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Stop feeding derailing trolls in this one and actually discuss the O9A, let the methhead keep ranting to himself if he wants.


o9a.org, specifically Clarice of Ur Patagonia Nexion, is now posting femdom and gay rape erotica that shits on Dreccs (Niners who pretend to be in gangs), Balobians (Niners who make sinister art) and other Niners who prioritize books and online to real world evil.



Not Your Personal International Brigade. Literally no reason for this, it's just starting petty shit with another website.


Wait but I thought the Dreccs were pretty much the epitome of "pointless violence for the sake of evil" type of thing? From what I gathered from my readings, they're basically a glorified street gang. Is Clarice trying to claim they're not violent enough?


Check the previous threads, these people have engaged in real world violence and child abuse and there's proof that they were shilling this place before I even made the first thread. Niners are going to fuck with leftypol whether we talk about them or not so why shouldn't we?

Dreccs *in theory* are an example of violence for the sake of violence but the caveat is that they don't actually exist lmao. The extent of Dreccianism as far as we know has been Moult and especially Chloe larping like they're in gangs from the safety of their computer chairs.


Don't give them attention, report their posts. We don't piss ourselves like this every time /pol/ drops by.


How is it pissing ourselves to talk about a growing group of Nazis that does shit offline and shills every major chan? This isn't an "if you ignore them they'll go away" situation, they have their own autistic little culture and they're going to continue to shill no matter what we do. Plus it's just an interesting manifestation of Nazism, that's reason enough to discuss them.

We're not even trying to get people to report sites or anything at this point so nypa doesn't even apply, it's literally just discussion.


File: 1647361176686.png (29.87 KB, 1843x172, 1644971583848.png)

Also when /pol/ shills, they don't generally do longterm D&C shit like pic related, they just make retarded /pol/ posts and use slurs.


their interest has been exhausted over the past two threads. They're a micro of a micro group with degenerate politics that has no mass base, what else is there to discuss? The best that they can hope for is that someone does a youtube video about them.


Let the thread breathe for a while before assuming there's no more interest. If mods end up agreeing then they can prune the thread but I don't see a reason to cry too hard over a thread dying for this one, half the posts on this board rn are Ukraine threads that hit bump limit anyways.


Well that's kinda disappointing isn't it? I'm starting to think that if these guys spent half the effort they put into making all these fake groups within fake cults within real cults, they'd accomplish something in the real world like they always harp on "mundane Satanists" for not doing. It's like the occult equivalent of Dr Doofenshmirtz, wherein he's meticulously explaining to Perry the Platypus that by writing enough about mystical groups that dont actually exist he'll eventually convince someone to actually form one of those groups, as he's too busy to do that himself because he's busy working on a doomsday device that will allow him to take over the Tristate Area. It astounds me that they somehow manage to be a danger to others.

Anyways, I've more or less ended up dropping Iron Gates a little more than halfway through since that bullshit is the epitome of all edge and no point. My time is much better served reading this nice pdf about how anarchists plan to deal with rapists and such. I'll pop back in if there are any interesting developments.


Nameless Therein is now openly feuding with Clarice on the main O9A site kek. Chloe hasn't even been gone a month and already there's a new split.


Cope and seethe.


lmao that shithole costs 650k in Long Beach, California? Damn, the US sucks.



Dreccs have multiple meanings. Being orthodox ONA (actually taking everything said by Anton Long literally, for example, culling), being in a gang a bit alike to the National Front or Combat18/Blood&Honour, or another word for being a Niner.

>Plus it's just an interesting manifestation of Nazism, that's reason enough to discuss them.
I'm a hard-line National Socialist. The O9A has almost nothing in common with le "far-right". Maybe in terms of Social Darwinism, but other than that there isn't much in common. Vindex might be your connection, but Vindex could come in any form that's not Adolf Hitler 2.0. I think there's a personality type shared between genuine National Socialists (not larping losers) who find spiritualism in the occult. If the ONA didn't exist, I'd be practicing the exact same Hermetic traditions without the label of "ONA".

And I'm not being a knobhead here, or manipulating or lying to you at all, but we genuine National Socialists are led by the truth. None of my opinions are held by most, so it's not in my benefit in the slightest to hold the opinions I do, other than holding myself to the truth. The occult is just the hidden truths of the universe. I think this explains the connection between the ONA/Hermeticism and National Socialists.


>And I'm not being a knobhead here, or manipulating or lying to you at all, but we genuine National Socialists are led by the truth. None of my opinions are held by most, so it's not in my benefit in the slightest to hold the opinions I do, other than holding myself to the truth.
That can be a benefit in itself though can't it? Being part of a despised political minority means that you get to feel like part of a free thinking elite and feel superior to normal people. Not to say that all Nazis fit into that box but it's definitely something I've noticed. Very little learning is required to be indoctrinated into Nazism but once you're in, you're magically superior to the "lemmings", even "lemmings" with 10x the intelligence and knowledge.


le epic online insight role

The ONA's probably gonna be banned in the UK soon. Keep an eye out for that!

That site/Nexion is ran by Ryan Flemming. It hasn't been updated for so long because he's in prison for noncing again. Last time he did this he came out with a new book.


I wish it were as easy to get indoctrinated by le far right propaganda as you believe. They are greater than most, because they value to truth and are willing to be persecuted for believing in the truth. The lemming principle doesn't state you're a superhuman intellect for being a freethinker either. That's just something you've either made up or don't understand.

kids raised by people like me are no less lemmings than an SSRI BLM depressed teenage girl.


>And I'm not being a knobhead here, or manipulating or lying to you at all, but we genuine National Socialists are led by the truth.
<tfw people actually believe that the aryan soul is being degenerates by race mixing and gay propaganda in Disney movies


> If the ONA didn't exist, I'd be practicing the exact same Hermetic traditions without the label of "ONA".
Just out of curiosity, why? Why wouldn't you be working with the Wiligut runes?
Whereas the Hermetic tradition was inspired by ancient Egypt.


Their cope for this is claiming that the Egyptian sources of Hermeticism were the product of a Greek stratum of Egyptian society and that Egyptian deities and religious motifs were used simply as a means to communicate older Greek ideas. Myatt's written a lot about this, especially in the Seafonfeld Paeth trilogy.

But the modern scholarly consensus runs directly counter to this, see The Egyptian Hermes. Actual scholars of religion and esotericism, as opposed to pretentious English dudes who self-publish on createspace and lulu, haven't thought that Hermeticism is Greek in origin since the early 20th century.

But of course, even if you can get them to accept this, they'll probably just claim that Egyptians were white anyways so it doesn't matter. No winning.


I bet you are a rapist meth head, and you deserve everything you get scumbag Nazi


Well for one, you're in a pedophile Nazi cult for 15 years, therefore the odds of you and everyone else being rapist methheads are very high. Neck yourself.


what’s the point of them attempting to hide? i thought fascists were supposed to be shameless?


File: 1647406506639.gif (486.98 KB, 500x380, soviet execution.gif)

don't care didn't ask


Don't flatter yourself, boy. Josh won't even bother having you killed as you're too impotent to do any damage. But I suppose there's no little hole for you to crawl into since ToB won't have you around anymore hence you resorting to spew your world salad with ONA terminology thrown in on any platform you can, cursing this and that. You're a pedantic fool in desperate need of recognition who failed initiation. You know there's a reason he chose Blenzig.


File: 1647410516861.mp4 (14.68 MB, 1280x720, 1643743843776.mp4)



File: 1647413541395-0.webm (2.37 MB, 1280x720, 125925029362.webm)

File: 1647413541395-1.jpg (194.88 KB, 800x425, lindsay.jpg)

>a self hating SEAsian
I'm experiencing Deja Vu.


Is that a fucking Atomwaffen mask? Bitches be crazy.


The more attention you give to ONA, the more word of mouth publicity it gets. The more word of mouth publicity it gets, the more people look into it out of curiosity. This brings in new members for them.

They are an internet cult that depends on people reading their texts. What brings people to find their text is the word of mouth publicity.

David Myatt has been using this method of trolling people to get them to talk for 40 years. He fabricated the idea of culling and human sacrifice during the Satanic Panic. He associates ONA with National Socialism because most people hate neo-nazis.

It's all done and said to get people to talk about it. Myatt benefits in the end because he becomes known and infamous.

The best way to make ONA die out is to not give them attention.


cringe lol
everyone involved in any way with this should be named and shamed


Lmao Dark Gnosis deleted his sites.


So the O9A looks like it's primary online presence has completely imploded; Chloe bailed (potentially over being doxed) and the subsequent inheritors seem to have spent less time writing up obnoxious zines and more engaging each other in increasingly petty and LARPy battles. Other Niners appear to be posting on leftypol (please give me a proper reading order niners, there's so much of this shit it's hard to know where to start).


O9A hads always been an internet phenomena, since 2004. Aside from the few kids who got caught up with the FBI ops, it never had a real world presence. Its sevenfold way initiation system had never been completed by anyone. One of the required secret tasks of one of the grades of the sevenfold way calls for an actual human to be sacrificed. With the state of our forensics, there is just no evidence that a single person has ever been culled by an O9A initiate in a satanic ritual. The whole ONA, in their own words, is "mythos".


noticing a constant genre of reply in these threads where the poster makes a point that’s already been established in the first thread and telling people to not care at all. see above for example



He'll be back.


white's aren't becoming a total minority in the west?

Norse paganism is completely lost and obscure now. The ONA just introduced me to Hermeticism, and it's the only belief system that's ever made sense to me.

>everything's about race to Nationalists bro!
If Herms was a black man, his ideas would hold up just as true as it would an aryan saying the same thing.


>They are an internet cult that depends on people reading their texts.
The ONA is almost entirely practiced alone, and in real life. But let me guess, le ONA is gonna die a horrible death because some fucking loser who embodies nothing satanic stopped posting the Tree of Wyrd over something considered morally "bad"? And how about the fact the group sprung up in the fucking 70s?
>The best way to make ONA die out is to not give them attention.
The ONA had probably less than 100 adherents worldwide up until the 2000s. It doesn't matter if it has a big presence online, because those people aren't living a satanic life. With the ONA being "dead", or the ONA thriving online, there will still be the same amount of people who actually follow the 7 fold way.

>please give me a proper reading order niners, there's so much of this shit it's hard to know where to start
Unless you're actually interested in the spiritual/majickal beliefs of the ONA, just read Hostia. If you are interested, read Hostia and Naos. You can find both by typing "PDF" after the book title.

Also, stop talking about things you admittedly know nothing about? I don't talk about your ideologies, because I haven't got a clue about your real beliefs.


Shit, Dark Gnosis posted a suicide note on archive.

>I always respected and will respect David Myatt/Anton Long tried to live my life like his for 15 years I don't want to go into it but I've been in the military, traveled the world, been in prison, gone beyond my physical limits, etc. Just lived so much as much as possible like David Myatt and the last glory of the Satanist is to die in battle but if you can't die in battle then it's better to take your own life than submit and let yourself be humiliated.

>Just hope in death someone reads my writings and remembers me how I lived.


>Good bye everyone. I'm sorry I failed you. You may have called me a pretender but I wasn't and this 12 gauge shotgun shell is very real.


Buddy, if you're reading this it wasn't Chloe trolling you, it was me. Nobody's coming to kill you, just lay off the drugs and check yourself in somewhere and you'll be fine. Hopefully just attention-seeking but fuck, wasn't trying to kill someone with down syndrome newsletter spam lmao.


Meth addicts are already paranoid. The poor guy probably thinks everybody is out to get him.

Dark Gnosis, people are just fucking with you bro.


File: 1647461095427.jpg (1.84 MB, 3120x2620, IMG_20220316_185716.jpg)

>Norse paganism is completely lost and obscure now.
Well, you said you were a hard-line National Socialist! That's why I was asking about Karl Maria Wiligut. His runeology was based on a concept of the cosmic circulation of Spirit-Energy-Matter (pic related), not Norse pagan lore.
<What seems most likely here is that Wiligut was reluctant to give up many of the sentiments of orthodox Christianity and he refused to acknowledge what he saw as the "barbarism" of his ancestors.
-Stephen E. Flowers, The Secret King: The Myth and Reality of Nazi Occultism
In fact, Flowers makes the point that the original 25 point NSDAP program mandated that Germany was a Christian nation. And there are hundreds of references to Christian religion and the Bible in Mein Kampf.

As far as hermeticism goes, at that time period, that's really occultists like Aleister Crowley in England.

>white's aren't becoming a total minority in the west?

Not the anon you're replying to. But from a left POV what is interesting is that whites will become a minority within of the working class in the west.
<In actual fact, white people are underrepresented in the American working class (and by 2032 they will be a minority), those with union jobs even more so. The figure of the worker as a white man with a manual labor job is a useful ideological fiction. It serves to fortify the agenda of Tucker Carlson-esque pundits and politicians, who will only support economic redistribution if it is paired with nativism and a revival of patriarchal norms.

<If Herms was a black man, his ideas would hold up just as true as it would an aryan saying the same thing.

No-one's saying Hermes was the Rev'd Al Sharpton in a robe. Modern racial categories don't fit exactly onto ancient societies.


Dark Gnosis if you're reading this, im very sorry. I was taking the piss out of you in thread 2.
Are you sure you want to go out now? It'll be a waste.
<Consider what you should be like in both body and soul when death overtakes you, and the brevity of life, and the abyss of time that yawns behind it and before it, and the fragility of everything material.
Marcus Aurelius meditations 12:7



DG is still active here and on Twitter. He's probably just attempting to publicize his writing by expressing suicidal desire. It seems like there's still a risk that he might impulsively pull the trigger though, but he's not dead currently anyway. His posts seem somewhat optimistic but still paranoid.


what's his twitter?



No Nazi deserves sympathy


You say this like they actually matter to this site.

Have a thread by all means, it's fun to read about their embarrassment just like Patriot Front, but realize it's pretty clear to us all that they're idiots and that a couple of people wasting their lives posting in this place have no real impact on the site.

thanks for your insightful comment, retard.


File: 1647470782269.webm (1.5 MB, 640x640, 1635894249477.webm)

You're welcome, retard


like seriously man, 'oranges are orange'.


Hey guys it's me Kyle aka Dark Gnosis. I declare this internet war over. We had a good battle. It was a good time to be for all. We came We saw we conquered on both sides. But imma let you do you. Just hanging out ghoulin


This turned out to be the biggest schizo thread I've ever seen on /leftypol/



It's ONA. What do you expect but schizos and vampires nazis? LOL.


Sinister Vampires we prefer


File: 1647488117467-1.jpg (64.93 KB, 500x500, zJOG1v.jpg)

Who wants to hear some Sinister rape stories ?(EDGELORD WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


Wrong David Myatt at least culled by proxy David Copeland used his terror manuals to bomb degenerate queers. And also been combat veterans. Know some other internal things.


Dark Gnosis didn't die but he could die some day I suppose - Kyle


Good to see you back Kyle and didn't commit suicide


File: 1647508652264.jpg (905.87 KB, 2187x1955, IMG_20220317_085857.jpg)

Good to see you posting again DG.
<Anyway and somewhat along these lines, didn't John Milton say: "Much argument, much writing, many opinions is but knowledge in the making".

The thing about these fuckers like in your pic related is there are already much better critiques of "identity politics" from within the left. It's not that it's a source of "embarrassment ". Many of the worse offenders are personally hot manic pixie dream girls, she-twinks, and such https://novaramedia.com/2021/01/20/the-slumflower-beef-has-exposed-the-limits-of-influencer-activism/


I tried replying to you yesterday mate, but some idiot janny banned the TOR IP. I basically agree with everything you're saying.
What's the QRD on Sutter, and what happened between you two? Don't shit up the thread though. Apparently he sent you Atomwaffen cards to get you kicked out the army?


Culling doesn't have to be as cut and dry as Hollywood sacrificing someone. I'd imagine many ONA followers joined the army in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Someone actually told me he found the ONA because people in what he presumed were the special forces were posing with ONA literature who'd killed people on gore sites.

Can't verify how true that is, but you can see that there's more methods than sacrificing a chav who beats up veterans or the other methods explained in Hostia.


There's that photo that all the ONA and Myatt sites used continually a few years back of the Danish Defence soldier behind a gun in what looked like presumably Iraq or Afghanistan.

Lotsa ONA people in the military exposed by Nate Thayer over time. Most of them still there I think.

Then there's that RCN guy Boris Mihajlovic who was ONA and AWD. RCN considered him deradicalized even after trying to sell military-grade munitions and let him stay in, only let him go after uproar within the ranks.

