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This is the thread dedicated to researching, discussing, exploring, and laughing at, that element of the far right which we have come to term "esoteric hitlerist" but more broadly a thread for documenting the extreme right.

To sum up, as it says in the title, this entire strand of thought is more or less an intelligence operation carried out mostly by pedophiles, with a strong satanic/ esoteric influence. On top of this, there are several interesting connections to these operations and operatives and Zionism.

The purpose of these operations, as are the purpose of all CIA operations, is to suppress and destroy the real movement that abolishes the present state of things, the mass movement of organised workers, the socialist and communist movement.

What follows is a series of links, references and thoughts which document this feature of capitalist hegemony.

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The thread from which it was born:



So it looks like we may have lost the inaugural thread somehow, which sucks ass. I think it might have got wiped when bunkerchan merged or something, the link used to work and now doesn't. However, I think that was thread I copy pasted everything into at the start of this: https://web.archive.org/web/20210109172410/https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/1059488.html in the first few posts, so all of the links should be there, just a few comments here and there missing.


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>this thread


they deserve to live in shame



Glad to see you are still hard at work. Been missing you on matrix though.


500 people is nothing lol
How many people go to a football game?



God forbid someone have cringy politics at 15 or whatever she was. That's what's fucked up about AWD, half those people were just edgy teens who would have been harmless polcomp/deviantart autists if it wasn't for them being systematically radicalized by adults.


i think i was into polandball when i was 14 cuz it was cute and related to history which i was into, and i also watched some skeptic youtubers before that, but i never went down a fucking rabbit hole like you always hear about now
i always had a choice


You have a choice but there's such a thing as trauma and alienation influencing how you make that choice. If you understand that personal choice isn't all that matters at the mass level because of systemic factors then there's no reason not to take the same logic into account at the smaller scale. Completely hypocritical to support rehabilitative justice in theory but in practice want dumb kids who got sucked into a radicalization pipeline to suffer for the remaining 80% of their lives because of it. It's not like this is someone who was going around bashing minorities either, the worst they did was get gangbanged by AWD members after being groomed, but even if they had done worse shit it wouldn't make defaulting to this sadistic punitive mindset consistent.

And I notice that fucking nobody ever talks about Wexley or Wembley or whatever the fuck his name was over in the UK. Identical situation, he was a young guy, I don't think a minor by the standards of the UK but roughly as old as b00t, who was groomed by National Action men and sexually exploited, but because he isn't le ebin strasserist trans it's nbd.


Wexley or Portia. Portia is a victim somehow, despite having been much more a part of AWD than b00t and having been a committed Nazi who made a career out of slutting around the Nazi scene, but b00t is somehow morally worse because they're trans and because of the DPRK meme.


im not even punitive, i just don't care or think it's an actual problem that i have to feel pity or something over


Not saying you need to cry about it but you could have a basic level of empathy and not post cp of them sucking dildos when they were teenagers if that was you.




why do AWD be gang banging trans people wtf

I thought they were anti-degeneracy >:|


The only thing AWD believed in after a certain point was transgression and violence.


File: 1645300179400.jpg (606.41 KB, 1089x1693, Incel.jpg)

Someone should make a list of links to news articles about all the depraved fascist nonces and their crimes.


When AWD got rid of Judeo-Christian influence by focusing on satanism, it also got rid of Judeo-Christian morals. Accelerationists in the AWD, NSO, SKD etc.. come all the way around from being traditionalists and conservatives who love their nation, into becoming futurists who want to destroy their country and their culture/traditions.

So believe it or not, the more extreme you become as a National Socialist, the more progressive you actually become. The ONLY central idea to National Socialism is RACE/ETHNICITY FIRST. A lot of idiots will tell you otherwise, but do not be confused. National Socialism is an ideology of its own, and National Socialism will mold and shapeshift according to the time it's in. It would not be surprising that if in 100 years time we're actually living in your communist dreamworld (devoid of wogs though). We simply cannot implement anything like Strasserism at the moment though.


We were radicalized by the TRUTH. You people can't handle the truth. Everyone congregates on what benefits them the most. All we owe ourselves to is the truth.
No-one pulls you into anything, you do it yourself. You're only lying to yourself if you say otherwise. You're a communist because you feel inferior for whatever reason, and hence you want everyone to be equal. When you value the truth over anything else you get to some odd positions.


>are you grill?
no, bigot.
>I'm talking about the British AWD guys who the only thing I can think of them ever doing is molesting autists
There were a lot of women in National Action actually. So did some of the Sonnenkrieg Division members have gfs.


Why are nazis that intp discussions about religion? Golden Dawn early members talk about how weird they found the amount of ideological education that went into satanism ,muh jesus was a jew and muh ancient aryan faith.
Like the moment they got some popularity they became hardline christians


Yeah I've read Slavros man. Repeating capital t Truth over and over again isn't a coherent ideology.


>He was even involved in an occult group known as the Order of the Solar Temple
Proof? Nothing in the OST wiki about Chiaie and nothing in the libcom article or Chiaie's wiki about OST.



>Epstein of France, friend of epstein, former trump employee, often pictured in and IDF hat, accused pedophile hangs himself with two bullets to the back of the head in his cell in Paris.

Soz bro the drama became debilitating



Been out of the loop, who are we talking about?



File: 1645683524920-0.mp4 (2.13 MB, 480x852, 0BjRXhUHtidngf2g.mp4)

File: 1645683524920-1.jpg (71.62 KB, 750x1137, FMNuE_xXwAYMD84.jpg)

File: 1645683524920-2.png (246.33 KB, 482x805, 656458695490654654.png)

Nazis attempting to disrupt a reading of the Communist Manifesto in Rhode Island the other day.

In keeping with the theme of this thread, members of this group – the Nationalist Social Club-131 – include members who have been arrested for child pornography and soliciting sex from underage children.


>All Fascists Are Still Pedos
Fascists are Eternal Pedos


looks like Patriot Front but with even more fetal alcohol


File: 1645764279862-0.jpg (207.76 KB, 2992x1512, FMQd_DJXIAIDhf-.jpg)

File: 1645764279862-1.jpg (229.38 KB, 2892x1544, FMQeMyVXEAMKTnq.jpg)

>with even more fetal alcohol
Oh yeah. It seems like most of these guys' names are known.


It's really telling that fascist accelerationists prefer to organize over the internet. They've got guns but that means nothing if they're still based in existing state power and just fuck around in the woods.


>top left
yeah bro, just sic these /pol/ addict doofuses onto your local powerful gang, they'll totally be able to do something about it and not get beheaded


Seriously. They should adventure across a certain highway in my city – "the other side of town" if you know what I mean – and discover how well that goes.


Stplen from some based anon:

Ludwig von Mises was an aristocrat and card-carrying member of the Austrian fascist party Fatherland Front, as well as its social club Werk Neues Leben. He supported Lebensraum during WW1, British colonialism, the opium wars against China and more. Fascism, to him, had "saved European civilization" and "will live on eternally in history".
Friedrich Hayek came from a family known to support nazism. His brother Heinrich Hayek was an officer in the Sturmabteilung and a doctor who experimented with dead victims of the Third Reich. His mentor, Othmar Spann, was a nazi party member. His racist comments against jews and blacks, favoring the Apartheid, etc. were well known. He supported Pinochet's regime and visited him in 1977 and 1981 (while calling Allende's Chile the only totalitarian government in Latin America), and also visited Argentina's military dictatorship in 1977.
Murray Rothbard was the founder of anarcho-capitalism and a racist who promoted "racialist science", supported white supremacist Dixiecrats in 1948, defended people like David Duke (Neo-nazi) and Byron De La Beckwith (KKK member who murdered Medgar Evers), and more. He was obsessed with marketing Austrian ideas to "rednecks".

Libertarian figures have built a cult-like conception of the capitalist, a superior being destined to dominate the lesser workers, resemblant of Nazi propaganda and its Aryan Übermensch destined to dominate the lesser races. To quote the economist Rob Larson in the book Capitalism vs Freedom:
>Ayn Rand’s infallible executive protagonists are all described as good-looking, and the antagonist workers and regulators are ugly and poorly dressed. Only slightly less shallow is her capitalist characters’ tendency to magically run the firm themselves—they both manage their corporate empires directly and also invent the new scientific products and do the striking commercial art and design the buildings. They are truly portrayed as borderline supermen, only based on their power as big businessmen, not their ethnicity. Many libertarian figures are less extreme than Rand’s near-worship of capitalists, like Friedman who wrote more modestly that “the inequality of income” in “large part reflects initial differences in endowment, both of human capacities and of property.” But more than Friedman and even more than Rand, the bar for capitalist worship was set by Ludwig von Mises, who is considered to be the founder of the highly conservative Austrian School of economics, to which Hayek and Rothbard belong. Mises wrote about the “Creative Genius” of wealthy entrepreneurs: "Far above the millions that come and pass away tower the pioneers, the men whose deeds and ideas cut out new paths for mankind. For the pioneering genius to create is the essence of life … For him there is no leisure, only intermissions of temporary sterility and frustration … The accomplishment … does not gratify him mediately because his fellow men at best are unconcerned about it, more often even greet it with taunts, sneers, and persecution … Creating is for him agony and torment, a ceaseless excruciating struggle against internal and external obstacles; it consumes and crushes him"

In a letter from 1958, Mises straight up told Ayn Rand:
>You have the courage to tell the masses what no politician told them: you are inferior and all the improvements in your conditions which you simply take for granted you owe to the effort of men who are better than you.

Libertarians have supported (and will support) dictators, fascists, imperialists, racists, monarchists, etc. as long as free markets and property rights are enforced. They have open disdain for democracy and labor movements. On different occasions Mises Institute authors have championed paleoconservatism, Holocaust revisionism, scientific racism, Christian reconstructionism, homophobia, climate change denial, anti-feminism, etc. Plenty of libertarian orgs have links to white supremacists or fascists. They don't deserve to be called "libertarians" (a term they hijacked from leftists) nor ""classical liberals"". They are reactionaries with weird aristocratic beliefs and theocratic beliefs. They have a fantasy conception of a pure, pre-WW1 golden age, before the supposed appearance of "statism" and "welfare", when capitalism was truly "free". Rothbard commented in 1992:
>Extremists such as myself would not stop until we repealed the Federal Judiciary Act of 1789, and maybe even think the unthinkable and restore the good old Articles of Confederation
And later declared:
>We shall break the clock of social democracy. We shall break the clock of the Great Society. We shall break the clock of the welfare state. We shall break the clock of the New Deal. We shall break the clock of Woodrow Wilson’s New Freedom and perpetual war. We shall repeal the 20th century.
Sounds like something Evola would say, doesn't it?


bros we should sick them on each other, make a bunch of false flag racist instagrams at a local gang, call them out and shit, then call them up and report "gang activity" shouldn't be too hard to do, gangs these days are always posting on insta before they shoot people/after, all that kinda shit.


ps bet half of these "report your local gang activity" nazis who put up graffitti culture style stickers of people in ballies are just middle class white boys who wish they could be cool like gangsters


Matthew Lawrence, alias E.A. Koetting, is an American occultist, satanist and eceleb who has influenced satanic neo-nazi gangs (himself being a member of Tempel ov Blood). His latest controversy took place a year and a half ago when a fan of him in Britain, Danyal Hussein, murdered 2 women for a satanic pact. As a result, Koetting's social media was shut down and he lost his Youtube with 80k subs and Facebook with 120k followers.


this thread is about nazis themselves, not really whatever kooky dungeons and dragons stuff they've gotten into


What would the leftist equivalent to this be? Witchtok? Lightning and the Sun is awesome.


One of the best threads on the site
The Dalai Lama and his handlers really like having crossovers with other ops. Here's the Dalai Lama with cult leader and benefactor of the post-soviet Russian oligarchs installed by Clinton, Shoko Ashara. Aum Shinrikyo was lead by Ashara and committed a bio attack on the Tokyo subway. Prior to the Fort Detrick anthrax after 9/11, this was the worst instance of an attack using manufactured pathogens. His cult had millions of dollars on hand, owned several helicopters purchased from Russia, purchased and built AKs from Russia, planned to excavate uranium from Australia to build a nuclear bomb, owned a small fleet of boats, and was recently revealed to have threatened an attack on Disneyland.



Some Aum Shinrikyo music to set the mood


File: 1646031670726.png (2.44 MB, 1280x1910, fideltito.png)

>managing to remain non-aligned


File: 1646164963602.jpg (1.06 MB, 1446x1121, ucronazi.jpg)


File: 1646955348180.png (19.88 KB, 320x314, freeze peach.png)

Virgincore: We should defeat nazism by removing their speech
Chadpunk: We should defeat nazism by letting them speak


>ice((berg)) tier for dumb nazi occultism
Thanks, I needed this
basically normalfag tier, know all of top tier except drowning, the military methamphetamine use, twin experiments of meingele the mangler, argentina and nazi hunting, bookburning, nietzsche fetishism, indo history of swastika, american euthenasia, the business plot (relevance?), paperclip/nasa/von braun (UN too?), Windsors are german, long knives, a bit of hyperborea… how are paperclip and long knives that low?


File: 1647049854882.png (4.29 KB, 452x28, ClipboardImage.png)

The conspiracy-right was onto the Ukraine neo-nazism case long before most people. (2018)


The left was on to azov when it happened in like 2014 lmao


File: 1647479752538.png (285.06 KB, 472x819, 68548654906485096.png)

Strange thing… Jewish Nazis



File: 1647997809125.jpg (143.96 KB, 1288x1830, pb8pjcycuoq41.jpg)

This is what Ben Shapiro's soul looks like
Respond with picrel


File: 1647999634933.png (230.86 KB, 640x535, j9crub22l8381.png)

I don't understand how you can take psychedelics and still be a fascist.


Is it those canoe guys?


I love psychedelics, but I don't think they necessarily lead you to a particular worldview. I think the make you more open to new ideas in general (this is backed up by clinical research), which may threaten the status quo whatever it may be in a given place and time (this is speculation). I think they sometimes result in ego-death, which can make you feel at one with those around you (or even the cosmos as a whole), but that doesn't mean that they lead you to communism or anti-fascism. It is possible to feel at one with the universe and also feel like there are parts of it that would be better off dead. As somebody who has done psychedelics with a bunch of leftists, I've had some conversations while tripping about how we should eat the rich. I can totally imagine some fascists tripping and laughing about gassing jews in a similar manner. Whatever golden dawn shit they imagine is probably more beautiful to them under the influence. If a moderate did LSD with a bunch of fascists, I'd give them higher odds of being a fascist in a year compared to a control moderate who had spent the same amount of time talking to fascists sober. This class of drugs is awesome, but can seriously change a person. "When you handle the master carpenter's tools, chances are that you'll cut your hand."


My shrooms guy is an unironic monarchist.

The pipeline goes open your mind->alternative knowledge-> conspiracy theories- >(((soros))) conspiracies-> Facist


That's only if you have poor critical thinking skills.
Real pipeline goes:
Consume mother nature's gifts -> "Wow, my hands ARE made of meat" -> "Why doesn't everyone have access to food if everything around us is made of food?" -> Become lefty -> Consume Spirit Science videos -> Die from quack medical advice

Before you ask, yes, Spirit Science is theory.




Some neo-Nazis posted pics on Gab of the federal informant who infiltrated and busted up the Atomwaffen Division hanging out with Joshua Sutter who the feds also bankrolled for years to publish esoteric doomsday fash porn. Via Nate Thayer, who says, "I'm pretty sure the FBI isn't amused."



<Parallax Views w/ J.G. Michael - March 24 2022
<Global Death Cult: The Order of Nine Angles, Atomwaffen, and the Slaughter of the Innocents w/ William Ramsey

>On this edition of Parallax Views, William Ramsey, host of the William Ramsey Investigates podcast, joins me to discuss his book Global Death: The Order of Nine Angles, Atomwaffen, and the Slaughter of the Innocents. In said book, Ramsey uncovers the extremist ideologies of David Myatt and the birth of the Satanic neo-nazi/neo-fascist underground group known as The Order of Nine Angles. Along the way he also deals with the sordid story of the neo-nazi terrorists known as the Atomowaffen Division. He details the interest of the Order of Nine Angles in Satanism and their belief in a "culling" of those deemed "Untermensch". Its a strange tale straight out of a horror movie and Ramsey unravels it with us on this edition of the show.





I haven't been in leftypol in more than a year but I am researching this (use of brujería/santería is extremely common across all Latinamerican politics) and stumbled on here by sheer coincidence. Bless you comrade, I'll read those books


File: 1648766170321.png (75.13 KB, 474x270, ClipboardImage.png)

If you can (collaboratively) post upwards of 30 cases of fascists being pedos, I will make a rapid slide montage video of it to showcase the phenomenon. The more you post, the longer it will go.

Direct links to posts in this thread and previous threads are more than welcome.


I will compile literally every single reference. It’s been a thing I’m gonna do for ages, this is a reason too


here's a few to start you off with

James Mason: https://www.westword.com/news/double-exposureunderage-girls-a-nazi-with-a-camera-and-partying-cops-whats-wrong-with-this-picture-5055531
Jack Renshaw:
Kevin Alfred Strom:
Benjamin Bogard (https://www.thedailybeast.com/feds-feared-alleged-neo-nazi-benjamin-bogard-could-be-next-mass-shooter)
John Cameron Denton (ex-leader of Atomwaffen)

Jacek Tchorzewsk:

unnamed O9A teen:


5 Finnish NatSoys caught raping minors:

Legion Ave Satan (Russian O9A off-shott that luired children into prostitution):


Joy of Satan Forums (has a subforum dedicated to grooming minors iirc. I can't find a source for that rn but here's a good primer on them that might help you locate one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zmupCu0Bto)

a few other ona nonces





lemme know if I've missed any cuz their sures seems to be a lot of these


So, I haven't seen it mentioned in this thread yet, but are any of you guys familiar with the Creativity Movement?

For those unfamiliar, no it is not a movement dedicated to arts and crafts, or really anything "creative" besides perhaps a creative application of white supremacist insanity, and even then that's a bit of a stretch. It's the creation of this guy named Ben Klassen, and the basic shit I can get from it is that it's a combination of pantheism and white supremacy. They had a relationship with William Luthor Pierce way back in the day and Craig Cobb is associated with them as well. In terms of weird esoteric hilterist stuff, they're kind of important in the United States sphere, because in my opinion it's a good representation of how a nation founded on secularism produces its "religious Nazis" who follow the "homegrown religion"

On a side note, did you know these guys also attempted to produce their own RPG called Racial Holy War? Would it surprise you to know that it is considered one of the worst RPGs of all time, worse even than the infamous RPG FATAL?


I was half tempted to namedrop you because I thought that if anyone did, you would. You could even use git.leftypol.org to maintain a (version-controlled) list and collaboratively update it, if you think it's appropriate; I think you're chasing a moving target! (similar to https://git.leftypol.org/aabm/edu-resources )

Great start, I'll see what I can do with these and then post the demo for feedback.


Martyn Gilleard, local leader of the National Socialist British People’s Party, prepared for bombing. 39,000 child pornography images were in his possession: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk/7469180.stm

Two members of the far-right British National Party drank 14-year-old girls to death and sexually abused: https://theukdatabase.com/2012/05/08/ian-hindleandrew-wells-blackburn/

A 40-year-old fascist addict brutally beat his 16-year-old girlfriend: https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/14249499._Controlling__Blackburn_drug_addict_repeatedly_punched_and_kicked_teen_girlfriend_as_she_lay_on_on

A 13-year-old girl was sexually abused by a racist fanatic and held illegal images of her: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/race-hate-thug-who-chanted-7916756

The National Socialist 43-year-old BNP member found 17,058 child porn images and 215 videos. He himself had also filmed child pornography and told his pedophile friends online that he wanted to murder the little boy and videotape it: https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/walker-nazi-worshipper-exposed-paedophile-1406079

47-year-old member of the Nazi organization Blood & Honor convicted of shocking violent rape: https://www.hopenothate.org.uk/2016/02/17/darlington-s-nazi-rapist-jailed-for-nine-years-for/

Ryan Fleming, a member of the National Socialist National Action, tortured and sexually abused a teenage boy: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/national-action-launch-paedophile-hunting-investigative-journalism-series-even-though-one-of -its-members-is-a-sex-offender_uk_5756cfc7e4b0411d4de1fe4c

The same white nationalist Rayan Fleming was also convicted of sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl: https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/15441403._Boastful_and_arrogantman_jailed_for_sex_with_girl14__he_met_on_Facebook/

A 43-year-old far-right White Man March supporter raped two children at least 13 times: https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/horrific-abuser-who-raped-vulnerable-children-after-buying-them-sweets-jailed -for-20-years-1-7582633

A 60-year-old BNP and EDL activist murdered a 15-year-old girl who was sexually obsessed in his apartment: online: https://www.blackpoolgazette.co.uk/news/crime/paige-murderer-jailed-for- more-than-three-decades-1-7381160

A far-right EDL activist couple exploited a 7-year-old child, photographed child pornography and distributed it online: https://www.blackpoolgazette.co.uk/news/crime/heysham-woman-accused-of-using-seven-year-old -girl-for-worldwide-pornography-1-7364866

The same couple has also fledged a 13-year-old girl to her apartment where the man had sexually abused this: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/lancashire/8572755.stm

A far-rightist who was previously convicted of a mosque attack and appeared as a "pedophile hunter" was revealed to be a pedophile himself who tried to lure a child into sex: https://www.romfordrecorder.co.uk/news/crime-court/romford-paedophile-squad-jailed-for-grindr- blackmail-1-4156153

The far-right nationalist repeatedly raped a 12-year-old girl: https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/jailed-army-cadet-sergeant-groomed-9400037

An EDL active sexually assaulted a 13-year-old boy, and lured teenage boys into sexual activity via the Internet: https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/kane-hutchison-gateshead-sex-offender- 8937114

A member of EDL and Britain First, convicted of attempting a bomb attack on a mosque, was in possession of child pornography: https://www.hopenothate.org.uk/2015/01/07/britain-first-officer-on-sex- offenders-register /

A member of the far-right North West Alliance was convicted of several rapes and child sex offenses: http://www.deeside.com/shotton-man-mervyn-jones-sentanced-17-years-jail-sex-offences-four-children/

EDL member raped 14-year-old: https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/11278914.Man_charged_with_rape_of_Blackburn_schoolgirl

An EDL member convicted of armed robbery kidnapped a 10-year-old child and tried to rape this: https://www.theargus.co.uk/news/10740053.Armed_robber_and_child_kidnapper_could_be_on_the_run_in_Sussex/

A member of the nationalist North West Infidels, he admits to being a child abuser. Received convictions for several sex offenses: https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/8030864.Child_molester_jailed_after_girl_relives_horror/

Matthew Woodward, an EDL member, found child porn images and videos of 10-year-olds: https://www.hopenothate.org.uk/2012/05/20/why-did-the-edl-not-protest-this- paedophile-case

An EDL activist working with children sent sexual text messages to a 14-year-old: https://www.leaderlive.co.uk/news/15935498.Connah_s_Quay_project_worker_sent_sexual_texts_to_teenager

The EDL man prepared for the 13-year-old to be abused online and eventually raped him: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/crime/facebook-pervert-stephen-payne-walks-1736961

Richard Price, a founding member and former director of EDL, was in possession of child pornography. Tommy Robinson, considered a far-right martyr of freedom, defended pedophile Richard: https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/176587/Paedo-rap-for-EDL-leader

BNP racist activist convicted of child pornography images and videos: http://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/8771457.display/

BNP member found child pornography in a home search: https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/local-news/meliden-killers-dad-child-porn-2053471

The same BNP fascist, Ian Siree, previously raped a 14-year-old and harassed a 12-year-old: https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/8043021.Karate_instructor_on_sex_charge/

The racist, who was also a candidate for election to the BNP, was part of a child pornography network where he distributed material about boys under the age of 13: https://www.hopenothate.org.uk/2012/07/18/bnp-hypocrisy-over-paedophile/

Another racist who was a candidate for the BNP election, Roderick Rowley, was also convicted of possession and distribution of child pornography: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/10-things-you-should-know-about-the- bnp-when-you-watch-question-time-Tonight-1806874.html


>Satanist mercenary brigade

Does that mean that pædophilia will be an immutable part of the huwhite ethnostate for ypipo?


It’s the weekend so I’m having a break from autismo stuff but I will get this done probably Wednesday


>James Mason: https://www.westword.com/news/double-exposureunderage-girls-a-nazi-with-a-camera-and-partying-cops-whats-wrong-with-this-picture-5055531
The fuck is going on in this article? Why doesn't he use quotation marks? Confusing as all hell.

>The letters arrived in the third week of May. They came in the mail, dozens of them, addressed to city council members, county commissioners, ministers, teachers, parents–anybody who was anybody in Las Animas, a town of 2,500 on the eastern plains, where everybody seems to know everybody else's business.

>First time I met officer Bob Keenan was at the Street Light Cafe…I was sitting in the middle of the room, reading a book.

>The letters carried no return address and were postmarked Birmingham, Alabama. Inside each envelope was a photocopy of a seven-page, handwritten statement from a local fifteen-year-old girl, a statement she had given the previous summer to the Bent County Sheriff's Department.

>A couple of weeks later we've become friends…Bob asked if I would like a ride home. I said, "Yes." So I got in the car [and] we went for a ride down toward the power plant. Bob said he wanted to get to know me better.

>The girl was well-known to local law enforcement. Nude photographs of her and another teenaged girl had surfaced in the course of an investigation of James Nolan Mason–a 44-year-old white supremacist with ties to several American Nazi organizations, a longtime pen pal of Charles Manson, and quite possibly the town's most bizarre resident.

>Before I got out we both kissed each other. While we were kissing I put his hand up my shirt. I wanted to see how Bob would react.

I dunno if I wanna read about all this shit. Shit reads like a porno besides missing the quotation marks to seperate the commentary from the (letters???)


File: 1648972623561-1.png (1.28 MB, 1920x1080, JamesMason.png)

File: 1648972623561-2.png (1001.35 KB, 1920x1080, JamesMason2.png)

File: 1648972623561-3.png (829 KB, 1920x1080, JackRenshaw.png)

I made some test slides before I make a proper template and begin, because congratulations, that's a lot of fucking names already and I'm going to need to establish a production process to get through that list.

Feedback wanted. Rationale:
>the name clear
>the offense clear
>pictures, makes it less dry for a video, gives something to recognize
>relevant org mentioned (no "it's just O9A" excuses), with icon to recognize
>evidence/article text, and link to sources


File: 1648975607342.jpg (2.84 MB, 2072x3440, fascho.jpg)


So I am posting every linked thing and effortposts which describe the phenomenon from these threads. Apologies, it will probably bump the thread a bunch of times because there is loads. Stuff is probably going to be repeated and I expect some of the links to be dead by now, but I am just putting them all in the same place as a resource for further sorting just now. I also can't account for other people, but if i'm making a claim, I can provide a source, so if you see a claim by me and the source isn't clear, its probably just unclear writing and I can hook you up. I will mark my posts with an (s) after where it says "next post" . Also they might not specifically relate to the pedophile thing, but by nature they all do. If you want the specific pedo examples, ill do a filter after this.

"I heard a saying once that Nazism embodies the very decadence it claims to oppose. There was this German movie came out in August 1944 that was one of the most expensive films ever made in Europe at that point, and when it hit the theaters, Army Group Centre was in the middle of being consumed by the Soviet army which was propelling itself into Poland as Allied bombers brewed up German cities with firebombs. And it was this incredibly lavish production but really fucking tacky at the same time. It's like Donald Trump shit.

