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File: 1640227434688-0.png (832.74 KB, 1280x640, Redditoids.png)

File: 1640227434688-1.jfif (237.62 KB, 540x2127, Undra_Glowie_Mongol.jfif)

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Haven’t you noticed how feds will all have this smug “witty” attitude when they’re online? They sound exactly like redditfags. Pics related: This glowuygha was caught being an agent for the NED. You can find more evidence of this on twatter: https://twitter.com/DanielDumbrill/status/1374157179121397760
I'll show more examples of this weird phenomenon.
Note: I asked this question here >>655576 and some anon made a great response to it but his response "somehow" got deleted. He basically explained that the idea is to overwhelm the other opposing commentators in order to sound intelligent and give off a sense of legitimacy. The anon claimed it's likely written in a handbook somewhere because it's so common among glowies.


File: 1640228000537-0.jfif (128.84 KB, 1124x1110, Vuvuzuela_glowie1.jfif)

File: 1640228000537-1.jfif (71.63 KB, 1125x794, Vuvuzuela_glowie2.jfif)

File: 1640228000537-2.png (41.76 KB, 583x96, Vuvuzuela_glowie3.png)

>>657374 (me)
Similar behavior going on regarding Venezuela


>Haven’t you noticed how feds will all have this smug “witty” attitude when they’re online? They sound exactly like redditfags.
Other way around. Reddit culture has this smug "witty" attitude precisely because it's a glow hive and fedditors are always updooting each other to get high comments and to shape the """"""""""culture"""""""""" on that website.


She claimed that she was an expert in Mongolian script and even won awards in it, yet when quized on the script, she failed miserably.


Hence why it's easy to figure out if someone's fedding because they sound like a redditoid even though they're on Twitter, Facebook or even here.


>Reddit culture has this smug "witty" attitude precisely because it's a glow hive
But why are feds so smug and witty?


They're trying to apply direct peer preessure as much as possible


In order to become a fed you have to be the most boring straightedge loser imaginable. If you got contact high on weed one time you are ineligible. They are the most pathetic desperate losers in the entire world doing a cushy bullshit job. Of course they feel smug and superior to cope with the fact that they have literally nothing else.


>But why are feds so smug and witty?
lol this thread

Burgers and the burgerized in general are "smug and witty" because they're irony-poisoned and I won't go into why cynicism is a dominant form of ideology in the West, this has been discussed plenty of times already. The Westerners are at this point incapable of not being smug.

I would rather be more suspicious of the pathetic display of emotions mixed with the stand-up poetry or whatever you call it, like the first tweet here: >>657383
Whenever you see this you know someone is trying to sell you something or is an opportunist. And I see a lot of that shit everywhere.


Because they're liberal PMCs and thats how they all act anyway


Whatever this anon is saying. Although glowies can also be pretty smug, it generally depends on the script that they are pulling.


>That 2nd pic
I would like to apologize on behalf of all Mongols; these Americanized imbeciles in no way shape or form represent the opinions of Mongol people. We are stupid, not not this fucking stupid


File: 1640230726113.png (226.59 KB, 590x652, Fed_cannot1.png)

There is more. As mentioned here >>657395 she can't even fucking read Mongolian script despite claiming she won awards in Mongolian caligraphy.


Fucking lmao, 4 years of mandatory Mongol Script in High School and yet still can't read; sounds about as Mongolian as you can get


I don't know if it's glowies, a bunch of retards just like to make shit up online



In our case, our imbeciles jump from a bridge to make daddy America proud so they could get a cushy job in a US-funded organization or fuck off to the US (Then regret their decision and come crawling back here after a few decades cause can't even get a dentists appointment without going into debt lmao


Ima be honest with you, I myself can't fucking understand old Mongol script because I was a shit student in school; I'm gonna get fucked come 2025 when they change the writing system


Ok, now that I look at her profile pic; I don't think she's even Mongolian, probably one of those half-breeds in US or Germany tossing shit


That's the general shift from propaganda being blasted from an "authoritative source" to letting people compete for clicks/likes and do feds' bidding for free. It doesn't even matter if nobody really believes it themselves, it produces the same effect in the end. Countering propaganda becomes cringe or problematic.
Although the fact that they now have to call you a shill is a sign that they're losing confidence.


This is true, they are the people who reminded the teacher that she forgot to assign homework. They are perfectly book smart, no creativity, no ability to use their knowlege for new things. Just pure regurgitation.