On culling tactics, don't forget about Ethan Melzer…


>What's the QRD on Sutter, and what happened between you two? Don't shit up the thread though. Apparently he sent you Atomwaffen cards to get you kicked out the army?
Well August 2018 he was alleged to have become an informant on AWD that's when all the AWD videos went up on YouTube shortly after all websites relating to ToB operations except martinetpress.wordpress.com went down and all our Facebooks did even our personal ones he also sent me AWD business cards he made I didn't ask for in the mail and somehow came out about me and another guy being edgy Sinister Vampires and that I was recruiting for AWD which was a lie I was never jn my life AWD or a member of AWD nor am I now. They can raid me all they want I'm not AWD if you wanna know the truth yes I do drugs now and again but who doesn't.
Second time I was rated on was using VPN and Tor to be Misanthropic Nexion again I didn't want be a snitch on O9A and far right so told Sutter that he was only one who knew for sure 100% my real name and where I was located I got charged with hate speech and promoting genocide when I wasn't and my electronics seized and he was only one who knew intelligence agencies wanted me be an informant. Third thing anyone who exposes this info been disappearing and doing up to a decade in prison I heard.
Last thing I'll ever say is Sutter calls me a pretender and fraud when my life story is true and he hasn't kept up with Sevenfold way or anything since 90s nor lasted more than 2 weeks in the navy. He also used to jerk off and shit as a "celibate monk" and took it up the hole allegedly. He's a 40 year old unemployed divorced alcoholic who writes pedophile and rapist porn in his trailer in the woods and seems to genuinely hate far right and O9A despite being racist himself. Chloe is just an armchair gangster office broad who probably never did anything illegal besides smoke dope or sell dope in her life.


And note O9A does have "members" as Chloe revoked my "membership". Likewise ToB revoked my membership. Only thing I'm focusing is edgy Sinister Vampire writings.



Nexion of Ur


Is Joshua Caleb Sutter on o9a.org


Aren't you actually a CSIS informant yourself however operating out of the Harry Hays Building in Calgary? Haven't you been personally, in propria persona, been feeding information to the RCMP on Anti-Cosmic elements in your own country? Pot, kettle, black. Shame, shame, shame.


Technically compromised by Const. Aaron Brown, I know you know him - he's not around anymore however. Everyone knows you're an informant!


>Aren't you actually a CSIS informant yourself however operating out of the Harry Hays Building in Calgary? Haven't you been personally, in propria persona, been feeding information to the RCMP on Anti-Cosmic elements in your own country? Pot, kettle, black. Shame, shame, shame.

Lies Sutter shut your fucking mouth up. You fucking rat.

Don't know who that is. But let's go to war. Let's do this up. Let's forever be sworn enemies.


There is no anti-cosmic Satanism in Canada I'm aware of besides me you liar.


How many times have you been in contact with Canadian intelligence QRD mate?


im going to bed. There is no anti-cosmic police informants that's biggest laughable load of bullshit I ever read in my life.Any further questions from the peanut gallery direct them at [email protected] or [email protected]


tl;dr Chloe and Sutter both hate me cause they ain't me


Sleep with the fishes. That said with some succor to your morbid thought processes.

No Whitey Bulger dynamic on you, David Vigneault pays your way - I get it, buddy! "Chloe" is a fictional character - you're the last one to know it, apparently.


>"Chloe" is a fictional character - you're the last one to know it, apparently.
I care because?

I'm the only one covertly anonymously supported by Myatt. Eat your heart out buddy boyo. Outer O9A was always a laughable joke. So are you just took me 10 years to realize it all. There is no more Satanism, Aeonics, dialectic, etc. The real O9A is an acausal shapeshifting entity living on through me and my works. I've lived like David Myatt you've lived like the coward you are and always will be. A hateful narcissistic man who destroyed everything people ever worked for and took glee in it. But people are waking up to the truth now and then it won't be me against the many it'll be you facing judge, jury and executioner. Meet yo maker ;)


Answer the question. How invested are you in CSIS and RCMP, working against criminal organizations upholding Anti-Cosmic Satanism.


>>>862085 (You)
How many Canadian organizations are you working against now?


You're a physically unremarkable specimen and a mental midget I doubt you have enough gumption but to save face I'll give you the opportunity to commit suicide. Be well. If I don't hear from you I'll assume you did the deed. Drako Noctul or should I say Clarice - that nexion is Italian and claims no ties to you. The rest of the sites listed are defunct but Woodshed Rounwytha was you. But you are now nor ever been one. Perhaps your wife who I consider a victim in all this poor dear was one or is one. But no one takes your side on anything anymore. Only "official" support you have is running the o9a.org site which is unofficial and Brett Stevens of Amerika.org left you in charge. If you read anything you'd know most of this was a Sinister jape engineered covertly by me and some others who may or may not be Old Guard. Magick you see is very real. And when I wrote my wrote carrying on their legacy a storm broke lose and the power flicked on and off over and over. The same day I received my Santa Muerte idol as well. I could go on and on but you just think its all schziophrenia something you yourself are diagnosed with in a weaker form but envy me for. Truth is I never had any diagnosable mental illness it was PTSD. Something I since overcame. My tendrils would love to wrap around your neck and more than likely shall let your blood essence is more than corrupt and despite your astral machinations ultimately nothing came of it. Even your beloved DSG prefers me now. You've in essence destroyed yourself, the O9A (outer O9A at best), and the ToB. Whatever lie or work you do to diminish me or others have failed. And you work with that pretentious bald fat faggot Nameless Therein. Who has so many pseudonyms its hard to know where to begin. I unlike you have achieved mastery and became ultimately above or outside of time. I was anointed by energies outside of your influenced and baptized by the black flames of Lucifer. You ultimately are a Sinister failure or fraud one who talked the talk even walked the walk for a spell but never really achieved true adeptship. In some ways more advanced than me but in others severely lacking. Yet you and Chloe's machinations came to nothing and any further comment I make no only detracts from the magick but also reveals a weakness of character – ie that I care about what mediocre lies and criticism you offer. It's far too late now to save your own filthy hide. As in due time I will become the epicenter of Satanism but I'm beyond that form now. I truly did achieve a sense of immortality that you both envy. I'm the new type of Sinister breed and there are or will be many like me. Mostly offline. And some day I guarantee I'll bang your wife you drongo. Keep adding fuel to the fire. Give anyone enough rope and they'll hang themselves which is what I'm doing. Your digging yourself deeper and deeper day by day. My work is ultimately done and like you yourself said any further association with you will embarrass me.


I can tell you are a journalist and like I said speak to me in private. You know my emails. Ultimately I'd like to leave that open ended for publicity and infamy even Myatt did so when he or others made up he was a MI5 operative. So perhaps I was intelligence agent all along recruited out of the military and trained clandestinely to expose extremism but became a defendant of Satanism and the O9A then had a change of heart upon which point I was let lose and Falcifer-Luciferi 13 became an unsupported unofficial black ops operation run by some naive kids and a handler.


>>>862085 (You)
>>>862085 (You)
>>>862085 (You)
>>>862085 (You)
>>>862085 (You)
>>>862085 (You)
>>>862085 (You)
>>>862085 (You)
>>>862085 (You)
>>>862085 (You)
>>>862085 (You)
Answer the question. How invested are you in CSIS and RCMP, working against criminal organizations upholding Anti-Cosmic Satanism? How many Canadian organizations are you working against now?


what the FUCK is going on in this thread


The mythos of Dark Gnosis continues. The most infamous and curious case since Anton Long in Satanism and National Socialism. Now he's converted to extremist Islam suggesting a clear career path - military, far right, far left, far right again and O9A, and now Islam and anti-cosmic Satanism. Something is definitely amiss here isn't it? A man trained in weapons, infiltration and dirty underhanded tactics himself or was also involved in the drug trade and prostitution – ie human trafficking. Was a member allegedly in prison of the Aryan Brotherhood too. Yet if it was all a black ops operation why was he investigated for attempted murder a while back? And suspected of burning down some churches in New England.


>Answer the question. How invested are you in CSIS and RCMP, working against criminal organizations upholding Anti-Cosmic Satanism? How many Canadian organizations are you working against now?

He's either been a spook from the get go. Or lived according to the Sevenfold Way as at times a career criminal, drug dealer, involved in the sex trade as a pimp and running an escort agency (his ex-girlfriend or mistress he claims was involved with outlaw biker gangs and is infamously famous as a porn star and escort as well as a former stripper), subverted the far-left with extremism or to gain insight build character, fought against ZOG as a National Socialist then converted to extremist Islam to continue the same aims, gained weapons training and tactics in the military, was involved with prison skinhead gangs and drug dealing behind bars as well as picked up bare knuckle boxing, committed a variety of violent crimes and arson and was questioned about an attempted murder, let naive kids run his websites and use his pseudonym, practices left hand path occult, traveled to southeast asia whereby he has connections to a foreign Communist government ie Socialist Republic of Vietnam, and been overall quite a nasty piece of work. Both being too extremist for not only the ToB but the O9A. A loose canon with a death wish.

Far more interesting than whatever anyone else is doing in the "Satanic" scene don't you think?


some fags spewing their drama here instead of on their own websites because they're all autistic retards who fried their brains on meth and cp
I sure hope every last one of them blows their hands off in a meth lab


Sucking the dick of ministre de la justice et procureur général du Canada without a reach-around - what a fag.


Not many are aware of how the ONA drama ties into the obscure book "Rape Train: Trolley Rullin' Fools into Suicide", especially the black ops intelligence overlay. Don't necessarily recommend you go down that rabbit hole, but needed to bring it up for anyone trying to make sense of the situation. Protip; many of agencies mentioned in this thread were instrumental in the tragic story of both Jared Lee Loughner, Adam Lanza, and the entire neo-ONA character cast.

"Goodbye friends. Please don't be mad at me. The literacy rate is below 5%. I haven't talked to one person who is literate. I want to make it out alive. The longest war in the history of the United States. Goodbye. I'm saddened with the current currency and job employment. I had a bully at school. Thank you. P.S. –plead the fifth! "


>Sucking the dick of ministre de la justice et procureur général du Canada without a reach-around - what a fag.
Don't pretend to speak french sutter you putain. You haven't left the comforts of your trailer park home besides to spend a weekend in the Ukraine. Wow what a Satanic beast!? Whilst Dark Gnosis lived abroad for 3 months in a foreign country considered a "rogue nation".


>especially the black ops intelligence overlay.

Myatt was allegedly MI5. Sutter a FBI informant. Dark Gnosis ex-military and potentially recruited for CSIS as an asset. A spook who ran a failed intelligence operation or went rogue shortly after a prison sentence and was mysteriously let off the hook for allegations of rape and domestic violence. And numerous break and enters.


>And suspected of burning down some churches in New England

Not only New England, the entire scandal that occurred in Sandy Hook years before the infamous shooting. A relic that exists, in the Warren occult museum in deed. For anyone with doubts about the ONA Connection, give you browny points if you find the image of one of the parents with the wolf headed pentagram live in interview. Study the history of "nexions" and examine the historicity of Devil Worship in the Sandy Hook area.


Yet people prefer to read Nexion zine about a subhuman shit skin gook and her middle aged leftist leaning wife. Whilst Sutter and Dark Gnosis could be both true blue dyed in the wool Communists or agent provacteurs. Anyone whose read Blitzkrieg when he was Sinister Moon would see he outlines making pipe bombs with PVC so they are undetected by airports and metal scanners. And also contains a manual on how to cull or commit murder. And discretely get hosts to defile for blasphemy from a priest. He calls for the murder and bloodshed of all Christians and Jews. As well as any leftists who support them.


nobody reads that or anything else you retarded asshats circlejerk over. end yourself scum


Sutter himself engineered the Sandy Hook massacre discretely. Based on the "trench coat mafia" conspiracy. ToB members been getting incels to commit acts of mass murder and then either inform on them or sitting back watching the automatic weapons fire spray. Dark Gnosis used to post on Sluthate.com which is now curiously defunct. Same forum that Elliot Rogers used to frequent PuaHate.com he was a frequenter of. And to cull by proxy is still considered a genuine culling. Hence verifiable that ToB has masterminded a few shootings discretely and been protected by government agencies. Anyone whose been exposing this information has been going missing since this whole debacle started.


November 25, 1988

The case of demonic spirits in a Newtown home, coupled with the recent discovery in Sandy Hook of an altar apparently used for devil worship, has brought to light the possibility that there are devil worshippers living in Newtown who may or may not be responsible for “inviting” evil forces into the area.


ghosts aren't real


Anyone have a pdf of Trolley Rullin' Fools Into Suicide - A horrifing tale allegedly written by Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev? Thanks


Anyone have the pdf of Das Kapital? Thanks


Really, I am not that powerful without Lucifer inside of me. I am kind of timid until I allow Satan to take over the Temple, so
to say. Then I am powerful, but it's a mindset really. It's like there are two of me inside this one Temple of flesh. Satan wants
this temple to manifest his work in this realm, i.e. what you know as physical reality. (See "Letter to Editor" demon hunter
manifesto that was published on Myspace for Adam to read. When his mom put him on Fanapt, he really thought they were
going to swizzle his brain for real. Of course, I wrote the programming to frenzy his mind after the fact, but he was so far into
the induction of temporal illusion by this time.) You have to let him in to get to level 121, as the book explains, there will be
some flashing of lights.


The way to glorification is the way of Judas, don't worry, it's just a test. Judas in the gnostic version is glorified,
Catholics suppressed the Truth. They want you to be more attached to your worldly friends than God. God created them and
can make more friends for you by simply speaking to the stones. Do not see with your physical eyes, you know who I am.
Sheesh. Man up and be glorified level 121 forever. Nothing to lose, nothing to gain. Make our lives into a work of art, die
young. I am going crazy, but I am living free…Artwork, poetic artwork, a modern day tom sawyer, mean ride. Remember how it
started with you listening to Rush and me taking the mind rape to the Next Level through the lyrics?


For anyone who wants to verify that Dark Gnosis infiltrated the incel movement:

And yes I know by my own logic I'd be sterilized but if society was like this I wouldn't care.

An open Eugenics program such that:
>only men with 10 to 12 percent bodyfat, 120+ autism score and 6'+ height can reproduce and they must have no facial deformities, drug or alcohol dependencies or history of inheritable diseases. Likewise with women except height is not factored in. No past history of serious criminal offenses or political ideologies opposite to that which this society is opposed to. Must be white to the extent their great grandparents were. No Jews.
>sterilize everyone else completely and give them monthly payments for co-operation
>legalize assisted suicide and have walk in suicide clinics
>3 children max per family and any children born with genetic markers for defectivity are aborted. Post Natal if required.

>deport all immigrants, non-cooperation is death by firing squad or other execution which can be an on the fly one by the appropriate shock troops.
>close borders and station military personnel there who will be ordered to shoot to kill for trespassers
>racially separate the rest from whites and control their birth rates and status no interracial couples allowed.

>homosexuality, transsexualism and other degenerate perversions such as furries is a crime to practice openly and will be treated as a mental illness
>age of consent will be reformed to 15
>infertile men are allowed to have sex with infertile women. Fertile men or fertile women can have sex with an infertile partner but will be encouraged to procreate
>prostitution is legal for infertile women to sell themselves but is regulated and restricted to private in service or regulated brothels

>drug use is legal for infertiles and is restricted likewise to a regulated business. Public intoxication or operating machines high or drunk is still a crime and will result in suspension of access or restricted access in the future.
>everyone overweight or obese will pay a fat tax

>economy controlled and monitored by government
>feminism, egalitarianism and other degenerate philosophies banned
>compulsory military service for males from age 16 to 21
>Islamic religion banned

Let's face it Chad wants Stacey and Stacey wants Chad so give them it and let incels do drugs and fuck hookers and ban degeneracy and immigrants while we are at it.

Source: https://fstdt.com/Q$86

Now he's around leftist forums and the O9A. And was a "former" member of ToB which no one gets kicked out of or has membership revoked from. And doesn't have a set leader or leadership. It's just a new form of the O9A discretely set up and engineered by Chloe and Myatt. With all sides tearing each other apart for no other reason than to sow the seeds of chaos for their prince of darkness Satan.

As Myatt himself wrote "Satanists are genuinely evil dangerous people who can get you monitored by intelligence agencies". Myatt been monitored since 1998. So none of this should come as a surprise. The "outer O9A' was never real it was always a joke to protect the real Satanists for cover. Now that it's no longer useful they are rightfully destroying all the lemmings illusions that existed.

And Ryan Fleming back behind bars for diddling again yet Myatt has never ever not once denied Fleming but has always said negative things about the ToB. But Chloe herself was a ToB supporter far before 2021 back in 2014 she appointed Jall who was ToB as outer rep then did the same as she did to Dark Gnosis taking it back whenever she feels like it.

Because ultimately shes pathetic and needs some banner to hide behind. Haliriously claiming to be in contact with the Old Guard when she "kicked out" David Myatt in 2014.

