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>Spanish rapper Pablo Hasel's arrest has sparked protests in major cities, with critics calling his prosecution an assault on free speech. The artist was convicted for insulting the monarchy and glorifying terrorism.

>Thousands of protesters took to the streets across Spanish cities on Tuesday evening demanding the release of a rapper arrested by police over a series of tweets in a controversial free speech case.

>Police in riot gear stormed a university 150 kilometers (90 miles) west of Barcelona on Tuesday morning and arrested rapper Pablo Hasel, who had barricaded himself inside the campus to avoid jail.

>Later in the day, around 2,000 people rallied in central Barcelona waving banners and placards that said: "Freedom for Pablo Hasel."

>A handful of protesters also set trash cans on fire, erected street barricades, and threw stones, bottles, and firecrackers at the police, chanting slogans such as "Death to the Spanish regime."

>Video footage on Twitter also showed police charging at protesters hurling objects at them, trying to disperse the crowd, in some cases using batons and foam projectiles.

>Several stores and banks were damaged, and police stations in the Catalan capital were vandalized, with windows smashed and spray-paints on the walls.

>The Catalan regional police Mossos d'Escuadra said on Twitter that protesters burned motorbikes and bins, creating barricades and blocking streets in Barcelona, adding that 14 people had been arrested.

Tl;dr a rapper got thrown in jail for insulting the Spanish monarchy and now spain is burning

Article: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.dw.com/en/spain-protests-erupt-across-country-after-rappers-arrest/a-56593648

Thread theme: https://youtu.be/4XmNNb63TVo




Yes. Yes. Good.


He's literally like the most based musician alive today bros


spain is full of based music. Like seriously, spanish anons how the fuck does your country make like 80% of actual good leftist european music?


why didn't the barricade work? too many cops and not enough homies in it or?


*the barricade in the campus


File: 1613622892811.mp4 (19.78 MB, 1280x720, Añorando a Iosif-Pablo Has….mp4)

I would post communist 2 but is so goddam big.
Just listen to it.


I had no idea what to expect but when I click the link and see the hammer and sickle…… pure chad energy


Is this guy a Stalinist, or does he just praise him ironically or something?


Dempeus tot el poble, tots a la lluita
esfondrem amb fúria la reacció!

It's because the spanish people are just extremely based, anon.
Unironically i think that at least within educated spaniards they're some of the most politically educated in europe. Never met a spaniard that isn't able to articulate well exactly why they disagreed with me. even in second, 3rd and 4th languages.


he's just a socialist who isn't american and therefor has not had his brain melted by cold war propaganda


File: 1613630824327.png (141.56 KB, 2688x2688, 1344177706902.png)

It's as if being whipped by the naked forces of reaction makes you acutely aware of the struggle taking place. But nah, accelerationism doesn't work, and the difference between Greek and US antifa is an accident.


Accelerationism is reductive and silly. American society are both some of the most reactionary in the west and yet americans have always lagged behind.
The far-right in the US has always been popular and as you allude to, american antifa are pussies and an embarrassment to us who live in european countries. Even little things like lots of europe having a social welfare net and more liberal views on propety allowed leftist/radical scenes the space for infrastructure so as to thrive where they otherwise wouldn't in the more reactionary america.


American state and society are both*


That's because American imperialism means the people, corporations and the state could afford to team up on other countries. But now the reaction America subjected other countries to is being turned on its people.


>The far-right in the US has always been popular
Maybe in the past (like during the KKK revival in the 1920s), but certainly not now. Most Americans are repulsed by groups like the Proud Boys, and even Trump never had an approval rating of 50% or more during his presidency.
>american antifa are pussies and an embarrassment to us who live in european countries.
What are European antifa like? Also, I wouldn't exactly call American antifa "pussies" or "an embarrassment", as they managed to destroy the alt-right back in 2017.


All Spanish speakers are so based. Think I’m gonna learn Spanish


He's an ML yeah and also kind of an asshole from what I heard, but that doesn't matter rn. Pablo Absolució!


>That's because American imperialism means the people, corporations and the state could afford to team up on other countries. But now the reaction America subjected other countries to is being turned on its people.
No anon. What I am saying is that America has always been reactionary on the ground. It has always been FAR more reactionary than most of europe, all of europe over the last twenty or thirty years, and despite that the Accelerationist equation still has not played itself out.
>Maybe in the past (like during the KKK revival in the 1920s), but certainly not now. Most Americans are repulsed by groups like the Proud Boys, and even Trump never had an approval rating of 50% or more during his presidency.
Having aproval ratings under 50% fr trump does not in any way prove to us that America is not a very, very reactionary society.. It is a society built on reaction, idk why you would try to argue otherwise.
>What are European antifa like? Also, I wouldn't exactly call American antifa "pussies" or "an embarrassment", as they managed to destroy the alt-right back in 2017.
Not a protest movement. We leave the counter-protesting with isigns, etc. to the trade unions and christian groups and mob up, causing damage. This is what the tactic is for, or was before the americans maybe ruined it beyond salvaging. Video related.
>They managed to destroy the alt-right back in 2017.
But not only does the aut-right still exist, many of it's members are pretty commonly known, even getting spots on TV, etc. sometimes.
Learning spanish ATM too, before esperante. Truly a based peoples.




an asshole how?


No such thing as


Spanish communist parties have many, many issues, but pussyfooting around communist history has never been one. Even the right wing of the communist movement (PCE, PSUC…) openly defend the legacy of the Soviet Union. Probably because unlike in most of the west, every time the right wing starts spousing the cold war propaganda about muh free world vs godless gommies anyone in the room can point out Franco's dictatorship and the antifascist struggle of Communist Party of Spain to debunk it.


