russian Empire.


Top half are NKVD "repression" cases from Memorial, wojaks are making fun of them
First guy just disappeared, second guy is german soldier, third sentenced to deportation but wasn't deported, fourth goes to gulag for falsely accusing someone else.




No doubt this reflects the sentiments that a vast majority of the population experience.


>What are those memes saying?
these are from so called "open lists" of repression cases. People usually don't even check the info they put there (and some might be even trolls) so you can have a person who was born in 1929 and executed 1928 and other hillarious shit.


More like runaway peasantry that got nomad-ish mercenary-ish in the borderlands, and then became special caste.


"Мои новогодние поздравления тем, кто в это время несет службу, обеспечивает безопасность граждан нашей страны.
Охраняет ее рубежи, выполняет свой долг, может быть рискуя свое жизнью.
Даже в эту новогоднюю ночь. Вспомните, что вы служите России. Защищайте Россию и россиян. Не везде в нашей стране сегодня мир.
И может быть поэтому мы сейчас особо остро чувствуем его ценность и значимость. Для меня нет более важной задачи в следующем году чтобы восстановить мир и нормальную жизнь в Чеченской республике, Северной Осетии и Ингушетии.
И тогда беженцы смогут вернуться к своим погасшим очагам. Не пожалеем усилий для этого.
В эту новогоднюю ночь особо хочу обратиться к россиянам, живущим за пределами России в странах СНГ и Прибалтики.
Дорогие соотечественники, мы помни о вас.
Делаем и будем делать все возможное, чтобы защитить ваши законные права нашей тысячелетней истории нашей великой России."
С наступающим, новым 1995 годом!


File: 1640980438720.jpg (31.96 KB, 350x250, image_big_117920.jpg)


What do here think people of the theory and practice of permanent trolling?



Хули современное российское творчество переполнено столько клюквы?


File: 1641006137654.jpg (69.25 KB, 680x499, winterpalaceveterans.jpg)

Bolsheviks who stormed the Winter Palace in October 1917 at a reunion in 1957.


File: 1641069333777.jpg (1.19 MB, 1635x1624, UXMwxKns3RM.jpg)


Wow, what an incredible picture. I'm guessing most if not all also fought in the Eastern Front?


Well, bc modern Russian state only uses Soviet nostalgia when it's convenient, and when you can cut out the Communist/Socialist part of it; like Space Programme, say it was a success, but remove the economy and education part of it, tell that everything was done bc Russians are just very smart nation in general. When it comes to Revolution, and Civil War in media, it's always Lenin is german/british/french/etc spy, Communist seized power illegally, they want to destroy russian nation, bc all communists are russophobic, also they are jews, whites were right etc. 30s are even worse in this regard bc ebil stalin now has institutionalized genocide of russians(collectivization and industrialization), destroyed the best of nation by purging intelligentsia, and building gulags, making soviet citizens a dumb kettle. GPW is more delicate case, and i suggest to watch BadComedian's video on Company of Heroes 2 Story, it's not actually that far from plots of movies produced by russian government. 60s 70s 80s - far less represented in dark light, but still there is evil Shadow of the Party and KGB at all times haunting the heroes.


Kek that's all the ones who weren't murdered by Stalin. RIP Pavel Dybenko, who also shared the same constituency as Lenin (the Baltic Fleet) in the 1917 elections.


Could somebody with VK who speaks Russian tell them somehow to link to this site instead of the ancient 8chan link?
The page seems active, it's curious that they didn't update the link.


I've noticed Russian nationalists use that term a lot.


Rehabilitated in 1956, hmmmmmm.


every nationalist uses x-phobia as argument. but russophobia really exists. currently it is weaponized by NATO.
as for the "bolshevik russophobia", nationalists often mean by this the "korenizatsiya (indigenization) policies from 1920s. it is indeed true that it had many retarded moments but it was far from russophobic.
Also, it was fashionable for soviet intellectuals, especially for satiric writers and poets to make smug comments about russian history, russian "national character", patriotism and so on. This behavior, of course, stopped being comme il faut in the 1930s when the patriotism was brought back. (This was the case of poet Demyan Bedny, who was criticized by Stalin personally for such a behavior)


The complaints about this always come from a position of chauvinism. I doubt the peoples who got to use their own language equally, or had them written down for the first time, consider it "retarded". It was the Bolshevik support of national equality that helped them win and won them deserved respect. I also don't see why communists shouldn't criticise jingoist nationalism, especially of their own nationality.


>In defence of the emerging trend of co-opting officers in the security and intelligence apparatus into high government posts, Patrushev noted that his FSB colleagues did not "work for money […] [they] are, if you will, modern 'neo-nobility'." ("современные «неодворяне»")

This is not a surprise in Russia but makes you think about the position of intelligence services in USA.


is the translation ok?


>The complaints about this always come from a position of chauvinism.
That's probably true and it was necessary and good thing for the bolsheviks to break Russian chauvinism, but in the end they had to realize that the USSR wasn't just any union of nations. It was a country that was the successor state of the Russian Empire and the only reason why the smaller nations of the USSR joined together with the Russians is because they had been colonized by them in the past. It was also a practical necessity to preserve the use of Russian language (and therefore Russian cultural hegemony to a certain extent) in areas of Soviet society like union-level politics or science. Also in some cases Russian influence was so pervasive over other nations was pretty much pointless to reverse. Take for example Belarussian liberals who wanted force the use of the Belarussian language on all aspects of public life while most people didn't speak the language. The Belarussian people said "no thanks" and voted for Lukashenko.

Unbreakable union of free republics
Great Rus' has united forever to stand!


>successor state of the Russian Empire

That's like saying the GDR was the successor of the third reich. And the decision to form a union of soviet republics was because the original idea of the USSR was that it would be a worldwide union of soviet republics as a precursor to world communism. After WW2, countries like Poland didn't choose to join the USSR. Bulgaria did consider it but didn't in the end.

I don't regard teaching of Russian as colonialism as anti-communists in the non-Russian republics howl, as you say it was necessary.

As for the anthem, perhaps this is controversial but I think that it would have been better as the RSFSR anthem as it never had one. The Internationale should have remained the USSR anthem, IMO. But it's a tiny side issue.


>is the translation ok?
I would say yes but my native language isn't english


Who is this yuri bezmenov guy why do I keep seeing clips of him everywhere.


File: 1641275358141.jpg (45.97 KB, 600x600, 44e.jpg)

A former KGB member and known anticommunist propagandist, big among conservatives and right wing conspiracy theorists. Rightoids try to portray him as a top KGB operative, but in reality he worked for a newspaper in India. He defected to the west in 1970, where he gave talks on "Soviet subversion", conspiracy theories on how commies are working to subvert and take over American institutions to establish communism (ironically many of these are known CIA tactics). Basically another rehashed version of Karltural marxism. Bezmenov was sponsored by the Birchers, an insane anticommunist society that was still teaching in the 70s that the bolsheviks ate babies. They fell out of favor when they accused Eisenhower of being a communist. Alex Jones is also an adherent of them.. You could say they were the Infowars of the 20th century.


File: 1641302038325.mp4 (13.48 MB, 1920x1080, 16412613983971.mp4)


That Sminem cut looking fly as hell


He probably wasn't KGB member but just an APN journo who wanted brown pussy


>Considering the type of people who take him seriously – hard right conservatives, Gog/Magog cultists, “Final Phase” conspiracy theorists, White Nationalists – it’s pretty funny that this guy’s complaints towards the USSR boiled down to them not letting him race mix with Indians.


I don't get it, what fucking law forbid him from marrying foreigners in USSR? Is that an another thing he just made up?


Remember that Lee Harvey Oswald was married to a Russian girl when he lived in the USSR. It was definitely allowed to marry foreigners, another thing he made up.


Plenty of Indian men who went to the USSR married soviet women and either brought their wives with them to India or settled in the Soviet Union itself, like my father’s friend. I think that it more or less had to do with the fact that he was outside of the country and marrying a foreign national would cause diplomatic issues.

Anyways, Russians are basically white indians, so I don’t see the problem in it.



File: 1641456364423.jpg (84.11 KB, 500x681, XWz367rj4OI.jpg)



do russians also have an unfortunate habit of shitting outside and imposing caste on the poor toilers


Well, Russians in village have outdoor toilets instead of indoor ones. And if you watch WW2 documentaries, you'll see that shitting outside without toilets was more of a German thing. Aryans, eh?


Go into a St. Petersburg elevator and tell me with a straight face it doesn’t smell like urinal. (Jokes aside, you do realize this is what happens when people have no sanitation facilities, right? San Francisco used to have homeless people dookie everywhere for that reason).

Also, Russia was stratified as all hell before the revolution and they loved them some pogroms. Modern India is what Russia would have been if the Soviet Union never came into power.

Итак, хватит пиздеть. Уж надоело.


