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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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How do we realistically fight against this Malthusian mindset which seems to have engulfed so many people in the West?

This shit is asinine, and it looks like things are only going to get worse. Even the pope (who is arguably a crypto-socialist) has made remarks about the growing number of people under 40 who are deliberately choosing to have pets rather than children. Personally, I don't care if anyone wants to have kids or not, but this "stop breeding, the world is only going to get worse" mentality is seriously fucking people up and needs to end if we're going to have the will to fight for socialist revolution.
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Yet you admit that the difference between us is that people actually do read what I say instead of instantly ignoring me ;)


>Another thread of the same three namefags and flagfags talking with each other
leftypol? more like díscordpol.


See, nothing you say really phases me because, just like Leninhat, every rebuttal you come up with relies on ascribing an ideology to your opponent and trying to get some sort of reaction from whoever in the audience you think is stupid enough to actually fall for that trick
I wonder, are you and Leninhat just the same anon pretending to be two different people?
You both have nothing in your repertoire of rebuttals aside from calling your opponent a fascist, telling them you’ll or someone representing you will “kill them” and then foaming at the mouth about the conspiracy of all the millions of scientists in the world who each have an identical political perspective as proven by their shared disagreement with you in particular


I'm starting to suspect the same guy who pretended to be you also wrote >>691722 >>691755, Eugene is usually a schizo but he's generally not this confrontational.


No it probably is Eugene, if you’re new here, well, Eugene has always been extremely confrontational, that’s a large part of why people write him off and ignore him


>if you’re new here, well, Eugene has always been extremely confrontational, that’s a large part of why people write him off and ignore him
I'm not new, I'm saying this because even though he often gets heated, something about the past two posts just felt "off", and I remember in around August he also felt "off" and then another anon actually pointed out that it could be fake. Perhaps I am just overthinking however.


Eugene's entire worldview is based on his childhood trauma. I sympathize with him, but I don't really expect him to be coherent.


I think you're overthinking. Those posts are aggressive but the writing style is still characteristically Eugene, right down to the syntax.


This isn't the Soviet Union circa 1936 anymore, son.


File: 1642208808312.png (113.71 KB, 662x395, ClipboardImage.png)

This is tragic.


Adoption is a terrible system, not to mention highly expensive.


>"i'd rather steal a proletarian woman's baby at birth than have my own children because muh failing infrastructure"


Indeed, the situation is far more dire now


Bro, what? You realize that in the case of adoption, the parents literally can't take care of their kid no matter what so they drop them off for adoption themselves, your logic is compelety backwards.


>”Stealing” children
Ah yes, because spending your entire childhood in an orphanage is so much better


>le illiterate liberal "ancom" flagger


I'm talking about babies-on-demand adoption whereby working-class women are paid to give up their newborns to infertile porky couples, not the foster care system.


Does it say that anywhere in that image?


Yeah… But the article didn't say that specifically…


>>691820 (me)
You beat me to it!


Shit I'm retarded of course >>691821 is me not >>691820


I was just recording the segment of my next episode where I take a large dump on anarchism as a philosophy (yet again), and how it lead to eugenicist thinking. I'll be posting the ep tomorrow, not sure when. It's pretty important to this thread, because the arguments against me are anarchist arguments rooted in individualism and philosophical pretenses taking over reality. The anarchoids are always hyper-aggressive when something disrupts their pretenses. They're far more totalitarian than the people they argue against, and do so in the name of freedom. It's why their attack arguments are always the same boilerplate drivel, repeatedly incessantly. Their whole philosophy is rooted in appeal to power and appeal to pretenses. There's nothing there.

I don't think Malthusianism would have its second life if not for the anarchoid thought of Herbert Spencer and then the eugenics movement. It barely made sense when Malthus wrote it back in 1798, and was quickly disproven because agricultural methods are not fixed in stone and never were. An agronomist in his time could have called bullshit, but he wouldn't have to because it was clear as day that there was no "naturalistic" argument for revolutions the way Malthus implied.