The best communist movements in Spain are PCTE and Frente Obrero IMHO, but if PCE still defends history that's a plus for them.


>150 kilometres west of Barcelona
that's like a fifth of fucking Spain why not just name the town?


>tfw will never be part of a leftist uprising in Catalonia
>tfw ancestors moved to Mexico/USA instead
>now I must suffer in the most reactionary country in the world

My brain tells me that moving to Spain is retarded but my heart desires it so badly.


>Moving to spain
Did you know that Spain has a 50% young unemployment?


>50% youth unemployment
Man, i thought Italy had it bad with 30 to 35% but this is wild. How the fuck do they manage not to collapse economically?


(a)it's not *that* bad if you have an in-demand STEM degree
(b) yes, I recognize Spain's economy is shit, but so is America's. Might as well live in a beautiful country and suffer instead of living in suburban sprawl hell and suffer


>My brain tells me that moving to Spain is retarded but my heart desires it so badly.
>>now I must suffer in the most reactionary country in the world

Spain still is a literal monarchy ruled in part by an unironic fascist party that directly traces its origins from a dictatorship that was allied with Hitler, lol.


sure but at least the people aren't either reactionary conservatives or NPC liberals


>Having aproval ratings under 50% fr trump does not in any way prove to us that America is not a very, very reactionary society.. It is a society built on reaction, idk why you would try to argue otherwise.
When it comes to things like gay rights, women's rights, and immigrants' rights, America isn't really that much different from Europe. Sure, a lot of immigrants are kept in ICE camps, but Europe has similar facilities in places like Lesbos. The United States is economically more reactionary, but that is more do to the structure of American institutions than the views of American people. Americans typically are more left-wing than their government is.
>Not a protest movement. We leave the counter-protesting with isigns, etc. to the trade unions and christian groups and mob up, causing damage.
Antifa "mobs up" here when necessary too. Besides, you don't always need to go that far.
>But not only does the aut-right still exist, many of it's members are pretty commonly known, even getting spots on TV, etc. sometimes.
It still exists, but is more poorly organized than it was in 2017. The far-right in general shifted away from explicit white nationalism/white supremacism due to the Charlottesville incident. Also, alt-rightists, like Richard Spencer, haven't really gotten on TV much since 2017. Deplatforming really hit them like a truck.


File: 1613673570278.jpg (73.44 KB, 963x1200, D21LKKWXcAEkHUK.jpg)

Then go to castille


Can't be bothered to summarize it now but try google translate if you don't read spanish, he just comes off as a bit of an entitled prima donna. Of course this was ten years ago so he might have changed since then - I never met him. (and I prefer anarchopunk)
Dude give Mexico a try. Spain sucks right now there's nothing to do under the corona regime.




isn't he a sepratist or something


>Even the right wing of the communist movement (PCE, PSUC…) openly defend the legacy of the Soviet Union.
By "even", don't you mean to say "only"?
Antifascism killed the revolution before Franco could.


very good, somebody needs to radicaloze the protesters




File: 1613677852123.jpg (53.94 KB, 990x557, xavi01.jpg)

Every time i scroll and see OPs images I have a little lol in the reminder that burgers think Spaniards are White. Thanks OP!


i don't know


>Dude give Mexico a try. Spain sucks right now there's nothing to do under the corona regime.
How is Mexico any better? If anything, it seems worse. At least Spain is a first world country.


The police does that unironically


If i'm not mistaken there's less restrictive measures in mexico. In spain we have a mask mandate (even in the street and parks), 10 pm curfew, prohibition of meetings of more than 6 people, and you're not allowed to leave your municipality.


I don't really mind those things, so long as they help keep infection rates low.


>10 pm curfew
Wtf, is evreyone sober now?


but are those laws actually enforced, and do people actually follow them


… Spain still has a monarchy?


We're going off topic here, but no the restrictions don't seem to do anything but make life more miserable. Everybody's tired of it, even people that didn't mind in the beginning. Seriously the majority of covid deaths are from old folks that were locked up in retirement homes anyway that get infected by their caregivers.
Nah you just need to stock up on booze at home and if you visit friends to party you have to stay overnight or risk getting fined. On the bright side at least it's not france where the curfew is 6pm.
Yeah most people follow the rules, at least 90%. Enforcement is not as high but I know a lot of people that have been fined.


Well no wonder communist parties do better there


>if you visit friends to party you have to stay overnight or risk getting fined
oh dam, so the cops are out looking for people
how is that possible?


It's a shame that he's associated with Catalan separatism given his support for communist heroes like GRAPO but solidarity nonetheless. Says it all that fascists can freely march to honour the Blue Division but communists get arrested. Spain is still fascist.


idk if he's actually an 'indepe' (Vall de Aran is Occitania not Catalunya jeje) I think he just supports "the right to decide".


indepndce movments are kind larp tbh, supporters shouldn't be arrested tho


Agreed. Pablo's in jail for tweeting insults against the king emeritus and edgy lyrics that honored some armed struggle groups though, not independentism. Tbh I think he knew this would be good for his career, as it has been in the past, and that's partly why he didn't pull a Valtonyc and go into exile. Still nobody should go to jail for expressing opinions, especially for insulting the king, and it's good that these protests are raising the issue.


"insulting the king" being a crime sounds like something out of the middle ages


A legacy of medieval barbarism yes, still present in many monarchies. Only way to end it is with the Romanov solution.


Which armed struggle groups did he reference to?
Just curious.


