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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Can I just say that's it's great that there are people out there who embrace and understand leftist economic philosophy but don't obsessively rant about idpol issues all the time? I thought I was alone in this, after having watched a lot of hasan/Agent Kochinski. I always felt like a bit of an outsider because I would sometimes agree with the right-sided points about idpol, or mostly just end up feeling like it was not the most important part of being a leftist. But you have shown me that there is actually a thriving community of people who understand this!

*bows politely*


>the right-sided points about idpol
are fucking retarded my uygha



Mostly as counter-points to the hyper idpol-ization of the left.

I'm not gonna make any examples though because I don't want to get into any disagreements itt.


>I would sometimes agree with the right-sided points about idpol
right wing idpol is also idpol
and it has a much worse history than woke idpol



Okay, you're misunderstanding me. I don't mean like I'm a white supremacist or something. I just mean when they argue against some of the stupid things leftist idpols do I agree with their critiques.

Y'all seem to be stuck in a debate mindset, I just wanted to show that I am grateful for this community.


When the SJW craze was in full force, the only ones doing criticism of it were right wingers, but their only good idea was that SJWism was insane, dogmatic, and offputting. Everything else they said was stupid. I almost got into right wing hole but eventually I found leftist critique of idpol and this place. The level of critique was waaaaaay better. Right wingers were basically children whining in comparison. And leftists also acknowledged the issues SJWs purport to fight, whereas right wingers didn't.

There's a big copy pasta of idpol readings. Maybe someone has it on hand.

Anyways, welcome.

Also, we're wary of outsiders talking about idpol because it is a very nuanced topic that requires understanding a lot of things.


>I would sometimes agree with the right-sided points about idpol


> I always felt like a bit of an outsider because I would sometimes agree with the right-sided points about idpol, or mostly just end up feeling like it was not the most important part of being a leftist.


You're wrong, this site has become more idpol since the last board split. Even Paul Cockshott has been disowned by this board.


Just because he isn't an unfallible god anymore, doesn't mean he is disawowed you fucking retard.


This anti-idpol used to be the old normal. Everything was analysed from class perspective in Marxist-Leninist parties.


No it wasn't. Begone vulgar marxist, if you even are a marxist


Ngl this just seems to me like you're saying your socially conservative positions are really important to you, and that you're in denial about it.


>>691029 (me)
To be clear, that's fine if you hold such views. But the larger point about idpol is that we shouldn't let it influence ourselves to such a severe degree where you feel left out because you don't share more progressive views, or that you want to seek out others with similar social views.

If you really do consider the "economic" aspect more important, then start with yourself and your own feelings on this shit. Be the bigger man, as they say.


I bet youre american. Our communist parties support North Korea and are strictly anti-idpol.


>I bet youre american
Try again faggot
>Our communist parties support North Korea
Ours too. They are politically irrelevant though and unless you are from China, NK, Vietnam, Laos or Cuba, yours are too.
>strictly anti-idpol
There is a difference between being anti-idpol and saying everything must be analysed from a class perspective(which you said in your first post), because sometimes the more "superstructural" elements take the forefront for certain people, while the economic base(ie. class) takes a less prevalent role. But your tiny mind is probably incapable of making this distinction


>To be clear, that's fine if you hold such views


every topic like this when someone says they like leftypol you guys have to ruin it by badgering them


Wtf im an idealist now because class analysis is less prevelent in cultural hegemonic idpol.


>Wtf im an idealist now because class analysis
I didn't say that, but thanks for confirming my statement about you being mentally limited


>ehh, guys… /leftypol/ is everything, the final goal is nothing, right?
Fuck off, we don't need another brainlet "trad leftist"


No what we need is more queer activists dismissing material reality and focusing on subjective ideas about their chosen gender.


>huge strawmann
Ok /pol/tard, when it comes to what the left needs, you are the person we should consult, got it.


>if you don't use my pronouns right youre are literally /pol/
What we need is more ordinary workers and less transhumanist "intellectuals". There needs to be a neutral stance to all kinds of trivial faggotry so this wont turn into dragshow.(14 c,d,g)


>What we need is more ordinary workers and less transhumanist "intellectuals"
Another strawman. We don't need workerism unless you are a populist, which you probably are, since you are a fucking burger. Those "transhumanist intellectuals"(not even hiding it, here /pol/ack) are not even socialists of any sort, so they never were even "psyoping" communists in the first place
>There needs to be a neutral stance to all kinds of trivial faggotry so this wont turn into dragshow
Yeah, it's called marxism. Try pick it up, if you're interested



>muh strawman
Fuck off. It's exactly what you libs/feds do.
t. fag


Based Hazbots being trans-inclusive :)


Posting this clown outside the container should be as bannable offense


File: 1642217749607.png (124.82 KB, 572x572, ancom balls.png)


how about you dragon these nuts on ya face?


