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First post for Sharkey


Second post for Sharkey


File: 1649148558087-0.jpg (281.07 KB, 1600x981, FL15717955.jpg)

File: 1649148558087-1.jpg (29.09 KB, 340x480, db-9.jpg)

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shitty inbred racist island that doesn’t deserve sovereignty
the brits should’ve just shoveled you into the sea when they had no more use for you


Here I am again in the shitpost office…
I scroll through me Telegram.
Send a message to my mates there asking where the hell I am.

I've been on this shitty cruise for twenty five years or more
And all the time I wonder where we're headed for.

Triple M's playing American songs from 2003.
No more wise to the minister's lies that we've even got a country.
They say we're makin' progress but every year we loose.
Well we're sick of doing nothing
We'd like some work
We'd like some work
But we don't know what to do.

Swimming pools, the cocktail parties, they keep us blind with drink.
Back on the job plus overtime; we've got no time to think.
Barely make a living, half my pay to rent a room
I can't escape the notion nowdays, that the apartment'll be my tomb.

Triple M's playing American songs from 2003.
No more wise to the minister's lies that we've even got a country.
They say we're makin' progress but every year we loose.
Well we're sick of doing nothing
We'd like some work
We'd like some work
But we don't know what to do.

Propaganda's calculated, election time is in.
Bribe the population but public spending is a sin.
We all know the same old bastards will end up at the top.
How long until we realize that the whole damn show must stop?

Triple M's playing American songs from 2003.
Workers rise 'spite the minister's lies that we're united as a country.
They say we're makin' progress but every year we loose.
Well we're sick of doing nothing
We'd like some work
We'd like some work
And we know what work to do.

We'll raise our banner from every street, we'll give a mighty yell.
Tell the rich cunt ruling class that they can go to hell!
The people have the power
The people've got to choose
Stay the course and slave away
Or pick a fight
For workers rights
We've got nothing to loose!


File: 1649149843527.gif (5.7 MB, 300x300, russell-coight.gif)


File: 1649154969124.jpg (199.32 KB, 1200x865, eurekastockade.jpg)



File: 1649156650787.jpg (183.42 KB, 1003x1032, australiamentioned.jpg)



Continuing the discussion on "voices" groups. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voices_groups_in_Australia


1. They don't declare their donors and they get a fuckload in donations. There have been two news stories about them recently. https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/zali-steggall-admits-mistake-but-defends-taking-donation-from-coal-investor-20220214-p59weo.html https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/another-payment-not-declared-this-one-from-turnbull-s-son-to-julia-banks-20220216-p59x27.html
2. They pick people that act like Liberals to run as "independents" in elections.
3. Malcolm Turnbull always supports them, but he's not the only backer.
4. Then they pretend they are grassroots community groups.

They lie about what they are and it's hard to find anything about who is behind them.


File: 1649167596074.pdf (632.61 KB, 180x255, cro99176.pdf)

i remember looking into "Voices for Indi" and many people behind it were agribusiness types
mainly though it seemed to be a revival of a late 90s participatory democracy experiment by the Victorian Women's Trust called the "Purple Sage Project", with identical terminology ("kitchen table conversations")


File: 1649223464525.jpeg (8.87 KB, 185x300, images (10).jpeg)

How tf does a man renounce communism (and Maoism) and become the premier of Tasmania, even getting awarded the order of Australia?



Thoughts on him?


Because TAS if filled with brain rotted old people and now rich brain rotted and worst of all liberal environmentalists.


>implying I watch the spectacle and know what this picture is of


File: 1649287950980.jpg (436.91 KB, 1516x1422, 1635034306288.jpg)


while i'm glad he said what he said and I can guarantee that it's from a genuine place, the response by twitter-brained liberal progressives is just the worst. They have become purely obsessed with the signs of dissent, be it the grace tame frown or this fella - with an absence of any tangible politics, they have completely entered into the postmodern arena of gestures without substance.

There is an interesting paragraph from Lance Sharkey's "Sectarianism and Economism:"
>The most outstanding example of sectarianism on the part of the Central Committee was in the days of “Lang is right” when this demagogue succeeded in arousing a great mass movement. The Party leadership then contented itself with “exposing” Lang and failed to present alternative proposals, refused in the main to work with and within the movement led by Lang, so as to take it beyond the limits set by Lang and to be in a strong position to take the leadership when the inevitable day arrived when Lang let down this vast movement.

This could apply to many things in the modern day: be it the ALP, the youth climate movement, and so on. We shouldn't get sucked into the charade of gesture, simply condemning and "owning" our enemies, we have to build an alternative. I don't expect the liberals to understand this, but communists should.


in between this and the nsw bill, the worst is yet to come

but surely this would mean he'd be less likely to be elected? how could he get by when even Albo can't even flap his gums without being called a red


File: 1649328017734-0.png (564.88 KB, 1003x580, 5y4wgavz (1).png)

File: 1649328017734-1.png (59.64 KB, 1207x421, 5y4wgavz (2).png)

hahah nooo Katter hahhaa you're craaazyy haha


>how to lose 15% of the country's votes
well you can't lose votes you never had. whatever.


File: 1649333571022.mp4 (428.42 KB, 400x278, tumble.mp4)

How much of the antivaxxer voot will they get?


Is that Chive Palm-oil?


>in between this and the nsw bill, the worst is yet to come
w-what's the NSW bill?


File: 1649387553735.png (137.29 KB, 1576x862, 43qrewfadsC.png)

-Penalties of $22,000 or two years in jail could be enforced for illegal protests that disrupt economic activity
-The laws apply around the port of Newcastle, Port Kembla and Port Botany, but the government intends to expand them
-The legislation was supported by Labor, but slammed as undemocratic by The Greens


>We shouldn't get sucked into the charade of gesture, simply condemning and "owning" our enemies, we have to build an alternative. I don't expect the liberals to understand this, but communists should.


Can we just wall in NSW and let them have the Paradise?


Why does the eternal anglo have a stick up his ass about muh blocked traffic? It never fails to melt their brains.


Motorists are used to the entire world catering to them, when they realise they're just a drone they lose their shit


File: 1649412085722.jpg (122.38 KB, 1280x721, EGG.jpg)

>United Australia Party leader Craig Kelly was egged during a rally at a park in Melbourne's inner south east.



OH NO! The legitimate interim Prime Minister got egged!


The pollie fears the egg


File: 1649569189785.gif (67.68 KB, 402x414, not a bad idea.gif)


>Police are investigating


File: 1649573366976-0.png (15.14 KB, 636x85, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1649573366976-1.png (100.23 KB, 669x699, ClipboardImage.png)


I use trains to commute so I can look on with respect AND be unaffected by their disruptions!

interesting takes by the designated university experts.


Is Extinction Rebellion running in the electioons? Would you voot for them?


What if they stood on top of your train like they did in Bongland?

Maybe they should hand out leaflets and run for election instead?


N-no, no disruption p-please.



Election announced for May 21, how will you be proceeding folks?


Noone has shilled for any of their parties so it seems I will voot for UAP


who gives a shit


1. UAP
2. UAP
3. UAP
4. UAP
5. UAP
6. UAP
7. UAP


No DemSoc or SocDems in here?


File: 1649651919248.jpg (126.84 KB, 1080x1047, y27dnh6rfth81.jpg)

You seem to be confused about the nature of this board. This is a board for communists. This particular general are majority Stalinists. If you want libshit discussion I suggest you go back to you know where.


Oh no, Laborsisters, Sleepy Anthony forgot some statistics in an interview and will lose! Scovid the Welder will win again!


Kruschevites represent!
Socialism with KGB characteristics


I fucking swear to god if the Libs get in I'll eat my hat.


voting against my class interests for gigabit nbn


since voting is 'compulsory' surely you'd atleast vote for the lesser evil, but not have any false hope in it?


Reminder to sign up to AEC to disseminate ballots and count votes.

It's a bunch of money for one whole day of easy as fuck labour.

>no i meant who are you vooting for



Well get some fucking hat recipes. Anthony has to say his name in ads. No brand recognition.

I've been away from the spectacle but I see zero (0) reason for a swing away from Libs apart from Morrison not being at a few natural disasters. Please explain.


Do you know that we're not a 'first past the post' country? We do preferential voting. Might as well vote 1 for the trot party or some shit, because it will find it's way up in the near-zero chance your vote mattered.


File: 1649668348139.png (636.17 KB, 699x392, laborshill.png)

>Lesser evil
Anon, I…


If they get in again I'll eat your bussy.


Animal Justice


File: 1649708201031.jpg (56.98 KB, 988x1090, GKaUAIFI3g.jpg)

My vote compass 🤗🤗🤗


there's your problem. buy a brain.


Extinction Rebellion blocked the Sydney Harbour Bridge!


Hell yeah

t. fuck cars gang


File: 1649823071971.mp4 (10.17 MB, 960x540, fireproof australia.mp4)


Well, the most famous bridge in the country (it's an international icon AND a busy traffic route: 8 lanes not including rail chokepoint and pedestrian traffic) so it's a big spot.

But yeah, we don't really have much radical stuff. Anti-lockdown protests and Cronulla race riots are the biggest events I can think of in this century.


I am launching the Get Off The Road party for the 2022 election.

Our policies are to get off the road. Vote for us.


Surprised they haven't started doing what they do in bongland and saying that the protesters killed over 9000 poor old ladies who were in ambulances on that bridge


To further explain our policies:
1) improve climate conditions to demotivate protestors to block roads
2) enrich public transport and reduce car ownership to demotivate protestors to block roads


I fucking hate this shit


File: 1649826119618.gif (7.87 KB, 600x450, Expatiate.gif)

Please explain.


Well what else can these people do?
They're never going to commit so…


They should have gotten more trucks so they could block more lanes.


Imagine the average apolitical australian who is already up to their neck in bullshit - all of their normal life bullshit plus all the bullshit of modernity. They don't understand what's going on anymore, but they know shit is fucked and they feel just as powerless about it as everyone else. On top of all of this, they are now having their commutes, time generally used to mentally prepare for 8 hours of sitting in their wage cage or decompressing after having sat in their wage cage for 8 hours, interrupted by a small handful of weird looking pencil neck fucking faggots sitting in the middle of the fucking road. Pencil neck fucking faggots who just by looking at them you can tell are even more clueless than yourself. These people are all life losers, destined to remain life losers. NONE of these idiots have any worth to anyone and they know it. That's why they're so attracted to these stupid stunts - no one in their right mind wants to be lectured by a life loser, but now, for the first time in their stupid little lives, the life losers can be acknowledged, even if it has to be by force. Why don't they go barricade the doors to parliament? Why don't they go sit in Scott Morrison's driveway? They don't care whether the people they're fucking around have anything to do with us being in the situation we are in. They don't care that every single person in their cars in front of them is fantasizing about stepping down on the accelerator and running over their out of shape bodies, or that they, out of principle, would sooner dump a thousand car batteries in the ocean than admit these faggots have a point. They don't actually care about whether they achieve the outcome they claim to desire. This performance is nothing but an elaborate and pathetic white flag. They have already given up on the idea of anything getting better, they think we've past the tipping point and that we are doomed. For them, there is nothing left but to salvage the moral high ground for themselves. They see the stern of the ship as having already been raised to 45 degrees and that we are sinking for good, but they're satisfied enough with being able to say, "I told you so!"