I seriously can't believe how based the zapatistas are. Truly an inspiration.
>spaniards they're some of the most politically educated in europe.
That has been my impression as well. Of europeans in general, they are very politically aware, and there are many communists in urban areas compared to the Americas.
There are no real restrictions to individuals. If you don't have a mask on the street, people will look at you ugly, and you won't be able to enter businesses, but you probably won't be fined.
That said, a guy got shot by the police for not wearing a mask while eating.


>Only way to end it is with the Romanov solution
You don't have to kill them though. There are a lot of overthrown royal families, like the Habsburgs, the Hohenzollerns, and the Ottomans that don't do those sorts of things. They mostly just keep quiet and keep to themselves.


Lèse-majesté was the reason Thai government DDOS'd us, my dude.



Having a Thailand General thread, apparently.


What would possess the government of country of over 60 million people to waste their time fooling around with some random-ass Mongolian basket weaving forum with like 500 users?


>Did you know that Spain has a 50% young unemployment?
This is outdated (that was the level more directly following the Spanish financial crisis). These stats from 2018 list youth unemployment (ages 15-24) as 34%:
Still bad, but similar to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy and Albania.
Greece, Macedonia and Kosovo are worse though (39%, 45% and 55%):


That's great! Keep enforcing and obeying those laws! Because until the vaccination is in the required level there's the risk of infecting family or friends and leave them crippled (temporally or for life) or killing them


>don't party
okay boomer


The PC(R) armed struggle after the "democratic" transition.
You can find more online
As it was said in the moment, probably the works of some bureocrat who read that the forum was talking of the protests and decided to strike here as well as in many other pages.
A glorious struggle that was!


File: 1613709679070.gif (3.32 MB, 642x414, 1584335946648.gif)

We're I'm from shit has hit the fan and people are diying like flies if they get the wrong side of the coinflip, so if you don't want to accelerate any kind of inheritance I would suggest to take care.
Or not, I don't care


three of my friends got it and they said it wasn't that bad


File: 1613709845425.png (898.29 KB, 514x682, ClipboardImage.png)





The bourbons are a plague tho.
We need to end what the french revolution started


>They mostly just keep quiet and keep to themselves.
You joking? Deposed royals remain top level porkies and mafiosos


File: 1613737286750-0.mp4 (2.43 MB, 640x360, Policías cargan contra un ….mp4)

File: 1613737286750-1.mp4 (2.16 MB, 636x360, El policía llama puta de m….mp4)

File: 1613737286750-2.mp4 (278.67 KB, 640x360, Un sintecho recibe un bala….mp4)

File: 1613737286750-3.mp4 (2.76 MB, 640x360, La policía, armada y prote….mp4)

So, yea, let's go.
<Police charge against a group of protesters cornered to a wall, proceeding to beat them to a pulp with their batons
<Police calls a girl "You fucking cunt" **I don't think there's an actual translation to "puta de mierda", aside from "Shit Bitch" since de mierda just escalates the insult preceding it, but it's a very bad word" and once the girl answers the policeman already has a pretext to beat her with his baton.
<A homeless guy who has been shot with rubber bullets by a policeman
<The police, armed and portected as the cowards they are, mantains a group of protesters locked in place and if they try to get out, they charge.


File: 1613737337295-0.jpg (76.77 KB, 900x506, Euhgd9uXAAclNdM.jpg)

File: 1613737337295-1.jpg (46.15 KB, 680x454, EuhgdtVXMAEDYjy.jpg)

Protester loses her eye after being shot by a rubber bullet directly at ger glasses


File: 1613737657365-0.mp4 (4.04 MB, 640x360, Vídeo de una de las cargas….mp4)

File: 1613737657365-1.mp4 (738.66 KB, 320x564, Policías pegan y arrastran….mp4)

File: 1613737657365-2.mp4 (386.94 KB, 320x568, Manifestante herida por BA….mp4)

File: 1613737657365-3.mp4 (2.59 MB, 304x640, En este vídeo se puede ver….mp4)

<Video of one of the police charges, in which it's seen they directly punch the protesters.
<Police beat and drag a girl through the floor and proceed to beat her with their batons.




<Policemen shoot at point black and beat a protester, until he doesn't move anymore.


File: 1613737943124-0.mp4 (2.1 MB, 320x564, Cargas policiales. Cogen a….mp4)

File: 1613737943124-1.mp4 (5.81 MB, 640x360, Cargan, disparan, golpean.….mp4)

File: 1613737943124-2.mp4 (1.66 MB, 640x360, Paliza a un hombre delante….mp4)

File: 1613737943124-3.mp4 (1.66 MB, 640x360, Paliza a un hombre delante….mp4)

File: 1613737943124-4.mp4 (921.89 KB, 320x558, El ciudadano le pide el nú….mp4)

<Policemen pick a guy at random and beat him up to a pulp


<Policemen shooting rubber bullets although it's not sure if it's rubber bullets and a man falls unconscious or dead to the ground.


<Policemen give a direct beating to a man in front of his sons.


<A guy asks for the policeman's plate number, he answer punching him and insulting him.




It should be noted that this happened at an earlier protest (on 2-12) against a local incident of police brutality in Linares (Jaén), not the protests for Pablo Hasel, but the initial convocation of the demo for Hasel in barcelona also made reference to the Linares protest. The youth who was injured by the bullet didn't even take part in the protest, he was just a passerby.
The girl that lost her eye was hit by a foam-tipped projectile which was fired directly, since the use of rubber bullets (which are supposed to be bounced off the ground) have been illegal for a few years due to a grassroots campaign against them after numerous prior incidents of people losing their eyes.


Reminder that recording policemen is illegal in Spain




Imagine a civil war breaking out over a fucking rapper.