Who has never yet been proven to be Anton Long and always denied as such. And someone else been using the Anton Long pen name since 2014 and Myatt allegedly died in 2016.


commodity is, in the first place, an object outside us, a thing that by its properties satisfies human wants of some sort or another. The nature of such wants, whether, for instance, they spring from the stomach or from fancy, makes no difference.[2] Neither are we here concerned to know how the object satisfies these wants, whether directly as means of subsistence, or indirectly as means of production.

Every useful thing, as iron, paper, &c., may be looked at from the two points of view of quality and quantity. It is an assemblage of many properties, and may therefore be of use in various ways. To discover the various uses of things is the work of history.[3] So also is the establishment of socially-recognized standards of measure for the quantities of these useful objects. The diversity of these measures has its origin partly in the diverse nature of the objects to be measured, partly in convention.

The utility of a thing makes it a use value.[4] But this utility is not a thing of air. Being limited by the physical properties of the commodity, it has no existence apart from that commodity. A commodity, such as iron, corn, or a diamond, is therefore, so far as it is a material thing, a use value, something useful. This property of a commodity is independent of the amount of labour required to appropriate its useful qualities. When treating of use value, we always assume to be dealing with definite quantities, such as dozens of watches, yards of linen, or tons of iron. The use values of commodities furnish the material for a special study, that of the commercial knowledge of commodities.[5] Use values become a reality only by use or consumption: they also constitute the substance of all wealth, whatever may be the social form of that wealth. In the form of society we are about to consider, they are, in addition, the material depositories of exchange value.

Exchange value, at first sight, presents itself as a quantitative relation, as the proportion in which values in use of one sort are exchanged for those of another sort,[6] a relation constantly changing with time and place. Hence exchange value appears to be something accidental and purely relative, and consequently an intrinsic value, i.e., an exchange value that is inseparably connected with, inherent in commodities, seems a contradiction in terms.[7] Let us consider the matter a little more closely.

A given commodity, e.g., a quarter of wheat is exchanged for x blacking, y silk, or z gold, &c. – in short, for other commodities in the most different proportions. Instead of one exchange value, the wheat has, therefore, a great many. But since x blacking, y silk, or z gold &c., each represents the exchange value of one quarter of wheat, x blacking, y silk, z gold, &c., must, as exchange values, be replaceable by each other, or equal to each other. Therefore, first: the valid exchange values of a given commodity express something equal; secondly, exchange value, generally, is only the mode of expression, the phenomenal form, of something contained in it, yet distinguishable from it.

Let us take two commodities, e.g., corn and iron. The proportions in which they are exchangeable, whatever those proportions may be, can always be represented by an equation in which a given quantity of corn is equated to some quantity of iron: e.g., 1 quarter corn = x cwt. iron. What does this equation tell us? It tells us that in two different things – in 1 quarter of corn and x cwt. of iron, there exists in equal quantities something common to both. The two things must therefore be equal to a third, which in itself is neither the one nor the other. Each of them, so far as it is exchange value, must therefore be reducible to this third.

A simple geometrical illustration will make this clear. In order to calculate and compare the areas of rectilinear figures, we decompose them into triangles. But the area of the triangle itself is expressed by something totally different from its visible figure, namely, by half the product of the base multiplied by the altitude. In the same way the exchange values of commodities must be capable of being expressed in terms of something common to them all, of which thing they represent a greater or less quantity.


>Marxist labor theory of value

An idea that can be logically refuted in a matter of baby steps.



Made napalm on the living r>>862162

Myatt during the 9/11 era flexed that he was an MI5 asset obliquely, similar to how Aleistar Crowley did,similar to Savitri Devi did.

Myatt only flip-flopped when MI5 actually moved into "green acre wood". At least Seth and Jon Skinner were actual Canadian intelligence assets - suck it, Hell's Angels!


There's no ghosts here uygha this is leftypol
You're gonna read


Consider a mining operation for gold, and a mining operation for oil. Suppose the labor involved in each of the operations was equivalent. Assuming they found zero gold and an abundance of oil, according to Marx each endeavor should be equally valuable. Is a person interested in purchasing precious commodities concerned with the labor invested in their procurement? The value is intrinsic in the usefulness, scarcity, and desire of the good or service. That said, Marx did hit the nail on the head in terms of overall economic projection, automation / UBI / etc. Big brained and to be adapted to time and place


Primarily everything was a complex psy op but the mundanes can't know the truth. And there's a clear reason for this takeover that's esoteric. All three organizations Falcifer-Luciferi 13, ToB, and O9A have become acausal shapeshifting entities aiding the Sinister Dialectic of History and engineering a collapse of civilization. There's no more Aeonic or noble goals because the only goal is total annihilation of everything. A total socio-economic collapse. But darker still the manifestation of pure chaos into the causal acting as a caustic burning away the Universe itself. Returning everything to start over again. It was all in essence just a dream in reality. Just an illusion. Beyond good and evil or honor there is something else a timeless sociopathic intelligence operating since time immemorial. A manifestation of pure unadulterated evil. No doubt some of these characters if they aren't fictional hate each other but are willing to put aside differences or not all aim for the same end result. Genuinely personal and suprapersonal acts of chaos, evil, terror, etc. All for the glory of Satan.


Consider a mining operation for gold, and a mining operation for oil. Suppose the labor involved in each of the operations was equivalent. Assuming they found zero gold and an abundance of oil, according to Marx each endeavor should be equally valuable.
What do you suppose, not paying the laborers? If they put in an equal amount of socially necessary labour, they should be compensated as such.
>Is a person interested in purchasing precious commodities concerned with the labor invested in their procurement?
<muh ethical consumption
>The value is intrinsic in the usefulness, scarcity, and desire of the good or service.
Literally read the first page of capital (which I copy pasted). It goes over the fundamental difference between exchange value and use value.
>That said, Marx did hit the nail on the head in terms of overall economic projection, automation / UBI / etc. Big brained and to be adapted to time and place
UBI is useless dribble to keep the current statue quo afloat in a time of crisis, and capitalism will continue to have crises every so often until the falling rate of profit can no longer self sustain, then fascism will rear its ugly head yet again.


>What do you suppose, not paying the laborers? If they put in an equal amount of socially necessary labour, they should be compensated as such.

So a construction worker with a strenuous job should be paid as much as a surgeon. That makes sense.

>UBI is useless dribble to keep the current statue quo afloat in a time of crisis, and capitalism will continue to have crises every so often until the falling rate of profit can no longer self sustain, then fascism will rear its ugly head yet again.

Not considering automation.


>So a construction worker with a strenuous job should be paid as much as a surgeon. That makes sense.
Yes it does, Communism is the ultimate form of self liberation. You can do whatever job you want without worrying about how you're going to survive. You can be a film director and make whatever film you want without worrying about the profitability, art and self expression will be unleashed from the grip of the invisible hand.
Since you like UBI so much, look at it as that. Everyone makes a universal basic income regardless of job
>Not considering automation.


Alright I get it now. We had a good internet war but next time just explain things better if possible. As I didn't want to take over anything honestly and this all escalated pretty fast. I'm taking down most things or rewriting them. I don't want any more animosity right or wrong what's done is done on both ends. I'm not really the Ryan Fleming type of goy. Honestly all three of us are evil bastards. And fucked in the head. Power hungry narcissistic sociopaths with severe interpersonal issues and sexual deviants. So I'd rather have some Sinister honor right now as laughable as that concept is for all even Myatt probably and going to undo whatever damage was done by shutting the hell up. Disappearing into the mist. Everything was a work of Aeonic Magick and acausal in the end. So I can be on board with that with a new organization Falcifer-Luciferi 13 aka Temple of the Black Jihad. And as a Muslim man I support the jihad against ZOG and the extermination of Jews. And the return of Israel to the Arabs. Insallah. Praise be to Mohammad.


you’re a retard lol


Read a book Nazi scum


you haven’t even read a single work of theory yet you’re proselytizing to some nazi crackhead on an imageboard, kill yourself you liberal fuckwit




there’s literally no point in trying to argue against some ideologically loaded cretin’s talking points. also there’s no “labour theory of value” in marx since he wasn’t an essentialist. also you posted david harvey


File: 1647590151007.jpg (8.59 KB, 200x200, 1647379720671.jpg)

Night of the Sexual Opfer

The flithy Southeast Asian whore was gagged and thrown into the trunk of the Drecc Tribe called the Ultraviolent Crew's car. As they drove they blarred Tommy Wright III's Meet Yo Maker. Harry the most perverted of the bunch said "I can't wait to try gook pussy lads" in his Cockneyed accent. "If she's as good as her spic whore was it'll be a treat alright my droogs" said the leader of the crew – a Sinister Vampire named Logan. Soon they arrived – the 3 of them 4 counting the sex opfer – at their headquarters. A methamphetamine shack. Logan stuck a syringe loaded with potent stimulant into his vein and drew some blood. Shooting the rocket fuel into his bloodstream. It was so potent his vision went blurry and he nearly passed out seemed like his skull was exploding out his head. "That's the stuff alright lads we're off". Jeffrey the Musc loaded the Asian slut out of the trunk still kicking and screaming. The gang all laughed. Logan gave her a real horrorshow tolchock right in the Gulliver. And Harry backhand slapped the traitorous bitch across the mouth causing her lip to swell and Bleed. "That's right lass simmer down what's all the fuss bird?". "No please", she begged, "I'm a lesbian I only like vaginas don't rape my ass or pussy." "Rape yer ass? Alright love!" Harry pulled out his 10 inch cock and ripped her red outfit off and slammed her against the car hood. He took her right then and there for a little of the in out real horrorshow up the arse. "Give me a turn lad" said Jeffrey as he began skullfucking the disobedient little slut. Logan whistled "Inside lads inside". They dragged her off into the Dreccian hideout and pushed her on the dirty soiled mattress they each satisfied themselves and expelled semen all over her slanted eyes and small perky Asian tits. "Now what? She's seen our face lads?" Logan returned with an Obsidian blade razor sharp like. And a large quartz tetrahedron that began glowing. They vibrated Agios o Baphomet to dedicate the opfer to their mother of murder and then nythra. "I dedicate you to our Dark Goddess Baphomet you dirty old devochka" He Slit the gooks throat ear to ear and they collected it in a chalice of port wine. Musk incense burnt and they each drank heavily the blood. That was a good old night of the Ultraviolence sharpened up by a bit of the old methamphetamine. Algar Black Temple of the Black Jihad Falcifer-Luciferi 13.


this shit is the most bog standard edgelord fantasy ever. and you call other people “mundanes”


>there’s literally no point in trying to argue against some ideologically loaded cretin’s talking points.
It's just stock standard ancap bullet points. I think it's funny that people who are so concerned for the individual only argue in favor for the individual at the top.
>also there’s no “labour theory of value” in marx since he wasn’t an essentialist.
Yes, Marx wasn't a utopian or positivist or anything like that. But he still built on smith and ricardo's LTV.
Nitpicky shit like "dur Marx never used diamat" is just dumb
>also you posted david harvey
Next time I'll post Alan Woods


>this shit is the most bog standard edgelord fantasy ever. and you call other people “mundanes”
It's not that bad. It's a better that his other posts. It reminds me of some of
Stewart Home's fiction.
>picked up bare knuckle boxing,
BKB has come up from the underground in the last few years. There's an channel on YouTube, Hard2hirt, run by a guy called Icy Mike, who did some backyard fights at a place called Satan's Backyard. No connection to Satanism, or occultism, I must stress. But icy Mike did some good videos on BKB, which might be of interest to anyone who is into mundane self-development.
>He's a 40 year old unemployed divorced alcoholic
Lost track of who this is. I used to drink myself. I quit after drinking so much rum a blood vessel burst in my eye, turning the whole of the white of my eye black. Unless you want that effect, of course.
>Magick you see is very real. And when I wrote my wrote carrying on their legacy a storm broke lose and the power flicked on and off over and over. The same day I received my Santa Muerte idol as well.
Finally, after three threads, we get some meat. My mundane question would be, how do you know it wasn't coincidence? To pre-empt your answer, because it was a meaningful "coincidence"?
>I could go on and on but you just think its all schziophrenia something you yourself are diagnosed with in a weaker form but envy me for.
Schizophrenia isn't something to be envied. You want to be a homeless guy shouting at figments of his imagination? Or me, I used to hear voices of my enemy when he wasn't there. An auditory hallucination, basically. It was as clear as though his voice was coming through pipes, except there weren't any pipes there. The weird thing was, I knew it wasn't real, but the voices seemed to fit in, and even shed some light onto my enemies character. But I don't attach any occult significance to it. If the voice of enemy had given me a clear prediction of something unusual to happen the next day, and it happened, I might have. Or if it hadn't been some fucking arsehole I hated to had given me a lot of grief in mundane life with a disembodied voice, but had been a demon.
>All three organizations Falcifer-Luciferi 13, ToB, and O9A have become acausal shapeshifting entities aiding the Sinister Dialectic of History and engineering a collapse of civilization.
I'm confused about the wording here. Groups of people aren't entities. Their individual members might be. By acasual I guess you mean something that isn't caused but causes other things. Like Plato's prime mover. Have you got any proof of this? That ONA, Temple ov Blood are uncaused causes like this?


jesus, give it a break. is it one dude posting all this or like three of you conversing autistically?


Doesn't answer my question.


Have you ever read Choronzon? there's a part in the second edition (i think) which talks about the black devils? astral devils? They were a LHP Shaitan worshiping group that emphasized being possessed by djinn and sleep depriving and starving themselves to meet the horrors of the abyss.

Do you ever know what happened to that group? I wanted to learn more about them, but their facebook group was shut down and the wayback machine had nothing. It seems a lot more interesting than "white sharia" magian jewish demiurge worship. I've asked others but I can't find anything about it man. We can talk on other platforms too if you want since the OP of this thread probably won't be making many more threads. Do you have wire?


One guy it seems maybe two tops.


90% chance The Black Devils never actually existed but if you want to see what that article in Choronzon was based on then read The Devil's Quran and especially The Black Path. ToB did stuff like that a lot, set up facebook pages and emails for "groups" that clearly didn't exist.

>We can talk on other platforms too if you want since the OP of this thread probably won't be making many more threads.

Why do you say this? I'm going to keep making them until they stop producing interesting conversations or developments. So far we've had Chloe get doxxed ITT and we're still not close to bump limit so I don't see any reason to stop yet.


Did mods delete the doxx or did DG when he found out it wasn't Chloe trolling him? Don't wanna get banned but I saved it.


>Obsessed with drugs
>Obsessed with sex
>Obsessed with fanfiction where they win rather than reality where they constantly get BTFO
ya sounds about right. y'all need jesus.
also baphomet is male you stupid fucks how is it that you don't even know the gender of the fake retards you worship.


>also baphomet is male you stupid fucks how is it that you don't even know the gender of the fake retards you worship.
Levi's Baphomet is androgyne.


literally jewish fanfiction holy shit are you guys even trying?
and tbh the very idea of "Baphomet" is Catholic fantasy simply to provide a convenient excuse to get rid of the increasingly powerful paramilitary org. known as the knights templar. just like how the witch trials were just peasants performing popularity purges of anyone they didn't like under an accepted religious/political pretext.
for a bunch of satanists you guys are less cynical and more incapable of reading between the lines than the average brainwashed american. oh who am I kidding you're all americans anyways either by birth or in spirit (european).


>The Black Path
Can I get a QRD on this? I read what's available on Amazon, but it never got into anything of substance so I didn't consider buying it. I've decided to buy Ecclesia Mysteria instead of the Islam stuff.
>Why do you say this? I'm going to keep making them until they stop producing interesting conversations or developments.
because finding people traveling the same path as you is almost impossible? I know two guys who are actually into the ONA and aren't larping online. How would I ever contact you if needed when you stop making these threads?


>literally jewish fanfiction holy shit are you guys even trying?
I'm not O9A, I'm the OP of this thread. I just know a little about the occult and you're wrong here. Levi is who we get the modern image of Baphomet from, before him Baphomet was, as you said, just part of an accusation against the Templars (probably originally it was a corruption of Mahomet, the accusation being not that the Templars were satanists but that they were crypto-Muslims). Baphomet didn't enter occultism until Levi though so it matters what Levi said it was. Also worth pointing out that Levi doesn't say in Transcendental Magic that his Baphomet is an actual demon, it's just a symbol that Levi was using to teach about emanationism, nondualism and the qualities an initiate needs to progress. Also Levi wasn't a Jew, even if his magic had a lot of Jewish influences. Eliphas Levi was an assumed name, he was born Alphonse Louis Constant.