So what does that tell you… the whole thing was always aesthetically ridiculous:

Also the Nazis were basically a porno-regime. They loved virile nudes and had a program called Lebensborn to encourage out-of-wedlock births and gave medals to women who could pump out a lot of babies for the war machine. That's all they were good for according to Nazi ideology.

I see this Atomwaffen / Siege culture stuff as like pornography. There are different forms of pornography, not just sexual. Also notice how so many of them post on /pol/ which from a graphic design point of view looks like puke and it's also full of porn and graphic violence and grotesque sexual imagery – a lot of it is highly racialized pornography as well of course (which they're "aghast" at) so there's a psycho-sexual thing going on there. One lens you might be able to view this ideology through is via the Icelandic band Hatari… they are communists who use pornographic imagery, but I understand this as an artistic commentary on late capitalism and fascism, like left-wing artists who take the ideology of fascism more seriously than the fascists and present the "truth" of it in an absolutely deadpan manner which fascists themselves do not do, if you know what I mean… kinda like Laibach:
https://youtu.be/eVbShUW6QBM[Embed] "

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Also another thing this reminds me of is Pasolini's "Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom" which depicted a group of fascist officials and aristocrats in the final days of the Italian Social Republic. These guys hide out in a remote manor along with these kidnapped teenagers and subject them to unrelenting sexual humiliation and torture including cutting their eyes and tongues out before killing them. Now, there's no way – unless you're a psychopath – that the depictions in the film are going to be at all titillating, it's absolutely disgusting, and that is the point and it's basically the one thing I can think of that will turn you into a turbo-raging Bolshevik if you're not one already, because it shows the inevitable end result of unconstrained fascist ideology as acted out on other human beings. Atomwaffen at least doesn't try to hide it and one of their books on their reading list is "Iron Gates" by an anonymous author (probably O9A/ToB people) which is a shitty post-apocalyptic novel with graphic depictions of pedophilia in it.

By the way the Atomwaffen "leader" in the U.S. pleaded guilty to federal swatting charges the other day and is probably looking at five years in prison.

Anyways, it's just that people who watch "Salo" today tend to have some context of the film's intentions. Also Pasolini associated with far-left political groups in his day and was murdered the year the film came out.

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daily reminder the atomwaffen leader "rape" was charged with possession and distribution of child porn. Ditto their UK variant Sonnenkrief Division/ National Action, had had multiple high level members caught with child porn.

Also daily reminder Atomwaffen was part of The Base, the founder and leader of which was literally CIA

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With regards to Russian intelligence, they are behind parts of the far right in Europe, specifically not the parts which are involved with Azov Battallion, as they are Nato proxies and anti Russia


Oh also probable 09A founder David Myatt was also part of Column 88, an operation Gladio group

I have a theory I don't have enough proof to confirm but there is some proof of, that perhaps the feds groom pedophiles into these groups, specifically because they can be manipulated with their kiddy fucking.

The thing about the 09A stuff if you look at it deep is that if you actually undergo the initiation rituals it would turn you into a supersoldier. To the point I am skeptical if very many people on earth have completed the whole thing.

Challenges include shit like staying alone in a cave for a month, no light no time somebody just comes and gets you at the end of the month. Others are hard physical challenges. Can't remember the details but they start out like something most people could do if they train for 2 or 3 months and finish with things that are elite athletic feats.

Also the practice of "insight roles" is essentially training you to be an undercover agent, you literally pretend to be somebody else for a year and a half.

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"Point in case here, this guy was O9A and also a homoeroticist (Ironically AWD confirmed to me that there's a lot of homosexuals in it) and he's enormous." (this alongside a picture of the (he'll yeh I like cute boys, problem uyghur?) Photo

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In this video we have someone cutting themselves with pictures of Jim Jones, Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il to a messed up version of the SS song of the devil

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They do a bunch of shit, their main texts are on o9a.org and on Amazon


Probably one of the spookier videos I've seen

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oh and I suppose the main thing is, its an intelligence operation most probably, as Myatt was part of Column 88, which was most likely a Gladio OP. Myatt was also deeply involved in the British Far right, which is in turn deeply involved in ulster loyalism, which is in turn deeply involved in British intelligence

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Look up the "National-Socialist Underground movement" in Germany, and look at how the investigation of a series of terrorist murders was hampered by BSU, German intelligence services. Witnesses got disappeared and shit. Really messy affair.

The NSU-case is really nightmare-fuel especially in combination with something like this.


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it is highly likely this man was influenced by O9A ideology. + hes also a pedo standard from AWD apparently

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Man, it's been some time since I read about it, but the wikipedia article alludes to a lot of the stuff.
I'll try to dig up more stuff and post it ITT

>The affair is casting Germany's security apparatus into public disrepute for an obvious, complete failure and is causing sarcastic comments from the press.[29][30] On 2 July 2012, the President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Heinz Fromm, resigned from his post[31] shortly after it was revealed that on 12 November 2011, employees, most notably Axel Minrath (code name: Lothar Lingen[32]), of his agency had destroyed files connected with the NSU case immediately after their role in the murders became public and the agency itself had received a formal request from the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) to forward all information relevant to these crimes.[33] Two more resignations of the presidents of the State Offices for the Protection of the Constitution in Thuringia and Saxony soon were to follow suit.[34]


These guys also have a lot of stuff on it:


Here are some interesting hightlight:

>At one of the attacks, a BSU intelligence officer as present at the site. The officer, Andreas Temme, was notirious for neo-nazi sympathies.

>The defence lawyer for the family of one of the victims (Yes, Germany charged the families of the victims with crimes in certain instances) was sent death-threats at her address. The threats were revealed to have been sent by a conspiracy of local policemen that called themselves "NSU 2.0".

>Inconsistencies at the crimescene where Böhnhart and Mundlos were found dead. They were supposed to have killed themselves with a shotgun, but two catridges were found at the scene. In the case of a murder-suicide, you'd expect just a single ejected cartridge (you shoot your partner - eject cartridge - shoot yourself - eject cartridge?)

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I just found this on google
Not sure if any of the info is good as I've never heard about this shit before.
>Regarding the nine murders of migrants with the same weapon, the investigations focused almost exclusively on the victims and their alleged and actually non-existent ties to organized crime, the “Turkish mafia”, drug dealing, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and so on. In the murder cases where police investigated the possibility that these acts might have been committed for right-wing motives, they did so in a very superficial manner and leads in this direction were hardly ever followed up.
>The same pattern can be seen in the investigations of the bomb attacks. In all three cases, which the police did not regard as connected, the police looked for suspects close to the victims or in connection with organized crime, and neo-Nazi suspects were never seriously considered. In the case of the bomb attack in Keupstraße in Cologne, the police denied the terrorist character of the attack and yet again the bombing was attributed to organized crime. This denial contradicted internal analysis of the secret service and the police considering a racist motive.
>Most of the 15 robberies were believed to be connected as the offenders were always two young men fleeing the crime scene on bikes. But no connection was ever made between the robberies and the murders and/or bombings, despite the fact that many witnesses had seen two young men with bikes close to the scene of the respective crimes.

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>While he had all of this wealth in property he also received public assistance of $1200 a month. It isn't clear how Dutroux was able to acquire the ten properties. Documents were released by WikiLeaks that show that large sums of money in different currencies arrived in Michelle Martins bank account timely linked to the disappearances of the abducted girls.[6] The money was also transferred in foreign currencies from Morocco and Saudi Arabia
>When the investigative journalist, Olenka Frenkiel, met Nihoul in Brussels he reportedly greeted her with the words "I am the monster of Belgium." He told her that he was certain that he would never be prosecuted. During the encounter he grabbed her, tickled her and pulled her unto him so that she called for her colleagues to help her get away from him

other fun stuff is epstein being let off bcuz of intelligence connections, transnational organized crime/drug trade and their connections to american and russian intelligence agencies, the catholic church

theres a lot of degenerate pure evil out there

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The U.S. group that was emulating the O9A, and had basically merged with AWD, was a bizarre little outfit out of South Carolina called the Tempel ov Blood. They're the ones who produced those spooky videos of guys loaded rifles next to portraits of various dictators.

Also… the DPRK thing… about 10 years ago they buddied up with a small pro-DPRK (communist) study group out of the New York / New Jersey area, but then began threatening to kill the members of that group when the relationship turned sour. I think that's how they made contact with the DPRK before the latter cut off contact with them. The journalist Nate Thayer did a long series of articles about it. It was all extremely, radioactively spooky and shady.

You know this is exactly what intelligence people do to goad radicals into doing stupid stuff, they appeal to the macho ego. "You're not a pussy are you? Yeah, pussy? Okay, then prove it, now do this…"

It's literally from the glowie handbook. You'd be surprised at how often it works because a lot of men, including a lot of "communist" men, have not gotten over their male chauvinism and can be easily baited into this stupid stuff. You notice they don't really try this on women.

That was a really good article. If I come across any weird / spooky stuff out there, do you mind if I email you at that protonmail account? I follow this stuff a little bit and have written about some of this stuff as well.

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Also, despite the sick 360 n0sc0p3 headshot propaganda posters circulated by AWD (or whatever intelligence agency was making it for them), none of that ever made them strong. These people were never strong. People who are strong and powerful don't present an image like this. Barack Obama is far more ruthless and has killed leagues more people than these guys could ever dream of doing – he's in part responsible for Gaddafi being sodomized to death with a bayonet – and you don't see him slapping his image on posters with the Hot Topic font and wearing a skull mask.

Like, c'mon. This stuff is for losers.

It certainly presented a frightening image if you just looked at the surface… but peel that back and you have some would-be mass shooters and patsies for whatever police agency is secretly running it, with maybe a few of them capable of carrying out some gruesome but ultimately pathetic little killing sprees which are inconsequential other than being gruesome and tragic for the family members of the victims. But none of these people are going to take over a government and at best they'll be a weird curiosity for later generations of nerds like us who read about tiny fringe groups that do crazy things like those Japanese Maoists in the 70s who led their members into the woods and proceeded to kill most of them over the course of several months until the police arrived and arrested the ringleaders. And this AWD seemed to be mostly made up of pedophiles including the leader of the organization by the name of John Cameron "J.C." Denton. It's one for the history books.

Yeah look up Nate Thayer, you might even be able to email him. He is pretty much the expert on these wacko Nazi-Satanist cults and has done a lot of work on them. Bizarrely, he actually met Pol Pot in the flesh because his thing for years was covering Cambodia… was the first western journalist to interview him, I think, and broke the news to the international media when he died.

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>Barack Obama is far more ruthless and has killed leagues more people

Ironic cos I'm not sure how the dates match up but members of Atomwaffen did travel to Ukraine to learn military skills. So they may very well have been Obamas pawns for his war in Ukraine. At the very least, they supported it. Lmao.

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Not sure if this was a common practice, but still interesting.

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>One of the leaders of the Belgian pedophile ring was Benoit de Bonvoisin [13] [48], who was associated with several secret services. [13²] According to various sources, he held a high position at Gladio, these statements are corroborated by the fact that during a house search, which he carried out in 1990, a draft for a strategy of tension was found. This strategy paper included (supposedly random) attacks on supermarkets. [14] [13²]

>Apparently unmotivated terrorist attacks on supermarkets abounded in Belgium in the 1980s. They were started by the so-called gang of Nijvel (also called Brabant killer gang). [15]

>The Nijvel gang is a group held responsible for a series of violent attacks that took place in Belgium between 1982 and 1985 and claimed 28 lives and over 20 injuries.

>One of the members of the Nijvel gang - a former policeman who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for murder but was released without reason after 5 years - was identified by several victims of the Dutroux network as a participant in child sex parties. When he was found, he could no longer be questioned, because the day after the police contacted him, a chainsaw (according to other sources, a branch) fell on his neck in an "accident" and beheaded him. [21] [16]

>The attacks, it is said, were ordered by Bonvoisin himself.

>The gang of Nijvel received active support from the neo-Nazi association Westland New Post (WNP) in the preparation of the attacks. [17] According to its own statement, this was founded to support the US secret services in Belgium in the fight against communism. [17] Consequently, many WNP members also worked in NATO facilities. [18] The head of Westland New Post was Paul Latinus, who at times also led the Front de la Jeunesse (Youth Front) [14], which in turn was proven to be financed by Bonvoisin. [14²] According to former member Eric Lammers, WNP cooperated with the police (from whose ranks they also recruited their offspring) and senior military officers. Paul Latinus had a sad end, his girlfriend at the time found him dead in his apartment. Official cause of death: Suicide by hanging with a phone cord. [19]

>Nobody ever believed in the suicide thesis. It was known, according to his girlfriend, that Latinus had incriminating material regarding celebrities and their participation in sex parties, in which children were also involved. Latinus himself was an agent of the Belgian secret service at times and also worked for several American intelligence agencies. [20]

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>Jean Paul-Taminiau (had rented a garage across a hangar that Dutroux was using), 2.04.1995 After telling a friend that he received important information about Dutroux: His foot was found in a river one year later, the complete corpse was never found
>Francois Reyskens (was part of the drug and crime scene, told his father that he wanted to talk to him about Melissa before the public knew about her kidnapping), 26.07.1995 Before being supposed to testify concerning his knowledge about one of the kidnapped girls, Melissa (died the day he was supposed to testify): Supposed accident (fell in front of a train)
>Guy Goebels (police officer who worked on the case from the start in Grâce-Hollogne), 25.08.1995: suicide by headshot with gun
>Bruno Tagliaferro (acquaintance of Dutroux and scrap dealer, people alleged that he was blackmailed and forced to commit crimes, before his death he told his wife that he was going to die because he "knew too much", his wife told a witness that he got rid of a car that was used to kidnapp two girls), 5.11.1995: was poisoned (was first ruled suicide, but declared murder by poison after autopsy)
>Simon Poncelet (Policeman that was investigating the car smuggling ring around Dutroux), 21.02.1996: Was shot during a night shift in his office
>Michel Piro (Was a night club owner familiar with the redlight scene in Charleroi), 5.12.1996 Contacted the families of the kidnapped girl Julie and Melissa 3 months after the arrest of Dutroux: Shot on a car parking lot
>Christiaan Coanrads (was a prisoner who was supposed to be questioned about his connections to Dutroux but managed to escape and was found dead one month after the escape), 7.03.1997
>José Steppe (Well connected person from Charleroi, said that he had important info on Dutroux), 25.04.1997 Two days before testifying to the police: dropped dead (Rohypnol- a sedative was found in his asthma breathing device)
>Anna Konjevoda (Had contacted the police to tell them about connections of a porn ring around Dutroux to Eastern Europe), Found 7.04.1998: Beaten, choked and dumped in the river Meuse
>Gina Pardaens (social worker supporting victims of a child pornography ring, told friends that she saw a child pornography tape in which one girl was murdered and claimed she recognised one of the perpetrators as an acquaintance of Michel Nihoul), 15.11.1998-After calling the police to tell them that she has been threatened with death (by a car accident) in connection with her work: car crash (80 km/h into bridge railing)
>Fabienne Jaupart (wife of Bruno Tagliaferro), 18.12.1998- After finding important documents of her husband and asking for police protection: suicide (burned on bed, after bedroom was filled with methanol and lit on fire)
>Hubert Massa (Senior public prosecutor in the Dutroux case), 13.07.1999-One month after he started working on the case: suicide
>Grégory Antipine (Police officer investigating Dutroux case), 15.08.1999: suicide by hanging
>Nadège Renard (Was an acquaintance of Dutroux), Before wanting to give a list of contacts surrounding Dutroux to the authorities April 2001: car crash
>Bernard Routmond (Film director who traded pornography tapes, accused of kidnapping a girl, police found children's toys at his apartment), One the way to the police after he called in to testify about Dutroux via a car crash (slammed with own car into building): car crash
>Christoph Vanhexe (Journalist investigating the Dutroux case): car crash

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Also, in the NSU case:

>According to a German government report of December 1990, in which the existence of stay-behind structures was admitted, “preparations for the defence of the state” were made in cooperation with the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND, German foreign intelligence agency) from 1956 onwards. Heinz Lembke was part of these structures. He delivered weapons to the Wehrsportgruppe Hoffmann 22 in the ’70s. Lembke’s huge arsenal was discovered incidentally by forestry workers in 1981. The night after Lembke agreed to disclose who had pulled the strings, he was found hanged in his cell.

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But it's also on the guy's wikipedia-page:


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>In Berlin, 12-year-old Manuel Schadwald was kidnapped, there are serious indications that he fell into the hands of a Dutch [pedophile] network that had contact with Dutroux. [43]
>Yet the story of a German boy dying on a boat seems more than just a rumor. It has even been reported by the AIVD, according to several well-entered sources to the AD. One of them says: ,, It was only described in a few sentences. I read that a German boy died on a sailing boat. Because there were high-ranking people on board, the murder was concealed, "the source said." I was shocked when I read it. "


Does they really exist? My hot takes are everything from that it's just a bunch of texts (where someone is shoehorning in "sinister" everywhere) and some artist hangarounds such as Christos Beest's (Richard Mould). His tarot looks really good. To something worse:


While doing a bad job, you may add. This isn't even vaporwave. Just red. Only funny thing is the SS-skull with a skull mask! XD

>Dutroux' wealth
Couldn't it be him amassing wealth because he exploited the cracks in the belgian system(s) and operated in grey areas? And it IS a lot of people connected to the case that has died. Even if we disregard a few

>aesthetics is how you appeal to the uneducated.
No. If you present a badly typesetted text, your judgement in other areas *will* be questioned.

>I heard a saying once that Nazism embodies the very decadence it claims to oppose. There was this German movie came out in August 1944 that was one of the most expensive films ever made in Europe at that point, and when it hit the theaters, Army Group Centre was in the middle of being consumed by the Soviet army which was propelling itself into Poland as Allied bombers brewed up German cities with firebombs. And it was this incredibly lavish production but really fucking tacky at the same time. It's like Donald Trump shit.

So what does that tell you… the whole thing was always aesthetically ridiculous:

>>tap dancing Nazis
>How did they afford this cheesy shit in the middle of getting their shit kicked in?

They couldn't afford it. Their worst case of waste trough film may be Kolberg (1945). They used some 100 railway cars full of salt for a vinter scene shot in the summer. They doesn't seem to have used more extras than historically battled there. BUT they used soldiers and a lot of blanks. Basically hamstringing their war effort.


I recommend everyone to watch Hitler's Hollywood (2017). And the strangest and comfiest film I've ever seen, all categories, hands down, is Helmuth Käutner's Große Freiheit Nr. 7 (1944). I was actively looking for any references to the war or signs of it. But couldn't find any. And it can't really be considered a nazi film.


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You know I was just thinking about how much these edgy aesthetics reminds me of Marilyn Manson in the 90s. Like it's kind of an extreme teen thing where you try to shock your parents, and you're trying to figure out how to relate to society and where the boundaries are, and so this is like a very modern way for some risk takers who want to test the boundaries in the most extreme way possible. Manson anyways got a lot of mileage by tearing up Bibles but when he started running out of gas turned to the Nazi thing, but it was just a sad "now going door to door trying to shock people" thing:

Ree! Ree! Be shocked!

Reading about the AWD "leader" though… it's kind of funny how he got arrested. First of all, the cops discovered the porn after arresting him. They arrested him because he tried to swat the Homeland Security secretary (probably a bad idea) and also a journalist who ambushed him at a metal concert in Houston while trying to ask for an interview. To his credit he shut his mouth and didn't say anything, but got so mad about that he tried to swat the guy! Ridiculous. And then he's posing as some sort of ultra badass on fbi.gov who has the powers of ~spooky Nazi dark magic~ summoned from a burbling stew of chicken bones and Barbie doll heads. Palex mala! Crudux cruo! Palex mala! Crudux cruo!

Actually don't even think guys like him are most racist "Nazis" out there. I knew a guy from my hometown who went full Nazi skinhead, swastika tattoos and everything, after moving to fucking Shreveport. Found out later after looking him up on Facebook. He used to cross-dress too in high school but then turned into these huge, muscly Nazi gangbanger-type guy. It was very sad. And then on his Facebook it was just Donald Trump shit and jokes about queers and black people and so on. I suspect that's about as deep as it gets for most "Nazis" who are walking around in America.

Whew. I won't discourage you but best of luck with that. Basic problem is there are a whole lot of downwardly-mobile white people who have gotten creamed but they've turned to reactionary politics because they want to restore their former class position (which has gone away, permanently) instead of uniting with the black and Hispanic workers against their shared enemy: the boss.

The biggest wave of outsourcing was during the Bush administration, which temporarily boosted asset prices because the profits from the outsourcing were recycled into Wall Street and then flooded into the housing market. Capitalists have to convert profit (squeezed from surplus labor value) into capital in order to realize the profit. That's Marx 101. The collapse of the bubble devastated the middle class and those guys straight down like free fall right into the concrete with no support. So they become receptive to immigrants being to blame, lazy black people (although most of the workers at the UAW strike I went to last year were black… and know how to grill) and CHYNA who have "screwed us over." And none of that solves the fundamental problem. In fact the rich have gotten richer than ever. And now there's a massive new crisis that is wiping out the consumer-facing working class that these formerly middle-class people were plunged into. RIP.


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is a picture i can't zoom in on, the headline is "US soldier plotted with satanic neo nazis to ambush his own unit overseas, feds say"

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That makes sense. From the little I read of the ToB group's texts, they make a point that they're willing to lie to get anyone regardless of the politics to carry out acts of violence (which they get off on) but they've had the most success with neo-Nazis. I don't think this is some super-secret Illuminati group in a cool castle. The ToB people were living out of a trailer in South Carolina. They're just weirdos. And maybe the cops keep tabs on them. If they are the super-secret Eyes Wide Shut vampire Illuminati who need blood sacrifices to power their temple though that would be pretty scary.

Can't find it now, but I think they've tried different tricks. The ToB people, before merging with AWD, tried to associate with pro-DPRK leftists as people have pointed out. They also tried to worm their way into the Hare Krishnas to push them into Kali Yuga apocalyptic stuff and a black Pentecostal church to push them into being like Jim Jones from the Peoples Temple. These were probably not serious efforts. That was all a decade ago.

I was also looking into some of their recent stuff about a year ago, and came across what I thought was one of their websites, and it was this very weird, very spooky manifesto about violence being a form of "art" and encouraging attacks on tech company CEOs and employees, and people in the entertainment industry including streamers. The manifesto was this pseudo-Unabomber thing about how the professional culture class has "destroyed true art" or something. I think it was taken down and I wouldn't know how to find it now, but I suspect they might have been inspired by a shooting at a video game tournament that happened around that time in which a streamer was shot on stream, maybe seeing if that was a trend they could encourage. Or maybe they got spooked after that when the feds came in and dropped a ton of bricks on AWD and locked their asses up.

It's a hugely interesting question, but you probably don't want to play around with this stuff. With these neo-Nazi groups, a lot of them are clowns, but there are some who if they found out you were spying on them, I wouldn't past them to attempt killing you or hurting you, or at least seriously thinking about it. Some real whackjobs in the mix. They might try to pressure you into doing something you don't want to do.

Also… a lot of these guys might not realize they're being manipulated by intelligence agencies. The agent who is manipulating them might be a neo-Nazi who got into trouble and to stay out of prison agreed to flip. And that's the leader of the organization. There's a rather notorious example in Canada of this where the RCMP (I think) essentially created a far-right umbrella organization called the Heritage Front that was going to be like one single white nationalist group that would unite the whole scene up there, but it was controlled by Canadian domestic intelligence the whole time.

I don't know if something similar happened with National Vanguard (not to be confused with Vanguard Alliance, which became Patriot Front) in the U.S., but back in the 90s that was the big honkin' neo-Nazi group in the U.S. back in the 1990s that brought the groups together, and was led by the guy who wrote the Turner Diaries. They actually had a compound in West Virginia that was also a mail-order book warehouse. It was a multi-million-dollar business. It broke up after the leader's death, and the new guy who took over went to prison on pornography charges. Their last big showing was in 2002, right around the time of the leader's death, at a "Rock Against Israel" march in D.C. that drew several hundred – the largest neo-Nazi gathering in the U.S. that had happened in awhile and wouldn't be repeated until Charlottesville. It's very difficult to find pictures of it. I forget where it was, but I think there was another rally somewhere around the same time (maybe upstate New York) that got violent and was sort of a disaster for them, and there was also a car attack like Charlottesville but no one was killed.


(from last post)

*typo: Vanguard America, not "Vanguard Alliance."

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Also you see a pattern with these groups, at least in the U.S., where they come up with a brand that they hope can unite everybody. And then they get the members to distribute leaflet propaganda over and over again because it makes the people involved have some skin in the game and it's low risk. Putting up posters, or driving around neighborhoods throwing leaflets onto people's lawns in little baggies weighed down with rocks. That also provokes media attention. Also this Patriot Front group now does banner drops and night-time flash mobs. They had a fairly sizeable march in D.C. recently, 150 guys or so, but the cops jumped on them at their staging ground (a Walmart parking lot) and escorted them all the way, which they didn't seem to like very much… especially since a lot of these D.C. cops are not white because it's D.C. And it probably indicates that they have police informants within the group.

But in a sense it's like training wheels for the big day they think is coming. Probably not soon… the broader right wing sphere seems like it's in rapid decomposition at the moment. The Boogaloo Boys, in my mind, seem to be a result of fragmentation if you ask me, because it's just totally undirected and focused on trying to escalate violence at Black Lives Matter rallies. But these Patriot Front boys will do what they're doing over and over again, and then once something turns around in the broader political sphere, perhaps in a year or a few years when a bunch of right wingers get riled up and get radicalized, they can scoop up some of them and have enough numbers to really try to contest the streets in a more serious way. And there will be a big rally and it'll get violent and people will get hurt, and it'll be a huge disaster, and there will be a ton of bricks dropped on them, the organization will implode, and the cycle will start all over again.

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>The ToB people were living out of a trailer in South Carolina. They're just weirdos.

How would you feel about the hypothesis that these are just the foot solidiers and what >>696943 says about the "inner circle" is maybe also true.

Like there probably is a spooky circle of powerful people at the very top, the rest are just useful idiots?

>There's a rather notorious example in Canada of this where the RCMP (I think) essentially created a far-right umbrella organization called the Heritage Front that was going to be like one single white nationalist group that would unite the whole scene up there, but it was controlled by Canadian domestic intelligence the whole time.

sounds exactly like The Base. You got some links friend?

>and was led by the guy who wrote the Turner Diaries.

okay, so you know that guy worked for Raytheon. He also convinced James Mason (who later became an Atomwaffen Big Dog) not to carry out a school shooting. This was back in the day before school shootings were a thing.

> It broke up after the leader's death, and the new guy who took over went to prison on pornography charges

these stories are cookie cutter at this point. Every single Nazi group is a fed/pedo honey pot

You got links on this too?

v interesting stuff

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"Anyways, this sounds a lot like how it was done in Germany too. It's seldom that these intelligence agencies send in their own agents to be deep-cover (although they also do this), but way more commonly, they "flip" people who are already within the movement to build the movements at their behest. Now the controvesy, from Germany at least, was that to a large degree, the intelligence services seemed to support these movements with a lot of money and resources, and actually encourage their CI's to expand.
This is turn lead to a series of terrorist killings, committed by nazis and covered up by intelligence services, that was used to crack down on the muslim community within Germany (even though all victims, save one, were muslims themselves).
It is in this light that it would be interesting to see how much support Nazis get in the US, if any, and what kind of stuff they get away with."