File: 1613742205872.jpg (25.74 KB, 499x382, EkHZh-HU0AEkgS0.jpg)



I doubt it, but more and bigger protests are sure to come this year because of the state of the economy:
Two out of three households can't pay monthly expenses


File: 1613743812179.png (20.29 KB, 1141x210, Screenshot_2021-02-19 Igor….png)

they also have really weird children


>Two out of three households can't pay monthly expenses
thats fucking absurd


File: 1613744298019.mp4 (116 KB, 320x240, I DON'T GIVE A SHIT.mp4)

>recording policemen is illegal in Spain


Also as a political thing, the Rosa killers betrayed the people and comrades (once again lel)
>Pedro Sanchez says Spain is a full Democracy, but some changes are needed in that law.


The Habsburgs are still kicking, they're big EU fanatics. And yeah you do have to get rid of them all.


yeah but most Spanish people I know (mostly lads and lassies my age) dislike them for the most part. They're not like the English or Dutch monarhcy who hold a major celebrity role across all generations. And that's not even mentioning Catalans Basque people who detest the monarchy with a burning passion.


meanwhile in mexico cops literally kidnapped and killed a worker last year because he wasn't wearing a mask


Important to remember lots of people still do like the royals though. Reaction is strong in Spain and you get out of the big metro areas an you will find a LOT of royalists and unironic Franco supporters.


A lot of people liked the romanov's as well tho.


According to a poll in 2020, 40.9% of spaniards prefer a republic, while 34.9% prefer the monarchy. The same poll shows that support for the monarchy in among catalans plummets to 14.6% vs a 66.5% who support a republic. Republican sentiment is also over 60% among basques and navarreses, but under 30% in the territories of Madrid, Valencia and Andalusia.
According to the same poll, the only institution valored worse by catalans than the monarchy is the catholic chuch, which in the rest of Spain polls better than the political parties, parliament or the unions.

Source: https://www.publico.es/politica/encuesta-monarquia-apoyo-republica-arrasaria-monarquia-catalunya-referendum-estatal.html


Looks like only the area around the eye is damaged


File: 1613760300724.jpg (112.82 KB, 1024x683, b-1024x683.jpg)

D.E.P. Giovanni. Of course the pigs in mexico are violent and corrupt as it can get, pandemic or not, but to what extent depends on the area, neighborhood, etc just like any other country. And we all know they are a lot more reluctant to kill a gringo so anon would most likely be ok and have a nice time. There's a lot of really based comrades in mexico.
Dude she got a direct hit from a "less lethal grenade launcher" (pic related)


>the only institution valored worse by catalans than the monarchy is the catholic chuch
why is this?


File: 1613761057419.png (1.23 MB, 1200x797, based anarchos.png)

it must be some sort of tradition i dunno




File: 1613761126758.png (183.28 KB, 642x356, arboldguernica.png)

The church has always been hand in hand with the ruling class and the forces of repression.


Why is it popular in the rest of Spain then ?


>40.9% of spaniards prefer a republic
Seems Spain is a fair bit more republican than Britain is.




File: 1613766953620.jpg (102.65 KB, 640x640, 1433968752839.jpg)

>rhymes so sick, they ignite a country


they christcucks


I mean, it came closish before!


>Dude she got a direct hit from a "less lethal grenade launcher"
Damn I hope her eye turned out fine


Rhymes so fire they light up an entire country


She lost that eye.


File: 1613799072068.jpg (338.48 KB, 1016x774, 266df6beb5e44d82a000cf0e9b….jpg)

sucks man


I was going to apply to grad school in Spain. Now I really hope I get in; what I would give to be in these riots right now…


>He was taken to prison to serve a nine-month sentence for insulting the monarchy and glorifying “terrorism” in a song about former King Juan Carlos, and in 64 tweets several years ago.


Ah, so they're just plain ol' businessmen now, thus needing no special treatment


>they're big EU fanatics
But that's a good thing, since a united Europe would be counterhegemonic against the United States. Critical support to the Habsburgs.


File: 1613801676883.png (424.95 KB, 600x590, porky.png)

>the EU is a good thing


File: 1613801821367.jpg (287.17 KB, 800x1182, Basílica de la Sagrada Fam….jpg)

>According to the same poll, the only institution valored worse by catalans than the monarchy is the catholic chuch
RIP Sagrada Família


t. butthurt Serb


Yeah, you're right, you wouldn't want a united Europe to challenge American hegem— I mean exploit workers.


That's antisemetic.


>But that's a good thing, since a united Europe would be counterhegemonic against the United States.


Have they actually done that yet?


It's not a matter of good or bad. The European capitalists must unite or they will be destroyed. The two questions are:
Are European capitalists even capable of uniting?
How can the working class of Europe organize and respond?


File: 1613807766644.jpg (158.61 KB, 1200x900, Macron throne.jpg)

The EU has tried to make amends with Russia, but the US keeps blocking them. Nord Stream 2 is a good example of this. Also, there have been talks of creating an EU army, which could end their military dependence on the United States. Pic related has been pushing for a more united and independent Europe.


What's do the German business interests think of Macron, will they prop him up if it looks like he's going to lose power?


I don't know, but I'm guessing they would prefer Macron over a nationalist lunatic like Le Pen.


File: 1613810431799.jpg (45.65 KB, 600x595, macron-complex-thonk.jpg)

>What's do the German business interests think of Macron
They are peas in a pod.
It is important to remember the power dynamics of Europe. The bosses are the DE and FR porky class and everyone else is there money bitch.


The EU is part of the American Empire (NATO)


It does sometimes have disagreements with it though. Also, Europe's fragmentation makes it easier for the US to dominate.


times are changing

china is a bigger trading partner now than the u.s.