>Can I get a QRD on this? I read what's available on Amazon, but it never got into anything of substance so I didn't consider buying it. I've decided to buy Ecclesia Mysteria instead of the Islam stuff.
There's nothing of substance in any Martinet Press book I've read and I don't recommend reading any of them unless you have a taste for puerile edginess or you're trying to get a better idea of who was who in ToB. But sure. QRD the Abyss precedes the Cosmos and was what gave birth to it, which was a mistake because the cosmos separates us from returning to the primordial unity that is the Abyss. Allah is the Demiurge and wants to preserve the slave system of the cosmos, the Abyss wants to reincorporate the Cosmos. The Abyss emanates Shaitan and the Jinn and through mutilating ourselves, doing spooky rituals and becoming possessed by the Jinn, we can become like Shaitan and make our way to the Black City, a kind of waystation between the Abyss and the Cosmos, and eventually back to the Abyss itself.

Ecclesia Mysteria is largely the same shit, Anticosmic Gnosticism, except in EM's case the aesthetic trappings are Setian Gnostic. Just go read the Nag Hammadi Library or Gnostic Religion in Antiquity by van den Broek if you're tempted by this shit, either of those will at least give you a good idea of what ancient Gnostics actually believed.

>How would I ever contact you if needed when you stop making these threads?

You wouldn't. Anything you can say to me on wire you can say to me on here.


Another attack by Clarice on Nameless Therein, with an added dig at Neo Nazis.
>e thought briefly of the traditional mystics scribbling away in rundown cottages in impenetrable philosophic language, issuing dozens upon dozens of documents. He shook his head, chuckling, and heaved a heavy sigh.
>. Every one of the neo-nazi scum that had been removed from the Patagonia area by the hand of professional military personal upon orders given by the Argentinian and Chilean governments had paved a path of skulls towards his crowning achievement.
>For years he had come into this room and seen the silent bloodshed that was now still taking place in removing from the area the last specimens of an obsolete phalanx of ideologically-obsessed pawns. Their ill-begotten leaders were now kept in black sites, the contents of their fanzines and the nature of their fetishistic altars tortured out of them by intelligence officers that would never comprehend or accept the answers given and who would carve their own trapezoidal sigils into the psyche and flesh of their victims.

And yesterday there was an update from Nameless Therein on the forthcoming issue of Fenrir.


>>862297 (me)
>By acasual I guess you mean something that isn't caused but causes other things. Like Plato's prime mover. Have you got any proof of this? That ONA, Temple ov Blood are uncaused causes like this?
>Another attack by Clarice on Nameless Therein, with an added dig at Neo Nazis.
She's tagged it "acausal theory". Which made me think here will be an answer to my question.(which I didn't put my very well. I meant is the any proof ONA /ToB draw power from an acausal realm.)
<Neither personal fame before the mundane nor illegal means had been in any way necessary for the attaining of Aeonic sinister goals. Steady, step-wise acquisition of influence and worldly power, however, was the most straight-forward and obvious path.

I don't see how this is any different from the Church of Satan's might-is-right atheistic philosophy. I believe CoS gave an honorary position to Marilyn Manson. Purely because of his doing well in the music business. It's the same thing here in this piece of fiction. There wouldn't seem to be an "acausal" cause. But I would of thought the appeal of magic would be precisely that it's a cheat - a way to bypass the need for bog standard good planning and hard slog. (Even if the cheat, the magic, turns out not to work.)
< He walked into the darkest room in his house, purposely darkened and dedicated to his dark meditations. These consisted of wordless concentration. No sigils were ever used, nor candles lit. No names were summoned. Only a single-pointed power that emanated from him, a power fed in turn by all those who served his will.
I know it's a fictionalised account, but it sounds implausible. I used to be mates with a nurse who ran a meditation group. She said noobies felt like a drain on her energy. It wasn't a case of her sucking energy from the new meat.

And here is the article that pissed Dark Gnosis off.
<You can CHOOSE your material conditions with a sound financial strategy.
Gary Vee stuff.
<You can ACKNOWLEDGE that you are the only Dark God worth taking into account.
More LaVeyan atheism.
<Since the Satanist understands that all Gods are fiction, instead of bending a knee in worship to—or seeking friendship or unity with—such mythical entities, he places himself at the center of his own subjective universe as his own highest value. We Satanists are thus our own “Gods,” and as beneficent “deities”


>Clarice is Sutter and Sutter posted in both threads
How do you know?


File: 1647752242819.png (65.49 KB, 919x737, crikey.png)

ahahahaha faggot


You've lived a more interesting or satanic life than most. The internal politics of the ONA is full of weirdos, feds and larpers. Know that you hold or held yourself true to the ONA, to Anton Long, to YOU most importantly.

These people in the outer ONA chase nothing more than notoriety. You should understand that there is no leadership positions in the ONA, but you should also understand that these people who chase fame like Chloe and Sutter are not suitable for outer ONA "leadership". Christos Beest and Nameless Therein are what I'd consider more suitable for outer ONA. These fame hungry losers chase notoriety. And if the ONA wasn't decentralized and had actual leaders who actually followed the 7 fold way, it'd be more people like me, you, Anton Long, one of the hundreds (if not thousands) of Niners who are serious or "Vindex" who would lead it. At this moment in time though, I believe someone like Nameless Therein is perfect for the job.

I hope to never be around these fucking losers, so I guess I sympathize a lot more with you than I do Chloe and definitely Sutter. I can't tell you what to do with your life, but you need to move on from Chloe and TOB. They're already imploding on themselves while those who aren't in the internal politics of the ONA are doing better than ever. Don't fall with them.


Everything I say which is true about Sutter is being deleted online. https://archive.org/details/truthaboutsutter/

Trust me this will get deleted. I'm facing up to a decade in prison for telling everyone as well as being threatened with murder.


Thanks for your kind words but I must carry on in this one man war against the liars, the frauds, the pretenders, the posers, etc. Satanism has been hijacked.


Dunno man. I've never seen Chloe or Sutter or even Myatt as a leader. I guess I appreciate what you're doing, but I also don't care too much about any sort of "authority" over satanism.

I appreciate Martinet Press very much due to the books that they've allowed me to read, and the paths they've subsequently gave me the way to follow. That's all I see in the ONA sphere though, the paths and the books that lead to that path. The politics, the personalities, the songs, the "group", the "ideology" doesn't exist in my world.

I just can't help but feel like you're damaging yourself for something a lot of Niners don't honestly care about. Maybe it's just me that's not interested in the politics… You can do whatever you like, but I can't see how it's worth your time.


They made it personal by snitching on me, threatening me and otherwise setting me up. There's people in this world you shouldn;t fuck with and until they learn that lesson keeps getting worse for them.


This over on my end. It's all over with and said and done now.


Final note on the drama and this is my last say and will never mention it again:
I feel like I have the whole weight of the world on my shoulders. Chloe Ortega elected me to be outer rep that much is true. Or in essence she said Jon (that’s my name Jonathan Skinner I live in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada – I doxed my only real friend in this game so I deserve to be doxed too for it) me and you will fix the O9A. She wanted to take over the Tempel ov Blood as well but I didn’t want too. I didn’t want any power. I was just given a task – fix the O9A. She wanted the Tempel ov Blood to seize power from day one. And set me up to look like an idiot. So you want to know where my loyalty lies it’s forever with two friends of mine who are legitimate Satanists not with Myatt anymore, not with Chloe and not with “Clarice” of O9A.org. Nor is it with Nameless Therein. I want to clear all this up. Yes I got snitched on in the process but I ain’t trying have none of my people murdered, hurt or doxed. Don’t get it twisted I’m just willing to be the bigger man and walk away. I’m not going to let someone else’s coffin rest on my conscience.

It was never supposed to be like it was but I was set up, chewed up and spit out and then I raged. All the stress got to me in the end and I ended up acting like a motherfucking fool embarrassing myself but that was never the intention. My intention was always good. And sometimes I just feel tired, I feel weak like I just want to give up. But I always get that motivation to not give up, not be a quitter even though I just want to fall flat on my face.

Either case I’m done publicly talking about this shit but I just can’t shut my mouth because what happened to me was unfair, unjust and it ruined friendships. You ruined my friendship with a very special important close friend of mine Chloe. I want you to admit what you did some day and you never will because you have no sense of honor or responsibility. Neither does “Clarice” at the end of the day. So even though half you people fucking hate me I won’t stop coming for either of you. Not until my bones collapse. Not until the smoke clears out. Trust me you made a sworn enemy when you both did what you did. And I’ll never get the props I feel I deserve. But in my heart of hearts I know nothing could ever be worse. I act like I’m addict. So this is like a full blown attack I’m launching at you cause the fact I’m Dark Gnosis doesn’t even matter at the end of the day.

Just can’t shut my mouth. You started it and I will finish it. Just trust me there. And we’ll settle this offline. If you have the guts to which I doubt you do. So let be known what the two of you are cowards. Gutless fucking cowards. You two ruined friendships and caused all this mess. And I have one chance now to get everything back and I will. “Clarice” and Chloe I hereby challenge you both to a duel with deadly weapons – combat knives until honor is satisfied. Let it be known you are both gutless cowards if you refuse. I’ll make all travel arrangements myself.

You know my email [email protected]



Latest ONA news from Myatt. Nameless Therein interviewed Myatt. The interview will be in the coming issue of Fenrir, edited and run by Nameless Therein.

I love how in the beginning of that news journal, Myatt says that he is not Long and not associated with ONA, but in the same newsletter, David Myatt gives an interview to Nameless Therein who runs the ONA's journal and the main ONA website. They are obviously communicating with each other. If I remember correctly, Myatt was also interviews by the ToB or Sutter.


Thank god for some actual content in these threads. Can the janny actually just ban the schizos as well?



>moved into a new luxury condo shortly before the murders
>only job seems to be some holistic medicine thing that can’t provide much
>estranged from his well-off family so possibly couldn’t be gibs
>details of the case are under radio silence, just like with the London, Ontario truck attacker
what is there to say but lol


also there’s the Nova Scotia spree killing around the same time perpetrated by someone who could easily have been an RCMP informant getting paid out https://www.macleans.ca/news/canada/the-nova-scotia-shooter-case-has-hallmarks-of-an-undercover-operation/amp/


What a godawful article. Iron March spawned Tempel ov Blood? Tempel ov Blood was around for going on 15 years before IM.


Wtf DG is posting AFWM porn now and brought back nineangles.net https://nineangles.net/2022/03/23/chloes-secret-desires/ lol is he truly mad?


DG/Jon probably engineered that he's near Nova Scotia (Newfoundland) and trained with the military in New Brunswick for months at a time.


This seems pretty O9A related they use similar wording to Myatt http://sector88.net/


I got banned from their for being too extremist lol. ToB was sizing up AWD before it ever got big. We always saw Rape as a retarded little deformed incel faggot.


>We always saw Rape as a retarded little deformed incel faggot.
you seem like a larper. he was involved with, or at least had support for the ONA since 2014.


I missed the last episodes since a while. what's the tl'dr on our own ghoulish soup opera, anons?


>Sinister Vampires we prefer
Actually the terminology is 'Wamypre'.


>The Canadian Armed Forces were also dispatched on April 21 to assist the RCMP in their investigation by providing them with additional personnel and supplies.


>examine the historicity of Devil Worship in the Sandy Hook area.

do the same for Arden Delaware while you're at it


The guys in the underground NS scene said me and you Sutter. Jon Skinner and Joshua Sutter should patch things up. We both did damage to each other but I've been working with henbane quite a bit as well. So let's bury the hatchet and I'll add you as an author on the nineangles.net site I'm in contact with Myatt as well sort of. Bloodtempel.net needs writers as well. Come back

Your personal Vindex
Jon Skinner

Email me from now on at [email protected] or [email protected] if you agree.


why would anyone trust sutter or want to patch things up with him, fuck him. He's a cowardly little bitch who snitched a bunch of dudes out to the FBI.


Zero people besides me, Sutter & Nameless Therein and perhaps Myatt's sockpuppets are writing or doing any online O9A related. Zero. And even though I set it up so anyone can register on nineangles.net and add posts and an entire nine angles forum. There is no interest. Zero from anyone.

So a FBI informant is better than no one.


recruit new people then, you don't NEED him. you can bring other people to that level without being around a SNITCH


File: 1648504678128.jpg (185.63 KB, 1200x1200, gettyimages-155761690.jpg)

>So a FBI informant is better than no one.
Depends what you're trying to do. Meyer Lansky, Charles "Lucky " Luciano, set up gambling and casinos in Cuba, with the knowledge of the feds. The feds thought better the crooks running things than communists. With gambling the house always wins. But what you winning? It's like something out of a Thomas Ligotti book, spreading the pooling darkness behind the darkness, except without the catharsis of dissolving into nothingness ,instead you get ego inflation.


an article the retards at this site made about Sutter.


File: 1648526562269.png (96.73 KB, 732x357, ClipboardImage.png)

<Parallax Views w/ J.G. Michael - March 24 2022
<Global Death Cult: The Order of Nine Angles, Atomwaffen, and the Slaughter of the Innocents w/ William Ramsey

>On this edition of Parallax Views, William Ramsey, host of the William Ramsey Investigates podcast, joins me to discuss his book Global Death: The Order of Nine Angles, Atomwaffen, and the Slaughter of the Innocents. In said book, Ramsey uncovers the extremist ideologies of David Myatt and the birth of the Satanic neo-nazi/neo-fascist underground group known as The Order of Nine Angles. Along the way he also deals with the sordid story of the neo-nazi terrorists known as the Atomowaffen Division. He details the interest of the Order of Nine Angles in Satanism and their belief in a "culling" of those deemed "Untermensch". Its a strange tale straight out of a horror movie and Ramsey unravels it with us on this edition of the show.




Trying say this forever but its me Dark Gnosis I'm the new David Myatt now. Anyways, listen Sutter, Jall and others please speak to me its urgent email me at one of my known addresses.

We need to talk pronto. I have a solid idea for everyone.

Jall becomes Mousa of Falcifer-Luciferi 13
Czar the Temple Master or initiator at least – sexually but only adult females above 21 likewise suppose Jall has to initiate the boys
A guy whose helping me out if he wants could be the Priest or High Priest
VM32 could be a guy who does Satanist stuff too
And I'll do Satanist shit as well

And we have a bunch of women to bang and blasphemy to be done etc.

I formally converted to Islam btw. I'll see you all at Mosque.

We can make living arrangements for you all mutually. And also it has to be in NL (Newfoundland).

And my only condition is we all attend Mosque weekly.



A Sinister Proposal for Unholy Matrimony



Did anyone catch what this was?


i though baphomet was supposed to represent kali


Does order of nine angles have a presence outside of America, e.g. Ukraine


there was a cell in russian, and they even culled some dude in karelia nad had connections with russian awd


File: 1649792915827.png (431.99 KB, 9450x5904, krgnw.png)

i did some reading on o9a few months ago and so far there is a lot i agree with, but there still some issues and this thread doesnt help to clarify this for me
so far i interpreted this about o9a:
that theyre pretty much are really militant pagans, and the whole satanism thing is just for pure edge ( ye there are explanations on why they call themeselves satanist, like how for example the word satan mean enemy of the jews)
that pretty much anyone from any group or ideology can follow o9a as long as they follow the 7fw, kindred honor and agree on their end goal and doctrine


File: 1649796293969.jpg (5.67 MB, 2370x3203, OT-137.jpg)

>like how for example the word satan mean enemy of the jews
And here we have yet another example ITT of o9a getting a half arsed grip on something and running with it.
No it doesn't, it means "adversary". Like in a court of law. Satan is still part of Ialdaboath's God's set up. In the Book of Job he is basically a tester on behalf of Saklas God, a prosecuting angel for Him.

<And the Lord said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the Lord, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it.

<And the Lord said unto Satan, Hast thou considered my servant Job, that there is none like him in the earth, a perfect and an upright man, one that feareth God, and escheweth evil?
<Then Satan answered the Lord, and said, Doth Job fear God for nought?
<Hast not thou made an hedge about him, and about his house, and about all that he hath on every side? thou hast blessed the work of his hands, and his substance is increased in the land.
<But put forth thine hand now, and touch all that he hath, and he will curse thee to thy face.
<And the Lord said unto Satan, Behold, all that he hath is in thy power; only upon himself put not forth thine hand. So Satan went forth from the presence of the Lord.
Job 1:7-12 KJV


>No it doesn't, it means "adversary"
dont be quick to judge, they did mention that too i only gave thet satan = enemy of jews part as an example


Get this shizo shit out of here. This isnt q-anon.


>dont be quick to judge,
Well I just got the impression from what was posted that the o9a were trying to shoehorn an antisemitic point in. I mean, it's not like Satan in the Book of Job is a non - Jewish entity or something.
>pretty much anyone from any group or ideology can follow o9a
can't help noticing what flag you're posting under though, Kapitän. You don't see any contradiction, using apocalyptic religious thinking given where it originates?


