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The end of Gandhism and the trade liberalisation and privatisations of 1991 has been a DISASTER for the human race.


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Please do not simp for Indira fucking Gandhi, Jesus H Christ. She’s one of the people who helped guide India to its neoliberal reforms


I think that guy’s Australian, he probably thinks Reagan was a socialist from how right wing his country is


I’ll forgive it


Any good books on the history of Pakistan and why its so fucked?


I dunno about any books, but it’s because of a history of repeated anticommunist military dictatorships that oppressed the proles there. India’s dirigisme was ran terribly, but at least it kept the country from being Pakistan


partition. there were CIA sponsored military dictators later but partition was where it all got fucked up. the communist party of india had to be split into pieces


mass communal violence, etc


Urdu translation of statement by Russian communists on the Ukraine invasion


mods pls add to the OP


Another general strike happening on March 28 and 29 country-wide in response to the BJP government privatizing state-owned banks and other firms
The financial services union already held a strike in a few provinces back in December 2021 over a bill privatizing 2 banks, however I think it still went ahead, which is why the unions are linking up for another general strike across the country
(lakh means one hundred thousand, crore means 10 million, lakh crore is 1 trillion)


>privatizing state-owned banks
They are insane lol


Destroy any hopes of developing the whole country out of feudalism, but at least it'll make their friends and large landowners and some western corporations rich :)



File: 1646827801270-1.jpg (51.42 KB, 1125x590, indotriumph-1.jpg)

File: 1646827801270-2.jpg (77 KB, 851x858, indotriumph-2.jpg)

File: 1646827801270-3.jpg (198.46 KB, 1147x805, indotriumph-3.jpg)

File: 1646827801270-4.jpg (61.58 KB, 1125x608, indotriumph-4.jpg)

What are the odds of India becoming a superpower when gene editing/CRISPR/embryo selection takes off? India is one of the only countries where genetic engineering for higher intelligence isn't taboo. Indians might eventually genetically engineer themselves into 200 autism score Chads.


shut the fuck up


The cursed Lal/Zakharov ending




seriously use this, Indian gov will fuck with you really bad if you don't. especially if you belong to some minority.


where the bhutanese bussy at


>Indian gov will fuck with you really bad if you don't
haha, h-how can they fuck you up for posting on leftypol? asking for a friend



Liberalism with Soviet gibs?


>forgot sri lanka


Secularized Hindutva


read the theses on feuerbach, hindutva and other religious fundamentalisms are already "secular"


Shut up you nitpicking nerdy bitch


you're the one nitpicking, though


Prof. Aijaz Ahmad


>read the theses on feuerbach, hindutva and other religious fundamentalisms are already "secular"


it's literally the shortest thing to read


Gandhi on a midcentury Irish stamp; Lenin on an Indian one.


Holy based. And wholly based

Vidrel (turn on captions)


i genuinely hate that jai shree ram has become a rightoid calling card

i fucking hate it,
it needs to be taken back from them


i don't understand what is happening
is this a documentary


Why do desi ladies have huge milkers, proportionately.


>My Foofa (Paternal Aunt's Husband) was a Kashmiri Pandit, everyone was shot in the bus he was travelling from Baramulla to Jammu, he survived by hiding below the seat, who helped him escape after that? Did RSS send a Battalion to help Kashmiri pandits? No. A Kashmiri man by the name of "Fakira" helped him, Fakira drove my uncle and another man safely to Pathankot. Today both Fakira and my Foofa have passed away but I do remember the smile on their faces when they met in 2003. A muslim, Kashmiri man helped my Kashmiri Pandit Foofa to escape. Stop your hate rhetoric when you have no links to Kashmir

Who exactly were the Kashmiri Pandits? And who were hunting them?


Does anybody want to talk about the Indian Government

It scares me so much
It's the fact that they are religious fanatics the most, I would rather have succdems


How the fuck do you get
>hindutva and other religious fundamentalisms are already "secular"
from theses on feuerbach



4, 6 and 7 specifically


File: 1647562132657-0.png (293.31 KB, 474x266, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1647562132658-1.png (379.27 KB, 800x696, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1647562132658-2.png (510.89 KB, 800x480, ClipboardImage.png)

>It's the fact that they are religious fanatics the most, I would rather have succdems
Cringe and tamas pilled.


>fascists scare me, i would rather have proto-fascists
how about neither


File: 1648106173579.png (1.15 MB, 960x803, ClipboardImage.png)

"the reds"

even during those times they were doing anti-communist propaganda

yesterday was the day bhagat singh was killed


File: 1649049956432.mp4 (10.51 MB, 1280x720, ssstwitter_1649049885.mp4)

While the world was busy waging wars and imposing sanctions, the CPIM Cadre unfurled a 23 km long red flag on Flag Day in connection with 23rd CPIM Party Congress. https://t.co/rI2h6Lwp8J


File: 1649050075228.jpg (209.92 KB, 1280x960, FOMGsFIVcAEg6-h.jpg)

Inquilab Zindabad


Also this is based


Not a book but this is interesting and goes into modern Pakistani history.


avataptenakulasthitam tavaitat
i remember some schizo communist claimed ram rajya is but socialism, and rama will not be a king but the chairman of the worker's vanguard
hindu ucs mainly employed in the public sector, ghettoised by the majority muslims until forced out by radical muslims


any ceylon bros here?


Bhutto calling the Khan maneuver a coup


pak sarzameen shad bad


wtf who took down the gonzalo sperg thread that was funny af


Pardon my ignorance but there are these people from/what's their ethnicity? They don't look like the "average" Indians.


*Where are these people from


Okay someone explain this Khan shit to me I am so confused
t. bong


They're Tamil apparently, so South-East.


Lower caste tamils


File: 1649232557149-0.png (806.14 KB, 661x1024, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1649232557149-1.png (949.95 KB, 2560x740, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1649232557149-2.png (385.09 KB, 1600x2000, ClipboardImage.png)

here's a perspective coming from an actual Pakistani, one whose maternal family are basically are all tribals and paternal are half tribals and military officers
see most of our founding fathers weren't even from the regions of now Pakistan and those that were from an urbanized Urdu speaking Elite, they lived in a bubble and thought that bubble applied towards everyone else, The idea of Pakistan that it's founding fathers had what that it would a nation where all would give up their ethnic and linguistic identity overtime and all be just Muslim brothers and sisters

Almost immediately Pakistan found its self in an odd place in terms of its self identity, cause the people all had their own identity and history and often times had very little to do with each other, an effort was made to rangle all the people in pakistan and give them one history in the schooling systems and media

In east Pakistan (modern day Bangladesh) this narrative and policy was rejected by the masses, the Bengalis had both a strong sense of ethnic identity at the time and were the majority as well, the Bengalis made up the majority of the population even with every non Bengali ethnic group combined, but despite that they were thought of as less due to a number of cultural factors (mainly south Asian discrimination and colorism) the Bengalis were singled out because they were the most foreign, to make a long story short this led to unrest, a election cancellation, political instability and the army being called in, a state sponsored ethnic cleansing and Indian intervention and Pakistan surrender

After that, the Pakistan domestic policy went ever further in the Islamic identity narrative for fear of further separatism, radical islamism came not out of fear of communism but rather fear of ethnic nationalism and separatism
Now the solution to bring harmony among the various ethnic groups of Pakistan that the state has followed for the last 50 years is to suppress everyone's ethnic identity, history and even language are suppressed for e.g Punjabis(who comprise 42% of the population of Pakistan) are not allowed to speak their language in schools with in Punjab, now its not illegal to speak Punjabi but the state does nothing to preserve and promote it, specifically In education

And so the state also looks outward for history and even nationalism, to the Turks and the Arabs, so the average Pakistani is left with a flawed idea of Arabs and Turks and Arab and Turkish culture

Now I'm sure most of you already know that the Arab world is extremely diverse representing a mixture of identities, cultures, languages, and religious sects but to many Pakistanis, the Arab world is pretty much some fantasized representation of a single Muslim identity. Most Pakistanis see Arabic as a single language with little variation, someone once actually told me that Arabic is an incorruptible language that has stayed the same since the time of Muhmmad and this man was a Punjabi who probably knew about the massive different sounding dialects of Punjabi and yet he couldn't comprehend the same principle with Arabic


idk about the bengal but “west pakistan” was already majority urban by the time of partition
the punjab was already heavily urban even before the brits, and by the 20th century, even the peripheral regions had a heavily urbanized population, and people from every place were migrating all over the place
it has nothing to do with a simplistic urban-rural divide or ethnic entrenchment or whatever


what are you on about, outside a couple of key cities in the north, most of Punjab is still mostly rural, source my paternal and maternal families Punjabi and their almost all from cold mountain regions


there are many mid sized cities in punjab outside of the big metros, and they’re all fairly cosmopolitan and melting pot-ish


confession I live in Karach and have only ever visited Punjab to visit my family who live in fairly heterogenous small towns and villages


muhajirs brought back civilization to the banks of the indus after the sikhs fell to the british


there are some satellite villages that house farmers, and in some parts of punjab you can still see plantations with on-site hovels, sometimes without even roofs, for the workers, however this is more just a fact of modern agriculture rather than any left-over feudalism


I should have mentioned the Muhajirs, like they are an aboustetly fascinating ethnic identity, I'm not sure if any other like it exists in the world(If any like them does, It'd be interested to learn about them as well) muhajir is a Arabic origin term roughly translating to one who flees or immigrant

In the chaos and mass casualties in the violence of the partition between India and Pakistan, Millions of people moved to what they hoped would be safer territory, with Muslims heading towards Pakistan, and Hindus and Sikhs in the direction of India. As many as 14-16m people may have been displaced

but here's the thing today in Pakistan the descendants of the vast majority those who left India are not considered muhajirs, you see those who identity as muhajirs are not the descendants of Punjabi and Sindhi Muslims who immigranted to Pakistan, they are the descendants of basically everyone else(see my family fled from Kashmir to Pakistan like so many others but we are not considered Muhajirs)

From utter padesh, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, kerala and so on, all the non Punjabis, Rajputs and sindhis who didn't speak the local languages or understand the local cultures were first classified first as Urdu speaking muhajirs but during the 70's started being referred to as just muhajirs, an identity based not on what the muhajirs are but rather what they aren't and for many they are not 'sons of the soil" a term with various translations through out Pakistan depending on the ethnic group

They are in odd position in that they are minority but unlike the Bengalis are over represented in Pakistans most educated and have a higher literacy rate then the majority of the country and by the state standards they are the Ideal citizen i.e they speak Urdu, are mostly Urban and Identify with their Muslim identity but most people generally dislike them

Giving the full history for the muhajirs would be far too long but they have played a huge role in Pakistans identity and they might be coming to end in Pakistan

there's also an issue of birth rate, in recent years there has been much discussion about average birth rate of nations and wider impacts it will have, Pakistan is in an odd place in that it's going through a birth increase and birth decline at the same time

The national average of Pakistan fertility rate is around 3.2, however it doesn't give the full picture, from 1981 and 1998 showed that the proportion of Urdu-speaking Muhajir population in Sindh declined from 25% to 21%. and as of now in just Sindh the Muhajir population is at 16% and expected to fall farther down, this isn't due to state sponsored genocide or expulsion but very low birth rates, now in the opposite end the Pathan's (If looked on their own) have a birth rate higher then most African countries, an average of 4.3 children per household

Now this is anecdotal but a good example of this, my neighbor is a muhajir, he completed his education first, works in some export related Business, then got married at the age of 27 and has 1 child as of now, my distant cousin is a pathan, works as an electronic salesman, he's 25 and already has 3 children

Pathans make up 18-22% of Pakistan’s population, possibly even higher as some families hide the number of births and proper census is never done

in terms of demographics both Pakistan and Afghanistan are countries with ethnic groups that are only a slight majority(40%-45%) however in the case of Pakistan, Punjabi has never ever been forced upon on other ethnic groups and Punjabi culture and social values weren't ever forced either

In nearly all of Afghanistan's different state ideological rules, The Emirate, The Kingdom, The Republic, The Socialist republic and Even the Taliban rule, Pashto was the state language and aspects of Pashtun culture and social values were promoted. If Pakistani Punjabi's were even half as ethno-nationalistic as the Pashtuns Pakistan would not have survived

As demographic change ethnic tension will only further increase in Pakistan, and our pashtun population has often impacted our relationship with Afghanistan



Yo what's going on bros apparently the Pakistan PM is getting coup'd as we speak



It's not a coup because the army has always been in control.

I posted here about it >>909496


File: 1649547450487.gif (3.02 MB, 428x376, smiling-but-furious.gif)

This is not really news at this point. He pissed off the military with the ISI top-job and everyone knew it was ogre for him for a week or two now.


>I posted here about it >>909496
Thank you for the effort post, anon.


No problem anon. Hope it was helpful to some.


namaste sada vatsale mathrubume
bharat mata ki jai bandhu


Amara toke keno chetam? Ki karone ekhane eshechhish?


>RSS Anon
cmon man




shit's so sad brothers
there's no solution to living in a toxic breathing enviornment, is it?


it's so awesome that unflouring a stalin poster in india is just a normal thing


File: 1649971084958.jpg (210.93 KB, 1042x1240, Stalin helped india.JPG)


there needs to be communist qawwalis


File: 1650281860461.jpeg (144.55 KB, 1200x674, RSS_child[1].jpeg)

Jai Hind, Bharat Mata ki jai!
Given that this thread is almost dead, I'd like to become the defacto news anon here

<vartalaap aarambh>

Pro-Separatist & Anti-India British MP Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi Visits Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann in Chandigarh
In what has raised eyebrows in political circles, Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann met British MP Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi at his official residence in Chandigarh. AAP MP Raghav Chadha was also present at the meeting.

Every village, town becomes open defecation free under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan: Prime Minister Narendra Modi
New Delhi [India]: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday (April 18) announced every village and town in the country is becoming open defecation free under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan of the Centre and said that it is a proof that public participation can fill new energy in the country’s development.
“How public participation can fill new energy in the development of a country, the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a direct proof of this. Be it the construction of toilets or disposal of waste, preservation of historical heritage or competition for cleanliness, the country is writing new stories in the field of cleanliness today,” PM Modi tweeted in Hindi.
The Prime Minister also informed that toilets were built in more than 11.5 crore houses nationwide under the programme.

Series of Attacks on Hindu Religious Processions an International Conspiracy to Divide, Defame Bharat, Says VHP
The Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) expressed its deep concern over the recent developments in the country. Multiple Ram Navami and Hanuman Jayanti Shobha Yatras had been attacked by the Islamist mob. Calling these attacks an act of terror on the Hindu society, the VHP demanded that the perpetrators must be booked under the stringent provisions of the National Security Act (NSA). It also termed these terrorist attacks an international conspiracy to defame and divide Bharat.

Permission to be taken for playing Hanuman Chalisa, not allowed within 100 meters of a mosque, Nashik police issues diktat to ‘maintain law and order’
Amidst the ongoing controversy over the use of loudspeakers in mosques in Maharashtra, the Nashik police commissioner Deepak Pandey has issued a directive banning Hanuman Chalisa or any other bhajans without taking due permission from the authorities. According to news agency ANI, Pandey further stated that people will not be permitted to play bhajans for 15 minutes on either side of the Azaan, nor will they be permitted to do so within 100 metres of any mosque. He stated that this decision has been taken to maintain law and order in the city.

BJP president JP Nadda blames the opposition for fueling communal tensions a day after they signed a letter for communal harmony
On April 18, Bharatiya Janata Party President Jagat Prakash Nadda wrote a letter to the nation in which he blamed the opposition for fueling communal tensions in the country. His letter came a day after the opposition had signed a letter for communal harmony. In his letter, Nadda said while India is celebrating 75 years of Independence and the ruling party has dusted and rusted the approach to vote bank politics, divisive politics, and selective politics, the opposition parties were bitter. He said such ‘rejected and dejected’ parties are taking refuge in vote bank and divisive politics. Speaking on the communist-caused political killings in West Bengal and Kerala, he said, “The shameful political violence in West Bengal and Kerala, and the repeated killing and targeting of BJP workers offers a glimpse of how some of our political parties view democracy.”
<vartalaap samapt>

Let us all work together forgetting class, caste and language for a atmanirbhar bharata!


File: 1650283583162.png (51.89 KB, 830x830, TSC1-1.png)

>Given that this thread is almost dead, I'd like to become the defacto news anon here
Based do it anon.
If you are Indian could you have a look for me to see what happened to the Scarlet Underground Collective? Their en sites and socials are deleted and offline. Did they rove for security reasons or are defunct?


yeah wouldn’t want that anon’s BJP bosses to miss a spot cleaning them out


File: 1650291970021.jpg (138.1 KB, 476x479, 1645895417436.jpg)

>Posts links of RSS mouthpiece and Opindia, the right wing newsportal
Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.


File: 1650295803283.jpg (22.21 KB, 759x422, rss-shorts[1].jpg)

i apologize bandhu, i believe the ban on foreign funding has regrettably stopped their well-intentioned activities
janani janmabhumi-sca swargadapi gariyasi. i do not have to support the nayaka in 7 lok kalyan marg or his party to be a desabhakta
do you have a problem with these news sources, sakha? why don't you bring yours on this thread? i believe that in these special times, bharatiyah must attempt to partake in desabhakta sandesah (news).
also nothing ironic about this shindig.
jayati bharata mata!



Nijer gola kattho


File: 1650327376898.jpg (106.59 KB, 542x469, 1647825192942.jpg)

> why don't you bring yours on this thread?
Because I opened this thread to read leftist news from comrades living in South Asia, not fascists

>also nothing ironic about this shindig.

<Posting Stormfront tier shit in a leftist bunker wall
Wigha you cannot even fucking type in Indian letters ffs and I can bet you cannot even distinguish between two.


And I am not even Indian to begin with.


fucking awful uniforms



commie songs from protests all around india recorded

any of you ever been to one? anything came out of it?


Stalin stop being based challenge (impossible)


"While using software, they have also began treating us like software"

India's gig economy riders risk their lives to deliver food - BBC News


File: 1650507824110.jpg (356.18 KB, 1600x1067, 1648682829207.jpg)

"More children go missing in Madhya Pradesh than in any other Indian state. The majority are Advasi. Despite chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s assurances that tracing missing children is a priority, police often do not file FIRs weeks after a child’s disappearance. When girls go missing a second or third time, FIRs are often not filed at all, as stereotypes about some communities hamper due process of law."