File: 1641490042064.mp4 (1.78 MB, 848x464, 16414789049030.mp4)


File: 1641490315636.mp4 (3.33 MB, 400x640, 16414797439520.mp4)


File: 1641490508624.mp4 (11.3 MB, 1280x720, 16414800395320.mp4)


File: 1641490575836.mp4 (1.29 MB, 216x480, 16414802459000.mp4)


File: 1641490662580.mp4 (6.75 MB, 256x480, 16414804007430.mp4)


this belongs to the Kazakh thread


Is there anywhere I can read simple texts in russian that are preferably not fucking boring? I'm trying to learn this language but it feels weird


Maybe a children's encyclopedia? http://ya-uznayu.ru/
Read the subtitles of this, it's everyday language and gives you insight into culture. There are some grammar videos too, with most of them being interviews with Russians: https://www.youtube.com/c/EasyRussianVideos
Also, leninism.su for Marxist texts


Any Russian anons know the opening tune for this vid?



Russian boomer channels like Len.RU are the comfiest shit there is. Even when they are running some schizo bullshit, lol




He really doesn't. He made a video (granted it was kinda provocative) where he asked those who consider themself commmunist not to spend more than 1-1.5 on games and instead do some communist organizing and stuff like that. In response people went apeshit and eventually it turned into shitshow on both sides.


They were more like a caste. They are not an ethnicity nor they are a religious group. After Russian Empire fell they dissolved and existed only oon family history pages and nowadays there are a bunch of larpers who like to pretend that they are cossacks and it's like an ethnos. It is retarded in many ways but sometimesd quite entertaining. Obviously those who do that are incredibly reactionary.


File: 1642013773258.png (343.41 KB, 476x873, IMG_20220112_195422.png)

Без комментариев


It seems like the Geneva talks between NATO and Russia are breaking down with no results at all.
What is the take from anon in this thread about them, and what do you think will happen next?


>what do you think will happen next?
War. Maybe not immediately, but eventually. Major countries already signed on agreement to not use nukes, which means they are ready to use everything else.


Угорел, блядь


Russia will do more drills, scaring Poles and Ukrainians shitless. Meanwhile, USA will shit itself economically trying to push bases into Eastern Europe, thus either shifting focus away from China or actually abandoning Eastern Europe. In either case, USA loses, and NATO loses. EU may win Ukraine out of this, maybe, but I fucking doubt that Germany-France Axis will want yet another pro-US state in EU.


Embedding error.





Today I will remind you that Finns, just like Nazis will later, vastly overreported Soviet casualties, while vastly lowering theirs.


They also counted civilians as military casualties for soviets.


File: 1642166197040-0.png (71.86 KB, 746x699, 1.PNG)

File: 1642166197040-1.png (107.03 KB, 740x776, 2.PNG)


>L'Ucraina ha già chiesto l'adesione e abbiamo deciso di lavorarci. Di sostenerla nelle riforme, nella modernizzazione delle forze armate secondo i nostri standard. È chiaro che siamo aperti. Nel 2008 abbiamo stabilito che Ucraina e Georgia diventeranno membri, ma non quando.

he literally said, that they allowed Georgia and Ukraine to join NATO in 2008. But never told them when.

And it's a well known fact. They are setting "the dealdline" all the 14 years, lmao. I don't think this means anything serious


Why should we trust the word of a Soviet government official instead of actual historians?
Couldn't have been much at all. The war was fought on Finnish soil.


I hope you're right.


Cope. Im strictly against Finland joining nazis in operation barbarossa but self defence in winter war was more than justified.


>russian civilians dying in a war fought in Finland
Absolute state of ryssä.


The Finns lost, get over it


Finland could have been based if it wasn't for Mannerheim


Умер Леонид Куравлев

RIP, Afonya
1936 - 2022


А мир из-за того стал худшим.


File: 1644010756221.jpg (107.42 KB, 720x405, 7.jpg)

US Experiments on Ukrainian and Georgian Soldiers
>Ukrainian and Georgian military personnel are going to be tested for resistance to 14 pathogens that cause especially dangerous diseases. It's not just about the Crimean hemorrhagic fever. But also, for example, about typhus, anthrax. Tbilisi is ready to supply a thousand recruits for experiments.
It is assumed that we are talking about blood sampling - a seemingly harmless procedure. However, there is an important caveat in the documents - American military scientists must learn about the deaths of study participants within 48 hours.
>“This means that the experiments involve a possible lethal outcome, death. It is not known how and what kind of procedures will be carried out with respect to the military, and there is a real threat to the lives of volunteers participating in the program,” says the author of the investigation, Dilyana Gaytandzhieva.
>This Bulgarian journalist previously exposed a US-sponsored arms supply scheme to Syrian militants. She was engaged in research of the activities of the Lugar Center in Tbilisi, this important link in the extensive military biological program of the United States. From their satellites, Ukraine and Georgia, the States require not only the provision of a field for experiments, but also sources of biomaterial.


Maybe they should use a large enough sample…like 100000.


That VK page is bigger than bunkerchan. We need to make them aware of bunkerchan.


cuckrainians are literally letting burgers use them as guinea pigs with no regard for their lives


“They” are not the ones letting them. It’s literally the Ukrainian bourgeoisie and the military commanders allied to them using conscription to voluntell people to submit themselves to it. It’s tragic and outrageous


sorry empathyanon i know


Damn I didn't even think anything in particular about your "guinea pig" analogy until I saw what posts you responded to, wtf yo.


>self defence in winter war
lol. The white Finns had it coming and were counting on Britain, France and Sweden bailing them out.


File: 1644269188903.jpg (827.72 KB, 5150x383, Untitled.jpg)


if Russia crossed the border tomorrow, what would happen internationally?


Yeah exactly. I am in a matrix room with Ukranian Communists and it sucks having to think about all the shit they must be going through. Even one of our drawanons is a Ukranian guy and talks about how hard his life is all the time in /draw/.


File: 1644421004708.jpg (117.7 KB, 1248x672, main_image_Delimhanov3.jpg)

Russian Lawmaker Threatens to ‘Cut the Heads Off’ Chechen Activist’s Family
>A Russian lawmaker on Tuesday threatened to decapitate the family members of Chechen lawyer and anti-torture activist Abubakar Yangulbaev.
>Yangulbaev’s father — a retired federal judge — and sister fled Russia on Jan. 23 after the activist’s mother Zarema Musaeva was violently detained in western Russia and forcibly brought to Chechnya.
>“We will pursue you until we cut off your heads and kill you,” Adam Delimkhanov, a ruling party deputy in Russia’s lower house of parliament, the State Duma, said in an Instagram video.
>“This also applies to those who translate this video into Russian,” Delimkhanov said, according to a translation from his native Chechen language cited by The Insider news website.

very epic. when some retarded youtuber post a photo with some girl sucking him off with St Basil Cathedral in the background, that's heckin extremism and a threat to muh values. But when this happens every putinoid cuck is silent.

I wonder how is this country going to epicly fight NATO. It will be indeed epic. An epic fail for neo-feudal oligarchic Russia. No, I don't support Ukraine


Russian junkies are now eating toadstools, lmao


better than fentanyl


and krokodil


I heard somewhere that most of the current decent military might of Russia can be attributed to left-overs from Soviet Times. To what extent is this true?


What am i to bring up when Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and Gulag Archipaelgo are mentioned?


Since they like fantasy I recommend the Stormlight series by Brandon Sanderson
bring up the fact that Solzhenitsyn was an anti-semitic Nazi sympathizer who carried around Nazi literature in the middle of a war of extermination against his own people and he got gulaged for exactly that, that his numbers and figures were debunked by Soviet archives and that his wife literally called his work complete fiction lmao


1) It's literally called "An Experiment in Literary Investigation"
2) In one interview Solzhenitsyn said that "he made an extract of extract" of the stories people were sending to him. So it isn't even memoirs of the prisoners but Solzhenitsyn's version of them


Varlam Shalamov was a better writer and unlike Solzhenitsyn wasn't an anti-soviet Nazi sympathizer despite also going through the gulag. Was still a trot and bukharinite though lol


Also IIRC he didn't try to pass his literary works for documentary fact, which didn't stop Conquest and Applebaum from citing them as such, however.


So he was a nazi sympathiser then.


lmao touche. He did get pretty upset at being published in foreign dissident magazines, published an open letter calling them anti-soviet rags. That got him alienated from those circles, they claimed he wrote the open letter under duress, and Solzhenitsyn proclaimed him "dead". By credible accounts there was no duress however and the open letter reflected his real views. Think he might have just grown out of the Bukharinism by then.


>guinea pigs
*guinea hohols



Zinoviev is an example who heavily changed his views when he saw the devastation that perestroika and later shock therapy brought (Before that there was slow and steady growing disdain gor the west) Going from someone wanted to assassinate Stalin in his youth to defending Stalin very heavily.


video about russian jucheists


Anybody can repost the order/decree by Stalin that anyone harming civilians in WW2 would be shot?


Something to be pointed out is that many of the people who were marxists that served time in the Gulag and got out didn’t renounce communism in favor of capital. While some were critical of the state policy and actions that led to their imprisonment, they wanted greater accountability and oversight over state apparatuses, not the abolishment of AES or even economic reform.


>Stalin's Order of the Day from January 19, 1945: "Officers and men of the Red Army! We are entering the country of the enemy. the remaining population in the liberated areas, regardless of whether they’re German, Czech, or Polish, should not be subjected to violence. The perpetrators will be punished according to the laws of war. In the liberated territories, sexual relations with females are not allowed. Perpetrators of violence and rape will be shot."