>can't help noticing what flag you're posting under though, Kapitän. You don't see any contradiction, using apocalyptic religious thinking given where it originates?
i also wrote that there is also a specific condition.
to better explain it ill use regular paganism as an example. literally anyone can be one ( yes even fags and liberals) since our current issues were completely irrelevant for them at the time, but at the same time time there is nothing stopping a full 1488 NS guy to be one too for the same reason as written above. i know i cant directly compare the two but we can follow a simillar logic here. you can have nexions of edgy goths and wicans in denial, and nexions of outright neonazies ( even tho they may come in to conflict ) just as long they follow the same doctrine, goal and general beliefs. but as mentioned in the earlier post i dont claim to be some expert on o9a so correct me if im wrong



a writer/journalist/interviewee on a recent episode of parallax views was talking about Dugin's supposed connections fwiw.


Not your army. If the glows are so worried about this obscure group why don't they just entrap them in a glowing sting as they usually do?


happened several times (tob being the most obvious example). but its hard to eradicate a group that isnt technically a group


get over yourself you fucking loser tryhard. deep down you know youre wrong or you wouldnt be here


Has Gnosis killed himself yet?


Nah, he's renounced violence, has new accounts and is still carrying on his one-sided feud with Sutter.



Spooks are a hell of a thing.


>Nah, he's renounced violence, has new accounts and is still carrying on his one-sided feud with Sutter.
Yes renounced Nazism as well. I'm chasing the numinous now maybe I'll find the lapis. Into Sufi Islam. Divorcing my wife. Heading to Egypt. Cleaning up my act. Etc.
>t. I'm Dark Gnosis


Good to hear, DG.
Hope everything works out for you.


File: 1651454141427.jpeg (7.98 KB, 308x163, sutter.jpeg)

Thanks consider myself post-fascist but I am not a Nat-Soc anymore nor violent, criminal, extremist, terrorist, etc. Myatt himself talked me out of all that BS. https://dark-gnosis-returns.tumblr.com/ is my tumblr if anyone is curious.

I always respected you all here even if you thought I was crazy and I hate Sutter wish I could cut his ear off metaphorically of course. Fucking fed snitch.

Anyone wants to be invited to write for numinousnexion.wordpress.com let me know. Doesn't need to be Nazi, racist, Satanist I'd prefer it not to be actually.

In fact be enlivening to add far-left elements to the O9A via O7A.

>Pic related me abusing Sutter

Again you here all have earned my respect and love for real.


penis shit fart


Like it not I have become a local celebrity on leftypol. And I genuinely listened to all of your concerns and took your advice into my heart.


>Thanks consider myself post-fascist but I am not a Nat-Soc anymore nor violent, criminal, extremist, terrorist, etc. Myatt himself talked me out of all that BS.
>In fact be enlivening to add far-left elements to the O9A via O7A.
how and why? also didnt tob already include far left shit with its stalinist edgyness?


>Heading to Egypt
what do your handlers need there


Do these people support Cuckraine? Maybe the glows could try to convince them to die in the Reddit battalion.



There's a range of opinions but most of them support Russia actually since Zelensky is a Jew and since it's more "heretical" to be pro-Russia in the West. Don't have it onhand but Myatt wrote an article on that a month or two ago.


DG here having a beer. Ill take any questions as best I can about o9a and my nexion. No more about ToB though


mods dont do their fucking jobs edition
not that much of an edition since it happened in the other threads too


They seem to co'ordinate raids on every Christian thread on 4chan, which implies they have a fbi.gov that may be infiltrated.


I’ve noticed lots of esoteric fascist types use fashion and aesthetic disc0rds as covers on there, especially since Charlottesville called for better opsec than posting swastikas and your plan for a race war everywhere


I've heard them say it themselves:
'The Swastika is a symbol of life. We reject that - we choose the Black Sun.'


That means literally nothing. Astrology makes more sense than their “esoteric” yarns meant to trip up anyone looking too close.


One of Myatt's 3 twitter accounts is gone

This is his main now


Dark Gnosis, what makes O7A different from O9A? And how does O7A gel with Sufism?


Esoterically there is no difference besides its founded by me. Exoterically speaking there is: no crime, no terrorism, no violence, no racism, no National-Socialism, no sexism, no homophobia, no nationalism, no transphobia, no pedophilia, no rape or abuse of women or children at all, no culling or emphasis on culling, and our own unique individual version of the Sevenfold Way. That does not have grades, grade rituals, titles, etc.

Still le reddit calls me NAZI SATANIST TRASH OMG!!!!

But O7A is not Satanist, not Nazi, etc.

It gels with Sufism as I am still studying it but insofar as my limited brain can state we believe God is both within the self and outside of the self and to know God you must know the self.


Ordo7astrum.net is the OFFICIAL site. Anything other than that is the "outer O7A" or associates etc. Others have been doing writings have their own interpretations etc. O7A is anarchist and amoral so it does not say you can't do that or this but on paper no it is not National Socialist nor Satanic that'd be a misunderstanding of the highest calibre


And you aren't required to hate Jews, deny the Holocaust, etc. to be on board.


Hey DG here just wanted to announce I'm having sex with a Chinese girl. She told me leave my wife and have babies with her instead and my wife came out of the closet as a lesbian and we broke it off officially. I guess thats why she used to take baths with women and say it was just part of asian culture to do so. Or is that true? I can't believe it.

Still loving them trees reading qu'ran etc. But the Mosque I wanted to attend found this thread so I'm kicked out now.


serious question. if you don't do any of these things, what is your praxis then? i always understood o9a praxis as similar in spirit to what the aghoris did


I hate to go by Dark Gnosis anymore. Dark Gnosis if correctly understood was a fictional character created by me based upon SOME not all of my life. If you want my life story I'm ex military, traveled most of the world – in particular Asia and Southeast Asia, was married to a Vietnamese girl and mostly date Asians, was around a lot of sex workers and escorts dated one was domestically abused by said escort and falsely accused of rape and abuse one count was dropped didn't make it to court because it was considered self-defense due to how she used to beat the shit out of me and I would never hit a woman back and abused to an extent by said woman I was in a mental hospital for months with PTSD from said abuse, given I was molested and abused as a child and traumatized from it I would never ever in my life rape or abuse a woman or child, given that I am seeking professional help and medicated for it with a misdiagnosis of schziophrenia which is now considered to be a severe form of Bipolar Depression, given I am a former National Socialist and Satanist who did have extremist violent ideas but never attacked upon them, received and dished out violence, dealt drugs and supplied them, made pornography which I regret, was a former member of the Tempel ov Blood after which 10 years of service I was booted out, was informed on either directly or indirectly by Sutter et al and falsely accused of being an informant by said informants, declined to be a police informant upon the far-right and was therefore said to be promoting hate and genocide online which was not true and falsely accused of and considered a member of the Atomwaffen Division – a now banned and terrorist group in my home country of Canada, did and do deny the Holocaust or see it as an unofficial event which pales in comparison to the death toll of Communism which is socially acceptable, underwent several physical ordeals including long distance running, weighted running, hiking and bodybuilding and power-lifting building an aesthetically pleasing physique, now am academic oriented and conducting research which may funded by an academic institution into AI, cryptocurrency and peer to peer networks etc, and other numerous things I forget. In no shape or form am I some sort of failure. I have been to prison unlike many who claim to be Niners as an example. So when I reject violence it comes from having a violent background. So when I reject extremism it comes from having been an extremist.

And yes I consider myself a Muslim but not an extremist Muslim. My only beliefs that could be considered "anti-Semitic" is that I am anti-Zionist and a historical revisionist. But this does not arise from an individual hate of Jews or Zionists but the ideology itself being Jew's are racially superior and entitled to control the world and land that doesn't belong to them ie Palestine. With a tyrannical gluttonous capitalist entity known as America which is a Military-Industrial complex which enforces upon countries it considers "rogue" the abstractions of "democracy and freedom" via military campaigns for resources or power.

I am against antifascism because it usually is a violent, extremist, racist and terrorist enterprise that is state sponsored ie ANTIFA.

Numerous times I have made myself clear that:
a) I am not racist
b) I have not raped or sexually abused anyone not even out of some sort of spite or revenge fantasy no matter how deserving said individual would be. Which is not only court documented and was proven beyond a reasonable doubt as being false but which deeply affects me for people to think because I would never as a victim of sexual abuse enact sexual abuse upon another even if forced to do so.
c) I am not far-right or National Socialist my beliefs are complex and could be considered post-fascist but I do not believe in bootlicking some benevolent dictator with megalomania. If I could be considered anything it'd a Green Anarchofascist that is both post-fascist, post-NS and post-Reichsfolk which I fleshed out to some degree in Naturvolkisch.
d) That I am not a Satanist because Satanism for me is an antinomian, criminal, and Nietzschean philosophy of self-overcoming and transgression that is meant to be followed in the early stages ie Neophyte to External Adept until one moves beyond the need for causal abstractions and exoteric forms such as National Socialism and Satanism itself. And formerly the Drecc. Called now Baeldracian. So primarily I followed a Baeldracian praxis for the most part but I have followed the Sevenfold Way or Falciferian way of life as well and continue to do so privately without the exoteric need for such things as culling, Aeonics or dialectic or forms to do so. Due to the decline of time itself and being within the kali-yuga at present. Being against time is a fruitless endeavor which leads to tragedy
e) That I never was homophobic, transphobic, or misogynistic or sexist and that I always followed a matriarchal ethos not the one based upon the patriarchal male hubris of might is right except in the very early stages of my being when I misunderstood primarily what Satanism is and is not.
f) That most people perhaps even the OGs themselves have told me to breakaway from the O9A and/or to promote the numinous – ie exoterically the way of empathy, compassion, honour and non-violence in an ethical noble way following a Pagan Western Ethos
g) That people called me a meth addict or drug addict when I was simply joking around. I have never had any addiction sans cocaine in my early twenties which I overcame via meditation and Hinduism
h) That for most of my 20s I believed in and followed Hinduism then Gnosticism and eventually leading to my belief in Islam and Sufism in particular as well as my respect and reverence for Daoism, dokkodo, and Wu-wei.
i) That I am no longer Sinister or left-hand path oriented nor an occultist. If anything I am a mystic or esoteric follower of alchemy, Islam, Paganism etc.

That being so I would like to settle any sort of rumors about myself held by the far-left. Insofar as the only thing we disagree on is a) Zionism, b) the Holocaust, and c) being pro-white and the belief that there are different races and biological sex is a scientific reality

Otherwise in terms of homosexuality, transsexualism, race mixing, etc. we'd agree on everything. As I am especially opposed to the notion of capitalism and the ideas of nation-states and need for law and order etc.

So I am beyond the concepts of far-left, far-right, race, etc without being either racist nor anti-white.

Hence I have achieved to some degree at least what the O9A intends for people to achieve ie to go beyond opposites and causal abstractions to be able to think for oneself and explore the esoteric mythos behind one's ancestry and other cultures that are pro-Western.

I'm sorry you all feel this way about the O9A but again it arose not because of the O9A but because everything that the ToB and AWD did wrong got blamed on the O9A and everything we did right was ignored or called larping.

So you can kindly refrain from calling me a schzio meth addict rapist who larps as a Nazi Satanist online because I don't even have an online presence anymore outside of a few posts online here and there which absolutely have nothing to do with whatever it is you think I am doing.

Primarily I do not want the CIA/FBI up my ass, people publicly recognizing me, being called methhead, rapist, etc.

Because all of that is false and the result of poor taste in humor on my part as well as riddles and mysteries placed in my writings to intentionally mislead or make others question things. Both on the far-left and far-right side of the equation here.

My purpose is to get you thinking WHY? And if you can't see past the trolling and insanity or ramblings see everything as a poor result of a larp or troll then you miss the esoteric purpose or point behind them. At the same time I am tired of being labelled Nazi trash or trying to argue these points home time after time.

But I am certainly no threat to anyone and I would be deeply ashamed and concerned if any of my writings lead someone to an actual real world act of terror or murder. So I am careful with my words now.

But I leave my past writings online as an example of my faulty original way of thinking that was based upon an unempathetic lack of esoteric understanding of the O9A arising from my own male hubris and patriarchal ethos of might is right and the ends justifying the means etc.

I would never intentionally directly or indirectly cause harm to anyone nor seek to do so. I am just interested in making you think for yourselves outside of the political box and also in sharing my esoteric ideas influenced by the O9A as well as leaving riddles and mysteries to unravel.

Nothing more.

Thanks for reading and please try to understand that this is a mask and underneath the mask is an actually humanist philosophy that is opposed to any form of tyranny, slavery or violence.

Just because Jews are allowed to be racially supremacist doesn't mean that whites should be but you can't have something both ways and aim to be seen as moral, ethical and outstanding etc.


>being pro-white and the belief that there are different races and biological sex is a scientific reality
>I am not racist
no, you're a clown


I'm not arguing with an ANTIFA supporter. ANTIFA is the far left equivalent of the Atomwaffen Division. And I do not want your poor taste in politics to reflect my friends here who are far left but may or may not disagree with me on some points. As I have come to empathetically understand you all here to some degree. And was as an insight role a Communist for many years. I have read the Communist Manifesto and other works of the left. And was a member of the KFA or Korean Friendship Association.

The more I talk about myself the more "based" I am in essence.


And yes I am not racist or racially supremacist because I just do not hate other races. I recognize the existence of other races but also the differences between members of the same race as well. However, primarily history was written by white people and without Asians, whites and Arabs/Islamic culture would be stuck back in the primitive times of mud huts and cannibalism. Like it or not. That's FACT. Like it or not Jews hate all non-Jews and would if given the chance have their own holocaust and tyrannical dictatorship and feel absolutely zero remorse or guilt about it.


After past threads I went from thinking ONA is a threat to ONA doesnt seem directly involved in far right ideology it just attracts them.

Where does it even say it has to be a blood sacrifice? Since sacrifice can mean cutting someone out of your life too.


>ANTIFA is the far left equivalent of the Atomwaffen Division
thats retarded on so many levels


>people that I don't like takes a refuge to biological sex being a scientific reality
>therefore biological sex isn't a scientific reality


I mean, if it's Atomwaffen Division but anti-racist and anti-capitalist then that's kinda based, that's called insurrectionary anarchism.


Anarcho-ISIS when?


awd is already anticapitalist


these are the kinds of groups that will thrive after the total collapse. roving gangs of cannibals looting houses and killing NPCs. the successful groups will probably come after the collapse, not these religious sorts.
personally i'm fine with just offing myself if this happens in my lifetime.


File: 1653090387974.png (10.57 KB, 336x239, ClipboardImage.png)

>On the Wiki page of Atomwaffen Division
Lmao, is this for real? How exactly are these uyghas and Azov allies? Have they established relations and shit? Do they give material aid to each other and train together or shit like that?


>Lmao, is this for real? How exactly are these uyghas and Azov allies?
IDK, it looks unsourced. [citation needed].


File: 1653103819757.jpg (29.31 KB, 400x400, 999.jpg)

Listening to the conversation david myatt had with the hopenothate (which is a major liberal organisation) guy and how david cowered from any convictions or intentional style has poisoned any of the mystique this aeonic vent possessed, its like nick land and his "dark ecology" when the guy is some fucking nerd who wants the NAP unironically

Will the real satanists please stand up?


Some guys from awd tried to join but were deported, there are rumors that some guy from the base is in ukraine rn + some azov members are aware of awd and did make some contact


It's me Dark Gnosis again I'm sort of giving up on the far right tbh they all want me to be a Christian and hate gays and trans but I don't want to. And I don't hate other races either. The left has been more receptive and open minded to the O9A than the far right.

But I was serious here I was not a white supremacist in at least ten years or so. And did undertake an insight role as a Communist dissident.

Biological sex is a reality but I have many gay and trans friends I wouldn't want to be hurt or killed and aren't insane.


So can I post here and shit at least and not be seen as a crazed lunatic hungry for the blood of non-white people. Like srs I need a good forum to be a member of.


yeah sure you can post here whatevs


AWD, Rape and ToB is not o9a not even connected barely so sick of it as an inside guy let that meme they are or were o9a supported die please,


me and another tob spoke to myatt and trust me o9a is not nazi etc


we were both taken advaNTAGE OF


At least the timely denial will help your case


Basically everything you all hate about the O9A here the O9A isn't so you are hating something of a phantom or imagination. What you really hate is the ToB and AWD basically. But yet the ToB was never really Nazi either. ToB had a lot of good stuff believe it or not. The tradition of the ToB wasn't to blame but the FBI informant and his wife in essence.

Again I know this shit I been O9A for 16 years and was ToB for 10 years. Just trust me bro I know just trust me don't you wanna trust me? Feels so good to trust me. LOL.

But seriously at worse the O9A is pro-white, anti-Zionist, Western Traditionalist esoteric sub-culture that abandoned National Socialism, Satanism, Drecc, crime, terror, violence etc.

The rape and pedophile element came from FBI Informants to defame it to make arrests etc.

O9A was NEVER pedophile, rapist, misogynist, homophobic, transphobic, racist, etc.