Neoliberals literally think that this is the greatest age that humanity has ever known. That all of human history has led up to this era. Remember that. They think anybody who hates the system and wants to change it is either too young to understand, deluded, stupid or malicious. For all their talk about "democracy" it doesn't take long for them to start talking about "marching morons".
Well, she *is* a shameless lying hack, so she has one qualification. All she needs is arrogant stupidity and she'll fit right in with her future colleagues in journalism.


File: 1640232452011-0.png (121.89 KB, 811x740, Smuggy_Falun_faggot.png)

File: 1640232452012-2.png (138.61 KB, 638x479, Smuggy_Falun1.png)

File: 1640232452012-3.png (158.25 KB, 642x489, Smuggy_Falun2.png)

File: 1640232452012-4.png (51.33 KB, 622x176, Smuggy_Falun3.png)

>>657383 (me)
Here is another one who turned out to likely be a Falun Gong cultist. He was lurking around on Jackson Hinkle's channel.
For the record, you can use a VPN in Xinjiang. My boyfriend is from there.


File: 1640233263862.jfif (189.22 KB, 621x2048, Glowie_house.jfif)

She IS associated with the World Uyghur Congress, (NED/CIA funded), she spoke at the event, literally knew a Gitmo glowie who participated in torture and people in the twatter thread discovered she was drinking at a starbucks in or near Langley.


She now works at a specific glowing university but I don't want to say where because I don't want to get banned for "doxxing" people, (even though she used her twitter profile pic as her "staff" pic at the "research group" in the university where she works! lol)


>Even CIA glowies drink at starbucks
all amerikkkans know how to do is lie, kill innocents, rape children, and drink starbux


NEVER, I say NEVER take any shit Mongols say on the net seriously. 95% of us stick to Mongol language net or Mongol related English part; remaining 5% who comment on anything outside Mongolia is 100% gusanos


It was hilarious seeing the Taliban take over the McDonald’s in Kabul


What about you?


Easiest thing to do is be dismissive of them
>you actually believe that? lol.



The Virgin Gusano Mongols vs. The Chad Red Horde Mongoloids


File: 1640259686024.png (197.58 KB, 766x636, ClipboardImage.png)

Booklet rant incoming.
Ironic detachment , optionally witty or snarky or sarcastic, has become the default mode of social interaction on the internet because it's the least resistant path to engagement without compromise.

We are all strangers and the market incentives demands no barrier to entry to social interactions, that is to say that any person can and should be incentivized to join any communities and participate in any conversations. Online platforms present us with the shortest paths to impulse responses for engagement(personal investment), votes(for analytics and consensus shaping) and a variety of methods for crowdsourcing the sorting of information like through keywords, groups , hashtags, etc. It's important to keep that perspective when looking at online social interaction. It is a medium that has been designed for profit first, propaganda later and even if alternatives exist the vast majority of people will have been shaped by the ways of dominant platforms. The skills of radio and TV hosts at developing rapport or keeping interest in a program are developed for profit and adopted and refined by glowies, once proven. Propagandists are just a more powerful version of shills, astroturfers using and later, controlling the platforms.

Ironic detachment with snarky witticisms or whatever isn't a glowie mind control invention to hypnotize the users into uncritical citizens.
Ironic detachment with snarky witticisms or whatever is a capitalist mind control invention to hypnotize the users into uncritical consumers.

I made the example before with Hasan & Agent Kochinski. The leftist influencer discourse naturally aligns around the trends they set because the market sets the incentives to do so. It is profitable to say those things, to mention them, to address the person or the topic and whether by chance or by fix, to be algorithmically associated with those at the top of the influence metrics. It's like the old grooming of journos by the CIA except now there is no truth that can be stated which presents any danger, only volume and trend matters. So dump money at the right controlled assets and let the platform incentives build the trickle down pyramid of glow.
What we are seeing now, since Hillary but faster since Trump, is the next natural step from controlling, to integrating social media with the feds. Just as Google, Microsoft or telecoms had to submit in their day once they became large enough to be a worthy asset.


I like to think that I don't have the same brainworms the gusanos have; but then again, all your arguements sound reasonable in your head


this is the tone of every leftypol mod


Lmao ikr?


Mods are glowies and I’m starting to believe that is the case unironically


I bet she's vegan as well like regular mongols.


Most of the Mongol shit I see online is "Chinese and Korean ugly and weak rice people we dominated them 800 years ago but Japan so based, I hope China gets nuked because they don't deserve to be a strong people unlike us handsome powerful Mongols" - just how cucked and ignorant are people in Mongolia nowadays?