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Do some searching for the name Grant Bristow. Maybe find some better articles than the Wiki:

A documentary about him. Also it wasn't the RCMP but the CSIS intelligence service:

>What really happened when Canada’s security service went into the racism business? CSIS mole Grant Bristow was instrumental in the founding of white supremacist group the Heritage Front, but did he step over a line when he went from merely informing to actually inciting racists acts and targeting Canadians for terrifying abuse. Revelations about how the CSIS informant built and directed a racist movement, how he created an alarming crisis and a PR triumph for his handlers. Was Bristow out of control or did CSIS know his every move?

>A 1994 report by the Security Intelligence Review Committee on the Heritage Front affair concluded that Bristow tested the limits of what was acceptable and the CSIS sometimes failed to properly manage its source, but concluded that Bristow and his CSIS handler “discharged their duties in a competent and responsible manner.”

>Many critics of the CSIS operation consider the SIRC report a whitewash, written by a government-appointed watchdog of a government agency. Bristow meanwhile has maintained his innocence regarding his activities during his time as a CSIS mole telling The Walrus in a rare 2004 interview, "I was walking a very thin tightrope. I was trying to find a response that didn't include out-of-control, escalating violence. If I was wrong in the actions that I took, I must take responsibility for that."

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>Creativity Movement

Ah, this is vintage kook!

My personal favourite is National Socialist Movment. It's like they're trying to have all flags at once.

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>Point in case here, this guy was O9A and also a homoeroticist (Ironically AWD confirmed to me that there's a lot of homosexuals in it) and he's enormous.

Is that a real image or an edit? :-/

I have some swedish book on nazis where someone from "the movement " is quoted about the problem with legit uniform fetishists ruining things for everyone.


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Mine is definitely more… interesting/disgusting than other guys/girls on this thread and in general probably. Before we get started. I'll explain that I started transitioning when I was 15 and at that same time I started whoring myself out online. I think it was probably due to the fact that I was socially alienated as fuck and had a history of abuse. I was also into "edgy" politics, so I started buying flags and shit and they would often be features in my images and whatever. Anyway, as I said before, I ended up joining the ULP fbi.gov, and there were a few AWD retards on there, notably this guy called Runes, and another guy called Wolfy. Wolfy invited me into a few fbi.govs where all of these awd dudes would congregate and larp/shitpost together, and I ended up as part of that meme landscape because of my edgy transhumanist status. A few of them also ended up falling for me or just otherwise simping for me in dms. I liked this attention and so I kept it going for a while, and when one of the guys who was simping for me asked for screenshots of another guy I was exchanging nudes with, I complied. This ended up making some people hate me and made other people like me. This went on for a while until I eventually got tired of the awd atmosphere and just kinda dropped out. At 17, I got involved again, but this time with a splinter org. I was still an attention whore at the time, though I was definitely more self aware, so the "leader" of this splinter org took advantage of that and started to very obviously flirt with me. I was actually very suspicious when talking to him, because he was a really fucking autistic schizo guy, but being the retarded dopamine-poisoned transhumanist I was, I ended up giving in kinda and playing along with the flirting. He wanted me to fly over to his country and shit, and I played with that idea until I found out from other sources that he was leaking all of our dms to a group and talking about how he and a few other guys would get together and kill me once they lured me somewhere. I freaked out kinda and dropped off of the internet besides interacting with my closest friends, and stopped using my phone altogether (still don't). What I would call the ideology of this group is basically an edgy reskin of national socialism, with more focus on accelerationism and race war and whatnot. What I would call the most interesting part of this group is the o9a inspiration, as in o9a texts, it's said that national socialism really only serves the purpose of furthering a "sinister dialectic", basically bringing forth "sinister" (contrarian/edgy) ideals in people, creating a malleable atmosphere from which people with sufficient occult knowledge and experience can shape the future. I'm definitely oversimplifying it as my brain is too retarded to remember half the shit I read, but hey, I hope this is interesting to someone.

>he was leaking all of our dms to a group and talking about how he and a few other guys would get together and kill me once they lured me somewhere
Yeah one time when I still posted on Reddit was a discussion about this trans teen who turned into some kind of Nazi egirl who'd wear a skull mask and pose with her leggings, and I posted something about the danger she is in if she associates IRL with any one of these guys, and then out of nowhere someone claiming to be her replied to me with some insane, cutesy stuff. Immediately I replied "bitch stay away from this people, they'll kill you." And she said something cutesey again like "tee hee, toodles!" Oh man. Well I'm glad you got out of there.

By the way, an associate of some of these high-level alt-right people (an obscure behind-the-scenes player), and I mean friends with the main guys like Richard Spencer and who would travel to Europe to network and attend white nationalist conferences, would also chase trans teens, and was accused by one of rape who got out of there and became a leftist. Dude attended the Trump inaugural ball in black tie, travels frequently so he's never in one place for long, and works in tech. S H A D Y.

I dunno, I'm a little older so I feel like Ice Cube sometimes in that cop show. What's the scoop? "Satanist neo-Nazis using a new internet chat program called Telegram on a thrill-kill plot to ensnare shitposting transhumanist egirls. They call themselves the Atomwaffle. Real sick stuff."

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Yeah, I think that e-girl you're referring to is probably me. I was really autistic at the time, though I don't remember the cutesy retard shit. I might have just not put much thought into that reply.

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I was in association with people in the AWD and was a member of SKD, I remember the dude who was arrested before the gun rally at Richmond Virginia (Pestilence) sent a video of you getting fucked by a dildo in a groupchat I was in on Instagram, that is, if you are boot the person depicted in the drawing.

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It's a real image, the guy in question told me he feels a tingly feeling in his loin when he sees "pretty boys" and said he wanted to rape cute twinks constantly.

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Here's my time to shine.

I was a Marxist and Stalinist as well as a Maoist and Pol Potist for 2 years after 2015 until I drifted towards National Bolshevism and Duginism, I then transitioned to a pseudo Nazi "third positionist" ideology and then I was sucked into what I thought was the grand ideology and worldview of Fascism which I had to perform mental gymnastics to convince myself there was such a thing as an "Aryan Socialism" that the Fascists were fighting for. I was more of a theorist for AWD and co than someone who actually went out and did shit, the depravity knows no bounds, from people actually advocating for bombing nuclear power plants, to supporting child rape, to supporting Jim Jones, to advocating for a global genocide of 99% of white people and 100% of all non white people on the planet thus leaving less than 500 million people on the planet. I knew Benjamin Bogard and he was a pedophile who lived in a van for a while that I knew, he got reported to the FBI and was acting strange during the last few days before he vanished and we got news that he was arrested for child pornography charges and his van he was living in was seized by the FBI, because of this the Feds saw our chat logs and our accounts and those that didn't delete their accounts immediately like I did were visited by the FBI, some even arrested for attempted terrorist attacks on government officials and mixed race couples, some of them were even plotting on going to Ukraine to join the Azov Battalion. I was active in the Fascist Forge forum which was a continuation of the IronMarch forum that went offline after the creator was arrested by the FSB, there I wrote a very popular thread on a Fascist critique of Nationalism instead advocating for a global empire which would exterminate most human life down to less than 50 million. This post was wildly popular, becoming a pinned and top post on the forum, from there I went on their Wire groupchats and came into contact with AWD and SKD, of which I was one of the 10 members of SKD in the whole group, yes, it was that small, and no, nobody did anything in the organization, it was just show. There was one guy named Caine Brown who is now arrested who complained that the Tempel Ov Blood was full of violent pedophilia, and he for 5 days started an opposition to AWD because of it, in which 5 days later he apologized and said they weren't pedophiles, then became a Hare Krishna, and was caught with Child Porn on his phone and got arrested for vandalizing a synagogue (Despite him being a massive joke of a person). One guy named Italo was the leader of the SKD after Oskar had gotten arrested for hate speech posters by the SKD which is now an illegal organization in the UK but after the arrests we had 1 member who actually even lived in the UK out of 10 who were in the USA and Brazil. Italo constantly talked about how he thought he was being followed by the FBI and he told me he killed a prostitute he had hired and started freaking out and then a week later he vanished. Italo had links to Hezbollah leaders and ToB leaders. Another guy from Norway bragged about fucking 13 year olds and he was baited by the police by a fake 13 year old girl and is now in Prison. The person who took over the SKD was a dude from Canada who fucked Russian coke whores while having a wife in Hungary and a half Albanian child (Not name dropping because he targets people and I want nothing to do with that). This guy was friends with Rape, I knew Rape through this connection and even got in a few calls with him a month before he was arrested, in which I was already for 8 months doubting Fascism and getting increasingly disillusioned with it all and was leaning towards Anarchism, of which I ascribe to today just entirely denazified. Rape hated women, he wanted all women to be publicly hung if they acted out and wanted them to stay inside and said he wanted to legalize rape of women and make beheadings the punishment for women who cheat on men. Rape invited me to Robert Jay Matthews funeral session in Texas because he was in the Klan and the Klan was holding the funeral (RJM was the guy who died in a shootout with the FBI after threatening to hunt down every last government official of which the FBI burned his house down in response.) The Base had federal agents in it, one such dude being named TMB (In runic inscription) who invited me twice to Rome, Georgia for arms practice and propaganda videos of which I never attended and it was later found out he was an FBI agent who arrested two AWD members from it. There was also a fake AWD organization that claimed to be the AWD but wasn't. Rape thought it was the FBI, their propaganda and videos (The fake AWD) can be found on the TerrorWave Telegram group. Rape was also sceptical of The Base and admitted to me that the AWD at most shoots guns in the forest on camera and gets arrested, and he told me that he believed that revolution and direct action doesn't work and that he thinks The Base was full of shit. The Base in their meetups that I didn't attend posed with severed goat heads and pictures of Hillary and John Podesta with pizza boxes and even a picture of a severed goat being assfucked. The discourse is very intense when its not casual talk which just amounts to talks about ideology and occultism. The ideology is genocide with a swastika banner and what you'd find in Irongates and Blue Bird, so basically cannibalism, mass extinction, nuclear world war, tyranny, rape, sadism and hatred of humanity.There was a real organization but it didn't achieve much other than making sick propaganda and getting its members arrested for CP and drugs. I left because I didn't believe in Fascism anymore ideologically and was a secret Anarchist towards the end of it and because I realized it was just fucking stupid, a bunch of meth head cultists who get themselves locked up in maximum security prisons constantly, fuck that and fuck Fascism.


Not explicitly but I've seen more than 5 justifications for underage fucking by them. From what I could tell a good chunk of them were pedophiles.


I'm a "it's capitalism in decay" sort of dude. Apparently this J.C. Denton / Rape guy had rich parents from suburban Houston? He's a petty booj kid. Well the petty booj is wrapped up in consuming commodities as a way to "keep up with the Joneses," they're in constant competition with each other and define themselves via these status symbols. But if you're disillusioned and get dumped downward and there's no class consciousness that forms from that, I think you can get this fascist turn that just turns on other PEOPLE and tries to consume THEM. Hence, cannibalism, pedophilia, rape, sadism, wishing for nuclear war and the apocalypse. Social Darwinist stuff. It's this >>694275 and this >>694295

It takes the logic of the commodity and of the consumer society and then propels it to the most extreme, logical conclusion in which all relations become dehumanized, all people become dehumanized including oneself in the ultimate act of self-debasement and finally leading (probably in the end) to suicide like Hitler in his bunker. Probably the main difference between these occultic weirdos and the Jeffrey Epsteins of the world is that the former don't get to act on their impulses without going to jail, while Epstein did way harder shit, way more often, for years. Hatari is right (CC):


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Speaking of gun ranges, the federal indictment of some of "The Base" guys who were arrested in Maryland a few months ago is pretty wild. Three guys living in an apartment were apparently harboring a fourth guy who was under investigation in Canada but went AWOL from his military unit and hopped the border, and the Maryland guys drove to Michigan to pick him up. The feds had an informant within the larger organization and traced their travel (their license plate was scanned / photographed on a toll road I think).

The feds installed a hidden camera inside their apartment where they were talking about all the crimes they were going to do, and also manufacturing drugs (ketamine maybe?). Like them on camera going "this is a major federal drug crime, now let us begin…" And practicing room clearing maneuvers inside their own apartment. Oh and they had illegally modified a rifle to fire in automatic, and were taking it to a shooting range to fire, so the feds also set up a camera in the parking lot (and possibly inside the range as well?) to gather evidence of that. Just complete ownage.

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…okay fuck. That is thread number one. It took me like an hour and I'm bored of copy pasting, although I did enjoy going back over the old shit and remembering it all. Crazy this is like 2 and half years old now from old bunkerchan RIP. Anyway, expect a slow trickle of these in the next few days/ week or. I believe it gets more pedo intensive as it goes on also


Based. Quality effortposts o7


>Nazis being covered up for by german intelligence again

>The Process Church of Final Judgement, the apocalyptic gnostic satanic cult that was big in the 60s and 70s which decisively influenced Charles Manson and the Son of Sam, and is purported to be involved in many other ritualistic/serial killings. They eventually turned into the Animal Friends' Society, which is still involved in shady dealings on their compound. They pioneered using Nazi aesthetics and using race war rhetoric and are arguably the direct ancestors' of today's ONA et al edgelord wannabe terrorists. Genesis P-Orridge, the bands Skinny Puppy and Angel Witch and Timothy Wyllie are known associates. V*ce shitsters also attended some of their rituals and shilled for the hard a few years back.

>(question from poster) are you aware of any intelligence agency connections?
>OP:No direct evidence, but by virtue of their MO, their connections to British aristocracy (both "DeGrimston" and his mistress were blue bloods), L. Ron Hubbard and early Scientology (of which the founders had been members/initiates), as well as the entire satanic/thelemite counter culture in the US (Anger, Parsons, LaVey, Manson et al.), in my opinion they have glow written all over them (likely a joint effort by the MI6 + CIA + OSS/NSA).I strongly suggest you check out the book I linked, "The Ultimate Evil" by Maury Terry, a fine piece of investigative journalism that lays crucial details about their organizational culture.
> (question from poster) Is the documentary in question the one on netflix? The one that largely focusses on a guy with something up with his eye trying to get a statue of Satan onto public property or something?
> (OP) The documentary is called "Hail Satan?"; since the filmmaker dropped all pretense of objectivity and became a card carrying member and high profile propagandist for this cult, I strongly suggest you stream or t*rrent it so as to deny them any revenue:
It's also an instructive watch on the sort of disoriented, philosophically and theologically illiterate lumpenproletariat these cults prey on, as well as unhinged fascist "intellectuals" they push to the forefront.




>Look up New Resistance and James Porrazzo. Porrazzo is ex-leader of white supremacist American Front, is possibly a fed informant and has links to Rural Peoples Party iirc. He also has links to the Center for Syncretic Studies (a Duginist group that seems to serve the purpose of facilitating left-entryism into fascist/Nazbol/probably AWD type politics, specifically through "shared struggle against the Atlanticist hegemony" or whatever) and to Dugin himself. Strange shit, Porrazzo and these types idolize people like Peter Linkola (ecofash that wants to genocide the human population, though he probably just means non-huwhites tbh), Aum Shinrikyo (that Japanese cult that killed people with sarin nerve gas attack on Tokyo subway) and the Osho/Rajneesh cult (carried out a mass poisoning attack with salmonella in Oregon).
>New Resistance and James Porrazzo probably also have links to Epoch Times and the Best Friends Animal Society/former Process Church >>703443, considering they shill for them on at least a semi-regular basis.


>Otto Skorzeny
>Trusted soldier of Hitler.
>removed Hungarian King From Power
>Rescued Mussolini from captivity
> led Operation Greif in which German soldiers infiltrated Allied lines by using their opponents' uniforms, equipment, language and customs.
>arressted at the end of the war,gets out moves to spain to live with franco
>eventually came to be an advisor to Nasser
>conducted many covert ops in the middle east and beyond post war
>including "operation spider" where he helped nazis escape capture.
>On top of all of that, he was a close associate of non other than esoteric hitlerist queen
>For a fun twist he also settled
>in Ireland in his later years so maybe there are ulster loyalist connections as well
>Devi was also in contact with Colin Jordan, who was close associate of David Myatt of the 09A fame
>Skorzeny also allegedly worked for Mossad.



video of Atomwaffen division

>Posting this here too. I'm pretty sure that the Nordic Resistance Movement is run by the SÄPO (Swedish secret police).


Thoughts on The Finders?
>The Customs report, written by Special Agent Ramon Martinez, recounted a sordid, horrific cluster of events. On February 4, 1987, a concerned citizen notified the Tallahassee Police Department—he had observed six white children, “poorly dressed, bruised, dirty, and behaving like wild animals,” in a Tallahassee park. The children were accompanied by two well-dressed white males driving a white 1979 Dodge van with Virginia plates.

>The Tallahassee police responded to the call and took the children and adults into custody. The adults refused to cooperate, and one produced a business card that stated he planned to exercise his Constitutional right to remain silent. Police officers noted that the children, whose ages ranged from three to six, could not adequately identify themselves or their custodians and were “unaware of the function and purpose of telephones, televisions, and toilets.” The children also said that they were not allowed to live indoors and were given food only as a reward. The Tallahassee police charged the two adults with felony child abuse, and they were held on a $100,000 bond. The children were placed in protective custody.

>Police officers found documents in the van that enabled them to tentatively identify the two adults and partially identify the children. They also found documents containing two Washington, DC addresses.

>The Tallahassee police suspected child pornography; they contacted the US Customs Service (USCS), which has a Child Pornography and Protection Unit. Shortly thereafter, Detective James Bradley of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) contacted Special Agent Ramon Martinez of the USCS. Detective Bradley indicated that the Tallahassee arrests were probably linked to a case that he was investigating in the DC area, involving a “cult” called the Finders. An informant had told Bradley that the Finders operated various businesses out of a warehouse in DC and housed children at a second warehouse.

>“The information was specific in describing ‘blood rituals’ and sexual orgies involving children, and an as yet unsolved murder in which the Finders may be involved,” wrote Martinez in his report.

>Bradley told Martinez that the Tallahassee arrests of the two adults for child abuse were the critical mass he needed for warrants to search the two warehouses. And on February 6, the MPD, accompanied by the USCS, executed search warrants on the warehouses. Rummaging through the first warehouse, they found jars of feces and urine and also a room equipped with several computers and printers and a cache of documents.

>“Cursory examination of the documents revealed detailed instructions for obtaining children for unspecified purposes,” wrote Martinez. “The instructions included the impregnation of female members of … the Finders, purchasing children, trading, and kidnapping. There were telex messages using MCI account numbers between a computer terminal believed to be located in the same room, and others located across the country and in foreign locations. One such telex specifically ordered the purchase of two children in Hong Kong to be arranged through a contact in the Chinese Embassy.”

>The investigators also discovered documents that discussed “bank secrecy,” “high-tech transfers,” “terrorism,” and “explosives.” To their astonishment, they even found a detailed summary of the events surrounding the arrests in Tallahassee the previous night and instructions that were broadcast via a computer network. The instructions advised the “participants” to move the “children” through different police jurisdictions, and “how to avoid police attention.”

>Martinez and the MPD officers also found a large collection of photographs. A number of the photos were of nude children, and one appeared to be a child “on display” in a way that accented the “child’s genitals.” An MPD officer then presented Martinez with a photo album. The album contained photos of adults and children dressed in white sheets slaughtering two goats. The photos portrayed the slaughter, disembowelment, skinning, and dismemberment of the goats by the children. The photos showed the removal of the male goat’s testes and the removal of “baby goats” from the female goat’s “womb,” and the presentation of a goat’s head to one of the children.

>“Not observed by me but related by an MPD officer were intelligence files on private families not related to the Finders,” Martinez continued in his report. “The process undertaken appears to be have been a systematic response to local newspaper advertisements for baby-sitters, tutors, etc. A member of the Finders would respond and gather as much information as possible about the habits, identity, occupation, etc., of the family. The use to which this information was to be put is still unknown. There was also a large amount of data collected on various child care organizations.”

>Approximately a month after the MPD executed the warrant, Agent Martinez set up an appointment with Detective Bradley to review the documents that had been seized at the two warehouses. His report stated that he was to meet with Bradley in early April. On April 2, 1987, Agent Martinez arrived at MPD headquarters at approximately 9:00 A.M., and he was in for a shock. Detective Bradley was unavailable, but he spoke to a “third party” who was willing to discuss the Finders only on a “strictly off the record basis.”

>“The individual further advised me of circumstances which indicated that the investigation into the activity of the Finders had become a CIA internal matter,” Agent Martinez concluded in his report. “The MPD report has been classified secret and was not available for review. I was advised that the FBI had withdrawn from the investigation several weeks prior and that the FBI Foreign Counter Intelligence Division had directed MPD not to advise the FBI Washington Field Office of anything that had transpired. No further information will be available. No further action will be taken.”

>Copied this from The Franklin Scandal by Nick Bryant btw


a post from a based poster
>The fact that NMR has carried out bomb attacks, assassination attempts, planned murders, attacked children and old people at demonstrations etc but it's not banned in Sweden. It's basically a terrorist organisation, their members go to Russian private military camps training warfare and terroror tactics. It's banned in Finland but not in Sweden or Norway.
>NMR is also in contact with the banned National Action in UK and AWD/James Mason in the US. National Action leader visited NMR Finalnd and NMR members visited Mason in the US.
>are you even a real Nazi if you're not a pedophile?
To continue on the Nordic aspect: In 2019 the largest peadophile network in Finnish history was exposed and captured. They filmed violent tortured and raping of kids, drugged them etc. And surprise, surprise: the network was also involved with Satan worship and Nazism.
>The "leader" of the network even owned a neo-nazi clothing store in Helsinki and was involved in nazi-bonehead music scene earlier. When captured, he was apparently no longer publicly nazi since he was a member of the bourgeois mainstream National Coalition party and active in local church.
>You can google translate this article to read more: https://www.mtvuutiset.fi/artikkeli/krp-paljasti-laajan-seksuaalirikosvyyhdin-ja-lapsipornoringin-kymmenia-tapauksia-materiaalia-jaettu-eteenpain/7340676#gs.aq714b
>The article says it was only a "nazi fetish" thing but knowing the nazi activist background of the man, it's obiously something more sinister.

another poster:

>I am from Denmark.

>we recently had a guy who was a member of the Nordic Resistance Movement, who was caught making bombs and looking up targets, but was let go.
>It was also covered up by the news, and was only in the Local paper from Hundested, the norhtern municipality from which he came.


More on the finders:

Declassified FBI docs on the Finders: https://vault.fbi.gov/the-finders

random good sum up of the situation "Fair, but they did do the Satanist stuff and were feds and pedos. I guess that is our unholy pillars: Fed, Nazi, Esoteric Satanist, Pedophile. Some are mostly just feds, some are nazi feds, some are nazi satanists, some are satanist feds, some are Nazi satanist feds. Some are just pedophile nazis, some are pedophile fed nazis, some are pedophile feds, some are Esoteric Satanic Nazi Pedophile Feds. Something for everyone (Also, I do wonder if Nazi prison gangs recruit pedos.)"

big doxx of nazi pedos


a post from some based poster (sorry if I haven't called all the posters quoted based, you are all based) :
>Hey OP something to add to your files:
>When German comedian Idil Baydar heard last week that investigators suspect police may have been involved in sending her neo-Nazi death threats, she was aghast.
>She was especially distressed to learn that a police link had been known for at least nine months and she had not been told. Instead, she had been informed that the investigation into the hate-filled text messages she received throughout 2019 was closed.
>“I don’t know who to trust or believe anymore,” said the 45-year-old actress. “I am completely in shock.”
>Baydar is one of more than two dozen German public figures threatened over the past two years in missives signed with references to Nazi or neo-Nazi groups. In 2018, it emerged that a police computer was used to access information on lawyer Seda Başay-Yıldız shortly before she received threats containing personal details. Now, revelations that police computers in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden were also used to pull data on Baydar and left-wing politician Janine Wissler have triggered uncomfortable questions for Germany about racism and far-right networks in its institutions.
>State Interior Minister Peter Beuth faced pressure from lawmakers as the scandal grew this past week.
>“These threats attack every single one of us and are unbearable,” he said in a statement.
>He said at least 27 public figures have been threatened in 67 messages, most of them emails from the same address. The bulk of the messages were signed “NSU 2.0” — an abbreviation for the neo-Nazi National Socialist Underground that murdered at least 10 people in Germany between 2000 and 2007. The threats Baydar received came as texts and were signed “S.S. Ostubaf,” a senior Nazi rank.

another based poster:

>hey OP do you know about the hare krishna infiltration?

>a couple of ONA blogs are hare krishna fans
>Thayer's article goes into it here


>Girl in blue with the Hare Krishnas is the ONA member who later played footsie with the AWD people. The photo of her in the Nazi / BDSM garage is the same girl. Probably also her on the right – strapped with a shotgun ago wearing an AWD hat – that was at a protest outside the Anti-Defamation League office in Houston. I imagine the other person in the photo is her boyfriend who wrote the apocalypse porno novels that AWD would reference.

More on them here… it all gets pretty crazy:
>The Tempel of Blood is run by a sort of modern day Satanic power couple, Joshua Caleb Sutter and his wife Jillian Hoy of Lexington, South Carolina.
>The current main ideological texts of the Atomwaffen Division are the books Liber 333, Iron Gates and Bluebird, all Satanic manuals authored by Joshua Sutter and published by Martinet Press, which is run by his wife Jillian Hoy. While Sutter has never used his real name in his political activities over the last decade, an investigation has confirmed that the myriad of the fringe religious and political activities and groups, including the Satanist Temple of Blood, as well as the couples publishing house and books, all operate from Joshua Sutter’s home, a single wide trailer hidden from the road in the woods in rural Lexington County, South Carolina.
>For nearly two decades, Sutter and Hoy have built Satanic networks and tasked members to infiltrate, disrupt, manipulate, and control extremist political and religious groups, particularly in the white supremacist movement, in order to influence adherents to commit acts of terror and murder to further their Satanic objective of sparking general chaos and apocalyptic destruction forcing a collapse of the institutions of society and government.


same poster:

>Here are some more goodies: the trailer back when it was the home base for the "Rural People's Party," their outfit set up to infiltrate pro-DPRK communist groups 10 years ago, and Hoy back then, and a more recent of her in AWD gear with her husband's "Iron Gates" book.

>Then the book worked its way into AWD and became part of their canon, with these guys posing for spooky pictures in abandoned buildings with it. >It's all very lame although the image they're trying to send across has a kind of menace to it, at least in appearance.

The website for that is still up too:
>And they were distributing cassette recordings of Jim Jones speeches with the art like underground black metal records. It's like "ooh edgy / subversive" hipster shit. As detailed they've been at this for awhile.
>I'll say that I personally discovered the link between this AWD stuff and this cult and tipped off some journalists to run with it and do the more in-depth research. I could prove this and even post some of the emails, but I'm not gonna and this post is anonymous so it's not like I'm gaining any clout from it. But I remember seeing this wacky "Rural People's Party" stuff years ago and being like WTF and was just fascinated by these weirdos for a minute. Then there was the Thayer article about them because he does a lot of deep research on neo-Nazi groups and cults, and I didn't think anything of it again for several years until seeing some ToB videos while I was doing some research on these AWD people, and I was like WTF and didn't make the connection at first, and just kept looking into it, and then suddenly it hit me all at once, like galaxy brain head 'splosion because of the Hare Krishna music they had playing in the background, some of the weird syncretic stuff (Hitler, Beria, Stalin, etc.) and the altars they were making. I was like "oh you MOTHER-fuckers…" and knew it had to be them, did some more looking into them, looking at the walls in the video and matching them to the trailer. And then I saw the BDSM pic of the chick with the aviator sunglasses and I was like "yup that's her."
>Anyways I tipped off some journalists and they did the deep dive, they found the publishing house for the books they were promoting and tied it back to the address. And all that gumshoe stuff that I wasn't going to mess around with.