Anyway, to answer OP, the only way to fight it is to fight all the philosophies pointing to it, and it's a many-headed hydra. Trying to argue the facts only works so often, because Malthusianism has always gone against the known realities of agriculture and industry. They need to force a crisis into existence to prove their stupid theory, and it's never actually happened that way, but the philosophical disease persists because it serves the interests of a certain kind of person. That sort of person is typically a middle class grasper who wants to believe some guru is going to give them the correct ideas and purge all the Bad People. The upper class elites' real views are quite different - they know the Malthusian argument is just a convenient pretext, and will tell you it's really about control, both of the broad masses and their middle class subordinates who need to be led to fight each other for position.


Take your pills schizo


The real crisis, the thing that actually does kill people, is the ideologues making this world as hellish as possible, to conform with their conceits about what the world ought to be. People are killed for nothing more than vanity, because it pleases the will of some pissant. It's not the sole explanation for all the bad that happens, but it explains a whole lot of the misery that exists. And always, the eugenists shit on someone who they use as a scapegoat. That was me when I was growing up, where I am blamed for things other people clearly did, and at the same time encouraged to do terrible things that I should have learned not to do, but that the incentives of eugenism told me to do because it creates a world of slaves where people are cajoled and lied to every day. Unfortunately I was not capable or strong enough to see what this system was in full, and I made the mistake of not trusting the instinct telling me this was wrong. That's how they get people, the first step is to teach as much self-doubt as possible, and then to appeal to the mystique of "self" to sell something that is actually imposed on people.


You are a soldier of eugenics.


I’m literally not an anarchist
So if you’re entire rant centered around that, kek, what a moron
I hope you have literally nothing better to do and this wasn’t a massive waste of your time


>His entire ideology centers around having a shit childhood like most people did
Wow bro
So this is literally just all a psychological thing and has no real philosophical or ideological basis?
Honestly pretty sad, I know I reached my own ideology due to an interest in science, willingness to question state backed narratives, and empathy


Anprim eco-"socialist" denies that he's actually an anarchoid fed after posting nonstop anarchoid talking points. Fucking Breadtube tier faggotry, Jesus.


I’ve literally never claimed to be an anarchist or a primitivist
And, Breadtube? Tf does Breadtube have to do with anything? Did you just shit out a string of words that’s supposed to get a pavlovian response from the average anon here? You realize you’re too disliked for that particular trick to work?

Anarchist talking points? Said by the dude that shits out posts deriding Marxists as “technocrats”, some miserable cunt sad over his shit childhood that can’t even articulate his own vision of the world? Fuck you nigha


>It's not a matter of "should", it's what our present knowledge of the world's resources and industrial processes tells us is possible.
In which Eugene finally y admits that he literally has no reason whatsoever to follow through on what he calls for. Just that its possible.
Much like how you could hit your dick with a tack hammer. It's possible with current technology.


I never made a claim about what society "ought" to be, because that is not my project. You're so devoted to this project of cajoling people into your perfect society that you can't conceive that there is someone who doesn't give a shit about that. What I can tell you is that there is no "natural limit" compelling depopulation, and you should be able to comprehend that. Eugenicism, and this brand of anarchism, are dependent on a mental gap in which predatory desire must be fused with fundamental nature itself. It cannot permit the concept that there is a reality, except as a temporary inconvenience that will be abolished once the perfect state commands all that exists. Like I keep saying, it's fascism.

Now, would I have some concept of what should happen with society, or at least what should happen if I want to defend my own interests and those of the people I care about? Certainly I do. You're making the assumption that by me merely defending a right to exist, that I am committing some act of violence against you, the middle class. This is essential for eugenism to be comprehensible as a political movement. They have to make it a crime for people like me to defend ourselves or even exist, and claim that it can never be any other way. It's insanity. If I were on a mission to change societal practices, I would start by doing away with this nonsense that we have to ritually sacrifice large swaths of the population for "the environment", which is always carried out with the nastiest intent. Eugenists immediately turn to any excuse to make others' lives miserable. I've suffered enough for it. We've all suffered enough for this stupid belief. It pains me to see others suffer for this bullshit. And the eugenists are slugs - first to shit on someone else, last to take any real responsibility for their actions. So long as they can get away with it, so long as no one will tell them no, they will continue to do that, because it has been a winning strategy for them to be ultraviolent and aggressive. Fascism knows no other way, and that is why the eugenist propaganda is always screaming and shrill, and then conspiratorial and nasty when it comes to the great demonic work of culling the population. There isn't a "normal fascism" of reasonable people. There are only variants of fanaticism.

