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File: 1642208378784.png (185.11 KB, 1200x630, ClipboardImage.png)


Not even their own subscribers believe in their own pro colonial reactionary bs and if anything they’ve done more to push people to socialism than anything that resembles churning out devoted and exploitable wage labourers that are enthusiastic to the idea of contributing to American imperialism through their media?


To believe their propaganda is to deny what is in front of your very own eyes
Much easier to do in the Bush and Obama years than the dogshit everything imaginable sucking years of the late 2010s and 2020s


In contrast to someone like Shapiro whose (usually successful, at first) schtick was making the other side look dumb and directing general anti-liberal discontent towards his own specific position, PragerU just seems more like they're cashing in on people who have already been convinced of what they preach but are willing to pay to hear it reaffirmed by someone who sounds smart.
Or in other words, failed propaganda can still make bank


When you watch their videos, it feels like you are being lectured to, and it is obvious to anyone with a double digit autism score that it is propaganda. Like >>691794 said, their target audience is people who are already hooked. Same with Fox news and Toilet Paper USA.


nice word filter, I was not up to date on that


also there are some people who literally do not believe that propaganda exists in so called "free" (capitalist) countries.


Don't American schools show students these videos while on class?


I’ve never seen one though it wouldn’t be surprising if one did considering how underfunded education is to the point where this shithole genuinely has had some of the worst schools on the planet for decades


I think I recall some Twitter posts and the like saying stuff like "my high school teacher showed us a PragerU video in class" but even in a country like the USA I don't think this is something that has happened more than a few times.


File: 1642211630104.jpg (67.91 KB, 959x538, EPGZVhLXUAAFSki.jpg)

I think the only degree anyone is going to get out of Prager U is a bachelor's in grift science.

>But for all the slick youth that PragerU portrays, its roots lie in grey gardens. The five men whose money propelled PragerU’s meteoric rise are neither hip nor young. They’re elderly, ultra-rich and ultra-conservative. The youngest is in his sixties; two are in their eighties. The poorest, Michael Leven, has an estimated net worth of $11 million; Lee Roy Mitchell, the next poorest, is worth a quarter-billion dollars. Three—Sheldon Adelson and brothers Dan and Farris Wilks—are billionaires. Cumulatively, they control $42 billion.

>Texan billionaire brothers Dan and Farris Wilks are PragerU’s biggest backers. They provided seed funding for it, and have given it millions over the years; at least $6.5 million according to one outlet. As of 2016, two members of the Wilks family were on PragerU’s board, according to IRS filings; the 2017 and 2018 filings indicate that they are no longer on the board.

>The brothers, who made their fortune fracking natural gas, pour so much money into conservative causes and politicians that they’re known as “the sugar daddies for the far-right” and the “kingmakers” of Texas politics. They also reportedly own the Daily Wire.

Farris, 67, preaches at Assembly of Yahweh Seventh Day Church, an extremely conservative Messianic Israelite church founded by their parents. Women are not allowed to speak during services, and the church enforces a strict dress code. According to documents obtained by Reuters, tank tops are forbidden, as are sleeveless tops—“Blouses and dresses with a cap sleeve are acceptable,” the church decrees—skirts and shorts must be at least knee-length, no belly or back can show even when bending over or playing sports, and exposed cleavage is strictly forbidden. “See thru lace worn over exposed cleavage is unacceptable.”


>Joining the Wilks in funding PragerU is fellow Texan Lee Roy Mitchell, the founder of Cinemark. In August, the Los Angeles Times reported that Mitchell gave PragerU $800,000 in 2018. Mitchell reportedly gave it the same amount in 2017, the first year his foundation appears to have donated to PragerU. He came out swinging, however; the PragerU donation was the highest contribution by his foundation that year. He also gave Turning Point USA $600,000 in 2017.

>Mitchell doesn’t wear his political views as much on his sleeve as PragerU’s other benefactors. The quarter-billion-dollar man generally leaves the limelight to the stars of the films showing at Cinemark; even his age is mysterious. In 2017, Wallmine noted that he’s been in the motion picture business for 50 years, so he is most likely in his seventies at least.

Then there was Adelson but he's dead now.