>300 million congress approved glowuyghur money
<anti-china posters are just concerned trolls about the human right situation in Xi'an
>reddit full anti china


Don't fedjacket without any evidence.


read Listen Little Man by wilhelm reich
then it will all make sense….
they are lacking orgone….


It's less the glowie infestation, although in terms of psyops glowies are trained in gaslighting, trying to pathologize their targets, making them sound unreasonable, completely outside the normal discourse.
>what, you don't believe uyghurs are being genocided, you must be some mentally ill person, this is literally been verified links to the first page of Google results
However reddit's format encourages such behavior. It's very text-based with their "fancy pants editor" that allows you to basically write articles, with footnotes and everything to make it look competent. A big "effortpost" with dozens of hyperlinks that sort of gish-gallops you in a community that already agrees with a certain narrative will certainly win any argument, even if the provided sources are identical or repetitive. People who are too dumb to publish their shit thoughts in academic journals because a peer-review would destroy go to reddit and do it there.

It's unbelievable how easily misled and naive most redditors are with zero capability for critical thinking. They are most useful idiots on the internet, even Facebook boomers have more critical thinking capability than redditors.


You meant that fake Mongol on Twitter that exclusively use Chinese?


A facade of smug self assuredness and trying to paint other views as "obviously absurd" is the only way to preach and defend the logically incoherent, immortal mainstream narrative.




This is honestly a very good explanation. Feds are known for their emotional manipulation. It also explains why gusanos are sociopathic and emotionally manipulating.
>It's unbelievable how easily misled and naive most redditors are with zero capability for critical thinking. They are most useful idiots on the internet, even Facebook boomers have more critical thinking capability than redditors.
I can’t believe how true this is.


I think that's a bit of an exaggeration, let's not go full retard just because we don't like Redditors.


>I think that's a bit of an exaggeration
It really isn't


It’s not an exaggeration at all.


Redditors are usually social democrats, with somewhat moderate foreign policy views (not great not terrible), whereas Facebook boomers have like 0% correct views.


Great post actually. It’s interesting to see how the capitalist state (even unintentionally) cooperates with corporations via social media.


> with somewhat moderate foreign policy views
They literally justify going to war with China and attacking Chinese people. That’s your brain on Feddit


In America being like 'fuck China, boycott them etc' is a moderate view, the Conservative take is that we should just nuke China.


If she wants to be a glowie, she better learn how to cover her tracks. Although, I believe they are required to show they are supported by the NED through their “think” tanks or their “Non-Government” Organizations.


> Conservative take is that we should just nuke China.
That’s like half of Reddit despite being sucdems


Ok fine, the anti China shit on Reddit is pretty dumb, but they're still not as bad as Facebook boomers.


Does it really qualify as "moderate", if the next step down is produced by mental illness incapable of objective evaluation or understanding the concept of "Second Strike Capability"?



Being 'moderate' is a spectrum, so yes, if one side is utterly deranged, being mildly deranged is moderate.


Move over "sluggish schizophrenia", we have a real candidate for DSM-5.


This guy >>658439 mentioned
>They are most useful idiots on the internet, even Facebook boomers have more critical thinking capability than redditors.
He’s saying that Redditoids are NPCs who lack critical thinking. They’re arguably just slightly less aggressive than the Facebook boomers.


It might be glowies, it might be government ML bots, but occam's razor is it's mostly PMC libs who do it for free. (No wages lmao!)

It's so tedious posting nearly anywhere on the internet these days because somebody (somebody's bot etc) will accuse you of being a shill for some reason.
I lived in China for nearly a decade and had a great time. However this very minor anecdote is enough to trigger burger-brain idiots, who facing a deviation from their precious propaganda can only explain the contradiction by me being a shill. 50-cent party, wumao, winne da…poooo. Of course.

Whether it's 80/20 or 20/80 glowy redditards, either way the internet is totally fucked, and there's probably no way to fix it.


>complains about smugness
>on an imageboard of all places
What did OP mean by this?


The fake internet points make it qualitatively different, and you know it.