The EU is a barrier to socialism in Europe that has to be destroyed. The states of Europe (except Russia) are already under American dominance in the EU.


File: 1613819611309.png (28.52 KB, 465x210, ada.tot.suport.png)

In Barcelona four more comrades arrested last night while the woke socdem mayor, who used to be a direct action anti-eviction activist tweets:
"Defending freedom of speech in no way justifies destroying all kinds of property, frightening neighbors, endangering businesses affected by the crisis or attacking the media. Full support for the security forces[…]" Meanwhile the catalan independentist center-left party (ERC), which just won the recent elections and is expected to head the next government, calls for an investigation on police brutality and one of their jailed militants (Jordi Cuixart, president of of Omnium Cultural) sent an open letter to "my dearest" Hasel (citing Gramsci!) extending his solidarity, saying his oldest son is a big fan and to stay strong.


>Ada Colau
Reminder that this bitch is buddy-buddies with the Corbyn and Bernie scams in the Anglo world too.


File: 1613823005563.jpg (83.15 KB, 800x513, adacolau.jpg)

Scratch a professional activist and an aspiring career politician bleeds


File: 1613826469922.jpg (488.81 KB, 1080x1711, IMG_20210220_145848.jpg)

>Yep that's the shit right here ,good pr ,tweet it Manolo




Just generic support the police blah blah blah but the pic seems really sadistic to me


File: 1613827129188.jpg (89.02 KB, 1024x640, 1613823340524.jpg)

You guys seen this? Thought it might be related (at least tangentially)

"Spain’s Jewish communities call for probe into neo-fascist demonstration in Madrid"
The Federation of Jewish Communities in Spain (FCJE) has called on the hate crimes public prosecutor to investigate antisemitic accusations made during a demonstration in honor of the División Azul, or Blue Division, held in Madrid on Saturday. The military unit, which was made up of volunteers, was sent by former Spanish dictator Francisco Franco to support Adolf Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union during the Second World War.

In a video that has been shared online by the digital magazine La Marea, a young woman is seen at a lectern with a microphone surrounded by dozens of people carrying neo-fascist and Nazi symbols and paraphernalia. The woman in the video is heard saying that “the enemy is always going to be the same albeit wearing different masks: the Jew.” She adds: “Because there is nothing that is more true than this statement: the Jew is to blame, the Jew is to blame, and the Blue Division fought for this.” She later states that communism is “a Jewish invention to pit the workers against one another.”


"Isabel Medina, the young anti-Semite of the tribute to the Blue Division: "I am a fascist and a socialist""
"It is our supreme obligation to fight for Spain and for a Europe now weak and liquidated by the enemy, the enemy who will always be the same, although with different masks: the Jew. Because nothing is more certain than this statement: the Jew is the culprit . "

These were the words that Isabel Medina Peralta , a young leader of the recently resurrected National Feminine Section of the Falange, spoke this past Saturday in the Almudena cemetery, where homage was paid to the fallen of the Blue Division in the battle of Krasni Bor. Although he was addressing the 300 people gathered there, the echo of her anti-Semitic tirade has resonated throughout the country.



Lmao from the picture alone it looks like it was anti-police.


It's an annual thing, the "democratic transition" never made a formal rupture with the old regime and most of the remnants and descendants of franquism regrouped into the center-left Partido Popular, leaving only the hard-liners in the falange. It's fitting to mention that the División Azul wasn't entirely "volunteers", a large portion of it was actually made up of red POWs who were given an ultimatum.


the Wikipedia article on them is biased as hell, is there anywhere I could read up on them? Heard they were in Yugoslavia as well, hopefully they were well acquainted with the science of Speleology during their trip


Pol has gone mad for this bitch.
The funny thing is that she's Peruvian.
La creatura strikes again.


File: 1613829387305.pdf (107.98 KB, 215x300, 38831313.pdf)

idk about english texts but here's a short pdf that brings up some of the "hidden issues" in its historiography (in spanish)


File: 1613830971414.jpg (608.13 KB, 710x448, 20210220_152156.jpg)

<Ultra-rightwing anarchist ideology


I bet she is a Christcuck who got deep into the immigrant-hate or a wannabe gusano, in a way, it doesn't surprise me. Peru had their fair amount of fascists
Also from what I founded she is spanish, daughter from a PP councilman.


Oh but when TVE aired that headline about the princess leaving Spain "like her grandfather" people got fired.






>The EU is a barrier to socialism in Europe that has to be destroyed.
And will socialism be somehow easier without the EU…?


Some Amerifags and Spaniards should get together to try to get Pablo do to a track with Imm Tek or Dead Prez.
Vid related.


You won't have a legal ban on everything not austerity, won't have full mobility of capitals, etc etc


Not to mention intra-european police forces parachutted into different countries where they do not speak the language and are used to quell revolt (I don't have a source for this but maybe other oldfags can remember this shit being thrown around in 2008 where it was looking a bit dicey for some EU states.). As well as just inter-agency collaboration to monitor and undermine lefists, radicals and revolutionaries.


File: 1613856635511.jpg (14.21 KB, 318x452, combat journalism.jpg)

This is fucking retarted even for the antena3 bastards. Journoids get the wall.


>Arrest of a rapper is what it takes to spark social uprising
Is this what is meant by "clownworld"


File: 1613871591160.jpg (202.17 KB, 982x577, debb974288fb312949ff78eb4b….jpg)



In a land where referring to Carrero Blanco as the first spanish astronaut in a tweet takes you to prison the right to rebel is justified even by liberal standards


Isn't there a super popular right-wing chick from Spain, so popular that /poll/ took notice?