Stalin did do something wrong after all.

Hammurabi's law should have been observed.

t. Jew





Григорьев прав. России пизда.



File: 1646007015360.png (20.98 KB, 588x213, belarus nukes.png)


Я никогда бы не догадался


File: 1646009051379.png (113.01 KB, 794x590, 1629592738121.png)

>Stalin did do something wrong after all.

>Hammurabi's law should have been observed.

>t. Jew


File: 1646450509202.jpg (71.18 KB, 640x426, image.jpg)

Russia to officially decriminalize software piracy
>Against the backdrop of growing sanctions, the Russian authorities are urgently preparing support measures, among which the abolition of criminal and administrative liability for the use of pirated software "from countries that supported the sanctions" is being discussed. Such a move could temporarily mitigate the departure of Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and others from Russia, experts admit. But, they warn, most of the significant software from these companies is sold by subscription, which means that access to it will be blocked anyway.



File: 1646450871173.jpg (512.41 KB, 875x1050, pirate 2ch.jpg)


Высокомерная хрень


>actual historians
LMAO you do realize that "Actual historians" in the West used Finnish data that did not correspond to Soviet documents on losses (that had been secret, and not PR). There is literally no reason to trust Mannerheim, a literal fascist that cheerfully sided with Nazi Germany even before 1939.
>The war was fought on Finnish soil.
<what are ethnic Russians living in disputed territories
<what is artillery shelling over national borders into residential areas
Try harder.


докажи хоть чем-то


Чего доказывать, чувак просто треплется 2 часа


Да тебе верю вообще, просто хочется знать побольше.


File: 1646460025158.png (343.51 KB, 600x600, ClipboardImage.png)

Объяснять нечего просто, чувак попугайничает либеральную ерунду и игнорирует детали. я не за Путина, но псевдо-пацифистическая хрень городить не критика.


Понимаю, спасибо


Western social media is a liberal, glowing hellhole. How is it on the other side, Russian-anons?


Same but russian version with national traditional values ™


These guys remind me of Star Trek fans except it's for the DPRK




Российские ютуберы уже не могут монетизировать свои видео



File: 1646538057103.jpg (75.21 KB, 1078x350, 1646494030494.jpg)



there is a much more favourable video which that channel has done previously on the USSR. also, at the time of it's dissolution the USSR was very popular and wanted to be maintained by the people.


Social Media in Russia is actually pretty decent, Some nationalism can be found but it's nothing on Westernoid shit and the legacy of the USSR tempers a lot of it.

They said social media, not MSM.


>They said social media, not MSM.
one half is libtard pro-western cretins, the second one are putinoid retards. plus it's easier to get arrested for your social media posts in Russia than in the US, so basically they are glowing much more than Twitter


А разве он не прав? Экономика летит в пизду, Россия обложена санкциями как КНДР, с Украиной тоже все не получается настолько быстро как ожидалось, Китай России почти не помогает…


1) Он нечего ОБ этом не говорит, просто повторяет то что слышал без анализа
2) Это всё с какой стороны смотреть: КНДР и Россия разные вещи, На Украине идёт как говорили, 2 недели и не прошло как окружили Киев, Экономика не особа поменялась, только Стоки, и меры уже приняты.


>it's easier to get arrested for your social media posts in Russia than in the US
No it isn't, the USA just represses news on it better. The amount of censorship in the USA is insane.
>one half is libtard pro-western cretins, the second one are putinoid retards
Uhuh, and no in between? You generalize too much.


лол гость из манямира, "не поменялась", иди того же Сёмина посмотри если либерахам не веришь

а Киев ты теперь хоть три раза по кругу обойди, а в спину повстанцы всё равно будут стрелять из каждого окна

укронационализм две декады был уделом кучки футбольных фанатов и львовских пенсионеров, в 2014 Путин им подарил повод создать вооружённые батальоны под звуки падающих статуй Ленину, а в 2022 и вовсе Великую Отечественную Войну Против Москалей

обещанная декоммунизация, спасибо блядьнахуй квасные патриоты с разграбленной армией


Он тоже скатился, нечего конкретного не говорит
>а Киев ты теперь хоть три раза по кругу обойди, а в спину повстанцы всё равно будут стрелять из каждого окна
Ну да, они же за гражданскими прячутся
>в 2014 Путин им подарил повод создать вооружённые батальоны
Ересь либеральная. Я сука помню как это начилось и Путин, каким бы мудаком он не был б, он не причастен был в этом. А ЦРУ в прямую была участна.
>обещанная декоммунизация, спасибо блядьнахуй квасные патриоты с разграбленной армией
Это происходило с 91ого, и ОУН тогда еще орудовала, не надо придумывать, что это мол раз и случилось из за Путина


>No it isn't, the USA just represses news on it better. The amount of censorship in the USA is insane
I wasn't talking just about censorship, but literally about arresting randos for their VK posts
I don't know about any such case in the US but in Russia tthere are dozens of them
>Uhuh, and no in between? You generalize too much
this "inbetween" is absolutely insignificant in comparison to putinoids and libs


Потери армим РФ на Украине за 10 дней войны


the UK sometimes does it, thats the only place where I heard of it. And Germany under insult law but I guess thats another story


Putin seems much more powerful and wealthy than a typical western head of state/government. What would happen if he moved to nationalize the oligarch's assets and end the system of corruption?


He would probably die, and people like Abramovič won't be touched since he is in israel


Putin is powerful and wealthy because of the corruption. It iss like saying that Trump being billionare is good because he cant be bought. If he had drive to do something beyond accumulating wealth and power he woudnt be where he is in the first place.


Как-то не верится


That concerns just the past though. Now that he (supposedly) has so much power, can't he take a new turn and bring the productive forces to the state?


Is Russian easier to learn for a native German speaker than for a native English speaker?


>literally about arresting randos for their VK posts
Yeah, the USA does that for social media too, they just do it more silently.
>I don't know about any such case in the US
My point exactly, I DO know such cases
>absolutely insignificant
So you say.


The anarchist who was arrested?


Yes, German pronunciation and grammar lends itself better to learning Russian.



File: 1646799361677.png (359.25 KB, 763x527, ClipboardImage.png)

Russia is playing 4D environmentalist chess


Aside from learning Russian language & not being ugly, how would I go about getting a qt Slavic gf in Russia.
I'm not Angloid but Chinese so would I have better luck in the Far East of Russia than in Western Russia?


How good are your job and economic prospects? If they aren’t even marginally better than the locals, you’re SOL. Then again, slavic women can be very high maintenance and calculating, but if you treat them right they’ll spoil the fuck out of you


Well since the Ruble is pretty worthless now I'm probably better off than the locals as I live in Australia with Australian Citizenship (quite a wealthy country from being a junior partner in US Imperialism) & own a house despite being a young zoomer.

Is it true that in the Russian Far east there is a growing trend of Russian women marrying men from East Asia or is that just for gold digger women looking for some rich Chinese capitalist?



Probably golddiggers. Even that’s uncharitable, they’re looking for economically viable partners.


Any news from 2ch? I've not been there in some time.


That's beautiful, not a single ad in sight either


When do we get the next opinion poll for the 2024 presidential election? 🤓


И Зюганов зовет, коммунисты вперед!



Russian and ukrainian comrades, are u ok?


not cool


Opinion discarded


it's not some opinion piece but a video from the anti-war protest


What did I just say?


In USA she'd have been pushed over and cracked her skull on the pavement


So how u doin in Russia, M8s?


Hey anons I've heard a lot of rhetoric recently due to the Ukrainian war that Russia did war crimes in Syria. Claims that they used white phosphorus and cluster bombs… My question is did Russia do anything at all shady in Syria or is this likely western projection?


Shameless bump for my question!


fake and gay


Выпей яд


hey dudes. Hows the mood?


Not great, not terrible.


keep your heads up. would be super nice to hear from the inside sometimes but I get that you have your better channels propably


pls come liberate us again eventually.


I'm posting in the main Ukraine thread from time to time, though I'm certainly not the only Russian on the board.


where are you from?


Чет русские коммунисты, кроме некоторых, не высказывают позицию по операции, не анализируют, да и как-то тихо, что странно.

Тем временем мелкие буржуи из ЕС помогают украинской армии.

Мои незначительные попытки донести до мелкой буржуазии мысль, что фашистской армии помогать не ОК.. не принимаются. На HN мелкая буржуазия быстро скрыла мои посты, но вроде бы больше не появляются про-украинские посты.


see flag! Although its a long story


Хули эта вторая фотка на польском?


После польского, ниже на английском.


Вероятно, многие банально опасаются, что их выебут (обоснованно), а ситуация на данный момент далеко не революционная, так что risk/reward не в их пользу.


Хули не пишет “риск/ревард”? (Не волнуйся, просто подъебываю)


File: 1649338312776.jpg (129.14 KB, 1280x720, viktor_korneplod.jpg)



File: 1649419915632.jpg (256.09 KB, 1278x878, uEGIybpuvlY.jpg)


File: 1649421507037.jpg (549.33 KB, 1280x1440, SoqRveB5zh4.jpg)

Why leftypol doesn't talk about Zhirinovsk's death?