We have a extremely loud imbeciles that leave a trail of shit wherever they go; and funnily enough they always ALWAYS tend to be (our) Democratic Party supporters, or one of the so-called anti-government bunch. One the other hand, the ones that has rudimentary functional brains at least (or corrupt as fuck) tend to be Mongolian People's Party (former ML ruling party) supporters. Ignorant in their own way, but far more salvageable, and 1000 times better than your average burger; I'd go as far as to say that they will be either indifferent or supportive of potential Communist Revolution if it comes. Most Mongols are the latter part, so make of that what you will

Personally, I'm an MPP member; fucking hate the upper echelons but less than the DP loons. Trying to secretly push the party to the left and/or create an ML faction within it


Just to give you an example of how a typical glowie post would look like, with all the gaslighting and nudging, it's never openly McCarthyite, since the 60s, alphabeth soups have concentrated on co-opting progressive talking points for the "defection" of middle class leftists. Check out things like the Iowa Writers Workshop, or the Congress for Cultural Freedom. They were allowed to remain a superficial stance critical of the US but ended up solidifying imperialist narratives as common sense.

This is what a typical glowie post looks like:
>I've never understood the need for leftists to defend a capitalist hellhole like China just because they have red flags. You can acknowledge the genocide carried out against the Uyghur people while remaining critical of Western media but so far there has been underreporting about the issue because of the strong economic ties the US has to all kinds of dictatorships.
I'm sure you have seen something like that behind posted a lot, even on here. Let's break it down:
>I've never understood the need for leftists
Choosing "leftists" over tankers to lump as many people on the spectrum to serve the right-wing narrative that there is something wrong with "the left" and that the glowie poster knows how to make it reasonable again to have a chance against "the right" -> very popular amongst Breadtube, country reddits like r/Canada, r/France, r/de of which many are moderated by Americans, and also "ex alt-right" guys.
>defend a capitalist hellhole
Insinuating that the poster has deeply anti-capitalist agenda, building up the necessary equidistance between "Washington and Moscow/Bejing" that can be domesticated into implicit support for empire. Very popular among left-liberal interventionism of the likes of Dylan Burns - basically, the US invades a country, but to be against it, would be "defending the regime" of the country under attack due to this "it's all capitalist anyway" narrative that stems from Kautsykist ultra-imperialism and is popular with Jacobin/Novara Media/Haymarket Books types.

Hellhole is the implicit racism, liberal-washed version of the Asian bugman, only because it's blamed on capitalism and not on culture and race like the right does.
>because they have red flags
Projected infantile delusion on your ideological enemy.
>you acknowledge the [XYZ] genocide/atrocity
Already implying a highly contested subject that even in mainstream academic discourse is very much debated critically is already well-established and denying it would be the equiviliancy of a Holocaust denier.
>while remaining critical of Western media
Lip service to media critique while actually going to the right of them. Very popular with Chomsky fans and redditors.
>there has been about the issue because of the strong economic ties the US has to all kinds of dictatorships.
Think about it - what is the actual agenda here? The goal is to you want you to drop any Leninist analysis of imperialism and instead believe in conspiracy theories about a "global bourgeoisie" that basically acts like a NWO so any critique becomes completely toothless because everything is made equivalent. That the West and its enemies are actually on the same side by the end of the day, conspiring against a fictional "real movement" (that consists on Netflix walkouts against Dave Chappelle). This has been very popular with post-modern thinkers and Cliffite Trotskyists.

It's all about controlling the narrative and psychological manipulation so that even the ones the most radically opposed to capitalism have to at least surrender a few talking points to be able to even participate in the so-called discourse.


>I won't go into why cynicism is a dominant form of ideology in the West, this has been discussed plenty of times already
You should, it's something that feels true but I want that feeling validated by a long article of many polysyllabic words.


there is huge amounts of evidence. No.1 being that they consistently wreck everything No.2 They stanned infraglow massively


What’s interesting is that the Democratic Party may have been funded by the NED (smiley face CIA).
Your comment though on this is honestly pretty interesting. Do you think Russia and the PRC will influence you guys enough to go back to socialism?


This is a good psychological analysis on these fuckers. One thing to notice too is that they will never question Oligarch/capitalist media. If you suggest alternative media such as the Grayzone, they flip their shit and attack it while defending “real” media despite somehow being “anti-capitalist”.
Here is one example of NED-funded media attacking Grayzone.
And here is proof of their funding from the NED:


It would honestly be an interesting discussion


>precisely because it's a glow hive
Yeah, nah. Reddit smugness has always been a thing and it was part of a greater internet trend of LARPing internet intellectuals. It's just that the 'intellectual' tech-citizen shit died off pretty quickly in favour of widespread astroturfing and legitimate retards making Marvel quips.