The "Nazism" aspect was only ever an antinomian stage supposed to last 1 to 3 years tops to explore the shadow self in Jungian terms which was abandoned in recent years.

Nazis and rightoids hate the O9A and I hate them for it.


What timely denial? You are all under the influence here that I actually care if you think I am a nazi or not. Which I do because I'm not for one and for two it's absolute tabloid media tier lies. Like I said I'm a Green Anarchofascist whose anti-zionist and pro-white. Anything relating to whatever else the far right believes I'm not even a believer in and most things I side with the far left on.

So tell me kindly and politely where am I denying what I believe in ever?

It's all online for any moron to read with basic kindergarten english


If you'd rather believe in a FBI campaign to discredit an entire sub-culture based on lies and disinformation then go ahead but that's plain stupid. You rather believe in the Amerikkkan government than someone who is O9A and had a lot of swing back in the day. Sure go ahead. I've spoken to and known Chloe, Sutter, Fleming, and numerous others even the Old Guard. I'm not some dumb ass off the street whose saying bullshit to trick you into some retarded scheme. If you wanna be a Marxist-Leninist O9A guy then go do it. If you wanna be a Jewish O9A guy then do it. Idc and no one else does you only think we do because of the FBI campaign against us.


Just remains one point why do you think we hate you all when we don't?


>Nazis and rightoids hate the O9A and I hate them for it.
they hate it either because they are christcucks, or because of the whole stutter, iron gates shit and the various wierd sexual rituals and beliefs that are written in o9a texts.
for me personally its disapointing that they are moing from the whole nazi and terrorism thing, since it was the most appealing part of them for me


Not sure why this needs to be said, but if you see anyone under the age of 50 peddling New Age type stuff, they’re an esoteric hitlerite coding themselves. Period.


Hello, commies, im linking this thread on an essay on satanism that im writing on wattpad. Say hi to all the horny underaged girls that will get in here.




>Not sure why this needs to be said, but if you see anyone under the age of 50 peddling New Age type stuff, they’re an esoteric hitlerite coding themselves. Period.

This is such nonsense, lol.
IS this a thing schizo anons actually believe?


Hes right


Comrades I have discovered a secret O9A forum https://sector88.net/?post_type=forum

It seems to be very fruitful here.


No he isn't, you schizophrenic.


Contact: [email protected]

https://sinistar7.org/?p=28 - Anarchofascism Introduction
https://sinistar7.org/?p=60 - Heretical Nietzschean History
https://sinistar7.org/?p=43 - Proof O9A was a target of a FBI disinformation
campaign by a former Aryan Nations snitch - Josh Sutter
https://sinistar7.org/?p=62 - 3 books every white should read right now


Links of Interest:

Darkhorse Publishing darkgnosis.org
Sector 88 sector88.net
O7A ordo7astrum.net
Vinland 9 | The Albion Druyd Tradition vinland9.org
Sinistar 7 sinistar7.org
Trending topics on Tumblr king-of-hell-666.tumblr.com
Instagram instagram.com/wulframblack
Twitter Connected twitter.com/fl13crew

Judaism Doctrines:



>https://sinistar7.org/?p=60 - Heretical Nietzschean History
You didn't understand Nietzsche.


I am done replying or responding to criticism. Kiss my ass. Suck my dick. Go fuck yourself.


OKay right but like these guys being from fucking Shropshire makes me laugh so much. Shorpshire! literally the most interesting thing to happen there in 1,000 years


Thanks comrade, firing up the DDOSsers now


there’s this guy that uploads some good stuff


File: 1653797151049.png (18.66 KB, 542x319, killpedos.png)

Listen up Commies. I want to take down RapeWaffen, Siege Culture, etc. All the pedophile, rapist and incel sectors. Make an example of them. Does ANYONE have links or points of contact for them? They ruined the O9A now it's time to make them pay.

I'm hunting pedos.


The fucking faggots in skullmasks behind this monstrous creation of pure shit: https://www.scribd.com/document/533789797/The-Rape-Anthology-Rapecast-Chronicles-of-Sodomy-Augur-of-the-Apocalypse need to be taught a lesson.

Yes I rejected violence and extremism and became an anarchofascist but pedos are not human nor are rapists.


The good old Amerikkkan fag government did this to the O9A. I hate Americans so fucking much what a shit country. They shit up everything they touch.


There are a lot from the west Ukraine doing bad shit in the east with their black sun and all
Fight them?


The Black Sun is an alchemical symbol primarily and also pre-dates fascism by centuries if not longer. I just wanna bully some skullmaskfags.


Its not Nazis or fascists who are the problem its white nationalists and neo-nazis who are the problem because real nazism is national socialism which is not racist or racially supremacist.


No it doesn't. It was a rune invented by himmler by combining 16 of the ss runes into a circle


Stormfront is a Nazi website and banned me and was more censorship based than this website/imageboard which is far left. Its unbelievable.


Hang on I will find some things but it is possible there are similar symbols with different meanings I suppose. Im going to bed. Good night leftypol. I got a big day tomorrow.



Love you too. I don't hate Communists as individuals nor antifascists btw. I actually like posting here tbh. Sometimes you guys are the only people who listen to my ideas even if you disagree with it. I appreciate that a lot. Its not about agreeing its about sharing ideas like civilized people.


BTW though:
Sinistar-7 is amoral and anti-ethics but not patriarchal, not might is right, not racist, non-violent, non-extremist and not criminal. However if someone commits a crime and is Sinistar-7 its their decision not ours nor does it mean we told them or encouraged them to do so

O7A was and is boring to me. I like the Numinous but without the Sinister it's incomplete honestly. Sinistar-7 is the pentacle and apex of my intellectual achievement and pathei-mathos

People say Sinistar-7 is Nazi, no its not its anarchofascist and Reichsfolk as well as bases its law upon the Numinous Way. Satanism is used because I see Satan as my God.


>real nazism is national socialism which is not racist or racially supremacist.
"Nazi" was a derogatory term used by the enemies of National Socialism. Real Nazi's didn't call themselves Nazi's. It always amuses me to read refs to the American Nazi Party. Don't even know their own history.
As for race Hitler viewed world events through the lens of racial struggle (rather than class struggle, for example.) In terms of racial ideology he viewed the Slavs (victims of the "holocaust in the east") as subhuman, and thought they were worthless, but his view of Jewish people was more complicated. He didn't think they were inferior as such, but clever and capable of all sorts of manipulations. So he hated and feared Jewish people, whereas Slavs he viewed as merely expendable.
>inb4 you're saying that because you're Jewish /been hoodwinked by Jews
The problem is Nazi's use a circular argument. Jews are an evil in the world, and any attempt to disprove this is in itself part of the Jewish conspiracy.
For example, Hitler himself didn't think the Protocols of the Elders of Zion were probably real. He thought they might well be fake. But he nevertheless thought they were useful illustrations of the "type" of things Jewish people did.
So something that was often given as proof was also given as what it was supposed to be proof of.
In other news, despite my best efforts
it doesn't look like you fuckers will be getting a flag. I can see the issue, not wanting to make it cool. But we've already got a Nazi flag.


Also want to say I'm dropping the schziophrenia larp. I just like to write psychedelic post-modern fiction where you take the POV of a character who chooses their own adventure in essence and raise your own personal questions which also contain genuine esoteric insight of my personal experiences.

And likewise I go by Wulfram Black or Sinistar-7 nowadays not Dark Gnosis or other characters I invented.

I'm not arguing with neo-nazis or antifascists I have my own political belief system fuck off leave me alone kiss my ass.


whats your problem with skullmask? it a fun IM meme that just got corrupted by feds


because wignat autists ruined it


>Sometimes you guys are the only people who listen to my ideas
uyghur we don't we laugh at you.


I guess amazon removed most of the O9A literature, was gonna buy a copy of the good 376 page version of hostia, now it's nowhere to be found on the internet. What the fuck.


I have Hostia. It's DG. I'm doing an anarchofascist non-racist Reichsfolk Numinous Way O9A nexion now. You can post here: https://endchan.net/sinistar7/

Hold on and monitor:

I will be posting things like that there.

Communists, Jews, and non-whites ARE ALL WELCOME TO JOIN MY NEXION.


>Communists, Jews, and non-whites ARE ALL WELCOME TO JOIN MY NEXION.
In the end its just a numbers game i suppose


File: 1654444649210.gif (2.85 MB, 250x250, bubs.gif)

>Communists, Jews, and non-whites ARE ALL WELCOME TO JOIN MY NEXION.
lmao I love this thread


File: 1654445044586-0.pdf (597.75 KB, 180x255, ethical-ns.pdf)

File: 1654445044586-1.pdf (386.65 KB, 180x255, ns-islam.pdf)


I told you I'm not racist what is it supposed to be for Stormfront? Fuck those christcucks.


All 3 volumes of Hostia attached here for interested Commie readers


Well you arent racist but u r a "realist" right? I get it


Wrong I am not a "race realist".


Non-racist means that non racist not obsessed with race at all.


Leftypol is just more intelligent than pol and stormfront thats why I post here


Communist bros: https://archive.org/download/o9a-subculture-complete

Include this in new threads please as well.



Far right ain't gonna like us for this one bros: https://www.scribd.com/document/577091898/David-Myatt-Criticism-Of-Hitler-And-National-Socialist-Germany

David Myatt criticizes Hitler and NS Germany.

See????? Ya fuckin see!


>lemme criticize hitler while not going too in depth on his actual fuck ups
myatt is transparent as a fucking window here.
you can be a fanatic and self critical at the same time, but this "criticism" is fake as fuck


Anyone who wants to say out of "Pound you in the Ass" Penitentiary stay away from this guy https://twitter.com/O9aTempel

Claims to be a Jewish nexion. Asks a bunch of questions about what crimes and plots you have etc. Its the feds obviously.

Watch and see they'll go from RapeWaffen to Judaism nexions next to ruin the O9A.

Be careful.


Gonna start a glowie nexion. I'll fedtrap the feds.


wow i was gonna join this obscure esoteric occult zionist fbi.gov at first, but now that i've heard about them being feds i'll stay away. thanks for the heads up.


So since I didn't confess to anything he later posted I must be hiding something ergo I am a terrorist and also said Jews get the best jobs and are the best etc. So yea no Jewish conspiracy right guys?


When I get raided I will post it here. May even be a news story. Just remember I am innocent


More info for people they also go by:


>misuses greentext on twitter


>caring that much about a shitposting acc


Its not shitposting because they subtle bragged about being feds. And if its one thing the far left and far right agree ACAB all cops are bastards


I suggest we all drop the nazi and commie larp and be anarchists together


I will never support feds or police btw I'd support any Commiebro over the feds even.


Anyways heres Myatts translation of Antigone which I will be reading today to calm my nerves https://archive.org/details/antigone_202206


Me and another schzio get into some internet bloodsports: https://8kun.top/pnd/res/304593.html

Enjoy the bantz and memes.

Sweetie Squad aka Sinistar-7 Syndicate aka Dark Gnosis the Schzio Meth Nazi Anarchist Satanist Vampire Guy


Article in Rolling Stone about O9A and the FBI informant in their ranks, which is an unusual topic for a popular publication like this as these have largely avoided the subject (probably on account of the subject being so weird):


>This piece is the result of years of reporting on the extreme right, and dozens of conversations with former undercover agents, ex-militants, extremism experts, and hundreds of pages of court documents as well as neo-Nazi and satanist propaganda from criminal cases in both the United States and United Kingdom. That the sadistic ideology is dangerous, few would argue. The Order of Nine Angles already has a body count overseas, and a rising number of terrorism convictions involving young, troubled, impressionable men. But, critics say, this is a crisis the FBI helped create.

>In Pvt. Melzer’s case, the American military allegedly came close to suffering a homegrown attack, which would have been the ultimate blowback of an 18-year undercover-informant operation. Joshua Sutter’s role as the chief American proselytizer of Melzer’s satanic ideology is complicated by the fact that Sutter was also enjoying life on the FBI payroll, while publishing thousands of words of blood-curdling propaganda that radicalized a growing movement of dangerous extremists.


>“Twenty to 30 years ago in the U.S. and U.K., to be ‘hard’ on the far right meant you had to be a good fighter — it was a drinking, fighting culture,” [British far-right researcher] Lowles says. “Amongst this newer generation, fights don’t happen and a lot of people don’t leave their bedrooms. To become a known face in this world, you have to be extreme online.”

>That’s where the appeal of the Order of Nine Angles, with its emphasis on torture, degradation, blood rituals, and human sacrifice, comes in. “Putting out the most extreme content you can find makes you tough, makes you scary, makes you edgy in this world now,” Lowles says. In particular, he points out the haunting, almost indecipherable videos, grating industrial music, and shocking texts churned out by Sutter’s American Tempel ov Blood nexion. Sutter’s twisted online sermons, Lowles says, epitomized the aesthetic that would give young extremists credibility and heft in the wildest corners of the digital far right: “That’s the appeal of ToB in particular — it was so far beyond anything else out there.”


>Over the ensuing years, Sutter used Martinet Press to spread O9A and the Tempel ov Blood in the hidden corners of occultism and extremism. This eventually led to him becoming a member of the Atomwaffen Division under the moniker “swissdiscipline.” In spring 2017, he had been contacted by John Cameron Denton, a young Texan fascinated with National Socialist black metal, Siege, Charles Manson, and the Order of Nine Angles. According to a former Attomwaffen member who spoke on condition of anonymity, Denton knew of Sutter’s reputation in the occult through Tempel ov Blood, and invited him to join the terrorist group.

>During Atomwaffen member Kaleb Cole’s trial in September 2021, Sutter testified that, on the direction of his FBI handler, Special Agent Bill Moser of the Columbia, South Carolina, field office, Sutter became part of the underground militant group. Sutter participated in at least two of the group’s “Hate Camp” trainings near Washington’s Mount Rainier and Death Valley in Nevada in August 2017 and early 2018, respectively. At these trainings, the Atomwaffen Division militants marched in the Northwestern woods and the Nevada desert, shot propaganda footage, fired off dozens of rifle rounds, and got plastered while discussing the coming race war and obscure Nazi theory late into the night. In Nevada, Sutter, Cole, and two other Atomwaffen Division members posed for photos outside the Alien Cathouse brothel while giving the Sieg heil! salute.

>Sutter also attended Atomwaffen’s 2019 “Nuclear Congress” gathering in a Las Vegas hotel room with several high-ranking members and James Mason, the author of Siege, who urged the creation of a new fascist regime through murder, small “lone wolf” terror attacks, and relentless war against the government. Sutter had remained a free man as law enforcement rolled up his fellow neo-Nazis in 2019 and 2020 during a nationwide series of arrests and prosecutions culminating with a raid on a suburban home in Conroe, Texas, where Denton, Cole, and two other members of the Atomwaffen Division were arrested.

>According to the former member of Atomwaffen, Sutter repeatedly visited the house in Conroe and introduced undercover FBI agents into Atomwaffen’s inner circle. In the sparsely furnished house, where Nazi flags hung from the walls and electronics littered plastic folding tables, Sutter would speak late into the night with Denton and Cole about operational security and a plot to dox journalists who the group felt had maligned them, the former member says.


Thanks for posting this wasn't aware - DG


PS Sinistar-7 Syndicate are targeting AtomWaffen Divison, RapeWaffen, Satanic Front, etc for defaming the O9A and fucking it up. I will post any info here.


Pieces of shit ruining the O9A


O9A came back with a report on Sutter and glowies. Please read guys and gals.



This is a chat with some christcucks from Stormfront I had


Thanks DG/S7. Does anyone have O9A news 1-4? Looks like Myatt/Thormynd took them down.


Hey guys it's Elina and no I am not an escort or hooker or DG's girlfriend we made that shit up. And yes I am a woman and no I will not prove it either. Anyways, DG is gone to California and then going to Texas to hold some meetings with American O9A offices and maybe going to Denver to see whats left of James Mason's stuff and if James is on board with anything O9A and his side of the story. James is a timid guy whose hiding like Myatt is. They are both pretty smart guys and I suspect may be pretty similar but James more Judeo-Christian and LaVeyian Satanist type which got manipulated.

Thankfully James and his friend DG knows as well as August Kriest if he's still around are going to be brought around to White Nationalist Communism or Progressive Socialist White Workers Party and which will be a non racist form in Canada which has turned more far right due to Trudeau and communism as well as Islam somehow. Likewise how Europe is heading too.

Islam with Judaism is going to be reinvented borrowing from Hellenic Paganism, Bushdio, Dokkodo, White Star Acceptance 352, Tempel ov Blood and the old O9A left out. Due to the old O9A being for minority and these form the inner O9A.

However a new Sevenfold way now which will be called 8-fold way to get on board and change Joy of Satan which used to be O9A to our ways.

