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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Do they not understand the inherent contradiction in stanning Mao but also stanning the PRC which represents pretty much everything he criticized in the USSR but much worse and also exactly what he was trying to destroy with the Cultural Revolution?


who the fuck cares you fucking cunt faggot bitch ass motherfucker


>Do they not understand
No. They are americans. They do not understand a thing. They just autistically screech 'Red Team Good!' to spite there conservative parents and teachers without nuance or care for a better world. I think most of these peoples class interests are not shared with me/us anyway. Ignore them.


"communists" on reddit are CIA, and it's all one big psyop to make the Western left impotent. you can tell this is happening because on subreddits like r/communism they hate every leftist group in the West. "oh no, looks like you're just gonna have to stay home, on reddit :("


File: 1613990753877.png (381.17 KB, 510x702, palas-edit3.png)

>to make the Western left impotent.
To further on this I think the Agencies have realised it's hard to fight home-grown western groups on the ideological stage or on the physical stage so have retreated to the internet in an attempt to turn younger people away from leftist orgs. This is not as intimidating as it first seems and shows that the agencies are not close to as strong as they would like to be within physical groups, if they were they'd be funnelling people into the various communist orgs as controlled opposition, like they have been known to.


>"communists" on reddit are CIA, and it's all one big psyop to make the Western left impotent

Big if true. Could you further elaborate though?


Most of popular US social media is controlled by one of the US policing/intelligence agencies. Even wikipedia is heavy in that. There was a research a while back ago for the username (fuck i forgott) that made like thousands of edits each day in wiki articles related to the USA, its politics, conditions etc.


they are blanc slates following no revolitionary tradition ,not a bad thing but leads to autism


They are different strategies for different conditions. You can appreciate both if you do the reading.


Man the CIA sure is slipping aren't they?
That being said I honestly think that the Vaush and Contrapoints types are more CIA than weird internet maoists.


That's bullshit and you know it. IRL communist groups are the same mix of wierdo sectarians and radlibs that you find online. There is no great divide between 'internet' and 'real life' leftism, and plenty of people have gone into orgs within the past few years only to come out disillusioned or be forced out by drama.


Not the person you're replying to but it functions as a sort of release valve, venting otherwise revolutionary thoughts into a pretty much meaningless space like reddit and "breadtube". There's also a factor of derailing revolutionary thought of real substance into splitting hairs about postmodernist lines of thought like gender and race.


depends on the org


Ah, so the Thing Parenti has written about. The birth of the Postmodern New Left and the shifting away from Class Politics. How long will this plague persist though?


Until the contradictions between the material reality and the postmodern leftist ideology break and rupture.


>IRL communist groups are the same mix of wierdo sectarians and radlibs that you find online
> There is no great divide between 'internet' and 'real life' leftism,
That has not been my experiences and observations.
>plenty of people have gone into orgs within the past few years only to come out disillusioned or be forced out by drama.
Maybe it is a them thing?


Commrade, what you need is a communist organization. Not a left-liberal organisation which most US "socialist" organisations are.
Going in and joining a groups of Apalachian rednecks is much more based than joining a left-lib queertrans socialist "party".


Tbh from what I saw, the younger comrades and the ones who haven't read that much Marx. Ofc you will hardly find socially conservative Communists, but I see a lot of Eye Rolling when some Radlib tries to give his 2 Cents


Oh, there are many people who can easily see the exploitation in the capitalist production process, but yet they are ambivalent to identitary movements.


I do feel like even in the normie left, there is a general grievance against those sorts of people now.


I don't go on Reddit, but I can't think of anything more useless than defining how communist you are by how consistently you are about stanning Mao at the exclusion of Deng or any other god-like characters from the Marxist-Leninist Extended Universe. You start to get into a cargo cult where you're like, yeah, Lin Biao… that guy had it all figured out…


>oh no, looks like you're just gonna have to stay home, on infrareddit


great man theory = autism


Philip Cross

>muh tradition
Conservatard detected

Actually, it's just cuckoldry. The laughable idea of the noble class as a more developed/refined/capable (the rhetoric is irrelevant) kind of human, to be set apart from productive labor and want so as to use their "gifts" more freely, is the lie that makes civilization possible.