>I first heard of this Rural Peoples Party like 10 years ago when American Party of Labor (hoxhaist group) made a lenghty criticism of them in their online theoretical journal Revolutionary Spirit. The RPP seemed fishy already back then and I think it was useless even to criticise them because nobody had even heard of them.

>Also there was a big piece being written up for VICE on these guys that was never published because the editors got the heebie jeebies and backed off. It was too weird for them. Thayer is a serious journalist though and knows all about this stuff and just went ahead and published a big series on his own website. And also the guy doesn't care and spent years in S.E. Asia and was the first western journalist to meet Pol Pot when he was hiding out in the jungle, broke the news of his death as well. I think his stories are good dives because he understands how wacky these groups can get, but also understands they can be pretty goofy as well. Like they do claim to believe in this world-ending apocalypse stuff, and do try to push people into doing violence, but it's also a husband-and-wife couple in a trailer in the South Carolina, y'know?

Couldn't find it, didn't look too hard though, ended up reading these instead:
>“The best models existing today are those of North Korea and the Iraqi Branch of the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party”
Anyone notice that these types love the Iraq Branch? Wasn't there some extremely online twitter group that was also saying they were great too?
And this Sutter mentioned in >>717871 is also a Fed
>But the following month, Louisiana based Aryan Nations leader and preacher of the White Supremacist hate church Sons Of Yaweh Morris Gulett wrote from the Louisiana West Monroe Correction Center on May 12, 2005 accusing Joshua Sutter of being an undercover government informer. “Brother Charles Thornton from Alabama and myself are in federal custody here in Louisiana charged with Conspiracy to Commit Armed Bank Robbery. We were set up by one of the church’s oldest members, Joshua Caleb Sutter.”
>“Let me say that this entire debacle was an FBI set up from the very beginning. There would be no alleged crimes, were it not for an FBI informant/agent provocateur, one Joshua Caleb Sutter, a now former member of the Church of the Sons of YHVH/Legion of Saints.”
>Walsh said if Sutter and Ziad were correctly recalling the conversations, “then it would seem that Woods/Sutter is some kind of government provocateur trying to entrap people by inciting them to use harmless powder that he claims is weapons-grade anthrax.”
>Walsh added that North Korea had no control over the white nationalist group, European American Socialist People’s Front (EASPF), which he and Cupp ran, “because I had veto power over everything there, and I originated a lot of the ideas, and no one in Korea told me to do anything. I suspect the Rural People’s Party is run by the FBI, so if the DPRK is having anything to do with them, it’s probably not a good idea for them.”

>Also check out this WACKY chain of events

>By the summer of 2008, the RPP, having established their own direct connection to Pyongyang, cut all ties with Cupp. The rivalry was to get tenser, including an exchange of death threats and an alleged assassination attempt.
>“Cupp was involved in a sexual relationship with one of the female members and had told me on the telephone that they were to be married. In July 2008, Cupp became severely ill with chronic appendicitis and some kind of lung infection and had to be hospitalized,” Walsh recalled in an email to NK News.
>“He wanted to talk to his ‘fiancée,’ and I e-mailed the RPP on his behalf but got no response. When he was released from hospital, she still didn’t respond. It was then that Cupp came to the conclusion that it was all some kind of set-up.”
>Jillian Hoy—who used the name “Comrade Morrison” in her role with the RPP—was in fact Joshua Sutter’s girlfriend—and soon to be wife.
>The RPP “contact[ed] the then Songun Politics Study Group USA in 2007 and had very cordial relations with them,” wrote Jason Adams-Tonis in December 2011, the head of the Songun Politics Study Group by that time. Jillian Hoy “became the fiancée of the then chairman John Paul Cupp” but in June 2008 the RPP “cut off all ties, unprovoked, with us. Cupp believes his illness was caused by being poisoned by Jillian” and Adams-Tonis charged the “whole RPP action was designed as a government attempt to seize control over the Study Group.”
>The whole article is pretty interesting tbh, but it's getting to the stage I'm posting a sizeable portion of it, the CUPP DRAWS PYONGYANG’S DISSAPPROVAL is also a good section and hasn't been pasted here. Last bit because it's relevant to today:
<Also; in 2009, Joshua Sutter, Jillian Hoy, and other leaders of the clandestine U.S. White Power movement created another religious organization—a Hindu sect worshipping an apocalyptic Hindu Deity, Kali.
<The; New Bihar Mandir >proclaimed “Lord Kalki is our commander, ultimate master and final authority life after life.” According to ancient Hindu scriptures, history is divided into four epochs: now is the ‘Kali Yug’, the Age of Kali, an epoch of darkness and disintegration…New Bihar Mandir, a worldwide movement of devotees and temples, is beginning to bring this prophecy into fruition.”

>Also found this but it's not very interesting, besides maybe a name:


>Getting the impression these guys are the Final Fantasy House but for fringe politics.


More on James Pozzaro:


More on Rural Peoples Party:

>(quoting different poster) Also found this but it's not very interesting, besides maybe a name:

>Ah yeah, so I know the background on this: that website is actually an academic database maintained by religious studies professors at San Diego State University who possess the People's Temple archives, and the RPP wrote to them, and the researchers published the letter on their website for archival purposes because the RPP at least nominally claimed to follow Jim Jones' teachings. That's basically all that is.

Another based poster:


>SS Paladin
>terrorist manual
>666 pages

another based poster

>More NSU shit

>Fascist networks in German police and military issue new death threats

another based poster

>An equally important book if not moreso is Klaus Theweleit's Male Fantasies.

another based poster reccomends:



>Okay so I've barely even started looking into this properly and:


>A volkish secret society

>precursor to the well known Thule society.
>the thule society founded by


>Adam Alfred Rudolf Glauer (9 November 1875 – 8 May 1945?), also known as Rudolf Freiherr von Sebottendorff (or von Sebottendorf) was a German occultist, writer, intelligence agent and political activist. He was the founder of the Thule Society, a post-World War I German occultist organization where he played a key role, and that influenced many members of the National Socialist German Workers Party. He was a Freemason , a Sufi of the Bektashi order - after his conversion to Islam - and a practitioner of meditation, astrology, numerology, and alchemy. He also used the alias Erwin Torre.

>This guy is David Myatt before David Myatt was David Myatt. He even uses an alias just like him.
>Also, there we have it, the Thule society itself, founded by a god damn esoteric fed. Now lets see if they were into child fucking….

>At Bursa, Glauer became acquainted with the Termudi family, who were Jews from Thessaloniki. The Termudi family were involved in banking and the silk trade. They were also Freemasons, belonging to a lodge affiliated to the Rite of Memphis-Misraim.This network of lodges was closely connected to the Committee of Union and Progress (which later joined the Young Turks). The patriarch of the Termudi family initiated Glauer into the lodge and when Termudi died, he bequeathed his library of occult, Kabbalistic, Rosicrucian and Sufi texts to Glauer.

>So eh, the founder of the Thule society was inducted into the Freemasons by a Jewish Banking family. You cannot make this shit up. What the fuck.

> Glauer was an agent of the German military intelligence in neutral Istanbul during the period 1942–1945, while apparently also working as a double agent for the British military. His German handler, Herbert Rittlinger, later described him as a "useless" agent (eine Null), but kept him on largely, it seems, because of an affection for "this strange, by then penniless man, whose history he did not know, who pretended enthusiasm for the Nazi cause and admiration for the SS but who in reality seemed little interested in either, much preferring to talk about Tibetans

yet another nazi pedo:


other book recommendations:

The Occult Roots of Nazism by Nicholas Goodricke Clarke,Black Sun, by the same author


also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Beast_Reawakens

some other based poster:

>The Thule Society.

a para-masonic lodge tied to the original DAP (Anton Drexler and Dietrich Ekcart), which predicted Hitler as their messiah-like figure
some of the earliest DAP members had ties to it

another based poster:

>Fascist organizations are homosocial environments where the "romantic" relationships are between men; it's like the fascism dream is to die in the arms of your fellow male soldier and gaze up into his eyes and form an intimate connection. Women are told to shut up and go into the home to make babies in a mechanical way why you get to play dress-up with other men, most of whom are wearing tight outfits.

>It gets really wild in fascist fiction. In Marinetti's Italian fascist-futurist novel "Mafarka the Futurist," the main character at the end figures out a way to reproduce himself without women, creating a biomechanical winged son who murders both parents and then rises into the sky covered in his "mother's" blood, a man-machine immortal hybrid.
>This is not… uhh… healthy homosexual relations IMO. Like one of the paradoxes of fascism is that it's intensely homosocial and homoerotic but also violently homophobic, which I think is probably "necessary" within the ideology to disavow its own implicit homoerotic charge. I always piss people off when I bring up "Fight Club" but there's a scene where the blonde guy gets his face bashed in and the narrator says to himself that he "wanted to destroy something beautiful."
>Also if you want to read a book about fascism and gender, check out "Male Fantasies" by Klaus Theweleit, which is an analysis of Freikorps men collected from their own writings. Fear and hatred of women is a common theme, one of the dominant themes really, of the fascist mindset with these Freikorps guys writing fantasies about shooting communist women. Like they imagine a communist woman marching in the street shouting, and her mouth is so wide they feel like it threatens to swallow up their whole world, and they have this compulsion to shoot a bullet into the woman's mouth, causing blood to spray out and the woman to be flung back very dramatically. And they're reading novels about biomechanically reproducing themselves without women. It's pretty extreme, freaky stuff!

TL;DR: Maxim Gorky was right


another based poster:

>A few months ago I downloaded a torrent called "Occult Nazism", with 30+ books on the matter. Almost all of them are in German though, and the only one in english is called "Theozoology or the Science of the Sodomite Apelings and the Divine Electron", some bizarre stuff about demons, apes and baboons. If anyone is interested the link for it is magnet:?xt=urn:btih:DB6434932A942C538149A33FBB2C40706345663A&dn=Occult%20Nazism%20resources&tr=http%3a//tracker.thepiratebay.org/announce

a short report on the first few chapters of The Occult Roots of Nazism:

>I will give a full report on that book, i'm only a couple chapters in cos i was halfway through something else when I got it.

>So far though what I have learned is basically, Austria was an extremely culturally diverse place and those who identified as Germans were very autistic about this and wanted to badly be part of Germany, so they created all these cultural societies and such, bunds, secret societies etc. These societies had a tendency for the romantic, for folklore and mythological tales, the OG reject modernity embrace tradition etc, which for them was of course an imagined tradition that didn't exist which they basically created from a smorgasbord of various germanic and other traditions. The "study and scholarship" of these traditions was called "ariosophy" This was the early to mid 1800's, sometime around the later 1800's the occult parts got introduced and mixed with this, or more accurately became more dominant within these circles. These beliefs came to be known as Theosophy.
>This is extremely paraphrased. After he describes the cultural precursors and such, he starts describing some main figureheads and thats where I've got to.
>One of whom was Helena Blavatsky, who essentially plagiarised a bunch of previous occult and esoteric works, which the writer describes. She became very influential, claiming to be receiving her wisdom from some mystics in a hidden place in tibet. Many believed her to be a fraud even at the time
>Sound fucking familiar? >Growing Cultural anxiety? A load of hocus pokus stories, she even gets her own "Q" drops only this is pre 4chan so she gets them from spooky mystics in tibet.
>Another guy desrcibed is Guido Von List. Guide "Von" List. Guido was a prolific and early theosophical writer and came to be very influential, by the time of Hitler and so on he was an old man. His own writings described how the ancient Aryans were all royal descended, so Guido List changed his name to Guido Von List because, surely, he was one of the royal descended.
>Noted activities included sending his and his students collected "theosophical" works to a major university, only to have them returned without comment.
>i.e. the universities of the time knew this was crank shit. Just like everyone with a brain knows the Q shit is crank shit now but it just doesn't matter. People really eat up the crank shit because its romantic.
>Other interesting factoids include:
>Part of their theory is that men have lived through several ages, the current age, before us the aryans, before them the atlanteans, before them the hyberboreans, and before them the lemurians. Before the lemurians was an androgynous got race who didn't pro create or have sex (weird nazi sexual stuff again). But also, Nazis basically believe the most pure and noble race that ever existed and ever can exist were andros. So think about that.
>Nazi Trans porn love doesn't seem so weird now does it.

another based poster:


The Pedophocracy, Part I:
From Brussels …

>By David McGowan (RIP 1960 - 2015)

one of, if not THE best "conspiracy" researchers ever, imo
>McGowan is the author of "Derailing Democracy" and "Understanding the F-Word", and [was] also the administrator of the website The Center for an Informed America)

http://www.davesweb.cnchost.com (Dave's former web address, not live anymore)

http://centerforaninformedamerica.com (current address, maintained by his sister)


The Pedophocracy, Part II:
… to Washington


The Pedophocracy, Part III:
Uncle Sam Wants Your Children


The Pedophocracy, Part IV:


The Pedophocracy, Part V:
It Couldn't Happen Here


The Pedophocracy, Part VI:
Finders Keepers

"Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder" (2004).
>Dave McGowan (RIP 1960 - 2015) also called out the 9/11 attacks as a false flag on September 12, 2001 (the very next day after 9/11, and probably the first person to publicly say so on the Internet):


>He wrote a series of 19 detailed articles that comprehensively analyzed damn near every aspect of the 9/11 attacks according to the available evidence from 2001 to 2007:


>Dave McGowan, probably the first 9/11 conspiracy researcher on the Internet, was 100% a leftist btw. He even wrote an article called "Of Myths and Monsters" where he defended Stalin's legacy against Western historical propaganda claims way back in the year 2003:



another based poster:

Archaeologists excavated the site of McMartin PreSchool and found the tunnels exactly where the kids said they would be.

But no, It was "all made up".

The excavated tunnels at the McMartin PreSchool were confirmed to exist in Pages 47 to 49 of these declassified FBI documents on the Finders Cult:

Here is a video presentation of the photographic evidence of the excavated tunnels at the McMartin PreSchool:

If the stories of the children were "bogus fantasies", there is no excuse for the tunnels discovered under the school. If there really were tunnels, there is no excuse for the glib dismissal of any and all of the complaints of the children and their parents.

Dave McGowan investigated the McMartin PreSchool case in detail in this article, revealing inconvenient facts and glaring inconsistencies in the "official story" of the McMartin PreSchool child prostitution ring as being "just a hoax/fake panic":

"Conspiracy of Silence" was a 1994 documentary about the Franklin PreSchool Murder/Satanism/Child Abuse cover up that was supposed to air on the Discovery Channel but was pulled from the air at the last moment (gee, that's not suspicious at all).

more on dave mcgowan:

From Dave McGowan's website's recommended reading list:

John Decamp, The Franklin Cover-Up, AWT, 1992
"Former Nebraska State Senator DeCamp chronicles the crimes of a pedophilic cult composed of Omaha’s political and business elite, and the cover-up that left a trail of dead witnesses."

another based poster, information on paganism
>The Asatru Edda
>Serrano: Temple of Wotan
>The Origin of Himmler's Spirituality: Waralda and the Oera Linda codex
>The Wotan Network
>The Asatru Folk Assembly
>Hans Jost: Path of Wotan
>Through Ancient Eyes
>David Lane: Creed of Iron

loads of nazi police officers:


presumably the same based poster on Mcgowan:

>Could you perhaps some up the gist of what Mcgowans pedo / satan theories were?

>Paraphrasing him:
Essentially, McGowan argued that the "profile" of serial killers is not of "lone murderers" but rather of controlled assassins or patsies who are conditioned and programmed by intelligence fronts like military entities (US Army, Navy, CIA etc), psychiatric institutions (MKULTRA), and Satanic cults. There's a network of Satanic cults across the USA that has probably replaced the old Mafia "Murder Incorporated" as "America's premier murder-for-hire organization". And the reason that investigations into Satanic cults that ran child prostitution rings and engaged in murder (whether for assassination or for human sacrifice etc) were covered up and declared a "fake Satanic panic/modern witch-hunt" (despite the ample evidence of their existence and crimes) was because they implicated the involvement of politicians at the highest levels of government (including George Bush Sr, Ronald Reagan, Oliver North etc) and wealthy elites (such as Warren Buffett).
>Moreover, he argued that these gruesome serial killings and child abuse rings are done with the specific purpose of terrorizing the USA population into accepting ever increasing levels of gore and violence and justifying a police state to "protect them" from that violence (when the intelligence agencies of that police state are the ones behind that violence in the first place, pretty convenient right?).
>Basically, Operation Phoenix but on the home-front.
>From page 124 of Programmed to Kill:
>Of course, the FBI assures us that satanic cults and satanic crime do not exist in modern-day America. To put this assertion in its proper context, however, it is important to remember that this is the very same FBI that, during the reign of Murder, Inc., and for several decades thereafter, refused to acknowledge the existence of organized crime in America. It is also the same FBI that for years ignored and denied the resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan in the early part of the twentieth century. The FBI, in other words, has a long history of denying the existence of indigenous groups devoted to terrorizing American society.
>In the 12th chapter of Programmed to Kill which is titled "Satan's Family Tree" >>869672, he also wrote that, essentially, Satanism and related occultism has always been explicitly fascist and traces the Nazi and US/Western military-intelligence connections and pro-murder/white-Aryan racial-supremacy/pedophilia apologia of Satanism all the way from Helena Blavatsky and Albert Pike through to Aleister Crowley, Alexander Saunders, Anton LaVey (Church of Satan), US Army Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino (Temple of Set), Zeena LaVey and Nikolas Schreck (Werewolf Order), Jack Parsons, L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology, the Process Church and (of course) the Manson Family, among others.
From McGowan's reading list, where he introduces the books he recommends under the category "Satanism, Satanic Crime and Fascism":
>Yes, Virginia, there are Satanic cults in modern-day America, committing the most heinous of crimes. And no, this is not a fundamentalist Christian website. The books listed here primarily approach the issue from a secular viewpoint. In the words of Carl Rashke, Satanism should be seen not as a religion, but as a “sophisticated and highly effective motivational system for the spread of violence and cultural terrorism.”
>That's how I'd sum it up at the moment.
>To be fair though, I don't think I did full justice to his actual theories and reasoning/evidence behind those theories. And I read his book a long time ago.
>Dave McGowan's full book "Programmed to Kill" is on libgen if you're interested.

another based poster:

>Thought this was relevant to the thread: Richard Grenell, who was the US Director of National Intelligence until just 4 months ago was caught hanging out with nazis involved in the Unite the Right rally



some thoughts on hitler by a based poster:

>I grew up in Germany so I know a lot about Nazi stuff. Two interesting factoids:

>1. Hitler was close to killing himself in the early 1920s and had the gun ready, cocked and loaded, when someone found him and told him not to do it.
>2. Hitler actually took part in the Socialist Republic of Bavaria as a militant for the reds. Luckily, not a lot of people know this, or muh horseshoe shit would never stop.

this last point was contested, the response was:

>No, it's true and an accepted fact.

>Adolf Hitler war im April 1919 Vertrauensmann seiner Kompanie und wurde am 15. April zum Ersatzmann im „Bataillons Rat“ der Münchner Soldatenräte gewählt. Die Münchner Garnison stand seit November 1918 fest hinter der Revolution und dem radikalen Wandel zur Räterepublik. Hitler teilte in jenen Monaten offensichtlich die Ansichten der sozialistischen Regierung in einem gewissen Maße, auf jeden Fall äußerte er keine abweichende Meinung, andernfalls wäre er nicht als Vertrauensmann der Soldaten gewählt worden. Vermutlich trug er sogar die rote Armbinde der Revolution, wie alle Soldaten der Münchner Garnison, weswegen Hitler später wenig über diese Zeit verlauten ließ. Als Erklärungen sind opportunistische Erwägungen (Hinauszögerung der Demobilisierung) und/oder das seinerzeitige allgemeine „ideologische Durcheinander in den Köpfen“ denkbar. Unter den engeren Kameraden war Hitler spätestens seit Mitte April 1919 als Konterrevolutionär bekannt, wofür auch die Denunziation zweier Kollegen aus dem „Bataillons Rat“ bei einem Tribunal wenige Tage nach Niederschlagung der Räterepublik spricht.

>He was basically an opportunist though and it's questionable how much he supported their claims. He was denounced as a contra-revolutionary by his comrade soldiers a few months later.

>Hitler's relationships:

>Goebbels wanted to hook him up with an actress. The actress refused. A few months later she committed sudoku.
>An English LARPer woman Hitler was very close to. Tried to commit sudoku when finding out England and Germany were in a war against each other, died 8 years later as a result of this.
>Lived together with his half-niece, loved her deeply, was too controlling, half-niece committed sudoku.
>Eva Braun committed sudoku as well

more on neo nazis in german police


recent 09A murder in canada:


another 09a murder (both posted by a based poster)


video of 09a doing spooky stuff


another based poster:

>On top of all of that, he was a close associate of non other than esoteric hitlerist queen

<Devi; was also in contact with Colin Jordan, who was close associate of David Myatt of the 09A fame

Some interesting background on Savitri Devi:
<Savitri; Devi devoted her life to giving national socialism spiritual roots, delving into Hinduism and ancient Egyptian religion. She linked Hinduism with national socialism by hijacking three ancient Hindu knowledge systems and social concepts: tradition, the caste system, and the Hindu belief regarding the cyclical evolution of time (or Yuga cycle). As she states, “The Hindus seem to be, to-day, the sole people who, by tradition, share our views”. (N.B.: This could be offensive to many Hindus who are not Nazi sympathisers). She believes Hindus retained the old tradition better than other people. She praised the Hindu caste system as a practical way to maintain a hierarchical society. She also took ancient Hindu beliefs regarding the cyclical ages of time and positioned national socialists as the harbingers, destined to usher in the mythical ‘Golden Age’ that would end the present age of Kali Uga.

>Aside from this, there is another thing I want to talk about. It is very interesting that capitalism has created all these people who want to join "the great other". To the point their entire ideology is based around deliberately coming this other. Capitalism dreampt up this other in order to scare people into submission and justify its own aims, but because these aims are so degenerate, they ended up actually creating this great other.

From the intro to the above article;
<The; key bastions of the radical right (such as the dark web Chan sites, conspiracy theories such as QAnon, and WWG1WGA) are clearly based on emotional dynamics that cannot be grasped through a cognitive-rational understanding of human experience. The reason for this is the unsolvable conflict which Taylor explains as ‘the objective metaphysical structure of the mind-independent world’.

I think combatting fascism will require a broad front.
Not just no-nonsense Marxists, but blue-haired veggieburger-eating freaks with meditation habits.

another based poster:

Lol so it turns out the leader of "The Base" isn't just a "fed", he's a fucking GIGAFED.

>VICE News has learned that the leader of The Base, 47-year-old New Jersey native Rinaldo Nazzaro, was a Pentagon contractor who in 2014 worked with Special Operations Command (SOCOM), one of the most secretive elements of the U.S. military and the tip of the spear in the war against jihadist terror groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda.

>A person familiar with the matter said Nazzaro, who had at least a top secret security clearance for a time, was among a group that briefed special forces officers on military targeting and counterterrorism efforts in the Middle East in 2014. (Previously, the BBC reported that Nazzaro was an FBI analyst and a Pentagon contractor.)

another based poster:

>Has anybody heard of the connections between the Oklahoma city bombing and Al-Qaedas 1993 bombing of the WTC?

>Terry Nichols (partner of Timothy McVeigh) had however taken a trip to Mindanao Phillipines. The trip coincided with Ramzi Yousef (World Trade Center bomber) taking a trip to an unknown destination.

Mindanao is a hub of Jihadism and it just so happens that Terry Nichols came back knowing how to build a car bomb in the exact same manner as Al-Qaeda member Yousef. Ammonium nitrate truck and the same method of distanced detonation, also same wire setup.
>It's almost like these nazi and jihadi organizations had a common connecting sponsor in the past
>Pretty sure Timothy Mcveigh and Terry Nichols were affiliated with the US Militia Movement. We already know about the intelligence connections the more extreme, esoteric right wing paramilitaries like Atomwaffen, The Base and 09A, perhaps we should start looking for intelligence connections with the less fringe, more mainstream conservative militias like the Oathkeepers or Three Percenters.

one of those dumb pop-paranormal podcasts covered the okc bombing and there were a few diamonds in the psyop.

Yousef was associated with the Philippines and he was overseas from 1990 to 1994


carrying on from last post:



>I was about to post “I’ll bet money one of them was pedo” then I was like, fuck it I’ll go look, and then I was like https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_DePugh

>In the 1980s, DePugh became involved in the Identity Christianity movement. In the early 1990s he was tried but acquitted on a morals and pornography charge with an underage girl[11] and on three counts of federal firearms violations.[12] DePugh eventually grew disgusted with all politics and retired from activism.[7]
>Now it says he was acquitted.. do you guys think he did it?