Jews are welcome on board if they either promote Holocaust denial (which is why NS is removed now race is due to the dying Western Aeon becoming irrelevant but that last little decade of white power which we can squeeze out which should have been 2000 years as Nietzsche said and Nietzsche did Aeonics first) to lead to one world government with eventually true freedom of no leaders or dictators and a mutual investment in building new technology to not upload our souls and bullshit like that but to travel space and become Immortal via acausal sorcery and acausal technology.

Instead of genocide those who want to be apes or go back ape-like state or be Nazarenes will be either given a choice. To be lobotomized and castrated both chemically with no long term memory and given stimulants not anabolics as blacks and bred to be infertile or have boner problems as whites are being bred to be and they will be at first non-white and/or Jewish ie Incels as most of those populations are with their females kept to produce Aryan kids (Aryan here will mean the new race of evolved whites as we were Primordial to Nordic to Hyperborrean ) with a new whitewashed version of history to include Jews and redesign history.

So Jews have no guilt nor complex about being non-white and as such get what they are designed to be: either brute labourers who will not be allowed to go smart or strong and mixed in the initial stages with blacks and browns primarily the lowest race nowadays Indians or Pakistanis but politically maybe literally uyghas if you are on board from the far left.

Also antifascism will openly become the new fascism and have these sadistic SJW types either trained to carry out works of violence and secret police work or put in concentration camps for making the far left look bad. Until they are re educated and lose weight - like the National Socialists originally intended for such people most of whom at the time were Jewish but as Leon Degrelle said not for extermination.

Yet you need someone to blame Jews so you can blame the Third Reich and Romans but see as a enemy who were by the wisdom of Jews brought to be the saviors of Jews and embody Hitler as you did with the anti-Jew dirty Arab I suspect Jesus. And we will do you as Prophet Mohammed did.

Everything else is being set out but yes O9A is basically the Illuminati and now as Outer Rep of the O9A via DG who yes was supposed to fix the O9A then everyone come back on board but was frustrated with Lianna unfairly he believes now and the other losers online pretending to be us or defame him.

So he is sort of in hiding but doing real offline work in training guys in military things, exploring the acausal sciences, and undertaking the Grade Ritual of Internal Adept lastly. As well as speeding himself up on things he didn't really need but skipped on the 7fw.

Vampirism can now replace the Star Game and so can Death Worship if used appropriately but it also results now in based on the Star Game, Jungian psychology, either a popular strategy or other game with rules and players such as DND or Warhammer 40k or Risk to engineer via software and initially 2d modeling and 3d modeling allowing a secured connection between two players either in browser or client side app. Which must be written in a forthcoming project DG was researching.

A sort of C++ meets Lisp or more appropriately Java the extension of C++ meets Lisp with the typing and libraries and such of Node.js and Python. Which converts to bytecode and so a client side implementation can be designed for even a 8 bit toaster.

Using this platform a new sort of dark net is being built.

We had originally envisioned Nazis then Muslims to choose this but now we pick Russia and China as emulation models with Britain as a model for emulation for Canada particularly the Socialist movement of Oswald Mosley which immigrant policy was similar to the USSR in fact but not racist nor was the Third Reich at least not initially just a fact the Waffen SS was multiracial and a basis for Reichsfolk and the Drecc but Third Reich was a Pagan revival intiially Nordic then Hellenic but not Roman for the hedonism but also Nazareny. Hitler pretended to be a Christian but was a man who was occultist not in the sorcerer sense but was chosen the Gods to be an Olympic sort of hero that fit the geist (a better form of weltanschaung or zeitgiest not to be confused with the shit Jewish film somewhat anti Jewish but not really just proves what the O9A did conspiracy wise but using false evidence in such a way to play into Jewish hands to deny the conspiracy like Protocols of Elders of Zion – while yes described the Communist revolution plan they for example put Nietzsche in to discourage fascism)

Either case your socialism and anti-capitalism and burgeois stuff Nietzsche would not have approved of. Wealth was always meant to be taken by force or conquest. Not by way of exploiting weaklings. Where the strong man of old would destroy a nation, turn its men into cadavers or slaves (unfortunately sometimes as genocide is superior as the Jews used but they never could use force claiming as they did to be Persian ie Sumerian descends just stealing it as their slaves as they stole Kabalah from Greeks and prior Egpytians as well as the serpent symbology and swastika items which were Vedic ie a conventionally Magian with Nazarene thos state and the origin of Aryan unfortunately).

I suggest we use as the edge lords say Diabolist or Noctulian or Sinister Magian if Jewish or half Jewish or if you had one Great-Grandparent who was Jewish.

Your purpose is to serve as our secretaries, plagarists, film makers, etc. all things Jews are good at ie entertainment particularly comedy, copying and stealing things with credit to themselves as well as deception – ie sly Cleverness of Satan himself which the O9A admires yet you do not cop to out of Nazarene guilt you placed on yourself!, destroying Jesus and Christianity, encouraging race mixing of Asians, Natives and Hispanics with lower whites except the top tier women with top tier Chads raised in Asian culture as expected, white women trained to be mothers and wives again via attending a new sort of Temple or Mosque it will have to use Islam to be trendy and subvert things, but you will still have your Jewish myths of heroism.

Instead of doing as Aeonically planned I decided due to the Western Aeon dying to give the Jews a test if they fail it they cull themselves off or if they join in evolve into Aryans they wish to be.

Jewish men naturally have low T and low muscle mass due to degeneration at the hands of the Romans and being brain focused. Hence you should mix with Eastern Europeans or African women or otherwise a masculine more fertile race of women to increase muscle mass and get a less racist view on things.

Until Judaism becomes a religion and the racial larp ends.

Nordic Jews ie Jews with blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin are perhaps Christians who were converted by force or adopted by Jewish families.

They should convert to our religion or follow the O9A way.

There is no more race because as the Drecc said it was O9A running the show.

So it is O9A running the show with the Sinister Vampire types who just want to do evil, rape, cull, etc. acting as our Waffen-SS and KGB. Realizing by now as Savitri Devi said you need to be crueler than we were. Jews, and Muslim mystics and other said occultists and scientists forming our philosopher and alchemy and monk caste. Children given education in both war and the academics. Psychology taught from a Jungian and alchemical approach. No more use of Good or Evil but noble, beautiful, honourable, compassionate and empathetic recognized as numinous in the light aspect but bad rotten actions which are necessary or done unncessarily due to mental illness or fear as darkly numinous and the Gods or the Cosmic Being as we are going monotheistic more with 7 Demigods and spirits under them using providence or ay-Shaitan or Diabolos ie adversary or temptation to frustrate them so that they either destroy themselves and benefit evolution due to male hubris, might is right, arrogance, being too Sinister ie pedophile serial killer, or otherwise detrimental to their folk and folk's name just like you wouldnt want your son to be a publicly known child molester or devil worshipper etc so as a whole we have a racial awareness of this which was distorted as devil is not a real thing but the Gods or God himself throwing adversary at us to create either chaos from order or order from chaos as Nature and the Cosmos and evolution is always a balancing act. And due to Judaism its sliding from where now the Western Aeon is dying and we will evolve back into apes or be consumed by technology in the Matrix.

And this would mean until somehow someone saw the Matrix in a thousand years then realizing he was virtual reality but actually being slipped in by the program to test religious myths or archetypes or as a manifestation of the Jungian racial consciousness which would be a simian species one then down to merely brain and brain stem no physical body. Leading to a hellish infinite world of infinite regress of virtual realities and even possibly actual hell and actual paradise.

Which are not real there is just an afterlife which initial stages is perhaps decided by your own conscience as in a dream like state due to DMT before death and then on some level you can will a sort of illusion of eternal bliss or torment or can just transcend your causal body.

You aren't a ghost as ghosts are remnants of memories made manifest by visualizations and the resulting acausal energy often due to their loved one going before their time or rumors which can reanimate such beings to repeat tasks over and over until the individuals are convinced via another ritual that it is illusion or the animated repetitive dim consciousness learns that it is dead and thus to remain dead.

One seeks to merge via the supreme via becoming a Dark God or nexion to the Dark Gods and via this you can hope to transcend said means and become as one of them or a servitor or merge with the impersonal supreme via fate etc. But be aware of so much it creates pleasure beyond pleasure.

And those who die in War and realize its glories of everything via War of the Western Aeon not via shit like Vietnam wars or mercenary work (except when it was done in the past for colonialism and barely then) or to die for honour and abstractions which exist outside of humanity as ideals and hence archetypes live via as long as the human race is conscious and via this consciousness and evolution we create the Dark Gods and God himself also via our ancestors which is connected to our memory.

So we can create whole new entities given the archetypes and history are there. As only a few real archetypes exist more there is less it becomes known to human history and more localized to a race, folk then individual or family.

Drill Sgt Grey was one such creation as was the failed attempt to make a War General Hitler Vindex out of Baphomet via the Commandant Cultus.

Men wanted a strong masculine figure like Arnold Schwarznegger or Rambo who kills people, fucks people, does drugs, is a bit of an anti-hero or if not that is like their fathers or grandfathers moreso nowadays. Teaming these two things into a flawed but heroic character who is also tragic as the Greeks did and basing it upon the Third Reich and figures who are not controversial such as Rudolph Hess, David Myatt, Combat 18 guys etc or mercenaries such as Legionnaires or Navy SEALs etc creates things to aspire too.

With a soundtrack fitting not the ghetto or rock music this is black and Magian engineered but industrial music or more appropriately the whitest music embodied by Rammstein ie industrial operiatic metal sang in a strong foreign language like Opera used to be either Russian or German but all romance music for women and poetry must be sang in Italian, Latin, French or English.

Multilingualism needs to be brought back such that everyone knows Russia, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Sanskrit and the Dark Gods script. English unless its Gaelic or Celtic is just a shitty French-German hybrid. French should be the more common language or German. At least two of those for commoners.

Ancient Greece and Phoenician was where Hebrew was stolen from so for religious texts the esoteric ones must be written in Arabic if Alchemical, Sanskrit if Vedic or Eastern or Napli as I despise Vedas perhaps Tibetan or another similar Far East language but not a popular one – why even Thai may be best for it? that is to say Buddhist texts or Eastern texts in a holistic hard to understand lnaguage only priestly caste would know, and Ancient Greece if Exoteric like the Bible and also Arabic if Exoteric like the Quran. And Latin in Romance Countries. Romanian perhaps or Russian and Icelandic.

Hard to learn languages. The english white dumb ass who mixes races and whose women are whores who only want to fuck Jew engineered Jock retards, uyghurs or nowadays literal animals are de evolutionary. If you want to see whites prosper max they'd have is some mild form of fascism that also allowed Russian, Asian and some Middle Eastern control and they could eventually overthrow said form with Jews or take over said nations to destroy Jews. Again I give Jews a choice. Be our slaves, our future priests, etc. but your women mix with our men and your men mix with Nigerians, Asians, or Mexicans.

The Nordic and Hellenic Archetypes not mediterrean necessarily but similarly tall dark and handsome meant that of the Grecian who will be adept at sports, combat, weaponry, lost arts such as hunting and horseback riding, and able to swim and mountaineer alike as well as hike long distances with a ruck sack, will serve as a sort of military academy member who also spends time in a temple and travels for a year to both Asia and the Arabian countries to learn their culture and adapt. And informed on both Communism and National Socialism both Stalin and Hitler


so true bestie


Quick question, How have you gone about dealing with meth mouth?


File: 1654716768873.jpg (101.07 KB, 488x550, nazi-nik-is-a.jpg)

>The reality: Combat 18 was not a skinhead group but mainly consisted of individuals from football 'firms' such as 'the
Chelsea headhunters'.
This is the only thing i have previous knowledge on to speak on and it's false.
Trash dcument, probably full of lies.


What the fuck is going on


He's been smoking meth again. I think he convinced himself he's actually a woman named Elina now, seemingly a common burger issue.
Anything to keep those ratings up for our favorite soap opera!


Shut the fuck up Sutter. I know Goddamn well I am not a woman nor do I do drugs you stupid faggot. I just write very good fiction and your envious of it. I enjoy writing and I write passionately. None of this shit I actually believe or care about. I only care about entertaining people and free publicity. I'm just a celebrity rebel type and the O9A disowned me due to your influence. I won't get into anymore drama but I am just that a writer using the O9A to gain attention when I get enough I'm dropping it like a sack of potatoes to write science fiction and fantasy novels.


Well some people enjoy my trippy post modern writings I guess just a broke ass writer at the end of the day sorry guys I really was just a part of Chloes writing club and she quit and wanted me to keep it up because shes nice person and felt bad for me. And I do regret my former ToB and neo-nazi days but I moved past it and I learned.

I just find good and evil and such and transgressive fiction or heresy interesting without the pedophilia and rape and extremism its very fun to write things which could one day influence society

And David Myatt is my favorite author and he reformed himself too. So hes my idol. And I feel like Chloe should have been better to her and I am so sorry how I acted.

And my "takeover" of the O9A I'm just saving Chloes place basically and God knows Sutter is the guy running shit or rather Satanic Front now via his proxies and fed groups.

Get this fucking guy he used to try get me sell him LSD all the fucking time, never paid taxes on his press and stole Devils Quran I believe.

And he pretends to be whores online and scammed my friend out of 15 000$ I think.

Hes a nutjob psychopath and you cant even say he just did his job what job he was a snitch for greedy dumb reasons


One thing is true though I am trying do artistic porn films so Joslyn James will do a scene with me for 1500$ and Boyde Rice I'd like to get on board as well. And you know I'd love to get Sutters wife in on this shit. I'll fuck her to death ha.


All my political shit and stuff was just alternate history and exploration of the Jungian shadow self and just ideas I had about things. Nothing more. I have never really been racist honestly I tried to be but I cant be a neo nazi. Satanism yea well I am a Satanist big deal some people are worse things. Satan to me is just the guy who rebelled against authority and tyranny and wanted to give humanity knowledge and I think was secretly the real god. Satans cosmic form is Visnu his earth form is Krsna Vindex is Kalki and Baphomet is Radha. Lilitu or Lilith is just a name given to a race of Sumerian vampires and their true origin is Ishtar. Likewise with Shugara hes Baal or possibly Indra. Saturn is Falcifer for scythe get it harvest? Falcifer comes through a nexion there its believed to create Vindex and Vindex is just vengeance against the priestly caste from the pagan women they raped and killed I believe and it can manifest in anyone anytime anywhere and when its powerful enough they become that mythical Conqueror who retrns society to the Ancient Greek one then Cosmic one. Ancient Greek society is good but I wanna create my own imaginary civilization thats edgy and provocative. And Jews as a race doubtful even exist anymore just American Zionist Bankers and shit. Israelis are fine in my books I love Israelis I have a lot of Israeli friends. They to me are just in a bad situation. Holocaust Idk about it but Stalin killed more no one cares so you know what about genocide of natives that no one thinks about or how Muslims genocided African slaves etc?

I just wanna ask the questions no one else does and I use my O9A and former ToB status to rub elbows with porn stars and punk musicians and LaVeyian types etc.

Thats it and thats all. And yea I thought you were fans here because I am retarded but got some compliments.

I do have clinical depression and PTSD from abuse and ADHD etc but no IDK where it came from but I am not a schzio nor meth addict or rapist.

Sutter just posted my pics and made it up tried get me fight my friends and Chloe etc hes a shit disturber and it speaks VOOOOOOOOOOLUMES you guys listen to him not me unless he just posts here all day in which case get a fucking life



>And I'm not … a knobhead
Press X to doubt


Weedbros seem to get it. Plus my four-fold way is just a way to be a totally independent consciously evolved person. Without crime and terror.


Point is to go from a normie to Sinister then to Numinous then transcend everything and go beyond it all

Its harsh and brutal even kooky but it works and based on my own life


Also National Socialists online hate the O9A and are christcucks so I only have it as an edgy way to live. All of it is optional or can be modified.

It is an individual path of solitude that either makes you or breaks you the choice is yours.

Honestly you can just do whatever you want in life IDC

I larp with members and pretend to be people cause feds are always after me and they cant keep up with it.

I've gone beyond politics and just a Satan worshipping hippie now


But history is fucked. 2000 years been basically engineered by Jewish Occultists or priests to be totally fucked but the fucked truth is Third Reich would have led to what communism wanted ie anarchic society under one state so would Islam

So I decided to make an anti-American and less disrespectful religious Satanist form.

That while will piss off most SJW types is an epic Dungeons and Dragons esqe campaign for those who enjoy Conan the Barbarian larping


This is supposed to be weird, sorta racist but really not, informative and prophetic and psychedelic but edgy: https://sinistar7.org/?p=157

May make a visual novel out of this shit somehow or civilization simulator

Getting bored of the we was aryans shit though may skip to Galactic Imperium stuff soon


Well sorta guys I am bored of the O9A and tired of having everything coming back to fuck me over. So I am just going to write a mythological science fiction novel and try to make films with people. I think I found my calling now.

