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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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link pls


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Which Settlers of Catan expansion pack is this?


File: 1653179753570.png (125.95 KB, 496x192, IT'S THE SAME FACE.png)


leftypol should have a settlers of catan tournament


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Freeciv tournament first.



Also just the seeth in the video from where I'm timestamped onwards.
Fucking hell, even the "Labor" politicians in that room (Fuckhead crypto rightoid snakes like Fitzgibbion) are fucking full on salt mines.


File: 1653183441981.mp4 (1.26 MB, 1280x720, HmEOQjkBHHJjcJa8.mp4)


kek what is this cunts?


Sky news Youtube videos and under the Labor + Green Facebook pages in the comments



File: 1653185207310.png (100.37 KB, 807x875, ClipboardImage.png)



looks like comments disabled lmao


Laborsisters, what are Sleepy Anthony's policies? Is nothing going to fundamentally change?


File: 1653200331741.jpg (577.23 KB, 1600x2180, 1650584737320.jpg)

Class collaboration
A few extra breadcrumbs given to working people
A slightly less shit climate change policy
Absolutely nothing of substance
reminder that social democracy is the moderate wing of fascism


is that tor?


Wtf are teal women or seats?


Aussies, what are the foreign policy stances of your Labour Party with regards to China and Russia? In the press, there was implied that Labour accused Morrison to be too soft on China due to the Solomon Isles thing.


It refers to the new independent seats that are winning, like these >>982771 . My guess is it means Liberals with green characteristics.


we're a US client state so whatever mr biden says. think we're locked into that arrangement for the far future


>My guess is it means Liberals with green characteristics.
Oh that's a shame, they seem to run on nice things so it feels like lowkey center left.


Depends. Our past two labour PMs, notably Whitlam and Rudd, had more of a "let's negotiate peace and a mutually beneficial trade deal, but not the point where you lot ark up and start causing a commotion".

Whitlam and Rudd were both couped by the CIA. So with Albo, he'll probably be hard handed and say "the reason we sold off our national resources to the Chinese was because of the libs". So it'll front as being hard handed on China, but in reality, it'll just be nationalisation while he prepares deals etc.


should add, this isn't an endorsement, just a prediction on what may pass. But i'm being optimistic.


I say that without evidence so don't trust my take. They're policies seem very progressive as far as the House of Reps goes.


Basically the LNP is splitting over global wooming and transhumanists.


File: 1653209664317.jpg (112.75 KB, 912x394, CIA_tour_albanese.jpg)

Can't find anything else about this online, anyone know about it?


Not a surprise.

Many Glowie shills in the Fake News MSM supported Sleepy Anthony, he is their guy.


US President Joe Biden calls to congratulate Anthony Albanese on his victory

>President Biden spoke with Australian Prime Minister-Designate Anthony Albanese to congratulate him on his election as Australia’s 31st prime minister.

>President Biden reaffirmed the United States’ steadfast commitment to the U.S-Australia alliance and his intent to work closely with the new government to make it stronger still.
>President Biden expressed deep appreciation for the Prime Minister-Designate’s own early commitment to the alliance, reflected in his decision to travel almost immediately to Tokyo to attend the Quad Summit—a vital opportunity to exchange views and continue to drive practical cooperation in the Indo-Pacific.
>President Biden looks forward to a close partnership between our administrations that will benefit the American people, the Australian people, and the world, starting with consequential meetings in Japan this week.



Center right. They're kind of like the US Dems, socially liberal but back business and economic conservatism.
History the Liberal Party has represented people like that as well as social conservatives - it was being the party of business that binded them - but now they've gone ulta conservative on social issues so these people are splitting away.


He's albanese like Hoxha? Pretty cool



File: 1653215771434.png (389.31 KB, 640x480, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1653216220791.mp4 (21.72 MB, 1280x720, 1528009788432457734.mp4)

Does anyone still watch commercial television?


ahaha what the fuck


they paid for that graphic and they're going to use it!


that doesn't make any sense, the ukelele would break and the suitcase would remain


But why Cuba?


The Channel Seven electoral coverage had CGI of the candidates face's being popped like bubbles. Don't have any footage of it unfortunately


It should have been Hawaii

the shredder device of a few years ago was good

there was also a high heeled shoe kicking abbott which was also good


the shredder


As soon as ICAC is formed, apply for jobs there. ICAC could become the new Cheka and we can take over government that way.


File: 1653222393366.png (1.19 MB, 705x1500, libs gtfo.png)

haha this is so fucking stupid


"The computers putting john howard into the shredder again"
do it in real life this time and do it 1000000000 more times please
this is for the GST


This is fucking hilarious, they're literally talking about how sad it is for these people, they're losing their jobs, these are parents who now are out of work, all while a fucking robot plays happy music and boots them to Cuba of all places.
Sometimes Australian media is so cringe it's literally chef kiss.


Apparently albo was a commie when he was younger guess he sold out in the end.


Good thing about him is that he's a major Nationalised infrastructure nation building guy. His personal project forever has been High Speed Rail along the Eastern Coast. He's also promised FTTP NBN and that it will always stay in Public Hands which is well to the left of the OG NBN policy which was to be sold off to Telstra after completion.


Morrison played April Sun in Cuba on ukulele on a 60 minutes interview


You will never get high speed rail


God I wish…

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