File: 1613888576834.jpg (125.33 KB, 1032x659, f62f1663f76d67c349617776e4….jpg)

Looks like his last theme is booming in yt.
1 million, not even the Communist 2 got so many views kek


File: 1613888667196.jpg (161.53 KB, 1200x817, 20210221_072400.jpg)

>the press be like.


That like to dislike bar…


Yea, euro gendarmerie. Exactly what I was trying to recall.
Terrifies me, but thanks, anon.


File: 1613889338992.mp4 (6.79 MB, 640x358, gkXygHsXfORQkJgR.mp4)

Btw here's video about miners on strike in Spain of about 10 years ago.


File: 1613889996996.jpg (9.45 KB, 200x200, winnar.jpg)

Anon you are a legend and I love you.
I was desperately searching for this footage a few months ago, remembering it vividly from some screening we did back then. Couldn't find it anywere and nnew it as soon as i seen the thumb. Thanks.


Somewhat. It was created in the 1950s to enable the capitalists of western Europe to better organise themselves and allow American capital easier access to European markets after the massive advances socialism made in the 1940s, plus the French and Italian communist parties were enormously powerful forces. In that scenario, the bourgeoisie of France, west Germany, Belgium etc decided they would be better served by forming an organisation dedicated to reviving and entrenching capitalism.


I wonder what Podemos and CUP’s response to this is like. Anyone knows?


File: 1613904211417.jpg (8.38 KB, 233x216, 73c.jpg)

>Nooooooo you can't do that we shared that the arrest of Pablo Hasel bad but violence is bad nooooooo, it's not like we're in the goverment and can do something nooooooooooo.


File: 1613904569559.jpg (137.81 KB, 1130x1082, 7de.jpg)

The revolution is scheduled tomorrow, don't come late, comrade!


yung beef le gana


But Podemos and CUP aren’t in the government…


Well CUP solidly support the protests and one of their guys in Girona (the ex-mayor of the town of Celrá) was hit with a baton by the cops the other day when he tried to help a guy that was being beaten and arrested. En Comú Podem (Colau's Party) have filed a motion to absolve Hasel but it's doubtful that it will pass unless the intensity of the rioting is able to force the hand of the centrist parties like PSOE. (maybe but not likely)


Podemos IS in the coalition goverment.


Podemos is in the Spanish government (Iglesias is the VP) and CUP as a separatist party don't even run in spanish elections. But Podemos will probably be excluded from the coalition for the Catalan Govern which ERC will head, and CUP will most likely be a part in that.


Update: last night in barcelona the riot pigs made a brutal charge on a section of protesters that were totally kettled in, 35 comrades were arrested and 8 confirmed injured. There were also some arrests at the demos in Lleida and Tarragona.


What are the other regions thinking about this?


File: 1613924947799.jpg (89.06 KB, 720x1019, manis.jpg)

It varies of course but there have been solidarity demos all over the spanish state even before the arrest (pic related)




Do you want the real explanation or the BASED explanation?




File: 1613934972571.jpg (147.74 KB, 1130x1194, 20210221_201546.jpg)



File: 1613937083577.png (782.77 KB, 796x811, Screenshot_20200810-144844.png)

How many exguarimberos have reached Spain? Kek


que es un guarimbero


Las fuerzas de choque de la gusanera venezolana.


jsjsjsj algaro


File: 1613941389655-0.jpg (39.37 KB, 301x137, lucio-urtubia-travel-check….jpg)

File: 1613941389655-1.jpg (1.36 MB, 2848x2134, Lucio_Urtubia_2010.jpg)

File: 1613941389655-2.jpg (19.84 KB, 499x296, Lucio-Urtubia.jpg)

ITT we post our favorite spaniards. I'll start.

Lucio Urtubia,1931-2920, Anarchist, brick later, forger.
>When Lucio Urtubia was arrested at Paris’s café Les Deux Magots in 1980, French police could not believe that this humble bricklayer was the mastermind behind the international plot to bleed Citibank dry. In recent months, Urtubia had been distributing thousands of forged travelers’ checks to revolutionary groups across Europe, from the Red Brigades in Italy to ETA in the Basque Country. Citibank’s response only deepened its losses as it placed a Europe-wide ban on all travelers’ checks above $10 — thus cutting off the revenue it normally generated through commissions.

>As Urtubia’s checks spread to South America after his arrest, Citibank became desperate. Deciding to sue for peace, the world’s largest bank had little option but to meet its blackmailer’s demands: drop all charges and hand over a suitcase full of cash (which Urtubia would later use to fund social movements in Latin America). As the two sides met to finalize the agreement, the head of security for Citibank refused to shake his hand — leading Urtubia to tell the financiers: “You are the real criminals. You don’t know how to do anything but make wars and spread death.”

>An anarchist, anti-fascist, bank robber and construction worker, Lucio Urtubia died in Paris on Saturday July 18, aged eighty-nine. Upon his passing, Spain’s deputy prime minister Pablo Iglesias remembered the Basque exile as “a revolutionary bricklayer that fought all his life for a better world with the joy of someone who knows he is sowing the seeds of the future.” Considered a latter-day Robin Hood by the French and Spanish left, Urtubia refused to characterize his actions as theft but instead, like other “social bandits” that came before him, talked of expropriation — claiming “he who robs a thief, is a thousand times forgiven.”


