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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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My love was born in Aberdeen,
The bonniest kid that e'er was seen;
But now he makes our hearts fu' sad—
He's ta'en the field wi' his white cockade.
O, he's a ranting, roving blade!
⁠O, he's a brisk and a bonny lad!
Betide what may, my heart is glad
To see my lad wi' his white cockade.

But seriously tho when do we found a Left-Jacobite Party like they have Left-Carlists in Spain.
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If the anti-nuke people had their way they'd likely also withdraw from NATO.


>I'd rather work a corporate job than for a small business owner who drives a car worth several times your yearly pay while saying "well I can't give you a raise as business has been bad".
Which small businesses are you talking about?

<The average salary for a Small Business Owner / Operator is £30,000



Withdrawing from NATO is less likely than us abandoning nukes altogether to be honest. If we were at this point it'd almost certainly be a France in the cold war style of "we're not in NATO everyone knows we will immediately rejoin if anything happens". If we leave for good then the anti-nuke people are being stupid and we should hold onto our own deterrent while also ceasing imperialist activities.


Yeah I don't get the fascination people have with getting rid of nukes and would prefer leaving NATO, it's obvious if you rock the boat too much you'll need them as a deterrent.


Just compare the continued existence of North Korea and China compared to the state of countries like Iran and Iraq which keep getting told to abandon their programs while getting their leaders randomly killed and eventually completely destroyed by capital. If China and the DPRK weren't nuclear I don't doubt for a second that it would have been couped or invaded by now.


Thats because its deliberately using "operator" to include all of the small business "owners" who only own in the sense of tax arrangements used to allow a large corporation to reduce their risk and taxation. Just look at the job listing segments as an example of it.
Even ignoring that most peoples point of contact with small businesses will be more successful small ones as a simple function of them being successful enough to have more staff and locations. The small business owners getting paid 20 grand generally don't have much in the way of employees and when they do they will be very harsh on them as a matter of sheer class interest survival.

Also new when?


This conveniently avoids the question of what you want to happen now, with Britain under bourgeoisie rule.

Britain could easily maintain Trident warheads (iirc we build them ourselves), the missiles are the problem. Those are built and maintained in America.
Even with the documentation it is difficult to imagine we could construct the missiles in short order when considering that Britain hasn't had a proper rocket program since the Heath government.

As the chief advocate for Satan I would submit Cuba and (unified) Vietnam as partial counterexamples.


The US has tried to invade cuba and constantly tried to depose it, they did the same with vietnam. Even with counter examples the fact that countries have been toppled and fucked with while not having nuclear weapons is an argument itself to maintain a deterrent.

And yeah you're right about the warheads, I always forget if we maintain the warheads ourselves. For the immediate future its just keeping them functional for a few years which is a much easier task, even if we can't launch missiles its still a deterrent against invasion as we don't need to nuke Washington to stop an invasion, just get a warhead close to an invasion force. It wouldn't protect us from an all out strike but it would hold the forces of capital at bay while we rebuilt/reverse engineered our own ballistic missile program.


>This conveniently avoids the question of what you want to happen now, with Britain under bourgeoisie rule.
I want their overthrow. I don't care for games.


I want doesn't get


So you don't want communism, good to know.


(imagine i am doing a slow clap)


If I had any image editing skills I would make the image for the next thread a trident submarine with crudely photoshopped socialist imagery on it, but I do not. So please close your eyes and imagine this instead. Thank you for reading.


Most small businesses fail horribly and dont make any money so when you average it out it prolly makes it look like an average wage.


This general is pathetic. Why aren't any of you cretins talking about lockdown and the great reset? PAthetic.


We can complain about the great reset in other threads. Its a global thing.


oh gosh oh no we have to sit inside all day talking on the computer instead of going out on the sesh with our mates or selling rugs door to door or practicing the drums with the local pop punk group, this is the greatest restriction on our social lives since the school holidays!
but for me, it is just another Saturday evening.


Grow up you little cretin


You can always tell who is booj by how much they support lockdowns.
Snivelling cowards scared of a cold will never lead the proletariat to anywhere except the grave.


The same could be said of blowhards with a shopping list.


You're right, the best way to support the working class is to force them out to risk their health and probably kill their elderly relatives (who they are more likely to rely upon) so that people can cling to the liberal idea of freedom while making the number go up.


the higher the numbers go the more the dialectic is advanced. this is a universal truth.


People risk their health every day under capitalism.

How thick are people that they can't see what's going on? The capitalists don't need or want us. They plan to murder billions.


So you want to have people risk their lives even more so that a number will go up and liberal """""freedoms""""" will be upheld. Hmm very left wing opinion.


Imagine believing the numbers, fucking hell.
Even thick ignorant dupes who know nothing about politics know it's all a farce.
Yes, I do want workers to risk their lives to overthrow capitalism. Freedom is part of communism. You want to munch lab grown slop and be executed by the fascist scum who rule us? That's the fate that awaits us unless we do something.


The majority of British workers are demoralised, disorganised, without political leadership, with little political understanding. Unless the communist parties have the balls to oppose lockdown and organise the workers in a mighty army to exterminate the parasites before they exterminate us, we are heading for a worldwide Auschwitz.


you won't believe how fucked off i am that i can't find the sun's cutout countdown until we can have a pint so that i can facetiously suggest leninhat stick it on his wall.


You're not going to any pubs any time soon


In the UK, yokels are traditionally depicted as wearing the old West Country/farmhand's dress of straw hat and white smock, chewing or sucking a piece of straw and carrying a pitchfork or rake, listening to "Scrumpy and Western" music


Since overthrowing capitalism is illegal it doesn't matter if its also illegal to go outside. Do you think that the revolution is going to be approved by an act of parliament? Really you're just a useful idiot for the powers that be to get the workers back into the workplace so number can go back up.


Workers won't overthrow anything hiding in their homes.
We need fearless communists, like myself.


This is just pure larp, even if lockdown had never happened you rug merchants wouldn't have achieved a thing.


File: 1614457796305.mp4 (12.39 MB, 640x268, Execution of Charles I, 30….mp4)

>Do you think that the revolution is going to be approved by an act of parliament?
isn't that how the last one went


We need parliament to think that they are the king so they will pass an act declaring that they need their heads chopped of. Foolproof plan if you ask me (which quite frankly you should).


Told you before kid, I'm not a CPGBML member.
We need a new party that actually represents the British proletariat opposed to lockdown.


>We need a new party that actually represents the British proletariat
Scottish Labour is as good as new now that it's elected Anas Sarwar as leader :)


Are you 15? Who actually uses kid as an insult when they're an adult?


Most posters on here are infantile dunces


leninhat who do you hate more australia or new zealand?


Says the obvious 15 year old.


I'm in my 20s


I hate you, you smug, bourgeois faggot.
Do you work? You're on here 24/7 you boring nazi menshevik.


File: 1614461272448.jpg (51.33 KB, 640x480, scorpio.jpg)

heh… nobody ever says australia or new zealand


Whatever you say my friendo.


Hmmm I wonder what might cause someone to be able to post constantly on this board. I wonder if some sort of global event is making people stay at home. Hmmmmm.


Leninhat, USAID funded the Wuhan institute of virology according to media roots radio


File: 1614512667217.png (1.14 MB, 827x1128, ClipboardImage.png)

Fs in chat for Peter Hitchens' freedom.


China and America aren't enemies. The new "Cold War" narrative is a false one. It's all spectacle, they are capitalist states in league with each other to exploit the workers.


I think leninhat is peter hitchens reliving his youth online.

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