"The full, 11,350-word text of Neha Dixit's five-part investigation "Operation #BabyLift" on how the Sangh Parivar (RSS) flouted every Indian and international law on child right to traffic 31 young tribal girls from Assam to Punjab and Gujarat to ‘Hinduise’ them."

"Safdarjung, the base station for Delhi, recorded 42.6 degrees Celsius, higesht for April in last 11 years between 2012 and 2022, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said"


"Aadhaar is falling behind on technology, missing out on confidentiality and has gaps in its data archiving policy and preserving confidentiality in delivery of the cards to people, says a report by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG)."

"NEW DELHI: The Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) on Wednesday made wearing facemasks in public mandatory as a preventive step to control the surge of Covid-19 cases."

"Infosys, one of the top 5 Indian IT firms, has imposed a new rule for all resigned employees: They cannot work with the ‘named competitors’ for 6 months, if their clients are the same as that of Infosys."


File: 1650508832559.png (793.23 KB, 1010x1200, 1649349455267.png)

" Teen Made To Lick Feet: When Will The Caste Curse End? A boy from the SC community being made to lick the feet of 'so-called' upper caste people in UP. Most people from upper-caste say there is no caste discrimination in India now a days."

"Right-wing hate speech using social media has made inroads into the rural areas of the state and could help the BJP in communal polarisation ahead of elections."

"India risks a repeat of last summer’s power outages as soaring temperatures boost demand for coal that’s used to generate about 70% of the country’s electricity. The hottest March in more than a century has heralded an early start to summer, increasing power consumption by air conditioners and refrigerators. While state-run miner Coal India Ltd. is producing at record levels this month, that may not be enough to replenish power plant stockpiles that dwindled to barely a third of required levels at the start of this week."


File: 1650551749807.jpg (45.05 KB, 800x791, 1638308350181.jpg)

"While India is a huge and lucrative market for technological innovations, a weeks-long investigation by The Caravan shows that Truecaller’s apparent success in the country is based on rather dubious grounds. Interviews with a former senior employee who worked with the company for over half a decade, lawyers specializing in privacy laws, and experts at policy research think tanks revealed that the majority of Truecaller’s datasets are comprised of information that has been collected without a user’s consent — a feat made possible by the lack of a comprehensive legal framework surrounding data protection in India."

"Orissa High Court Chief Justice S Muralidhar on Thursday said that Indian laws were structured to discriminate against the poor, The Indian Express reported.
“There are many barriers to accessing justice that a marginalised person faces,” Muralidhar said. “The system works differently for the poor.”

"The Supreme Court’s directions, though, fell on deaf ears, as the demolition activity continued. “We have no information till now about the order to stop, so action will continue,” said North MCD Commissioner Sanjay Goel, who was at the spot."

"FM Sitharaman said that inflation in India has not breached the inflation target ‘so badly’ even as India reels from surging prices. Headline CPI surged to a 17-month high of 6.95% from 6.07% in February. More recently, wholesale price inflation came in at a four-month high of 14.55% in March, thereby completing one year in double-digit territory."


>"The Supreme Court’s directions, though, fell on deaf ears, as the demolition activity continued. “We have no information till now about the order to stop, so action will continue,” said North MCD Commissioner Sanjay Goel, who was at the spot."

"I told them I have all the papers. But they didn't listen. I even said that the Supreme Court has halted the demolition one hour ago, but they did not stop," Ganesh Kumar Gupta said.


Not a good source for news on India, tbqh



Sure, but on principle. And while I believe the gig-workers here, in general all media, including interviews, can be manipulated in one way or another


File: 1650553623440.jpg (108.61 KB, 680x510, FQw3h52agAEIigr.jpg)

>When the “bulldozers” – backhoe excavators to be precise – went to work on the morning of April 20 in the working-class neighbourhood of Jahangirpuri in northwest Delhi, they did so with a partisan brutality and illegality, witnessed over the last two years in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Jammu and Kashmir.

>Each of these regions is administered by the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, and the message is clear: if Muslims are involved in riots – even as victims – their livelihoods and homes will be reduced to rubble.

>In Khargone in Madhya Pradesh, after the ramshackle stall of an alleged stone-thrower was torn down, photographs emerged of an unfortunate – obviously Muslim – man accused of throwing stones. He had no hands."





it’s good this stuff is being reported on, yeah


sharing the good news is good, yes


>Impotent cope


>t. human trafficker as mentioned here >>930796


File: 1650636804385.png (78.88 KB, 500x467, 1625259429742.png)

The Modi government is looking to implement the revised Labor laws from 1 July. The working hours of employees may increase from 8 to 9 hours to 12 hours


Watch his approval ratings go up another 5 points



File: 1650638080973.jpg (150.74 KB, 1200x630, ydgrwqrobq-1502120578.jpg)

""During his fieldwork, Jeffrey “met large numbers of unemployed young men in north India who were engaged in forms of waiting characterised by aimlessness and ennui. Unemployed young men in Meerut commonly spoke of being lost in time and they imagined many of their activities as simply ways to pass the time.”

But what Jeffrey discovered was that it is was not uneducated, illiterate youth who were engaged in “timepass”. Educated young men were, in fact, the biggest participants of the activity, though perhaps even the word “participate” suggests a level of choice they did not have in the matter. They had not chosen this lifestyle voluntarily."



File: 1650638242342.png (953.04 KB, 805x453, 1650160327421.PNG)

"Afternoons are for charging phone batteries up to 100 per cent, evenings are for playing digital games in sportsgrounds, and nights are for climbing rooftops to catch the network signal. This is when mobile data is the cheapest and fastest, and so it’s the perfect time to plunge into the three Ps: political propaganda, pornography, and potboilers like the action-drama Pushpa, which is currently all the rage.

This is how many among Uttar Pradesh’s “generation nowhere”, a term that scholar Craig Jeffrey has used to describe educated, unemployed youth in India, spend their days."



File: 1650719947768.mp4 (5.01 MB, 936x620, video-1650718734.mp4)


How is Sri Lanka holding out?


File: 1650737785862.jpg (64.48 KB, 1200x530, soran.jpg)


ebin classism from the gora academic and woke journalist
these people would rather have these workers self-flagellate for having caste and gender privilege and pray at the altar of jinnah and """secularism""" than spend some off-work time having fun with the laundas
where is your egalitarianism now leftoids

>now i will trust western media when it is directed against my political enemy
ekdum jhakaas
what next, voice of america?

<bharat mata ki jai


Uphold Inswing-Bowling-Thought!


<Being this tryhard
Pretty rich coming from British bootlickers and former coalition members who formed government with Jinnah's Muslim League pre-independence.
It is pretty evident that you are some gusano-fag who cannot even write in the vernacular script. Go be a incel loser elsewhere, frustrated that as a chaddi-fag you can't beat up couples in parks because police of the westoid country you are hiding in will actually nab you.

A long list of cowardice and skullduggery of your ilk.


anyone comparing him to mao unironically belongs in a dttch, a bunch of bougie upper middle class people who don't understand the grievances of the working class


I think that video was in jest over the name. PDM had already did a long march before Khan's ouster.


File: 1650861845035.jpg (83.51 KB, 540x960, 1-13[1].jpg)

>British bootlickers
never ask an indian commie what their party was doing between 1941 and 1946
>coalition members who formed government
admittedly a wrong choice but the bengal and sindh sections of the mahasabhawere full of burke-influenced conservatives who felt being in charge of responsible govt, given that the congress stepped down from all provincial govts, would make the british give them dominion status - a wrong but well-meaning idea
any way the mahasabha is a different breed than the rss - the rss is modernist the mahasabha was reactionary
i work as a draftsman at an engg company in the ncr. what does his highness the unemployed commie do?
> cowardice and skullduggery of your ilk
why does a commie care so much for 1947 and a bourgeois republic? it is the thesis of every indian comparty except the CPI that 1947 was a sham, so you ought to not care so much. is this the power of virtue-signalling?
>how sangh uses religious processions to spark riots
an idea stolen from the shia-sunni moharram riots - any lakhnavi can tell you more

<vande mataram


Ekhono ekhane ashcho?


Some shitty little delhiite labor aristocrat? Of course you suck neoliberal cock


What's the situation with Nepal? We get a lot of Nepali migrants in my country and they all seem to talk about how corrupt the gov is there. Isn't there a Maoist party in charge currently?


They preserved a liberal republic and decided to call it "People's Multiparty Democracy". Now power keeps switching between "Maoist" parties and a socdem party.





File: 1650889046193.png (3.57 MB, 1920x1235, laughing communists.png)

<never ask an indian commie what their party was doing between 1941 and 1946
Why, because what communists did (Tebhaga Movement, support for RIN mutiny, question on fighting fascism worldwide) will make you embarrass about lack of anything RSS did during the entirety freedom struggle?

< a wrong but well-meaning idea

And Communists since Day 1 advocated for total independence and pressured Congress to do so in 1929. Thanks for proving in your own words you folks were keen british bootlickers given any opportunity.

<why does a commie care so much for 1947 and a bourgeois republic? it is the thesis of every indian comparty except the CPI that 1947 was a sham, so you ought to not care so much. is this the power of virtue-signalling?

Anti-colonial struggle, bitch. And we have been staunch critic of the said state which dismissed our state government in 1951 and other suppressions unlike you bitchasses who all know is to be reactionary losers just trying to drive wedge between proletariat.

>an idea stolen from the shia-sunni

<admitting having to steal ideas from your so called enemies
Absolute state of reactionaries.

खैर इससे साबित हो गया कि आप एक आला दर्जे के Gunsao-fag है, क्योकि तुम लिपि लेखन के सवाल के बाजू से निकल गए . आपकी बाकी बकवास पे यही बोलूंगा - प्रेम में मिली विफलता को कोपभवन में जाकर कोप (cope) और सीथ(seethe) करिये अपने चड्डी में.
And don't forget to say thanks to Google Translate.


Once I made a post on Facebook that Kerala should consider seceding from India if the fascist BJP keeps tightening their grip on the country and the next day 264773948483 Indians stormed my profile with racist anti-arab and islamophobic comments (I'm Syrian but not Muslim)

What's the material explanation behind this?


Best to ignore the rightoid attention troll
You starve them like they starve their minds of good thoughts


That a large portion of the country has a mental illness and we need reeducation camps to purge their minds of it


File: 1650897817649.png (54.78 KB, 560x389, ClipboardImage.png)

I feel like all this Khan stuff is making Pakistanis more based


>Anti-colonial struggle
How are things in 1970? I sure do miss the Cold War.


He’s likely not a gusano, most indians nowadays write using latin script on social media, text messages and the like. Also said he’s some delhiite labor aristo



>Frustrated at not being able to find the right kind of job, millions of Indians, particularly women, are exiting the labor force entirely, according to new data from the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy Pvt, a private research firm in Mumbai."

>Nur and Sahera Hussain spent 18 months at a detention centre for illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in Assam. Sahera kept their two minor children with her in the jail-like facility. A year since they were found to be bonafide Indian citizens and released, they are struggling to rebuild their lives. Tens of thousands have similarly left Assam’s detention centres, or are waiting for a tribunal verdict, still haunted by fears of dispossession and statelessness"



The LIC IPO is the centerpiece of the government's plans to raise Rs 65,000 crore from disinvestment in state-run companies in the current fiscal year.
There has been strong interest in LIC's IPO given the importance of the insurance giant in the lives of citizens.


File: 1650983471443.png (938.48 KB, 871x443, sl protests.PNG)


File: 1651042084991.png (603.29 KB, 661x519, adani vs gates.PNG)

>Gautam Adani is now the fourth richest person in the world, tying with Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates.

The continued bull run in Adani group companies’ stocks has helped Gautam Adani blaze past giants like Mukesh Ambani, Warren Buffett, Google cofounders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, among others.
>Nothing explains Gautam Adani’s meteoric rise in the list of the world’s richest persons like this stat – his wealth surged by nearly two-thirds since the beginning of 2022.
>If Adani continues at the current pace, he could become the world’s third richest person by the end of this week.



inspiring. i remember when he was a parvenu (ofc maybe 15 years back) when the tatas and ambanis and birlas looked on him with some haughtiness and disdain
solidarity with up and coming bootstrap-pullers!
the sinhalese face karma for their ill-treatment of the hindu dharma and its followers


oh? they lose reddit karma?


File: 1651084736007.gif (73.15 KB, 675x227, 1648272042501.gif)

>Bootstrap pullers


so why did the chinese teachers get killed in pakistan?
what's the animosity there


straight up looking like johnny bravo
giga chad stalin


i will be killing myself, another porky is somehow being born out of thin air

i thought a***ani was the richiest?


No animosity, just straight up glowie involvement in funding terrorist groups tbh.
China is too cucked though so do not expect any answer from them despite their citizens being killed on the regular with clear glowie involvement.


File: 1651243984770.png (605.55 KB, 703x643, ClipboardImage.png)




File: 1651246746247.pdf (381.99 KB, 188x255, HxIrBwKJUl.pdf)

can anyone get a pdf of this https://www.jstor.org/stable/48537561
not on sci-hub


File: 1651285443197.png (415.6 KB, 465x621, ClipboardImage.png)

"In a state where chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has gone from being called ‘mama’ to ‘bulldozer mama’, a sign of his government’s hardening anti-minority stance, Hindus—in person and via whatsapp appeals—are trying enforce an economic boycott of Muslim businesses in the town of Khargone, where after a riot mostly Muslim properties were bulldozed. We found many Hindu businessmen had travelled to nearby villages to persuade often reluctant traders to join a boycott. Fearful Muslims can only hope they do not."

"In 2019, Reliance Brands Limited, which is owned by Mr Ambani, bought the toy retailer Hamleys for an undisclosed sum.
Last year, Reliance Industries bought the historic British country club Stoke Park for £57m.
The company operates India's fastest growing and most profitable retail business with over 12,000 stores across India.
In September 2020 alone, Reliance Retail brought in foreign investments worth nearly $3.5bn.
Some of the biggest investments came from the likes of Google and Facebook, which helped Mr Ambani integrate his telecoms and online retail businesses."

"India is currently facing a prolonged heatwave, with temperatures exceeding 42°C in numerous cities across the country. This comes just weeks after India recorded its hottest March since the country’s meteorological department began its records over 120 years ago."


File: 1651337470016.png (708.26 KB, 861x433, ClipboardImage.png)


"The worst victims of MCD’s targeted demolition have been women. The poorest of India’s urban working class – the working women. The bulldozers directly hit women where it hurt most – at small assets of subsistence survival. Each woman we met has lost her means of livelihood.
These women’s stories are not about the shops or homes that were mowed down. These stories are not even about the hypocrisy of a city that thrives on unauthorised construction (check out the latest Romanesque balcony of RWA Uncle next door). Or, the quite meaningless analogy – ‘Why not demolish affluent Sainik Farms?’ This is about the wilful destruction of the hand carts and cycle carts on which rag pickers of Jahangirpuri piled their bags of garbage to then transport, sort and sell through kabaadi shops; it is about the fruit stalls, gumtis (kiosks), and the wooden ‘shop’ tables of India’s poorest women."


Why is it so fucking cold in the south? I know nothing about Indian geography. Monsoon season or something?


the western ghats - you'll see that the temperature zones are split by this range - kerala from tamil nadu; coastal-mountain karnataka from the mysore region
monsoon in this region starts in june



>India is currently facing a prolonged heatwave
Heard about this in western MSM. Will this effect the wheat harvest? India was planning on exporting wheat this year to make up for the vacuum left by Ukraine
Seems like all the stars are aligning for mass unrest worldwide.


nooo india can't export any wheat in the global market, how will we survive


Do you guys support the independence of the 7 sister states? The borders of india would look a lot better without them


"In its report Currency and Finance (RCF) for the year 2021-22, RBI stated that India suffered among the biggest pandemic-induced losses in the world in terms of output, lives, and livelihoods, which may take years to recover. Economic activity has barely recovered to pre-COVID levels even after two years."


So far exports are doing good thanks to old stock, as per Bourgie media. Heatwave is definitely a concern though. For example, take this 29th April report

Very bougie perspective but some info WTO issues


What does this mean for us



they're so obsessed with us
like go fix the country instead of perving on our search history


i agree


tru but i dont think tankies have much place to complain


File: 1652065136586-0.png (613.28 KB, 828x1027, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1652065136586-1.png (613.28 KB, 828x1027, ClipboardImage.png)

oh no no no no no patila bros

do the royals deserve this? i mean all those jewels were built by proles after all


talk like a non-5 year old or shut the fuck up


yeah yeah rationalwiki and all that, but still a good reference


no, seething royalet

doesn't matter if a foreign company has royal jewels, because when they were at home, they were still in the hands of exploiters and opressors


i hate that this exists, i wish a meteorite would erase them all

indian q anon would be any one of those religious cults that we have here


File: 1652131558260.jpg (143.31 KB, 992x1280, raj.jpg)



How would this even work


>Imperialism doesn’t matter


Oh it's just a womb, that they will put a fertilised egg into I guess. I guess if she feels that is worth the surgery then fair play.


File: 1652358614908-0.png (296.73 KB, 474x592, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1652358614908-1.png (176.65 KB, 465x352, ClipboardImage.png)




is this really the first one?


File: 1652992192053.jpg (190.05 KB, 1660x904, brics.jpg)

Is BRICS destined to fail all because of Modi? Bolsonaro is at least expected to get replaced by Lula soon, but Modi and the BJP seem like they'll rule India for at least the next decade or so and continue hostilities with China.


Just kick India out and replace them with Mexico


yeah bro just kick the most rapidly industrializing country in the world out of the trade bloc specifically meant to unite rapidly industrializing countries


It will fail because of China


india has its best foreign policy team since indira gandhi now



why don't these kind of mentally weak people just off themselves instead of being snitching little bitches

I fucking hate weak people so much


Gonna cry? Gonna piss your pants? Maybe? Maybe shit and Cum?


>Socialist literature hurled with bombs into crowded chamber
Taking "read the fucking book" to the whole new level.


All while USSR had food shortages too in the after war period.