Because likely being a citizen out of China maybe it's because they're not going to criticize the decision of 90 million communists.


>Why are almost all the commie subs on Reddit simultaneously Mao simps and Dengoids?
No ideological coherency/basing your politics off of pure aesthetics. Same reason people claim to hate Zionism and Da Jooz but support Trump.

Also another reason may be that they are controlled opposition. Reddit is basically one big anti-China honeypot, so to get its users to dislike it, they push both modern propaganda like UighurGate, and old propaganda like saying Mao killed sparrows, which people associate with China in general, including modern day China. So its in Reddit's and the three-letter agencies best-interests to make it look like anyone who critically supports China is an ultra-sinoboo LARPer (which sadly subs like r/GenZendog actually are) with no good argument, which includes supporting Mao and Deng.


Because it's called Nuance. It's not just for liberals.


File: 1614049650514.jpg (66.99 KB, 680x695, 1610079657807.jpg)

Picrel but unironically.


Tbh, no one really cares about this but people who are online in the West.


Deng himself did that while also saying that Mao made some mistakes


>everything is CIA
just shut up with this genrealization shit

your own logic is paradoxical since you don't see them as "communists" and thus also hate them for being a diversion or something which is the same logic as reddit communists who hate other leftist groups.

it's just a long chain of internet communists calling each other CIA. Not gonna some of them aren't CIA since thoseleaked info about us air force base I.Ps being associated with reddit servers.

But ffs can communists stop blanket calling other communists fake or cops just for the hyperbole and exaggeration


they can't even tell em apart all chinks look the same


I believe the correct position is the position of constitutionalist, neo-maoist reformism within china, and conditional acceptance of the CPC.


found the glowie


>everyone else is the glowie, not me using the tried, tested and extensively documented glowie tactic of accusing leftists of being undercovers/informants, no sir-e.
Okay. Continue doing Langelys job for them you absolute shitfaggot.




>old propaganda like saying Mao killed sparrows
are you saying that isn't true?


File: 1614061702421.png (681.3 KB, 530x538, read-nigga-but-palastine-o….png)

>That being said I honestly think that the Vaush and Contrapoints types are more CIA than weird internet maoists.
Certainly. I think it's important to point out though that they're not CIA in the literal sense, more they have internalized CIA geopolitical naratives into there world views whilst the type of people they are, arrogant, makes it hard or impossible for them to ever shed them. We see this with Vaush who is either a literal believer in American Exceptionalism or thinks that American Exceptionalism is needed for Optics. Both are as bad as the other
They where one of the 4-pests but the fourth pest was changed shortly after to bed bugs, i think, instead.
Honestly i am not a china simp but the elimination of pests, however missguided is far more than any western state can be bothered to do.


File: 1614062839449.mp4 (850.08 KB, 1280x720, xi_ordinary.mp4)



Maybe I picked a bad example then, my overall point was about the propaganda in general. Also removing pests isn't even a bad thing like anti-communists claim it to be in Mao's case, so I guess it is slander after all, just they try to act as if Mao killing sparrows/bed bugs whatever was bad.


File: 1614063166086.mp4 (3.48 MB, 800x600, heroes_stand_everywhere.mp4)

The people are the heroes


>I am new to reddit, (but old to communism, i used to be in an organization in a western country) but i really think that for our current age most important is to read Stalin. The implications of Stalin's work, particularly The foundations of Leninism, are so strong, that they immediately struck me.
>I came to learn the truth about 'communists' in imperialist countries 15 years after spending most of my youth seriously fighting.
>But when a comrade from an oppressed country attacked me for doing work no different than social fascists, i was really disturbed. He gave me this work of Stalin and told me to read it. I read it, i read it again, and again, and again, and coupled with some other works of Marx/Engels and Lenin i had read, it became clear to me that i spend 15 years of my life for nothing more than doing political work that was essentially nothing more than working for the interests of the global labour aristocracy.
Tell me that doesn't glow.
<muh Stalin
<don't join an org, just read this 100 year old book over, and over, and over again
<don't do anything, you Western imperialist swine, just sit in your room and read
<leave the fighting to the third world, you just chill
>not glowie