I have so much fucking disdain for these worthless and narcissistic cretins.


>Why don't they go barricade the doors to parliament? Why don't they go sit in Scott Morrison's driveway?
The reason for this is probably because if they did that they'd get pepper sprayed then get book thrown at them and they know it
While with this they might just get a slap on the wrist or a judge praising their social conscience

Interesting how these protests get funneled towards what alienates rando wage slaves and away from inconveniencing VIPs

Must be a coinkidink amrite?


Has this ever worked?


is "climate change activist" idpol?


Can I propose a few other additional policies?

1. More support for urban development planning. That is, to help decrease environmental impact, increase liveability and reduce reliance on mass personal transport so as to reduce the ability for remaing traffic to go into gridlock.

2. Expansion of interstate train networks so as to make acess to infrastructure harder for casual activists.

3. Open the doors to parliment so as to funnel political frustrations onto politicians instead of commuters.

4. Decrease work hours while retaining gross annual income so as to reduce the risk of masses of commuters being blocked by protesters


>Why don't they go barricade the doors to parliament? Why don't they go sit in Scott Morrison's driveway?
yes, why don't they


Are you some liberal turd trying to gotcha me right now?


Is Sleepy Anthony going to lose? When are the next opinion polls?


No, it is materialism.


File: 1650017298409.mp4 (16.61 MB, 716x572, ernst.mp4)


You won't be able to stop climate change or reduce emissions meaningfully. You should begin installing more air conditioners.



The UAP has promised to abolish and forgive HECS student debts!

You should all vote UAP!


same energy


File: 1650118844432.jpg (99.53 KB, 1054x756, 9000.jpg)


Have you considered a career in CGI?


File: 1650147148952.jpg (333.4 KB, 1920x800, 1650146766717.jpg)

As the federal election nears, voters' frustration with major parties could shake things up

>There are signs voters in key seats are turning away from the Labor and Liberal parties, in a trend one analyst likens to the election of Donald Trump to US President in 2016.

>Welsh says similar themes of discontent towards the major parties have emerged in focus groups run in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

>"For the UAP mob, they sort of look at it and go, 'There's no political solution here. Both the major parties, they're the same, so I'm going to use my vote to sabotage,"

>"It's real echoes of what we saw with Trump voters in 2016."



The SA state election saw more voters swing towards the major parties. Also, minor parties can't win seats because we still have a shitty majoritarian lower house.


File: 1650175157186.jpg (9.36 KB, 300x200, AEC-300x200.jpg)

>Australian Electoral Commissioner - Tom Rogers
<Australian Army officer, posted as a commander to a UN observer mission in Syria
<Senior management at Raytheon
<Director of Australian Institute of Police Management
<Associated with the ASPI
>Deputy Electoral Commissioner - Jeff Pope
<Ex Victorian Police constable, involved in the Lawyer X case, allegedly screwed witnesses he was meant to be protecting

Is it just me or does the AEC… glow?


Sleepy Anthony is doing badly in latest opinion poll and will likely lose! Scovid the Welder will win again!


>does a government organization have government agents?
look honestly I think that's a better logic process than the average post here but come on.

Get that copium out of here, I've been clean since the last south american election
inb4 greens get a seat outside of central melbourne
inb4 one nation gets 5 seats
inb4 chive parma gets a seat in his own party and is like a castrated trump impersonator the whole time


…ok that absolute bribe could actually take my vote, single voter issue. if their victory was feasible


File: 1650250581220.jpg (45.4 KB, 388x360, flames.jpg)

I have decided to voot Labor for acceleration. I think they have a shown a solid track record of sliding into government with small-target platforms and quickly escalating toward radical long-term nation destroying policies (Hawke, Kevin, Gillard).

The UAP do not seem sufficiently organized to exert any political will on the masses.


It's true that labor are the acceleration party, but I hate smug labor zealots so god damn much that even voting for them on the principle of acceleration is difficult. I imagine for communists the next 3 years will be filled with endless hand waves upon highlighting how shit labor are doing. Not only that but I'm going to miss out on post election loss coping and seething from epicjordies. My only hope is that they're terrible on a joe biden democrats scale, which is highly unlikely.
You have better chances at this by vooting greens who also promised to abolish and forgive student debt. 1 greens 2 UAP for me, or if I'm in a bad mood that day I'll sketch nikocados asshole from memory


What can they do as a glowie? They can't rig elections because that would involve too many people being corrupt.

It's hypocritical that AEC employees are supposed to be apolitical, but they promote people who benefited from specific policies by specific parties in previous careers.



I already vote greens, well apart from senate votes that probably trickle up to greens anyway


>“There are areas where we don’t need anybody and we feel sufficiently stocked, but there’s areas where we still need people to sign on,”
>Typically, regional is a little trickier than metropolitan areas.”

>A shortening of the pre-polling period this election from three weeks to two at least means hiring stints may be shorter for some employees this time around.

>Including postal votes – which have been steady at 8% for the past three elections – about 40% of people cast their vote before election day in 2019.

>Entry-level staff can expect to collect $25.48 an hour, or 7.7% more than at the 2019 poll.

>The top rate for more senior roles has risen to $48.28 an hour, or 4.8% more than the $46.08 rate paid three years ago.
>The AEC is banking in part on being able to tap about 50% of the short-term staff from previous elections.



I put in my application a while back, looking forward to it tbqh. What's it like counting votes? I've only ever seen the polling booth workers.


Not just counting, but doing a few shifts.

Feels good tbqh.

Can't wait to have money to pay for nice food.




>What's it like counting votes?
A bit disheartening, at least in my electorate. One Nation get a solid chunk.
Mostly it's just simple easy temp work (let's be real, it's mostly sorting piles of paper based on where the 1 is into piles of 100 for a few hours) that gives you a couple of hundred dollars, but if your group is friendly you can have a bit of nice conversation while you do it. It's the less exciting part of the day, for better or worse depending on if your day was hectic or laid-back.

Last time I counted I think there were 3 penises on ballots, 1 "THERE [sic] ALL CROOKS", 20 blanks and a couple of invalids where someone put down 2 1's, and an invalid "STOP DEVELOPMENT" instead of voting for either of the independents whose entire platform was 'stop development'.

A few years back I was counting in an area with a local anarchist group and I found a vote with a small manifesto written on it about why they couldn't ethically vote for any of the candidates. I didn't care about politics much and wanted to get them finished so I didn't even read it, but in hindsight it would have been interesting.

I can't remember the last time I've done it where scrutineers bothered to show up, but in the possible case you get an asshole, just hit up the senior officials.

Nice, I haven't done anything other than on-the-day jobs like polling booth official and counting.



>>927470 (me)
oh and last election we had a heap of unused hand sanitizer and other hygiene surplus that was box-opened and therefore not allowed to be donated to the school that the polling station was located in, so I have about 50 small bottles of hand sanitizer and boxes of disposable masks.


File: 1650349511633.jpg (108.88 KB, 1022x1024, 1629248963951.jpg)

dang, sounds like the anarchists manifesto would have been interesting.

I'm still for compulsory voting, but under the system we currently have I'm not really expecting change "at the ballot".

imo it's just another tool to use, and at least it can direct some funding to the least shit of a lib bunch.


File: 1650351744262.jpg (44.77 KB, 400x297, a62.jpg)

big drama online about SAlt's Marxism conference, apparently they had a talk about "why the normalisation of the sex industry should be opposed" and it was met with natural reaction. There was a scuffle, a disabled woman was knocked to the ground, condoms filled with lotion were left on cars, blogs were written. A usual day for the aus left.


File: 1650351932803.png (370.41 KB, 982x792, gshru6453.png)

cliffites vs clit-ites


File: 1650359915438.jpg (221.37 KB, 1423x1069, champions.jpg)

the albo mindset


babbies first class analysis


shit i missed out, was too busy having fun. last years was so boring


File: 1650405452648.jpg (300.54 KB, 1933x1122, rentfreeseethe.JPG)

>article on r/australia about pine gap
>unprompted ebil tankies comment
<They're traitorous contrarians. They hate Australia and the West, and will support anyone who opposes that, that's all it is. If the Nazis were around today, they would be pro-Nazi, because Hitler was constantly banging on about corrupt capitalism and anti-Western ideas.
wew lad


>"Strong defensive alliance"
>Standing up for your beliefs
This really is peak Reddit, glowies are out in full force


File: 1650409054833.jpg (30.38 KB, 474x364, haha.jpg)

wow, I never realized australia had a border with russia!

>Cucking to US is standing up for your beliefs



So he "reads" books and forgets everything.
<We need to have a conversation about a Pacific NATO.
Upvooted, /r/australia glows so much.


Is it any better than letting in a bunch of Chinese people and becoming the next base of operations?
Of course it is. China is communist. Australia will be a perfect socialist nation with the help of the influx of Chinese people and then they will vote in favor of a close relationship with China and Chinese interest.


File: 1650419081410.jpg (56.8 KB, 520x520, 1646097600953.jpg)

>cucking this hard to the USA
So is anyone going to tell them about the CIA's involvement in the Whitlam dismissal?


Why is Socialist Alliance like this :\


why are Australians like this?

ASIO pls go

Also just learned the PKK is on our terrorist watch list wtf?

United States of Australia indeed, just goatse for the US and be done with it, because evidently it's what enough Aussies want fml
>New United Australia Corporation Theme


File: 1650428397676-0.png (596.04 KB, 813x795, 3tqfdzb.png)

File: 1650428397676-1.png (8.44 KB, 1189x194, FQwOvaCUUAAMvI6.png)

big L for aus foreign policy. Govt. is backpedaling hard - saying that "australia was not looking to stamp around [in the Pacific]" sounds like a large cope to me


SAlt is Socialist Alternative, not Socialist Alliance


Mmm, Anglo tears.