File: 1642218573520.jpg (43.13 KB, 640x607, 1642030343150-0.jpg)


File: 1642218642103.jpg (158.79 KB, 738x800, deadpipo.jpg)


I really think leftists of the Marxist type should really be more forgiving toward each other this year. I was thinking we should send each other greeting and thank you cards more often with encouraging messages on them: "We really appreciate everything you're doing and are confident that it will bring many victories." Don't even ask for anything, and respond to criticism with love and openness. We can all be better.

So I take your post as a gift, OP.

Yeah I think we had an illness and the right-wing kooks noticed it and were like "look at the sickos!" But then it turns into a grift about the "campus crazies" of the week, which is pretty shallow, low-hanging fruit.


Also a little thing about Lenin:

>Lenin's ability to think about the great and important, while not forgetting the small details of everyday life, always amazed me. I was amazed that, while engaged in creating a totally new kind of state, he never missed the opportunity to remind us, even in relation to small details, of the fact that the state, and particularly a socialist state, requires accountkeeping and order. I will cite one example.


>On the morning of 24 December I went to the Finlyandsky Station to see Vladimir Ilyich off. He, Nadezhda Konstantinovna and Maria Ilyinichna had only just got into their compartment. Vladimir Ilyich sat beside the window, right in the corner of the carriage, in order to be less noticeable. Maria Ilyinichna sat beside him, and Nadezhda Konstantinovna sat opposite. Vladimir Ilyich thought it would be safer if he went in an ordinary passenger compartment with two Red Army soldiers and a trusted Finnish comrade.

>Vladimir Ilyich was wearing his old autumn coat that he had been wearing when he came back from abroad, and also, despite the keen frost, a felt hat. A comrade carrying three fur-coats and a fur hat with earflaps followed me into the compartment.'You can put these on,' I said to Vladimir Ilyich,'when you have to cross open fields in a horse-drawn sleigh, for then, naturally, it will be very cold, and it is a long way from the station to the sanatorium. The fur-coats, I added, are from the stores of the People's Commissariat.' 'That is evident,' said Vladimir Ilyich, opening one of the furcoats, on the inside of which was sewn the number of the storehouse and the item. 'I suppose you did this so that we should not leave the coats behind? State goods like book-keeping, and that is as it should be.

>Vladimir Ilyich wanted me to go with them, but I was detained by urgent business at the People's Commissariat, mainly the organisation of aid for mothers and young children. I promised to join them later.

>Vladimir Ilyich suddenly remembered that he had no Finnish money. 'It would be a help if you could get hold of at least 100 Finnish marks to pay the porter at the station, and to cover any other minor expenses.'

>I ran to the currency exchange desk, but I had only a small amount of money with me, not enough to get even 100 Finnish marks.

>Vladimir Ilyich said: 'So, the house stands alone and is well-heated, you say, and one can go hunting in the forest. And what if there are hares?' I answered, that I could not promise hares, but that there were certain to be squirrels. 'Hmm, shooting squirrels is a children's pastime.' Nadezhda Konstantinovna added: 'If Vladimir Ilyich will only go for walks in the forest, and not spend the whole three days sitting at his desk.' 'But there even the air inside will be cleaner,' Vladimir Ilyich interrupted her.

>The train started to pull out of the station. No-one else on the platform realised that the Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars was travelling as an ordinary 2nd-class passenger.

>A few days later, Vladimir Ilyich was back at work at Smolny.

>I got a handwritten note from Vladimir Ilyich:

>'I thank you for the fur-coats from the stocks of your People's Commissariat, which I return to you safe and sound. They came in very useful, for we were caught in a snowstorm. Halila itself was very pleasant indeed. I am not sending you any Finnish marks as yet, but I have worked out roughly how much it comes to in Russian money – 83 roubles – and I enclose them with this note. I know that you have not got much money to spare. Yours, Lenin.

>It was typical of Vladimir Ilyich that, amidst all his enormous problems of state, he could remember such details and always find time to be an attentive comrade.



>wow I vas tired of the cultist stuff the other hyperonline sickos like me take for politics, thank you for existing against them
bitch go outside and agitate

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