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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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The other thread was full

For a complete reading list, see: https://paulcockshott.wordpress.com/2020/05/01/two-reading-lists/

Cockshott's Patreon, YouTube and blogs

Videos torrent archive
Here's the torrent with all of Paul Cockshott's YouTube channel videos up to 27/10/2020 (i.e. Eliminating inequality):
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This thread is for the discussion of cybersocialism, the planning of the socialist economy by computerized means, including discussions of related topics and of course the great immortal scientist himself, WILLIAM PAUL COCKSHOTT.

Archives of previous thread
1) https://archive.is/uNCEY
2) https://web.archive.org/web/20201218152831/https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/997358.html
3) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1092975361
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Ian Wright's review of the sequel to Laws of Chaos, How labor powers the global economy by Emmanuel Farjoun, Moshé Machover, David Zachariah:
(It's on libgen.)


I'm at page 75 of this one so this feels very relevant



thanks anons can you also post a pdf


>it's already on libgen
guess there's no harm in me finally sharing it on here then


File: 1652494354084.png (53.28 KB, 592x287, nsns.png)

Cockshottbros.. are we glorified fanfic writers?


i like the slipped implication that the bible is the pure version and everything else is untouchable heathen junk
wouldn’t be surprised if this person was a christian, especially of the catholic or protestant variety


File: 1652553023667.png (60.67 KB, 191x255, 1652551406099.webp.png)

i was thinking:
what is the minimal application of 'cybersoc'
like you have two factories or something ?
but then why do you need complicated system

so i think its could be a tiny city at least
you can't just have magically all factroies in your hands today


my guess for an MVP is something like 10,000 people spread across 100 different workplaces, all coordinated with cybernetic planning. you need to cover the basics: food, housing, basic healthcare, plumbing, electricity, internet


Bunkerchan Leftypol labor vouchers wouldn't be trademarked because intellectual property will be abolished with the cybernetic socialism model


not so fast
trademarks are obviously useful in a transitionary period. and we'll almost surely want to know where certain goods were made and by which people even in a socialist economy


What is the cookie algorithm?


the bottom part of the maslow's pyramid



File: 1652582202697.png (283.45 KB, 1380x633, voucher.png)

What cs/math electives should I take as a CS student if I want to build communism?


what are your choices?


Linear Algebra for starters


Into to linear algebra is required and I'm wondering if I should take a second course in it or take differential equations.
I will eventually be able to take cs electives in: AI, parallel programming, computer vision, functional programming, OOP, numerical computation, computer graphics, probablistic analysis, databases, networks, and cryptography. Just wondering what is used in the current literature on planning.
Also constantly doubting my choice of major and wondering if I should just do applied math instead (no labor aristocrat salary to turn me against the people and and broader knowledge of concepts)


calculus, algebra


differential equations helps immensely in understanding Capital imo. a lot of what Marx says can be said more succinctly with differentials
>parallel programming
>numerical computation
these seem the most relevant. high-performance computing is very relevant to large scale planning
>Also constantly doubting my choice of major and wondering if I should just do applied math instead
you could choose to be a poorly paid CS researcher also, in addition to being a poorly paid applied math researcher. but also if you make decent bank just donate to various orgs. that's what I do


Give examples of how calculus is used in computer science.


What you learn in college is just a foundation so you can continue learning and understanding the world after you start working. If you want to work in economic planning try to get a job in a company that does logistics such as amazon or walmart. The work experience will teach you much more than what you could learn in school (but don't neglect school either).


machine learning activation functions, limits used in algorithimic complexity, numerical analysis


simulation, numerical methods
calculus is fundamental to almost everything


>Mao's dialectics applied to modern capitalism [29:27]
<Continuation of my talks on dialectics, now looking at how Mao's analysis of the particularity of contradiction applies to the crises of late capitalism.
<Full lecture notes here https://1drv.ms/b/s!Aqacxc2j0p9ZkoggLOSwOEKN_Egj6Q?e=MdGSTh


My advice is this. Uni won't make you a planned economy programmer. It can lay the foundations, but that's it. Basically everything that isn't discreet mathematics or memeshit like code theory will help (although discreet mathematics is a real amazing funhouse, so consider that as well). And in terms of code parallels, appart from AI, vision and graphics, all of that will be helpful as well.

More than anything I recomend you do research into your future lecturers. A shitty one will ruin the experiance and make you hate the chosen subject with a passion, while a good one can make you try far harder than usual and achive great learning results.


shoutout to >>966979 at 21:25


>Cockshott starts making videos on Mao
>anti-Mao threads pop up on /leftypol/
HMM conspiracy anyone?


>The open problems raised above require further analysis of trends and conjunctural
>shifts. However, they cannot be resolved from one’s armchair. Only those who engage
>in struggles for a more humane society will have a chance of constructing relevant
oh uh bordibros, did we get too cocky?


No for real, did he die or not?
Please ;_;


no its fake and a troll


So wait, is Cockshott a maoist?


Marxist sectism is stupid. Marxism is a continuous tradition of scientific political sociological and economic theory and study. Identifying as a leninist doesn't mean you reject everything mao wrote, citing mao does not make one a maoist. These lables are only there for us selves to understand the broad strokes of organizational models which people adhere to. Some aspects of maoism, mls, gramci, etc, are right, some are wrong, some are more applicable to certain situations and conditions than others. Cockshott talking about mao or defending an aspect of something he wrote, does not make him a maoist.


the cockshott fandom is dying
like if you're a real cocksucker


Cockshott will save us. Have faith.



One of the fundamental techniques in machine learning is called "gradient descent." A gradient is a kind of derivative, which is a topic central in calculus. Here's a cute tutorial about neural nets that highlights how calculus contributes:



I can't take dive welding example seriously, automate dive welding. No, not completely clearly. So dive welding becomes engineering not life risking.


No, babies can learn to live under capitalism in 20 years. So adults can learn to live under a superior system in one generation too. We just require a superior education system that is multimodal and hands on


I thought I was reading a good thread then I see this reactionary shit. Everyone fucking hates us for being trans even communists. We have unique issues that exceed just class. Shut the fuck up.(Back to pol)


gradient descent sucks
t. Newton gang
>automate dive welding
good luck. start by automating a car mechanic


The only issues we care about are worker's issues. I'm sorry but the issues of the 0.000001% of the population are meaningless.


take this shit to another thread please


What do you mean by "us?"


point out for me where in this thread “worker’s issues” are discussed(1 post bait IP)


actually why even limit ourselves to this shitty thread
scour the entirety of /leftypol/ for anything even remotely concerning worker’s struggles
bonus points if it isn’t limp wristed patronizing populism that only marginally concerns the proletariat
have fun(1 post bait IP)


I mean I hate it too, but there's nothing inherently transphobic about cybercommunism, so these are just idiots opinions.


File: 1653657275682-0.jpg (299.75 KB, 1024x1820, FTxFP4RWYAEXCH1.jpg)

File: 1653657275682-1.jpg (196.38 KB, 1280x960, FTxFQs4X0AESAnv.jpg)

File: 1653657275682-2.jpg (124.76 KB, 1024x768, FTxFRP2WYAALFME.jpg)

y2k cybersocialism when?

they're gambling tables but still


Imagine if you showed this to the team that was working on Cybersyn in 1972 and told them this is what it looked like in 50 years. Think they'd believe it?

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