You are aware that the glowies actually used this tactic against the black panthers and other leftists groups.
All I am saying is complaining about internet leftists groups being discouraged by glowies while also accusing leftist internet groups to be of compromised of glowies is stupid.

Look up bad jacketing. Calling people glowies simply for funsies is not cute. It's dangerous.


Yea, it should be seen for what it was in popular history imho, that is a good but missguided act to improve the concrete living conditions of working peoples and there livelyhoods, that is there labour if sick and crops if disease spreads.

>Look up bad jacketing. Calling people glowies simply for funsies is not cute. It's dangerous.
We call it copjacketing here though thankfully it isn't comon enough to be a word thrown around often. This shit woul usually get your teeth kicked in or you exilled from radical spaces,, but eh, the internet is what it is, it is annoying but there is nothing we can do about it unless the mods become less faggy and clamp down on this behaviour.


You missed a bit
<3 years have passed since, and if people ask me i directly recommend Stalin's foundations of Leninism without a second though, particularly the section about the national question, without a second thought.
For those who prefer .pdf


did i ever debate the existence of glowies being present in big communist groups anon?
they exist

all i'm saying is don't lump in and write-off an entire big communist group as being glowies, as that is also a form of discouragement which the glowies perpetuate

as for that specific poster, it is very likely that anon just became disillusioned with reaching communism through electoral politics and isn't necessarily trying to discourage other communists from praxis or anything.
for e.g Current day russia has communist parties, but i think you would agree that they are communist in name and aesthetics only. Could be a case of that, we don't know much about that poster's region.

anyways, I take internet anecdotes as the slightest grain of truth as to I hope other communists do so too.


Stalin's Marxism is a justification for "socialism in one country" after the failure of the German revolution in 1919, and lack of revolutions elsewhere. I don't know why Stalin couldn't be honest about it, but had to pretend like they wanted socialism in one country all along lol.

Compare it to Lenin who had no problem calling NEP capitalist and saying that they will use a bit of capitalism to develop their forces of production and get investment. He didn't pretend like capitalism is actually socialism and like he wanted to do the NEP all along, rather than out of necessity.

Besides, Stalin never wrote original theory, he just repeated Marx, Plekhanov and Lenin, poorly, because all three would have disagreed with Stalin's actions. Plekhanov already said democratic centralism is lame, Lenin thought Stalin was a dick and Marx was a smart dude and would have seen through Stalin, just like Lenin, Trotsky, Bukharin, and everyone else did. They kept Stalin around because he was useful in the early days, collecting money for the Bolsheviks around Russia. They should have kept him in his place, though.


>all i'm saying is don't lump in and write-off an entire big communist group as being glowies
it's not a group though, it's an online, public forum anyone can post on. My accusation was that the mod team was in bed with the glowies, if not on purpose, then simply by providing a place where sectarian, ultra-tankie takes can live unchallenged.

Not only that, look at this. 3,4,5 years ago, the subreddit was gung-ho for Red Guards Austin, posting their articles, praising them, etc. But then 2 years ago (around the time they said they were finished) someone posted how they are COINTELPRO. So what the fuck were they during the years they were promoted and talked positively about on r/communism?
Four years ago RGA even appeared on a list of communist parties and orgs to join.


That shit was pretty indefensible dude, they should have had even a basic understanding of how ecosystems function, the Soviets wouldn’t attempt retarded shit like that


>Stalin couldn't be honest about it, but had to pretend like they wanted socialism in one country all along
why do you retards just make shit up all the time?
why are you retarded? are you aware of being retarded?