>www.columbiatribune.com/article/20090806/News/308069706%3ftemplate=ampart So it appears he did a “modelling shoot” with an underage girl. His close associates bailed on him after this. Yeh. He’s a pedo.

a video that fits in:


open source intelligence tools:


some based poster:

>Presenting Operation Flicker, a dead in the water investigation that uncovered over 5000 pedophiles, approximately only 1/2 of them were looked into and even less investigated. It convicted over 200 people, some with top secret security clearances and higher in the pentagon: https://archive.org/details/OperationFlicker955


Martyn Gilleard, local leader of the National Socialist British People’s Party, prepared for bombing. 39,000 child pornography images were in his possession: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk/7469180.stm

Two members of the far-right British National Party drank 14-year-old girls to death and sexually abused: https://theukdatabase.com/2012/05/08/ian-hindleandrew-wells-blackburn/

A 40-year-old fascist addict brutally beat his 16-year-old girlfriend: https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/14249499._Controlling__Blackburn_drug_addict_repeatedly_punched_and_kicked_teen_girlfriend_as_she_lay_on_on

A 13-year-old girl was sexually abused by a racist fanatic and held illegal images of her: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/race-hate-thug-who-chanted-7916756

The National Socialist 43-year-old BNP member found 17,058 child porn images and 215 videos. He himself had also filmed child pornography and told his pedophile friends online that he wanted to murder the little boy and videotape it: https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/walker-nazi-worshipper-exposed-paedophile-1406079

47-year-old member of the Nazi organization Blood & Honor convicted of shocking violent rape: https://www.hopenothate.org.uk/2016/02/17/darlington-s-nazi-rapist-jailed-for-nine-years-for/

Ryan Fleming, a member of the National Socialist National Action, tortured and sexually abused a teenage boy: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/national-action-launch-paedophile-hunting-investigative-journalism-series-even-though-one-of -its-members-is-a-sex-offender_uk_5756cfc7e4b0411d4de1fe4c

The same white nationalist Rayan Fleming was also convicted of sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl: https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/15441403._Boastful_and_arrogantman_jailed_for_sex_with_girl14__he_met_on_Facebook/

A 43-year-old far-right White Man March supporter raped two children at least 13 times: https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/horrific-abuser-who-raped-vulnerable-children-after-buying-them-sweets-jailed -for-20-years-1-7582633

A 60-year-old BNP and EDL activist murdered a 15-year-old girl who was sexually obsessed in his apartment: online: https://www.blackpoolgazette.co.uk/news/crime/paige-murderer-jailed-for- more-than-three-decades-1-7381160

A far-right EDL activist couple exploited a 7-year-old child, photographed child pornography and distributed it online: https://www.blackpoolgazette.co.uk/news/crime/heysham-woman-accused-of-using-seven-year-old -girl-for-worldwide-pornography-1-7364866

The same couple has also fledged a 13-year-old girl to her apartment where the man had sexually abused this: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/lancashire/8572755.stm

A far-rightist who was previously convicted of a mosque attack and appeared as a "pedophile hunter" was revealed to be a pedophile himself who tried to lure a child into sex: https://www.romfordrecorder.co.uk/news/crime-court/romford-paedophile-squad-jailed-for-grindr- blackmail-1-4156153

The far-right nationalist repeatedly raped a 12-year-old girl: https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/jailed-army-cadet-sergeant-groomed-9400037

An EDL active sexually assaulted a 13-year-old boy, and lured teenage boys into sexual activity via the Internet: https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/kane-hutchison-gateshead-sex-offender- 8937114

A member of EDL and Britain First, convicted of attempting a bomb attack on a mosque, was in possession of child pornography: https://www.hopenothate.org.uk/2015/01/07/britain-first-officer-on-sex- offenders-register /

A member of the far-right North West Alliance was convicted of several rapes and child sex offenses: http://www.deeside.com/shotton-man-mervyn-jones-sentanced-17-years-jail-sex-offences-four-children/

EDL member raped 14-year-old: https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/11278914.Man_charged_with_rape_of_Blackburn_schoolgirl

An EDL member convicted of armed robbery kidnapped a 10-year-old child and tried to rape this: https://www.theargus.co.uk/news/10740053.Armed_robber_and_child_kidnapper_could_be_on_the_run_in_Sussex/

A member of the nationalist North West Infidels, he admits to being a child abuser. Received convictions for several sex offenses: https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/8030864.Child_molester_jailed_after_girl_relives_horror/

Matthew Woodward, an EDL member, found child porn images and videos of 10-year-olds: https://www.hopenothate.org.uk/2012/05/20/why-did-the-edl-not-protest-this- paedophile-case

An EDL activist working with children sent sexual text messages to a 14-year-old: https://www.leaderlive.co.uk/news/15935498.Connah_s_Quay_project_worker_sent_sexual_texts_to_teenager

The EDL man prepared for the 13-year-old to be abused online and eventually raped him: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/crime/facebook-pervert-stephen-payne-walks-1736961

Richard Price, a founding member and former director of EDL, was in possession of child pornography. Tommy Robinson, considered a far-right martyr of freedom, defended pedophile Richard: https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/176587/Paedo-rap-for-EDL-leader

BNP racist activist convicted of child pornography images and videos: http://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/8771457.display/

BNP member found child pornography in a home search: https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/local-news/meliden-killers-dad-child-porn-2053471

The same BNP fascist, Ian Siree, previously raped a 14-year-old and harassed a 12-year-old: https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/8043021.Karate_instructor_on_sex_charge/

The racist, who was also a candidate for election to the BNP, was part of a child pornography network where he distributed material about boys under the age of 13: https://www.hopenothate.org.uk/2012/07/18/bnp-hypocrisy-over-paedophile/

Another racist who was a candidate for the BNP election, Roderick Rowley, was also convicted of possession and distribution of child pornography: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/10-things-you-should-know-about-the- bnp-when-you-watch-question-time-Tonight-1806874.html


another based poster:

>also, McVeigh, Ted Kaczynski and Ranzi Yousef were all friends in the governments bombers jail.


>Truly Europe's last defense against Islam

another based poster:

>So after the most recent raid, a rightwing youtube anon has made a video declaring 4chan's Victory… it was hilarious cope.

>And of course he has lolicon shit
and talks about male height discrimination

another based poster:

>Yeah, you should look into JoS (Joy of Satan) too. They are, I am sad to say, the greater threat. ONA gets all the media attention for their extreme-ness but I know for sure they will implode again fast, one day they will fade into obscurity.

>JoS, unlike ONA, is probably organic and they actually sound like other Satanists (I know I am one, have been a long time.) They have all the standard talking points about bible bad, Satan good, but give it a Nazi twist and say that Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are all part of a secret Jewish plot to defame Satan. They also have a lot of UFO cult-y stuff.
>JoS is small in its membership (or at least its presence in Satanist circles) currently compared to ONA, but JoS has the promise of things like a nice cozy afterlife and all the other shit real religions dole out to "martyrs".


another based poster:

>pol just not being pedos..

<Women;'s Equality Took Away Your Loli Bride (And Imposed Female-Centered Morality)
I saw someone call them out on /tv/ while they were trying to spread this rumor a while back.
>I will say this. We can and should use the backlash that he will face against lolicon in the public as a weapon against his dumb ass. Regardless if you hate lolicon or not. We can use the public perception of it to clap him; get his channel flagged, get Twitter liberals to spam the piss out of him etc. US federal Law might be useful for it too.

nazis are wolf furries:


another based poster:

Nazi collaborators with Israel:
https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Klaus_Barbie sold arms to Israel and helped overthrow an anti-America government in Bolivia


>Nazi, Freemason royals.



>Much more besides this

another based poster:

>First time posting, has anyone read the book in pic? This guy had loads of ties to post-war fascist groups in America, Russia, and the Middle East, as well as Satanist groups that were the precursor to esoteric Hitlerist shit.

>Also, has anyone looked into Kerry Bolton? New Zealand occult fasc leader who founded a bunch of Satanist and Pagan groups. Also had some sexual assault allegations iirc.

>This site seems interesting too. It's named after founder of the Liberty Lobby who was also important to the John Birchers who are in turn close to the Koch brothers and mainstream politicians like Ron Paul as well as Trump's father.



I would really like to thank all the based posters who contributed to this thread.

Also, if someone wants to go back and get all the images and dump them, that would be super helpful, I may do it, but this has taken like an hour and I'm tired.



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Btw just wanted to note also, the anon that posted in there about hitler being in socialist groups before becoming a fascist. If that is true, we might consider that it was part of his career as a spy. As we know, he originally became part of the Thule society as an intelligence agent for the German state. It is possible his being in these socialist groups was simply a previous assignment.

I would love to see sources on his involvement in socialist groups.

Remember that Hitler himself was a literal fed tho.



Deleted my previous post so as not to clutter things, turns out, you guessed it…. he was also nonce

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New information on the Finnish pedophile network that was exposed by the police in 2019. The Finnish National Bureau of Investigation tells that the five arrested Finnish men were involved in Nazism, Satan-worship and different kinds of fetishes. Crimes took place in 2007-2018.

They raped children, filmed it and shared the videos online. They also live-streamed rapes. Victims were both boys and girls, aged 6-15. They also shared videos of BABIES being raped and children forced to perform acts with animals.

Quote from the article linked below:
>The men have encouraged each other with shouts and signs, often associated with non-religious movements as well as extremism, the protocol describes.

So basically they were doing Nazi salutes and screaming "SIEG HEIL" on live-streams while raping and torturing kids.

It is the biggest and most violent pedo gang in Finnish history. It is also part of world wide network with members from USA, Spain, France, Italy and Brazil, and possibly other countries too.


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Im convinced facism is unironically linked with the literal devil. If you look into facist movements the leadership is always someone involved with devil worship. I've looked into communists and never found anything close. Its fucking weird and I don't belive it can be explained by purely natural processes. Facism is some sort of link with the devil

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It’s not devil worship as such, at least, not from the moderately deep dive I have taken. It’s just modern day satanists and occult Nazis share a lot of source material. Now, you could easily if you wanted to lump all of this under devil worship, or anti Christian in the common sense, I just think there is more nuance to it than that. What the fascists believe is it’s own mythology separate from the satanist one, only with large amounts of crossover.

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I'm not joking look into any facist regieme and this shit pops up. I think its to big a coincidence. Like the esorteric beliefs don't even fit in with the traditionalism. Evan amoung nominally "Christian facists" (Oxymoron) like in Spain and Italy you find this shit. I know you probably don't belive in the supernatural, buts its inextricable how often it happens.

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Found it

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Don't know for sure if this fits here, but it seemed related. Louisville Metro Police Department (same police that killed Breonna Taylor) hid 738,000 records of child sexual abuse by their officers.

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it is so, so much more fucked up than "kings and shit"

in fact its more like "we was androgynous… but also still kinda male… so just kinda all male without genitals… chaste … no touching .. pure ulta beings… who just couldn't resist fucking those damn hot blacks and it all went downhill from there."

literally their own mythology doesn't tell the story of a glorious race, it actually tells the story of a degenerate race. Their mission is to become undegenerate. But their glorious race is basically a thinly veiled repressed homo fantasy and I hate to do pop physc but it literally screams it at you when you look at their stuff


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(not really a link but just to drive the point home)

>muh both parties

neither of which represent us you pleb. We only just liked Bernie, and not even all of us. And he is literally the only person in the whole of congress who isn't a pedophile.

Key communists, are not typically outed as pedophiles with massive stashes of child porn. With you guys it is literally every single white nationalist group has at least one but probably several pedophiles.

Show me the communist on Epsteins flight logs. There is not one.

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Here is an old intelligence connection between Nazis and the United States: Allen Dulles, the first head of the CIA, did a lot of shady stuff with Nazis before and after WW2 (along with his brother, John Foster Dulles, who was Secretary of State). Before the war, the Dulles brothers did a lot of business with the Nazis through financial entities like Sullivan & Cromwell and the J. Henry Schroder Bank. When the war started, Allen Dulles joined the OSS (the precursor organization of the CIA) and was sent to operate in Europe. During this time he omitted intel about the Holocaust, laundered money from the Nazis (who got that money from looting occupied countries) and undermined the Allies goal of unconditional surrender for the Nazis. In regards to his undermining of the unconditional surrender, Allen saw the Soviet Union as a far greater threat to the United States than Nazi Germany, and wanted to secure a separate peace deal with the Nazis, to secure an alliance between Nazi Germany and the Western Allies to fight the Soviets together. He tried to get this deal by negotiating with Karl Wolff, an SS general and chief of Himmler's personal staff. Allen Dulles actually saved Wolff from being executed by Italian Partisans, and was able to stop Wolff from being prosecuted at Nuremberg (Even though Wolff sent 300'000 Jews to die in the Treblinka concentration camp along with his forces killing Italian civilians). Along with this, Dulles met Himmler personally to talk about negotiating an peace between the Western Allies and the Nazis.

After the war, the OSS was replaced with the CIA, with Allen Dulles as it's first leader. And of course, Dulles integrated several Nazis while he lead the CIA. The most prominent example of this would probably be Reinhard Gehlen. Gehlen was the Nazi in charge of all German intelligence on the Eastern Front. He met with Dulles before the OSS was disbanded, and after the war worked for the CIA through the Gehlen Organization. After working for the CIA from 1946 to 1956, the Gehlen Organization was replaced by the West German controlled BND, with Reinhard Gehlen being the BND's founding president. (The BND to this day is still Germany's foreign intelligence agency.)

You can read all about this on the book The Devil's Chessboard by David Talbot. Here's a free archive of the book


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Something interesting to note about this is that the relationship between Dulles and Wolff was very similar to the relationship between James Angleton (another OSS/CIA agent) and Junio Borghese (another high ranking fascist). Just like Wolff, Junio Borghese was about to be executed by Italian Partisans, but was saved when Angleton dressed him in a US uniform and snuck him away

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Have you seen this WordPress dedicated to defending 09A?

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more nazi cops in Germany

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This thread got me interested after I asked about the Serrano books. I've been reading nonstop since then and I'm been pretty surprised by some of the things I've learned.

A kind of interesting detail is Seranno being removed by Allende only to return to Chile after Pinochet was installed and the atrocities, including child abuse, perpetrated by "nazis" in Chile.

Seems like CIA, Nazis and child abuse scandals are 3 elements you repeatedly find linked together for some reason.

The picture that is painted by things like Nazis being involved with the CIA from their inception and the CIA being linked in some way to many neo nazi groups today is a bizarre one.

I'm interested in what other people have gleaned from this stuff.

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Serrano is an interesting character. I think Jung corresponded with him as part of continued work for American Intelligence. Neonazis primarily serve as intelligence assets, especially the kooky satanic ones. I think the Finders is the best example that recently came to light of an out of control satanic intelligence asset. There's also Michael Aquino, but the Temple of Set might just be garden variety satanic weirdos.

I was honestly surprised to hear about Reinhard Gehlen's history in >>1159165. Are there any other high profile examples of such complete failure of denazification in Germany? I can see intelligence being the outlier because it's valuable to people who find it very easy to get POW's out of trouble.

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So, according to the good word of goodrick-Clarke, Miguel Serrano actually sent letters to Jung, they had a correspondence, Jung warned him about the dangers of “wotanism” and he ignored the warning

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More New Material:

In this podcast, Azov Battalion are discussed, and their possible funding by a Jewish Zionist. It is already known that they carry Israeli Rifles, very difficult to get anywhere outside of Israel, and that they are openly paid by US congress, who work closely with Israel.


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(cba to link pdfs and shit, if you go to the most recent thread archive there is heaps of pdfs on atomwaffen)


Leader of the Proud Boys collaborated with the FBI

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Im not sure if im allowed to post the link since it just doxxes him and his whole family

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The US military picked up most of it's horrific interrogation from this Pinochet era nazi compound and government blacksite
Abu Gharib followed what these guys did down to the creepy looking hoods

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There is actually a few of these instances littered throughout Latin America. You should look into the “rat lines” of Nazis coming to Latin America after WW2 you will find it very interesting. Nazis in Bolivia, in Uruguay etc. All Over the place

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Marjory Taylor Green cheated on her husband with a tantric sex guru lmao

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https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-56044179 Ryan Fleming: Neo Nazi Pedophile Jailed for Messaging children


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Further proof that the leader of the base was a fed, he actually worked for the department of homeland security

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Yeah I got a book on them, been reading through but it's as dry as anglo cooking, apparently there was a lot of buzz about a possible Manson connection back in the day as well.

I also was able to sneak a peak at the intro to "Iron gates" when I was snooping, I'd call it the most retarded ONA shit I've ever read, and I've read a lot of retarded Satanist stuff because I am a Satanist. It opens with SEXY SINISTER WHITE WOMAN WITH ENORMOUS MILKIES cracking open a baby for adrenochrome. It was hilarious. If they weren't actually doing things some of the time I would put it up there with "Empress Theresa".

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I'm reading The Psychopathic God by Robert G. L. Waite, arguably the greatest biography of Hitler ever written. It is a psychobiography, applying psychological analysis to get at what made him tick. No wonder creeps find him inspiring. What a weirdo!

>Claims to have eaten 2lbs of chocolate regularly

> Believed an actual fountain of youth existed, contemplated sending an expedition to Tibet to discover it

>One of his all time favorite movies was Disney's Snow White, which he watched many times

>Was obsessed with death, coveting the painting The Plague in Florence by Hans Makart

> Rarely if ever laughed, issued strange guttural barking sounds instead, possibly because of his damaged vocal chords from a gas attack in WW1 which gave him his characteristic scratchy voice

>Reputed monorchid, had only one testicle

> Obsessed with hands, pampered his own hands and judged others based on their hands, even promoting people on this basis

> Enjoyed to tricking his subordinates with little practical jokes

> Vegetarian, creepily referred to carnivores as "corpse eaters"

> Hypnotizing light blue eyes, nearly everyone he met was struck by them

> Chronophobe, feared and hated time, would try to blur whether it was day or night by keeping the curtains up during the day

> Terrified of being alone at night. Forced one of his subordinates to stay with him until dawn while he slept.

> Obsessed with American westerns and cowboys

>Was calm and composed when dealing with serious matters like the course of the war, lost his temper and went crazy when someone forgot to bring him mineral water

>Flew into rages if anyone laughed at something he said

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Gamergater, Pizzagater, Qanoner, Infowars Guest, Friend of Mike Cernovich and Gavin Mcginnes, arrested on charges of raping her own daughter and making child pornography of the rape.



Don Junior's girlfriend Kimberlely Guilfoyle accussed in sexual harrassment lawsuit, apparently she forced female assistants to look at her naked, as well as forcing everyone in her office to look at dick pics of men she fucked.

Don Junior, CUCKED.

Also on the cuck list: Roger Stone, key Trump and Reagan aid and political fixer, who came up with the "make america great again" slogan, put classified ads out in the 90's for somebody, specifically a black man, to fuck his wife.

So too Paul Manafort, pro Trump republican lobbyist, was found to be forcing his wife to fuck black men in front of him, this came out through leaked text from his kids.

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Marylin Manson, who has on numerous occasions made racist and anti Semitic rants, and has various nazi tattoos, has recently been accused of large amounts of heinous sex abuse.

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Boyd Rice, high priest of the church of Satan, believed industrial music was "the first white music for thousands of years", also a Nazi

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This thread seems to be the catchall for this, but I've noticed a general trend from when I used to browse gore sites and since I'm also into a lot of fetish stuff those kinds of sites too that a lot of people who tend to be deep into reactionary ideas are usual somewhat….craven. Like, why is it that you rarely hear of (actual) leftists doing weird shit?

In addition, I work with an actual /pol/tard and watching him is honestly fascinating. The other night he was loudly vocalizing his desire to beat up customers he dislikes, and he will frequently fly into temper tantrums and fits of rage at perceived slights and when dealing with lesser injuries, passive aggresive invective. In between his beast like fury he maintains a very suburban, polite veneer of civility that only thinly manages to conceal his contempt for his fellow man.

Greatest hits of weird shit I have gotten out of him

>Alluding to white genocide in front of normies twice

>helicopter jokes
>many, many antisemetic jokes, including directly at the new Jewish girl in our department
>calling Mexicans (in front of me, a Mexican American) a less civilized race despite being half Mexican
>long homophobic rants about how marriage is between man and a woman
>referring to literally every customer who isn't white as animals when they do stupid shit, but excusing white customers who do (often even more) retarded shit
>comparing Mean Girls to white genocide (???)
>Obersturmfuhrer (insert pol idiots name) would be a good title for me
>Saying every single human on the planet is disposable trash
>calling people "girly" despite pushing nearly 380lbs and not in a good way

All that is funny I guess, but what is most curious to me is how openly and nakedly authoritarian he is. There's all of those above statements that betray a deep resentment and almost unrestrained rage at life itself, and despite being an obese alchoholic with anger issues I find it super fucking weird how all these types are always about law and order despite themselves not actually embodying or even liking to conform to the rigid expectations they set out for others.

I think the funniest thing about this guy is to go up to him and ask him about his thoughts on death. I told him I don't believe in an afterlife and I explained the concept of eternal oblivion and he sounded pretty frightened by it (which is normal, I guess) but you then contrast this fear of death itself with an almost gleeful affinity for violence and you really have to wonder if the core of the reactionary soul is just a series of tensions inside someone who is essentially a caveman trying to adapt to modernity…

Also, this guy: https://www.scribd.com/document/451029711/THE-BEST-OF-BALD-AND-BANKRUPT

Travel Youtuber who is apparently hiding his career as a serial rapist/sex tourist, and BIG surprise he is also into far right ideas. Why?


>Eskin has close ties to Russian political analyst Aleksandr Dugin, having previously served on the central committee of Dugin's Eurasia Party.[11]

>Avigdor Eskin (born 26 April 1960) is Russian-Israeli conservative journalist and political activist. Born in Moscow in the Soviet Union, Eskin emigrated to Israel where he became involved in right-wing politics. He currently resides in Jerusalem.

>He became an Orthodox Jew and committed Zionist.

>Despite harassment by the KGB, Eskin participated in Zionist activities.

>In Israel, Eskin did military service in the Israel Defense Forces as part of the Hesder program, which combines regular military service with religious studies.[3]

>Eskin was a founder of Israeli New Right movement together with the former MK Michael Kleiner and was behind the alliance between the Israeli right and American conservatives, led by senator Jesse Helms. Additionally, he organised the arms supply to the anti-communist guerrillas in Nicaragua. The most controversial of his activities was his support of the White regime in South Africa due to its staunch anti-communist politics, until its collapse in the early 1990s.

>In 1999, Eskin defiled the grave of Izz al-Din al-Qassam: He placed a pig's head on the grave.

<Izz ad-Din Abd al-Qadar ibn Mustafa ibn Yusuf ibn Muhammad al-Qassam (1881[1] or 19 December 1882 [2][3] – 20 November 1935) (Arabic: ‎ / ALA-LC: ʿIzz ad-Dīn ibn Abd al-Qāder ibn Mustafa ibn Yūsuf ibn Muhammad al-Qassām) was a Syrian Muslim preacher, and a leader in the local struggles against British and French Mandatory rule in the Levant, and a militant opponent of Zionism in the 1920s and 1930s.

>Eskin frequently lectures in Russia on political science and theological matters. He is liked within the Russian conservative circles, due to his staunch support of Vladimir Putin, and his anti-Ukrainian, anti-Georgian, and anti-Estonian stance.[1][9][10]

>Eskin is active in South African politics, frequently visiting the country, and working as an activist for Afrikaners' rights. In this role, he has caused diplomatic incidents, notably when describing Desmond Tutu as a fascist who is oppressing the Afrikaner people.[13]

additional note

as previously documented, Dugin himself is a fed, a Nazi, and there is a video of him performing a black mass, this Eskin character seems to tie together all the different threads. I'll go ahead and surmise he is also probably a pedophile

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>The so-called Lebensborn, or Fountain of Life, children were part of a lesser-known Nazi racial experiment. Some were the result of SS members encouraged to have sex with "pure-bred" women who would give the babies up for adoption.

>"I was ripped away from my mother," said Folker Heinicker, 66, during an emotional tour of the Harz Lebensborn home the Nazis operated in the eastern town of Wernigerode, where members of Lebensspuren, or Traces of Life, were meeting; it was open to the public for the first time. The group was founded last year and two-thirds of the 60 members are Lebensborn. Others were fathered by German troops in occupied countries.

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okay, i have been here a while and i need to pee, next installment soon



>Other laws introduced a prohibition on membership in allegedly secret organizations for some categories of state officials (especially military officers). These laws have been recently questioned by the European Court of Human Rights. Following an action brought by a serving British naval officer, the European Court has established as precedent the illegality of any member nation attempting to ban Masonic membership for military officers, as a breach of their human rights.
>it's my hoooman right to engage in a conspiracy against the current constitutional order :/


File: 1650019755821.jpg (18.61 KB, 400x400, costanza_400x400.jpg)

Anti-fascism is anti-communism.

By singling out individual aspects of bourgeois politics as worse than the others, you are necessarily aligning yourself within bourgeois politics.
Anti-fascism was and is counter-revolution, anti-fascism was the worst impact of fascism on the revolutionary movement.(le dorito face)


Explain to me the Neo-Nazi -> radical Islam pipeline.

1) Does it exist?
>Devon Arthurs (Atomwaffen, converted and killed two other Atomwaffen roommates)
>David Myatt (ONA leader who "had a strong involvement with various neo-nazi political groups")
2) If so, how does it work? Is it merely violence or authority fetishization? A continuation of their bullshit susceptibility?


By the same reasoning, hating liberals is also anti-communist.
Fuck off Laroucheite.


go back


File: 1650486478305.jpg (68.93 KB, 695x811, shroom6.jpg)



File: 1650486507806.png (1.23 MB, 1299x930, ClipboardImage.png)

>when you can't stop obsessing over anteefa


File: 1650486782469.jpg (314.56 KB, 604x755, 1601672372207.jpg)

lmao you pathetic leftyrats need your jannytranshumanist to preserve your safespace and delete any wrongthink while you shit up blue boards on 4chan because you ugly deformed losers can't stop obsessing over le chinlets.


File: 1650486921483.png (Spoiler Image, 436.81 KB, 880x752, 1640823161260.png)

>he thinks anyone here goes to his dogshit site and it's not just false-flags


follow your leader lmao


also holy shit the photoshop on that meme is just awful, at least try and get the perspective right lol


File: 1650487186637.mp4 (1.62 MB, 1280x720, (you) in 1945.mp4)

lmao cry some more about it


Lots of dumbasses bought it, dude had nothing to do with antifa and got spammed with death threats for it .



From some anon in the ukrop thread:

> Essence of Time claims to have discored retreats of the Ukrainian Right Sector where they practice satanic and demonic rituals.


File: 1650500121405.jpg (1.09 MB, 1097x2128, Nitsokhnlid.jpg)


>you ugly deformed losers
I have literally never met a single right winger that was not ugly and deformed and a pedophile and intellectually disabled. (You) bully the easiest targets even when you are on the bottom of the totem pole of genetic quality. This is what happens when rapist genes and rape victim genes blend together into a retard puddle with zero self awareness or desire to fix any of the things that victimized you and bourgeois degenerates call you an Aryan.


File: 1650501637993.png (1.12 MB, 1024x640, ClipboardImage.png)

nazis are not known for their skills in perspective


File: 1650885790797.jpg (207.23 KB, 1282x985, FRE2FxhX0AU-gtL.jpg)

I've been diving into this seige stuff and i was wondering where does Mason get his ideas from? Or maybe a more fruitful question would be how the ideas of accelerationism and building dual power structures find its way into the neo nazi movement?


what is it with nazis and being hypocrites. they decry "degeneracy" and yet they're always stacked with weird paraphilias and CP


>Or maybe a more fruitful question would be how the ideas of accelerationism and building dual power structures find its way into the neo nazi movement?
Don't know the lineage but I think the logic of fascist violence is in its (simultaneously) offensive and defensive functions. So, on the one hand, fascists challenge liberal states through force. On the other hand, fascists defend the social order against "forces of chaos," which is a justification for the liberal state to domestically militarize itself against "terrorism" to the point where you have to wonder to what extent fascist terrorists are operationalized by the state like GLADIO. So fascists don't always act in accordance with their own ideological agenda and may also divert attention away from a right-wing drift in mainstream politics.

Think of the 1990s in the United States where you see both fascist terrorism and also a rightward drift in mainstream liberalism with the embrace of Clintonite neoliberalism that is also being simultaneously challenged by fascist violence yet its own policing prerogatives are augmented by it in the form of new anti-terror laws.

As an aside, I think this is one reason why the left gave up armed struggle in a lot of countries like Colombia with the demobilization of FARC. Well, a lot of the leaders were simply exhausted for years of armed struggle, but I think there was a recognition that right-wing governments were basically using the FARC as a bogeyman to justify a bunch of other things they were doing (also the flow of financing and weapons from the U.S.); so after they demobilized, and in the past few years, you start to see labor leaders, former FARC militants, etc. getting assassinated and the reason seems to be applied pressure to force them to "pick up the gun" again.


neo nazi "dual power" comes from a guy called Louis Beam, a vietnam vet and the first important proponent of leaderless resistance within the white supremacist movement.

>>938285 touches on something interesting on how GLADIO would impact nazi theorising, but I'd be interested to see how the Phoenix Program - and the experience of the Vietnam war generally - affected U.S neo nazisim.


every new day that passes in another day that a fascist pedophile touches a child, just keep that in mind


from leftists of course


File: 1651499470009.jpg (Spoiler Image, 527.7 KB, 1104x1027, slava-ukraini.jpg)

It's called projection


(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ 𝔂𝓸𝓾 𝓪𝓻𝓮 𝓪 𝓷𝓲𝓰𝓰𝓮𝓻 ♥



>In which Zeena Schreck, daughter of Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey and a high priestess of Michael Aquino’s Temple of Set, and her husband Nikolas Schreck advocate adults having sex in front of children and breaking taboos for self actualization


how could you say some shit like this and not predict people will assume you're a kiddy diddler?


is this little self awareness actually possible


it's like when psycho normies are so lizard brained that they end up mimicking autism

like jeffrey epstein or some methed out fintech guy shit or whatever


Having an in group where such things are reflected back at you and normalised is probably a huge part of it, which is interesting when you consider the entire point of esotericism is that some knowledge should only be shared between a select few. Probably why basically any kind of in group ideology can be so self replicating and why they all end up in fuckery.