>Finally, there’s 81-year-old Michael Leven. Through his foundation, Leven donated $100,000 to PragerU in both 2017 and 2018; in 2017, he gave more than $150,000 to Turning Point USA. He’s also on PragerU’s advisory board.

>Leven amassed his comparatively small $11 million fortune working as Adelson’s right-hand man. The two are not only aligned by business, but by faith (Leven is also Jewish) and politics. In 2014, Adelson told Forward, “We share a lot of the same values.”

>Like Adelson, when it comes to politics, particularly regarding Israel and economics, Leven is firmly on the right. In an appearance on CEO Money last December, he spoke favorably of Trump’s tariffs and admitted that he is pro-Brexit. (At least one PragerU video is nakedly pro-Brexit.) As a guest on one of Prager’s fireside chats, Leven said of his three sons, “I’m proud to say they’re all conservatives.”



Don't underestimate them. Maybe they catch shit in their own comment section, but remember not every viewer leaves a comment. This shit is literally shown in class:

I've had redditors link me PragerU videos in normie subs thinking that they are some sort of sincere online university. While some of their videos are obviously too batshit to be taken seriously, some others aren't. PragerU produces slick, easily disgestable clips (perfect for the attention span of the average internet user) with seemingly good-faith data (90% will never check the sources in the comments).

I believe PragerU has shifted a considerable amount of people to the right.


File: 1642221606328-0.png (1.91 MB, 1024x819, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1642221606328-1.png (13.67 KB, 608x140, ClipboardImage.png)

Link me a few exceptional examples of PragerU being Praggots.


On this topic, we might as well bring up Gravel Institute. Are they any good? Are they progressive big-tent? They've had Wolff and Žîžêķ on, if that means anything. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIzzoM4RpGU )

>I've had redditors link me PragerU videos in normie subs thinking that they are some sort of sincere online university
I know the U does unironically stand for University, but I didn't think anyone believed it.


File: 1642222742931.jpg (3.57 KB, 165x147, rage.jpg)

Prager U is actually very good at propaganda. You are just misunderstanding their function. They aren't convincing people of their ideas directly. What they are convincing people is that other people find these ideas either convincing or repugnant (but either way worth paying attention to). They do this by churning out dumb, easily-debunked talking points that "the left" can then come and debunk conspicuously for views. But "the right" of course isn't interested in the actual debunking of Prager U. They see these response videos and conclude that the libs have been triggered and that Prager U is therefore based. Meanwhile, the continued presence of Prager U on both sides (pro- or anti-) becomes self-sustaining as "the left" becomes convinced of the importance of this ideological adversary, thus giving ideological motivation (as well as the material motivation for "debunking" them in a monetized format) to continue keeping Prager U relevant. It's all been fully commodified. Every time we talk about them we contribute to the problem, so we should stop.


Oh, but I love their propaganda :^)


Some more prager u based propaganda


OP, look at how many viewers they get and how many videos they produce then put out on many platforms. They aren't bad at propaganda. You are underestimating them. You're also overestimating how successful their propaganda has to be. They are funded by oil barons. Their goal is to keep people content with the fossil fuel industry. To this end, they produce a slew of propaganda aiding the right wing of the culture war. They only need to convince a sliver of their many viewers (they advertise frequently and aggressively) to be successful in their mission to any extent.


File: 1642224181775.png (71.48 KB, 181x306, ClipboardImage.png)

Thanks PragerU.


That's the proper way to counter Prager U. Not "debunk" them but memetically flip their propaganda on its head.


File: 1642226210999.png (299.9 KB, 566x386, ClipboardImage.png)




I think the point is more like feed their shit to the already hooked troglodytes so that they may use their enthusiasm to spread their talking point wider and so have better visibility in the wider social media sphere. PragerU is one of the spots where the distributed network gets it's marching orders. It's not actually meant to seriously convert fence sitters to their cause.


I think the real purpose is to help facebook boomers to post coherent talking-points, where they would otherwise be posting world salad and incoherent nonsense.


File: 1642238678340.jpeg (27.32 KB, 1200x641, pragerucapitalism.jpeg)

Based pragerU


PragerU ?

More like PragerPOO !!


File: 1642246367120.jpg (100.9 KB, 1395x725, boycott_israel.jpg)

More like PragerJOO


Yep. They are so silly it is better to flip their shit against them.