I would think any socialist, of any stripe, would see that Malthusianism is incompatible with any socialist vision, if for no other reason than the clear impracticality of organizing society around that principle, and the mental disconnect necessary to enforce such a society. Eugenists have to train themselves to ignore basic truths and celebrate lies, like the belief that there's totally a resource crisis. When that doesn't work, they invent a fantastical model of Gaia Theory that says doom is always twenty years into the future - this is what accompanied the rise of fascism in the 20s and 30s as well and it has been a continuous necessity of fascist politics. No such crisis was ever needed, and the Soviet Union didn't do shit like this. That's why they had a country, and the Nazis managed to fail spectacularly and run Germany into the ground in 12 terrible years.

If you had the option to not have people starving, at a relatively cheap price, would you not prefer that? Pay people off with rations, or invent some work / redistribution of labor obligations… better yet, allow people their own land and home, so they're freed from these asinine rent obligations. I doubt such a polity is conceivable to you, but it was something basic to just about every socialism worthy of the name.


>let's become fascists to save the world
Fuck nature.


>The Nazis claimed they were waging war on the Soviets to save nature/Gaia/Earth etc.
In today’s round of “shit that never actually happened but Eugene will claim anyway while not providing sources”

Like holy shit, you can literally read Hitler’s own outlining of why he wanted to exterminate the Soviets and it was just empty rantings about the evils of jews, communism, “saving the Aryan race” etc.
Muh Hitler used a toothbrush is the most stupid goddamned argument, I remember some other retard Rafiq that said owning a pet is fascist because Hitler had a dog, give me a fucking break with this nonsense

In other news, I was just reading the schizophrenia subreddit and it shocked me how similar the people there sounded to Eugene, actually a lot of them were far more coherent and less repetitive


How do you know this isn't his job?


The Nazis ecologism is well known by now. It was an essential feature of the entire Nazi world-system and what they presented to their base. It's one of the things Greens do to rehabilitate the Nazis - "oh the Nazis were bad, but they conserved the forest!"

The Nazi desire to conquer the Soviet Union isn't reducible to "Nazis are crazy and only crazy people wage war". This is more infantilization from you. Pretty much everyone in Germany except the communists wanted wars of conquest. That's their national character, and they were taught this ideology for reasons that made a lot of sense to them. There's this effort to say "oh Mein Kampf was just paranoid ranting" without actually discussing the contents of Mein Kampf or what Hitler was actually writing about. I found it remarkably boring and dull. It was that time's equivalent of some shitty mystification tome, although the writer of Hitler's words is a little more capable than the usual academic shill of today. Basically him pissing and moaning about what Germany is s'pos'da be and how trade unionists are meanies. Most of what happened with the Final Solution isn't even particular to Hitler. The Nazis as a whole wanted that extermination from the very start, and that was what the Nazi Party base wanted. There is a need to mystify and say that the Nazi atrocities were a unique exception of only a few people, so that Germans did not face war guilt.


It's my job for all intents and purposes now. I have nothing else to do with my life, and nothing else is interesting to me now. Everything else is just breaks in between my shitposting.


File: 1642219368309.png (679.71 KB, 771x723, 1624718300317.png)



>Grillpilled Schizo
More like Basepilled Schizo


> The Nazis ecologism is well known by now
Then post a link you fucking cunt
Again, this shit is unironically
>Hitler had a dog so pet ownership was fascist


Imagine saying this and being arrogant
Why don’t you do what most of us adults did and get some friends and a fucking girlfriend?