File: 1614078694990.png (10.31 KB, 1294x69, students of the great leni….png)

>Stalin never wrote original theory, he just repeated Marx, Plekhanov and Lenin
Did he ever say otherwise?


>why do you retards just make shit up all the time?
Where's the lie?
>But the pamphlet The Foundations of Leninism contains a second formulation, which says:
<“But the overthrow of the power of the bourgeoisie and establishment of the power of the proletariat in one country does not yet mean that the complete victory of socialism has been ensured. The principal task of socialism—the organisation of socialist production—has still to be fulfilled. Can this task be fulfilled, can the final victory of socialism be achieved in one country, without the joint efforts of the proletarians in several advanced countries? No, it cannot. To overthrow the bourgeoisie the efforts of one country are sufficient; this is proved by the history of our revolution. For the final victory of socialism, for the organisation of socialist production, the efforts of one country, particularly of a peasant country like Russia, are insufficient; for that, the efforts of the proletarians of several advanced countries are required” (see The Foundations of Leninism, first edition18).
This doesn't phase Stalin, but he says the pamphlet is actually talking about Trotsky. But here's my favourite bit:
>Subsequently, however, when the criticism of Leninism in this sphere had already been overcome in the Party, when a new question had come to the fore—the question of the possibility of building a complete socialist society by the efforts of our country, without help from abroad—the second formulation became obviously inadequate, and therefore incorrect.
Basically another way of saying "we weren't planning to do socialism in one country because marxist theory doesn't support it, but we had to, so we'll change the theory to justify our actions aposteriori, but we'll make it seem like it's apriori." But look at this shit
>it joins the question of the possibility of building socialism by the efforts of one country—which must be answered in the affirmative
Why must it be answered in the affirmative? Cause he wants it to be? Stalin is just a shit philosopher/theoretician/writer. The only reason his shit was published and there was no dissent is because he literally killed everyone who disagreed in the purges. Then Stalin goes on to declare
>On this ground I modified and corrected this formulation in my pamphlet The October Revolution and the Tactics of the Russian Communists (December 1924); I divided the question into two—into the question of a full guarantee against the restoration of the bourgeois order, and the question of the possibility of building a complete socialist society in one country. This was effected, in the first place, by treating the “complete victory of socialism” as a “full guarantee against the restoration of the old order,” which is possible only through “the joint efforts of the proletarians of several countries”; and, secondly, by proclaiming, on the basis of Lenin’s pamphlet On Co-operation,19 the indisputable truth that we have all that is necessary for building a complete socialist society (see The October Revolution and the Tactics of the Russian Communists).*
Are you following? Can you see the trick he did? He split the concept of "socialism", i.e. a global socialist society, into two connected concepts: "socialist society" and "full guarantee against the restoration of the old order". The old order bit is a little throwback to Marx when he said "communism is what we call the real movement that aims to change the established order of things", but if you reach full, global socialism, it would be impossible to "restore the old order", so in reality the two concepts are different ways of saying the same thing (but that's not so convenient when you're faced with the impossibility of a global revolution). So Stalin says they cannot do one part, the "protection against going back to the old order" because that requires an international, united proletariat (really makes you think), but says they can do the other part, the "socialist society in one country".

He also engages in some casual idealism, no big deal:
>Without, such a possibility, building socialism is building without prospects, building without being sure that socialism will be completely built. It is no use engaging in building socialism without being sure that we can build it completely, without being sure that the technical backwardness of our country is not an insuperable obstacle to the building of a complete socialist society.