File: 1653140371982.png (39.79 KB, 1675x339, marx1859.png)

<Why I am an Atheist, Bhagat Singh, October 1930, from prison
>A new question has cropped up. Is it due to vanity that I do not believe in the existence of an omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient God? I had never imagined that I would ever have to confront such a question. But conversation with some friends has given me a hint that certain of my friends —if I am not claiming too much in thinking them to be so— are inclined to conclude from the brief contact they have had with me, that it was too much on my part to deny the existence of God and that there was a certain amount of vanity that actuated my disbelief. Well, the problem is a serious one. I do not boast to be quite above these human traits. I am a man and nothing more. None can claim to be more. I also have this weakness in me. Vanity does form a part of my nature. Amongst my comrades I was called an autocrat. Even my friend Mr. B.K. Dutt sometimes called me so. On certain occasions I was decried as a despot. Some friends do complain, and very seriously too, that I involuntarily thrust my opinions upon others and get my proposals accepted. That this is true up to a certain extent, I do not deny. This may amount to egotism. There is vanity in me in as much as our cult as opposed to other popular creeds is concerned. But that is not personal. It may be, it is only legitimate pride in our cult and does not amount to vanity. Vanity, or to be more precise "Akankar", is the excess of undue pride in one's self. Whether it is such an undue pride that has led me to atheism or whether it is after very careful study of the subject and after much consideration that I have come to disbelieve in God, is a question that I intend to discuss here. Let me first make it clear that egotism and vanity are two different things.
>In the first place, I have altogether failed to comprehend as to how undue pride or vaingloriousness could ever stand in the way of a man in believing in God. I can refuse to recognise the greatness of a really great man, provided I have also achieved a certain amount of popularity without deserving it or without having possessed the qualities really essential or indispensable for the same purpose. That much is conceivable. But in what way can a man believing in God cease believing due to his personal vanity? There are only two ways. The man should either begin to think himself a rival of God or he may begin to believe himself to be God. In neither case can he become a genuine atheist. In the first case he does not even deny the existence of his rival. In the second case as well, he admits the existence of a conscious being behind the screen guiding all the movements of nature. It is of no importance to us whether he thinks himself to be that Supreme Being or whether he thinks the supreme conscious being to be somebody apart from himself. The fundamental is there. His belief is there. He is by means an atheist. Well, here I am. I neither belong to the first category nor to the second. I deny the very existence of that Almighty Supreme Being. Why I deny it, shall be dealt with later on. Here I want to clear one thing, that it is not vanity that has actuated me to adopt the doctrines of atheism. I am neither a rival a rival nor an incarnation, nor the Supreme Being Himself. One point is decided, that it is not vanity that has led me to this mode of thinking. Let me examine the facts to disprove this allegation. According to these friends of mine I have grown vainglorious perhaps due to the undue popularity gained during the trials — both Delhi Bomb and Lahore Conspiracy Cases. Well, let us see if their premises are correct. My atheism is not of so recent origin. I had stopped believing in God when I was an obscure young man, of whose existence my above-mentioned friends were not even aware. At least a college student cannot cherish any short of undue pride which may lead him to atheism. Thought a favourite with some professors and disliked by certain others. I was never an industrious or a studious boy. I could not get any chance of indulging in such feelings as vanity. I was rather a boy with a very shy nature, who had certain pessimistic dispositions about the future career. And in those days, I was not a perfect atheist. My grandfather under whose influence I was brought up is an orthodox Arya Samajist. An Arya Samajist is anything but an atheist. After finishing my primary education I joined the D.A.V. School of Lahore and stayed in its Boarding House for full one year. There, apart from morning and evening prayers, I used to recite "Gayatri Mantra" for hours and hours. I was perfect devotee in those days. Later on I began to live with my father. He is a liberal in as much as the orthodoxy of religions is concerned. It was through his teachings that I aspired to devote my life to the cause of freedom. But he is not an atheist. He is a firm believer. He used to encourage me for offering prayers daily. So this is how I was brought up. In the Non-Cooperation days I joined the National College. It was there that I began to think liberally and discuss and criticise all the religious problem, even about God. But still I was a devout believer. By that time I had begun to preserve the unshorn and unclipped long hair but I could never believe in the mythology and doctrines of Sikhism or any other religion. But I had a firm faith in God's existence.
>Later on I joined the revolutionary party. The first leader with whom I came in contact, though not convinced, could not dare to deny the existence of God. On my persistent inquiries about God, he used to say: "Pray whenever you want to." Now this is atheism less courage required for the adoption of that creed. The second leader with whom I came in contact was a firm believer. Let me mention his name-respected Comrade Sachindra Nath Sanyal, now undergoing life transportation in connection with the Kakori Conspiracy Case. From the very first page of his famous and only book, "Bandi Jivan" (or Incarcerated Life), the Glory of God is sung vehemently. On the last page of the second part of that beautiful book, his mystic —because of vedantism— praises showered upon God form a very conspicuous part of his thoughts. "The Revolutionary" distributed throughout India on January 28th, 1925, was according to the prosecution story the result of his intellectual labour. Now, as is inevitable in the secret work the prominent leader expresses his own views which are very dear to his person, and the rest of the workers have to acquiesce in them, in spite of differences which they might have. In that leaflet one full paragraph was devoted to praise the Almighty and His rejoicings and doing. That is all mysticism. What I wanted to point out was that the idea of disbelief had not even germinated in the revolutionary party. The famous Kakori martyrs —all four of them— passed their last days in prayers. Ram Prasad Bismil was an orthodox Arya Samajist. Despite his wide studies in the field of socialism and communism, Rajen Lahiri could not suppress his desire of reciting hymns of the Upanishads and the Gita. I saw only one man amongst them, who never prayed and used to say: "Philosophy is the outcome of human weakness or limitation of knowledge." He is also undergoing a sentence of transportation for life. But he also never dared to deny the existence of God.
>Up to that period I was only a romantic idealist revolutionary. Up till then we were to follow. Now came the time to shoulder the whole responsibility. Due to the inevitable reaction for some time the very existence of the party seemed impossible. Enthusiastic comrades — nay, leaders— began to jeer at us. For some time I was afraid that some day I also might not be convinced of the futility of our own programme. That was a turning point in my revolutionary career. "Study" was the cry that reverberated in the corridors of my mind. Study to enable yourself with arguments in favour of your cult. I began to study. My previous faith and convictions underwent methods alone which was so prominent amongst our predecessors, was replaced by serious ideas. No more mysticism, no more blind faith. Realism became our cult. Use of force justifiable when resorted to as a matter of terrible necessity: non-violence as policy indispensable for all mass movements. So much about methods. The most important thing was the clear conception of the ideal for which we were to fight. As there were no important activities in the field of action I got ample opportunity to study various ideals of the world revolution. I studied Bakunin, the anarchist leader, something of Marx, the father of communism, and much of Lenin, Trotsky and others-the men who had successfully carried out a revolution in their country. They were all atheists. Bakunin's "God and State", thought only fragmentary, is an interesting study of the subject. Later still I came across a book entitled "Common Sense" by Nirlamba Swami. It was only a sort of mystic atheism. This subject became of utmost interest to me. By the end of 1926 I had been convinced as to the baselessness of the theory of existence of an almighty supreme being who created, guided and controlled the universe. I had given out this disbelief of mine. I began discussion on the subjects with my friends. I had become a pronounced atheist. But what it meant will presently be discussed.
>In May 1927 I was arrested at Lahore. The arrest was a surprise. I was quite unaware of the fact that the police wanted me. All of a sudden, while passing through a garden, I found myself surrounded by police. To my own surprise, I was very calm at that time. I did not feel any sensation, nor did I experience any excitement. I was taken into police custody. Next day I was taken to the Railway Police lock-up where I was to pass full one month. After many day's conversation with the police officials I guessed that they had some information regarding my connection with the Kakori party and my other activities in connection with the revolutionary movement. They told me that I had been to Lucknow while the trial was going on there, that I had negotiated a certain scheme about their rescue, that the after obtaining their approval, we had procured some bombs, that by way of test one of the bombs was thrown in the crowd on the occasion of Dussehra 1926. They further informed me, in my interest, that if I could give any statement throwing some light on the activities of the revolutionary party, I was not to be imprisoned but on the contrary set free and rewarded, even without being produced as an approver in the court. I laughed at the proposal. It was all humbug. People holding ideas like ours do not throw bombs on their on innocent people. One fine morning Mr. Newman, the then Senior Superintendent of C.I.D., came to me. And after much sympathetic talk with me, imparted - to him the extremely sad-news that if I did not give any statement as demanded by them, they would be forced to send me up for trial for conspiracy to wage war in connection with Kakari Case and for brutal murders in connection with Dussehra bomb outrage. And he further informed me that they had evidence enough to get me convicted and hanged. In those days I believed —though I was quite innocent— the police could do it if they desired. That very day certain police officials began to persuade me to offer my prayers to God regularly, both the times. Now I was an atheist. I wanted to settle for myself whether it was in the days of peace and enjoyment alone that I could boast of being an atheist or whether during such hard times as well; I could stick to those principles of mine. After great consideration I decided that I could not lead myself to believe in and pray to God. No, I never did. That was the real test and I came out successful. Never for a moment did I desire to save my neck at the cost of certain other things. So I was a staunch disbeliever; and have ever since been. It was not an easy job to stand that test. 'Belief' softens the hardships, even can make them pleasant. In God man can find very strong consolation and support. Without Him man has to depend upon himself. To stand upon one's own legs amid storms and hurricanes is not a child's play. At such testing moments, vanity —if-any— evaporates and man cannot dare to defy the general beliefs. If he does, then we must conclude that he has got certain other strength than mere vanity. This is exactly the situation now. Judgment is already too well known. Within a week it is to be pronounced. What is the consolation with the exception of the idea that I am going to sacrifice my life for a cause? A God-believing Hindu might be expecting to be reborn as a king, a Muslim or a Christian might dream of the luxuries to be enjoyed in paradise and the reward he is to get for his suffering and sacrifices. But, what am I to expect? I know the moment the rope is fitted around my neck and rafters removed under my feet, that will be the final moment —that will be the last moment. I, or to be more precise, my soul, as interpreted in the metaphysical terminology shall all be finished there. Nothing further. A short life of struggle with no such magnificent end, shall in itself be the reward, if I have the courage to take it in that light. That is all. With no selfish motive or desire to be awarded here or hereafter, quite disinterestedly, have I devoted my life to the cause of independence, because I could not do otherwise. The day we find a great number of men and women with this psychology, who cannot devote themselves to anything else than the service of mankind and emancipation of the suffering humanity, that day shall inaugurate the era of liberty. Not to become a king, nor to gain any other rewards here, or in the next birth or after death in paradise, shall they be inspired to challenge the oppressors, exploiters, and tyrants, but to cast off the yoke of serfdom from the neck of humanity and to establish liberty and peace shall they tread this —to their individual selves perilous and to their noble selves the only glorious imaginable— path. Is the pride in their noble cause to be misinterpreted as vanity? Who dares to utter such an abominable epithet? To him I say either he is a fool or a knave. Let us forgive him for he cannot realise the depth, the emotion, the sentiment and the noble feelings that surge in that heart. His heart is dead as a mere lump of flesh, his eyes are weak, the evils of other interests having been cast over them. Self-reliance is always liable to be interpreted as vanity. It is sad and miserable but there is no help.
>You go and oppose the prevailing faith, you go and criticise a hero, a great man who is generally believed to be above criticism because he is thought to be infallible, the strength of your argument shall force the multitude to decry you as vainglorious. This is due to the mental stagnation. Criticism and independent thinking are the two indispensable qualities of a revolutionary. Because Mahatamaji is great, therefore none should criticise him. Because he has risen above, therefore everything he says —may be in the field of Politics or Religion, Economics or Ethics— is right. Whether you are convinced or not you must say: "Yes, that's true". This mentality does not lead towards progress. It is rather too obviously reactionary.
>Because our forefathers had set up a faith in some supreme being —the Almighty God— therefore, any man who dares to challenge the validity of that faith, or the very existence of that Supreme Being, he shall have to be called an apostate, a renegade. If his argument are too sound to be refuted by counter-arguments and spirit too strong to be cowed down by the threat of misfortunes that may befall him by the wrath of the Almighty, he shall be decried as vainglorious, his spirit to be denominated as vanity. Then, why do waste time in this vain discussion? Why try to argue out the whole thing? This question is coming before the public for the first time, and is being handled in this matter of fact way for the first time, hence this lengthy discussion.
>As for the first question, I think I have cleared that it is not vanity that has led me to atheism. My way of argument has proved to be convincing or not, that is to be judged by my readers, not me. I know in the present circumstances my faith in God would have made my life easier, my burden lighter, and my disbelief in Him has turned all the circumstances too dry, and the situation may assume too harsh a shape. A little bit of mysticism can make it poetical. But I do not want the help of any intoxication to meet my fate. I am a realist. I have been trying to overpower the instinct in me by the help of reason. I have not always been successful in achieving this end. But man's duty is to try and endeavour, success depends upon chance and environments.
>As for the second question that if it was not vanity, then there ought to be some reason to disbelieve the old and still prevailing faith of the existence of God. Yes, I come to that now. Reason there is. According to me, any man who has got some reasoning power at his command always tries to reason out his environments. Where direct proofs are lacking philosophy occupies the important place. As I have already stated, a certain revolutionary friend used to say that philosophy is the outcome of human weakness. When our ancestors had leisure enough to try to solve out the mystery of this world, its past, present and the future, its whys and wherefores, they having been terribly short of direct proofs, everybody tried to solve the problem in his own way. Hence we find the wide differences in the fundamentals of various religious creeds, which sometimes assume very antagonistic and conflicting shapes. Not only the Oriental and Occidental philosophies differ, there are differences even amongst various schools of thought in each hemisphere. Amongst Oriental religions, the Moslem faith is not at all compatible with Hindu faith. In India alone Buddhism and Jainism are sometimes quite separate from Brahmanism, in which there are again conflicting faiths as Arya Samaj and Sanatan Dharma. Charwak is still another independent thinker of the past ages. He challenged the authority of God in the old times. All these creeds differ from each other on the fundamental question; and everybody considers himself to be on the right. There lies the misfortune. Instead of using the experiments and expressions of the ancient Savants and thinkers as a basis for our future struggle against ignorance and to try to find out a solution to this mysterious problem, we lethargical as we have proved to be, raise the hue and cry of faith, unflinching and unwavering faith to their versions and thus are guilty of stagnation in human progress.
>Any man who stands for progress has to criticise, disbelieve and challenge every item of the old faith. Item by item he has to reason out every nook and corner of the prevailing faith. If after considerable reasoning one is led to believe in any theory or philosophy, his faith is welcomed. His reasoning can be mistaken, wrong, misled, and sometimes fallacious. But he is liable to correction because reason is the guiding star of his life. But mere faith and blind faith is dangerous: it dulls the brain and makers a man reactionary. A man who claims to be a realist has to challenge the whole of the ancient faith. If it does not stand the onslaught of reason it crumbles down. Then the first thing for him is to shatter the whole down and clear a space for the erection of a new philosophy. This is the negative side. After it begins the positive work in which sometimes some material of he old faith may be used for the purpose of reconstruction. As far as I am concerned, let me admit at the very outset that I have not been able to study much on this point. I had a great desire to study the Oriental philosophy but I could not get any chance or opportunity to do the same. But so far as the negative study is under discussion, I think I am convinced to the extent of questioning the soundness of the old faith. I have been convinced as to non-existence of a conscious supreme being who is guiding and directing the movements of nature. We believe in nature and the whole progressive movement aims at the domination of man over nature for his service. There is no conscious power behind it to direct. This is what our philosophy is.
>As for the negative side, we ask a few questions from the 'believers'.
>(1) If, as you believe, there is an almighty, omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent God, who created the earth or world, please let me know why did he create it? This world of woes and miseries, a veritable, eternal combination of numberless tragedies! Not a single soul being perfectly satisfied.
>Pray, don't say that it is His Law! If he is bound by any law, he is not omnipotent. He is another slave like ourselves. Please don't say that it is his enjoyment. Nero burnt one Rome. He killed a very limited number of people. He created very few tragedies, all to his perfect enjoyment. And, what is his place in History? By what names do the historians mention him? All the venomous epithets are showered upon him. Pages are blackened with invective diatribes condemning Nero, the tyrant, the heartless, the wicked. One Changezkhan sacrificed a few thousand lives to seek pleasure in it and we hate the very name. Then, how are you going to justify your almighty, eternal Nero, who has been, and is still causing numberless tragedies every day, every hour and every minute? How do you think to support his misdoings which surpass those of Changez every single moment? I say why did he create this world —a veritable hell, a place of constant and bitter unrest? Why did the Almighty create man when he had the power not to do it? What is the justification for all this? Do you say, to award the innocent sufferers hereafter and to punish the wrongdoers as well? Well, well: How far shall you justify a man who may dare to inflict wounds upon your body to apply a very soft and soothing ointment upon it afterwards? How far the supporters and organisers of the Gladiator institution were justified in throwing men before the half-starved furious lions to be cared for and well locked after if they could survive and could manage to escape death by the wild beasts? That is why I ask: Why did the conscious supreme being create this world and man in it? To seek pleasure? Where, then, is the difference between him and Nero?
>You Mohammadens and Christians! Hindu philosophy shall still linger on to offer another argument. I ask you, what is your answer to the above-mentioned question? You don't believe in previous birth. Like Hindus, you cannot advance the argument of previous misdoings of the apparently quite innocent suffers. I ask you, why did the omnipotent labour for six days to create the world though word and each day to say that all was well? Call him today. Show him the past history. Make him study the present situation. Let us see if he dares to say: "All is well."
>From the dungeons of prisons, from the stores of starvation consuming millions upon millions of human beings in slums and huts, from the exploited labourers, patiently or say apathetically watching the procedure of their blood being sucked by the Capitalist vampires, and the wastage of human energy that will make a man with the least common sense shiver with horror, and from the preference of throwing the surplus of production in oceans rather than to distribute amongst the needy producers — to the palaces of kings built upon the foundation laid with human bones. . . . let him see all this and let him say: "All is well." Why and wherefore? That is my question. You are silent. Alright then, I proceed.
>Well, you Hindus, you say all the present sufferers belong to the class of sinners of the previous births. Good. You say the present oppressors were saintly people in their previous births, hence they enjoy power. Let me admit that your ancestors were very shrewd people; they tried to find out theories strong enough to hammer down all the efforts of reason and disbelief. But let us analyse how for this argument can really stand.
>From the point of view of the most famous jurists, punishment can be justified only from three or four ends, to meet which it is inflicted upon the wrongdoer. They are retributive, reformative and deterrent. The retributive theory is now being condemned by all the advanced thinkers. Deterrent theory is also following the same fate. Reformative theory is the only one which is essential and indispensable for human progress. It aims at returning the offender as a most competent and a peace-loving citizen to the society. But, what is the nature of punishment inflicted by God upon men, even if we suppose them to be offenders? You say he sends them to be born as a cow, a cat, a tree, a herb, or a beast. You enumerate these punishments to be 84 lakhs. I ask you: what is its reformative effect upon man? How many men have met you who say that they were born as a donkey in previons birth for having committed any sin? None. Don't quote your Puranas. I have no scope to touch your mythologies. Moreover, do you know that the greatest sin in this world is to be poor? Poverty is a sin, it is a punishment. I ask you how far would you appreciate a criminologist, a jurist or a legislator who proposes such measures of punishment which shall inevitably force men to commit more offences. Had not your God thought of this, or he also had to learn these things by experience, but at the cost of untold sufferings to be borne by humanity? What do you think shall be the fate of a man who has been born in a poor and illiterate family of, say, a chamar or a sweeper? He is poor hence he cannot study. He is heated and shunned by his fellow human beings who think themselves to be his superiors having been born in, say, a higher caste. His ignorance, his poverty and the treatment meted out to him shall harden his heart towards society. Suppose he commits a sin, who shall bear the consequences? God, he or the learned ones of the society? What about the punishment of those people who were deliberately kept ignorant by the haughty and egotist Brahmans, and who had to pay the penalty by bearing the stream of being led(lead) in their ears for having heard a few sentences of your Sacred Books of learning —the Vedas? If they committed any offence —who was to be responsible for them and who was to bear the brunt? My dear friends! Theese theories are the inventions of the privileged ones! They justify their usurped power, riches and superiority by the help of these theories. Yes! It was perhaps Upton Sinclair that wrote at some place that just makes a man a believer in immortality and then rob him of all his riches and possessions. He shall help you even in that ungrudgingly. The coalition among the religious preachers and possessors of power brought forth jails, gallows, knouts and these theories.
>I ask why your omnipotent God does not stop every man when he is committing any sin or offence? He can do it quite easily. Why did he not kill warlords or kill the fury of war in them and thus avoid the catastrophe hurled down on the head of humanity by the Great War? Why does he not just produce a certain sentiment in the mind of the British people to liberate India? Why does he not infuse the altruistic enthusiasm in the hearts of all capitalists to forego their rights of personal possessions of means of production and thus redeem the whole labouring community —nay, the whole human society, from the bondage of capitalism? You want to reason out the practicability of socialist theory; I leave it for your almighty to enforce it. People recognise the merits of socialism in as much as the general welfare is concerned. They oppose it under the pretext of its being impracticable. Let the Almighty step in and arrange everything in an orderly fashion. Now don't try to advance round about arguments, they are out of order. Let me tell you, British rule is here not because God wills it, but because they possess power and we do not dare to oppose them. Not that it is with the help of God that they are keeping us under their subjection, but it is with the help of guns and rifles, bomb and bullets, police and militia, and our apathy, that they are successfully committing the most deplorable sin against society —the outrageous exploitation of one nation by another. Where is God? What is he doing? Is he enjoying all these woes of human race? A Nero; a Changez!! Down with him!
>Do you ask me how I explain the origin of this world and origin of man? Alright, I tell you, Charles Darwin has tried to throw some light on the subject. Study him. Read Soham Swami's "Common Sense". It shall answer your question to some extent. This is a phenomenon of nature. The accidental mixture of different substances in the shape of nebulae produced this earth. When? Consult history. The same process produced animals and, in the long run, man. Read Darwin's "Origin of Species". And all the later progress is due to man's constant conflict with nature and his efforts to override it. This is the briefest possible explanation of the phenomenon.
>You other argument may be just to ask why a child is born blind or lame if not due to his deeds committed in the previous birth? This problem has been explained away by biologists as a mere biological phenomenon. According to them the whole burden rests upon the shoulders of the parents who may be conscious or ignorant of their own deeds which led to mutilation of the child previous to its birth.
>Naturally, you may ask another question —though it is quite childish in essence. If no God existed, how did the people come to believe in him? My answer is clear and brief. As they came to believe in ghosts and evil spirits; the only difference is that belief in God is almost universal and the philosophy well developed. Unlike certain of the radicals I would not attribute its origin to the ingenuity of the exploiters who wanted to keep the people under their subjection by preaching the existence of a supreme being and then claiming an authority and sanction from him for their privileged positions, though I do not differ with them on the essential point that all faiths, religions, creeds and such other institutions became in turn the mere supporters of the tyrannical and exploiting institutions, men and classes. Rebellion against king is always a sin, according to every religion.
>As regards the origin of God, my own idea is that having realised the limitation of man, his weaknesses and shortcoming having been taken into consideration, God was brought into imaginary existence to encourage man to face boldly all the trying circumstances, to meet all dangers manfully and to check and restrain his outbursts in prosperity and affluence. God, both will his private laws and parental generosity, was imagined and painted in greater details. He was to serve as a deterrent factor when his fury and private laws were discussed, so that man may not become a danger to society. He was to serve as a father, mother, sister and brother, friend and helper, when his parental qualifications were to be explained. So that when man be in great distress, having been betrayed and deserted by all friends, he may find consolation in the idea that an ever-true friend, was still there to help him, to support him and that he was almighty and could do anything. Really that was useful to the society in the primitive age. The idea of God is helpful to main in distress.
>Society has to fight out this belief as well as was fought the idol worship and the narrow conception of religion. Similarly, when man tries to stand on his own legs and become a realist, he shall have to throw the faith aside, and to face manfully all the distress, trouble, in which the circumstances may throw him. That is exactly my state of affairs. It is not my vanity, my friends. It is my mode of thinking that has made me an atheist. I don't know whether in my case belief in God and offering of daily prayers which I consider to be most selfish and degraded act on the part of man, whether these prayers can prove to be helpful or they shall make my case worse still. I have read of atheists facing all troubles quite boldly; so am I trying to stand like a man with an erect head to the last; even on the gallows.
>Let us see how I carry on. One friend asked me to pray. When informed of my atheism, he said, During your last days you will begin to believe! I said, No, dear Sir, it shall not be. I will think that to be an act of degradation and demoralization on my part. For selfish motives I am not going to pray. Readers and friends, "Is this vanity"? If it is, I stand for it.