Esoteric knowledge was good and so was the life experience but I realized you can't just make social change because well society is fucked and its headed to collapse.

Ancient Greeks are boring
Buddhism is boring
Nietzsche talks too much about Jews and christcucks
National Socialism is boring and everybody hates it

So I'm just gonna make a Roman Empire type religion thats Satanist without references to the bible and shit with new characters and such

Starts off with a mythos and ends in a cool ass space opera

And thats basically all I'm gonna write from now on shit about Galactic Empires and Satanism

But I will dedicate that book to David Myatt and Chloe.

Hopefully they take back O9A now.


Yea guess it sucks but I'll see I guess if anyone reads it i may check this thread cause I like feedback on my writings but im done with politics and gay religions.

I wanna make my own space religion


File: 1654800267496.jpeg (54.28 KB, 680x383, podgeon-b-liek.jpeg)

>Shut the fuck up Sutter. I know Goddamn well I am not a woman nor do I do drugs you stupid faggot. I just write very good fiction and your envious of it. I enjoy writing and I write passionately. None of this shit I actually believe or care about. I only care about entertaining people and free publicity. I'm just a celebrity rebel type and the O9A disowned me due to your influence. I won't get into anymore drama but I am just that a writer using the O9A to gain attention when I get enough I'm dropping it like a sack of potatoes to write science fiction and fantasy novels.


Yea kind of dumb sometimes I get too many ideas. I just want to bang Sutters wife somehow deep dick her


Do have choices of other Satanic girls but idk Jall just suits my taste


File: 1654805104458.png (115.66 KB, 176x400, 58350038.png)

The mental illness levels are off the chart in this thread.


>That while will piss off most SJW types is an epic Dungeons and Dragons esqe campaign for those who enjoy Conan the Barbarian larping
A novel?
Here's a blog you might like
Good luck with your new venture.


Well I am doing a religious thing but yea Socialist as its a form of the Peoples Temple by Jim Jones but without the Christcuck and faggotry. And IDK I like pretending be Charles Manson online. People who are quirky, stoners, hippies or artists and genuine Commies get it.


i will save her and make her my wife, even if have to pay with my life for it.


Stormfront are race traitors so is VNN Forums. Socialists are the real fascists. Antifascists are like christcucks. Zionists are christcucks.

Socialist religion only in a Socialist Republic like Athenian Greece.

In my party only stoners, hippies, and rebel kids get recruited until the grown ups stop being goddamn babies


I know from ToB a girl who was abused and looks the same. I could set you up maybe - DG.


terminally online: the thread



I found a private facebook group that is supposedly filled with Order of Nine Angles members. Anyone wanna infiltrate and troll the shit out of them?


I can.

Message for you:
Failures, Frauds and Posers of the “Outer” O9A

Let it be said as it always has been said such lemmings and individuals are for us genuine Satanists nothing more than camouflage or weak-willed individuals either consumed by their own unconscious desires – yet more often than not too cowardly, weak and fraudulent to even be on the level of their Celebrity Rebel types such as LaVey and Crowley. They as they do worship serial killers, rapists and pedophiles wishing that they could have the gall to undertake a genuine culling and misunderstand what culling is and is not. And so when they do act they act in such random idiotic ways disruptive to the Aeonic Aims of the O9A and also as examples of failures – who by such actions prove themselves to be nothing more than weak-willed simpletons with a “will to death”.

Again as I have said many times before: if you cannot find a Satanic lover nor Mistress, a proper or suitable Satanic Adept or Master/Mistress to guide you, the original or esoteric MSS, join or form a political organization of the far-right, anarchist or far-left variety as an insight role and/or Aeonics, fight in a war and experience combat and the forces of fate nor enact impersonal violence, are incapable of hunting and cooking your own food, are unable to restrain yourself in hedonism or like Nazarenes seek to restrain the natural urges of sexuality and intoxication – in moderation and balance as all Satanists have, make moral or ethical judgements based upon the common good, pity, weakness, cowardice or social engineering, ad nauseaum then you are unfit to be one of us.

The new Hebdomian way may be a way to mainstream the O9A and to undo the work of the Black Lodge as it were but we are the Grey Lodge and beyond both the White Lodge and the Black Lodge. If we had to choose it would be obviously the White Lodge than associate with degenerate queers, pedophiles, cowards, mongrels and other pitiful assorted scum who defame the O9A and Satanism itself.

Many times words have been said and spoken but it has fallen upon the ears of the deaf or retarded. Therefore I will say it once and for all: the O9A is and is not National-Socialist – the actual form is an evolution of initially Old School German National Socialism which was not racist but Western Supremacist nor homophobic or misogynistic, nor anti-Islam or opposed to non-Western cultures and did not enact any official or unofficial campaign of genocide against the Jews and had a fighting force the Waffen-SS which was noble and multiracial based upon folk and culture. And was a continuation of the Hellenic initially Roman and/or Spartan but eventually Athenian. With a Nietzschean will to power and master morality. And an evolved concept of psychological, Alchemy and Mysticism. And would have became a new religion under a Benevolent Dictator Adolf Hitler who was elected and loved by the German people. And evolved to become as Reichsfolk was and lead to a Global Union of National Socialist states from rural folk communities with no capitalist system, tyrannical laws, a just penal system and Faustian will to power and exploration with a concept of morality based on Order and Chaos as both necessary and balanced. Leading to the conquest of space itself and the exploration of the acausal and a new system of thinking. Creating Gods out of Apes. With the Aryan race as leaders, guides and role models to emulate and necessarily having to colonize ethically and non-racially other nation-states if they opposed said ideology and for blood and soil and expansion. As the racial inequality which is clearly evidenced suggests other than the Japanese or East Asian, and the Islamic Arabic states opposed to the British Empire and Jew were de-evolutionary and cancerous. The USSR as it were could have even evolved into it’s own Nationalist and Socialist state. And America its own sort of White Nationalist state with a black ethnostate and return of the land to Natives. Eventually in said societies the concept of race becomes irrelevant and there is folk and the culture and evolution upwards.

This is what the genuine exoteric form of the esoteric essence is. And it is well-known who was appointed to “take over” the O9A. Initially the ToB until they showed a very Magian ethos and resulting smear campaign and federal involvement by a former Aryan Nations snitch and Maoist as well as pedophile and drug user Joshua Sutter. Who is misogynistic and a closet bisexual or homosexual. And military failure and fraud. And while recognizing my natural lineage and destiny to lead the ToB and via this evolve the O9A upwards instead appointed an individual of a rotten and dishonourable and cowardly ethos of the Magian who practices Magian occultism and devil worship of mundanes. And sought to assassinate the last Outer Rep of Chloe who was protected by my person and who realized in an instant I had been misled. And despite Chloe’s own support of the ToB and these characters they continued to bully her and impersonate her out of the O9A. And resulting new Hebdomian Way of Lianna and disappearance of some of the Old Guard in hiding revealed a need for the Sinister once more. But balanced.

The ToB could have indeed been the new exoteric form but instead the exoteric is abandoned for open esoteric and new forms weaved by those few solitary Adepts, Masters/Mistresses and Grand Masters and Grand Ladies. Until the abandonment of Dialect and Aeonics due to a change in direction that was necessary and now resolved by my person.

So all those who fail to recognize myself, the former Grandmaster, Lianna, and Chloe as well as the small circle of adepts known to us online and offline as the true cultural influencers and marketers whose good grace as allowed you to subvert the O9A to begin with as the actual authority due to the system of individual judgement and de-centralization misunderstood active resistance is not leaderless resistance and yes indeed there is a form of exile in the O9A. As I was exiled by Chloe and continued to strive forwards. And as I myself appointed Nameless Therein Outer Rep which was taken into consideration and yet there is no Outer Rep, Old Guard or New Guard of the O9A due to it’s de-centralization and evolution into a network of cells and individuals working alone or together to further it’s Aeonic and DIalectical goals which became the sub-culture we have today and the eventual dissolution of said “Order” into an acausal esoteric shapeshifting entity with a Nexion 0 of my own.

The Outer O9A itself will continue to be evolved by my person until new suitable individuals show up and one day one of them by acclaim, deeds or merit etc takes the helms but is likewise guided by these individuals and my person especially as I was and am guided. Either via direct methods, proxy or esoteric magickal means.

Anything else is disinformation, lies and denial of frauds, posers and failures out of jealousy or malice or sheer cowardice and idiocy.


Ex nihil ex fit


How does this story read: https://sinistar7.org/?p=176

It's a dark comedy about the French revolution




All other websites down this one is free and open source.


acc inactive but had good shit



Who was this?


idk just found randomly when did an image google search


Guys get the fuck in here Dark Gnosis aka Jon he shot himself dead he had a few online friends in the O9A and was so pissed about shit and depressed about his life and everything and he messaged me and few people today to say he was tired of putting up with the hate he got online and other shit and we tried to talk him out of it but i phoned the police ultimately to get them to do something but he gave himself an intentional overdose and died they said his lungs and heart gave out first after his kidneys he had a kidney disease that went undiagnosed used to piss blood etc etc he was getting death threats too and thought the fbi was coming to snitch on him theres been no activity on any of his accounts.


You left your flag on Gnosis you methed up retard


Everyone uses that shit in the O9A basicaly or we did hes gone for good im sorry to tell you all this


Stop saying he was a methed retard you absolute fucking moron. That was spread by the o9a itself ie nameless therein, chloe, etc you stupid fuck thats why he killed himself they doxed him idiot


ToB made everybody dox themselves or do whatever they said or else they'd be a) snitched on or b) threatened with murder. He told you all this you didn't listen now he's dead



Please touch grass. Being online has cause harm to you


https://archive.4plebs.org/x/thread/30946637/ blenzig told him to kill himself or be killed they ruined his reputation online until he did himself in. What you took for a joke and shit was serious shit to some people he killed himself as a result you stupid idiotic bastards it was a fucking set up get it now?


I am in your walls. If you do not go and kill either Elon Musk, Lachlan Murdoch or George Soros then I will drag you into the walls.


File: 1656016460648.png (1.89 MB, 1600x1156, ClipboardImage.png)

quad 6


Suck my dick and balls


I will suck out your soul from your cock and turn you into a bug. Then I will eat the bug.


This is sutter pretending be a 15 year old girl for the fbi nowadays asking for child porn, saying he's a pedophile extremist muslim etc don't pay attention to anti gnosis guys here they are tob or o9a he was on your side until he died stupid fucks

you ever read o9a.org they all hate him



this is sutter and moult luring people online to dox, snitch on, etc.


https://atellex.tumblr.com/ this is moult and sutter working together to dox people post their info online etc


Why have you retards not done anything epic yet. There's a heatwave on, go trash the grid like you always said you would.



nameless therein shit talking dark gnosis again after chloe made him outer rep and take over the o9a for her


fuck the o9a everyone is getting out that matters. they drove a mentally ill guy to suicide, said he was a meth head rapist, etc. doxed him he was friends with me


Who the fuck would post their real name, picture, etc then say they were a meth head rapist over and over again and do the humilating shit they did to themselves? no one except the o9a and tempel ov blood defaming a guy they kicked out to fuck with on purpose


Nobody in the organization mattered because it never fucking did anything. It's basically a fbi.gov full of pedos with a PR department.


o9a loves and supports joshua caleb sutter and always will he did it on purpose for myatt got thrown away but allowed in on projects as clarice and the fbi now is posing as 15 year old extremists online to defame people. tempel ov blood on twitter went down after interviewing satanic front which is again a fed op


fbi.gov = dis cord


dark gnosis didn't write half the shit they said he did they just used his name, used his info, etc. he was dead months ago prob idk


Like noted pedophile nameless therein who has a 13 year old boyfriend online in our private telegram chats go look into it. Chloe provides him her little cousins to molest it was on the old wordpress investigative 9 ill bring it up


https://www.o9a.org/2022/04/an-update-on-lux-lycaonis-and-the-fenrir-team/ here's nameless therein promoting homosexuality and pederastry with young boys like plato cause ancient greeks amirite


try and find investigation 9 or investigative 9 online it had the truth chloe and nameless therein were molesting their cousins and myatt was worshipped as a god called falcifer for vindex ie new hitler outer o9a was coerced into doing terrorism and extremism then discarded tempel ov blood was doing that since 2002


You're not dead, dark gnosis. Stop smokng meth.


see what i mean its o9a saying this shit they doxed a guy said he smoked meth, raped people, etc for their own devices they make it up daily


they try to piss people off into confessing things or else they would make them cut themselves or whip themselves save all videos post it online, or get psychopaths like blenzig dox them etc. hes a piece of shit and a fed himself


https://archive.org/details/concerningsatanicfront o9a is anti satanic front which is a federal informant sting operation so at least they have that much sense


no one wants the truth they want to believe lies and disinfo because truth is more horrifying than they realize that o9a is nothing more than a honeypot which supported the tempel ov blood honeypot and continues to do so


tired of giving out info to ungrateful bastards here you all anti o9a and shit then when i give you actual information that would ruin them forever you say hahaha stop smoking meth dude lolololol like the fucking lemmings you are that wasnt dark gnosis idiotic retards


actual o9a members on our private telegram channel with chloe perhaps pictured


Stop calling the guy a fucking methhead. Chloe, Sutter, O9A, ToB etc all doxed him and said he was one for their own benefit.


looks like AOC on the bottom right


they recruit kids who they get to abuse themselves, film it to blackmail them, get their parents addresses etc get them do whatever it is they want them to do. molest them, rape them etc force other kids to molest kids film it sell it on the dark net then inform them to the fbi


this guy who you all think was not dg or a tob member he was put into a homeless shelter, beaten, raped, cut etc by anton blenzig


the fbi finds mentally ill socially isolated people online to recruit into extremist groups lets their informants molest them, beat them, abuse them etc if they dont cooperate they get doxed and if they do or dont they get snitched on eventually


why does no one give a shit or single fuck about these young kids


File: 1656019924557.png (13.92 KB, 258x258, burgersQ.png)

>Alright, but how does this help us carry out terrorism?


im going to the fbi directly anyone who anyone way harassed my friend into killing himself well expect a knock in a day or two


>im going to the fbi directly anyone who anyone way harassed my friend into killing himself well expect a knock in a day or two


https://anarchopenisgoblin.tumblr.com/ this is richard moult who told dg do a numinous non-nazi nexion then outed him as o9a and fascist etc when he wasnt he made a fucking joke to him about meth and smoking meth and the whole o9a jumped it on it to cyberbully him


you literlaly caused a suicide you dont give a shit about so either i will or someone else


because it's a cruel world and maladjusted young kids are both a tool and a resource, we'll never be free til we hang the spooks and the reactionaries both


https://www.o9a.org/2022/04/cinema-and-the-ona-everything-everywhere-all-at-once/ look nameless therein talking about o9a cinema and heres moult pretending be an anarchist 19 year old girl saying same shit

and what does myatt think about this well who gives a shit hes a fucking sociopath


along with o9a standard pedophilia that joshua sutter brought in



Not ONA related but here's a webiste selling some books espousing human sacrifice:

the human sacrifice book:

They aren't even trying to hide it.


>the human sacrifice book
<doesnt post free pdf
Is this supposed to be leftypol or what?


Thats a Satanic Front operation by Blenzig


File: 1656183684554.png (271.45 KB, 538x678, ClipboardImage.png)

I call him you methhead because he acts exactly like every methhead with a keyboard acts.
Cope and remove flag, DG.


I figured there had to be some connection,
this shit has all the niner flags:
(X) lovecraft
(X) exorbitant prices
(X) human sacrifice
(X) word salad
( ) pedophilia (probably within the texts)

I've never seen these before and considering their pricing they are very obviously trying to keep pirates out because being able to read these things allows for people to call these people out on their bullshit.



Would you rather pay Blenzig a 100 bucks for this shit or pirate it? https://www.scribd.com/document/55026066/Tempel-Ov-Blood-Tales-of-Sinister-Influence


Looks like our old buddy Dark Gnosis is going by Kaleb Suiter online now: https://kalebsuiterpress.wordpress.com/ and faking his own death


Let's hope so, and he hasn't really offed himself.
He did at least seem to have given us some genuine information ITT.
Most of the rest of niner comms just seems like misdirection piled on top of bullshit.


File: 1656384088537.jpg (59.21 KB, 444x440, How horrifying.jpg)

So I'm looking into these guys and it looks like they dont actually directly make books, but rather sell them from various occult publishers. One of those publishers being Ixaxaar, which are associated with the Church of Azazel and Anticosmic Gnosticism, two groups that are very much not allied to O9A. I imagine though that the books available are much better off bought from their original sources, as using this website I suppose runs the risk of sending money to Niners


You act like every transhumanist with a keyboard acts. Cope seethe and dilate weirdo.

Unique IPs: 112

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