Then Stalin goes on and repeats himself a bunch of time, like a fucking SOPHOMORE.
>On the question of the victory of socialism in our country, the pamphlet states:
“We can build socialism, and we will build it together with the peasantry under the leadership of the working class”. . . for “under the dictatorship of the proletariat we possess . . . all that is needed to build a complete socialist society, overcoming all internal difficulties, for we can and must overcome them by our own efforts” (ibid. 22).
>What is meant by the possibility of the victory of socialism in one country?
>It means the possibility of solving the contradictions between the proletariat and the peasantry by means of the internal forces of our country, the possibility of the proletariat seizing power and using that power to build a complete socialist society in our country
>It signifies that by the final victory of socialism in one country Zinoviev understands, not a guarantee against intervention and restoration, but the possibility of completely building socialist society.
>To engage in building socialism without the possibility of completely building it, knowing that it cannot be completely built—such are the absurdities in which Zinoviev has involved himself.
>Clear, one would think.
>Such are the facts.
>Clear, one would think.
>In other words, we can and must build a complete socialist society, for we have at our disposal all that is necessary and sufficient for this building.
>I think it would be difficult to express oneself more clearly.

Have you ever read Stalin? He's a chore to get through, not to mention WRONG.


you really are retarded then?
what makes you think that quoting something that doesn't say what you're claiming helps your case and is a response to calling you out for being retarded?
or was this a long winded way of just saying "yes" and admitting to being retarded? seems a bit too elaborate for a retard
you must be just basic bitch retarded and really not have most basic reading comprehension
>He's a chore to get through
not if you can actually read, you retarded massive uber faggot


File: 1614080410451.gif (178.96 KB, 500x300, bukhastalin2.gif)

>Stalin never wrote original theory, he just repeated Marx, Plekhanov and Lenin
I was actually wrong in saying that, because as I wrote here >>90997 Stalin's contributions were opportunistic and shit. It was Stalin and Bukharin who came up with "socialism in one country", I wonder how much of it was written by whom.
>gif related, it's oc
>I'm gonna call you retarded but not actually say where you're wrong
Just take the L dude.


But socialism in one country was neccessary, because revolution in other countries failed and USSR had to start doing its own shit without relying on revolutions abroad. You have to make a plan for this turn of events.


that's literally what was said here:
>Stalin's Marxism is a justification for "socialism in one country" after the failure of the German revolution in 1919, and lack of revolutions elsewhere
but Stalinites felt that characterisation doesn't suck Stalin's dick enough


>Conservatard detected

bruh can't even tell if this is bait


Literally every ML says this was the reason for socialism in one country, who the fuck are you talking to?


true, at least they never did that, they were always more into the ethnic cleansing stuff


Instead of fagging out about the past on leftypol why don't you read some literature on the situation:

Socialism with Chinese characteristics: the Marketisation of China's Economy by Harpal Brar

2050 China: Becoming a Great Modern Socialist Country by Hu Angang, Yan Yilong, Tang Xiao, Liu Shenglong

Anything by Deng Xiaoping

The Unknown Cultural Revolution by Han Dongping

Marxism and Socialism with Chinese Characteristics by Jin Huiming


Brilliant post anon, hyper sectarian mods are a sign of glow for sure, and the red guards austin shit is suspicious as hell


Citation needed.


>So what the fuck were they during the years they were promoted and talked positively about on r/communism?
Not speaking to the RGA situation specifically, but infiltration is a fact of protest and to be expected.

Have you heard of the phrase "fighting the last war"? Are you intentionally ignorant of porky having millions of person-months to game out ways of making the Holy Writ of Tradition fail? No, you're a fucking larper and you need to get your ass into a church.


>and the red guards austin shit is suspicious as hell
it happened bc RGA attacked the DSA and PSL branches there: DSA because of cop collaboration, PSL because of harboring a rapist, and both because of revisionism ofc. naturally the DSA and PSL people started fedjacketing, but as a Maoist, I can assure you it was nothing but (completely justified) inter-tendency violence.



That's the same Harpal Brar that owns the Communist Party of Great Britain right? And is in that joint venture with Galloway too in the Workers Part of Great Britain? Not sure I trust his opinion to be honest.




>OP gets posted
>Market socialist Yugo starts seething uncontrollably
Hmm curious, I WONDER why??