le ebin redditor """socialist""" atheism
i thought this place was better than r/LSC


idk what you’re talking about or why you even feel the need to gaslight, religious cuckservatives seem to be a majority on here
there’s a thread sucking a literal anti-communist death squad theocracy’s dick currently bumped above this one’s because it’s anti-imperialist (not when it comes to funding other anti-communist death squads with the help of the reagan administration apparently)


So Pak revolution tomorrow it seems huh.


File: 1653416494284.mp4 (4.02 MB, 400x224, video-1653401453.mp4)


Extra based, True internationalist


Where did this rally happen


>muh pakthoon
very deep….,


It isnt a rally it is tribals moving toward Islamabad.


Pakistani establishment bribed elements of the parliament to vote out a popular prime minister, who is now leading a "Long March" on Islamabad.


Apparently a pig was shot dead by one of the marchers and the Interior Minister banned it. Clashes ongoing across the city though apparently. Let’s see if the PTI libs have some true insurrectionary balls..


Alright this might derail the thread but i have this nagging question that glowie websites haven't answered straight so i hope our subcontinent boys can.
How come Subhas Chandra Bose, a socialist and fervent anti-imperialist, collaborate not just with the fascist Japanese Empire but also with Nazi Germany? Was it for any reason other than Japan posed the only real threat to unquestioned British rule over India? Was he even that committed a socialist if he worked hand in hand with an empire that at the same time stood directly against socialism and national self determination?


“socialists” (the dumber ones at least) and fascists generally mingled as they were the 2 big militant anti-reformist political tendencies. they were restless and they emphasized practical action


-above all



diasporoids, ASSEMBLE


There's actually some shit going down
After the Imran coup or whatever

He organized some kind of strike at may 25?

I'm seeing people on the streets throwing stuff and shipping containers


Thoughts on the supreme court acknowledging sex workers?

I don't understand how they do this but pretend martial rape is not real

Do the judges get laid by them or is it because the sex economy helps porky that's why they acknowledged it and told the police to stop messing with it


Yeah bro a bunch of fat guys in tuxedos and top hats sit around a mahogany conference table and look at some charts and decide to make the supreme court rule in favour of sex work and it’s a Jewish plot. This is how all politics works.


>martial rape
Do you mean marital? Thats been illegal in every state since the 70s (NY was the last to ban it)


supreme court of india


burger moment


wtf who is talking about jewish people here

i'm talking about recognizing sex work and asking the cops to not harass those workers as a progressive thing

But then also not recognizing consent of a married woman

Which is why I think they recognized it for economical reasons

Any particular reason NY was the last?




>Any particular reason NY was the last?
it was in the 80s, after some wop raped his estranged wife in front of their infant child and got convicted for it and the conviction held up by the NY Court of Appeals, this abolishing the precedent that stated marital rape was a-ok by its own precedent, according to the civil law system of the US


>civil law
*common law


<Yasin Malik: Top Kashmiri separatist given life in Indian jail
>A court in India has sentenced senior Kashmiri separatist leader Yasin Malik to life imprisonment after convicting him of funding terrorism.
>He was found guilty of participating in and funding terrorist acts and involvement in criminal conspiracy.
>Malik told the court he gave up arms in the 1990s. He was convicted last week.
>Tens of thousands of people have been killed in Muslim-majority Kashmir since an armed revolt against rule by India, which is mostly Hindu, erupted in 1989.
>The court in the capital Delhi gave Malik, 56, two life sentences and five 10-year jail terms, all to be served concurrently, NDTV reported.
>"Verdict in minutes by Indian kangaroo courts," Malik's wife Mushaal Hussein wrote on Twitter, [https://nitter.net/MushaalMullick/status/1529434922049495041] saying he would never surrender.
>Shops in some areas of Srinagar, the main city in Indian-administered Kashmir, were shut and police fired tear gas to disperse stone-throwing protesters outside Malik's residence. Mobile internet has been suspended in the region as a security precaution.
>Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif of Pakistan, which disputes India's claim to Kashmir, called it "a black day for Indian democracy".
>"India can imprison Yasin Malik physically but it can never imprison [the] idea of freedom he symbolises," he tweeted.
>India's National Investigating Agency (NIA), which deals with anti-terror crimes, had demanded the death penalty for Malik, the leader of the pro-independence Jammu and Kashmiri Liberation Front (JKLF). The defence had asked for life imprisonment.
>Ahead of sentencing, he was escorted into the court surrounded by security forces. [https://nitter.net/ANI/status/1529457544967573504]
>Malik was arrested shortly after the JKLF was banned in 2019.
>He did not contest the charges brought against him under the stringent Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA), as well as sedition and criminal conspiracy charges.
>But a statement released by the JKLF after he was convicted last week called the charges "fabricated and politically motivated".
>"If seeking azadi [freedom] is a crime, then I am ready to accept this crime and its consequences," it quoted Malik telling the judge.
>He also told the court that after giving up weapons in 1994, he had "followed the principles of Mahatma Gandhi. Since then, I have been following non-violent politics in Kashmir."
>He challenged the Indian intelligence agencies to prove that he had been involved in any terror activity since then. Some of the acts for which he was convicted took place in 2016, prosecutors alleged. Other charges date back over three decades.
>The JKLF - which has sought independence for Kashmir from both India and neighbouring Muslim-majority Pakistan - was formed in 1977 with Amanullah Khan as its head.
>He and Malik organised resistance to Indian rule with help from the then Pakistani military regime of General Zia-ul Haq.
>Kashmir has been a flashpoint between the nuclear-armed neighbours for decades. Both India and Pakistan claim the entire valley, but control only parts of it.
>India accuses Pakistan of backing militant groups based in Kashmir, which Pakistan denies.
>It was a bomb attack by the JKLF in Srinagar on 31 July 1988 which in effect marked the start of the separatist insurgency against Indian rule in the region that has raged for more than three decades.
>However, once the insurgency was successfully launched, correspondents say Pakistan withdrew support from the JKLF and instead backed groups that wanted Kashmir's accession to Pakistan.
>As a result, the JKLF found itself sandwiched between Indian security forces and pro-Pakistan militants. By 1990, much of its cadres had either been dispersed, destroyed or absorbed into other groups. Its leadership also split into factions, and some of them renounced militancy.
>In August 2019, India's BJP-led government stripped the state of Jammu and Kashmir of the limited autonomy it had had for seven decades, characterising it as the correction of a "historical blunder".


in case you ever needed a case study on how you should never lay down arms against armed fascists, for some reason


repost from >>996858

Sri Lanka PM’s olive branch to protesting youth: join governance
Sri Lanka’s prime minister says the protesting youth groups will be invited to be a part of governance under political reforms he is proposing to solve the country’s political crisis triggered by an unprecedented economic collapse. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe went on national television on Sunday evening, offering protesters an olive branch: a greater say in how the country is administered.

Nepali ruling party wins local elections
The ruling Nepali Congress has emerged as the biggest winner in recently-held local elections, as the vote count was completed. The voting was completed on Monday, Xinhua news agency reported. The Nepali Congress led by Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba, which contested the polls held on May 13 by forming an electoral alliance with its ruling partners, won the posts of Chiefs in 329 local units, up from 266 in the last local elections held in 2017.

Haryana: “They Handed me a Broom to Sweep After Breaking my Hand,” Says Dalit Boy in Gurukul
Addressing a press conference here on Monday, the family, along with representatives from other child welfare organisations, alleged the local administration failed to do justice even after repeated requests. The family also did not get medico-legal certificate mandated under a police case. Ritu, mother of injured boy Shubham told mediapersons that she received a call from one of fellow students on April 29, saying that the boy had been beaten mercilessly and had sustained injuries.


File: 1653962116865.png (392.52 KB, 650x400, ClipboardImage.png)

So the rapper who got killed? He was also a politician?
Was it political

Sidhu Moosewalla, And how did Drake know him


non violence, not even once
either do nothing or just go all in,

the cucks in court don't play fair, they are nothing but tools of the bourgeoise


File: 1653972735591.jpg (643.09 KB, 1399x1868, 1411.jpg)




Yeah in like all of two places at this point


File: 1653991553518-0.png (133.68 KB, 800x639, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1653991553518-1.png (453.8 KB, 1200x983, ClipboardImage.png)

Is there a single country in the world that has this phenomenon ?
I have spoken about this before, but at least 70–75% of the Pakistani army (including most of officers) comes from Potohar region of Punjab, three sub-districts from northern punjab(the highlighted region in first pic), my family is from these communities, its a rural countryside region where there's a strong military tradition and masculine identity, the people from these regions look down on everyone, they protect Pakistan and fight for it but they hate most of the people, even though the vast majority of conflicts between the Pakistani army is between the Separatists in Baluchistan and Pashtun regions, the people(soldiers and civilians) in northern Potohar region don't really hate, just victims of Indian or Iranian propoganda but still having similar cultures and lifestyles, they hate at least majority of Pakistani's, they view them as weak and too Indian
my father and most men in my family used to tell me growing up how all people in the cities who weren't us were effeminate and half eunuchs who would die without our masculine race protecting them, that one of us was worth 10 of them, the weird thing is this isn't a minority rule situation, there aren't Pothars in high level government or academia, just the armed forces
its a really phenomenon and I don't know if there's any country in the world where a situation like this exists


>Is there a single country in the world that has this phenomenon ?
Probably some tribal african countries or something


northern Punjabi are a population of less then 2 million in a country of over 200 million people, it would be like if Nigeria's military was made up of 70% of European expats


>muh indian/iranian propagandaz
jaake khudkhushi kar lena


Are thunderstorms better or worse?

hw2 increase numbers?


what, does this have to do with anything, one stupid sub-ethnic groups are vastly over represented in the armed forces and all I'm asking is such a situation exists in other countries


File: 1654177512300.png (794.32 KB, 1314x598, ClipboardImage.png)

"There was no moral anchor to persuade him that this was instead a time for a more humanitarian form of capitalism. Aided by Indian government policy to create a private duopoly in vaccine manufacture, of the Serum Institute of India and Bharat Biotech, he entered into a contract with the British-Swedish company AstraZeneca to manufacture Covishield and captured 90% of India’s vaccine market.

Serum made profits of up to 2,000% and Bharat Biotech up to 4,000% on vaccines sold to private hospitals in India. And for exports, Serum charged poorer countries up to $7 for the same vaccine that the European Union was getting from AstraZeneca at $2. Not for nothing did he gain the epithet of becoming the “vaccine prince”."


File: 1654279468260.jpg (69.21 KB, 686x710, food-guest-europe.jpg)


honestly I'm kinda glad our culture is different from other Desis, I feel I would have likely killed myself If I hard to deal with that, my family isn't "modern" or fully westernized but never once was there the insane academic pressure on me or any of our cousins, I have cousins who failed secondary education and its not really a huge family taboo that everyone gossips about behind everyone's back, we just accept that it happened and move on, plus I'm glad my dad encouraged me to deal with bullies directly by fighting them instead of keeping my head down and getting good grades, It isn't perfect, lot of toxic masculinity and well racism against everyone that isn't us but I'd still its better for your mental health and self image


i'm scared
could what happened in sri lanka happen in india?

how much is the IMF gonna screw the people there?
idk how they could make it worse


hope he croaks through something that can't be prevented

like a 50 tonne truck falling on him


In India Sikhs from Punjab are over-represented in the army but not to the extent of Potohar in Pakistan


wow, having a quick glimpse of that youtube channel and all it is is "china is going to collapse any moment now!"
so tiresome


Punjabi's in india are like 2% of the population, while Potoharis are less then 1


Hey, BR anon here
How do you guys feel about Bose? Was he really a socialist like many claim? Why did Stalin not help him?


File: 1655271587234.png (361.87 KB, 697x521, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1655274557332.png (86.74 KB, 450x450, ClipboardImage.png)

*cup filling up*



File: 1655473790765.webm (149.57 KB, 478x360, replicator offline.webm)

Capitalism in the 21 century



huge L for GoI
breaks common propaganda that people become soldiers for le nation
if passes through, it will be the same mistake as the 1905 russian draft or the vietnam draft


>Prior to the introduction of Agnipath scheme, soldiers were recruited in the Army on a 15 plus years of service with lifelong pension Since 2019, no recruitment in the Army was done for three years. Indian Government cited COVID-19 pandemic in India for not recruiting in the army. Meanwhile 50-60,000 soldiers continued to retire annually from the army leading to a manpower shortage that began affecting the operational capabilities of the Army.
maybe reduce the need for operational capabilities


>commentoid saying defense enlistment should be mandatory

I genuinely wish these uncles and nationalistic slime balls get recruited and forced to stay at the border

But they won't
They're all larping petty boogers

Every armchair war monger needs to be thrown into a pit


hindutva has won


File: 1655883823254.jpeg (72 KB, 647x404, images.jpeg)

I made a thread about this and an anon redirected me here, so I'm reposting.