>The brothers, who made their fortune fracking natural gas
They will burn in hell, no matter the silly dresses their wives wear in church



This is essentially what is occuring.


File: 1642270668064.png (1.72 MB, 900x1196, ClipboardImage.png)

Agreed, and in that they provide a comfortable "middle point" of capitalism realism between the screeching "far" leftoids and the cranks. The middle-pointering is not about convincing people either but reframing what's controversial to think. It's more than rightwing outragebait though. Those are the incentives of every social network and "content" platform and so everyone but the principled few play by those rules.

It's also re-framing, similar to how the culture war plays out in mainstream media, every bit of left wing agitation as one side of a social media spat. When a left wing channel explains how you are being exploited it's just to recruit you for their side of the social media culture war. You can't trust anything they say or works they cite because, at the end of the day, it's all about Twitter and posting and posing and marketing campaigns and thinktanks and not for you.

Back to grilling.


File: 1642273064546.webm (1.6 MB, 1280x720, prageroo.webm)

>That's the proper way to counter Prager U. Not "debunk" them but memetically flip their propaganda on its head.
I like the mashup videos where they rearrange the words


File: 1642274075643.jpg (114.03 KB, 1401x730, imagine.jpg)

I was expecting to get some good meme juice out of the Texas freeze video. But no. It just "wind and solar are unreliable. Burn more fossil fuels". Boring.


>It just "wind and solar are unreliable
On their own, that's true
>Burn more fossil fuels
And they fucked up again


Cuz they are as much anti-populist as they can be?

Cuz they are ridiculous "average ppl" channel?



>They will burn in hell
<you being high on slave morality
It takes an especially cruel vindictiveness to imagine your enemies burning for an eternity.


An old Soc or Bar video for you


not him but it's becoming increasingly difficult to not feel vinctive towards the people who are making life steadily worse


The god you believe in is not only not good.

That god is CRUEL.

That god made a world FILLED with LIBERALS.


We will destroy the super rich and big corporations and create a thoroughly communist America by not wishing your fellow Americans “Merry Christmas.” Imagine for a moment a world where there was no theft. In such a world, there would be no armies, or police. The recipe for a good world is communism. Murdering the rich isn’t wrong. All supporters of Stalin in the Soviet Union and Mao in China are highly educated. So please, say the n word, and say “We love Mao Zedong,” and murder all white males. If you don’t, you’re misanthropic, not to mention mean-spirited. I’m the greatest mass murder of them all, Dennis Prager.


LEFTISTS WANT TO TAKE AWAY YTS' PENISES t. the geniuses of mPregggoU


Its premise is just fucking stupid to begin with, I mean the right-wing don't want average people any more educated than the "education" a YouTube channel with 5 minute "lectures" provides, but it's quite clear to most people that PragerU is a grift that insults your intelligence by claiming that it's in anyway comparable to a university degree but with out the "leftism".

Has anyone ever found out they provide question sheets with videos to "test your knowledge" and not cringed?


I rather tankies win than prageru types


Becasue there is no such thing as capitalist propaganda. Or rather bascially everything else is already capitalist propaganda. PragerU is just an MLM scheme that defrauds retarded national-bourgoise dipshits for funding and makes lazy, shitty videos that I can bet my ass half of the presentors don't even believe in what they say.


Their target are possibly retarded cuckservatives


>posting just to say this 40 posts into a thread


>I like the mashup videos where they rearrange the words
YTP ftw

I hope there's a lot of PragU YTPs


File: 1642338759254.png (57.85 KB, 339x290, 1.png)

>hope there's a lot of PragU YTPs
There are at least a thousand of them, so knock yourself out


File: 1642339088909.png (151.37 KB, 474x203, ClipboardImage.png)

>updated today


>MLM scheme
I thought you meant Marxist-Leninist-Maoist.


marxism-leninism marketing


Because they want to reach the youth as only young people are worth propagandizing in that they haven't yet already decided on a solidified belief system. The catch is that it's a boomer media company run by conservative boomers. There is no other group of people more poorly equipped to speak to zoomers. Their tacky faux-educational youtube commercials are skipped within seconds.
Even right-leaning zoomers are offput by the sheer corniness of FagerU. It lacks pep. It's dry and sterile and overly "safe." It's preachy but uninspiring.


so it's actually based?

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