Just typical burger shenanigans, literally why join any of these orgs they're all glow cringefests


it's not clear to me why you think RGA were feds.


>omg guise nooo don't organize literally ALL orgs glow
this is why you retards get called feds


Maoists will never win anything because of petty adventurism like this.


Yes, it is, but he has a really great, comprehensive critique on China's situation (in my opinion). I've posted sources that praised "Dengism" (for a lack of a better word) and critiqued it. I'm just tired of seeing people reject anything that China does because of "muh revisionism" and closeted sinophobia.


Might not directly be feds, but 100% fed-adjacent.


Maoists would rather engage in inter-tendency violent faggotry than actually reach out to the masses.




B-but the masses are GRODY ewwwwwwww


>going after PSL, the only org with any guts
This just furthers the idea that they're feds lmao


Ok buddy.


File: 1614109951122-0.png (270.75 KB, 632x942, redG.png)

File: 1614109951122-1.png (266.9 KB, 656x944, redG2.png)

? Because at this point even PSL (another glow org) has called them out on the glow you stupid fag
>omg guise nooo don't organize literally ALL orgs glow
never said this, i said all burger orgs glow. just don't be a burger retard
>this is why you retards get called feds
sorry but I'm not a member of PSL/DSA/CPUSA try again


This, as a burger I only took one quarter long course on Chinese history, so I have intensely internally conflicting views on China. And that's for the best really because I'm a STEMlord with no real understanding of politics or economics or anything like that. Plus I've never even been to China. I think a lot of reddit comrades are in the same boat.


>hate every leftist group in the west
That literally applies to this site as well. Leftist infighting is ingrained in leftism. A leftist streamer could literally be a left handed person, and that would sway away leftists from other spaces and purity spiral themselves into irrelevancy.


>If RGA is not doing the state's work, they are missing a paycheck.
Kek, it sure sounds like the RGA got COINTELPROed.
>attacking progressive organizations
Apparently not the only ones.

>Leftist infighting is ingrained in leftism
No, it's actually a natural consequence of totalism. If only one position can be correct, bitches be fighting like personally invested cats for their future jobs as PMC. It's like academic piss fights but even more pathetic.


The thing is actual Chinese people from the PRC pretty much think this way. See the infamous "Follow the Party, Start Your Business" posters that get posted here a lot. It's not uncommon to see businesses named after Mao quotations. Mao famously said himself that he didn't read much theory and the turn to the far-left during the CR was only later in his life and the first vision of the PRC was more SocDem. The present day right wing of the CPC actually does in fact hold Deng's son in high regard so it makes sense to call them Dengists. They're crypto-rightoids (ironic as Deng lead Mao's anti-rightist purge) that nonetheless recognize the party's usefulness as a locus of control and form the internal opposition within the Party, along with the left-opposition, often student lead, sometimes called "Neo-Maoist"


dengoids unironically think the picture is an argument


>Because at this point even PSL (another glow org) has called them out on the glow you stupid fag

…they would, wouldn't they?


Lol keep thinking this is a meaningful action, faggot:


>i said all burger orgs glow. just don't be a burger retard
exactly what a fed would say


So do some Maoists, which leads to western Maoists and western Dengists accusing each other of being white westerners.


Are you sure you aren't just looking at /r/sino and /r/genzedong?


Most of reddit is beyond saving. Go to r/marxism_101, marxism_201. Occasionally r/Marxism is good


Because Maoismis a brain disease.


They are characterized by multiple factors
>their history of self loathing being ex-radlibs
>their American idiocy
>the contrarianism coming from the above that make them support anything and anyone not the US
And since China being the biggest and most prominent counter hegemony to the US, they will support any ideology coming from there. That’s basically it.


I think it's perfectly possible to be in an org and still provide valid criticism of it. My party isn't perfect but they are communists, and even though discussion is encouraged and often very interesting, that's all I really need. Doesn't mean I can't say what I don't like about them on /leftypol/ though.