I'm a moderate lib. Some leftists and even some libs here seem to be sympathetic to their cause. So, what's the deal with them? They seem to be having a revival in recent years. They even killed 3 CRPF jawans recently. Is the Indian State right about them? I've also heard rumours that they were the ones who gunned down Brahmeshwar Mukhiya, leader of the Ranbir Sena. It was a Bhumihar feudalist militia responsible for the massacre of many lower caste farm labourers. Is it true that they were responsible for reducing the Naxalite influence in Bihar or was it the CRPF who really did that and Bhumihars just take credit for it? I want to know your thoughts.


Even Zizek support
If no support something wrong with you


I got to know about them through Arundati Roy. Her anti-nuclear activism was kinda cringe but she seems to have decent opinions on other things.


They're in denial now. They're calling all the protestors opposition backed goons because, "desh ki seva karne vale deshbhakt jawan aise dangai kattai nahi ho sakte" lol.


He was a non-racial third-positionist from what I can tell. Stalin refused to help him because he was allied with the British at the time.


Dengists hate them afaik.


did anybody feel the earthquake? a 6.1 earthquake just hit afghanistan

it's insane a thousand people died, i have never heard of that
was it because of the weak infrastructure?


cat mothfucka


current state of politics
>religious autism
>race autism
>caste autism

the main leftist representatives and working class in south asia haven't even gotten past these narratives yet. marxists are fucking useless while above populists in the region keep appeasing different groups to hoard power
yeah, i'm thinking it's over


Nothing is ever over, it just needs to begin


Dr Taimur Rahman on youtube covers Pakistani politics from Marxist perspective. Check him out.




He is no maoist.


he's secretary general of a maoist party and he has a mao portrait visible in some of his videos


>peasants = revolutionary
>proletarian = wreckers
uhhh leninbros?


File: 1656171549331.gif (8.68 KB, 220x144, senescence.gif)

>but I heard Bhutto's PPP was very pro-leftist


File: 1656759946742.png (75.4 KB, 1780x1468, img.png)

>calls you a Chrislamo-Marxist terrorist for not supporting lynch mobs
>denies every instance of Hindu extremism even when video evidence is shown
>says "muh realpolitik" whenever Cuckendra gives rimjobs to Saudi and Qatari Sheikhs
>acts smug and "enlightened" despite getting all his information from corporate owned media
>simps for le deshbhakt military, despite it being one of the most corrupt institutions of our nation
>thinks caste isn't real and denies the existence of casteism

I could go on and on about how retarded these people are. I don't even feel bad for them anymore when some regionalist leader chimps out and slaughters a bunch of them. They deserve it.


The virgin dindutva vs the chad indomarxist


He would have whored India out to the Japanese


i'm sure you're aware of hindutvawadi britpremi shuklas who believe that the british were the best thing to happen to india and we are poor solely because of nehruvian socialism
indomarxists are not chad - i have never seen a "marxists" who had read the big M beyond wage labour and capital and inexplicably suck at the dravidian teat


File: 1656951603395.jpg (80.99 KB, 852x960, FW0XgInaUAAqWar[1].jpg)

no one thought of the bloody optics??????
maa chinletaye is desh ki anti-fascism


*c h u d a y e


Who are these people?


(L to R)
Prannoy Roy of NDTV; retarded liberal last relevant in 2014
Radhika Roy, his wife, -do-
Brinda Karat, Radhika's sister and Politburo, CPIM (!)
PT Rajan, a scion of one of Tamil Nadu's largest landowning families; Lehman bros. alumnus and today TN's """progressive""" fin minister
N Ram,(ex-)editor at the Hindu and part of the Madras clique; fellow-traveller/crypto-communist who inexplicably loves Hu Jintao and Sonia Gandhi


Bangla? Na bangal?


White haired dude beside PT Rajan is Prakash Karat, CPIM politburo member.


holy fuck it is him didnt recognise with mustache
was this is a family gathering of some sort?
if so what is PTR doing there


File: 1657088714759.png (1.81 MB, 1230x1230, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1657125549899-0.png (57.07 KB, 733x312, 11.png)

File: 1657125549899-1.png (25.98 KB, 432x210, 12.png)

this woman is member, politburo CPI(ML)


Wait until someone tells her about prozva…prodzavro…the the thing.


>Laughs in Bengal Famine


This piece of shit thinks that expropriating Jomidars is colonialism and genocide. Fucking Christ.


What is this subredditt




Probably right liberals making fun of Indian left liberals.


File: 1657148202584.png (358.09 KB, 589x526, ClipboardImage.png)

What the actual fuck is going on in CPIML?


Punching left to own the fascists, how could it go wrong?


/leftypol/ finally finding out some communist parties disavowed the USSR and aren't all hecking based tankies


social media obsessed libs that congratulate themselves for the bare minimum of being against fascism, looks like


Most retarded Indian "left" subreddit. Its offshoot r/neochodi was funny but the jannies have made it private now.


this is THE naxal party, did some important work in bihar-bengal
the indian chapo, from what i understand
is there a grifting podcast behind this sub, preferably in south delhi?


File: 1657322504797.png (241.14 KB, 967x687, ClipboardImage.png)


>Australia's doorstep
Sri Lanka is closer to Africa than it is Australia. Anyway, I wonder if people are willing to starve through more IMF structural adjustments or if shit's about to get crazier.


File: 1657329371999.png (20.1 KB, 589x291, kk tankie.PNG)

What did you expect from someone who uses Tankie as a slur?

Shitposting anti-right wing sub. I recall they had a bot to which right wingers would keep responding before realizing it is a bot lol. Now that bot has been banned. That sub has went through lot of swings so not ideologically committed to any leftist ideology. https://www.reddit.com/r/leftlibrandu/ is dead though is leftist version of r/librandu

>this is THE naxal party, did some important work in bihar-bengal
While electorally CPI-ML(Liberation) has some prescense in the state of Bihar, they one in the many that claim the legacy of Naxalite movement, as anyone knows there has been many splits in the movement. Thus, a single party cannot claim being THE naxal party.


File: 1657329744339.png (381.24 KB, 697x899, ClipboardImage.png)

I think they meant it like, these people are close enough to get here by boat and then they'll be on our doorstep for real.



ayubowan and vanakkam to all my srilankan bros


Is it true LARPing as Naxals is popular in some Universities in India?


Also, what is life like in Naxal controlled areas? Do they have a functioning society? Do they have doctors, etc?


>Do they have doctors
i mean without that i'd doubt they survived all that armed conflict


>stalin shit means disavowing the ussr
Lol. Lmao even


Indiabros, what's the difference between CPI and CPI-M? I'm clueless on Indian politics and was just looking through a list of your parties.


Historically CPI-M favored the USSR and CPI favored the PRC during the split. The CPI(M) are in general more reformist and kinda cucked. Think of it as the difference between the KPRF and the KPKR


Thanks. What about the others? CPI-ML and RMPI? Damn that's a lot of parties. CPI-ML not looking good from the tweets posted above lol.


Small local state parties mostly.


I think the CPIML above is actually CPIML(Liberation), might be an important distinction or they might be the only surviving CPIML. Not checked tbh. Fuck those retards either way.


> what's the difference between CPI and CPI-M? After 20th CPSU congress, CPI supported the Khruchevite line so those who were against it split and formed CPI-M. CPI over time become more electoral and SocDems while CPI-M in its doctrine still maintains ML and anti-Khruschev line, though has dwindled electorally since 2000s.
The person >>1060265 here saying that
<The CPI(M) are in general more reformist and kinda cucked.
is actually wrong when it is CPI that has cucked out with reformism.


Naxalite, Maoist and self-proclaimed ML parties have been split out so much over the years it would make Nuclear fission look stable.


File: 1657432825960.png (100.34 KB, 641x468, hinduism .png)

Why has India yet to capture its massive soft cultural power potential? It's literally the birthplace of the most influential spiritual religions and zoomer girls in the west are abandoning Christianity left and right for spiritual alternatives. They could reignite themselves as a propagator of philosophic thought yet they do nothing. Same goes for their media industry, both Korean and Japan have invested massively into their films/content yet India does nothing. No creative ambition, I've watched a few Bollywood movies and while they are funny they never go anything past that, just tacky memes and overblown scenes. I know they don't care about their image but part of building a global reputation for respect first comes actually trying to improve it and they do nothing.


unironically bad aesthetics
at some point the british/yts butt-fucked the civilisation so badly we lost all sense of rasa


Because india is a backwards country still shitting in the street and dumping corpses into the river ganji


salam aleikum


Indian cinema and music was extremely popular even prior to ww2


that's literally what happened in the mid-to-late 20th century after independence
tons of new age movements came out of there with gurus settling in california or england or whatever
indian cinema got exported like crazy
eventually westerners reacted against hippy stuff and india itself fell into neoliberal decline and communal violence destroyed any vestige of national identity


woops, re-typed
idk about before but the 50s-70s were huge for them, bollywood was like the anime of that time


nothing of value was lost
sanskrit culture was already a colonial monstrosity


>t. seething subaltern


fuck off loser


>I share not the opinion of those who believe in a golden age of Hindostan, without recurring, however, like Sir Charles Wood, for the confirmation of my view, to the authority of Khuli-Khan. But take, for example, the times of Aurangzeb; or the epoch, when the Mogul appeared in the North, and the Portuguese in the South; or the age of Mohammedan invasion, and of the Heptarchy in Southern India; or, if you will, go still more back to antiquity, take the mythological chronology of the Brahman himself, who places the commencement of Indian misery in an epoch even more remote than the Christian creation of the world.
>These small stereotype forms of social organism have been to the greater part dissolved, and are disappearing, not so much through the brutal interference of the British tax-gatherer and the British soldier, as to the working of English steam and English free trade. Those family-communities were based on domestic industry, in that peculiar combination of hand-weaving, hands-spinning and hand-tilling agriculture which gave them self-supporting power. English interference having placed the spinner in Lancashire and the weaver in Bengal, or sweeping away both Hindoo spinner and weaver, dissolved these small semi-barbarian, semi-civilized communities, by blowing up their economical basis, and thus produced the greatest, and to speak the truth, the only social revolution ever heard of in Asia.
>Now, sickening as it must be to human feeling to witness those myriads of industrious patriarchal and inoffensive social organizations disorganized and dissolved into their units, thrown into a sea of woes, and their individual members losing at the same time their ancient form of civilization, and their hereditary means of subsistence, we must not forget that these idyllic village-communities, inoffensive though they may appear, had always been the solid foundation of Oriental despotism, that they restrained the human mind within the smallest possible compass, making it the unresisting tool of superstition, enslaving it beneath traditional rules, depriving it of all grandeur and historical energies. We must not forget the barbarian egotism which, concentrating on some miserable patch of land, had quietly witnessed the ruin of empires, the perpetration of unspeakable cruelties, the massacre of the population of large towns, with no other consideration bestowed upon them than on natural events, itself the helpless prey of any aggressor who deigned to notice it at all. We must not forget that this undignified, stagnatory, and vegetative life, that this passive sort of existence evoked on the other part, in contradistinction, wild, aimless, unbounded forces of destruction and rendered murder itself a religious rite in Hindostan. We must not forget that these little communities were contaminated by distinctions of caste and by slavery, that they subjugated man to external circumstances instead of elevating man the sovereign of circumstances, that they transformed a self-developing social state into never changing natural destiny, and thus brought about a brutalizing worship of nature, exhibiting its degradation in the fact that man, the sovereign of nature, fell down on his knees in adoration of Kanuman, the monkey, and Sabbala, the cow.
>England, it is true, in causing a social revolution in Hindostan, was actuated only by the vilest interests, and was stupid in her manner of enforcing them. But that is not the question. The question is, can mankind fulfil its destiny without a fundamental revolution in the social state of Asia? If not, whatever may have been the crimes of England she was the unconscious tool of history in bringing about that revolution.
>Then, whatever bitterness the spectacle of the crumbling of an ancient world may have for our personal feelings, we have the right, in point of history, to exclaim with Goethe:
<“Sollte these Qual uns quälen
<Da sie unsre Lust vermehrt,
<Hat nicht myriaden Seelen
<Timur’s Herrschaft aufgezehrt?”

<[“Should this torture then torment us

<Since it brings us greater pleasure?
<Were not through the rule of Timur
<Souls devoured without measure?”]
<[From Goethe’s “An Suleika”, Westöstlicher Diwan]
i see no lies here


File: 1657473638031.png (357.15 KB, 637x877, visnu.png)

get dabbed on lmao
>oriental despotism
the weakest link in marx's works is now a shibboleth for """marxists"""


>get dabbed on
im not feudalism, so no i wont


also funny putting scare-quotes around marxist to refer to the baseline communist position of having no sympathy for the liquidation of archaic modes of production, but that is standard fare for /leftypol/ i guess


> archaic modes of production
bengal and travancore were some of the most industrialised regions of the world up to the early 18th c., exporting cloth and other wares to europe and se asia. if the transmission of steam power is worth the destruction of a people and their society, you're not a marxist, you're just a whiggish social-darwinist liberal (who originated the idea of oriental despotism)


I told you motherfuckers that slavs are white indians


> bengal and travancore were some of the most industrialised regions of the world up to the early 18th c.
opening up your post with a lie is a good start
anyways, as i said, nothing of value was lost. you can cope about it but don’t call yourself a communist. becoming a hindutva dreg or something is always an option for someone like you


Except this is true. Bengal and the Song Dynasty have been referred to as proto-industrial societies by historians


Have a (you)


>most industrialized region of the world


Should the person you’re responding to have preceded it with a comparison to other countries in the world at that time? You realize that the argument put forth is that indian and chinese civilizations were well capable of creating their own form of “capitalism” or at least an economic formation like it as opposed to the european mode of production that got their first? Furthermore, because Marx noted that some event was “progressive” insofar as it moved the world-historical dialectic forward, do you think that also implies that it alone is capable of doing so, much less is worth being celebrated? Do you think Marx celebrated it, considering be changed his opinion on the british raj by the time of the Sepoy Mutiny?

You’re a terrible marxist.


no they wouldn’t because they restricted themselves to regional trade, as opposed to the europeans who both had more advanced agriculture and the ability to create global markets. the bengal in the 18th century didn’t come close to touching the level of industrial development in the mediterranean and northern europe and england at the same time. i am not a “terrible marxist”, i am a baseline one. consider suicide


Lol. Lmao. More advanced agriculture? Why are you lying?
>India became the world's largest economy, valued 25% of world GDP,[20] having better conditions than 18th-century Western Europe, prior to the Industrial Revolution.


More on that
>Indian agriculture was advanced compared to Europe at the time, such as the common use of the seed drill among Indian peasants before its adoption in European agriculture.[60] While the average peasant across the world was only skilled in growing very few crops, the average Indian peasant was skilled in growing a wide variety of food and non-food crops, increasing their productivity.[61] Indian peasants were also quick to adapt to profitable new crops, such as maize and tobacco from the New World being rapidly adopted and widely cultivated across Mughal India between 1600 and 1650. Bengali peasants rapidly learned techniques of mulberry cultivation and sericulture, establishing Bengal Subah as a major silk-producing region of the world.[58]
>According to evidence cited by the economic historians Immanuel Wallerstein, Irfan Habib, Percival Spear, and Ashok Desai, per-capita agricultural output and standards of consumption in 17th-century Mughal India was on-par with or higher than in 17th-century Europe and early 20th-century British India.


India and GDP didn’t exist back then. You are really low hanging fruit, huh


Thank you for the concession


your mum liked these low hanging berries in her mouth


File: 1657567041715.png (135.76 KB, 640x479, ClipboardImage.png)

Indiabandhu here. How trash are Indian gun laws? How many hoops would I have to jump through to get the overpriced pistol in picrel? Please tell me if you can bhaiyon. I don't want to buy a katta from some Mungeri karigar for self defense and go to jail as a result.


chala ja thulla


do you think none of the indian adminstrations have tried to join NATO because

they're smart (LOL)
or because russia has always been a close ally?


i have no idea how after seeing how ukraine has happened that western countries like finland want to join it


NATO is an anti-Russian alliance and they are too far from Russia
There was an anti-China version of NATO for Asia but it fell apart in the 70s


>There was an anti-China version of NATO for Asia but it fell apart in the 70s

what was the reason?


They completely failed in their goal to prevent communists taking power in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia so the organization became useless and was dissolved.


>what is QUAD



I know the standard narrative about muh patriotism is a meme. But really, how corrupt are the militaries in the subcon? And what perpetuates such adoration and respect from the masses for them? I'm Indian so I'd like to know about the IAF specifically.


least corrupt military in the subcontinent


dis thread as dead as the indian left


this board's been dead since mods banhammered anyone that didn't suck putin's dick


inb4 another split


Today is 50th death anniversary of Charu Mazumdar.



File: 1659013721432.png (29.62 KB, 500x311, ClipboardImage.png)

Bros, We nationalized diary???

The biggest diary company in our country is a worker co-operative???

WTF based?


indian bros. what is the name of your mafia? does it even exist?


They are simply called "The Underworld" and yes it does exist. See 1993 Bombay blasts.



Anyone ever seen the C-Word series by BlackFlag India

>tfw we live in Drigisme society


good find, we discussed BFI in an older desi thread


they are forcing poor people to buy flags to get ration
patriotism is a sin

this is what all those forced "stand up for the national anthem in cinema" leads to

fucking brainrot, what is a nation without its people? brainless bureaucrats and their mindless minions


have you watched them all? i got up till the poverty video
neolibs defend capitalism but with a metric of their own stupid system

36 Rs. a day to live on is above poverty line? Stupid as hell line



Happy independence day India bros.



Do you guys think that if India develops economically to reach parity with the US vis a vis China and the US, Japan and the US Indians will be seen as a threat/competition the same way Japanese were and Chinese are seen now? I mean, if India got its shit together and joined the BRI/RCEP, integrating with Iran, Russia, and China to form a true Eurasian world-island union I think America may very well never be the number one economy ever again.


Today we remember the August Bourgeois Revolution as we look to the future.


Probably more. I'm surprised there isn't more backlash against Indians already considering how every American CEO and government official is an Indian now.


File: 1660543475547.png (142.83 KB, 1063x635, ClipboardImage.png)

I guess we're starting to see the anti-Indian ops with the google casteism controversy.