I won't besmirch this thread by talking about youbtubers…. but you know who I'm talking about


Satanic morality is just right-wing libertarian morality.


CIA manuals


>The RCMP has charged a 19-year-old with terrorism, alleging he participated in the activities of a neo-Nazi terrorist group. It is the first time Canada’s antiterrorism laws have been directly applied to such an organization, a legal expert says.
>Seth Bertrand, 19, filed an online application to join a terrorist entity, the Atomwaffen Division (also known as National Socialist Order), and offered his skills and commitment to the group, the RCMP said in a statement released on Friday.
>The Mounties also said Mr. Bertrand “committed various hate motivated offences” in the Windsor area between February and March of last year.
>Mr. Bertrand faces a charge of participation in a terrorist group, which carries a possible jail sentence of up to 10 years. Bobby Russon, a Windsor lawyer who said he represents Mr. Bertrand, said he would not comment on the case.
>Police and prosecutors in Canada have been under pressure to pursue terrorism charges against white supremacists and hate groups since at least 2017, after a man shot and killed six people in a Quebec City mosque. The killer was convicted of murder, but he was never charged with terrorism offences.
>Michael Nesbitt, a law professor at the University of Calgary, said in an interview that no one has been charged under the act with being a member of a neo-Nazi group until now.
>In a recent blog post, Mr. Nesbitt said his research shows that 59 of the 62 individuals charged under the act have been alleged to have been associated with or influenced by the terrorist group al-Qaeda or the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.
>But violent extremism takes many forms, Mr. Nesbitt said, adding that law-enforcement officials need to show they can wield the anti-terrorism legislation against different kinds of threats.
>”The law has to apply equally, and it has to be seen to apply equally,” he said. Police and prosecutors must show “the law has the capacity to deal with not just al-Qaeda or ISIS, but whatever violent hateful ideology” exists.
>The Atomwaffen is part of a network of violent white-supremacist organizations that urge their members to foment a race war with random strikes against members of minority communities.
>The federal government listed it as a terrorist group in February, 2021, saying the organization “calls for acts of violence against racial, religious, and ethnic groups, and informants, police, and bureaucrats, to prompt the collapse of society.”
>According to court documents, Mr. Bertrand lives in Windsor. He was charged with several crimes there in early 2021, including “trying to incite hate against an identifiable group, namely [the] LGBTQ community.”
>He faces mischief charges related to allegations that he vandalized a local transgender centre and a home that flew a gay-pride flag. Those charges have not been proven in court.
>Patrik Hermansson, a researcher for the British organization Hope not Hate, says his anti-hate group has infiltrated online white-supremacist forums. In some of them, teenagers from around the world as young as 15 are encouraging each other to target minority groups.
>Mr. Hermansson recently issued a report saying one such forum member bragged last year about vandalizing a transgender support centre in Ontario and later circulated pictures of the damage.
>“There’s a lot of animosity against trans people,” Mr. Hermansson said in an interview. “For the far right, they are always interested in latching onto issues that they think people care about, as a way to gain supporters to become more mainstream.”
>Earlier this week, the head of Canada’s domestic spy agency said social media, conspiracy theories and major disruptive events like the pandemic can accelerate the spread of hate.
>Threats are “constantly evolving, fuelled by extreme views around race, gender, power and authority,” said David Vigneault, director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. [look up Grant Bristow]
>On Wednesday at the University of British Columbia, he said marginalized and minority communities are at risk. “Fear is particularly acute for Indigenous peoples, people of colour, religious minorities, members of the LGBTQ2+ communities.”
>He noted the case of a family in London, Ont., that was killed last year in a pickup truck attack. Police said they were targeted because they were Muslim.
>A 20-year-old man was charged at the scene with four counts of first-degree murder. Days later, prosecutors said they would also pursue terrorism charges in the truck attack.
>Court documents show police believe the suspect may have been reading neo-Nazi content on the Internet.
>Parliament passed the Anti-Terrorism Act into law after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in the United States.


lots of rightists on twitter seething about this, threatening to send people to camps, etc




>I think this is one reason why the left gave up armed struggle in a lot of countries like Colombia with the demobilization of FARC.
im not too familiar with farc but imo they lost not because the fight was unwinnable or cuz they were used as a boogey man, but becaue they trated the conflict as a regular war and didnt escalate
main point of seige and accelerationist isnt to directly challange the system but force it overreact, to bleed itself dry, create the right conditions for civil strife


That's just edgy atheism with rightoid characteristics
Not all satanists are like that…not me, at least
No, they lost bc they just put all focus in drug dealing and stop being commies…


>No, they lost bc they just put all focus in drug dealing and stop being commies…
you have to fund your war somehow, but yeah it makes some sense


File: 1652734176857.jpg (166.47 KB, 790x593, The-Original-USA-1.jpg)

Does Fascism have a theory, like how we have Marx, Bakunin, Dickblast etc? Is Fascism itself in any way based on an overarching theory or philosophy, like liberalism and communism do? Is it just revolutionary class collaboration?


These books ( previously mentioned in thread but reposted here) go some way towards describing what you could call their ideology.



It is much, much more cobbled together and I would doubt if 5% of people who call themselves neo Nazis these days believe or are even aware of most of it.

Probably some of them understand and believe certain aspects, but the ideology of esoteric fascism as believed by what you might call the founding fathers is a wild fucking ride, and several different people claim it’s various legacies, a good chunk of them claiming to be actual wizards who communed with magical beings to gain their superior knowledge or whatever.

There are many different offshoots, and hugely various interpretations.

There is, at the heart of it though, an idea which does manage to permeate it all, despite probably being not very well known .

That idea is “the sexo-racist gnosis” which, in very tldr format goes like: humans used to be not humans but an ascended higher type of being, that was androgynous, but apparently very horny, because they couldn’t stop themselves having sex with lesser races, and so the gene pool has been diluted and diluted and so on.. leaving us where we are today, in a fallen society that only extreme racial and sexual hierarchies can reverse, by unbreeding the miscegenation.

There is much more to it than that obviously, but that is basically the core idea, and if you’ve spent time looking at them, you will see how this idea influences them on all levels.


This is the mythos anyway, the actual economic theory is more or less “if the white elites are in charge they will decide on the economy and it will be good because they are white elites” which is why it can incorporate some, limited quasi socialist policies,


What about Gentile? Evola? Mein Kampf? etc. etc.

What is the fascist version of Capital? David Dukes My Awakening!? Spill the beans!


this thread isn't about that


Idk bro post about them if you have the goods


There's no such thing as a "fashoid version of capital", they're just in plan "we need to remove degeneration and privatize everything", they don't have a map, they're guided by feels


no, but a lot of them read theory from reactionary but not nazi authors like Spengler and Evola, James Burham an ex-trot who became a paleocon is pretty popular reading in far-right circles these days.


I’ve heard that tempel ov blood used to run a “communist insurgent group” as well as a esoteric nazi one as front organizations, is this true? where can I find out more?


Forgot to post image, my bad


Internet people doing internet things. They haven't even done anything irl with their own organization besides noncing.


Lmao Infographics show has a video about the orde of nine angles


File: 1653226354147.jpg (143.22 KB, 688x1158, ident_01.jpg)




a compendium of contemporary Tory noncery



>Karen Amsden, mom of alleged Patriot Front member and Springville, Utah resident Jared Michael Boyce, said on Monday that her son has struggled to fill “a void” in his life ever since his father left the family years ago and came out as gay. A licensed clinical social worker, Amsden said she’s going public in an attempt to sabotage his standing in the group, because her other attempts at convincing him to walk away from the far right have so far failed.
>Before heading to Idaho, Boyce told his mom that he was going camping for the weekend. Amsden, who was busy rehearsing for a local community theater production, said she “had no inkling” that anything was amiss until a news alert about the hate group’s arrests flashed on her phone. “And I saw this news story come up that said 31 members of a white supremacist group were were arrested at a rally, and I just knew—I knew he was part of it.”
>Amsden said her son told her that anonymous donors bailed him and the other suspects out of jail. When Boyce appeared at her door on Sunday, Amsden said he told her, “Don’t believe the media, mom. We were just there because they’re grooming kids.”
>Amsden said that after her son was released from jail, he told her he’d continue to stand with the group, so she delivered an ultimatum. “I told him, ‘Well, then you can’t live here. You can choose between Patriot Front and your family.’ And he’s like, ‘Well, I can’t quit Patriot Front.’ I’m like, ‘Well, then you've just chosen. So pack your stuff and get out of my house.’


the kochs and mercers bankroll vdare, which is like second only to stormfront as an online neo-nazi infohub, through a proxy called donorstrust. donorstrust also happens to bankroll american renaissance, another neo-nazi magazine that's especially responsible for memes about "black crime"



File: 1656980668246.png (154.81 KB, 640x400, alexander threisman.png)

>On May 28, 2020, 19-year-old Alexander Treisman was initially arrested for carrying concealed weapons and was separately indicted for possession of child pornography, but was later discovered to have made posts on Reddit and iFunny threatening to assassinate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. In one iFunny post, he said, "Should I kill Joe Biden?". He was found in a van with four rifles, a 9mm handgun, explosive materials, and books on bomb making. Police subsequently found 6,721 images and 1,248 videos of child pornography on eight different digital devices.[11]




If he said he was going to blow up some grandmas in Wal-Shart the glowies would have let him do it.



Hello Nazi here.

This thread hasn't been going well. Alot of bluff and bluster.

The left love transhumanists and gays and pedos, it's undeniable. You cope by doing things like this thread.

However, I'd like to ask, why post this stuff about Jared Taylor?

By the way. We all love and respect JT. Just thought you'd like to know.


go back to /pol/ where they fantasize about having child brides, pedo freak


The left is inclusive of trans and gay people

Your entire movement is a CIA pedo cabal. We are not the same.


>Hello pedo here.
Stopped reading



another one for the collection

>CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: Highland Park gunman Robert “Bobby” Crimo III reportedly posted pictures of a "teenage" sex doll in a private online forum. He also made racist and anti-Semitic remarks just days before the massacre, it has been revealed.




Crimo is a schizophrenic, and wears a dress. The mentally ill are highly represented among the left and their allies. The left are also very inclusive of all kinds of criminal and give full respect to degenerate acts. They even get butthurt when nazis like me even mention the word degeneracy. This is because deep down they know that the various behaviours they condone are wrong.
In a similar vein, they supported abortion for years and still do. Murdering and dehumanizing children is part and parcel of what they are about.

In the next few posts. Leftists here will not be able to help themselves in responding to me with invective and abuse. This is ok. It doesn't persuade anyone to their cause one iota.
Hail Hitler.



just bumping this cos I'm gonna be away for bit on holiday and its nearing the bottom


What happened to the 4th O9A General?


Irony is, most "political/philosophical cringe" are mostly adults.
Yea sure you may have a minority of kids, but again, those are a minority.
Also, I don't get how people think posting porn vids of you as a teen is any more scandalous than when adults make porn vids of themselves with their faces and they're grunt workers.

I think society has overdone the "youth is innocence" philosophy books much. I know you'll try to come up with "muh brain development" but it still doesn't make sense, if elderly people are still treated as autonomous despite being senile and unable to wipe their own asses.


Reminder that all degeneracy condemned by the right is historical the "fatherland" culture they staunchly defend


>Genocidal Nazi incel loser projects.jpg
Have sex and take a shower.


File: 1658803097706-0.png (393.64 KB, 474x670, Thomas Posey.png)

File: 1658803097706-1.jpg (34.53 KB, 250x302, CMA mercenary.jpg)

File: 1658803097706-2.png (345.82 KB, 909x439, Screenshot (1060).png)

This is an old connection between fascists and the US Government. In the 1980s, a US white nationalist militia called CMA (Civilian Military Assistance) sent it's members to fight the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. CMA was founded and led by Thomas Posey, a former Marine from Alabama who was also a member of both the John Birch Society and the KKK. During the Contra War, Posey and the CMA were in constant contact with the FBI, US Military intelligence and Oliver North about their activities in Nicaragua, sometimes they even coordinated their battle plans against the Sandinistas. At least two CMA members are confirmed to have been killed fighting in Nicaragua: Dana Parker and Virgil Powell, who were both US Army veterans that previously fought in Vietnam. Another way that CMA worked with the government was by patrolling the US-Mexican border and rounding up immigrants to hand them over to Border Patrol.

Source for CMA working closely with the US Government in Nicaragua: https://apnews.com/article/6a9db9e41a83bebe5d6db2154d952e27
Source for CMA and Posey's white nationalist ideology and activities at the Mexican border (it's on chapter 4): https://www.google.com/books/edition/Bring_the_War_Home/cCxQDwAAQBAJ?hl=en&gbpv=1&dq

There might also be a connection between Thomas Posey and the Koch family. In 2003, CSE (Citizens for a Sound Economy), a conservative think tank funded by the Kochs had a man named "Tom Posey" on it's board of directors. Some people think this is the same Posey that led CMA, but it's not known for sure https://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Talk:FreedomWorks#Other_Ties_of_Founding_Officers


Would be worth it to look into CMA and Tim McVeigh's associates in the militia movement.


Damn some of the shit in this book is absolutely wild

>Investigation eventually revealed that the men were participants in a plan to send mercenaries by boat to the small Caribbean island of Dominica to overthrow the government there and set up a puppet regime that would funnel millions of dollars to the Klan in the United States.34

The right really gets up to some ridiculous shenanigans


some videos of interviews with Nikola Schreck


Embedding error.


Don Black of Stormfront was also involved in this



Manson Murders connected to Romanian Fascist group Iron Guard


If this is true, what are the implications?


All of the high-profile domestic terrorism plots of the last decade, with four
exceptions, were actually FBI sting operations—plots conducted with the direct
involvement of law enforcement informants or agents, including plots that were
proposed or led by informants. According to multiple studies, nearly 50 percent of
the more than 500 federal counterterrorism convictions resulted from informant based cases;
almost 30 percent of those cases were sting operations in which the
informant played an active role in the underlying plot.




there is basically a through line to all of this from the ww2 era nazis, the three letter agencies, anti communism around the world, gladio, etc


Psychedelics just enhance your feelings. They don't really give people any new talents


Their DMT breakthrough would be an alien telling them "why yes Jews do control the world"



Kiwi farms thread on him from last yr. Must read. He was seeking CP from 12 year olds and they had evidence of it



>the groyper is Spanish

Every time

>and a pedo

Typical lmao


>aut-right found pedoing again
<thing noticer has to write to posts of gibberish to try to distract from it
I hope you're not doing this for free, thing noticed.



>What will it see when it turns to you?

Deez nuts *dabs*


>The Pedophile has arrived


School Shooter Nikolas Cruz, racist, pedo, nazi, satanist


>Roughly 12 hours since Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes disappeared during a live broadcast of his show, and it's still not clear whether it's a prank, he was arrested, or something else happened. No confirmation from any law enforcement agencies so far.


Something is stirring in the federal pedophile universe


File: 1661554025785.png (211.9 KB, 1184x838, ClipboardImage.png)

Seems it was about the fascist Hitler Putsch Cóup dé étát (sorry don't speak spanish) Evil Uprising of untermensch against The Beacon mmm bacon of Democracy, jan 6.


Gavin Macanus in the slammer well I never




Post physique bugboy



>Gavin is a good boy he dindu nuffin

Yeah, except do nothing but consistently call for violence against leftists for years. Remember those bits on his show a few years back when he unironically said repubs and cons punching people and being violent were good and should happen more? Fuck his Jan. 6th opinion.


If you point out any of the facts on this thread on nationstates.net general forum, you will receive a multiple day ban easily
The jannies there are uncomfy about the truth


File: 1661899745714.jpg (5.31 KB, 194x185, in high places.jpg)

Hey, is this the lost bunkerchan thread you were looking for?
If so, I'll edit the OP to add it.


Okay mod, you did a cool. You're alright, but I've still got my eye on you.

I haven't had time to properly double check, but I think you are correct, if you could edit the OP so it displays this thought process, without getting rid of the dead link, that would be great.

Like if you put in right after it says (oh fuck this archive is dead now, how can we get it back)

Just for crosschecking purposes at a later date, that would be swell. The next thread that goes up it will all be rectified and clean

For this, you will receive 2 full weeks of my absence from the meta thread.


Shout out if you want any changes to the OP.


Based, and, red pilled. Thank you janitor


File: 1662178975381-0.png (1.37 MB, 1920x1080, James Mason_1.png)

File: 1662178975381-1.png (561.02 KB, 1920x1080, Andrew Wells.png)

File: 1662178975381-2.png (752.71 KB, 1920x1080, Martyn Gilleard.png)

File: 1662178975381-3.png (503.97 KB, 1920x1080, Michael Holt.png)

File: 1662178975381-4.png (581.48 KB, 1920x1080, Thomas Marks_2.png)

I've finally had time to start making that slideshow montage. I've noticed that most of the examples are BNP/EDL, and Atomwaffen/Sonnerkreig/O9A 'satanic nazism' groups. Any others for diversity?


some of his fans are now saying this was a fake stunt for attention btw

based, there are all the run of the mill conservative ones, like the guy who was literally in trumps cabinet, the Q related ones, the woman who kept going on gavin macinnes show, loads




Evidence of an O9A grooming ring on fbi.gov.


File: 1666678412108-0.jpg (17.16 KB, 213x425, 00014.jpg)

File: 1666678412108-1.jpg (15 KB, 326x385, 00020.jpg)

I mentioned this in another thread, but this one seems relevant too. A book came out recently on the Nazi UFO cult, S.D. Tucker's The Saucer and the Swastika, and it goes over many of the Esoteric Hitlerites. It's also pretty funny. This is from the chapter on Liebenfels's Theozoology:
<In the early 2010s, newspapers discovered the phenomenon of ‘dinosaur erotica’, a bizarre subgenre of sub-literary pornography with titles like Taken by the T-Rex, Ravished by the Triceratops, Professor T-Rex Teaches Me Gayness and A Billionaire Dinosaur Forced Me Gay. Initially intended as jokes, the genre quickly found many genuine fans, making its writers easy cash. According to one such author, numerous women ‘probably like the idea of a big, powerful, massive male roughly having sex with a smaller female’, and there is no better example of an alpha-male than a Tyrannosaurus Rex which, it was speculated, would be filled with pent-up sexual frustration due to its extremely short arms making it impossible for the dinosaur to masturbate. Plus, it appeared unlikely prehistoric reptiles could give you AIDS or get you pregnant, even with no condom.1 There are now reimaginings of Jurassic Park available online in which women are penetrated in nests by computer-generated pterodactyls; admittedly, pterosaurs are not technically dinosaurs, but this is hardly the main reason for approaching such films with a critical eye. When it also transpired there is a sister subgenre termed ‘Bigfoot erotica’, in which people basically have sex with giant monkeys in bushes, another round of open-mouthed media gawping ensued. Yet, if mainstream journalists were more au fait with ufology, they would have realised humans had been mating with dinosaurs and hairy men-beasts for real for decades. Prolific spoof porn-author Chuck Tingle’s 2016 cult hit Space-Raptor Butt Invasion was old hat to some.
<The drug-abusing occultist, artist and writer William S. Burroughs (1914–97) mowed his lawn into crop-circles shaped like colossal erect penises, hoping space-perverts would see it as an open invitation to come in and probe him.2 In 1999, LA-based jazz-singer Pamela Stonebrooke was offered $100,000 for a book about her regular rape by a shape-shifting ‘reptilian entity with scaly, snake-like skin’ who was ‘so much larger than most men’ down below, whose crimes gave her ‘intense’ orgasms. Stonebrooke admitted saurian space-rapists were not ‘a very politically correct species in the UFO community’, but speculated that, by producing hybrid babies with one, she may have been helping create a new, future kind of human.3 The most famous account of a space-rape, that suffered by Brazilian farmer Antonio Villas-Boas (1934-91) aboard a landed saucer on 5 October 1957 at the hands of a naked, slant-eyed woman with blood-red pubic hair, featured the curious detail that the entity in question barked like a dog throughout after a group of helmeted male dwarfs had rubbed Antonio’s body down with special gel to give him an erection, an experience he found ‘agreeable’. Following forcible ejaculation, the dog-woman pointed at her belly and then up into the sky, meaning she would have his puppies in outer space.4 There are many other accounts of people embracing apes and lizards from other planets – in America, there is even a club where alien-lovers can meet and draw pictures of their imaginary offspring – but let us not dwell on the issue.
<Such disturbing sexual pathologies surely portend the impending death of Western civilisation, but one man who saw all this coming over a century ago was the Austrian racial theorist Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels (1874-1954), who in 1905 published a very, very strange book called Theo-Zoology: Or, the Lore of the Sodom-Apelings and the Electron of the Gods. Lanz thought the white Aryan race to which all true Germans and Austrians belonged had once been gods on Earth who were partially electronic in nature, possessing anti-gravity powers, psychic abilities, a magical Third Eye and the capacity to emit beams of light and fire from their bodies. Sadly, the female descendants of this prehistoric super-race, who seemingly originally came to our planet from outer space, were obsessively devoted to mating with then-extant Earth-bound races of bipedal lizard-men with big, hard bones in their penises, named ‘dinosaur-hominids’, and bands of well-hung midget half-monkeys termed ‘love-pygmies’. Subsequent bestiality-related pregnancies led to profound racial degeneration and loss of white babies’ electronic powers, with the weakened Nordic race ‘today dying the sodomistic death’ all across Europe. The historic ‘quite strange preference’ of Aryan females for such ‘so-called interesting men’ had to be terminated, argued Lanz, otherwise we would make the entire world into ‘a big brothel’. White women must thus be barred by law from sleeping with any more ‘pleasure-apes’ and ‘sodomistic monsters’ – by which Lanz meant Jews, Slavs, blacks and other modern products of ancient bestiality – and allowed to touch only their fellow Aryans. Then, the remaining monkey-men ‘must be exterminated in a gentle way’, or exploited as slave labour, incinerated as sacrifices to God, or resettled en masse on Madagascar. Via selective breeding programmes, in which Nordic sex-nuns were locked in erotic convents and forced to bear multiple children to those deemed white and worthy enough, the German volk would gradually recapture their ancient godly nature, siring a breed of holy electronic Grail-Knights to conquer the globe. ‘We were electric, we will be electric!’ was Lanz’s unlikely promise, and many chose to believe him. The Vienna-based magazine in which he made such claims had a reputed print-run of 100,000 – or so he said. And one of its most famous apparent readers was a certain Adolf Hitler.5
<Lanz’s innovative re-readings of pottery, carvings and fossils were not quite as revolutionary as his re-readings of the Bible, however, which turned out to be a giant warning against bestiality in disguise – although he prefers to use the term ‘sodomy’ instead, as the Sodomites whose city was famously destroyed by God in the Book of Genesis were actually ‘guilty of this most terrible crime’ of mating with animal-people, rather than having anal sex with one another, as is generally assumed.25 The author’s own personal copy of the Bible seemed a bit different from those owned by most Christians, with Ezekiel XXIII:20 now complaining of how ‘Women were crazy for the voluptuousness of fornication with those whose members are like the members of asses and whose flood of semen is like semen from a stallion.’26 The King James Bible is a bit more coy in its phrasing here, speaking of a woman who had once ‘played the harlot in the land of Egypt’, enjoying the fact her lovers had large penises like those of donkeys; but just because they were well-endowed it did not mean they were actually descended from donkeys. Lanz thought otherwise. An amateur philologist, he felt an old name for Egypt, Misraim, meant ‘Land of the Bastards’, this actually referring to its women’s illegitimate half-animal offspring.27
<His logic now strangely echoes the online conspiracy theorists of the 2016 ‘Pizzagate’ saga, in which alt-right loons accused the owners of an innocent US pizzeria of having a dungeon full of underage sex-slaves hidden beneath it, for the sole use of prominent paedophile left-wing politicians like Hillary Clinton; when such words as ‘pizza’ or ‘ice-cream’ appeared on receipts, these were really code words for items like ‘naked five-year-old boy’ or ‘helpless baby girl’ which had been ordered by the fiends to abuse down in the basement that day. Completely arbitrarily, Lanz anticipated the alt-right by deciding various common words used in the Bible and many other ancient texts, like ‘water’ and ‘bread’, really meant things like ‘penis’, ‘vagina’, ‘anus’, ‘dinosaur-sex’, ‘beast-man’ or ‘monkey-love’. The old parables of religion and myth may sound unlikely to modern ears, but in fact ‘they are written in a secret language and contain absolutely no absurdities or fables,’ being disguised ‘scientific treatises’ explaining why it is never OK to rape an ape. ‘God is love devoid of the ape-nature,’ it says in the New Testament. ‘If we preserve this love among our kind, then God will remain in us.’ This is primitive eugenics, said Lanz, the Bible scientifically advising whites to stick to their own kind and resist the donkey-dicks of others. Christ’s command for men to ‘Love thy neighbour’ was also a sensible and practical racist message, really meaning ‘Don’t have sex with foreigners,’ the very word ‘foreigner’ being only a euphemism for ‘monkey’. If every white man went around ‘sexually loving his neighbour’ then Aryan civilisation would never have collapsed in the first place. Even incest is better than race-mixing, says God – as long as your family is white. The Bible’s true message has been ‘intentionally forgotten’ today, with its remberance having been ‘prevented by all sorts of tortures and persecution’ by an international ape-man conspiracy who seek to keep whites submerged within the stinking mire of interracial civilisation. As Lanz knew his ‘rediscoveries [of the keys to the Bible-Code] will be the fall of many’, he was already preparing himself ‘for the most furious attacks’ from the agents of the cover-up. If the conspirators did manage to silence him, though, then his readers need remember only one important fact when next perusing their Bibles and Greek myths: ‘Everything is meant in the erotic sense.’28
<Everything? Yes, everything. Lanz had sex not only on the brain, but also on the stomach, thinking ‘All banquets and symposia of the ancients were filthy Sodomite feasts,’ or orgies. ‘Eaters of fish’ were those who liked performing (oral?) sex on animal-people, whilst ‘the staff of bread’ really indicated the huge baguette-like penises of ‘the sodomite monsters’, so ‘to shove bread in the oven’ means to be deeply penetrated by the shaft of a monkey, whilst ‘the bread of a mother’s womb’ indicated such a woman had given birth to a mis-shapen loaf, as an ape-lover’s belly inevitably ‘generates atrocious beast-men’. This was the evil ‘power of bread’ mentioned in the Book of Isaiah; it was no wonder in Ezekiel XVI:13, God ranted of how ‘I want to smash the staff of bread’, indicating all true white Christians should go around snapping monkey-cocks to keep their race pure. ‘Wine’ and ‘water’ also had hidden meanings. When the mixing of water and wine was damned, was this another hidden reference to the sin of miscegenation?29 If ancient persons drank water or wine, meanwhile, they had to drink it from pots or jugs. Were these yet more code words? When Lanz discovered the following carving of a repulsive dwarf, he began to realise the horrible truth:
<[first picture]
<Look at the flat top of its head, and the way its arms hang down by the side of the body in a way somewhat resembling handles. (Do we not also still speak of ugly folk possessing ‘jug-ears’, one might add?) When the people of the Bible ‘drank’ from ‘pots’, they were actually consuming dwarf-semen! Ancient people had become so perverted they had begun deliberately breeding with midgets who looked like earthenware vessels, with the term ‘mixing jug’ actually meaning ‘race-mixing jug’, or ‘sodomite jug’; the vessel of the Aryan body was being deliberately soiled, thereby watering down the red, red wine of Nordic blood, diluting it into worthless nothing.30 And how to explain the fact ancient writers kept going on about towns, cities, houses and buildings? Surely it couldn’t just be because they lived in them or something? No, these too were ‘code words for these apelings of fornication’. In particular, Buhlzwerge sex-dwarfs were kept in special sex-towers for use later, so the Tower of Babel story ‘now receives a deep and intelligible meaning which up to now was lacking’ – the chaos of mixed Babel-tongues anticipates the chaos of mixed Babel-races in modern-day Babylons like Jew-riddled Vienna, an ‘absurd orgy’ of wrongness. And how did you ‘enter’ a building or tower? Through a door, naturally, which must have indicated a sex-beast orifice; the ‘Doors of Hades’ now took on a whole new meaning. As in Hebrew the same word was apparently used for ‘barley’, ‘horror’, ‘pubic hair’ and ‘gate’, there was much scope for confusion. A biblical ‘howling gate of Babylon’ may just have been a beastly vagina so hairy it made you want to scream.31 Musical instruments, such as flutes, were really just animal-penises to be played upon with your mouth and fingers, whilst sewing-related items like flax, linen and so forth were also codes for ape-lovers; a carpet-weaver is one who ‘breeds such dwarfs for commercial purposes’ on stud farms. The less said about the ‘purple wares’ they offered their richer clients, the better. Disturbingly, as Jesus was buried within a shroud, ‘one of these sodomite cloths is in the grave of Christ.’32
<Just as Jewish and black monkeys now looked (misleadingly) human because their veins had been infused with once-pure Aryan blood, so the dinosaurs and dragons had grown deceptively human-like hands with fingers and thumbs too. Tales of winged monsters, or part-human, part-reptilian creatures like bat-people, harpies, ostrich-men and the shape-shifting snake-women called lamias were thus based on truth. ‘Arab’ means something like ‘raven-bastard’, says Lanz, demonstrating how many Middle Easterners are descended from ‘flying entities’. He cites an ancient report that in the Iraqi city of Borsippa there was once a ‘linen-factory’, which was obviously just more code for a big building in which people had sex with bats, hoping to breed ‘resistant bastards’ out of them for further sexual deviancy – I believe that’s also how coronavirus started over in China.41 So, the Aryans of old did not just breed with monkeys and lizard-people. Sometimes they copulated with weasels, mice and hedgehogs, too, although Lanz admits that perhaps the names given to various animals in days of yore were not the same as those they bear now; thus, when he unearths a coded reference to someone eating a piece of bread as really meaning they are sodomising a hedgehog, it could equally mean they are being fellated by a camel.42 For example, Egyptians notoriously enjoyed raping crocodiles, but it is hard to see how such a dangerous activity could take place, even when the beasts had been first ‘captured with a hook’ and ‘hoodwinked’ with a sack over their heads before ‘one can do what one wants with it’. Maybe the first space-Aryans could easily rape dinosaurs to create griffins, but the degenerate humans who came after them would find it hard not to be eaten. Therefore, these crocodiles must actually have been ordinary Buhlzwerge who just looked like crocs, having some scaly skin condition like icthyosis. This explains ‘the tendency of the skin of negroes to have a wrinkled formation’ – the monkey-men are themselves descended from dinosaur-folk.43
>The true message of the Bible, since suppressed, was that ‘Through Christ, the beast-man in us should die out,’ if only we would follow His excellent example of never sodomising monkeys. Jesus is often acclaimed as ‘The Light of the World’, really meaning He was electric, like a lightbulb; but the only reason He shone so bright is because He was ‘one of the angels who did not sully himself with sodomy’.54 Lanz’s extraordinarily blasphemous retelling of the New Testament truly is The Greatest Story Never Told. The Nativity narrative is the first to get electrically re-wired; when ‘the Angel of God’ announced Mary was pregnant, this was just a euphemism for a Theo-Zoan god-man stirring up her eggs with electric waves. ‘Where will I get a boy-child from, as no man has touched me and I am not a prostitute!’ Mary shouted when the Angel Gabriel told her she was carrying Christ, but he had already raped her with his eyes.55 Jesus being ‘an electric pre-human’, and ‘probably one of the last’ of the pure Aryan humanoid space-electrons, explained how He performed His many miracles. When He healed lepers, it was by using radiation, and when He animated clay birds in certain apocryphal texts, He was imitating that other great Germanic genius Professor Frankenstein by bringing things to life with lightning. When an unclean menstruating woman touched the hem of His garb in the Gospel of Luke and He ‘felt a power going out from me’, this was because she had drained Him of juice like a piece of heavy machinery; she’s lucky she didn’t have her eggs fried on the spot. Other miracles could always be explained by virtue of yet more code words. When Christ turned water into wine at Cana, He was just stopping people from having an orgy with Buhlzwerge dwarfs who resembled water jugs. That many of Jesus’ disciples were fishermen only meant they had once earned their living catching fish-people for sale as sex-slaves; Jesus’ preaching had successfully reformed them. His exorcism of devils from possessed persons simply indicated He had chased hairy midgets away from entering into their bodies.56 But all this pales into insignificance by comparison with Lanz’s deliriously obscene reinterpretation of Christ’s crucifixion. Crucifixion, the Ariosophist sage reveals, did not actually exist as a form of execution in the ancient world at all, as proven by the following old Roman graffiti from Pompeii:
[second picture]
>This is known as the ‘mocking crucifixion’ and is generally guessed to deride early Christians as worshipping a donkey-headed fool, something Lanz links to Romans once calling Christ’s followers ‘donkey-bastards’. But Lanz believed there really were men with donkeys’ heads during ancient times, and it should also be noted how you can see the donkey-fool’s behind, which faces outwards towards the crowd of onlookers who would have gathered to view this irresistible spectacle. Self-evidently, all talk of Roman crucifixions actually referred to the practice of ‘binding wild and unruly sodomite monsters to poles in order to be able to copulate with them without danger’, presumably from a step-ladder. However, the reverse scenario could also occur, with human criminals strapped to a cross to be raped or sodomised by ‘lascivious apelings’, as a form of torture or ‘Death by Um-Bongo’, as the old joke went. Early Christians were routinely subjected to this form of public humiliation, and Jesus Himself was no exception. Prior to arrest, Jesus had met His disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane, which, translated, really means ‘Garden of the Sodomite Olives’, ‘olives’ being yet another code word for love-apes. Here, Jesus had resisted temptation but then been strapped to the cross like the Pompeii donkey-man where He then ‘died’ whilst ‘screaming mightily’, but only metaphorically. When He ‘died’, it truly means He was raped by monkeys, an ordeal He thankfully survived. When He later returns and shows Doubting Thomas His wounds, these were not caused by Roman nails, but by the claws of the Buhlzwerge, who had torn at his white Aryan body. Ever since, similar wounds had been viewed by those ape-resistant Christian martyrs who wore them as ‘the most excellent bodily decorations’.
>Christ was successfully ‘outraged by the sodomite hobgoblins’, but He submitted to this ordeal completely under duress; this was the true nature of His test from God. ‘If He consented to this willingly and if He was overcome by temptation, then His whole mission would have been dashed.’ Allegorically, He becomes rather like Odysseus lashed to the mast in The Odyssey so he can hear the sirens’ enticing song without crashing his ship onto their rocks. Truly, Odysseus had simply resisted ravishing the fishy flesh of a gang of slutty mermaids by being bound, just as Jesus had resisted. This was why, in some ancient art, the figures of Christ and Odysseus became conflated. ‘Liberate me from the hand of the hound!’ Jesus prays to God during His sufferings, but as Lanz astutely observes, normal dogs don’t have hands; maybe the sex-mutants were of various different species? What did ‘the hand of the hound’ try to do to Him? Lanz does not say, but whatever it was, Jesus ultimately managed to use His powers to break free from his bindings and overpower His Buhlzwerge guards, a feat encoded by the biblical lie that He rose from the dead; to resurrect oneself in this context means simply ‘to stand up out of the sodomite grave’ and reject the siren-call of monkeys and the tender loving hands of dogs. Bursting loose, Jesus ‘overpowered the sodomite gravestones’ and ‘hurled the sodomite linens away’ like Samson, picking up the monkey-rapists and throwing them around like rag dolls. Then, He ran away. When the Bible says He rose into the clouds, it means He fled into the desert dust, where there were fewer potential slavering sex-hounds. He even kept on coming back to town to show off his wounds to His old friends, so obviously Jesus couldn’t have died, could He? Unlike the above narrative, that would just be stupid.57
>However, in some ancient art Jesus is portrayed as a fiery phoenix rising from the ashes of His death, the literal reality of this bird’s existence in centuries past being attested to by ‘very reliable and credible historians’. As the closest thing humanity had seen to one of the original winged Theo-Zoa during historical times, Jesus was probably thus an actual phoenix in some sense, with the ‘fire’ in which He dies just being His electric glow. ‘Age is a disease,’ Lanz concludes, which fallen mankind, ravaged by apes, now suffers from unnecessarily; the fact that ‘parrots reach an extreme age is well-known’, and if one day Aryan mankind should sprout back his angelic space-wings, then maybe we too would not grow old or weary. When Christ is reborn like a phoenix, it really symbolises how one day the white human race will be reborn as glowing Theo-Zoa, who may aspire to immortality.58