Incredibly based, might actually join SAlt now


File: 1650437530302.png (23.69 KB, 605x212, ML.png)


>turn on livestream
>credlin and murray
>"I hope he gets asked for the definition of a woman!"
God help me


post livestream



shit i forgot there was a debate lol, apparently both albo's mum and scomo's wife have already been mentioned


File: 1650445869005.png (704.14 KB, 862x575, ClipboardImage.png)

Imagine beating your wife
It's easy if you try


Scunt playing the Biden card, sympathise with me for having lost a family member.


very revealing how his conclusions were "rich people have le empathy too!" and you need to schmooze with them if you want to get surgery for your severely arthritic mother


>they're talking about the boats


File: 1650446785595.png (136.14 KB, 359x412, Screenshot (275).png)


reused shit bags


vote 1 LNP




File: 1650448508819.png (559.75 KB, 680x477, scanos.png)



>talking about china
>cameraman cuts to the one asian in the audience


Sky news begins its cavalcade of idiots


>Assange extradition order issued by UK court



Putin should put in an extradition order for him to go to Russia then release him.



Leftypolbros are you ready for nuclear war? Remember to buy as much fuel, canned food and toilet paper as you possibly can!


>Avoid timber, fibre cement or prefabricated structures (which includes most modern housing in Australia) as these probably won't survive. And open your jaw as the blast comes through, so your eardrums get the pressure wave on both sides.
LOL most Austards would probably die!


File: 1650525429202.jpg (45.73 KB, 362x550, adfa.jpg)

Robert K. Niven
>Modelling of groundwater and soil environmental contamination
>Automated machine-learning assisted control systems for water, energy and electricity distribution networks

Chi King Lee
>Protective engineering for structures
>Impact and ricochet behaviours of explosion debris
>Combined blast and fragment loading on structures
>Progressive collapse of reinforced concrete structures
>Development of new engineered cementitious composites and/or other high performance construction material for protective engineering under extreme loading (e.g. fire, impact, blast and fragments)

Damith Mohotti
>"Most of my research efforts are aimed at keeping people safe and protecting them from both natural and human-caused disasters. I want to see structures withstand severe loading induced by human-caused events as well as natural disasters, so I am passionate about developing better design techniques for structures to survive under such extreme loading”.
>"One of my major research focuses is extreme loading on structures, such as blast and impact, and development of new techniques to ensuring that civil and defence protective structures and vehicles can be operated effectively in the face of increasing threats."
>I have made a significant contribution to research in vulnerability modelling of critical infrastructure, particularly in the area of assessment of the effects of natural and technical hazards on buildings and infrastructure.

Paul J Hazell
>His main research interests centre on the dynamic behaviour of materials and structures that have been subjected to impact / shock loading.
>He has also been actively involved in discovering methods for improving the performance of lightweight armour systems including ways of defending against attack from shaped-charge weapon systems and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).
>Paul's teaching experience includes courses on armour systems design, military vehicle lethality & survivability, computational modelling techniques, shock and impact mechanics, impact dynamics, ballistics, firepower technologies, lethality and survivability and weapon technologies.



<A one-kiloton bomb — similar to the 2020 ammonium nitrate explosion in the Lebanese capital Beirut — would have a fireball radius of about 50 metres, with severe damage to about 400 metres.
Most Australians have already forgotten about the Beirut blast. Even fewer know it was caused by ammonium nitrate made by Orica. Even fewer again know that 12 times as much ammonium nitrate is stored by Orica at Kooragang Island in Newcastle.



>kills four cops and takes pictures of the bodies
>shows up to court like this
Holy based, aussies really are the masters of bants


>Notorious Porsche driver
Most intellectual British tabloid


File: 1650605545178.png (70.98 KB, 664x406, ClipboardImage.png)

Burying the lead.
>Notorious Porsche driver once dubbed 'Australia's most hated man' appears in court wearing pigtails as he transitions to a woman - as he compares himself to hero Zelensky: 'Freedom must be armed no worse than tyranny'


Is he trying to pretend he's a little girl so they will be leanient on him? Lol


xir is a brave and beautiful human rights activist







← Ron Hitler-Barassi from TISM interviewed on student radio station 2UNE by Dave Gaukroger. Starts after 3:50 but it's all good.

See also: >>>/music/14


Lest we forget, lads


File: 1650845306936-0.jpg (332.05 KB, 2048x935, FRJfPgoUcAAY4VE.jpg)

File: 1650845306936-1.jpg (26.51 KB, 446x573, FO77UIvaQAAVQs5.jpg)


'ate howard
'ate anzacs
love the day off
simple as



forget what?


Are you retards glowies or just regular retards?


>supporting a nation building myth based on an imperialistic war
are you trying to be funny or do you actually do this?


>being unable to separate the nation building myth with commemorating the men and women who fought and died of no choice of their own in imperialist wars
ask me how I know you're a <22 year old trot


I'm in my 30s, boy
They signed up to fight for the British Empire, fuck off


You glow


File: 1650881229846.gif (535.83 KB, 1000x900, burger.gif)

Settleroid cognitive dissonance moment
All Anglos love supporting their imperialist troops and showing allegiance to their settler states


File: 1650881604880.png (544.13 KB, 994x989, 16378452834080.png)

Why are you so bad at this? No subtlety. You need to lurk more.


>soy vs soy

congrats, you're both retarded, now stop shitting up my front page


>muh slow as fuck imageboard
have sex


I'm at work, go back to your haz cult


File: 1650882190488.jpg (64.95 KB, 647x689, p3k7z1n7mzn81.jpg)

Don't you have a reddit thread to make or something?


what the fuck are you on about mate


Don't try, you already blew it.


actual schizo


Back to work, wagie.


I dont even play these peoples dumb word games anymore.
I just say 'Why die (And RACK UP THE DEBT) for YouCraneEyans And TieWhan lmao?"
Makes the Ice-Coffee Enjoying Craig's and Anthony's i work with nod along, And my mandatory RadLib Colleague Seeth


ASIS needs more work if you think accusing others of being the glowie is somehow subtle.


Yasmin Abdel Majeed should return to Austardia


Just found out about Sam Wallman ._.


Look at my socialists, dawg, we ain't ever getting Australian socialism


not a fan of the Simpsons-lite artstyle?


File: 1650948076598.jpg (14.56 KB, 400x400, R04j3hJ5_400x400.jpg)

New communist group just dropped - looks like a left comm/ trotskyist based in Brisbane



this is so weird and formal for something that describes itself as preparing the groundwork for something else


i guess it speaks to the people who already make up the organisation, it seems overly university educated. All the best to them nonetheless, hopefully they can avoid the circular red-charity of the ACP, and the inactivity of the CPA and the CPA-ML.

this is cringe but:
>If we wish to avoid a repeat of the horrors of the first world war, and the feeding of millions of workers and youth into the jaws of Moloch, we must act now! And to the quislings in red, the so-called socialists and Marxists who advocate for war, be their chosen masters be in Washington or Moscow, know that we remember you. You are scabs and handmaidens to war criminals and imperialists, and the proletarian movement will treat you as such.


File: 1650951371326.png (222.99 KB, 600x335, 52m3ru.png)

Let's see rev com's On China statement


File: 1650956826661-0.png (29.1 KB, 553x151, qlpp.png)

File: 1650956826661-1.jpg (72.21 KB, 764x572, original.jpg)


File: 1650957000845.png (84.61 KB, 273x252, WTFAmIReading.png)

>left comm/ trotskyist
How in the ever-loving fuck is that supposed to work theoretically?


something something orthodox marxism something something


well both trots and leftcoms were pro-bolshevik but against stalin's socialism in one country, so


File: 1650958474238.jpg (211.47 KB, 1205x910, communique.jpg)

this shit is unreadable


>"According to the Australian Gun Safety Alliance, Without gun control 16 mass shootings could have occurred between 1996 - 2018"
>click on study
>Before 1996, approximately 3 mass shootings took place every 4 years. Had they continued at this rate, approximately 16 incidents (SD, 4) would have been expected since then by February 2018.


That sounds like pretty reasonable maths to me


Another one?


File: 1650961719352.png (9.36 KB, 533x69, ClipboardImage.png)



The person I'm remembering is this mad lad here.


No I thought he was kill, love 'is art style I think it fits Australia really well.


File: 1650977571170.png (586.04 KB, 1074x605, wtf.png)

>this shit is unreadable


ah, you would prefer a more liberal style to queer politics


'Aussie Cossack' on YouTube has lots of cringe videos, but the liberal protesters are even more cringe. We need to encourage them to keep arguing with each other.


who's Aussie Cossack? I just searched up his channel and it looks right libertarian? Is that correct?


>International Workers' Memorial Day

Vale sickunts.


File: 1651124003415.jpg (715.86 KB, 1512x2016, FRZcdrrVEAYk0NU.jpg)

vale vale

62 dead since last memorial day


File: 1651138144023.jpg (179.04 KB, 1063x1445, vb2lzbq1rrv81.jpg)

That's what he says he is. He's also a Putin shill and a not so subtle one at that. https://iteroni.com/watch?v=fvJv2b9VNtA


File: 1651155478921.png (529.51 KB, 960x636, b4q6rvlewky51.png)

Pic related is best Alt-Australian flag.


if liberals win the federal election i may actually commit a terrorist act with zero regard for "civilian" causalities


so feds or useful idiots then, may as well be SA


File: 1651157202591-1.jpg (32.87 KB, 384x512, Wentworth-UAP-HTV.jpg)


I unironically cannot understand how half the population can still support the Liberals or Morrison.
The guy literally bailed on the country during national emergencies. He's not even personable or "likable" like Trump, Abbott or Johnson, just a fucking weird evangelical actual psychopath who literally doesn't understand human emotions or even the concept of empathy on any level.
Australian's are actually dumber than Brits or Americans. The Libs don't even need to put on the "pub test" or "competent man in suit" facade in Australia, they're just a bunch of spiteful, hyper corrupt, incompetent arrogant weirdos who just somehow are teflon to the General public.
I actually think Morrison could fuck a child on camera and it wouldn't hurt his polling.


he's viewed as a daggy dad who isn't to blame for natural disasters, while the blame for all the bad stuff is shifted to state leaders. But I agree it is getting to Ceaușescu levels.

jordies just did a vid on this guy


File: 1651213325300.png (1.21 MB, 1000x768, ClipboardImage.png)


boomers do not trust the labor party to protect their wealth




>Australian's are actually dumber than Brits
Yet to be proven. The Brits had a choice of Johnson and Corbyn and gave Labour one of their biggest losses in history. Australia hasn't had a distinction that large yet.


File: 1651235185209.jpg (39.76 KB, 848x480, mfjo1zfnD8.jpg)


What's incorrect in this video?

Surprising that One Nation thinks bats created covid and not some secret Chinese biolab.


i liked this interview with the animators. they said basically something like
>"we're not trying to get people to vote one nation. we're trying to get people to vote any other party than Lib/Lab."



Nice, but an absolute shit to draw the roo.


File: 1651285136913.jpeg (34.99 KB, 385x600, fref.jpeg)

>2. One Nation
>4. Socialist Alliance


Give it time.


excited for the big $50M clean fusion energy laser announced to be built in Adelaide. interestingly it's exactly like the one in the U.S. they use for nuclear weapons research clean fusion energy research





File: 1651321909021.jpg (64.13 KB, 467x437, 1651262227012.jpg)

50 million bucks would have fixed my ramping crisis. Priorities, guys!