Holy shit, where did you get this info? Ive never heard of him


File: 1613951825467.jpeg (29.25 KB, 400x267, Lucio_and_Enric.jpeg)

>Holy shit, where did you get this info? Ive never heard of him
He wrote a book and there are several interviews with him.
Here he is chatting with Enric Dunham, a more modern bank robber/frauder; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-F4v_YxKHc , english subs.
Here is a documentary from Basque TV translated by Christy Stuart and that lot: http://www.christiebooks.com/rave/mp4/Sp%20%20Lucio.mp4
Eng Wikipedia page which i am trying to turn into a more coherent, better page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucio_Urtubia
He got like 40mil francs out of Citibank to hand over the plates, of which he didn't hand all over. he donated most of the money to various campaigns whilst others will still printing. Citibank was the most powerful bank at the time, if Che, etc. had agreed to do the printing on an industrial level they ptobbably could have tanked it and caused serious harm to the US economy. Pretty based but :( they did not realize there goal..


Hella based


People usually don't hear about actual fighters in the field. You mostly hear about academic armchairs who talk and write alot, but do little concrete work in the field.


no shit now post sources


File: 1613993405252.jpeg (165.45 KB, 414x344, lucioystuart.jpeg)

Lucio Urtubia and Stuart Christie were two of the most based anarchists in history and sadly we lost both of them last year. Stuart was scottish but his class solidarity knew no boundaries; at 18 years old he was arrested while transporting explosives as part of a plot to assassinate Franco. After an early release and return to britain he was active in the Anarchist Black Cross and the Angry Brigade (he was acquitted of membership in the stoke-newington 8 trial but recognised his involvement years later).


File: 1613995385133.jpeg (82.77 KB, 839x669, munis.jpeg)

<Manuel Fernandez Grandizo was born at Larena in Estremadura, and joined the Spanish section of the International Left Opposition at its conference abroad in Liege in Belgium in February 1930, where he supported Francisco Garcia Lavid in his disagreements with Andres Nin inside that organisation. He also supported Trotsky’s policy of the entry of the Spanish section into the youth of the Socialist Party, which he joined in 1935, and opposed the liquidation of the Spanish Trotskyists into the POUM. He left Spain for a brief while to join his family in Cuba, returning on the first boat on hearing of the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War.
<On his arrival he reconstituted the Section of the Left Opposition as the Spanish Bolshevik-Leninists, who published the first issue of their paper La Voz Leninista on 5 April 1937 after their exclusion from the POUM. They took part with the Friends of Durruti in the defence of the revolution against Stalinist provocation during the Barcelona ‘May Days’ in 1937, but their small group of comrades was penetrated by a GPU spy, Leon Narvitch, and, after he had been killed by a POUM action squad revenging the death of Nin, Munis and his group were arrested on 12 February 1938. They were accused of killing Narvitch and of planning the assassinations of Prieto, Comorera, Negrin, La Pasionara and Diaz. After much torture, including a simulated execution of Munis, their trial was fixed for 29 January 1939 but, three days before this, France’s troops entered Barcelona, and both prisoners and jailers made off. Munis escaped to France, and then managed to get out to Mexico, where he led the Spanish Trotskyists in exile and was a close collaborator of Natalia Trotsky.
<During the Second World War Munis objected to the terms of the defence of the SWP leaders during the Minneapolis trial in October 1941. (G. Munis and J.P. Cannon, Defence Policy in the Minneapolis Trial, June 1942) which he regarded as making concessions to Defencism and Social Patriotism. Together with Natalia Trotsky, he also denounced the SWP’s support for the actions of the Red Army as it passed through Eastern Europe in 1944-45 and later the support of the International Secretariat for Tito and Mao Zedong. His group left the post-war Fourth International, whose 1948 Second World Congress delegate elections they believed to be rigged, also having deepening political differences. In 1951, although a marked man, he returned to Spain to take part in the Barcelona strike, was arrested by the Francoist authorities, and given another term in prison. His group, the Fomenta Obrero Revolucionara, developed ultra-leftist positions on the trade unions and in 1975 Munis published a state capitalist analysis of the Soviet Union, Parti-Etat, Stalinismo, Revolution. His account of the Spanish Civil War is to be found in Jalones de Derrota: Promesa de Victoria (Mexico 1947) and his differences with the Trotskyist movement after the Second World War in Les Revolutionnaires devant la Russie et le Stalinisme mondiale (Mexico, 1947) and Analyse d’un Vide: Cinquante Ans apres le Trotskysme (Paris, May 1982).


Abel Paz
Abel Paz (1921–2009) was a Spanish anarchist and historian who fought in the Spanish Civil War. He is considered one of the noted Spanish anarchist historians,[1] writing multiple volumes on anarchist history, including a biography of Buenaventura Durruti, an influential anarchist during the war. He kept the anarchist tradition throughout his life, including a decade in Francoist Spain's jails and multiple decades in exile in France.



File: 1613998379249.jpg (30.13 KB, 500x349, enrique líster y ernesto g….jpg)

No love for Enrique Lister? The dude was pretty based, he was an army officer for the Republican People's Army, the Soviet Red Army, the Yugoslav People's Army and the Cuban Committee of Defense of the Revolution. He also wrote an entire book dabbing on Santiago Carrillo.