>The arrest of Italian neo-Nazis affiliated with the Ukrainian Azov Battalion highlights the terrifying potential for blowback from the Ukraine proxy war

>Italian police announced a series of raids against the neo-Nazi Order of Hagal organization. Accused of stockpiling weapons and planning terror attacks, the group has established operational ties to the Ukrainian Azov Battalion.

>But Ukraine is not the only country to have been visited by members of the Order of Hagal; “some members” also traveled to Israel to train in Krav Maga and the use of long and short weapons,” according to police officials. In fact, they were even given diplomas for completing the training


Roblox: the children’s game platform with ‘Nazi sex parties’
Online gaming giant under fire over explicit content and use of ‘child labour’
An online gaming platform popular used by millions of children across the world is hosting virtual Nazi sex parties featuring bondage and strippers, an investigation has revealed.
A deep dive by theBBCfound that Roblox includes rooms where userscan take off their clothes and simulate sex while others watch. The broadcaster discovered scenarios including “a naked man wearing just a dog collar and a lead” being “led across the floor by a woman in a bondage outfit”, as well as a game featuring “two strippers” dancing beside a bar.


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File: 1670706667098.png (546.91 KB, 650x650, ClipboardImage.png)

><The drug-abusing occultist, artist and writer William S. Burroughs (1914–97) mowed his lawn into crop-circles shaped like colossal erect penises, hoping space-perverts would see it as an open invitation to come in
Yes. And?


Someone claiming that Michael Flynn (in addition to LARPing in a revolutionary war outfit) is now plagiarizing speeches from the "I AM Activity" cult of the 1930s which itself lifted ideas from the Silver Shirts. I have no idea if this is true or not but I'm just dropping it here in case anyone else wants to go down the rabbit hole.

The I AM group was founded by a mining engineer named Guy Ballard who believed himself to be the reincarnation of George Washington and was enthralled by the religion of Theosophy and the occult. Him and his wife, Edna, would lead rallies where they'd chant Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt's names along with "annihilate them!" The church they founded still exists in California and has a building and a website:


>The movement the Ballards invented — “The I AM Activity” or “The Mighty I AM” — was based on theosophy, but they added a number of components that weaponized it to create an authoritarian christofascist cult. The model they followed, literally copied, was the Silver Shirts, led by Nazi William Dudley Pelley. In 1940, a book was written about the Ballards’ cult appropriately called Psychic Dictatorship in America (PDF). Here is the publisher’s note just as the leaders of the “I AM Activity” were being indicted for mail fraud and conspiracy. The book spends a considerable amount of time proving that the “I AM” cult paralleled in detail what the Silver Shirts were doing and actually poached many of their cult members from disenchanted Silver Shirts.


There's also a thread from… some guy… who claims that Musk is mixed up in this "I AM" cultic stuff and also draws from the Technocracy movement (his grandfather was a member). The reflexive demand for "free speech" is an attempt to re-normalize genetics. The current iteration of this cult is called "longtermism."



>re-normalize genetics


i mean, nazis are something that the sort of very low autism score guy that'd make a roblox sex world in the first place would feveriously giggle at whilst clicking the nazi hat onto the avatar, unless you think it's some strange esoteric right wing grooming shit


>I see this Atomwaffen / Siege culture stuff as like pornography. There are different forms of pornography, not just sexual. Also notice how so many of them post on /pol/ which from a graphic design point of view looks like puke and it's also full of porn and graphic violence and grotesque sexual imagery – a lot of it is highly racialized pornography as well of course (which they're "aghast" at) so there's a psycho-sexual thing going on there. One lens you might be able to view this ideology through is via the Icelandic band Hatari
it should be no surprise that that /gif/ board on 4chan is full of gore and pornography threads and always has some sort of nazi general thread on it


While it might be impossible to accurately delineate factions of an ongoing conflict, one can speculate factions of the Caesars civil war. The role of neoliberal capital, contractors and CACOM social-engineering outlived the usefulness in service of the hard power of SOC-CIA-BND that enabled it. So it makes a final attempt to officially invert the relationship turning the state into an instrument of capital which it really isn't in it's current form.
You can visibly follow the relationships to infer the factions, Flynn/Thiel/Musk/Bannon etc as contractors, Aquino/Gabbard/Vallely as CACOM social engineers in service of reaganeoliberalism.
Following a third faction, the hard-power faction, recent Ft Bragg PSYOP officer Emily Grace lending the media politicization of Moore County infrastructure attack in service of inspiring copycats, you can see they're fine with temporarily ending the precursor to economic activity as a form of chemotherapy, electricity.
Bragg is as interesting of a place as Eglin or Hanford. Vertical integration of Airforce, Navy, elite military units and the CIA-BND. The currency of violence will replace the currency of dollars, Lenin was incorrect to assume warrior class needed to collaborate with industrial/finance capital to enact imperialism. All you need is PSYOP units.



>On the internet, no one knows you're a racist pedophile — unless, perhaps, your email address is [email protected], which is one of the real online aliases that St. Louis County police say was used by a man now facing charges for filming himself while sexually assaulting a minor last year.

>According to charging documents, Michael Ulsas, of Sunset Hills, assaulted a female victim in May 2020. At one point in the footage of the assault, police said, Ulsas can be seen slapping the victim and telling her she has "five seconds" to resume a nonconsensual sex act with him.
>But investigators digging into the 24-year-old's online activity found more than the footage of the assault. According to the St. Louis County Prosecutor's Office, Ulsas used a web of aliases on Facebook "to gain access to his alleged victim in this case" — accounts with names like "Micheal Lightning" and "Micheal Crispy Kanashi."
>Analyzing the email addresses connected to those accounts brought investigators to more aliases, including the "racist pedophile" Gmail account.
>The various aliases referenced in Ulsas' online footprint suggest he was involved in meme culture and 4chan-inspired troll communities where users often use racism, harassment and disturbing content as in-jokes.





>Ulsas' online footprint suggest he was involved in meme culture and 4chan-inspired troll communities
To no one's surprise, he's also a channer.




Documented list of conservative sex scandals


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Mission success. Pic related confirms.


how would it be a surprise? all of the twitter users with names like loliFan22 are frothing channer right wingers. go look at 4chan's /gif/ board, gore, pornography and nazi propaganda. How could you be surprised?


>unless you think it's some strange esoteric right wing grooming shit
Without looking very far into it, yes I do, and, an innocent low aye cue nazi roblox play pen would inevitably turn into such over time, even if it wasn't the intention, and was merely a low aye cue play pen enjoyer creating a low aye cue play pen



true, actual degenerate freak nazis would gravitate towards it eventually. I've heard similar stories to yours about people who get groomed into being around right wingers with very similar outcomes. you don't even have to be looking for it, I played space station 13 when I was younger and i started talking to some guy that was pretty nice but then you meet his friends and his friends friends and all of a sudden you're hearing jokes about black peoples eye ques and helicopter rides. I dipped out but I can see someone getting into a rabbithole if they don't know any better. your thread made me feel worried for the femboys who have pictures of nazi flags behind them rather than annoyed


If you also think about how involved the feds have been in: the internet from the start, social media, and specifically, the video game industry, and its permeation into all of these things, I think the picture becomes clear.

The CIA are in every industry, in music, with documented cases, the song winds of change for example, the pornography industry, the film industry, the modelling industry, TV. Everything. Of course they would get into gaming, which is now extra confirmed with the COD stuff but has been going on basically forever.


(you will notice also, they target the most basic bitch and soy tier parts of these industries, and also the most degenerate, which is another reason how you know, they are deliberately targetting the most mind broken retards to use as patsies, there is also the case up thread of them deliberately using pedophiles as informants.)


hasn't there been confirmations of glowies playing world of warcraft?



AND Steve Bannon was also involved in a thing where he hired people to make warcraft cold and items and then sell them on IRL. Which was where he found his start into the memeworld supposedly, or was part of his initial voyage.


It's interesting, I'd normally be suspicious of all of this but we have 100% confirmation that feds run amuck like this to try to cause regime change in other countires, why would we be surprised if they turn the same techniques inward to try to maintain a right wing environment that protects the bourgeoisie?


File: 1671693327575.jpg (34.37 KB, 365x387, feds.jpg)

Theres a channel on Bitchute called Hyperborean Research that talks about this in a religious context. Esoteric Hitler believers think they are having a holy war against the 'evil' Kaballah Rabbis, and the Orthodox Jews themselves view Edom (Arabs) and Amelek (Europeans) as subhuman cattle (Goyim). Both sides believe their Gods are superior and that conventional warfare is secondary.

TLDR: religious schizos, thats it. Theres also proof that the CIA has been promoting fringe Nazi UFO/Alien psy ops to derail their opposition.



least degenerate nazi


>vaccine deaths
>great reset

your 'good conspiracy theorist' is just as nutso as the strawman one


i still dont understand what the great reset even is tbh


it's the new stand-in for "new world order". In actuality it's from some weird left-bourgie convention where they talked about wanting to use capitalism to achieve some sort of quasi-communism where they get to take care of the prolateriat like they're their hoard of pets - leftwingish bourgies who want the benefits of communism but want to maintain their class domination, the same types of people who paraded around greta thunburg


Oh you're talking about the Klaus Shwab shit at the WEF? Yeah it's a nothingburger anyway but these guys arent really leftists they're just random neolibs, they invited Trump and astroturfed Tulsi's career.


Nate Thayer died. RIP big dog, your work made a big chunk of this thread! We will keep you alive.


Aw man. He had been in poor health for awhile. RIP to that guy. He met Pol Pot in the jungle and got blown up by an anti-tank mine once. Was a real one.


File: 1673060125390.jpg (36.29 KB, 631x550, letthenightroar.jpg)

Thayer wrote the main story on the Rural People's Party which, it turned out later, was affiliated with a cult Satanist publishing house run by a guy who had been receiving funds from the FBI since the early 2000s.

An odd thing about that group wasn't just its support for North Korea, but also glamorizing Jim Jones of the Peoples Temple. There was an article written in 1980, shortly after the mass death of the Peoples Temple members in Guyana, that speculated it was an experimental mind-control colony given the immense quantities of mind-altering substances discovered at the compound, connections to San Francisco political figures, and apparent lack of interest by law enforcement in investigating the organization's misdeeds for years. Basically this is what MK-ULTRA turned into after that program was shut down in the early 70s, and moved overseas and out of sight.

The author, apparently a professor of social psychology at UC-Berkeley, also didn't believe the story that everyone committed suicide, but that at least some number of them were killed over a period of several days after fleeing into the jungle.

>The New York Times of Dec. 29 1978, carried a story under the headline, “Jones commune found stocked with drugs to control the mind”. A vast supply of psychoactive drugs had been found at Jonestown, including 11,000 doses of Thorazine, enormous quantities of Quaaludes, Valium, Demerol, and other mind controlling substances. Several questions immediately come to mind (but not to the minds of the NYT reporters): why did it take five weeks to either make this “discovery” or to report it?; is it possible to obtain and smuggle this quantity of drugs without the active help of pharmaceutical companies, organized crime, law enforcement agencies or the State Department, or a combination thereof? (Answer: no); and finally, what in the world were they doing with these drugs down there? Jonestown had boasted of the most complete, modern, efficient humanitarian system of medical care, complete with a staff and equipment that would make most of our stateside community clinics envious. Laboratories, the most modern testing and diagnostic equipment, nurses, doctors, therapists, dietitians, daily checkups for many residents, all in the interest of “serving the people”. Incidentally, the medical records from this most thorough system, we are now told, either disappeared or never existed. How to resolve the contradiction between the “humanitarianism” and the mind control and virtual slavery that we now know was going on at Jonestown? We have been trying to digest the explanation that Jones was a humanitarian who, in the end, went crazy and misled his flock. If we take a closer look we can see that there was a lot more going on.

There's also a mention of the LaRouchites, although there isn't a direction connection between them, the author thinks it's a similar story.

>What is the evidence of links between MK ULTRA and Jonestown? First, the orchestration of a cover-up by the military, police, State Department and media, which even the most superficial review of the deaths in Guyana reveals, can only be conducted at the very highest levels. Similarly, the policy for several years of the press and law enforcement agencies to close their eyes to reports from People’s Temple and Jonestown, is not something that can happen spontaneously. Someone got to them. Can it be believed that investigations were halted by Jones’ humanitarian reputation? No, this can’t be believed. The apparent contradiction between the very modern and complete medical services in Jonestown, and the repressive use of drugs, behavior modification and other extreme coercive techniques up to and including murder, may not be a contradiction at all. We see it every day in the U.S. penal system, and in state psychiatric hospitals. The supposition that the CIA was actively involved in the formation and running of Jonestown as an experimental modern-day penal colony maybe too frightening to entertain. But it explains a lot more about the contradictions and mysteries surrounding Jonestown than writing it off as the craziness of a would-be messiah. The drugs, for instance, did not just appear. Someone brought them there. With a purpose. It was pre-meditated. Who did this? How was it done?

>We know of at least one instance, The Seed, and there are probably many more, in which the federal government organized and ran its own little cult group on principles remarkably similar to Jonestown. We know of the involvement of the CIA (the Korean CIA, which is a subsidiary of you know who), with the Moonies, we know of the massive investments in these cults by right wing groups.

>There are some startling parallels between the People’s Temple and the NCLC [National Caucus of Labor Committees], an extreme left group the [that] spun off from SDS in the late 60’s and now embraces the extreme right. NCLC also uses extreme brainwashing and indoctrination techniques on its recruits. It also tried to attract people disaffected with the system by progressive rhetoric and seeming alliance with the left. Its leader, like Jones, claimed to be omniscient. And like Jones, he is obsessed, apparently, with a phobia of the CIA. The NCLC is known to most progressives as a police organized group.

>All this is not to say that the People’s Temple is of the same mold as the NCLC, or the Moonies, or EST. Or that the entire organization of the People’s Temple and the tragedy of well-meaning people being misled, can be explained as a CIA plot. It is to say, however, that we must open our eyes a little wider, get that gray matter working, refuse to be lulled to sleep by media absurdities. We know about COINTELPRO, we know about MK ULTRA, we can watch the alarming rate at which these cults are gaining influence. The line of thinking suggested here requires a lot more investigation. But it is investigation that must be done.




> A Trump supporter wh0 was interviewed for an HBO documentary and said that liberal politicians and celebrities are pedophiles was exposed for his own pedophile past during the interview.

> He then started holding up images of people like Oprah Winfrey and Hillary Clinton, which he described as “pedophiles,” as well as President Joe Biden. “Oh yeah. I call him creepy sleepy chomo Uncle Joe,” Todeschini said, explaining that “chomo” is a prison term for “child molester.”

>Callaghan then told Todeschini that he “needs to talk” to him about something.

>”On May 19, 1999, you were convicted of sexual abuse in the first degree and sodomy in the second degree of an eight-year-old boy in New Jersey,” Callaghan says. “So, according to this paper, you are a registered sex offender and a convicted pedophile.”


>just a synthesis of anarchism and racism
I've seen the term "Propaganda of the Deed" show up more than expected in online fash spaces, do you think this is as a result of Mason and/or Pierce (Turner Diary fame)?
also way to just read the OP title and kneejerk :^)


File: 1673566246898.jpg (83.89 KB, 670x1191, 20210725_234922.jpg)



I can see its the once monthly, Nazi enters thread and announces that they are indeed a pedophile ceremony.


Once a month? More like every week


I'm still waiting for right wingers to "demonstrate" why they aren't grooming kids. In fact, most tradcaths seem to adopt the "gays are the ones doing it and even if there are abuse by straight priests secular public schools are way worse" approach which is exactly the tu quoque argument this twittertard is citing

(I know its you ThingNoticer you fucking twitter spammer retard subhuman)


Just report and ignore, he gets off on being yelled at because it makes him think the soyjak in his head is mad at him


oh lads I've found it. IT how couldn't I have seen it before?? so tantalisingly close and yet…. it went right under my nose!


20 April 1889 – 30 April 1945)


6 February 1912 – 30 April 1945)


>"Maria Reiter (23 December 1911 – 28 July 1992), known as "Mimi" or "Mitzi", was associated romantically with Adolf Hitler in the late 1920s."


>Angela Maria "Geli" Raubal ([ˈɡeːliː ˈʀaʊ̯bal]; 4 July 1908 – 18 September 1931) was an Austrian woman who was the half-niece of Adolf Hitler. Born in Linz, Austria-Hungary, she was the second child and eldest daughter of Leo Raubal Sr. and Hitler's half-sister, Angela Raubal. Raubal lived in close contact with her uncle Adolf from 1925 until her presumed suicide in 1931.

>Raubal was living in Hitler's Munich apartment, and he maintained strict control over her actions. She was in effect a prisoner, and planned to escape to Vienna to continue her singing lessons.[4] Her mother told interrogators after the war that Hitler had forbidden her daughter to continue her relationship with a man from Linz whom she was hoping to marry. Hitler and Raubal argued on 18 September 1931 when he refused to allow her to go to Vienna. He departed for a meeting in Nuremberg but was recalled to Munich the next day with the news that Raubal was dead from a gunshot wound to the lung;[2] she had apparently shot herself in Hitler's Munich apartment with Hitler's Walther pistol.[8] She was 23.

>Rumours immediately began in the media about physical abuse, a possible sexual relationship, an infatuation by Raubal for her uncle, and even murder.[2][9][10] The Münchener Post reported that the dead girl had a fractured nose.[11] Otto Strasser, a political opponent of Hitler, was the source of some of the more sensational stories. The historian Ian Kershaw maintains that "whether actively sexual or not, Hitler's behaviour towards Geli has all the traits of a strong, latent at least, sexual dependence."[7] The police ruled out foul play and the death was ruled a suicide.[12] Hitler was devastated and went into an intense depression. He moved to a house on the shores of Tegernsee lake and did not attend the funeral in Vienna on 24 September. He visited her grave at Vienna's Zentralfriedhof (Central Cemetery) two days later. Thereafter, he overcame his depression and refocused on politics.[9]

>Hitler later declared that Raubal was the only woman he had ever loved. Her room at Haus Wachenfeld was kept as she had left it, and he hung portraits of her in his own room there and at the Reich Chancellery in Berlin.[13]

>In a 1992 Vanity Fair article, Ron Rosenbaum examines several theories, including speculation that Hitler intentionally or accidentally shot and killed Raubal during an argument, or that she was killed on his orders.[11] According to William Stuart-Houston, Hitler's nephew through his half-brother, Alois, "When I visited Berlin in 1931, the family was in trouble. … Everyone knew that Hitler and she had long been intimate and that she had been expecting a child – a fact that enraged Hitler."[14]



Falls in love with his niece and drives her to her death. The OG /pol/cel.