Yes I know its reddit but I don't know where else the video is.
Drew Pavlou keeps popping up… I feel like its just a matter of time this idiot ends up in some kind of position of influence.


Also save yourself some brain cells and avoid the comments section


China bad.


please don't post cringe


People see it as a choice between libs and labor (and they're not entirely wrong).

All libs have to do is to be slightly less bad than labor to get marginally more support and win elections.

The stuff about Morrison being this or that is completely irrelevant since most people don't follow politics closely, don't give a shit about the PM and vote on policies.


The eternal Croat strikes again.


>voters are rational and make informed decisions


File: 1651418035584.png (321.35 KB, 2676x598, 1651071257177.png)

>Pic related is best Alt-Australian flag


Can someone explain what’s going on with the rental market and housing availability?

500k people left the country due to covid and we have had close to no immigration however homes available for rent have decreased to a historic low of 1%.

It seems like the opposite should have happened


Supply is a meme, the issue is the structure not the availability. If availability was the problem then homelessness would be skyrocketing, but its stable in relative terms.
Cheap houses are bought up by the mega rich who rent them - if they can't make a profit the government bails them out meaning there is no disincentive to gobble up property, so prices never stop rising.
If wages actually grew this wouldn't be an issue, but its created a too big to fail market that keeps moving further and further away from the average person.


There are large quantities of empty housing. Likely no way to solve it within the bourgeois democrap system and acceleration is the only way.


>do you really think landlords would do that
>just artifically limit the supply of rentals to drive the price up, to stop it collapsing from fewer people applying to be tenets
i wonder


The rental yield is very low and the costs of leaving a house empty are quite low


New home construction was stopped over covid. More people have jobs now than before covid, so they want to move out of sharehouses/family now they can afford it.
There's no incentive for landlords to leave houses vacant like there is with commercial property. Residential landlords are usually petit bourgeois and can't coordinate to limit supply.


You will own nothing and be happy


>Residential landlords are usually petit bourgeois
Are you sure about that? Last I heard, 3/4 of my home town was owned by six groups, and those six groups have some of the same people in them.


Sure there is, the land and property valuation balloon exponentially in value more than they'd ever be able to milk from a wagie serf paying most of their pittance earnings in rent. They can just keep the property empty and collude with their fellow land hoarders to fix prices.


Jesus Christ, Assuming its not all just dead-internet botting.
The comments on any news story coming out of Australia sounds like a bunch of loony bin escapees.

Like talking about how ALBOSLEAZY 'Maybe' raising the capital gains 1% and building more commission flats will result in everyone living in gov run 'great reset' concentration camps, Cannibalising each other.
And because Penny Wong is apparently part of the CPC [Proof: She's Chinese] She's gonna coup Albonese and annex Australia into the PRC


More reason to abandon electoral democracy altogether, the average person has no business dictating who makes decisions about things like foreign policy.


So basically the usual this election?
Preference based>less based>cringe in your house picks and throw a fat first preference to whichever trot is running for a senate seat?


Why is there no ACP to voot for?


They need the numbers bruz. Wanna see the ACP on the ballot? Then join the ACP and help em get there. Otherwise only socialist party on ballot is the sallies if you wanna vote for them.


>not living in victoria
To date I've only received Labor and Victorian Socialist pamphlets in the mail
Stop living in your shitty parts of the country and join us, shift the pendulum further left.


Someone leaked emails from the Nauru detention centre:


lol that's great



Statement from the hackers which I removed of superfluous material to save space:

Nauru, formerly known as Pleasant Island, is a tiny island nation in the
Pacific. Since the 19th century, a range of colonial and occupying powers –
including Britain, Germany, and Japan – have controlled the country.

Nauru has been an independent nation since 1968, after half a century of
Australian/BPC phosphate mining depleted their island environment of 80
percent of its livable surface.

Although an independent country, Nauru is, in many respects, effectively a
client state of Australia. Nauru and Australia signed two memoranda of
understanding about offshore processing on the island, the first in August
2012 and the second – which supersedes it – in August 2013. Under these
agreements, Nauru agreed to assess people's claims for international
protection and host the facilities required to detain them, while Australia
committed to bearing the entirety of the cost.

Nauru has a population of 10,000 people, with around 107 asylum seekers as
of July 2021.

The majority of asylum-seekers and refugees on Nauru are from Iran, while
many are stateless, and others come from Afghanistan, Iraq, Myanmar,
Pakistan and Sri Lanka.[0]

On 19 July 2013 there was a major riot in the detention centre. Hunger
strikes and self-harm, including detainees sewing their lips together,[1]
have been reported at the facility, as well as at least two people setting
themselves on fire.[2] Attempted suicides were also reported.[3]

An overwhelming sense of despair has been repeatedly expressed by detainees
because of the uncertainty of their situation and their remoteness from
loved ones.[4] In 2013, a veteran nurse described the detention centre as
"like a concentration camp".[3]

In 2015, several staff members from the detention centre wrote an open
letter claiming that multiple instances of sexual abuse against women and
children had occurred.[5] The letter claimed that the Australian government
had been aware of these abuses for over 18 months.[6] This letter added
weight to the Moss review which found it possible that "guards had traded
marijuana for sexual favours with asylum seeker children".[7][8][9]

In 2018, reports of children engaging in self-harm and attempting suicide
drew attention back to the conditions at the centre. Children as young as
eight were documented as exhibiting suicidal behaviours, and an estimated
30 children were described as suffering from resignation syndrome,
a progressive, deteriorating psychiatric condition that can be fatal.

Extreme trauma experienced both in their country of origin and in their
daily lives at the camp, coupled with a sense of hopelessness and
abandonment, are thought to have contributed to the onset of this

In September 2021, Australia signed an agreement to indefinitely keep the
Nauru regional processing centre open and continue its policy of mandatory
immigration detention.[a]

And so we decided to hack the Nauru Police Force, who were tasked by the
Australian government with policing the island and obtained 285,635
confidential emails related to abuses that they tried to cover up, and we
are making them all public.

The Republic of Nauru has previously disputed reports of torture, sexual
assault and child abuse on the island.[b] Can they still dispute this when
all their emails are out in the open?

The things we saw and read made us sick.

We are asking the newly elected Australian government to by the end of 2022:

~ End the policy of mandatory immigration detention and permanently close
immigration detention facilities, including on the island Nauru.

~ Grant permanent residence to all asylum seekers, including the 124 people
forcibly moved out from Manus Island.

~ Investigate all allegations of abuse in the immigration detention centres
and pay lifetime repairations to victims.



Strong Curry. Strong Economy. Stronger Future.


File: 1651572283426.png (879.93 KB, 882x889, DengmeetsACP.png)

I'd literally rather voot for the greens than allow the ACP to represent australian communism


I was thinking to myself "yeah, no shit, isn't this common knowledge?"
Then I saw redditor children saying they know nothing about this topic.
This explains so much about the whinging about Chinese human rights violations - who says "what aboutism" is an illegitimate tactic, clearly these retards need an education.


File: 1651633778886-0.png (935.15 KB, 1136x770, ACP_Mayday.png)

File: 1651633778886-1.png (2.7 MB, 2636x2048, CPA_Mayday.png)

File: 1651633778886-2.png (749.5 KB, 826x3507, CPAML_Mayday.png)

lets try this again, May day statements of the CPA, ACP, CPA-ML, and the Melbourne Anarcho-communist group.


Well they don’t. Foreign policy is crafted by spooks and propagandized to the masses, who don’t have the ability to challenge it. There is no accessible, popular institution for shaping foreign policy like those that are created for domestic policy, and attempts to create them an destroyed by the state.


based. good post


File: 1651725439083-0.png (41.73 KB, 698x688, FR9119EVIAAuzLX.png)

File: 1651725439083-1.png (18.91 KB, 693x324, FR93TAtUYAAqt0I.png)



based 45-64 year olds BTFO of 35-44 year olds.


Why are zoomies so fucking apathetic towards politics? It's infuriating.


<older millenial hands typed this post
lol they aren't, just electoralism


There's also just way less zoomies than old fucks, look at the chart


File: 1651758842319.webm (1.3 MB, 404x720, liveleak_video1.webm)

>China makes it harder for wealthy to apply for visas in Australia
Based Xi at it AGAIN

>lol they aren't, just electoralism


File: 1651761056852.gif (399.57 KB, 500x284, Yes.gif)

MFW GenX never grew up and started voting like our parents said we would


File: 1651809993381.mp4 (6.88 MB, 1280x720, JWYR-aBAOrb3Ip1c.mp4)

bruh the question towards the end
>"If you can't stand up to us, how can we expect you to stand up to Xi Jinping?"


File: 1651813946940.png (97.19 KB, 1240x762, 42fdsz32.png)

What is to be done about the Pokie Problem?


Oh no, Laborsisters! Sleepy Anthony forgot his policies and will lose to Scovid the Welder!


Fuck that.
My vote goes to Anon of the Get Off the Road Party


>some bourgeois state doing some not insidious and retarded shit means le based leader
lol ok


That's not THAT bad. It's probably just because Aussies are richer that they're losing more money. $958 is like expensive hobby tier. Although I guess the losses could be a lot higher depending on what percentage of the population gambles. They should post loss per gambling adult.


back to reddit


i fucking hate journos


Most of the "losses" are from money laundering.


File: 1651904259534.mp4 (4.19 MB, 1280x708, 1522755553478381569.mp4)


Surely this was a Chaser bit or something


do you consider 7news satire


File: 1652007063585.png (548.15 KB, 640x630, image.png)

Can't wait to vote in this year's election


Aussiebros, does some of you have that "new xiland" webm?


>spent time with my mum yesterday
>talked about election, she's voting UAP and/or One Nation
>she believes the real estate market is going to collapse and foreign banks will buy Australia
>last election she voted Citizens Electorate Party
the Labor to one nation rightoid pipeline is real


Did anyone watch the debate, which I assume was terribly boring?


>Early-Millennial voting habits have more in common with literally senile people then Zoomers, Late-Millenials, Gen-X and Late-Boomers.

I wonder how many zoomzooms and late Millenials will through a vote to parties with 'Socialist' in their name.
Could be a good year for Alliance and the victorian trots lel


>Victorian Socialists.
Their Wiki page says they operate out of the trades hall, and 'have an alliance with trade unionists'.
dis true?


Damn, I'm sorry to hear you had to murder your reactionary mother on mothers day of all days


>Wiki page
>Endorsements were received from several prominent left-wing personalities, such as Tariq Ali, Noam Chomsky, Gary Foley, Tom Ballard, Corrine Grant, and Helen Razer
Corrine Grant? Fuck, just call the results already clearly the election is already won!


