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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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You're not dead, dark gnosis. Stop smokng meth.


see what i mean its o9a saying this shit they doxed a guy said he smoked meth, raped people, etc for their own devices they make it up daily


they try to piss people off into confessing things or else they would make them cut themselves or whip themselves save all videos post it online, or get psychopaths like blenzig dox them etc. hes a piece of shit and a fed himself


https://archive.org/details/concerningsatanicfront o9a is anti satanic front which is a federal informant sting operation so at least they have that much sense


no one wants the truth they want to believe lies and disinfo because truth is more horrifying than they realize that o9a is nothing more than a honeypot which supported the tempel ov blood honeypot and continues to do so


tired of giving out info to ungrateful bastards here you all anti o9a and shit then when i give you actual information that would ruin them forever you say hahaha stop smoking meth dude lolololol like the fucking lemmings you are that wasnt dark gnosis idiotic retards


actual o9a members on our private telegram channel with chloe perhaps pictured


Stop calling the guy a fucking methhead. Chloe, Sutter, O9A, ToB etc all doxed him and said he was one for their own benefit.


looks like AOC on the bottom right


they recruit kids who they get to abuse themselves, film it to blackmail them, get their parents addresses etc get them do whatever it is they want them to do. molest them, rape them etc force other kids to molest kids film it sell it on the dark net then inform them to the fbi


this guy who you all think was not dg or a tob member he was put into a homeless shelter, beaten, raped, cut etc by anton blenzig


the fbi finds mentally ill socially isolated people online to recruit into extremist groups lets their informants molest them, beat them, abuse them etc if they dont cooperate they get doxed and if they do or dont they get snitched on eventually


why does no one give a shit or single fuck about these young kids


File: 1656019924557.png (13.92 KB, 258x258, burgersQ.png)

>Alright, but how does this help us carry out terrorism?


im going to the fbi directly anyone who anyone way harassed my friend into killing himself well expect a knock in a day or two


>im going to the fbi directly anyone who anyone way harassed my friend into killing himself well expect a knock in a day or two


https://anarchopenisgoblin.tumblr.com/ this is richard moult who told dg do a numinous non-nazi nexion then outed him as o9a and fascist etc when he wasnt he made a fucking joke to him about meth and smoking meth and the whole o9a jumped it on it to cyberbully him


you literlaly caused a suicide you dont give a shit about so either i will or someone else


because it's a cruel world and maladjusted young kids are both a tool and a resource, we'll never be free til we hang the spooks and the reactionaries both


https://www.o9a.org/2022/04/cinema-and-the-ona-everything-everywhere-all-at-once/ look nameless therein talking about o9a cinema and heres moult pretending be an anarchist 19 year old girl saying same shit

and what does myatt think about this well who gives a shit hes a fucking sociopath


along with o9a standard pedophilia that joshua sutter brought in



Not ONA related but here's a webiste selling some books espousing human sacrifice:

the human sacrifice book:

They aren't even trying to hide it.


>the human sacrifice book
<doesnt post free pdf
Is this supposed to be leftypol or what?


Thats a Satanic Front operation by Blenzig


File: 1656183684554.png (271.45 KB, 538x678, ClipboardImage.png)

I call him you methhead because he acts exactly like every methhead with a keyboard acts.
Cope and remove flag, DG.


I figured there had to be some connection,
this shit has all the niner flags:
(X) lovecraft
(X) exorbitant prices
(X) human sacrifice
(X) word salad
( ) pedophilia (probably within the texts)

I've never seen these before and considering their pricing they are very obviously trying to keep pirates out because being able to read these things allows for people to call these people out on their bullshit.



Would you rather pay Blenzig a 100 bucks for this shit or pirate it? https://www.scribd.com/document/55026066/Tempel-Ov-Blood-Tales-of-Sinister-Influence


Looks like our old buddy Dark Gnosis is going by Kaleb Suiter online now: https://kalebsuiterpress.wordpress.com/ and faking his own death


Let's hope so, and he hasn't really offed himself.
He did at least seem to have given us some genuine information ITT.
Most of the rest of niner comms just seems like misdirection piled on top of bullshit.


File: 1656384088537.jpg (59.21 KB, 444x440, How horrifying.jpg)

So I'm looking into these guys and it looks like they dont actually directly make books, but rather sell them from various occult publishers. One of those publishers being Ixaxaar, which are associated with the Church of Azazel and Anticosmic Gnosticism, two groups that are very much not allied to O9A. I imagine though that the books available are much better off bought from their original sources, as using this website I suppose runs the risk of sending money to Niners


I've been told satanic front is ran by sutter, the writing style is the same.


>tranoids still living in your head rent free
Kill yourself for real, DG.


Blenzig is being used as a proxy by Sutter. I have a few emails from them. [email protected] is their main contact point the individual behind it claims to be Australian SAS as if.
Kiss my white cis ass


This is Satanic Front after o9a members to kill them. Like for them to try me on for size know I wouldn't split their wigs.


File: 1656534002469.png (923.47 KB, 1300x956, ClipboardImage.png)

>tfw you're a cishet dude but several of your bros are tranbros and some of them are as communist as you are


>bunch of do nothings
t. do nothing
None of these fags do anything but molest tards lmao. Imagine being an unironic retard rapist and thinking you're badass because of it.


O9A is a bunch of larping Neo-Nazis . The religion , if you could call it that , is just a bunch of cope invented after the fact to justify their fascism.


File: 1656621321672.jpg (111.9 KB, 750x737, qftc6uh74wo81.jpg)

>None of these fags do anything but molest tards lmao.
>The religion , if you could call it that , is just a bunch of cope invented after the fact to justify their fascism.

This is your friendly weekly reminder that matter is evil. It CANNOT be refined through magic or alchemy.

<behind Empedocles' doctrine of like-for-like lies his major teaching of two cosmic principles, Love and Strife. This means that we have on the one hand Empedocles the magician, and on the other his basic doctrine of Love, or attraction and desire, and Strife, or hatred, contention, rivalry, ill will. A great deal has been written in the attempt to explain why Empedocles devised such an emotional, pungent dualism, but without the point being made that these forces of love or attraction and strife or repulsion are the fundamental governing principles of magical operations both in the ancient Greek world and elsewhere.

<Peter Kingsley, Ancient Philosophy, Mystery, and Magic: Empedocles and the Pythagorean Tradition


File: 1656629578646.jpg (47.79 KB, 562x800, brain fog.jpg)

>matter is evil.
it's the stuff that everything is made of.


everything is evil


what are your thoughts made of?




Are thoughts present wherever there are electrons?


Is fire present everywhere there is wood?


Anywhere wood is oxidizing rapidly


And anywhere where the specific chemical reactions that happen in brains are, there are thoughts.


File: 1656645284354.png (350.35 KB, 818x783, ClipboardImage.png)

So this is thinking?


what the fuck is this? left wing occultism?


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