>Old grandmother that doesn´t know the situation gets a bunch of signs she clearly didn't make pushed into her hands and put up as a virtue signal
<Police politely escort her from the area that risks becoming violent and block attacks from ideologue-ridden "youth protestors" that are clearly trying to provoke a riot


Кому нужна была эта сволочь


His and Condoliza Rice's sex tape when?


людям которые монтируют ютуб - пупы


Ну да.



Caм ты сволочь, не пизди тут.


Хули нравится Жириновский?


File: 1650022997212.jpg (431.93 KB, 1423x2160, t9I6k3QWcDM.jpg)


Huuuuuuuuuuu shut it down



Not surprising, but while Putin may raise the specter of the USSR and its promises to try and maintain power, only communists can really deliver on them


File: 1650057375122-0.jpg (263.75 KB, 904x1280, 1650053024471-0.jpg)

File: 1650057375122-1.jpg (151.86 KB, 865x1079, 1650053024471-1.jpg)

The newest creation of the ukrainian propaganda - a poster depicting russian opposition as orcs or some shit saying:
<"They are now crying, repenting and saying: 'We want peace, Russia without Putin!' DON'T BELIEVE THEM! Moskals are and always will be imperialists!"

It's a remake of a soviet poster from 1945 saying:

>"They are now smiling at you, bowing and shouting: 'Hitler Kaput!' DON'T BELIEVE THEM! THE GERMANS ARE BEASTS!"

So much for "democatic and liberal" Ukraine, lmao


Wrong thread to post this in, uygha, we are in the know what modern Ukraine is.


on the off chance that indian russian speaking anon visits this thread, can you understand the lyrics in this one?


the original poster is also shit


No, it's boring and bland. Im Russian and ever since I moved out the only Russian thing I cook is borsht, but that's not even Russian lmao


Say what you want but in America you can protest about anything you want without the riot police arresting you right after you open your mouth.


They are using cluster bombs rn in Ukraine, and they did so in Syria yes


>gets skull cracked open
>lol at least atm not arrested


Ukha is top tier though.


Как местные квасные шапкозакидатели антиимпериалисты коммунисты лол смотрят на то, что сколько-нибудь стоящие красные в россиюшке выступают против войны и с критикой ебанувшегося олигархата? Семин, Рудой, Кагарлицкий, куча имен поменьше.
Кто на вашей то блять стороне долбоемы? Гоблин и Зюзя лол?


Try that while not being white lmao


russia is a shithole but dont try to make it like there isnt rampant police brutality in amerikkka lmao


File: 1650104287374.jpg (156.55 KB, 450x634, original.jpg)

at least it's not this


Никак. Они русского языка не знают.


>we are in the know what modern Ukraine is.
I didn't say you aren't, lol, but it's always good to know specific examples of ukronazis being cunts. And it also shows how they hate every russian regardless if he is pro war or anti war.

Do you guys remember the girl who interrupted TV news on Pervy kanal with anti-war poster? She was praised even by Zelensky himself.
Well, she's now "russian propagandist" according to ukrainian media. Why? Because she said that the Putin's regime is guilty in the war but not the russian people (or something like that). And ukrainian activists are trying to get her fired from her job in Die Zeit (where they gave her a job after she was fired from Pervy kanal.)

These people are not much differrent from western radlibs when it comes to "gatekeeping" and "toxicity", lmao


Я Семина уважаю, хоть с ним не соглашаюсь. Хуй с остальными. Война разразилась. Нечего поделать, кроме выиграть или проиграть. Кстати, как Жуков относится к войне?
Нахуй иди.


Да я понимаю


File: 1650126067110.mp4 (4.57 MB, 1280x720, Zelensky wut.mp4)

Does anyone know here what is the name of the song in the video?


There's a full version of the video, it was a parody of this clip from long ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZP_Rv-mBwU
I'm not sure what meme song is playing in your vid lol


Я не слежу за "стоящими", по твоим словам, красными, но хотел бы задать пару вопросов без подъёбов, если ты в курсе. Учитывая материализм и всю хуйню, чего конкретно они добиваются своими выступлениями против?
То есть каким образом сейчас может выглядеть прекращение ситуации, и к каким результатам привести? Лично на мой взгляд, это уже невозможно сделать, все зашло слишком далеко и нужны какие-то конкретные результаты (для обеих сторон конфликта).
И второй вопрос, какие плюсы для пролетариата в теории принесло бы это мгновенное, ну или постепенное окончание хуйни? Затягивание конфликта, понятно, что идет всем пролам во вред, но вот что может дать им его скорейшее окончание?
Интересуют как их мнения, если ты в курсе, так и твое лично.


Thank you.
Both videos made me very nostalgic of late 2000s to early 2010s, for some reason.


Is it true that despite the hardships, Russia for a brief period of time post-USSR became very liberalized for music videos like this got made, something not imaginable today?



Momentary social liberalism at the cost of the proletarian rule, their property, and everything else the revolution achieved. And now they have neither. Yikes sweaty.


>ussr dismantled because sociali progressivism


File: 1650187412923.jpg (510.37 KB, 1132x1472, vc0AyfGgTHU.jpg)

new Ahmid
very relevant


>Social liberalism is when you don’t hate gays and blackasses
The absolute state


There was a major celeb gossip show for a while on a central channel, NTV, called Сук@любовь, the host was a drag queen. It seems to have become lost media since, there's scant information about it anywhere. You can read Navalny soyraging about it in 2007 on his LJ: https://navalny.livejournal.com/126290.html
I think the show eventually was reformated into Ты не поверишь! in the same late evening timeslot


Снял рудой Ролик относительно той самы темы


Погляжу сегодня в течение дня.


Ну спасибо, Рудой, в конце хоть немного про экономическую борьбу. Мне Рудой разонравился после его наездов на Партию рабочих, в лице П. То, что для П. местная буржуазия более выгодна рабочим, чем иностранная, это по моему верно. Партия рабочих, это единственная Ъ коммунистическая партия в РФ насколько мне известно. И если что-то и правда делать, то больше некуда идти и наезжать на эту партию, ммм…

Т.е. мне кажется, наоборот нужно вести людей в партию рабочих, но получается наоборот.


>Мне Рудой разонравился после его наездов на Партию рабочих, в лице П.
Кто такой П. ? Попов что ли ?


>чего конкретно они добиваются своими выступлениями против?
охлаждает милитаристский угар народа который пока еще не хлебнул кровушки, но имеет все перспективы захлебнуться ей
потому как я непосредственно встречал неадеквытных знакомых которые всерьез хотят ебнуть "тактической" ядреной бомбой чем идти на переговоры
И я совсем не уверен что загнанный в угол как пес путин не нажмет кнопку, и то что я всерьез такой вариант рассматриваю это говорит само за себя
Такое пятно уже никогда будет не смыть, это уже будет вечное клеймо "народ-пидор"

>То есть каким образом сейчас может выглядеть прекращение ситуации, и к каким результатам привести?

В идеальном вырианте путин и его ближайшее окружение что называется "cut their losses", умеряют свои амбиции ресурсной сверхдержавы, и идут на поклон договариваться. Диванные патриоты будут вонять, но да хуй с ними. Вот военщина, эти вечно обиженные долбоебы, вот их надо будет прочистить, так как могут замутить за уязвленную гордость при поддержке определенной части элиты. И чем дальше в лес, тем труднее их будет удавить в колыбели.

>И второй вопрос, какие плюсы для пролетариата в теории принесло бы это мгновенное, ну или постепенное окончание хуйни? Затягивание конфликта, понятно, что идет всем пролам во вред, но вот что может дать им его скорейшее окончание?

Тем что пролетариат не будет отправлен на мясо? Ты голову то включи на минутку. Легкой победы не будет, и воевать будут до последнего крепостного.
Плюс в любом случае лед тронулся, и будут перемены. Какие, ну я хз, но нынешняя система власти точно не сохранится. Тут большая вероятность, что путина вынесут из кремля вперед ногами, либо в результате народного бунта при продолжении войны, либо в результате внутреннего или военного переворота.


Хоть раз ставь запятую где-то в твоем письме. Мне пришлось пять раз перечитывать то, что ты написал.


>Тем что пролетариат не будет отправлен на мясо? Ты голову то включи на минутку.

Я не об этом. Мне кажется, для каких-то реальных изменений экономическая и социальная обстановка должна ухудшиться гораздо сильнее, чем сейчас. Говорят, к осени реально прочувствуются санкции, но до этого времени ещё много всего может случиться, конечно.
Смерти пролетариев это разумеется, очень хуево, но пока что не вижу никаких предпосылок к тому, что операция остановится в ближайшее время. Насколько я вижу, у большей части населения довольно боевой/патриотический настрой сейчас. В моем городе у всяких мужичков с заводов тоже. Против только единицы знакомых левых, ну и либералы, но толку от этого ноль, естественно.
В вынос путина вперёд ногами в данный момент тоже не верится по этой же причине. Холодильники пока ещё у людей полные, а это же главный мотиватор. А вот к той же осени-зиме уже будет интересно посмотреть, что начнет происходить.
Согласен с тем, что какие-то внутренние перемены будут в любом случае. Надеюсь, оба будем живы и сможем за ними понаблюдать, а может и не только понаблюдать.


