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I can’t wait for it to see it become socialist, the fact that the neocolonial neoliberal government has effectively lost all support from civilians to the point in less than a year two assasination attempts have been made against the PM from glowies while the populace doesn’t give a shit from the fact that the new Haitian communist party is growing in influence is only making me salivate knowing I’ll get to see another socialist state within less than a decade from now and mutts will seethe eternally about it


I wonder if anyone from /leftypol/ is from the Caribbean nations.
Will it really have a socialist uprising? Would it team up with Cuba?


Most likely yes Haiti is in the same situation Cuba was 3-2 years before it had a socialist revolution along with the fact that most revolutions in the global south arose due to the same conditions Haiti is in as a side effect of colonial expansion requiring the suppression of productive forces within developing economies for the purpose of minimal competition and handicraft labour.


Simply put there’s 0 reasons for why any Haitian worker would show any support for anything that resembles capitalism for the rest of their lives


…unless the US just coups the socialists.


The proletariat has more agency than the CIA


Ngga they failed to assasinate one pm with barely any men or future info that there was even an attempt to be made and failed at this point thousands of times to overthrow Cuba

Uncle Sam may be violent but he isn’t smart


Or do I have to remind you why my country is in a major inflation crisis after the cia decided getting federal governments of dems and reps to sanction China?


Exactly, DR lapdogs are next door and Haiti has no military and no allies. They will just land some more Marines and butcher them until the living and un maimed comply.


Actually Haiti brought its army back a while ago which is where the state security troops came from in that assasination video of the new pm


File: 1642225026987.jpg (74.68 KB, 710x710, 1611351447377.jpg)

And yet they did successfully coup the only good modern Haitian leader less than two decades ago.
>Uncle Sam may be violent but he isn’t smart
You're right about that, the problem is sometimes they don't need to be smart and violence alone is more than enough.


Whatever man
Either way Haiti is headed towards genuine socialism considering the USA has done more to accelerate hatred for that system within Latin America within the past 5 years alone than the entirety of China within 100 thanks to the American governments constant need to export its degeneracy everywhere.


I wanted to say that even though I realize that's exactly what I ended up doing, I really didn't mean to come into this thread just to be a downer. I want things to work out especially since the brief periods of good governance they had show that there really is hope. I guess I'm just trying to inoculate myself against further disappointment. But ultimately the Empire isn't at all perfect and there's room for things to work out. I guess we'll see.


>Crucial to enforce blockade of Cuba
>Crucial to enforce blockade of Venezuela
>Extremely close to Puerto Rico
>Supports Taiwan as the real China

There's no way the Us will let a revolution happen in Haiti.
They'd just launch an upscale version of the invasion of Grenada.


Wouldn't the US just send troops in, like they've done so many times before?


>Wouldn't the US just send troops in, like they've done so many times before?
They did that with Cuba last I checked didn't end well


Or just do a more modern version and send the dogs of war again, like last year
Depends how the winds blow, Cuba managed to resist and later formed an alliance with the USSR, in this case they would have to appeal to the russians.
Or also it depends, there are minor nations in the caribbean who are close to Cuba by having labour in power and they haven't got invaded.


national revolutions are cringe
like the thread said, even if they topple the government and some other booj opportunists don't replace them, US will come in anyways
they should keep from military confrontations for now and organize



Tbh id rather not have socialism with Haitian characteristics.


File: 1642264281463.png (987.87 KB, 748x1050, ClipboardImage.png)

>Tbh id rather not have socialism with Haitian characteristics.
We all know why white boy :)


We all know you want communism under the western ideal of proletarian internationalism.


there's no "west"


My fear is Haitian revolution 2.0 will look like Somalian socialist project in the 90's. Its just bad propaganda for us.


It's an illusion, but the illusion still exists in the material.


where? inb4 international orgs and treaties created after WWII that're basically irrelevant today


Would still be an improvement over capitalist Haiti
Haitian pirates raiding storeshittistahni shipping would be good


The fact there is even a concept of the west in the first place.


This. I think anyone trying to topple the current Haitian government is gonna be FUCKED no matter the ideology.


A Haitian revolution would be a gift from god, imagine what a Black Socialist Republic would do to the class consciousness of African Americans


>They did that with Cuba last I checked didn't end well
They did just fine in Grenada despite the medical students fiasco


I mean, NATO is a good representation of the West™ existing in practice.


This is something the Revolutionary government of the Slave Republic unironically used to do. They had ships block slave ships that were sailing towards Florida, and liberated all the slaves.

There was also a conspiracy being planned by the Haitian government to march into Florida to arm and Liberate all the slaves, igniting a national slave revolt in America.

These are a few reasons why the founding fathers of America hated Haiti so much, the revolutionary Haitian government were like the USSR, supporting national liberation movements


Impending development of capitalism in Africa is imo the better redpill for the future


not really, considering it extends way past what's considered the west and has more objectives than just protecting the interests of "western" governments
fantasies and lies existing doesn't prove anything


The confederate socialist states of america supports the communist vodou republic of haiti 👍


Little to nothing because African Americans and Haitian immigrants hate each other, there's no such thing as black solidarity or a coherent black liberation movement


It proves my point of illusion existing in the material.


"The Cartel" is a better term than "the west" tbqh


The biggest problem for Haitians is the Dominican Republic even before the Us.
Without stuff happening on a Hispaniola-wide scale there could be no change in Haiti.


Come to think about it where do gusanos actually come from? How the fuck does an obviously exploited prole actually form any form of allegiance to the person that’s obviously stunting the economic development and security of the country they inhabit

Ffs Dominica somehow has a bigger homicide rate with more funding and aid from the USA while they get their infrastructure built by Haitians while the population instead of recognizing how fucked it is continues to blindfully support burger degeneracy despite receiving none of the benefits



Why did they use white or at least I think are white actors? Most Dominicans and hispanics in general are dark brown to just black


Not how that works. Just because two individuals don’t like each other don’t mean that the thought of a black socialist republic isn’t important for black people to think “hey, I could do that to”


So acceleration works?


>why are the ruling classes european
Nobody knows anon.

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