>I can assure you it was nothing but (completely justified) inter-tendency violence.
That is way too aggro for me.


That seems justifiable as a position to me, in a Machiavellian way, although I think going full cargo cult about the Communist Party of China can be pathological. But we're talking about Wang Huning's book in the China thread, and there's a part where he encountered a young communist (a Trotskyist) selling books and newspapers on the street in the late 80s in New York, and his impression is that socialists are so irrelevant in the United States that it practically doesn't matter, nobody cares or pays attention to them, because the ideology has no relevance. It sucks but he's not wrong.

If you're an American, especially in the late 1980s, red stuff is only going to appeal to a small number of people. It doesn't matter how logical the ideology seems, people are going to go with their gut and think capitalism = USA and socialism = USSR + broke-ass China. We have TVs and cars and Hollywood and wrestling and we're largely satisfied, relatively speaking, compared to those guys. And that's just the hard nature of the thing. But he predicted that the left-wing radicals might get another wind if the East develops, and they don't even have to surpass the U.S., they just have to match the U.S., and that will call the reigning American ideology into question and open up opportunities for left-wing radicals to catch people's ear – and a few more severe recessions would also need to happen.

I think about that a lot. Left-wing radicalism is still pretty marginal, but compared to when I was growing up in the 90s and 2000s, things have changed pretty dramatically where it's not uncommon to meet self-described socialists, whatever people here think of them or the limitations of their politics. For better or for worse, it feels like "a thing" now. Where "that thing" is going, who knows, but still… I think that Wang guy was onto something.


You know communist tradition mean a party following a specific communist ideology
For example maoists started as anti revisionist and then either supported the gang of four or not and then stoped supporting china in the 80s
You know parties do change over time
But if a zoomer calls himself a maoist cause he liked the cultural revolution he/she/wtvr doesnt know why maoists arent consider mainstream mls and what is the difference between Hoxha and Mao


Zoomers should just have ironic pictures of mao while saying they're not political at all. At least then it's more honest.


Tbh there is no need to know all this nerdy history but thats a major reason why some zoomers have extremely weird political stances


I think Marx wrote something about this:

>Men make their own history, but they do not make it as they please; they do not make it under self-selected circumstances, but under circumstances existing already, given and transmitted from the past. The tradition of all dead generations weighs like a nightmare on the brains of the living. And just as they seem to be occupied with revolutionizing themselves and things, creating something that did not exist before, precisely in such epochs of revolutionary crisis they anxiously conjure up the spirits of the past to their service, borrowing from them names, battle slogans, and costumes in order to present this new scene in world history in time-honored disguise and borrowed language. Thus Luther put on the mask of the Apostle Paul, the Revolution of 1789-1814 draped itself alternately in the guise of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire, and the Revolution of 1848 knew nothing better to do than to parody, now 1789, now the revolutionary tradition of 1793-95. In like manner, the beginner who has learned a new language always translates it back into his mother tongue, but he assimilates the spirit of the new language and expresses himself freely in it only when he moves in it without recalling the old and when he forgets his native tongue.


>CIA wants you to support China to make leftist impotent
The absolute state of this board. But its nice to know that larger platforms have pro China propaganda to undermine the western hegemony.


File: 1614350077879.png (553.03 KB, 700x350, 35CF84AB-5184-4A62-9DA3-15….png)

>The CIA wants you to support the greatest threat to its power since the fall of the Soviet Union


>You know communist tradition mean a party following a specific communist ideology
Are you claiming they are not responding to material conditions as they are, but as they imagine them to have once been? And that this is somehow relevant and not larp?

>the enemy of my enemy is always my friend
Not when they are simply rivals for the same elite position.


> represents pretty much everything he criticized in the USSR but much worse
do you really think Mao was in the right for the Sino Soviet split?
> exactly what he was trying to destroy with the Cultural Revolution?
can you elaborate what you think he was trying to destroy exactly?

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