Ты нам не дал хоть одного разрешения, просто намекнул на фантомов. Думаешь ли, что Путин разве приведет страну к ядерной войне? Или поздно не будет твоей “мясорубки”? Или натовцы на деле не угрожают России?

Человече, хватит нам морочить голову. Или, может, ты просто наивен.


>Right now there is a large-scale shelling of Kharkov and Nikolaev. Serious shelling is also taking place in Donbass, - media.

>Presumably, Donbass, Mykolaiv, the north of the Zaporozhye region and Kharkiv will be the hottest spots in the near future.


sry meant to post this in another thread


>Думаешь ли, что Путин разве приведет страну к ядерной войне?
Не исключаю, что при поражениях на фронтах, от безисходности и бессилия могут ебнуть.

>Или поздно не будет твоей “мясорубки”?

Чувак, ты блять сидишь там в своей индии или откуда ты там, а мобилизовывать нас будут. И если будут мобилизовывать, то опять же от безисходности и будут сразу кидать на амбразуры, уж наше генералье никогда о потерях не заботилось. Так что уж лучше позже, чем раньше.

>Или натовцы на деле не угрожают России?

Угрозы полномасштабной войны не было, просто стягивали кольцо давления. В любом случае, я не люблю разглагольствований в духе, кто там, или что там угрожает "России". Российский сырьевой госаппарат сам шел на конфронтацию, лез куда ему не следовало, надеялся лечь под немцев, а немцы сами легли под американцев. Не по сеньке шапка оказалась. А теперь они реально находятся в изоляции, потому что местные умники могут сколько угодно ерничать по поводу, что дескать Запад не весь мир, но с точки зрения Капитала - Запад это считай весь мир и есть. А мы как известно живем при капитализме.


Хватит нытья. Если так боишься сдохнуть, свали куда угодно


Местами неплохое видео, но бля всё это можно было сказать минут за 5-10. Много хуеты и воды какой-то с обоссаным юморком. А так анализ ситуации и агитпроп это и так то, чем я занимаюсь. В общем-то и до начала всех этих событий делал это, с переменным успехом.


Докажи хоть чем-то


куда я тебе свалю? это Кудрин вон может свалить
хотя конечно зрелище приунывшего Абрамовича в Стамбульском аэропорту заставило улыбнуться


Ладно, не сваливай. Сделай то, что считаешь правильным. Может, я ошибся, и твоя линия сама целесообразна. Было бы хорошо, если так. Только не читай нотации мне о том, где сижу, не сижу.


Is it really so that no Russian Socialist is for this war not being lost at all? Most people I can talk in English too seem so, all lead by Syozin and while we can argue (and its your country after all), giving it to our oligarchs isnt what I consider socialist either.
Dotn wanna argue tho, just ask how the percentages kinda are in Russia.
In Germany Id say 50/50 in the hard-left.


File: 1650370168540.png (361.92 KB, 1240x705, 1.png)

this is how russian internet looks today

i can't take the whole page screenshot in my browser

i uploaded the pdf to here:

it looks like 4chan basically (these are photobucket hosted/linked photos. to be clear. but all other look similar with mi6 guro shots)

i dont know what you be saying as i dont follow russian politics


eh the pic says 'putin isn't looking' 'go out!' (means go protest)




I mean good luck I guess. I think its a miscalculated move that will bring everbody in power but not the communists. But I know my country better than yours.


speaking of russian politics i in general agree with this page


to me it is illegitimate state and if nuclear bomb lands on it everyone wins


t b h i would land a nuke on modern day europe too, but thats too much to ask


sounds like the most cringe elements of german politics, ngl. even if its illegitimate, the people are still real. And they need somebody that can provide a better future


India apparently started exporting food, tea and coffee ro Russia, but stopped buying russian helicopter because they plan to make their own. (They still make Kalashnikovs there, so what the point is, I do not know)


with English subs


Russian-only, no subs


As a russian I agree so much.


>Vladimir Putin, Russia's current President, has said in a 1991 interview:
>I must tell you that there was a time in my life when I was very interested in Marxism and Leninism, read a lot about it, found it interesting and often logical. But as I matured, the truth became more and more apparent to me, that all of that was no more then a beautiful but dangerous fairy tale, dangerous because an attempt of its implementation in our country caused a lot of harm. And I would like to talk about the tragedy, which we are experiencing today, the tragedy of disintegration of our state, which you cannot call anything else but tragedy. I think that the actors of October 1917 put a time bomb under the foundation of this building, the building of a unitary state called Russia. They broke our fatherland into separate princedoms [i.e. republics], which never existed of the map of the world. Gave them parliaments and governments, and now we have what we have. On the other hand they destroyed what glues, molds the people of civilized countries – market relationships. They destroyed the market, emerging capitalism.



Хочешь умереть?


Does anyone have those results of the 2021 Russian elections where the communists had high exit polls but got a lot less in the actual outcome? Or in general, evidence for rigged elections in Russia?



No suprise the vlasovite traitor is a total fucking libmarketbrained degenerate.


А пожар возник в каком-то тверском институте. Вы знаете ли, что там произошло?


Причины - хуй знает. В Оренбурге еще рудник пиздануло, может казахские диверсанты.


Вправду? Откуда могу узнать больше?


Про диверсантов я угораю. Просто пиздануло и все, никто эту новость не мусолит, насколько я вижу.




Да не, не жаль, это же значит, что ничего интересного не произошло там. А интересных событий сейчас и так хватает, блядь, нужно хоть местами какое-то спокойствие.


Наверное, ты прав


Ребятки, не знаю как вы, а я уепываю в узбекистан, пока еще не ввели военное положение. Не собираюсь дожидаться когда меня поведут как скотину на убой.
У меня еще столько незаконченных дел, столько книжек не прочитанных, столько всего интересного нужно сделать. Я не готов умирать блять, идите нахуй.
Если бы патрианутые националисты что слева что справа сами бы друг друга обнулили то все бы выиграли, так нет же, они хотят чужими руками жар загребать. То старые бабки вопят за войну, то пезды ходячие которые в тылу будут отсиживаться, то офицерье которое отсиживаться по штабам будет или тебя стрелять будет если ты под пули не полезешь. Собрать бы их всех нахуй и в Мариуполь на штурм азовстали. Все бы выиграли и они бы отмучались тоже.

Такие дела.


Вали туда, никто здесь тя не осудит.


А почему ждал так долго? Многие посъебывали в первые же недели, максимум месяц.


>А почему ждал так долго?
Только сейчас дошло что надо все планы бросать и драпать всерьез.
Да и вначале была надежда что пронесет, но два месяца это уже лимит.


Да и я все думал они хоть какой-никакой худой мир может подпишут, но хуй там, долбоебы завели разговор о коридоре в приднестровье, это была последняя капля.


Понятно, ну что тут скажешь, поступай так как считаешь нужным, там точно будет спокойнее как минимум. Мне валить некуда, да и не очень хочется. Досмотрю всю эту ебливую историю изнутри, так сказать.


Поздравляю, ты передиваешь интересное время. Не переживай)


File: 1651183155982.jpg (33.26 KB, 512x291, xPxYYmrNV2g.jpg)

Что нового?


США не отдадут замороженных русских активов, из передадут бандеровцам. Если что, Херсон-де не вернется Украине, станет, может, собственной народной республикой. США и РФ завершили обмен пленными, итд


Ща уже включился режим похуизма, так что блядь сидим и смотрим это ебучее кино до конца, хули париться.


Ну, передай мне попкорн


File: 1651196879099.png (165.78 KB, 370x331, 2487.png)

у нас только 3 КОРОЧКИ, ешь что есть


Это все лучше


Читал те посты хуя из жж? https://leon-spb67.livejournal.com в основном треде про украину их вроде бы постили


Буду читать


Russian anons, why is it so hard to import artbooks from your country. I just want to get one on Aleskandr Deineka ffs


As in, more difficult than importing any other stuff? No idea.


>Former Belarus leader Stanislav Shushkevich, the man who broke the news to Mikhail Gorbachev that the Soviet Union was being consigned to history, has died at the age of 87, Belarusian media quoted his wife as saying on Wednesday. Shushkevich was one of the three main actors, with Russian president Boris Yeltsin and Ukraine's Leonid Kravchuk, at a meeting in a Belarusian hunting lodge in December 1991 at which they sounded the death knell of the former superpower led by Gorbachev Shushkevich ran Belarus until 1994, when he lost a presidential election to Alexander Lukashenko, and was unsuccessful in several later campaigns against him.


makes me feel old, m8


Бамп. Новости на конец 8 мая:
Шушкевич сдох
Потапенко опять наебал Стаса( сломал материнку на новом компе)
Все ждут могилизацию
Рубль продолжает укрепляться
Наши войска отступают из под Харькова.
Кагарлицкий попал в список иноагентов
14 мая будет фестиваль "100 лет СССР". Организатор — Аврора. Участники: Спицын, Платоха, Колпакиди и проч.
Так же 14 мая Рабкор проводит свой форум с неясной повесткой. Участники: Кага, Рабкор, Дамье и проч.
По факту будет 2 съезда левых, но одни за войну и типа "социал-шовинисты", а другие топят за поражение отечества и "леволибералы".