File: 1675335126938.png (121.58 KB, 401x352, everyone-is-crazy.png)

So this is the lefty version of Pizzagate, huh?
You're not fighting fascism. You are reiterating fascism. You are fascism. Identifying some tiny minority group, finding them under every rock and then hounding them into non-existence is fascism.
But, ya sure, you're "fighting" fascism.


uygha this isn't pizzagate. Its not "individual x and z are involved in a transnational child trafficking network because they have a bdsm skull and bones painting in their pizzeria". Esoterics are actual lunatics who never hide their predilections


>NOOOOO you are le real fascists!!
Did you just walk out of reddit? Lol


>how dare you call hitler a fascist
Every day libs Lib that bit harder




File: 1675345592992.png (438.91 KB, 700x468, ClipboardImage.png)

>post police reports describing that literal self-admitted neo-nazi is a kiddie diddler
<you're just fascist pizzagate


File: 1676194496836.png (88.99 KB, 580x428, ClipboardImage.png)

Hey Sage, looks like you're not the only one counting.

Can you find any missing names and get them to #100?




15 kids? What the fuck.





>A far-right Missouri man who featured prominently during the 2017 Charlottesville white supremacist rally has reportedly died by suicide ahead of a trial in which he stood accused of drug trafficking.

>Teddy Joseph Von Nukem, 35, took his own life after skipping the first day of his criminal trial for a drug trafficking charge in Arizona on 30 January. He died in his hometown of Missouri as a federal judge was issuing a warrant for his arrest, The Daily Beast reported, citing court documents and an autopsy report.

>Suicide notes left for law enforcement and his children were found at the scene, according to the coroner’s report, which also stated that the handwriting on the notes “was somewhat inconsistent”.

that handwriting being inconsistent is SUS, bet he was a fed and they set him up.


File: 1676476482299.jpg (106.05 KB, 719x440, rddqkvxmrzha21.jpg)


cope and rope
no one in your actual life actually likes they just tolerate you so you dont rope


Lmao if he was actually a fed ,who at Washington greenlit fucking "Von Nukem" as an actual cover identity



>Golden Zoltan, also known as GZ, dog0fwar, Flukepup, and Drew (real name Andrew McCall Dodson; born October 5, 1983 - died March 9, 2018),[1] was a fursuiter and Altfurry.

>Golden grew up in South Carolina, USA. He graduated from Clemson University in 2007. with a degree in electrical engineering.

>He eventually moved to Arkansas and was in a relationship with White Wolf. The relationship ended for various reasons including his drug usage and run-ins with police.[citation needed] Later on, Golden lived in Stratham, New Hampshire

>Golden's fursona was a Golden Retriever. He adapted this form from a deceased childhood pet, whose collar he wore when he went to furry conventions.

>On August 2017, Andrew Dodson was outed as a White Nationalist,[2] after he was doxxed for his documented participation at the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia

according to twitter, this guy also killed himself after getting doxxed and fired


File: 1676509894355-0.jpg (56.03 KB, 800x811, angel almeida 2.jpg)

File: 1676509894355-1.jpg (40.36 KB, 600x337, angel almeida.jpg)


Busy day for Nazi pedophiles, this banger has just dropped

>A Satan-worshipping felon who posted an image to social media about being “addicted to hardcore child pornography” is now charged with enticing two underage girls into performing sex acts from 2020 to 2021.

>Angel Almeida, who was initially busted for gun possession in 2021, was hit with child-porn and sexual-exploitation charges in Brooklyn Federal Court on Tuesday.

>When he was first arrested, prosecutors made note of his creepy Instagram accounts, which included photos of Almeida toting guns, and standing in front of a Satanist and neo-Nazi flag. He also had a stash of books on the occult and devil worship in his Queens home, along with a handgun and ammo, when the FBI raided it, according to court filings.

>Almeida, 22, is accused of persuading one underage “Jane Doe” into “sexually explicit conduct for the purpose of producing one or more visual depictions of such conduct.”

>He coerced a second girl under the age of 17 into having sex with someone who was at least 21 years old, prosecutors allege.

>The FBI started looking into Almeida after getting tips about his online activity. One tipster told the fedsthat Almeida posted pictures of children in bondage wear, threatened to kill, sacrifice and rape people and met up with a 16-year-old and may target others, according to a November 2021 letter by federal prosecutors.

>That led to an investigation, and the feds soon found a Facebook page showing Almeida posing with guns and ammo, and standing in front of a black flag associated with the “Order of Nine Angles,” which is described bey prosecutors as a “worldwide Satanist belief-based group which embraces elements of Neo-Nazism and white supremacy.”

>He also used the name “necropedocell” on Instagram, an apparent reference to necrophilia, pedophilia and celibacy, according to prosecutors. He posted more gun pictures with the caption, “For the 2k pedophile haters,” prosecutors allege.

>His most disturbing photo appeared on another Instagram account he used, “Stain_Lord_352,” where he posted a photo of someone wearing a t-shirt that said “Kiddie Fiddler,” giving a thumbs-up and standing in front of a Nazi flag and a sign that read “I’m addicted to hardcore child pornography.”

>Almeida has been locked up since November 2021, when he was arrested on federal charges of having a gun despite a felony conviction. Records show he was convicted of burglary in Florida in 2019.

>When the feds searched his Astoria home, they found a gun similar to the one in the social media posts, as well as books on the occult and Satanism — including “The Sinister Tradition,” “Lucifer Rising,” “Liber Null & Psychonaut” and “Necronomicon,” according to prosecutors.

>“The defendant’s alleged exploitation of minors has been extremely harmful mentally, emotionally and physically to his victims,” stated U.S. Attorney Breon Peace. “His possession of a firearm despite a prior felony conviction, combined with his crimes against minors, reflect Almeida’s dangerousness and lack of respect for the law.”

>Peace also urged parents to talk to their children about the dangers of talking to strangers online.

>Federal authorities are asking anyone with information about sexual exploitation by Almeida to contact the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI or online at tips.fbi.gov.


It really doesn't fit well with the first name Teddy. Which presumably means his whole name is Theodor Joseph Von Nukem.


File: 1676511671224.jpg (294.19 KB, 1080x1587, lol.jpg)


is the anon who was gonna make the image macros from these around? I would like to speak with you if possible


Satanic neo-nazi edgelords described in one pic


File: 1676650317447.png (186.37 KB, 450x428, bear1.png)

Hey, you mean these ones? >>1150869
I haven't made any more since (I have 20 hobby projects at any one time), although I'm more than happy to do a few more and share the setup. It's partially-automated with an Inkscape template, pretty easy for anyone to use.


File: 1676768907645.png (188.4 KB, 452x529, 456845908459064.png)

>Melzer was arrested in June 2020 at Camp Ederle in Italy. He plead guilty in summer 2022. Above document shows he initiated into O9A in 2018/19, despite defense claims. His first entree? the Tempel ov Blood, run by longtime FBI informant Joshua Sutter


Yeh it wasn't to hurry you up or anything, but I understand you are a project doer and can use photoshop etc, I may fire you a message on matrix in the next day or 2 for a project idea in that area


If it's not something that requires privacy, I'd recommend >>>/draw/ . There are some actually good artists there who might be able to give feedback.
Otherwise, I'll make an effort to check Matrix.


What's even the origin of the O9A? These guys are knee-deep in every fringe far-right groups all over the west.


Probably a cross of occult and skinhead groups/ideology in England circa 70s-80s
They were one of the first far right groups to spread themselves over the Internet and later Web 2.0. so their fingers all in that pie.


Operation Gladio via Column 88




Do you guys remember the O9A spam on this board last year? What the hell was all that about?


File: 1678062882891.png (29.87 KB, 1843x172, 1647361176686.png)

Ah, yes, the flight of the wampirs. It was interesting really only for the soap opera aspects of it. Basically, someone with a Dark Gnosis handle who'd been involved on ONA posted some inside information on it, on here. ONA was apparently being run by someone called Chloe , I think a Filipina-American? And Dark Gnosis had a beef with this Sutter character, which I think was why he was posting about ONA on here in the first place, to get back at him.
The actual Ideology of the ONA doesn't seem that interesting, a mix of pic related Lavayan Satanist tricks and misdirection, Hitler worship, with a few of the founder David Myatt's preoccupations like the "star game", an astrological meditation device.
I suggested an ONA flag on the flag suggestion thread, but it never happened. In any case the wampirs seem to have evaporated from the board with the morning sun.


The ministry of sinistry


The actual thing seems to be black metal nerds and the whole idea is that it's all pseudonymous and anybody can claim that they're a member and vaguely allude to being a master wizard or whatever, so the purported ~secret army~ stuff is probably more other nerds on the internet taking those troll claims at face value, than an actual thing.

On the other hand, David Myatt, the founder, claimed that he was part of a group in Britain in the 70s called Column 88, which was founded by a British army colonel so there might be some Gladio stuff involved in that.



hey sage, i don't know if you already put this but apparantly the colorado springs shooter was known as a lolcow for years and was a pedo https://web.archive.org/web/20221123170819/https://encyclopediadramatica.online/Anderson_Lee_Aldrich


>>1390046 (me)
I should probably add for anyone looking that encyclopediadramatica isn't a link you want to click if you aren't willing to look at the random pornographic/strange images those people like to put everywhere


I unironically agree with pic related.
As a Jew myself, many many truths of this world became apparent as I aged, and none more bolder than the simple fact of intelligence.
Every Jew I met instantly broadened my mind, meanwhile gentiles rarely ever give off knowledgeable or inspiring thoughts.
From my own life experience, it was to absolutely zero surprise that I discovered most of the American system was maintained by Jews, of course it is. They're the only people smart enough to do it!


File: 1678472810794.jpg (324.78 KB, 865x842, 1647610847803.jpg)

they aren't even close to being equivalent dumbfuck


patsuccs be as patsuccs do




I listened to an interview with james mason recently* and he praised charles manson as the new face of the aryan revolution.
Why are nazis always schizos who love meaningless terrorism?
What do they actually want? Is it just petty revenge? Or is it mass chaos?


link to the interview



>What do they actually want?
even they don't know how to answer that


they don't know it because they don't want or truly believe in any of this, even if they think they do. it's all larp to fill whatever void, likely, meaning, self worth or community, they have. no matter how many meme rituals, murders, or how serious they force themselves to take it, it's still just larp.
they want to be the joker or something similar, not because they're that character but because they want to imagine themselves being praised by the movie. they want to do things that if filmed they imagine would make them look spooky and powerful. they are edgelords first and foremost and the beliefs are just ways to fulfill that, not the other way around.


I'm not sure if this applies to him, but my impression is that neo-Nazism in the US is inspired by works like Turner Diaries and Mason's Siege, and think the random acts of terrorism (and even lesser forms like destroying power grids: see Atomwaifu members recently re–arrested) including shootings are akin to an old anarchist doctrine called Propaganda of the Deed. They think people will see it and be inspired to do it themselves.
However, PotD used to be actually meaningful things like murdering literal royalty and presidents and police chiefs, which makes sense if you're an anarchist. This version thinks that le joker theorem is real and that most people are just a few acts of chaos away from igniting The Race War.


>What do they actually want?
They want to die


Nazis represent a dying social being: the dregs of the hinterland petty-bourgeois, the urban lumpens, etc
They just want to go out with a bang before the long night


File: 1680849285367.png (227.27 KB, 570x484, ClipboardImage.png)

What's his prize?


File: 1680865694967.jpg (137.27 KB, 500x767, 280617.jpg)

Imagination vs reality


amerifats shitting there pants over european neolibs realizing social safety nets are good for longterm stability are a truly different breed like Bismarck literally created the first modern welfare state to prevent revolution come the fuck on now


>fascism is when you don't treat the right with kiddy gloves

ur actually fucking dumb


>nooooo you cant dox nazis ur in the FBI1!!!1!!!


how tf do you brag about not feeling an emotional reaction to online posts lmao maybe im jaded but spending 2 days on the internet should remove that from you. I cant imagine posting on imageboard and actually taking shit seriously

that also kind sounds like that one poster who insists communism only works in non-white countries which I always thought was an elaborate bit


File: 1683100601531-0.png (312.44 KB, 711x841, ClipboardImage.png)



you refuted your own claim. rent free bitch.


haha u mad sounds like you should go enjoy your vibrant and exciting social life


Yep, connection checks out. What a scumbag.


There are actual connections between fascist networks and elite pedophile rings like in the Belgium case or the accusations that surrounded Michael Aquino.


wtf I remember this guy posting on /fa/ regularly and getting shit on by the entire board


is it just impossible to use https://archive.4plebs.org through tor? i keep getting loop stuck on the cloudflare challenge page no matter what i allow with noscript
is there another /pol/ archive that doesn't do this annoying shit?


There is or at least there was 5 years ago or more but I can't remember it's name moe something



archived.moe? that one doesn't have /pol/
wakarimasen.moe i think used to but that one is dead now

this piece of shit still posts there


File: 1683524119047.png (85.02 KB, 943x616, ClipboardImage.png)

Looks like they got tougher, I just tried a dozen nodes and none went through like they used to.
I suspect archived.moe has the threads, but no search or full images.


File: 1683524297628.jpg (272.19 KB, 1080x815, 1683507893845.jpg)



>I remember this guy posting on /fa/ regularly
he's still posting there pretty much every single day apparently

nvm i was half wrong, archived.moe does have /pol/ but they don't have search enabled for the board https://archived.moe/pol/


There was a local news story back in the day about a neo nazi group training with the British army in Savernake forest, Wiltshire. I found out about it from wikipedia, as it happens. Definitely Gladio.








The nazi ball looks pretty happy even tho he's about to die


>Morals follow men, not the other way around.
except the world isn't up to interpretation, it is objective.
you're free to make of it what you want but that doesn't mean that your assessment is good.
you're free to hover your hand over fire and pretend it didn't hurt or burn you but that just means that your judgment is faulty.
maybe im reaching here but I think objective facts can be reached logically.


objective *moral facts


What difference does it make whos responsibility it is? one thing for sure, the harm was done, no other way of seeing that.
prevention is what matters not blame.


those people didn't exist until recently, coinciding with the collapse of neoliberalism in 2001/2008.


Context? I want to read more about this incident.





Gemerald post. Did that country get removed in like, toolbox theory?



Nah, Dirlewanger Brigade is still there, they just insta-collapse automatically after a while


Where's the one image of the Nazi saying he likes femboys


kinda offtopic for the thread but whats the scoop on the Aryan Brotherhood and similar white supremacists gangs, tbh they're the fash that scare me the most since they alr have armed gangs with decades of experience and funding from the drug trade. On the other if 60 days in is an accurate portrayal of shit like the AB and the WOODs then they seem to be willing the throw away there principles for business when it suits them and at the very least say they believe in just highly segregated nation-states and not outright extermination of racial minorities(basically that one thread talking abt the strain of fascism where the reactionaries in each race respect eachother more than non-racists in there own cultures). that being said I would never trust a fascist at there word and I still feel like when shit hits the fan these orgs are gonna be the most dangerous and well-organized fash groups


the bottle of meth pills is a nice detail


Check out The Empire Never Ended's arc on American Fascism, their Christian Identity eps get into that world a bit.


File: 1689184867838.png (569.48 KB, 1280x962, ClipboardImage.png)

>we live by the code of joy

lmao you constantly torture yourselves by looking at shit you hate on the internet and then coming to places like here and deliberately getting into meaningless slapfights with people you hate

Also pretty sure your side are the nihilists because you literally at your core don't actually believe in reality, your entire worldview is fundamentally based on making shit up, and you all openly admit this the moment anybody presses you on your reasons for believing what you do


File: 1689912631504.png (30.81 KB, 776x362, ClipboardImage.png)


It's their fetish after all.


you posted this (twice?) already, and as i pointed out already this is dishonest liberal trash not worth reading, not sure why you want to shill it so bad it is pure fantastical thinking.


File: 1690571115301-0.png (874.72 KB, 1188x840, Aryan_Brotherhood.png)

>kinda offtopic for the thread but whats the scoop on the Aryan Brotherhood and similar white supremacists gangs
They're fucked-up gangs and the white equivalent to MS13 for Salvadorans, the Black Gorilla Family for blacks, or certain pseudo-Islamic gangs in Europe and increasingly in prisons in the U.S. with groups that call themselves names like the "Future of Islam" or whatever, like people who are not even really Muslims but it's an identity to form a tribe around to regulate the structure which sells drugs and people (i.e. literal sex trafficking). Like you'd read about a group of young guys with ME/North African backgrounds who were banging on the streets of Brussels all radicalize and join ISIS and go to Syria, they believe in a bunch of crazy stuff that doesn't necessarily have much to do with the religion. The AB are like the Cracker ISIS basically.

It is political, it's just as political as anything else, but it's a lumpen gang politics that can sometimes overlap with the "white nationalist movement" in a broader sense, and you'll sometimes see guys in these groups join an "alt-right" group that tries to have a political agenda. But the race or tribe for these gangs, while political, is the superstructure that emerges from their criminal activity, "we don't steal from our own," and trying to buy protection from racial brethren from other classes as a form of protection (and of course, even from members of law enforcement themselves, fellow right-wingers who understand their hatreds). Of course this is the height of hypocrisy itself. A lot of them do support Trump too but in a similar to way to him being a white Farrakhan for black gang members.

>On the other if 60 days in is an accurate portrayal of shit like the AB and the WOODs then they seem to be willing the throw away there principles for business when it suits them

Absolutely. Like recruiting a 19-year-old white kid into the gang in prison and then selling him into prostitution to members of another race in the prison so he's getting ass-raped every night by black dudes.

>I still feel like when shit hits the fan these orgs are gonna be the most dangerous and well-organized fash groups

Absolutely. They'd be the soldiers.


>Absolutely. They'd be the soldiers.
With recidivism rates so high and basically 0 opertunities in many western countries for anyone with a criminal record that has included imprisonment it is honestly a surprise it has not happened already.


the ISIS recruit example is interesting cause basically proves this point you made:
>But the race or tribe for these gangs, while political, is the superstructure that emerges from their criminal activity

basically if im interpreting this correctly what your getting at here is that violent criminal group end up adopting ethnonationalist views as a superstructure over there violent activities instead of the other way around where they decide they believe something and magically become a violent person(this is basically how libs think the world works in my experience).

I think your right cause you were able to list a fuckton of examples, I do find it interesting that all the examples we spoke of are from the US expect the brussel recruits and some parts of MS13. its honestly kinda of telling the ethnonationalist shit is the superstructure that violent prison gangs choose. shit is prolly fantastic for justifying any amount of violence and self interest and maintaining a rigid gang hierarchy. it def tracks with the gangs I've interacted in real life they weren't overly far-right or even white but no matter they all had a crazy ass "might makes right, life is struggle I must dominate others" worldview. The closest evola is gonna get to his version of some dipshit warrior noble is a random drug dealer


Don't these guys already have basically militia-tier organisations in rural PNW/Nocal/Northwestern US in general? Lots of very shady stuff going on in these places, tons of people that just disapear.
I remember some politicians in Oregon, Washington and Idaho being routinely itimidated by "extremesti groups" but they all looked like militia type guys.


File: 1690769813908.mp4 (19.35 MB, 640x360, ap8SQPRGqWYJMD5G.mp4)

A group of Patriot Fronters in a Uhaul got pulled over in Massachusetts last year a few months after a bunch of them were arrested in Idaho, but it wasn't known about at the time. Now it is though. For some reason they thought it would be a good idea to put fake license plates on their Uhaul.



>that violent criminal group end up adopting ethnonationalist views as a superstructure over there violent activities instead of the other way around
Yeah basically. It's not that ideology doesn't have a material effect but the base is primary.


File: 1691870240755-0.mp4 (295.37 KB, 510x270, QWrpcQOc_F06H3Ha.mp4)

File: 1691870240755-1.png (266.28 KB, 864x564, F3RNsv4XgAA-SyN.png)

"We got owned." Pretty funny stuff


>the USSR was jewish
>the 3rd reich was christian
this is what no theory does to a mf


>the Black Gorilla Family for blacks
Guerrilla, dummy. And no, they're not the same


>I listened to an interview with james mason
why tho


The absolute state of operational security
Probably thought it would throw off antifash if the huge transport trucks had a different plate number. But that trickery won't even work when your chatrooms are pwnt and your enemy have shown themselves able to mobilize on foot and fuck up your parked cars.


File: 1691925927696.jpg (15.67 KB, 136x115, 1304376955947.jpg)

Are you telling me this isn't black-propaganda and now they're just making videos to remind them about how they got owned by commies?


File: 1692382986428-0.png (199.01 KB, 485x560, 4598604565.png)

File: 1692382986428-1.png (386.59 KB, 800x540, active-clubs-800-1.png)

The steroid unboxing. These "active clubs" seems to be one of the more active movements on the neo-Nazi circuit in the U.S. lately, kinda like affinity groups, and seems to be interconnected to both prison gangs and other groups.

>It’s just like any other Tiktok unboxing video but instead of a pleasantly voiced influencer opening up the latest gadget, it features a pissed off neo-Nazi, drugs, and the possibility of doing major jail time.

>In a video viewed by VICE News shared in a neo-Nazi group chat, an unseen man expresses disgust while unwrapping a package: “This is the package I was supposed to deliver to our EAC [Evergreen Active Club] guys in Idaho,” he said. “Let's look inside!”

>The man throws a repackaged Amazon box onto a bed and uses a knife to open it up. Inside, he shows black athletic gear, and black sweatshirts punctuated with the logo for the Pacific Northwest neo-Nazi cell. But hiding underneath the clothing, he highlights some orange and white boxes, bags full of pills, and a freezer bag full of glass vials.

>“Fucking steroids, dude. Fucking drugs,” the man says before pulling out a t-shirt from the bottom of the box. “Oh more evergreen merch buried by the drugs.”


>The unboxing video was shared inside a Telegram group chat populated by Active Club leaders across the United States. Active Clubs are one of the fastest-growing neo-Nazi movements in America, with cells in almost every single state. The group can also be found in Canada, France, Australia, and Sweden and you can find an in depth breakdown of the network, how the cells form, and how they recruit and organize in this article. The network is deeply connected to other white nationalist and neo-Nazi groups like White Lives Matter, Patriot Front, and the Hammerskins, the latter of which have a history of crime.

>The movement was founded by Robert Rundo, a prominent neo-Nazi with a history of violence, in 2021. Rundo was just extradited from Romania to the United States where he will be facing several conspiracies to riot charges he’s been running from for years.

>The Evergreen Active Club is led by a man named Daniel Rowe, a violent neo-Nazi who spent four and a half years in prison for stabbing an interracial couple. A local anti-fascist writeup on Rowe reports that during his time incarcerated, he joined up with a neo-Nazi prison gang. Following his release from prison Rowe continued his racial activism and networking. This eventually led to him forming and leading the Evergreen Active Club in 2023 and becoming a prominent figure in the Pacific Northwest's white nationalist scene.


File: 1692434698613.png (188.94 KB, 474x265, ClipboardImage.png)

Twitter Exec Defends Restoring Account That Shared Child Sex Abuse Material
>Executives at X, the company formerly known as Twitter, testified in front of an Australian Parliament hearing late Wednesday, and defended the restoration of an X account after it shared child sexual abuse material in late July. The incident attracted widespread attention because X owner Elon Musk personally intervened to reinstate the account after a violation that would normally result in a permanent ban from the social media platform.
>The offending account is operated by a right-wing influencer who has previously insisted he was just sharing a news article, a claim that’s been disputed by journalists on X who point out the influencer watermarked the material he shared. The abuse material was reportedly one of the worst images ever created, showing a toddler being tortured, according to the Washington Post.


File: 1692864310955.png (168.44 KB, 598x362, ClipboardImage.png)

Esoteric esoterism.




I disagree. Lump.


Xi needs to hurry up with the annexation Burgerpol has reached Taiwan


File: 1694552875454.png (31.86 KB, 591x558, Its over Lenin.png)

>AP News link dead
It's over. I also misspelled that rightoid's name as Virgil Powell instead of James Powell


Wait but I thought the CCP were Han supremacist, which is it now CIA?



File: 1694725661974.mp4 (15.64 MB, 1440x1080, ikewa2quj64kied.mp4)


Neat montage. OC or from somewhere else?




The two-handed keyboard mashing filename threw me off, nice work comrade.


Saved. I think there's at least some truth to the theory that the reason so fucking many fascists are convicted of sex crimes with children is because they're more likely to be caught (since they're already under surveillance for their political activities). That said, the radical left is also already under surveillance for their political activities yet this shit is pretty much unheard of. Like I think just the anarchist groups committed to fedbait illegal tactics are nearly as numerous as the entire politically active fascist movement, yet despite all their ravings about groomers etc. I haven't seen fascists dig up one communist convicted pedo.


>I think there's at least some truth to the theory that the reason so fucking many fascists are convicted of sex crimes with children is because they're more likely to be caught (since they're already under surveillance for their political activities)
It's also often the other way around: get caught for child porn or grooming, get electronics confiscated, and then discovered to be a nazi. Case in point:
I agree the increased detection of co-incidental cases due to doing two crimes at once is an important factor, but I also believe other factors aren't at all trivial. Some orgs have ideological pro-pedophilia stances aligning with their political values, or at least many members who espouse them. I mean, as an extreme case, the co-incidence theory can't explain O9A's explicit endorsement and how casually it is discussed in AWD chats, according to former members.
>That said, […]
And yes, absolutely. The investigations are performed by police detectives and it's no secret that there is typically an anti-left political slant among police and among many major media outlets, so you'd think if there were anywhere near the level of pedophiles among the radical left, we'd be able to hear about it.


haha, you got me.


Interesting article on Zionism and Nazism.

>In 1942, the flight from persecution of 500,000 European Jews proposed by Britain was blocked by zionists:

>“On December 17th, 1942, both houses of the British Parliament declared their readiness to find temporary refuge for endangered persons. The British Parliament proposed to evacuate 500,000 Jews from Europe, and resettle them in British colonies, as a part of diplomatic negotiations with Germany. Within two weeks this motion received a total of 277 Parliamentary signatures. On January 27th, when the next steps were being pursued by over 100 M.P.s and Lords, a spokesman for the Zionists announced that the Jews would oppose the motion because Palestine was omitted.”


Chapter 25 deals with Zionism and british pedophiles.



>Be a police officer
>Work for the government
>Get paid through the collection of state taxes from citizens
>Sympathize with a politic opposed to taxes and government
Police officers being right wing is retarded in and of itself. The only way being right wing as a police officer makes sense is in that they feel the violent oppressive death squad tendencies of the right wing appeal to their interests, and understand that the right wing anti-tax and anti-government rhetoric is just a cover in that the actual goal of right wing politics is to slash community programs, social spending, and subsistence programs in favor of corporate subsidies while increasing police spending to oppress any opposition to the austerity.



File: 1695381033434.png (33.84 KB, 947x192, ClipboardImage.png)

Relevant post from (ostensibly) a Finnish girl who baited neo-nazis, can't link because some fragile mod just nuked the whole thread :/


update: turns out they just merged it without warning >>1596036


File: 1695988225620.jpg (217.9 KB, 1170x1202, media_F7HdeXqWAAAw0M-.jpg)

Unique IPs: 203

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