Quick rundown


David is a qt patootie but this video is pretty useless by excluding any kind of commentary beyond reading out policies. I liked these:
NSW specific: https://b-auspol.dreamwidth.org/8956.html


stopped watching there


>tackling cost of living and housing
>more gibs for old people, more gibs for sick people (90% old people), more gibs for cripples (90% old people)

>climate policy (this will reduce the cost of living!)

>30,000 homes in the next five years (a huge amount!)
>40% of the cost covered to low income mortgages!
>ICAC (staffed by who???)
I'm not voting fuck this, the AEC never fined me last time


File: 1652162913723.png (269.37 KB, 600x470, what.png)

>drew pavlou
>left wing


he's trying to get the zoomie voot


>Citizens Party
I hate how like how half their policies are like 'good ideas'. Because of their climate change denial autism lmao.
The same people who would vote for them for 90% of their other policies will never vote for them cuz of that lel


wow who knew a fat effeminate man who owns a copy of kevin rudd's autobiography could get things so wrong


File: 1652189466092.gif (3.04 MB, 444x250, steve1.gif)

>High Court clears way for ex-Pinochet agent Adriana Rivas to be extradited to Chile


people don't vote for them because they act like cultists IRL


File: 1652244032151.jpg (569.47 KB, 1866x2846, 9789004383463.jpg)

>Union bureaucrats are… LE BAD


File: 1652248366904.jpg (409.57 KB, 1536x2048, FRb6xp8VEAAC_QP.jpg)

what do you have against fat effeminate people?


Are you suggesting Hawke isn't a CIA asset?


>I'm not voting fuck this, the AEC never fined me last time
gee, never heard that one before


didnt they get like 8,000 from the ETU in 2019?


the first guy is based, fining people for not voting is dumb as shit



kek, national shortage of hairdressers. everyone has hair down to their feet due to not being able to get a haircut in years!



Fake news


File: 1652415632681.png (69.56 KB, 742x348, 4rwfsx.png)


lol and how often do the yanks do this to china?


Pavlou sent a Kim Jon Un impersonator to Morrison's campaign event to try and make some kind of point. I guess that he's soft on Asian countries?
What an immensely thick cunt.


File: 1652433161688.mp4 (32.88 MB, 1280x720, 1524667385243783169.mp4)

Based KRudd! Fuck the ebil murdoch media, I only watch real journalism like friendlyjordies


File: 1652433962574.mp4 (8.49 MB, 720x480, kimunaus - Copy.mp4)

hey at least someone's publicly promoting communism

epic, simply epic! I clapped! I wish I was there to cheer Kevin-07 on! I wish I was there so I could play down ball with Kevin-07! Epic!


prime minister of reddit


>hey at least someone's publicly promoting communism
I assume this is a joke but who knows anymore



<Listening to the Solomon Islands: friends to all and enemies to none by Roland Boer

The Solomon Islands (SI), with a population of 700,000, has a growing relationship with China. This is a fact and an inevitable trend. In all the recent fuss over this relationship, there is a tendency to focus on what the governments of China, Australia, and the USA think. But what do the government, the politicians, and the people of the Solomon Islands themselves think?

If we scan the main newspapers – Solomon Star, Solomon Times, Island Sun, and the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Commission (SIBC) – we find the following.

The basic economic reality that about seventy per cent of SI’s exports go to China. Next down the list is Italy, with ten per cent, whereas Australia is the destination for only 0.9 per cent. This economic foundation is the prime reason for a number of notable decisions in the last couple of years. In September 2019, SI recognised at long last the People’s Republic of China as the only legitimate China. A Chinese embassy was formally established a year later. These developments took place against the backdrop of the first visit by an SI government delegation to China and signing on to the Belt and Road Initiative. In fact, there were many agreements: in foreign affairs, economic and technical cooperation, education, and in relation to agriculture, fisheries, health and people-to-people relations. The result: China has already provided AUD $6 billion in investments. Further, in April 2021 the first batch of Sinopharm vaccines was rolled out in SI, as soon as the vaccine was approved by the WHO. (In theory, this should have been Australia’s responsibility, but since Australia has been hoarding vaccines and only forty per cent of the population has received one dose and twenty per cent two doses, it has fallen to other countries – China, Japan, New Zealand, and even the USA – to fill the gap.)

In November 2021 riots broke out and targeted the economic infrastructure of Chinese enterprises in SI. Australia has a 2017 security agreement with SI, but the feeling in SI is that Australian forces deliberately took their time to arrive in November 2021 and then failed to intervene so as to allow maximum damage to the interests of Chinese enterprises. Why? The violence had been stirred up by social media propaganda from Taiwan Island, aided and abetted by Australia and the USA. This is not to say that these efforts did not have some fertile ground on which to work, since there is a notable wariness among the populace in relation to China.

The losses from the riots were massive, with lives lost, buildings destroyed, and thousands of jobs lost. They almost crippled SI’s economy. Riots have occurred on earlier occasions, in 2006 and 2019, and the SI government has observed that its local police are not sufficient for the task. After the November 2021 riots, it was also decided that the agreement with Australia has “gaps” and that further agreements were needed. A new security agreement with China was signed by the 20th April 2021.

During the lead-up to signing the new agreement, the US openly interfered with internal political processes and began working for a “regime change.” Accusations began to fly: before signing, the agreement was supposedly “leaked” by an anonymous group of public servants in SI (this turned out to be false: all that was made public were diplomatic notes, although such leaking is also a crime); China would build “military bases”; it would use its economic leverage to get what it wants; the security agreement was a “secret deal” to protect the Prime Minister; and so on. When perusing the letters to the editor, the reader comes across some that repeat these accusations, while others ask for the relevant agencies to ensure that news outlets report the facts.

So let us see what has actually been said in the Solomon Islands:

On the arrival of a US delegation in April, Prime Minister Manasseh Sogovare said:

“Thank you for visiting us after 80 years.” Former Prime Minister Danny Phillip observed that “the USA has totally forgotten Solomon Islands over the past 80 years after the vicious World War Two (WW2) leaving tons of munitions, hazardous chemical wastes and military hardware of various descriptions in the country.” Further, “our people have been killed in numbers annually by unexploded ordinance and other hazardous materials – a risk that still persists in most parts of Solomon Islands till today.”

On the security agreement with Australia: “the current security agreement with Australia is inadequate to deal with our hard internal threats.” Further security agreements are being negotiated with Fiji and Papua-New Guinea.

On the response to a rare visit by the Australian Minister for International Development and the Pacific, Zed Seselja: “The resentment was quite obvious.”

On military bases: “It will not be in the interest of Solomon Islands to host any naval or military base of any country, because that will immediately make Solomon Islands a military target for other countries.”

On AUKUS, which SI heard about via news media:

“One would expect that as a member of the Pacific family, Solomon Islands and members of the Pacific should have been consulted to ensure this AUKUS treaty is transparent since it will affect the Pacific family by allowing nuclear submarines in Pacific waters […] Oh, but Mr Speaker, I realise that Australia is a sovereign country which can enter into any treaty it wants to, transparently or not. Which is exactly what they did with AUKUS.”

On sovereignty: “I ask all our neighbours, friends and partners to respect the sovereign interests of Solomon Islands on the assurance that the decision will not adversely impact or undermine the peace and harmony of our region.”

On stability:

“We will not allow any threats from within Solomon Islands to threaten regional stability. Solomon Islands’ stability is the region’s stability […]. Let me assure the people of Solomon Islands that we entered into an arrangement with China with our eyes wide open guided by our national interests. We have full understanding of the fragility of peace and our duty as a state is to protect all people, their properties and critical national infrastructure of the country.”

On economic development:

“Solomon Islands is not only a growing democracy, it is a nation of groaning young people, who account for more than fifty per cent of the population aged 40 and below. The nation needs economic development, not promises of economic development. Promises of economic development do not put food on the table every day, nor does it pay the bill. China is doing that.”

Obviously, the threats and efforts at internal interference from Australia and the USA have not been received well, especially since the Solomon Islands is serious about its sovereignty and follows the policy of “friends to all and enemies to none.”


File: 1652444664588.png (10.05 KB, 328x28, ClipboardImage.png)

What is this? Isn't it a burger thing?
They refuse to vote, why? Are they based in other ways?


That's not even true, it's Jehova's witnesses who can't vote, a Mormon was almost voted president of the US for fucks sake, and they run Utah as a FLDS theocracy.


>That's not even true,
Thanks anon, I understna the statement less now till,.. but thanks. lol.


The only valid excuse for not voting is religious exemption, and they're not allowed to investigate further


>The only valid excuse for not voting is religious exemption, and they're not allowed to investigate further
Wait. so my man can just say 'cant vote, am morm lol, it's religious' and despite everyone knowing this is a lie (that moroms cant vote and likely that he is a mormom) and the police or whoever does the fines is cucked out of their fine money?
Lmao, i hope this election you are all registering is mormoms anon.


File: 1652519686519-0.jpg (348.39 KB, 748x1444, scab.jpg)

File: 1652519686519-1.mp4 (12.06 MB, 1280x720, elmy5FFdLc4A4.mp4)

cringe from the university of Sydney Picket line


based call taker


File: 1652528054355.jpg (90.71 KB, 310x346, adolph-reed.jpg)

i wonder whos on the other end of that call…


File: 1652528161613.jpg (21.59 KB, 400x400, 771.jpg)




Thats it. I'm making a Twitter to dunk on these idiots.


Prof. Scab needs to understand that the reason he and his family are getting fingered is because he chose to cross the picket line.


File: 1652536298717.jpg (64.54 KB, 558x412, image.jpg)


Based lads.


File: 1652566554482.png (113.35 KB, 832x317, ClipboardImage.png)

>family gathering for two birthdays tonight
>a relative just came over to pick up some things and gave a 'don't talk about politics near [x]' warning
>turns out the greedy selfish sky-news evangel 'survival of the fittest' husband who inaccurately tries to assume everyone else's political position has gone full 'Trump won the election' tier
wish me luck m80s


File: 1652566991267.png (200.84 KB, 382x334, Hold the line.png)

There is literally nothing wrong with that picture.

edit: except the fence.


Drop little truth bombs about how the elites are all bastards etc and see if he thinks you're a magatard kek


Donald Trump is the legitimate Interim President


convince him that donald trump is actually in power and the old guy in power right now is actually a regular person in a suit or a hologram to put the deepstate away from knowing Trump is back running the show and preping to LOCK HER UP.


Yes, I forgot what the US president is called. I'm not sorry.


He's just saying they'll get arrested for even the most minor of offenses against the rich


>The Call that saved NSW


I looked up this guy's salary, he's on $202,232. He's management, so of course he doesn't care about the picket.