>Участники: Кага, Рабкор, Дамье и проч.
Участники: Кага, Гарсия-Берналь, Дамье и проч.



who is this lady may i ask


She's Liliya Anisova, national-stalinist i.e. fascist.

I posted photos with book with Stalin on cover just for attention.




File: 1652081819399.jpg (54.59 KB, 991x902, lulz.jpg)

>Потапенко опять наебал Стаса( сломал материнку на новом компе)
how does he keep getting away with this?




Stas' post about this situation below

После вчерашнего релиза обзора на «Эльбрус» многие начали спрашивать когда обзор на заказнный мной из Китая компьютер на китайской архитектуре.

Вынужден разочаровать. Его не будет.
Дело в том, что я заказывал этот комп из Китая через Егора Потапенко, того самого который украл у меня видеокарту и сливал мои документы и личные данные.

Он очень кичился в своем видео как красиво меня обманул, продержав и протестив этот компьютер, пока я доверяя ему ждал доставки.

Он еще ехидствовал в видео, мол, он все тесты провел, а я его даже включить не смогу.

Так вот. Я вправду не смог. Поэтому обратился к МЦСТ. И они тоже не смогли. Знаете почему?

Это пидорас Егор Потапенко вытащил оттуда половину комплектующих (оперативку и т.д.)

Украв эти комплектующие мудак умудрился повредить слоты. Так что я просто выкинул больше 100 000 рублей, напоминаю, Потапенко Егор - крыса, мразь и вор!

Кремниевых Секретов на Китайскую архитектуру не будет. Спасибо Егору.


Мда, русня даже название романа спиздила. Народ-поберушка.


>залётыш с чего-то решил, что коммунисты должны уважать интеллектуальную собственность


lmfao why didn't he just learn to use Taobao after the first time, unbelievable
>naming a book the same way as a homage to another well-known book which served as inspiration
Oh no, it's retarded


Someone doesn’t know russian



Я—простой иностранец. Знаю рабкор, а все же разъяснйте. Именно какой срач тут творится?



Что именно тебе объяснить?

Есть такой блоггер на Ютубе — Стас Васильев. Определяет себя как левого(по взглядам примерно социал-демократ) Снимает обзоры на электронику и технику. У него есть второй канал, на котором он выпускает политические видеоролики.

Был когда-то на Рабкоре в съёмочной команде парень по имени Егор Потапенко. Он был наглый и назойливый, набивался ко всем в друзья и в конце концов достал Кагарлицкого — он выгнал Егора.

Стас подобрал Егора и устроил к себе оператором. Он проработал у Стаса примерно год, но и его тоже достал, и Стас выгнал его, но перед уходом он залез в компьютер Стаса и вынул видеокарту 2080ti, взамен поставив свою 2060. Это было осенью.

Сейчас выясняется, что Егор ещё испортил дорогую материнскую плату, предназначавшуюся для обзора.


Понятно. Словом вредный, злобный уебок, не так ли?


Which way russian man?


File: 1652184156861.png (628.32 KB, 658x525, laugffin-rats-324.png)

>Soviet Rat Republic
Based. Fuck the Human Great Satan.
Where Do i sign up?


За то не Биндеровцы


>1st pic
What a weasly little rootless cosmopolitan.


Мнения ?


>1.5 millions per stream

Man, all it took for a "communist" to get this popular was to oppose Russia in a conflict between USA and Russia




we solved it, there was a translation in the replies. I mean I guess youll be bombarded with it anyway


Глумится над мёртвым это скотство.


this thread is dying

post Viktor Korneplod if you are a true russian


File: 1655320579059.png (55 KB, 203x248, ClipboardImage.png)

Sorry I only have Krasnibor Skomoroh


Anyone know what's happened to the website of the VKPB? Never works for me.


bolshevik.org works for me


Not the same party.


Не сметь смеяться над заслуженным клоуном Российской Федерации, правацкой политической проституткой Владимиром Вольфовичем Жириновским!


they've just renamed the domain



because Putin started cosplaying an epic patriotic leader


отличный обзор ситуации с левыми в Украхе от чела из РФУ и Батова


File: 1657658082400.jpeg (10.27 KB, 194x259, images.jpeg)


>rootless cosmopolitan
ebin comrade
fuck the jews rootless cosmopolitans



>I have no doubts that members of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation are sticking precisely to this position. Regarding the socialist idea, there is nothing bad about it. We should flesh out this idea, especially in the economic sphere. Some countries have given it substance, and this is linked with market regulation forms, etc. This idea is working quite effectively. We need to look into this.

>Regarding the involvement of the state, the relevant debate focuses on the extent of such involvement and its forms. We should see how the state should regulate its economic activities. We will certainly address this during our discussions and debates. I assume that we will find these solutions, while realising that the interests of the people and the country are at stake.

Opinons? Мнениа?




говно ебаное с ушами, говорящая голова
говорит о социализме когда только недавно протолкнули пенсионную реформу
суки ебаные


надо эту суку плешивую кончать нахуй вместе со всей ихней тусовкой
поставить эту моль к стенке и заставить молить о пощаде


File: 1657660985838-0.jpg (195.62 KB, 1280x1280, 16501275910243.jpg)

Cui prodest? Если бы Российская Федерация стала членом Европейского Союза, то это бы сильно экономически усилило и Россию и ЕС. Стали бы возникать вопросы а зачем нам базы НАТО в Европе? От кого угроза-то?
Вот и думайте.

Солидаризм, же. Либерда сколько угодно может сравнивать Путина с Гитлером, но на самом деле он наш русский Муссолини.


Don't have Russian Cyrillic on my keyboard + you should really adopt the Serbian reform on orthography.


File: 1657675274796.jpg (92.5 KB, 1200x675, poporon.jpg)

Borsht is Ukrainian.


>Russia is not imperialist but has expansionist goals into a bunch of different countries
Refute this, if it's not true


Reminder that not that long ago Putin was claiming that he's an epic liberal

Anyone who believes anything what he's saying, is either absolutely naive or a complete retard


File: 1658161038609-0.png (346.93 KB, 518x393, infrasoy.PNG)

File: 1658161038609-1.jpg (68.82 KB, 744x878, soys_with_attitude.jpg)

and the Infrasoy channel didn't let me down

e-celebs soyfacing about X country are the worst


Russia is the lesser Satan, simple as.


>Историкам здесь (пиздеть) просто
На канале Петра Балаева вышел вот этот ролик про российских левых историков.

Оказывается, что большинство из них лишь повторяет анти сталинские мифы под соусом "сталинизма"


He is scared, so he is trying to absorve it.



File: 1659354703395.jpeg (69.94 KB, 590x393, 756593518956244.jpeg)

Бакатин всё
>Последний председатель Комитета государственной безопасности СССР и руководитель Межреспубликанской службы безопасности Вадим Бакатин скончался на 85-м году жизни. Об этом сообщил в понедельник телеканал "Россия 24" (ВГТРК).

>Бакатин возглавлял КГБ с августа по декабрь 1991 года. При нем была проведена реформа Комитета госбезопасности, после чего Комитет был разделен на несколько самостоятельных спецслужб.

> В 1991 году Бакатин передал послу США схему подслушивания здания дипмиссии в Москве



The last head of the KGB of the USSR Vadim Bakatin died

>The last chairman of the USSR State Security Committee and head of the Inter-Republican Security Service, Vadim Bakatin, died at the age of 85. This was announced on Monday by the TV channel "Russia 24" (VGTRK).

>Bakatin headed the KGB from August to December 1991. Under him, the State Security Committee was reformed, after which the Committee was divided into several independent special services.

>In 1991, Bakatin handed over to the US Ambassador a wiretapping scheme for the building of the diplomatic mission in Moscow.


I've heard this video caused a massive butthurt in the russian e celeb circles


What percentage of old Russians have a positive view of Socialism, versus what percentage of young people have a positive view of Socialism, in your estimation?


>(This was the case of poet Demyan Bedny, who was criticized by Stalin personally for such a behavior)
What did Bedny say or write that got him criticism?


Dengist Russia. Do it now


Сам иди на хер, клоун тут только ты.


Drama nonsense. It's not that controversial, some people are just looking to get attention, but its not circulating much cuz BadComedian has such a big fanbase.



Tubus has some beef with Balayevites? LOL




Челик, спок. Если тебе так нравится жирик, то иди ещё поплачь о безвременной кончине тесака или просвыни, хуле.


File: 1659888006960.jpg (20.66 KB, 377x349, get help meds.jpg)

>[Болтовня Шизофреника Отморозка]
Ваня, таблетки принимай, и пошёл спать!


File: 1660181697720.jpg (122.98 KB, 565x575, 1621893993864-3.jpg)

He was a sell out from the get go.


Run through translation or something for the insight into what exactly and how badly "historians" from the archives fake their documentary proofs of communist crimes. Check out how he was responding to criticism.