>happy genocide day


what genocide


I can't wait for Indian tourists, businessmen, real estate purchasers and more to fill the cultural pinata Chinese do now.


I'm confused, was the Sri Lankan government overthrown or not?




Yes, it's possible to celebrate the independence from the british empire, and at the same time commemorate the genocide caused by the anglos.


File: 1660586049091.png (224.35 KB, 591x700, ClipboardImage.png)

Rest In Peace.


>>1120688 (me)
According to sources, he was killed by the paramilitary force known as RSS


If a Muslim org were behind as many bomb blasts and lynchings as the RSS has been, it'd be all over the news. Not that I like Pisslamists, but this shit will continue as long as people don't realise how dangerous the Sangh Parivar can be.


File: 1660592514245-0.png (198.28 KB, 627x698, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1660592514245-1.mp4 (957.04 KB, 240x426, 3_-qVVqhPr1HHAIL.mp4)

Don't be resentful.
Here is a Pakistani being less sectarian, playing in his sitar the national anthem of India to commemorate India's independence.


Leninism-hinduism let's gooooo


the president fled the country, and parliament elected a new one
the government is still alive and cracking down on the protests though



File: 1660690482131.png (75.95 KB, 450x650, ClipboardImage.png)


this is like Napoleon being from Corsica/Genoa or Stalin being from Georgia even though they helped imperialize their "home" countries


could there be some link between these two posts????//??//?


Is it time it start asking the lQ (The Indian Question)?


Indians are either absolutely brilliant, absolutely autistic, or both. No inbetween.


Yeah, this doesn't really speak much about India's greatness if all these CEOs aren't staying in India or founding/heading successful companies based in India. If the CEOs were all Chinese instead I doubt anyone would be praising China but rather talking shit in favor of America.


File: 1660712809011.png (147.39 KB, 680x324, ClipboardImage.png)

This stuff gives me hope.



File: 1660980605074.png (93.25 KB, 294x296, ClipboardImage.png)


Tf is this bs. 11 convicted rapists get released and there's still no outrage about it. Retarded Linduvadis who are always so up in arms about muh women's safety are silent. I hope the time comes when these pigs get slaughtered.



>The decision to free the convicts was announced by the Gujarat government on Monday, as India celebrated its 75th anniversary of independence. A senior official said a government panel had approved the application for remission as the men - first convicted by a trial court in 2008 - had spent more than 14 years in jail, and after considering other factors such as their age and behaviour in prison.

>In January 2008, a special court convicted 11 accused of conspiring to rape a pregnant woman, murder, unlawful assembly, and of charges under other sections of the Indian Penal Code. The Head Constable was convicted of “making incorrect records” to save the accused. Seven persons were acquitted by the court, citing lack of evidence. One person died during the course of the trial. The court held that Jaswantbhai Nai, Govindbhai Nai, and Naresh Kumar Mordhiya (deceased) had raped Bilkis, while Shailesh Bhatt had killed her daughter, Saleha, by “smashing” her on the ground.

>In May 2017, the Bombay High Court upheld the conviction and life imprisonment of 11 people in the gangrape case, and set aside the acquittal of seven people, including the policemen and doctors.

>Many have also pointed out that the release is in contravention of guidelines issued by both the federal government and the Gujarat state government - both say that rape and murder convicts cannot be granted remission. Life terms in these crimes are usually served until death in India.

this shit worse than i thought


File: 1660998899200.jpg (20.6 KB, 464x416, FMJRR39XsAc5ZVG.jpg)


it's worth pointing out the victim was a muslim, and gujarat is ground zero of hindutva violence. narendra modi himself comes from there and was complicit in the 2002 pogroms there when he was chief minister of the state


File: 1661150736933.png (30.91 KB, 755x207, ClipboardImage.png)

>Convicted child rapists and murderers get released
>Dindpoovadis: But have you considered Aurangzeb's war crimes???

I used to think these people are just normal conservatives. I've been proven wrong. They're subhuman and need to be slaughtered.


File: 1661159426081.png (472.1 KB, 606x639, ClipboardImage.png)

what sad thing to read.
This is why….
In some areas the hatred towards Muslims is insane.


Serious drip


How does one even argue with Lindoovadis? They're even worse than Zionists when it comes to levels of hypocrisy and shamelessness, not to mention their eternally cucked sepoy behavior towards said Zionists. They have no problem throwing religious minorities under the bus, calling them terrorists and sexpests, but then they also cry muh Hindoophobia/Bamanphobia when the perpetrators of any crime are upper caste Hindus or if anyone points out the obvious caste/religious angle in the case, while also implicitly supporting the criminals. All this while simultaneously claiming to be real librulz n sheeit. And I won't even go into their kangzposting because it is so incredibly retarded. At least one thing that other religious retards in India have going for them is that they're consistent. Can't say the same for Chindpoovadis.


Now that the BJP is cozying up to Russia, is India no longer a good friend of the US?


File: 1661385430875.png (2.83 KB, 364x78, ClipboardImage.png)

Red pill me on the Indian Gods controversy. This thing has been in my sidebar for days now because I follow a couple Indian accounts.


>worshiping Lenin
Has anyone checked his tomb to see if he is turning over?


File: 1661463877057.mp4 (3.44 MB, 270x480, Indian Texas.mp4)

It begins! The howdy-Modi period is over!


taboos like a nuclear war with india


File: 1661722485109-0.mp4 (37.96 MB, 1280x720, bangladesh.mp4)

File: 1661722485109-1.mp4 (2.95 MB, 640x352, lahore.mp4)

Protests in Lahore and somewhere in Bangladesh, over soaring fuel prices


uh-oh indian bros?
are we the only ones to cuck out to the government?


insightful comment


How does a statue with a flower necklace constitute worship? Is there some meaning to the flower necklace I am missing?


File: 1661834351868.jpg (103.25 KB, 543x716, God-Emperor Lenin.jpg)





Pakistan Floods, how? Did they not have floodings in the oughts like India and invest in methods to stop?


It's fucking insane how nobody talks about them having a paramilitary force

A political party has its own fashy wing of youth modelled after a cuck who likes mussolini


so what? every party has some sort of armed force ????


is that something legal? why did we ever allow that


for the real india


closed tab immediately lol


File: 1662305311357.jpg (19.75 KB, 561x429, www-inc-in.jpg)

What went so wrong?


File: 1662530851929.png (693.68 KB, 900x643, ClipboardImage.png)

POC Trillionaire 😍

What's the dirt on him?


liberalism i assume,

aren't they basically the dems of india, passive (but not against communists) muh norms and orders, and no coherent ideology or goals


are you actually from cuba


File: 1662557669246.jpg (17.94 KB, 480x360, hqdefault[1].jpg)

my name is anthony gonsalves


File: 1662558528904.png (161.53 KB, 373x639, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1662611979476.jpg (106.12 KB, 738x1600, 31bjihwfefm91[1].jpg)

librandu-chads, i kneel…..


why do you keep kneeling? just stand up


File: 1662647795079.png (64.78 KB, 624x1024, FbwKKQ_aAAAJlyj.png)



How to contact Naxallites/Maoists in India (South) to join


Jaake apni maa she puch glowuyghur


q uski ma naxali hai kya


>Brahmastra wipes out over ₹800 crore wealth of PVR and Inox investors
today ranbir kapoor destroyed an industry. what did you do to destroy capitalism?
brahmastra more like marxastra


One section of the Bhagavad-Gita, called the “Book of Drona,” describes ‘magical’ weapons, called “astra,” that could destroy entire armies, “causing crowds of warriors with steeds and elephants and weapons to be carried away as if they were dry leaves of trees.” Another weapon was described as producing vertical, billowing smoke clouds that opened consecutively like giant umbrellas, reminiscent of the massive rising mushroom clouds produced by the Trinity test.

Among the most destructive of the astra was the “brahmastra,” created by the god Brahma, a “single projectile charged with all the power in the universe. It was an unknown weapon, an iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death which reduced to ashes an entire race. There was neither a counter attack nor a defense that could stop it.”

The weapon produced “an incandescent column of smoke and flame as bright as 10,000 suns that rose in all its splendor. After, corpses were so burned as to be unrecognizable. Their hair and nails fell out; pottery broke without any apparent cause, and the birds turned white… After a few hours, all foodstuffs were infected.

“Any target hit by the brahmastra would be utterly destroyed; land would become barren and lifeless, rainfall would cease, and infertility in humans and animals would follow for aeons of time.”

The brahmastra was detonated at the end of the final 18-day battle of Kurukshetra. The Pandavas vanquished their enemy, the Kauravas, with the devastating weapon, but the few surviving Pandavas discovered that there was nothing left to occupy, and no one left to rule. The brahmastra had destroyed the entire Kauravas society and turned the region (present-day Rajasthan) to desert. The war also marked, in the Vedic system, the beginning of the current “Kaliyuga” age.


Flooding still ongoing in pakistan


File: 1662880738142.png (1.25 MB, 875x1165, ClipboardImage.png)


>infrastructure development that isn't highways


funny how news media forgot all about that after elizabeth windsor's great leap into inferno


Apparently Bollywood is verboten now


Zero because gene editing is going to be only restricted to Western countries and only for the upper classes. India won't be getting any of those benefits.


File: 1663475425054-0.jpg (322.92 KB, 1241x1551, corrected.jpg)

File: 1663475425054-1.jpg (182.07 KB, 1188x921, sadsadasd.jpg)

Seems like someone just lose his title as the biggest exploiter in the world


No wonder so many tech companies are going down the shitter.


Oh fuck, don't tell me Indian films are going to be almost exclusively goofy propaganda trash now.


From 3 days ago
Pakistan Passes Historic Transgender Rights Bill
It's "not only unprecedented in Pakistani history, but it's one of the most progressive laws in the whole world."
>Pakistan’s parliament passed landmark legislation on Tuesday that gives its transgender population fundamental civil rights.
>The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act defines gender identity as “a person’s innermost and individual sense of self as male, female or a blend of both or neither.” The measure allows citizens to choose their gender identity, and to have it reflected on all official documents, including driver’s licenses and passports. The legislation also outlaws all discrimination against transgender people in workplaces, schools and health care settings such as doctor’s offices.
>Members of the Pakistani parliament passed the bill in Islamabad on Tuesday and it now goes to President Mamnoon Hussain to be signed into law. It’s unclear when the legislation would take effect, NPR noted.
>The bill separates transgender people into three categories: intersex (known in Pakistan as “Khunsa”); eunuchs, who are assigned male at birth but undergo genital castration; and transgender men or women. In Pakistan, transgender people are often referred to as “KhawajaSira,” defined in the legislation as “any person whose gender identity and/or gender expression differs from the social norms and cultural expectations based on the sex they were assigned at the time of their birth.”
>“Transgender people constitute one of the most marginalized communities in the country and they face problems ranging from social exclusion to discrimination, lack of education facilities, unemployment, lack of medical facilities and so on,” the bill reads.
>The legislation does not include protections for gay, lesbian or bisexual citizens.
>“I heard about this yesterday morning and I was in a state of shock because I never thought something like this could happen within my own life in Pakistan,” Mehlab Jameel, an activist from Lahore, who helped write the bill, told NPR. “This kind of development is not only unprecedented in Pakistani history, but it’s one of the most progressive laws in the whole world.”
>Pakistan’s population of 207 million includes a little over 10,000 transgender people, according to a 2017 census. Trans Action Pakistan reports that the trans community is often subjected to extreme violence, including sexual assault, rape, torture and execution. Trans people are often forced to resort to sex work or begging in order to survive.
>As Amnesty International’s Pakistan researcher Rabia Mehmood told Al Jazeera, passage of the bill shows progress, but executing it will be key.
>“This bill makes Pakistan one of the few countries in the world to recognize the self-perceived gender identity of transgender individuals,” Mehmood said. >“The country’s transgender community has very high hopes from this bill. Its implementation is therefore crucial to ensure they can live their lives with dignity and respect.”


There's another civil rights act for trans people passed back in 2018, this newer one is more comprehensive than it was
An act for rights for trans people in India in 2019 also has the same name


Pakistan and Iran are places where the "T" is somewhat tolerated but the "LGB" are banned


Wtf wtf? Pakistan Zindabad? Pakistan Zindabad?


In urban Lahore and Karachi you can be openly gay. Obviously not in the rural areas
The law and government are bad for them though


Thoughts on the PFI ban? Was it really an extremist party or were they commies

As if they already weren't enough, Some rightoid group is astroturfing so hard everyday online about boycotting every single thing for being anti-hindu

PoC billionaire 😍


yes, the pfi was communist, more than the cpx


Anyone else hate Hindi/Urdu? It's a very stilted and overly formal language
I'd rather speak a "regional" language like Punjabi or whatever for the most part


>gene editing is going to be only restricted to Western countries and only for the upper classes
And how exactly will Western countries force India to not have access to gene editing technology?



uh based?


Pakistan is an irredeemable shithole ngl, why does the IMT even bother having a chapter here?


Do you think communists should give up because a place isn't sufficient enough for them? Also the IMT sucks


File: 1665179767241.png (685.1 KB, 960x967, ClipboardImage.png)

well the IMT is the strongest leftist org in PK besides meme parties
also pakistan specifically is just unsaveably bad especially with the Taliban there now


>the lowest literacy rates are all BJP strongholds
>Kerela has the highest rate, CPI (Marxist) runs the state government
Really makes you think


the lowest is Balochistan retard


They probably mean in India. Learn context clues or disconnect from your ISP.


vanchi bhumipate ciram


File: 1666605607290.png (447.3 KB, 1080x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

>Another step towards moving away from imperialism is the new ensign of the Navy

Woke PM
No way conservatives are talking about imperialism


out of the frying pan and into the fire


File: 1667239329648.png (734.1 KB, 976x549, ClipboardImage.png)

India bridge collapse: Death toll rises to 141, many still missing
At least 141 people died when a pedestrian suspension bridge collapsed in India's western state of Gujarat.
>A local official said most of those who had died were women, children or elderly. The bridge in Morbi had been reopened just a week ago after repairs.
>There was overcrowding on the bridge at the time as people celebrated the Diwali festival, officials said.
>The 230m (754ft) bridge on the Machchu river was built during British rule in the 19th Century.
>The death toll is expected to rise further.
>Police, military and disaster response teams were deployed and the rescue effort is continuing.
>More than 177 people have been rescued so far, officials said.
>"Many children were enjoying holidays for Diwali and they came here as tourists," an eyewitness called Sukram told Reuters news agency.
>"All of them fell one on top of another. The bridge collapsed due to overloading."
>Videos on social media showed dozens clinging onto the wreckage as emergency teams attempted to rescue them. Some survivors clambered up the bridge's broken netting, and others managed to swim to the river banks.
>Reports said several hundred people were on the bridge when it collapsed at around 18:40 India time (13:10 GMT) on Sunday.
>A video shot before the collapse showed it packed with people and swaying and many gripping the netting on its sides.
>Gujarat is the home state of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has announced compensation for the families of victims. He said he was "deeply saddened by the tragedy".
>The authorities have promised a full investigation. Questions are being asked about whether safety checks were done before the bridge was reopened. It is a popular tourist attraction known locally as Julto Pul (swinging bridge).
>Home Minister Harsh Sanghavi said a number of criminal cases had been registered over the incident.
>Prateek Vasava was on the bridge at the time of the incident. He told 24 Hours Gujarati-language news channel how he had swum to the river bank.
>Several children fell into the river, he said, adding: "I wanted to pull some of them along with me but they had drowned or got swept away."
>Videos showed scenes of chaos as onlookers on the river banks tried to rescue those trapped in the water as darkness fell.


what are the talibans doing here?


<Goes on to do 3-day official mourning for Elizabeth Windsor


I spent three days mourning that the IRA didn't kill her.


He is already embalmed to make his corpse resistent to decay, like an orthodox saint.


Someone tried to kill Imran Khan

At least four people injured after shots fired at former Pakistan PM Imran Khan during procession in Wazirabad; Khan unharmed, suspect in custody



Who could it have been? Likeliest suspects?


yo was the pakistan coup by the military against imran USA backed?