>Líster was born in 1907 at Ameneiro, A Coruña. A stonemason,[1] he spent his adolescence in Cuba, before returning in 1925 and joining the Communist Party of Spain (PCE). His involvement with the revolutionary movement forced his exile until 1931, when the Second Spanish Republic was proclaimed. In August 1931, he took part in the Cuban uprising against Gerardo Machado, who had declared martial law.[2] Between 1932 and 1935, Líster received training in the Frunze Military Academy, one of the most respected in the Soviet Union.[3]

>In 1936, when the Spanish Civil War started, he joined the Fifth Regiment.[4] The following year, as a high-ranking army officer, commanding the 11th division of the republican army, Líster was instrumental in the defense of Madrid and other important military actions. In October 1936 he led a mixed brigade in the ill-fated Republican counteroffensive at Seseña. As a divisional commander, he helped stall the Nationalist attack along the Jarama and played a significant role within the successful Republican counterattack at the Battle of Guadalajara.[5] Líster is widely regarded as a war hero for the Republican cause. His reputation as a competent military commander is largely based on his role as commander of the "11th Division", which was involved in some of the most important battles in Guadalajara, Brunete,[6] Belchite and Teruel.
>After the end of the Civil War, Líster took refuge in Moscow, later fighting in World War II as a Red Army general. He took part in the relief of Leningrad's siege in January 1944. According to Christopher Andrew and Oleg Gordievsky, when in late 1959 Fidel Castro's intelligence chief Ramiro Valdés contacted the KGB in Mexico City, the Soviets sent over one hundred mostly Spanish-speaking advisors, including Enrique Líster, to organize the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution in Cuba.
>Líster was also a general of the Yugoslav People's Army, giving him the rare distinction of having been a general in three different armies. In 1973 he split from the PCE and founded the Spanish Communist Workers' Party (PCOE). A catalyst for the split was the condemnation by the PCE of the Soviet intervention in Czechoslovakia in 1968. Líster returned to Spain in 1977, after Francisco Franco's death, and rejoined the PCE during the Spanish transition to democracy. He died in 1994 in Madrid.


File: 1613998911049.jpg (34.3 KB, 355x458, gerardo iglesias.jpg)

Gerardo Iglesias is also pretty based. He is a coal miner, he's still alive. He was part of the anti-francoist union movement and became secretary general of the PCE during the 80s. He curbed the influence of the eurocommunists in the PCE and tried to reunify the spanish communist movement under a more orthodox pro-USSR position. The most based thing about him is that once he ended his political career in Congress he went back to work as a miner.


File: 1613999322876.jpg (331.95 KB, 1000x1333, graeber_badman.jpeg.jpg)

Urtubia, Stuart, Greaber, Aragorn!, some rumors about wolfi, Very Reverend D Wayne Love, Paul Simmons, various comrades that went to fight against the fascism of daesh and for the autonomous zones of Northern Syria… It has been a bad year or two for anarchy, it upsets me to think about, and given the absolute state of the younger generation I am not looking forward to the future of Anarchy.


Any updates?


File: 1614209379049.jpeg (26.75 KB, 744x478, be-gay-crime.jpeg)

Favorite Spaniards:
Phineas Fisher. She is famous for hacking spyware companies used by governments, Hacking the catalonian cops, Hacking the Turkish government to donate the money to the YPG and for hacking an Offshore bank, leaking everything in each instance and writing much documentation making hacking easy.

>Phineas Phisher, who has previously claimed responsibility for hacking the notorious cyber-mercenary groups Gamma Group and Hacking Team, claims to be a private individual whose stated goals are anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, and anti-surveillance. Some suspect Phineas Phisher is a nation-state sponsored hacking group, but there is no way to know.

>The hacking tools used in the 2016 bank heist were off-the-shelf penetration testing tools like PowerShell and Mimikatz. This means that if Phineas Phisher can do it, any number of modestly skilled attackers could as well. This makes the Cayman National attack a case study in how not to secure your networks (or how to rob a bank, depending on your point of view).

Her own article about the bank: https://github.com/Alekseyyy/phineas-philes/blob/master/cayman-english.md
Pic related. It is from her last text.


> Dude give Mexico a try. Spain sucks right now there's nothing to do under the corona regime.
Chile would be the best choice in LatAm – it is safe and also has been taking a huge turn towards popular power since the protests that started in October 2019. It also at least somewhat purged Pinochet's legacy before that.


File: 1614522349970.mp4 (5.73 MB, 480x264, reddit vid.mp4)

Oh look, it's raining.


I haven't heard about much hacktivism since the Anonymous insecure-by-default prime time (unless 420chan admin counts) and am glad to see it still happening, pls share some other active handles to follow (or dump them in the hacktivism thread)


That's from Argentina, but based.




>the one person being a meatshield for the police


File: 1616187389706.png (188.08 KB, 480x320, ClipboardImage.png)

>pls share some other active handles to follow (or dump them in the hacktivism thread)
Most people work anon, for obvious reasons. There is Hammond (Wooka, xec96, sup_g) who recently got out of jail, some of the crazy ita's from the old anarchist hacktivist irc were running a collective ransomware campaign I shared here before: https://anarchistsworldwide.noblogs.org/post/2020/04/08/call-for-action-expropriationist-anarchy-in-crisis-times-ransomware-covid-19/
I recently wrote this and just put it into the mainspace, would love it if some would help me improve it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phineas_Fisher

>From each victim $2000 will be demanded and 35% will be given to anarchist political prisoners

>We can supply you with ransomwares. With raw .exe files and the executable files which are hidden (fud) inside of Pdf files and doc files.
>Also we can supply you with stuff needed for opsec like Vpns, socks5 proxies, ssh botnets and we will explain to you basic linux opsec.
Hello, Based department.


File: 1616189802393.jpg (58.83 KB, 1164x498, soviet-dentro.jpg)

Is there any chance of avoiding a PP and VOX coalition in Madrid in the next election?


Noticed that none of the "Free Speech" advocates on the right are talking about it. It's almost like they never cared about free speech in the first place.


All alternatives are shite, although some of them are less shite than other.


I really don't care anymore who I vote for. I just want the right wing out.

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