LOL'D, NKVD was so incompetent that sentenced people to 10 years of imprisonment over a law that allowed only up to 2 years of imprisonment, and Tubus went full Boguslavsky (check his "news of Stalin's repressions" series for context) over getting showed that it's a fake document


File: 1661035565143.jpg (50.36 KB, 640x640, darya_platonova.jpg)

Baza и 112: Дочь Александра Дугина Дарья погибла при взрыве машины в Подмосковье

>В Подмосковье при взрыве автомобиля погибла Дарья Дугина, дочь публициста и правого ультраправого эзотерика Александра Дугина, сообщают телеграм-каналы 112 и Baza.

>По данным 112, взрыв произошел на Можайском шоссе в районе поселка Большие Вяземы. Дарья Дугина ехала в джипе Land Cruiser Prado, машина взорвалась во время движения, сообщает Baza со ссылкой на очевидцев.

>«В настоящее время приоритетной версией является взрыв самодельного взрывного устройства», — сообщает 112.

>Дарье Дугиной было 29 лет. Как и отец, она занималась публицистикой: вела телеграм-канал, посвященный европейской политике и поддержке «специальной военной операции», выступала экспертом в ток-шоу и читала лекцию в ультраправом книжном магазине «Листва». В марте 2022 года Дугину добавили в список санкций США, а в июне она попала под санкции Великобритании.



Ничего, почему тебя это так ебет?


Тупая Пизда в расход. Как бальзам на душу.
Жду не дождусь возрождения индивидуального политического терроризма. Следующий на очереди папаша.


File: 1661092873903.png (176.91 KB, 512x399, ClipboardImage.png)

Нелюдей как вы надо расстреливать на месте, да по скорее. Глумится над смертью девушке, при том что она не кому вреда не нанесла это быть психопатом - а это болезнь либералов.


Охуеть, ты крутой

Иди играйся в Нечаева на двачах и дай взослым серьезно поговорить


Пиздолизов забыли спросить.
Ваше мнение очень важно для нас.


The eldest daughter of Semyon Konstantinovich Timoshenko is Ekaterina Semyonovna Timoshenko. Do you think there is a lot of mystery in the biography of the Egyptian Nefertiti? You probably don’t know anything about the daughter of Marshal Timoshenko.
Mysteries begin immediately with her birth. Portuguese, the author of the vile book "Marshal S.K. Timoshenko", describes the birth of Ekaterina Semyonovna in this way:
“A notable milestone in the personal life of Semyon Konstantinovich was February 1923. At an evening in Minsk dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the Red Army, he met a black-eyed beauty, a Turkish woman with a sonorous name Nurgail. Tymoshenko fell in love with her, as they say, at first sight. And the girl seemed to reciprocate his feelings. And they got married two days later.
“The free bachelor life is over,” Guy Dmitrievich joked, handing gifts to the newlyweds from colleagues. I wish you great happiness and eternal love.
But neither one nor the other worked. On December 21, a daughter was born. They named her Katya. And on the night of the new year 1924, the young wife disappeared, leaving her husband a child. The search did not give any results, although a special department also joined them. Only a month later it was possible to find out that Nurgail had gone overseas to Poland. Her motives for doing so remain unclear.
Where Semyon Konstantinovich managed to find a Turkish woman then in Minsk, and why she is a Turkish woman, and not a Tatar, at least, I don’t know. But everything is possible, then little tomatoes were grown in Belarus, she probably came from Turkey to trade them. Profitable business.
But the story is romantic, it’s just a pity that Semyon Konstantinovich didn’t serve in the navy, and best of all in the Caspian or Volga flotilla, then he could marry a Persian and throw her overboard a warship. It would be more interesting.
Some researchers have further supplemented the Portuguese version with the fact that Timoshenko quickly fell out of love with his young 16-year-old Turkish wife, beat her with his fist and even sometimes with the butt of a gun. Butt often, in the end the butt broke. Therefore, Nurgail, offended in feelings, agreed with the military commissar Leonov and fled with him.
In the 2000s, Mr. Olgerd Zhemaitis began to study the biography of Ekaterina Semyonovna.
Here, the birth of Katya's daughter is already not in Minsk, as with Portuguese, but in Peterhof. And the mother is not a Turkish Nurgail, but Ekaterina. Not a Turkish name at all, not even Persian or Tatar. Official document.
Moreover, Zemaitis found Timoshenko's questionnaire filled out by Semyon Konstantinovich with his own hand, this questionnaire contains the data of his first wife: Kransdeneske Ekaterina Stanislavovna.
Not Turkish at all! All intrigue has disappeared, except that the fate of Ekaterina Kransdeneske is completely unknown. Although, just this uncertainty kills all the intrigue. Just like that, the wives of future famous marshals, and Timoshenko was a very famous person in 1923, do not disappear without a trace, so that nothing is known about their future fate. I suspect the worst - the first wife of Semyon Konstantinovich died in childbirth, for this is the name of her daughter. But in this life, everything could be, our Earth is round, so not everything on it is straight, almost everything is curved.
It is only interesting that he used Portuguese, who seemed to have a Turkish woman, and those researchers who had visions of how Semyon Timoshenko beat a Turkish woman with a butt? I even think that the visions were colorful, like the way commander Timoshenko with red eyes and an animal expression, chasing the fleeing Turkish woman in shalwars and topless through the streets of a military town near Minsk. And the fighters and division commanders are proud: “Ours is a man, you won’t spoil him!”.
And what did Zemaitis use when, having received an answer from the archive, he made the following conclusion:
“Apparently, the marshal did not want and, by and large, could not name the real name of his first convict wife in his personal file. And in order to somehow make ends meet: after all, Katya was born in 1923, and he was married to Anastasia Zhukovskaya since 1926, he indicated a certain Kransdeneske Ekaterina Stanislavovna as the mother of his first daughter. He came up with this name of a woman, as they say, “from a lantern”. And so this mysterious stranger arose in the biography of the marshal, who may have existed in reality, but had nothing to do with the birth of his first daughter.
Well, you already understood what is more interesting when the marshal's wife is a victim of Stalin's repressions. "Squirrel" loves such stories, if she is not entertained with interesting stories, she will jump off to the Christmas tree out of boredom, green scary devils will come running instead of her.
And I also wonder if these researchers of the biographies of famous people themselves drive a potion to lure squirrels or buy it somewhere? ..


Живу в Молдове. Кто-то может объяснить почему бензин подорожал? Полно заправок Лукойл, но Лукойл же производит бензин.


в рашке бенз и соляра дорожали еще до всей этой хуйни
связано с тем что нефтепереработка сильно лагает за нефтедобычей в рашке, а сейчас с оборванными экономическими связями и тем более
плюс рынок нефтепродуктов монополизирован по самые гланды где все сырьевые олигархи наверно в одной бане парятся и одних баб вместе ебут



File: 1661911212766.jpg (511.86 KB, 1050x988, dugin suckin.jpg)


I want to learn more about the feudalist class relationship of tsarist Russia. Does anyone have English sources that can give me a understanding?


File: 1662697733683.png (303.02 KB, 600x600, ClipboardImage.png)

Уж лучше Пизду бабе лизать чем членососом типа тебя, пидор.


File: 1663010551984.jpeg (23.72 KB, 474x474, th-2742543839.jpeg)

Как вы там зигоиды приготовились к мобилизации? Я уже приготовил попкорн. В строю местной мочи скоро будут потери - зюганоида можно списывать, его мы больше не услышим.
Сука, как же хорошо в Узбекистане, никаких тебе войн, живи не хочу. Удачи в АТО, ребятки. Не хворайте.


File: 1663119815217.jpg (91.83 KB, 640x914, 6588965 (2).jpg)

>как же хорошо в Узбекистане
<З-зигоид, м-мобилизация
Этот куриный крик украинский, неси обратно к Зеленскому, зигоиды он тут по переводил тут бля.


File: 1663120024212.png (16.15 KB, 626x624, ClipboardImage.png)

>Borsht is Ukrainian
>it's boring and bland
<I'm Russian


Why didn't Russia join the EU? There are a couple of conservative/autocratic/semi-developed countries already in there.


File: 1663378718319.jpg (52.91 KB, 700x740, glowieCar.jpg)

>conservative/autocratic/semi-developed countries
Go back Adam.


A vestnik buri video about Dugiin.

de-googled link: https://piped.kavin.rocks/watch?v=RmfCJOohB2o


File: 1663511155826.jpg (90.07 KB, 1080x729, 770dJD6jBVg.jpg)

And here is what Letov said about Dugin:

>EL: And there was also a story: once we lived at Kuryokhin - Dugin, me and Nyurych. We wake up, I open the window, Bernie Sanders lies on the bed thinking about something and asks: "But where is Omsk located?" I say: "Well, where: in the south of Siberia. Near Kazakhstan." - "Kazakhstan is near Omsk? And what if the Kazakhs poisoned the air? They can poison the air! Immediately close the window: the wind is poisoned!" And, in all seriousness: he was scared terribly, he began to walk around the room. "The Kazakhs, damn it, poisoned the wind - where will I go? It is, for sure. I know they have the reed people. They have Lake Balkhash, and reeds grow in large quantities there. And the reed people live there, reed people who never stick out, only breathe through a tube." Then he thought again, thought and said: "And in the middle of Balkhash there is a huge island, where lives a gigantic, gigantic cat, whom they all worship." He had this from Kuryokhin, unambiguously. Where else could he get this? He says: “Damn, reed people are all around, what can we do? They can arrange an invasion! That’s all - then we’ll be finished! If the reed people get out, they’ll climb on us with their cat! And the cat is huge, three meters tall!”