File: 1668385551707-0.png (3.2 MB, 1536x1024, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1668385551707-1.png (3.56 MB, 1800x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1668385551707-2.png (3.87 MB, 1800x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1668385551707-3.png (3.51 MB, 1800x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

(September 6, 2018)
India’s Aging Guerrillas Still Believe in the Struggle
As India’s police conjure up the specter of urban Maoist terror, the real insurgency remains deep in the jungle.
>Deep in the forested hills of the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand, on a freezing December night in 2008, I made my way past three sentry posts to a solitary mud hut, set apart from the rest of the village. The soft-spoken, slightly balding, middle-aged man inside went only by a nom de guerre, Gyanji.
>Like the guerrilla platoon outside guarding their leader from assassins dispatched by the Indian state, Gyanji was dressed in olive green fatigues and carried all his worldly belongings in one small rucksack. But in the dim the light spreading from the kerosene lamp, I noticed the tender soles of his fair-skinned feet. He had been constantly on the move in the rural backwaters of India for 25 years, often sleeping under the stars in the forest, rarely staying more than a few days in one place. But in contrast to the dark broad feet of the tribal soldiers outside, layered with years’ worth of skin which made them as tough, dry, and cracked as the red earth they had walked barefoot since they were born, Gyanji’s feet were still soft from the childhood care and protection they had received in his upper-caste home.
>In the hills, where the local tongue of Nagpuri trilled through the forests like song, and even India’s majority language, Hindi, was a rarity, Gyanji’s polished English stood out. Over the year and a half that I lived in those mud huts as a social anthropologist, between 2008 and 2010, I discovered that he could recite Percy Bysshe Shelley and George Bernard Shaw, that he had a master’s degree in mathematics, and that his siblings included a bank employee, an accountant, and a computer scientist who had emigrated to Canada.
>It was only Gyanji who had gone astray from the eminently upper-middle-class path laid out by his parents. Inspired by the revolutionary spirit in the universities, and by the peasant rebellions that had been sweeping India in the decades before, at the age of 24, Gyanji cut ties with his family and took the oath of becoming a “professional revolutionary.” He joined a group of men and women who today call themselves the Communist Party of India (Maoist)—also known as the Naxalites—and are leading what is now the world’s longest ongoing armed revolutionary movement.
>Although an armed force of less than 10,000, and now mainly confined to the hills and forests of central and eastern India, these Naxalite rebels have haunted the Indian state for the last five decades. The foot soldiers who make up most of their People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army come mainly from India’s tribal populations, popularly called Adivasis, and they’re fighting for very different reasons from the abstract ideals of leaders like Gyanji.
>On a wider level, theirs is a struggle for tribal autonomy against a state that they see as repressive, brutal, and prejudiced. But for any individual Adivasi, their reasons for joining the Maoists were often more personal. Take, for example, Kohli, a gentle, sensitive, 16-year-old Adivasi youth with radiant dark skin and a coy smile, whose rifle was nearly as tall as himself, and who was once assigned as my bodyguard. He had run away to live with the guerrillas after a trivial fight with his father about a glass of spilled milk while working in his tea shop. Rather than breaking with their pasts as Gyanji did, the Adivasi youth found in the guerrilla armies a home away from home, and often moved in and out of them as though they were visiting an uncle or aunt.
>To the government in New Delhi, however, both Gyanji and Kohli are simply terrorists, a dangerous cancer that must be eradicated.
>And these mild, gentle men who brought me tea every morning I was with them, insisted on carrying my bag despite my protests, and rehydrated and cared for me when I was sick, were killers. An attack [https://www.huffingtonpost.in/2017/04/24/maoist-attack-in-chhattisgarhs-sukma-district-kills-at-least-26_a_22053468/] last year that drove the nation into an anti-Naxalite frenzy was on a Central Reserve Police Force battalion patrolling the construction of a road.
>On April 25 and 26, 2017, the bodies of 26 soldiers were wrapped in the Indian tricolor, garlanded with marigolds, a flower used in most Hindu rituals. They were airlifted from the forests of Sukma district in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh to their far-flung hometown cremation sites, from the foothills of the Himalayas to the banks of the Yamuna River more than 700 miles away. Many of them came from backgrounds just as poor as the men who had killed them—the police force is one of the routes out of rural destitution.
>That was just one of the many bloody skirmishes between the Naxalites and the Indian state. The insurgents have blown up security forces, derailed trains that defy their blockades, killed people they deem are police informers, and delivered brutal summary justice in their “people’s courts,” creating a climate of fear and terror. Data collected [https://www.state.gov/j/ct/rls/crt/2015/257526.htm.] by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism contracted for the U.S. Department of State’s annual country report on terrorism presents the Maoists as the third-most prolific terrorist group in the world by total attacks in 2016, after the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and the Taliban.
>The latest Indian government campaigns against the rebels began more than a decade ago. In 2006, two years after the three major armed Naxalite groups united as the Communist Party of India (Maoist), the then-prime minister, Manmohan Singh, declared the rebels the single gravest internal security threat facing the country. This signaled a new wave of security operations to hunt down the Maoists and to silence their sympathizers and supporters. Painting a “red corridor” from the border with Nepal in the north down to Andhra Pradesh in the south, the Indian intelligence agencies claimed that 40 percent of India’s land area was affected, encompassing 20 of the 28 states, and 223 of 640 districts. The numbers are hard to verify and were possibly inflated to justify an increase in security and defense budgets. Indeed, more than 100,000 soldiers were dispatched to surround the Maoist guerrilla strongholds in the center and east of the country. They were accompanied by a squadron of helicopters and special operations forces teams with exotically implausible names such as “Cobra,” “Jharkhand Jaguar,” and “Greyhounds,” who were trained in jungle warfare schools to fight the guerillas with their own tactics.
>In the villages where I lived, the search-and-destroy missions by the security forces generated terror. Those who could, fled to neighboring villages as the patrols mounted the hills. Villagers had been used as human shields by the security forces and as informers to find the Maoists in the forests. Others had been caught in the crossfire and brutally beaten by soldiers during raids, accused of harboring the rebels. Scenes from Vietnam War movies played out regularly in the forests of India. Like Vietnam, generals boast of better “kill ratios” to the media—but the attack in Sukma is said to have tipped the balance well in favor of the Maoists last year. An earlier attack nearby in 2010 killed 76 security personnel, now commemorated in concrete statues. In the past decade, according to the South Asia Terrorism Portal, almost 7,000 people have been killed, of whom 40 percent have been civilians, 34 percent Maoists, and 26 percent security forces.
>In the aftermath of the Sukma attack last year, the home minister, Rajnath Singh, called a high-level meeting of government ministers, police, security forces, and intelligence agencies to plot an invigorated new counterinsurgency approach. “We need to bring aggression in our policy. Aggression in thinking, aggression in strategy, aggression in the deployment of [security] forces, aggression in operations, aggression in development, and aggression in road construction,” Singh said [https://www.financialexpress.com/india-news/rajnath-singh-outlines-new-aggressive-operational-strategy-to-take-on-maoists/659673/]. The government promised a final objective; a coordinated battle on security and development fronts that would be fought to the finish and won.

New Delhi has pledged many times in the past to destroy the Naxalites before and yet they endure. Every year in November, across the forests that are their strongholds, the Maoists celebrate the deceased in a martyrs’ week. These meetings of guerrillas in clearings in the forest, lined with crepe paper bunting and memorials draped in red cloth, are ephemeral as all traces of their presence must be erased to evade the security forces. Nevertheless, they fly their red flags painted with a hammer and a sickle, sing the socialist anthem, “The Internationale,” and, in remembering the thousands that have been killed, they seek to regenerate life in the revolutionary spirit from the dead.
>These traditions go back to their origins. They first made their mark on the Indian countryside in May 1967 with a small uprising [https://www.jstor.org/stable/41855467] in the foothills of the Himalayas. There, in the West Bengal village of Naxalbari, from which they get their name, peasants and laborers occupied land, reclaimed it as theirs, demanded that the landlords cancel all their debts and end intergenerational bondage. The Chinese Communist Party broadcast the Naxalbari events widely on Peking Radio, announcing the establishment of a red area of rural revolutionary armed struggle, and the People’s Daily newspaper declared [https://www.marxists.org/subject/china/documents/peoples-daily/1967/07/05.htm] that “A peal of spring thunder has crashed over the land of India.” But within a few months the uprising was brutally crushed by the police and many of the leaders were killed or imprisoned.
>Nevertheless, the embers of the rebellion ignited sparks in other parts of the country, in Srikakulam in Andhra Pradesh, Koraput in Orissa, and the plains of Bhojpur in Bihar and Birbhum in West Bengal. The leaders of these rebellions—mostly upper-caste, middle-class intellectuals—formed different revolutionary parties and claimed that India needed the strategy that Mao Zedong had used against the Japanese in the 1930, when conditions in China were also “semi-colonial and semi-feudal.” They began plans for a protracted people’s war mobilizing peasants to establish rural bases and eventually encircle the cities to capture state power in the fight for a global communist society.
>Drawn by the romance of the movement, many bright urban youths from upper- and middle-caste and class families renounced the comforts of their homes and their university classrooms to work with the poor. It was the Indian equivalent of being a 1968 Parisian rioter or an American counterculture dropout—except that while radicalism, for many in the West, proved a temporary home, for the Naxalites it was a life-altering choice.
>It was at university that Gyanji, who once meditated alone for his nirvana on the banks of the Ganges, found kindred spirits among teachers and fellow students. They discussed and debated how to bring “heaven on earth” and create a communist society; linked hands with the protests against the Vietnam War, the uprisings in Paris, and the rise of the American Black Panthers; and distributed pamphlets on “the death of God.” Fired by the passions of those who had taken to the streets and challenged the injustices of governments in faraway places, moved by the poverty and oppression in the slums around them, they were disenchanted by the corruption of party politics and the failures of the Indian state to address inequality.
>Gyanji’s trajectory suggests a continuity between the ideals of a communist revolutionary and a long history of renunciation for liberation in Indian society. Whereas one—the renouncer—seeks emancipation for the individual in the future, the other—the revolutionary—works for the ideal of liberation for communal ends in the present. Indeed, the stark social hierarchies of Indian society have come hand in hand with a long tradition of putting renunciation to work for political purposes. Mahatma Gandhi, clad in his white loincloth, is perhaps the obvious example.
>Though their political purposes were different, like Gyanji, some of these historical renouncers turned away from seeking their individual liberation and waiting for their departure to another more equal world and focused on questioning the inequalities of the present. They had subverted the religious monk ideal of extinguishing the future and leaving the world for their own personal freedom, and instead committed to creating a liberated world for everyone. And so, these high-caste Naxalites broke with their pasts and “declassed” and “de-casted” themselves, resolving to make a better world. Gyanji, who was once unable to cross a line of ants without chanting a mantra in case he stepped on one, took up arms.
>The agricultural plains of Bihar, where Gyanji initially worked in the late 1980s, became known as India’s “flaming fields” due to the fierce caste wars fought among the Naxalites, their supporters, and the dominant caste landlords.
>One of the poorest areas of India, the region was marked by great disparities between the high-caste landlords, who controlled large swathes of land, and the smaller farmers and especially the landless Dalits who worked for the landowners and were considered “untouchables.” The Naxalites tried to infiltrate the Dalit households to free them from their servitude. They killed several of the most oppressive landlords, chased others away to the cities, seized their land, and redistributed it among the landless and small farmers. They organized rallies, protests, and labor strikes demanding labor wage rises, elimination of bonded labor, and more equitable terms of sharecropping. They publicly beat men who had sexually harassed working women and they descended on masse into government offices to demand clean drinking water, better housing, and health-care provision.
>“Violence,” Gyanji once told me, “is simply a means to an end.”
>No significant revolutionary change has taken place in the world without violence, he said. No change of regime, no change of state power: the English Revolution, the French Revolution, the Cuban Revolution, all the anti-colonial revolutions. “Our violence here is not indiscriminate or anarchic; we do not condone terrorism … [or] kill innocent people,” he clarified. Gyanji said it was easy to focus on the guerrilla guns and forget the wider, endemic “structural violence” supported and promoted everyday by the government, the ruling classes, and their representatives; the looting of land and forests from the people; the poverty they have brought; the treatment of the lower castes and classes as worse than animals. “The ruling classes pamper their poodles but thrash their servants,” Gyanji said. He was expressing a long history of justification for revolutionary violence that the violence of the oppressed is often seen as a response to the violence of the oppressor.
>But in the 1990s, state repression increased and the high caste landlords retaliated against the Naxalites and their supporters by forming private armies or militias which went by names such as Ranvir Sena, Bhumi Sena, and Sunlight Sena. These senas (armies) came with their own war cry: “There is only one remedy for the Naxalites, cut them six inches shorter.” Dalits, in particular, were massacred overnight. They were often decapitated, as the slogan promised, to make them six inches shorter. Men, women, and children were killed. Eight one night, nine another night, 22 another, 25, and 35—so the growing slaughter continued as the police watched on. The houses of Naxalite supporters were burned to the ground.
>There was nowhere to hide. The guerrillas could no longer take shelter in the mud houses, and the rice fields provided safety only when the crop was tall. So, in the late 1980s, following Mao Zedong and Che Guevara’s tactics, hoping to find India’s Yanan, they went in search of better geographical terrain for guerrilla warfare and began to retreat into the hills and forests of central and eastern India—into what are now the states of Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh, and into southern Orissa, northern Andhra Pradesh, southeastern Madhya Pradesh and parts of Maharashtra and parts of West Bengal.
>At the time, the Naxalite leaders who came from the cities and had experience mainly of the agricultural plains knew little about the tribal people who dominated these forested highlands—the communities of Oraons, Mundas, Hos, Paharias, Gonds, Birhors, Koyas, and many other Adivasi groups. They made up almost 10 percent of the total population of India but had been considered so lowly and wild that, for centuries, they had been left outside of Indian society without electricity, sanitation, education, or health care.
>Though the modern state—with the British East India Company, followed by the government under the British crown, and then the independent Indian government—had penetrated the area, it was mainly for taxation and exploitation of the forests for military purposes, railway sleepers, and furniture. For the Adivasis, the state was policemen who beat you, officials who cordoned off your forest and let outsiders steal your timber, and soldiers who drove you like animals. The term used for the Adivasis by many officers was jungli: “savage.” When the Naxalites arrived, addressing local grievances, they chased away the forest and police officials, set up mobile health camps, and gained credibility among the locals.
>Although the Naxalites were as foreign to the Adivasis as the officials, they treated the Adivasis with respect and dignity, gaining a legitimacy and an intimacy with local communities, establishing kinship links between the guerrilla armies and the villagers, making it easy for youth like Kohli to move back and forth.
>In my neighborhood, there was also Kohli’s sister Anju, who ran away from home to live with the squads. In her case, it was to get away from an arranged marriage, encouraged by her cousin, Chanda, who had become a platoon member some 10 years before. There was also their brother, Pramod, who, like Kohli, fought with his father and went to live with the squads for six months before migrating as a laborer to a brick factory. And there was Anju’s young cousin, Lila, who followed her elder sister. By the time I lived in the guerrilla strongholds, almost every Adivasi house had or knew someone who was involved as an armed cadre, worker, or sympathizer, and the Naxalites were called the Jungle Sarkar—the “forest state.”
>‘In the last decade, according to the South Asia Terrorist Portal drawing on Ministry of Home Affairs figures, more than 7500 people have been killed, of which 57 per cent have been civilians, 23 per cent security forces and 20 per cent Maoists. The government offered handsome bounties —even up to between $2,000 and $3,500 and more for weapons—depending on the seniority of the Naxalite and the rifles with which he or she surrenders. But scholars, lawyers, and human rights activists have said that many of these surrenders are fake and that Adivasis are being coerced.
>This is a new dimension to a long history of manufactured incidents. Rebels have been presented as killed in battle when they actually died under police torture. Vigilante gangs have once more appeared and many people have had to flee their homes. There are accusations of murder and mass rape conducted by vigilantes and the security forces alike.
>Verification of events is tough. The few brave independent reporters, human rights lawyers, and activists entering the affected regions are chased out. Behind the state’s desire to destroy the Naxalites and “civilize” the Adivasis may be a deep cleansing of the region for the extraction of minerals. Under the Adivasi forests lie some of the country’s largest reserves of coal, iron ore, and bauxite. Business analysts have claimed that Indian mining is a success story in waiting for decades. Powerful corporations have signed deals to harvest the resources, acquire land to penetrate the landscape with mining operations, steel factories, and power plants. Mittal, Essar, Vedanta, Rio Tinto, and Posco have all scouted out the potential. But historic laws, which the Adivasis fought for in colonial times, prevent their lands from being sold over to non-Adivasis, to outsiders. And though these laws have been persistently undermined, they still prove an impediment to the outsiders who want the land. The Adivasis and the Naxalites who live amid them are in the way of India’s development mission. And so, human rights activists claim that behind the counterinsurgency operations is the aim of clearing out its forest inhabitants.
>The Naxalites have a remarkable skill at survival, mixing guerrilla warfare with respect for locals that wins hearts and homes. Nevertheless, as the military might of the Indian state encircles and tightens their noose around them, they have been squeezed into ever smaller pockets of hilly forests. Forced to focus on their military strategy at the expense of working with the Adivasis, the conditions are ripe for the creation of factions, betrayers, and gangs.
>And even if they aren’t crushed, the Naxalites may be ideologically doomed
>Hanging on to an outdated and doctrinaire picture of India, they have been unable to take account of the serious changes in the Indian economy as it switches from an agrarian state to an industrial powerhouse.
>The Maoists in Nepal, who the Indian Naxalites once nurtured, fought a successful 10-year people’s war and entered the mainstream parliamentary democratic process but their Indian counterparts see them as sell-outs. Many of the Naxalite leaders have now died or are in jail. The recruitment of new blood from the universities and colleges has been limited for at least two decades. Will the movement survive when the original founders die off? Will it become essentially a hill-village resistance movement, an ethno-nationalist movement, an indigenous people’s struggle, without the Maoist elements? Or will the inequalities, injustice, and caste violence that persist in much of India inspire a new generation to rise again, as they so often have, like a phoenix from the ashes? Indeed, in the aftermath of last week’s simultaneous police raids and arrests of intellectuals, lawyers and human rights activists across the country, are we seeing a new revolutionary resurgence when tens of thousands of social media users say #MeTooUrbanNaxal?


I hate my Paki relatives and their domestic patriarchal habits so much
Holy shit they need to learn to just get a fucking job and stop leeching off of family, this isn't the fucking medieval era anymore


<your average neet when he finlly finds some security and his own home.


And? I hated being a NEET, living with my family was annoying as hell


File: 1668659562731.png (1.39 MB, 760x1126, ClipboardImage.png)

Film depicting transgender love affair to be screened in Pakistan
Cannes Jury prize-winning Joyland had previously been banned following objections by Islamist hardliners
>A Pakistani film portraying romance between a married man and a transgender woman was cleared for domestic screenings on Wednesday, officials said, reversing a government ban forced by Islamist pressure.
>Lauded by critics, awarded the jury prize at Cannes and nominated as Pakistan’s entry for next year’s Academy Awards, Joyland was set to open in cinemas across the country this Friday.
>But, following objections from Islamist hardliners, Pakistan’s information ministry stepped in last week to issue a veto declaring the film “repugnant to the norms of decency and morality” and ordering a review by censors.
>However, Muhammad Tahir Hassan, the head of the Central Board of Film Censors, told AFP late on Wednesday that “there is no hindrance from the board for its screening”.
>“The distributors can screen the film from tomorrow morning if they wish,” he added.
>In ultra-conservative Pakistan, the rights of the transgender community are ostensibly enshrined in law.
>However, due to social stigma, most transgender citizens are forced to live on the fringes of society, often resorting to begging, dancing at weddings or sex work for survival.
>Meanwhile, the slim protections they do enjoy as a result of legislation seeking to end discrimination in education and the workplace are being challenged by Islamist parties.
>Transgender activists rallied around the cause of the film on social media following news of the ban.
>Rights group Amnesty International said it was part of a “deep-rooted and persistent pushback to ensuring their equal place in society”.



Sukma District, November 29, 2022: A commando of the CRPF’s jungle warfare unit CoBRA was seriously injured on Tuesday when suspected Naxalites opened fire at a newly set up camp of the paramilitary force in Chhattisgarh’s Sukma district, police said.

The incident took place between 4:30 pm to 5 pm at Dabbakonta village under Chintagufa police station limits where the Central Reserve Police Force set up a camp recently, Inspector General of Police (Bastar range) Sundarraj P told PTI.

“A head constable belonging to 202nd battalion of Commando Battalion for Resolute Action (CoBRA) suffered critical injuries in the attack. He was shifted to the CRPF’s field hospital in nearby Bheji village,” he said.

Additional security forces were rushed to the spot and a combing operation was underway in the nearby area, he added.