File: 1652632178039.png (156.38 KB, 410x598, 1626299048244.png)



>military bad
fuck off with that shit


File: 1652685798967.png (621.08 KB, 1011x782, 43rwfsdz.png)

what's the consensus on her?



>I looked up this guy's salary, he's on $202,232. He's management, so of course he doesn't care about the picket.


holy fuck my parents are watching television in another room and the Liberal bucket ad with a badly sung song has played multiple times every ad break, like 10 times already. United Australia Party ads feel more tolerable at this point.

Do you ever take a step back and realize over a third of air-time is just ads? That's why television episodes for a half-hour show are made 22 minutes long when you download them, two sets of 4 minute ads.


>>972919 (me)
They're clearly fucking scared

That is the correct annual pay rate for a lvl 6 prof staff and/or a lvl 4 academic, or something. I'd like their proof of why this person fits in that category: easily possible but not a confident assumption at a glance of their job title.

>>>ITG , you and I are more impoprtant


Austardia tv is actually worse. Many of the TV shows broadcast have bits shaved off to fit in more ads.


What did xir mean by that? Are you the gay e-whore zogbot?


>military bad
Correct, now go back to bed Kerry


irish shanty about Eureka stockade


Interesting bit of history, the pamphlet cover goes hard as fuck as well


File: 1652767999639.jpg (13.48 KB, 409x509, 3ac.jpg)


File: 1652768356677.jpg (455.94 KB, 1335x1125, subvertingalltropes.jpg)

So, what are your predictions for the election results lads?
>UAP members get into senate
>Massive labour and green gains.
>Murdoch Media coping


PMC moment.


Pretty much. We won't have a clear answer on election night, we'll know who has the seats by Monday, then it will take a week or 2 for the deals to get sorted out and a labor minority government and an unruly senate.


Labour victory with a period of elation before a period of long dissapointment. Liberal/nat coalition will start to cannibalize itself and will become more schizo. UAP go ballistic and fall to tatters by 2024.

The left throughout this time will keep stagnating. All the less radical elements will kick in behind labour and the radical elements will struggle to gain momentum. There will be at least 1 terror attack commited by a rightoid and 2 political scandals involving china.


bonus points: the rightoid will blow up a news outlet and criticising journalists will become an even bigger outrage amongst elites


Damn, that's pretty darn cool.


File: 1652794502459.png (1.96 MB, 1152x1108, ned_kellys_ghost.png)

higher res


File: 1652800698248.png (463.4 KB, 706x706, adam.png)

Name one (1) good reason why you refuse to vote for the only mainstream left party in Australia.


Because I'm voting katter.


Pretty much same. Liberals are clearly desperate, UAP have a large base of anti-vaxx proto-Trumpoids, but I don't think they'll top greens.
Last election (citing ABC.net.au "Federal Election Preview) has UAP launch and achieve 3.4%, One Nation gain 1.8%, Greens stay stable and Lib+Labor lose (-0.6, -1.4). I predict Greens to rise about half a percent, Labor to make some gain, and UAP and a bit of One Nation to take a chunk of Libs. Seriously, we might see a small but significant exodus from the two party binary, and with some luck it won't just go to UAP and ON.



Voooooting SocAll+FUSION senate and hippies for HoR.


the litmus test for social democrats is their relation to imperialism. Some of his constituents seem to be on the right track but if Bandt's milquetoast reaction to AUKUS is anything to go by then he's looking to be more Kautsky than Allende.


File: 1652846915856.png (1.82 MB, 1762x1008, 4wafdszx.png)

Jim Bacon the crypto-dengist, TRUST THE PLAN


OH NO Laborsisters! The latest polls show LNP increasing and very close now. Scovid will win again!


So is anyone going to shill for their Gommulist parties??

The Fusion party the above anon wrote about is offering a UBI.

UAP and Greens are doing student loan forgiveness. Greens also free internet for poor people.


File: 1652849492440.jpg (62.97 KB, 1200x1674, Guardian2006p01ballot.jpg)


No self proclaimed communists are running, aint noone to shill for.


Reminder Xi visited Tas and now lots of Tassie farms are owned by Chinese companies.


File: 1652869071977.png (3 MB, 1176x1920, the based.png)

I vooted so hard a few days ago.
When they asked if I wanted a how to vote card, I looked them in the eyes confidently and said
>n-no thanks
Then I sped walked away and had to turn around because I'd missed the pre-polling entrance.
>it's me



I will laugh if the VicSoc get success after the Sallies chucked a tanty and spit from their united front.
Go get'em Aran!


I saw a Chinese woman where a vic socialists jumper on the tram the other day


File: 1652950049244.png (87.26 KB, 677x702, ClipboardImage.png)


There are less shit, less co-opted minor parties to put first. Animal Justice and Fusion for example.


How do I vote?
I remember there was the main parties that you numbered and that there was a 2nd sheet where you could just pick a parties preferences or choose each individual candidate?


Theres a vote for your local member and a vote for a person who you want on the senate. The one for your local seat is the short one (numbered 1–9), the one for senate is the long one (choose 6 out of many)


So who do I vote for in the senate? I'm in Victoria


Read the instructions. They're pretty simple.
AEC also shows you practice ballots and ABC has how-to guides so just look that up.


That depends on you man, people will be handing out how to vote cards in the line leading up to the ballot. Here are a mix of opinions from different far-left parties:

The CPA says that you should "…first preferences to Socialist, left and progressive candidates, then Labor, with Coalition candidates followed by extreme right independents and parties last."

The ACP have said that preferences should first go to "trusted and tested activists," leaving the major parties towards the bottom, followed by the far right parties (UAP, One Nation, Lib Democrats)

Vic anarchists have said that anarchists should abstain from elections (and gotten in a fight with SAlt as a consequence)


well first you want to write on the really big piece of paper (the one for the senate) the following quote:

"Bourgeois democracy is democracy of pompous phrases, solemn words, exuberant promises and the high-sounding slogans of freedom and equality. But, in fact, it screens the non-freedom and inferiority of women, the non-freedom and inferiority of the toilers and exploited." - Vladimir Lenin

Then you want to take a fat shit on the senate paper and wrap it up like a burrito.

for the small paper (the house of reps paper), below all of the other candidates you should write Karl Marx, put a box to it and write 1 in it. then draw a hammer and sickle on the paper with the quote "rich beware, for your days are numbered!" under it.

put the HoR paper in the senate box and the senate paper in the HoR box, walk out singing the Internationale. (you will be arrested but you will become a true working class hero.)


First priority is to voot for large economic benefits. UAP, Greens, are promising student loan forgiveness. (low chance of passing but should voot for them anyway)

Secondly, after that, LNP for Acceleration and so Shart-in-mart Scovid can continue doing more damage.

Irrelevant concerns promoted in the MSM which you should ignore include Idpol, global wooming, transhumanists, lesser evilism, Orange man bad, China bad, Russia bad etc


i disagree


File: 1653053528324.jpg (196.14 KB, 933x1200, FTHllYEVIAIW8QD.jpg)

Who is your dream team leftypol?


Scovid the Welder as PM
Potato Voldemort as head of Miniluv
various other retards doing whatever they were doing


yeah that's my kind of party
the united australia party


What goes on in the land down under


File: 1653090568926.jpg (107.87 KB, 1000x564, 1532756237082.jpg)

I voted
If it weren't for this >>976925 post I would have voted for labor in the senate but instead I preferenced all the socialist parties ahead of labor


Went into the reception room of a hospital a while ago, the TVs were all blasting united australia party ads continuously, as well as that fucking song lmao


File: 1653091767091.png (780.92 KB, 880x989, ClipboardImage.png)



lunchtime rush coming up, wish me luck mates


someone just chucked their ballot in and said 'UP the Pirates!'

person with a greens how2vote lamenting the waste paper of the tablecloth senate paper. Gotta fold that shit thrice.


I look forward to your tales


cheers, although I suspect it will just be counting updates like 'found another penis drawing'. only noteworthy detail was someone voting from a vehicle due to physical disability.

already got a 'this should all be online' from an oldie. Iim about to get busy again so maybe cybersoc jennyposter or a friend can explain why cybersecurity isn't quite ready for that yet. ideally though, it would be great.


Based schizoids yelled about WHO conspiracy theories at the PM


I hope a QAnonist gets voted in and then makes a speech in Parliament about the Cabal


The one blessing of this country is the preferential voot.
Laboids can't accuse you of 'spoiling' or 'throwing your voot away' and the normoids that are usually scared by shit like that are more likely to go off plantation.

>1. Soc Alliance
>2. Greens
>3-5. Single issue F.I.N etc
>6. Labor


lmao someone walked up to the ballot box and ripped up their HoR and Senate ballots 'so no-one else can use them' and put the shreds in the correct boxes.
i ain't gonna stop him. better than leaving it for someone to DOUBLEVOOOOOOT


Have you had any Trumptard/Avi Yemeni/Qtard level Schizos walking in today?
Which parties have door greeters? any based ones?


I got woken up at 12AM this morning by the fucking UAP

>"URGENT! Morrison and Albanese to hand over ownership of ALL aussie hospitals to WHO!"


Just voooted, much quiet than I expected but maybe it's just my polling booth - in previous years I've had to queue.

Labor and Green volunteers seemed surprisingly chummy with each other compared to the usual sniping. They seemed pretty pissed when I walked past them for the vic socialist card kek


nah, maybe one guy who I think filled out his ballot then was conflicted when I suggested he put it in the ballot box and said something like 'are you all gonna read this?' and threw it in a bin. Or something, he wasn't speaking loud/clear enough for me to properly understand.
>any based?
not a chance. lib labor green united. safe lib seat for decades.


There is also the public campaign money which now only paid if they get over 4%. If your first choooice does not get over 4% you don't get any money for your party.


>to get free assistance, you must be one of the most popular
hurrrr I'm a government hurr


correction: there was an SocAlliance guy I didn't see on the way out. he's chill but I'm assuming he won't get much attention here. greens have a qt


Here's been pretty quiet too, surpisingly for the location


just vooted so hard all over the polling booth

is anyone else getting drunk at 6 pm


>is anyone else getting drunk at 6 pm
as is tradition


File: 1653108067506.jpg (90.74 KB, 960x720, slide_5.jpg)

Me putting the senate paper in the ballot box


haha a voter just asked the ballot guy near them 'is the legalize marijuana party real?'


No democracy sausage at my local primary school


none here either



What if you start partying and then Based Retard Scovid snatches the Electioooon?



Remember when the Hill-shills started popping champagne before the voot even finished?


hahaha fuck this is amazing
>that sting when trump appears


What networks will you be watching coverage on tonight lads? I'll stick to ABC but if any of you are watching other channels, please, share any tom foolery. Sky is usually a laugh.


the 14 year old boy


Casey Briggs?