>(…) And then Bernie Sanders drank a little, and started with this Kurekhin's hubbub again. He said that a huge plasma is flying at us from the galaxy. This plasma is approaching us, and soon we are done - literally in a year, or something. I say: "Well, yes, of course, Lenin is a mushroom." He was terribly offended, it almost came to a fight

This is the man infrared worships, lol


>Vestnik Buri
Don't care, didn't watch, the guy has gone full Trotskyite and legitimately makes shit up and seethes for being called out about it by even other communists. Too many shitty amrica-imitating rap videos he made must have fried his brain.


Does "kraskon" (краскон), allegedly "red conservative" (красный консерватор), actually mean anything? Or is it just the Russian liberal version of "red-brown" or "redfash"?


19.09 - визит Патрушева в Китай для тайных переговоров с главой МГБ Китая, а также одним из членов их Политбюро.
20.09 – спешно, без всякой предварительной подготовки оккупированные части Украины (ХНР, ЗНР, ЛНР, ДНР) заявляют о референдумах. До этого администраторы спускали на тормозах вопрос референдумов.
21.09 – объявление о мобилизации. Тоже решение спешное, как мы сейчас понимаем, принятое за несколько часов.
22.09 - МИД Китая требует от России и Украины переговоров и прекращения огня без всяких предварительных условий.
21-23.09 – Словно сговорившись, от приёма карты «Мир» отказываются даже те немногочисленные страны, что сохраняли с Россией положительные нейтралитет – Турция, Казахстан, Узбекистан, Вьетнам.
22-23.09 – Спешный обмен членов украинских нацбатов, для которых помпезно строили судебную клетку, а потом эшафот для казни.
23.09 – Индия заявляет, что перестаёт покупать российскую нефть даже с прежними огромными скидками.


Не понял

Ты что хочешь этим сказать? Что Китай ударил Россию ножом в спину?


Как ты уехашь??


File: 1664049185287.png (517.33 KB, 1280x380, 16639729656310.png)

Друзья, товарищи, аноны! Происходят тревожные события, наша с вами Родина проходит череду потрясений, которые, возможно, когда-нибудь приведут социалистическое правительство к власти. Давайте же обсудим политическую программу, вокруг которой левые России смогут объединиться и взять власть.

Пока удалось написать только 4 пункта, критикуйте и дополняйте:

1. Декрет о мире и самоопределении

Вооруженные силы России прекращают все наступательные действия, занимая оборону по текущей линии разграничения. В ЛДНР и занятых областях немедленно проводятся референдумы о передаче власти коалиции левых сил и оборонительном союзе с советской Россией. В случае отрицательного результата референдума российские войска отходят с территорий указанных образований на границы РФ 22 февраля. Объявляется, что на наступательные действия Украины против войск советской России и союзных территорий последует ядерный ответ, проводится (с предупреждением) демонстрация удара ТЯО по пустому месту на о. Змеиный.

2. Национализация всех банков в РФ с последующей тотальной кредитной амнистией, национализация крупной промышленности и сельского хозяйства

3. Физическое задержание всех представителей крупной буржуазии, высшего менеджмента и их семей (составить список)

4. Требование к мелко-средней буржуазии равномерно распределить 50% акций предприятий между работниками в обмен на гарантии безопасности и собственности с в перспективе выкупом остатка акций по рыночной цене


Swastika-wearing ex-pupil kills 15 in Russian school shooting
>MOSCOW, Sept 26 (Reuters) - A gunman with a swastika on his teeshirt killed 15 people, including 11 children, and wounded 24 at a school in Russia on Monday before committing suicide, investigators said.
>The attacker, a man in his early thirties who was named by authorities as Artem Kazantsev, killed two security guards and then opened fire on students and teachers at School Number 88 in Izhevsk, where he had once been a pupil.
>Russia's Investigative Committee, which handles major crimes, said it was looking into the perpetrator's suspected neo-Nazi links.
>"Currently investigators…are conducting a search of his residence and studying the personality of the attacker, his views and surrounding milieu," the committee said in a statement. "Checks are being made into his adherence to neo-fascist views and Nazi ideology."
>Investigators released a video showing the man's body lying in a classroom with overturned furniture and papers strewn on the bloodstained floor. He was dressed all in black, with a red swastika in a circle drawn on his teeshirt.
>The Investigative Committee said that of the 24 people wounded, all but two were children. Regional governor Alexander Brechalov said surgeons had carried out a number of operations.
>He said the attacker had been registered with a "psycho-neurological" treatment facility. Investigators said the man was armed with two pistols and a large supply of ammunition.
>Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said President Vladimir Putin "deeply mourns" the deaths. He described the incident as "a terrorist act by a person who apparently belongs to a neo-fascist organisation or group".
>He said doctors, psychologists and neurosurgeons had been sent on Putin's orders to the location of the shooting in Izhevsk, about 970 km (600 miles) east of Moscow.
>Russia has seen several school shootings in recent years.
>In May 2021, a teenage gunman killed seven children and two adults in the city of Kazan. In September last year, a student armed with a hunting rifle shot dead at least six people at a university in the Urals city of Perm.
>In April 2022, an armed man killed two children and a teacher at a kindergarten in the central Ulyanovsk region before committing suicide.
>In 2018, an 18-year-old student killed 20 people, mostly fellow pupils, in a mass shooting at a college in Russian-occupied Crimea, which Moscow seized from Ukraine in 2014.


Anyone here read A History of Russia by Nicholas V. Riasanovsky?
Is it an ok pre-Soviet overview?


Depends, could just be a smear but some people really called themselves that.
They're just called "Zommunists" nowadays.


Not exactly the same. ML are often called something like a краскон by "libertarian" socialists/anarchists/libs and other idiots, but obviously most actual MLs are not in support of war with Ukraine, so "zommunist" doesn't apply to them.


"Kraskon" was a sort of a slur for communists who opposed feminism and idpol. (not the same way like leftypol, but even more radically). But soon it became a buzzword and evening being ML who doesn't oppose feminism didn't prevent you from being called kraskon. (The name is often used by more "liberal" leftoids)


Че как там дела антиимпериалисты? Чето не видно зюганоида, наверно повестка пришла. Надеюсь сучара не отделался быстрой смертью, а в госпитале с отхуяреными руками-ногами на дваче капчует лол. Больше калек россиюшке вечно притесняемой бедненькой, чтобы в переходах не пройти было потом лол.

Ниче, то ли еще будет ребятки. Лягушка варится медленно, но верно. Вы еще успеете все захлебнуться кровью. Я вам это обещаю.


>Вы еще успеете все захлебнуться кровью. Я вам это обещаю


File: 1665139043146.jpeg (23.9 KB, 474x461, th-3892948282.jpeg)

ты главное когда повестка прийдет не забудь берцы купить армированные сеточкой, американского производства, как тебе твои же бояре сказали лол
глядишь скоро будут выдавать кредиты на снарягу лол


я не русский и в России не живу, петушок

пиздуй со своими плачами про "плахих анти импириялиздов" на сосач и не мешай нам тут


so basically Russian stupidpol/brocialism?


>so basically Russian stupidpol/brocialism?
kind of


No. Don't listen to that anon. It's more closer to hard-liner ML takes that focus on class and criticize focus on liberal idpol by communists before a revolution. The name is a smear in the same vein as tankie is meant to be, but has become a catch-all-term (like tankie) for any ML/anti-liberal.


How is that definition different from yours, lmao


File: 1667896382662-0.png (513.95 KB, 642x639, 1655106622660.png)

File: 1667896382662-1.png (544.14 KB, 641x659, 1655110795454.png)

I made a thing a while ago. What do you think?



How could you not notice that???


Не хочу постить из своей учетной google записи.

Помогите задать вопрос тут


Как я понял, от сокращения рабочего времени отказались так как в данный момент нет условий. Гд\
е можно прочитать анализ из которого сделано это заключение?

>если требовать 6ч рабочий день, то нужно в 4 раза больше рабочих

Но разве нельзя объяснить что это заблуждение?

Можно сократить раб день, но оставить сверхурочные. Кто хочет учиться, работает 6 ч, кто не хочет, работает две смены по 6 ч. Рабочим виднее как организовать работу, посменно или более гибко. Сомневаюсь, что прям все рабочие откажутся от сверхурочных. И не все предприятия оборонные. Многие не заняты в производстве, заняты в услугах или безработные, частично заняты; они могли бы пойти в производство будь там смены короче и ЗП выше. Люди старше 50 наверное не могут работать по 10-12 ч в день, 6 ч могли бы.


Can we talk about the fact that whenever I eat Russian food I immediately vomit it out? It never happens to me with any other type of food, just only with Russian food.

Why is this? What makes it inherently so repulsive?

Please help.


just don't eat it, retard


yet another western lefttuber on Syomin's show


I just wonder who will be next?


I hate the Russian tendency to dub everything. Fuck

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