Mind you, it's obvious Reddit is used to influence public opinion, like all large websites. I just don't believe the smug yet clearly retarded intellectual dishonesty of it is part of it.


>I just don't believe the smug yet clearly retarded intellectual dishonesty of it is part of it.
Smugness and intellectual dishonesty are pretty much the standard of online discussion. When did you start using the Internet?


Reread the post. I'm stating exactly that, that smug retardation has always been a thing and isn't indicative of spooks.


>It's all about controlling the narrative and psychological manipulation so that even the ones the most radically opposed to capitalism have to at least surrender a few talking points to be able to even participate in the so-called discourse.
Don't give an inch
Storeshittistahn's Empire died in the graveyard of empires
The rest is popcorn, there is no big other they don't control the discourse


The smug retardation that redditoids spew is pretty fucking unique and it’s exactly the same smug the known glowies spew.


a lot more people do it when you get funding from US for doing it…


good analysis


>>complains about smugness
>>on an imageboard of all places
The smugness that is unique to Redditoids specifically is identical to that of glowies on other internet platforms. I was wondering the reasoning behind this.


File: 1640836738204.jpg (67.43 KB, 680x1020, 1571235424905.jpg)

They don't even hide it tbh; they fucked over our system back in 1996 when said org soft-coup'd the election by flooding it with burger money. Before the said election, we were basically a socialist nation with liberal democracy. We even went so far as to sign the Pyongyang Declaration alongside Cuba, Laos, Vietnam and NK saying that we will remain on the path to Socialism in 1992, 2 years after the supposed Democratic Revolution


That fucking sucks. I presume old people in Mongolia still prefer the communist era as do other old people in former socialist states.


Based. You are a Chad Mongol who would practically run Finland the moment you stepped onto its territory.


File: 1641048908135.png (349.98 KB, 1063x683, comfy.png)

Why are imperialist shills so fuckable?
Can I run a re-education camp after the revolution and put this cutie in it?


Holy shit I realized this


You know what's also interesting about these people. They all shut up around 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. They rarely continue to talk after that time period.


My account was banned


It actually is insane that that woman worked at fucking GITMO and people were still like “maybe she’s telling facts”. Or maybe she is uniroinically an honest to god CIA asset and lying lol?


Human ignorance knows no bounds. So as long as it’s on MSM people will be sucked into believing it. If you question MSM in any way, you’re a conspiracy theorist.


And the other spectrum you got people who uncritically read RT during a Russian conflict.

Essentially reading VOA during Vietnam war for objective take.


Being smug is a byproduct of being right


It is like two people are in control of that account


Based and orgone pilled


Being smug is a byproduct of agreeing with the hegemonic ideology, and (usually) seeing yourself as slightly ahead of the curve.


"Have you considered the radical possibility that two things can both be bad"
- A common "leftist" Redditfag/Facebook phrase
This guy coordinates with the Jamestown Foundation
He also has a fetish for Pokemon:


It's how they train pro trolls at CIA. They know it's infuriating and reinforces the dominance of the institutions over the people. They know if it is produced in large volumes, it's more shitty snark than people can shout down. If it overwhelms the native defenses of the targeted mass, the shit accrues and starts infecting the soul.


You do know Grayzone is an op? Most of the "alternative news" sites are. They run the same few boilerplate articles, copypasta each other, and flood the internet with a fake opposition. It obscures people from looking further, and then Grayzone et al do a fed act where they rail against actual criticisms of the regime. Do that enough, and public resistance is displaced with "the movement", a fake construction that can be directed as the oligarchs please, within certain constraints. This was on full display in the June 2020 Riots, where the anarchists would play out this pathetic ritual of being caged like animals. It was pathetic to watch them walk into the same traps every day. Dumbest shit.


I'm interested in learnig more. I thought the 3rd pic was being critical, then I saw the other pics. This guy is an elightened fed. He has reached nirvana and glows so much, that the peace he irradiates makes near by geiger counters max out their reading. An avatar of Shiva himself.



>Succdem moment


>the media that glowies whine about the most is actually a glow-op
What glowie talking point have they made?


I don't really use twitter or read liberal papers that much. I'm absolutely shocked at how shameless their operation is. How are these people real, holy shit.

And twitter """anarchists""" (no offense to leftist anarchists) obviously getting on the anti-China smear. It's appalling to see them talk about sanctions to Xinjiang uyghurs which mostly hurts specifically uyghurs and nobody else, as a "labor rights win" meanwhile the US has literal slaves in their prisons and genocidal conditions in their plantations.

No words.

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