File: 1653120010306.png (633.19 KB, 851x710, wOkNX6i.png)



Guise I was gonna voot socialist alliance but then in the way to the polling place Scotty started talking about how like 10 Sri-Lankan people tried to illegally immigrate to prevent getting murdered.

I think.,.i think I gotta voot LNP now…


Jokes on them, I voted for the party led by a Sri Lankan refugee


6 standard drinks in xd



Who are the guests appearing on each channel?


Plibersek and Birmingham on ABC


who is winning? will a minority gov be formed? ive drunk too much to tell fuck lmao


its looking like a shitshow


i fuckin hate liberal democracy


im too fuckin drunk sabhd ghuckhvjxbsaxmn A


the election is *significantly* more entertaining on ketamine


sharma is fucked


Frydenberg as well


Fuck this is funny
Watch as both major parties decide they lost because the public is wrong


whats the deal with socialist alliance, victorian socialists and other aus soc parties?


voting AJP to ban democracy sausages


cute greens girl was trying to seduce me into voting for them, luckily I was able to resist


fuck im too drunk and cant even look at the news
reminder that alcohol is an extremely shit drug an it is not worth it, it is insane that alcohol is legal but shit like weed isnt


I've literally seen aus people on twitter talking about throwing away votes, they either don't know what preferential voting is or hope whoever theyre talking to doesnt


File: 1653131002462.png (61.15 KB, 600x598, monkas-emote.png)

>be me
>Count voots for inner city Melbourne seat
>Saw multiple senate ballots with UAP 1, Vic Socialists 2, Socialist alliance 3, etc


red brown alliance strikes again


drunk anon here, are the sallies doin okay???? :( please tell me they are doing better than last election


also i hope u guys are having a good night


too drunk to even understand the election results, playin games instead


dont do alcohol guys pls


I'll tell you what I see soon, we're sorting the senate votes now



socialist alliance formed as a unity ticket from the 70s socialist groups, socialist alternative are trots. I think victorian socialists are a fusion party of the two which doesn't make sense to me because they've been at each other's throats for decades.


yeah alcohol is sufk c aufckin shit drug i wish i could do something less harmful instead, the real chads are those that dont even need to do drugs or have any addictions of any kind at all


yes, do amphetamines instead


stop thinking in terms of "chads"


yank here, your poltics is annoying as the right wing party are called liberals. just putting that out there


yeah it is a fuckin oversused shit meme tbh and its used by brainlets the most


i farted


i shitted


fuck off then.


alright looks like i'm outta here soon. numbers add up.

some notes:
saw at least 5 penises, including a massive one on the senate sheet and a small one on scotty's ballot square
a couple of friendly notes written to counters :3
a TON of invalids where they just ticked Libs or just 1 for libs, nothing else. i think its more than just the over representation in a strong lib area, its still disproportionate. i also think same for UAP
a few that were one short of the necessary number of HoR numbers, a few where they skipped a digit like 1 2 3 5 6 7
UAP->two party preferred was about 50:50
Greens->two party was almost all labor, but like 10 were lib as #2
no TNL senate lmao, Animal Justice get surprising support


human here, they are liberals you retard


liberals are right wing


sallies left the vic socialists over a dispute with sAlt so now it's made up of sAlt and independent socialists


animal justice got preferenced by the labor party, probably because as a single issue party they're less of a problem than fusion or reason.


>t. doesn't know that the democrats are more in line with most country's conservative parties than the republicans


oh I remember this, what a shitshow


Socialist Equality Party are /ourguys/
Weirdo leftists that mutter about idpol and can't organise themselves into a party big enough to qualify for AEC registration


fuck off cunt


libs right now in my life already crying about 'teals'. uygha they ain't he lolbertarian party


File: 1653133505314-0.jpg (355.84 KB, 1920x1080, labor wins.jpg)

File: 1653133505314-1.jpg (82.3 KB, 680x680, antalb.jpg)

File: 1653133505314-2.png (33.62 KB, 600x800, its over.png)


>spend year 3s acting like an oaf to appeal to the stereotype you hold of working class people
>working class people turn on you
>your own affluent base turn on you
Oh how sweet it is


its funny if its ironic, but usually brainlets use it as "wow my retarted ideas are actually chad" just to justify their shitty takes


>wow my retarted ideas are actually chad


i giggled


My parents are libs and I have to fucking pretend I'm also a lib, but here's the twist… I'm not a lib ;)
I'm kinda tipsy


Sallies are getting the short end of the stick as far as I can tell, big boost for Vic Socialists. Lots of Greens 1, Vic socs 2. Senate tickets, socialist alliance being largely ignored


yeah greens were preferencing vicsoc



Unfortunately I'm assuming these numbers mean Labor won't have to appeal to Greens or anyone. That sucks.


sallies didn't even run in my electorate, but VS did


Friendlyjordies is literally the only way that i get australian news. i don't live there.
How good is a labor gov gonna actually be for Aus?


That's kind of like asking how good Biden is going to be for America.


Why can't australians spell Labour correctly?


fuck watching all the cunts at the abc crying about their property values as the libtards burn is fucking amazing. anabel crabb laying dead drunk in a ditch tomorrow morning. lmao.


are you an aussie living in ☘️☘️☘️ireland☘️☘️☘️?


it's nice to see labor do well but yeah a green balance of power would have been nice. maybe they'll do something about climate to stem people bleeding off


as good as a dems gov is for the US (aka complete fucking shit). labor is barely any different to the liberals at this point


here the party is spelt labor, the word is spelt labour


Uh, is it really that bad?
Nah, i wanted a solarpunk flag but thats not really an ideology yet. this is as close as i could find.


the party is spelt Labor


literacy is reactionary


It's nice to see that someone who called Corbyn a "socialist" as an insult is becoming pm?


In standard Australian English, the word "labour" is spelled with a u. However, the political party uses the spelling "Labor", without a u. There was originally no standardised spelling of the party's name, with "Labor" and "Labour" both in common usage. According to Ross McMullin, who wrote an official history of the Labor Party, the title page of the proceedings of Federal Conference used the spelling "Labor" in 1902, "Labour" in 1905 and 1908, and then "Labor" from 1912 onwards.[7] In 1908, James Catts put forward a motion at Federal Conference that "the name of the party be the Australian Labour Party", which was carried by 22 votes to two. A separate motion recommending state branches to adopt the name was defeated. There was no uniformity of party names until 1918, when the Federal party resolved that state branches should adopt the name "Australian Labor Party", now spelled without a u. Each state branch had previously used a different name, due to their different origins.[8][a]

Although the ALP officially adopted the spelling without a u, it took decades for the official spelling to achieve widespread acceptance.[11][b] According to McMullin, "the way the spelling of 'Labor Party' was consolidated had more to do with the chap who ended up being in charge of printing the federal conference report than any other reason".[15] Some sources have attributed the official choice of "Labor" to influence from King O'Malley, who was born in the United States and was reputedly an advocate of spelling reform; the spelling without a u is the standard form in American English.[16][17] It has been suggested that the adoption of the spelling without a u "signified one of the ALP's earliest attempts at modernisation", and served the purpose of differentiating the party from the Australian labour movement as a whole and distinguishing it from other British Empire labour parties. The decision to include the word "Australian" in the party's name, rather than just "Labour Party" as in the United Kingdom, has been attributed to "the greater importance of nationalism for the founders of the colonial parties".[18]


theyre better than the dems, they're like brit labour a bit


Librul-nashnul colishun


How tf can greens have 12% of the vote and have 1 seat? In NZ one of the big arguments against FPP was that we had 20% of the country vote for social credit and they got 4 seats.
Is STV really this shit or am i missing something?


are you an aussie tho in a diff country?


sgovid the welder :DDDDDDDDDDD


That's retarded


its preferential not proportiomal, you still need a majority of a district to get a seat.


You could have picked this flag (looks like anarch-eco), but almost everyone who has used it in the last two years has been an absolute obnoxious cunt, so yeah, I wouldn't. Solarpunk is cool though, I hope they keep the punk in it, for once.


Yeah, i think anprim is one of the dumbest ideologies possible. In solarpunk circles you have a few of the cretins pop up their heads to be the worst of people. I dont wanna give people the idea that i like it


unless you're planning revolution tomorrow what else is there


Despite nay sayers, they will be better than the dems in America
But barely. Basically just Blairites.


yeah, where australians of course its retarted


yall motherfuckers need MMP. or socialism. But MMP if you can't have that


File: 1653135162293-0.png (397.74 KB, 650x366, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1653135162293-1.png (382.56 KB, 500x380, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1653135162293-2.png (446.97 KB, 852x480, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1653135162293-3.png (1.43 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)


ok boomer


not going to happen because it will harm both major parties


uh oh, yanke detected


uhhhh. Yankees don't have MMP either?
What country nearby you has MMP?


we do have proportional in the senate actually so that makes it mmp i guess


there no real countries nearby


Keep in mind, Senate is a bit different. Greens have a lot more seats there.
But yeah, if a lot if the individual seats are 45% GRN 55% ALP as two party preference, greens can theoretically get a lot of votes without any seats. I think the idea is that cities and etc. don't dominate everything just because they have more people


boomers hate osstrailya?


flag burning is a pretty boomer thing to do
how's that vietnam moratorium going?


oh great kiwis are fucking coming in with their snow and funny accents to gawk at our elections


the senate is elected in the dumbest way possible however (each state gets the same number of seats)


riight ok.
In practice though, does it prevent cities from being more important?
A lot of Friendlyjordies videos seem to imply that Liberals have spent a metric shitton on trying to buy out rural seats


disproportionate proportional voting


and states get 2 votes, because, because they just fucking do, ok?


oh yeah, i forgot a major part of aussie national consciousness was formed by the vietnam war
because gallipoli wasn't embarassing enough


so are laborsisters gonna form a majority or minority gov


is it true that albo doesn't stand for anything and is just a puppet for his left faction ally Dan Andrews?


Our soldiers didn't lose in vietnam kek


yep, another wildly popular affable moderate, although he hasn't been demonised by the press yet.


Does he mention the Coalition? Basically, the government isnt actually Liberal party, it's Liberal Party + National Party + a couple of related tiny ones. Liberal Party just dominate it, but Nationals are very strong in the rural areas I think.


> hasn't been demonised by the press yet.
lol I remember my pharmacy had a little kim jong dan poster


I'd wager majority (need only 4 of 18 seats in doubt, I think).


Shanks is right about the conservatives but don't believe his dick sucking about labor
They're a better choice but they're still in bed with capital



Yeah, he spends a shitton of time talking about how the liberal party porkbarrelings millions into marginal nationals and liberal seats while denying funding to safe labor seats. Thats mostly what i'm referring to


fucking retarded. ignoring the cooked cunts labor gained ground tonight based on andrews and mcgowan's state governments.


Remember that time Labor voted to ban the Communist Party?