Source : https://www.devdiscourse.com/article/law-order/2268994-crpf-commando-injured-in-firing-by-naxalites-in-chhattisgarhs-sukma-district


is sukma in any way related to ligma?


how many boiled infants tho???


File: 1672133895172-0.png (579.98 KB, 502x508, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1672133895172-1.png (603.15 KB, 479x507, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1672133895172-2.png (502.06 KB, 427x469, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1672133895172-3.png (353.46 KB, 387x443, ClipboardImage.png)




They control some of the Pashtun tribal areas I think


is this AI?


File: 1673686518068.png (723.78 KB, 849x550, ClipboardImage.png)

What are some good history books on the development of the communist movement throughout the subcontinent? There's a pretty marked lack of focus on it, considering it houses some of the biggest communist mass movements in the world nowadays.


Especially the origins


For anybody that was wondering, "Gur" is sugar. That is the brown stuff they were stirring in the giant pot. I'll leave the explication of the symbolism to others.


File: 1674837568101.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.05 MB, 362x640, v=2488551441321411-[00.00….webm)

Man sets himself on fire in front of the parliament building in Nepal. Here's a translated extract from his last facebook post.
>I was unable to become a successful businessmen, unable to earn money, unable to fulfill my dreams and ambitions. I encouraged many young people to not go abroad, to stay in Nepal and do something here. But my failures taught me why they don’t want to stay here and choose to go abroad. I learned about corruption, monopoly, nepotism but by the end, I had lost everything, I fell in such a way that I couldn’t get back up. To all those who I encouraged to not go abroad, I rescind my encouragement. Please forgive me. Nothing can be done in this country. There is injustice and discrimination in every step. This country is corrupt.
How do you unironically survive in a third world shithole? Is the third world really unsalvageable? Taking up arms just ensures that the wrong people are ruling over you again.
>pic rel is him setting himself on fire


Aw he wasn't able to become a successful businessman
>third world shithole
go back


Yet another Bouazizi clone roasting himself to topple his own government and usher in years of terror and chaos because he can't be a petit bourg. Fucking retard libuyghurs


>if only you knew how bad things are


>Its all so tiresome


And like always, Dharmic "Marxists" bend over backwards to defend this porkyuyghur. It's fucking annoying.


Death toll from blast in Pakistan mosque rises to at least 100 as country faces ‘national security crisis’
>The death toll from a suicide bomb that ripped through a mosque in Peshawar, northwestern Pakistan, rose to at least 100 on Tuesday, marking one of the deadliest attacks in the country in years as it faces what one analyst described as “a national security crisis.”
>Muhammad Asim Khan, spokesperson for Lady Reading Hospital in the city, said at least 100 people had died following Monday’s blast at the mosque in a police compound.
>Police suspect that 12 kilograms (26.5 pounds) of explosives were used by a suicide bomber, Inspector General of Peshawar Police Moazim Jah Ansari said. The attack left 217 injured, Ansari added.
>A police official who survived the explosion, Nasarullah Khan, said he remembered seeing “a huge burst of flames” before becoming surrounded by a plume of black dust.
An official spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban denied involvement although Sarbakaf Mohmand, a commander of the TTP, and Omar Mukaram Khurasani, a member of the TTP leadership council, apparently said it was revenge for the death of Jamaat-ul-Ahrar (a TTP split group that merged back into it) leader Omar Khalid Khorasani
Just another bloody episode in the violent struggle between the faltering Pakistani state and Islamist movements, a backdrop to dictatorial neoliberalism in Pakistan


The mosque was in a fortified police compound in Peshawar called "Police Lines", by the way


File: 1675622548806.jpeg (155.58 KB, 2000x1242, np_file_208891.jpeg)

انا لله و انا الیه راجعون

Now that's over with, do you think Pak will get a new dictator soon or will the TTP just roll over to Islamabad? The bourgeoisie regime is clearly on its last legs


>will the TTP just roll over to Islamabad
How warped does your sense of reality need to be to think this is a possibility


File: 1676072775626.jpg (59.1 KB, 900x900, Indian pepe.jpg)

Why have Indian communists had so much more success in Kerala than in other states, both historically and nowadays?


>t. lives in DHA/ islamabad/ the USA
caliphate in west punjab by 2030


After Maoists strike twice, wary parties cut back on political activities in Chhattisgarh
Second BJP leader killed in 5 days as polls draw near; while workers are frequent targets, first time political leaders killed in state after 2019, police say they are easy hit for Maoists
>The second killing in five days of a BJP leader in Chhattisgarh by Maoists is set to heighten the sense of panic among its local workers who, sources admitted, have decided to suspend party activities for now.
>Sagar Sahu, 47, the deputy chief of the BJP in Narayanpur, was killed on Friday night in Chotedongar in the district. On February 5, Neelkanth Kakem, 48, the BJP’s divisional head of Awapalli, in Bijapur district, 187 km away, was killed.
>Soon after Sahu’s killing, former BJP chief minister Raman Singh blamed the Congress government. “The BJP is being targeted and our leaders are being killed. The incompetent Congress government has kneeled before the criminals. Dau (Lord) Bhupesh Baghel, remember, every single murder will be accounted for, now real justice will be done, not injustice of the Congress.”
>The BJP fears these could be “targeted” attacks, and might see a rise as the Assembly elections, due in five months, followed by local polls, approach.
>Though political workers are frequently the targets of Maoist attacks in the state, Kakem and Sahu were are the first political leaders killed in Chhattisgarh since 2019.
>Kakem was an active BJP worker, who had been with the party for 15 years. He contested and lost a zilla parishad election, but had won a block-level one. He was with his wife at his nephew’s house when the Maoists struck, attacking him with sharp weapons, leaving multiple wounds. His wife was threatened to stay away; the couple have three daughters and an infant son.
>Next to Kakem’s body, a note left by the Maoists said they had cautioned him not to participate in BJP activities and that he was a police informer and had supported the Salwa Judum, an anti-Maoist movement.
>Police sources said Kakem had been repeatedly cautioned about the risk to him, and that if he had alerted them before venturing to a remote area, he would have been provided security.
>Sahu was killed at his home by suspected Maoists, who knocked on his door and shot him when he answered. While Sahu never fought an election, he had been an active member of the BJP for 25 years and was the chief of the party’s Kisan Morcha.
>Sahu, who is survived by two sons and a daughter, had also received threats from Maoists, over his role in promoting an iron ore mining site in his area, and had informed the police, a local BJP leader said.
>After the killings, the booth committees set up by the BJP in remote areas as part of poll preparations are deserted.
>Acknowledging the worry among party workers, a local BJP leader in Bijapur said that three months ago, another divisional head of the party like Kakem was briefly kidnapped and threatened, after which he distanced himself from the party.
>The BJP leader said, “They held him captive for five hours… Party activities in his division Kutru have now gone silent.” He added that they have not named a replacement as that might put another leader at risk, and claimed they did not lodge an FIR as that might have further provoked the Maoists.
>Inspector General, Bastar Range, Sunddaraj P said Maoists targeting politicians was not a surprise. “They have killed more than 1,700 innocent civilians, including many political representatives, over the years. Political workers are unarmed and live among the masses, and hence are soft targets. The Maoists do not need a lot or to take many risks to attack them. What they want is to create fear psychosis among villagers by attacking political activists, workers, panchayat members,” the IGP said.
>BJP spokesperson Kedar Gupta denied that the incidents had cowed the party. “BJP workers do not fear anyone. The BJP is a strong organisation and we will ensure justice is done. The more they (the Maoists) try to stop us, we will oppose them with double the force.”
>RSS member and state general secretary Pawan Sai, who is touring Jagdalpur in Bastar currently, however, admitted they were concerned. Asked what the party was doing to boost the morale and confidence of BJP workers, Sai said: “We are working on it. Right now, it is not the correct time to go there (to the spot).”
>Sai also said that senior BJP leaders, including former MLA Mahesh Gagda, had visited Kakem’s family and offered them all possible help.
>The ruling Congress too is wary after the two attacks in quick succession. Congress Bijapur district chief Lalu Rathod said, “I have not received threats, but you never know. Just last month, our worker Rammurthi Gatpalli, 32, was hacked to death by Maoists. While he did not tell us if he had received threats, they left behind a note similar to that left next to Kakem’s body.”
>About police advice to them, Rathod said he could not talk much about it, adding: “The police give us information not to travel to certain areas and we abide by it.”
>A relative of Gatpalli’s, who says they did not know he worked for the Congress, recalled that the Maoists struck on January 13, when he and others had gone to sell paddy at the Usoor paddy market. “Around 8-10 of them hacked Gatpalli in front of me… I held his head in my lap, and he asked me to clean his face, and then succumbed.”
>An official said they suspect that both Gatpalli and Kakem were killed by a small action team of Maoists, who do not carry firearms but use sharp weapons.
>Before the recent killings, the last time political leaders were killed by Maoists was in June 2019, when a Samajwadi Party leader, Santosh Punem, 40, was kidnapped and murdered in Bijapur. Two months earlier, ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, five people, including BJP MLA Bhima Mandavi, his driver, and three security personnel were killed in an IED blast in Dantewada.
>Over the last 10 years since 2013, around 38 political representatives have been killed by Maoists. Of them, 14 were killed in the May 2013 Jheeram Ghati incident alone, in which almost the entire Congress state leadership was wiped out.


File: 1676372915906.png (5.64 MB, 3000x3000, ClipboardImage.png)

What do you guys think about Malala Yousafzai? Supportable or opposable? Wanna see the board's consensus on this activist that my — is discussing rn


Pakistan on the Brink: What the Collapse of the Nuclear-Armed Regional Power Could Mean for the World
A series of disasters — including catastrophic flooding, political paralysis, exploding inflation, and a resurgent terror threat — risk sending the global player into full-blown crisis.
>The last year has brought Pakistan to the brink. A series of rolling disasters — including catastrophic flooding, political paralysis, exploding inflation, and a resurgent terror threat — now risk sending a key, if troubled, global player into full-blown crisis. If the worst comes to pass, as some experts warn, the catastrophe unfolding in Pakistan will have consequences far beyond its borders.
>“This is a country of 220 million people, with nuclear weapons and serious internal conflicts and divisions,” said Uzair Younus, the director of the Pakistan Initiative at the Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center. “The world didn’t like the outflows of refugees and weapons that came from countries like Syria and Libya. In comparison, Pakistan is magnitudes larger and more consequential.”
>“If the economy remains in a moribund state, and there are shortages of goods and energy leading to a political crisis on the streets of major cities, that would also allow the Pakistani Taliban and other terrorist groups to begin hitting at the government more directly,” said Younus, who is also vice president of the Asia Group, a strategic advisory firm. “We could see a significant weakening of the state and its capacity to impose order.”


She's cool obviously, no surprise the media dropped her once she started to become socialist


File: 1677606072785.png (319.53 KB, 750x660, ClipboardImage.png)

TERFs are also cancelling her for not thinking that transhumanists should be tortured and murdered


Imagine being Malala 5 years ago and having to smile and take photos with these western feminist vultures who want to pretend like you and them are fighting the same battle




Looks like years of Hindutva bullshit have restarted Sikh separatism to a limited extent


File: 1679795101315.png (483.02 KB, 474x711, ClipboardImage.png)

it is time bitches


Farmers led by communists have extracted concessions from the modi regime


This is completely wrong narrative. Shame on you for perpetuating it. The farm law reform would have eliminated the middlemen in the value chain. This way the farmers would have been able to access the market directly & would have been able to earn more money for their produce. The only farmers who were demonstrating are the ones who didn't want to remove this system & these weren't all farmers. These were mainly the middlemen. Also, these reforms were imposed upon India as part of WTO. Perhaps you can check who has the largest influence within the WTO, indeed the US, the "west". The law had already been validated by the Supreme Court of India. Mr. Modi's government could have easily ignored the middlemen's protests & implemented the law but in the end, his government didn't do that. You should have done your research. Only the farmers/middlemen from mainly Punjab were protesting because they are the ones working with the middlemen system. You have shown yourself to be nothing more than the mouthpiece of Soros-funded organisations. I say this as someone who doesn't vote for the BJP, Mr. Modi's party. Perhaps you should do something about the animal cruelty in teh US. Those feeding factories where animals are fed to a max within a few months, without any regard for their and the consumers' health & safety. Shame on you.


This was in Maharashtra, not Punjab


Does anybody know, how is the Workers Party of Bangladesh doing? I've read their programme and they seem cool.



>Street Thadal cold Drink
Is video

In other news I hear Bangladesh is hitting wet bulb temperatures that are horrific

Are you alright over there comrades?


File: 1689449205886.png (Spoiler Image, 90.07 KB, 645x1197, ClipboardImage.png)

>Just saw a Bhumihar type "Jai Baba Parashuram" for the billionth time
>Bihar has fallen
>Billions of landlords must die


also very curious


damn you ain't lyin


>Of them, 14 were killed in the May 2013 Jheeram Ghati incident alone, in which almost the entire Congress state leadership was wiped out.

God damn that got me so erect. Maoists are taking names while CPI (Marxist) wallows in electoral politics and "secular" Brahmanism, never moving outside of their Kerala comfort zone.


according to wikipedia
"An important feature of the anti-Colonial struggles in Malabar district, Cochin Kingdom and Travancore Kingdom (these three regions will later form Kerala state, along with some regions from South Kanara) in the 1920s and 1930s was the increasing involvement of peasants and workers. The peasant and labour movements of the 1930s were to a great extent the cause as well as the consequence of the emergence of a powerful left wing in politics."


Any updates, Indian comrades?


The more I read about India the more it seems like BJP has screwed the country for the next decade at least. It's like they committed to doing the most self destructive option every chance they get, case in point:
>In 2019, for example, G. Nageswara Rao, then vice chancellor of Andhra University, said that the Kauravas — who appear in the Hindu epic Mahabharata — were born of “stem cell and test tube technology.”
>In 2020, the Indian Institute of Technology Indore introduced a class to impart mathematical and scientific knowledge from ancient texts in the Sanskrit language. And in February of this year, IIT Kanpur — one of the country’s most elite universities — invited Rajiv Malhotra for a guest lecture. In the past, Malhotra cited an satirical article in denying the Greek civilization’s existence and touted the spiritual concept of the “third eye” as a substitute for medical diagnosis.


just standard anti-science reactionary retardation unfolding everywhere
look at republicans in the US





NewAgeBD are a great newspaper, generally left leaning and also reports on the communist politics of Bangladesh.

From the perspective of Diaspora, BRICs membership seems like a positive direction for the country in terms of development and infrastructure, as well as De-Linking and furthering Multipolarity in the region, or as a symptom of the condition of Multipolarity, Bangladesh is or will gradually stop having its Export Led Economy in relation to the West so controlled by those imperialist interests and possibly reduce the Unequal Exchange factor and Race-To-The-Bottom policies, meaning Bangladesh won't have to capitulate to the western companies, establishing better so called "free trade" with other nations or at least shift industry elsewhere to inner national development.


Also thus possible concessions or work improvements, as it is the western fashion companies who need cheap labour, cheap factories, quick production, quick shipment, which the rivers and canals of Bangladesh allow including port cities with factories dominating them e.g. Chittagong, correct me if I'm wrong, and so minimum wage or workplace regulation can increase without foreign pressure to maximize profits and spend as little as possible.


File: 1694504501851.png (8.17 KB, 300x168, ClipboardImage.png)

Am I crazy or did it change from India to Bharat in one week? Jesus christ that turn around.


Türkiye vibes


File: 1694544449332.png (778.49 KB, 1046x884, akhand-bharat-1.png)

Just curious, what do Afghanis and Burmese have in common with India exactly? How would the countries in the periphery be integrated in such a concept? Just want to understand the mindset of Greater India expansionists.


Reminder that the ethnic violence from the BJP Hindutva settler-colonialist Meitei/Manipur govt continues to wreak havoc on the tribal communities of northeast India.
>Manipur violence: 6 feared killed as gun battle enters third day (Sep 01, 2023)
>A fierce gunfight between Meitei and Kuki groups on the border between Bishnupur and Churachandpur districts continued for a third day on Thursday.
>A fierce gunfight between Meitei and Kuki groups on the border between Bishnupur and Churachandpur districts continued for a third day on Thursday, with at least six people feared dead in the last 24 hours in could well be was the bloodiest episode in the strife-torn state in over two months.


nothing, the whole project is an ahistorical fantasy based (ironically enough) on British-drawn lines.


Even that is not fully substantiated. Indians are perennially bad at keeping historic records, as remarked by both al-Biruni and Chinese Buddhist pilgrims. That the Afghans used Sanskrit Buddhist terminology doesn't mean that they should be lumped in with an imagined "hindu" civilization anymore than a modern Christian who uses Greek NT vocabulary should be lumped in with pagan Greece.


I've sort of been speculating about something this happening but I think this could be the big change towards Western antagonism of India and a paradigm shift in viewing India as the new China, i.e. a threat to American hegemony. The FONOP the American navy conducted in the India sea was a big clue for me in starting to think about this.


That's fucking deranged. Way beyond anything China has ever actually done on Western soil but we'll probably see the West freak out way less than they do over the made up shit they accuse China of.


Why aren't more people talking about this? The Indian government might honestly be the biggest fascists on the planet. Trudeau is a loser but I'm on his side here.





>Off and on Sikh separatist movement in India for the past several decades
> Indian government mostly drives it out and brutally suppresses it within its territory
> Still has support among Sikhs living abroad
>Pic related is was a notable Canadian supporter of the separatist movement
> Winds up dead
>Trudy goes on record claiming that the Indian government may have assassinated him in Canada


> Still has support among Sikhs living abroad

Yeah abroad not in india. You should know here how reactionary disapora of communities can be you have seen many times of different groups. The movement is nowhere near as popular among sikh in India only those who left the country.


Separatists movement are bad unless they are in Ukraine


>abroad not in india.
At least not any more. The movement was violently crushed. The Indian government killed thousands of Sikhs and even raided and destroyed their holiest site in the 70s, the Golden Temple. It had to be rebuilt.


> in the 70s
Correction: 80s


Because India is a terrible country run by morons, fascistic morons will surprise nobody because the country is too pathetic to accomplish anything better with its leaders in power.


>Why aren't more people talking about this?
We already have a thread about it:


File: 1695239164692.jpeg (124.7 KB, 1097x270, IMG_3036.jpeg)

Pic related is why OP


File: 1695239615365.png (166.79 KB, 500x522, bueno.png)

The situation is excellent

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