You know, it just occurred to me what an utter fucking disgusting piece of shit Eugene actually is calling me a fascist while the actual fascists all around the world such as those in Brazil slaughter indigenous people and torture environmental activists to death while trying to cut down every last tree in the Amazon


>Then post a link you fucking cunt
You never heard of blood and soil?


>You have to make some premise about what the universe is and then see if your model conforms to information you can gather. That's the only way you can even begin with an investigation of natural history. Otherwise, you'd only be able to speak of the universe in a solipsistic way, where the Earth is always the center because that's where we are and we define the universe entirely in relation to us
Sounds reasonable, but I don't know that terribly much about philosophy of science, just that it is dominated by the positivism of the analytical school. Aren't you right now falling back into ruling institution ideas of science?
>My writing is for the millions of people who are told your idiocy is the only acceptable idea, and that any idea that would actually be good is forbidden
Then maybe you should start "writing" a ruling class programm for them or you could just bet your money on us communists, because at your own admission, although we are technocratic middle class fucks, we are atleast anti-eugenics(I hope so atleast). By the way what do you think about Alexander Bogdanov? He's the only Bolshevik who really talked about the danger of technocracy taking over in the young USSR.
>Even that one guy you briefly influenced has realized you’re full of shit
He is on a lot of issues and I see that eugene has gone on full gorilla mode again which is kinda funny, but you guys keep triggering that poor guy. Cut him some slack lol.
Also, I have to agree with eugene when he says that the left is plagued by this desire to find a "guru" to completely endorse or complete reject. It is not allowed to actually agree AND disagree with a poster/theorist at the same time.
I also doubt that I am the only one who thinks that way about him, since there are some anons who also say that eugene, while a schizo, makes some good points.
Cope. If you have nothing to say then just neck yourself, or do you want another "what is the materialist explanation for why my poop stinks"-thread?
>I'm starting to suspect the same guy who pretended to be you also wrote >>691722 >>691755, Eugene is usually a schizo but he's generally not this confrontational
Nah mate, it's probably him. I remember once, I insulted him so hard in a thread, that he would fall into a similiar type of manic episode where he would threaten me and proclaim that eugene will rise soon. Well we all have our issues, but eugene a bit more than most people I guess haha
>Fuck you nigha
You can't say that unless you're black, which I think you said you are?


you people need a new hobby
try playing civ 5, it's got that 'just one more post' dynamic but you can actually win the game


I don't think you get anything other than this grasping. You're missing the point. This constant grasping for position is a large contributor to the problem, why the left keeps fucking up. If you did want to rule, you wouldn't be this opportunistic, and actually competent communists understood this. I just admit from the outset that I'm not writing a revolutionary tract, and that if I were I would be writing something very different.
>Also, I have to agree with eugene when he says that the left is plagued by this desire to find a "guru" to completely endorse or complete reject.
So you do understand what I'm trying to say, but yet you can't bring yourself to get the implications of that. That's what it seems like to me. The opportunistic tendencies of leftism are part of this "seeking a guru", and that's something that's been with socialism from it's earliest modern inception.
I thought he WAS advocating for a technocracy, but I didn't read into him too much, except I knew Lenin didn't like him very much. You've given me something to think about. Thank you.

Now see, we can have actually fruitful discussions here instead of the usual shit-flinging. That isn't so hard, is it?

Civ 5 sucks. Civ 4 and Civ 2 are where it's at.


>you people need a new hobby
I am trying to get back into having sex. Haven't had it for months. COVID is kinda a nuisance on that…


>This constant grasping for position is a large contributor to the problem, why the left keeps fucking up. If you did want to rule, you wouldn't be this opportunistic, and actually competent communists understood this
I think this deserves a whole episode from you, as in where the old communists differed from the new ones, because at this moment I don't know how I am an opportunist and Lenin for example wasn't
>Now see, we can have actually fruitful discussions here instead of the usual shit-flinging. That isn't so hard, is it?
It isn't, but you don't have to tell me though, since I try to rid myself of this online-brain poisoning where I need to have a list of approved personas and a list of pariahs that can be tossed into the trash. Anyway I need to go to work now


get help


Hello CIA

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