>The Bill passed the House of Representatives, but struggled to pass the Senate, which had a Labor party majority. Labor senators agreed that the Communist Party should be dissolved, but held reservations about allowing the Governor-General to 'declare' people communists. These reservations were especially strong after Menzies admitted that the names of Communist Party members which had been read out on the House floor contained errors.Amendments were proposed that removed this power, but the Labor Party later withdrew its opposition and the Bill passed the Senate without amendments on 19 October 1950. It was brought into effect as the Communist Party Dissolution Act (1950) on 20 October 1950.

>The Act authorised the Governor-General to declare any person a communist, engaging or likely to engage in activities detrimental to the defence and security of the nation. Such persons were not allowed to be employed by the Commonwealth in public service, or in industries considered vital to the defence of Australia. They were not permitted to run for office and were prohibited from joining a union. The Communist Party of Australia was declared an unlawful organisation and was dissolved, its property forfeited to the Commonwealth without compensation. Affiliated organisations were also liable to be declared unlawful, at the discretion of the Governor-General.


Evatt fought very hard against the referendum on this issue. Interestingly, he was pretty bourgie and not of a working class background. He just, on principle, thought the idea of banning political parties was insane.


ALP threatened to throw communist union leaders in concentration camps after a coal strike, their ties to capital go way back further than the 50s too. Read New Britannia


australia was also an apartheid state up until the 60s


What are the most important points made in a new britannia?


I mean, liberals ideally are against banning parties. Freedom includes tolerating people you disagree with. I'm not saying most 'liberals' are truly like that, but liberalism is.


I agree, I was just sharing an interesting anecdote


fucking retarded to even bring up shit that old. I don't think they're going to shoot any socialists now that it's pretty obvious they're just pot smoking softies. bill shorten's union and socialist alliance both operate out of trades hall FFS.


and it was interesting. I was just pointing out that his fellow party members should have been similar.


scomo stepping down as party leader???


>The ALP was anti-socialist from the start
>The roots of the white Australia policy run deep and are intertwined with the history of Australian laborism
>Marxist analysis of the history of Australia and Australian consciousness




File: 1653138552833.png (14.66 KB, 349x207, ClipboardImage.png)

heh, nothing personnel hippy


le anglo democracy has arrived


File: 1653138894677.jpg (81.47 KB, 750x714, Late night ramblings.jpg)

Did voot counting in my area.
Looking forward to that $400 for 12 hours work sitting down all day.
Nothing interesting to report except a few invalid ballots, the three most notable being one with an enormous "FUCK YOU" written on it, another with the word "cunt" and a prefix before it describing the person e.g. Lib [rich cunt], Green [derro cunt] etc., and the last being the one dude who intentionally wiped his nosebleed with his ballot then put it in the box :\


glad you found my tissue


if you don't count a vote just because i came on it that's literally election fraud


fuck this election result


Go to bed scott




You need to cum in order of preference in a minimum of eight bussies for it to count.


Enjoying Sky News, the tears, mmmm delicious.


If you could all stop playing soggy biscuit for a minute and appreciate that they locked up this ghoul cause she got covid in perth meaning we never heard a peep out of her all week.


watching the abc: they did the same. anthony green was as delightful as ever.


Hmmmmm that Avi Israeli fuckwit was interviewing her just a few days ago…And now he's in davos Switzerland to scream conspiracy theories at oligarchs.
Maybe he could coof on that doctor evil looking guy (In minecraft)


File: 1653143543570.jpg (124 KB, 1200x648, C4Fy7-MUMAANuy3.jpg)

Peta Credlin was literally crying and shaking with rage on Sky, it was fucking beautiful.
Sky News is so pro mining they turned their studio into a salt mine


Please tell me someone is putting together a super cut


Are the greens the only decent party or what?

People on strikes don’t drink to pass the time?


nah there is parties like the Socialist Alliance (mix of marxists and demsocs). Also the greens are a capitalist party (the federal greens called the socialist branch of the greens in NSW a hoax lmao)


Is the SA making gains then?


No it doesn't look like they will see a significant increase this election. victorian socialists on the other hand have seen a decent increase in their turnout


>Vic anarchists have said that anarchists should abstain from elections (and gotten in a fight with SAlt as a consequence)
Why is there always someone that spergs out every election ever when the anarchists dont vote?
Are they unironically expecting to convince us to vooot actually one day through years of kvetching across the globe?


File: 1653146907714.jpg (79.02 KB, 738x895, FTSYVXSagAAZB0I.jpg)

teared up at this bit


Scovid has heroically evacuated the electioon after completing his mission.


looks like a minority at this stage


File: 1653147480522.jpg (55.95 KB, 700x467, unna.jpg)

Do we reckon a referendum on an indigenous voice to parliament would pass or nah?


If you had to join either sallies or ACP what would you choose? Can you join both and if so, do they work together?


>moon face
What is this amazing hairstyle? is it an popular aus thing?
It should be.


Well looks like Morrison conceded. ALP won.


10 independents so far. Anyone know shit about them?


that wasn't from my nose sis


I'm calling Senate: 3 One Nation seats, one UAP, Labor have to appeal to libs or greens to pass shit.


I don’t even care particularly about the labor party as a political institution, but I sorta want them to form a coalition / confidence and supply with greens if they don’t get to 76 just to listen to schizos and retards talking about how we’re now a communist country because Anthony Albanese and Adam bandt consult each other on bills lmao


So where do I see the deranged lunatics ranting about the election results?


the comments under the sky news labor victory video will give you a mighty lel


link pls


File: 1653177725260-0.png (107.52 KB, 990x899, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1653177725260-1.png (127.98 KB, 989x899, ClipboardImage.png)


Which Settlers of Catan expansion pack is this?


File: 1653179753570.png (125.95 KB, 496x192, IT'S THE SAME FACE.png)


leftypol should have a settlers of catan tournament


File: 1653181628996.png (1.22 MB, 1280x1000, freeciv.png)

Freeciv tournament first.



Also just the seeth in the video from where I'm timestamped onwards.
Fucking hell, even the "Labor" politicians in that room (Fuckhead crypto rightoid snakes like Fitzgibbion) are fucking full on salt mines.


File: 1653183441981.mp4 (1.26 MB, 1280x720, HmEOQjkBHHJjcJa8.mp4)


kek what is this cunts?


Sky news Youtube videos and under the Labor + Green Facebook pages in the comments



File: 1653185207310.png (100.37 KB, 807x875, ClipboardImage.png)



looks like comments disabled lmao


Laborsisters, what are Sleepy Anthony's policies? Is nothing going to fundamentally change?


File: 1653200331741.jpg (577.23 KB, 1600x2180, 1650584737320.jpg)

Class collaboration
A few extra breadcrumbs given to working people
A slightly less shit climate change policy
Absolutely nothing of substance
reminder that social democracy is the moderate wing of fascism


is that tor?


Wtf are teal women or seats?


Aussies, what are the foreign policy stances of your Labour Party with regards to China and Russia? In the press, there was implied that Labour accused Morrison to be too soft on China due to the Solomon Isles thing.


It refers to the new independent seats that are winning, like these >>982771 . My guess is it means Liberals with green characteristics.


we're a US client state so whatever mr biden says. think we're locked into that arrangement for the far future


>My guess is it means Liberals with green characteristics.
Oh that's a shame, they seem to run on nice things so it feels like lowkey center left.


Depends. Our past two labour PMs, notably Whitlam and Rudd, had more of a "let's negotiate peace and a mutually beneficial trade deal, but not the point where you lot ark up and start causing a commotion".

Whitlam and Rudd were both couped by the CIA. So with Albo, he'll probably be hard handed and say "the reason we sold off our national resources to the Chinese was because of the libs". So it'll front as being hard handed on China, but in reality, it'll just be nationalisation while he prepares deals etc.


should add, this isn't an endorsement, just a prediction on what may pass. But i'm being optimistic.


I say that without evidence so don't trust my take. They're policies seem very progressive as far as the House of Reps goes.


Basically the LNP is splitting over global wooming and transhumanists.


File: 1653209664317.jpg (112.75 KB, 912x394, CIA_tour_albanese.jpg)

Can't find anything else about this online, anyone know about it?


Not a surprise.

Many Glowie shills in the Fake News MSM supported Sleepy Anthony, he is their guy.


US President Joe Biden calls to congratulate Anthony Albanese on his victory

>President Biden spoke with Australian Prime Minister-Designate Anthony Albanese to congratulate him on his election as Australia’s 31st prime minister.

>President Biden reaffirmed the United States’ steadfast commitment to the U.S-Australia alliance and his intent to work closely with the new government to make it stronger still.
>President Biden expressed deep appreciation for the Prime Minister-Designate’s own early commitment to the alliance, reflected in his decision to travel almost immediately to Tokyo to attend the Quad Summit—a vital opportunity to exchange views and continue to drive practical cooperation in the Indo-Pacific.
>President Biden looks forward to a close partnership between our administrations that will benefit the American people, the Australian people, and the world, starting with consequential meetings in Japan this week.



Center right. They're kind of like the US Dems, socially liberal but back business and economic conservatism.
History the Liberal Party has represented people like that as well as social conservatives - it was being the party of business that binded them - but now they've gone ulta conservative on social issues so these people are splitting away.


He's albanese like Hoxha? Pretty cool



File: 1653215771434.png (389.31 KB, 640x480, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1653216220791.mp4 (21.72 MB, 1280x720, 1528009788432457734.mp4)

Does anyone still watch commercial television?


ahaha what the fuck


they paid for that graphic and they're going to use it!


that doesn't make any sense, the ukelele would break and the suitcase would remain


But why Cuba?


The Channel Seven electoral coverage had CGI of the candidates face's being popped like bubbles. Don't have any footage of it unfortunately


It should have been Hawaii

the shredder device of a few years ago was good

there was also a high heeled shoe kicking abbott which was also good


the shredder


As soon as ICAC is formed, apply for jobs there. ICAC could become the new Cheka and we can take over government that way.


File: 1653222393366.png (1.19 MB, 705x1500, libs gtfo.png)

haha this is so fucking stupid


"The computers putting john howard into the shredder again"
do it in real life this time and do it 1000000000 more times please
this is for the GST


This is fucking hilarious, they're literally talking about how sad it is for these people, they're losing their jobs, these are parents who now are out of work, all while a fucking robot plays happy music and boots them to Cuba of all places.
Sometimes Australian media is so cringe it's literally chef kiss.


Apparently albo was a commie when he was younger guess he sold out in the end.


Good thing about him is that he's a major Nationalised infrastructure nation building guy. His personal project forever has been High Speed Rail along the Eastern Coast. He's also promised FTTP NBN and that it will always stay in Public Hands which is well to the left of the OG NBN policy which was to be sold off to Telstra after completion.


Morrison played April Sun in Cuba on ukulele on a 60 minutes interview


You will never get high speed rail


God I wish…

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