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Greek Police violently attacks university students' protest
Once again Greek riot police used excessive violence against protesters, attacking a peaceful student's demonstration at Thessaloniki's Aristotle University. The students were protesting for their right to free education and against the new law which aims to permit police presence in university campuses.

Nepal's top court orders reinstatement of parliament in blow to PM
Nepal’s top court on Tuesday ordered the reinstatement of parliament, dealing a blow to Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli two months after he dissolved the house and called for an early election amid squabbling within the ruling Communist party.

Belarus Communist Party accuse West of sewing disorder in the country
Senior Communist Party of Belarus official Nikolai Volovich reiterated support for Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, who faces increasing pressure following last week’s imposition of new sanctions by the European Union.

Nazi-saluting historian with far-right ties resigns as regional director of Polish institute tasked with probing Holocaust crimes
Tomasz Greniuch, a historian by training, has resigned his position as regional director of Poland’s influential Institute of National Remembrance (IPN). It came on Monday after weeks of pressure from politicians, activists and public figures, who saw him as an extremely inappropriate choice to hold the position given his past ties to the far-right.

The ethnic Chinese caught in Myanmar’s political turmoil
Footage and photos of Myanmese Chinese protesters opposing the coup have also appeared online. But that has not quelled doubts among the broader population about China’s role in the coup and whether the Chinese Myanmese were supporting Beijing. “Many people started to question whether the Chinese Myanmese were standing with Beijing. That made me very worried,” she said.

Erdogan slammed amid reports he will open a ‘Grey Wolves’ fascist school in occupied Artsakh
ANTI-FASCIST forces in Turkey blasted authoritarian President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s links to right-wing paramilitary death squads today after reports that he will open a new Grey Wolves school in occupied Nagorno-Karabakh.He will lay the foundation for the building alongside Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev in the city of Shushi, which was taken by Azeri forces in November 2020 after a three-day battle.

El Salvador to Hold Parliamentary Elections on Sunday
Since Bukele came into office, he has attacked the Parliament, which he accuses of "obstructing his efforts to govern." On Feb. 9, 2020, he stormed into its headquarters with soldiers to put pressure on lawmakers to pass a law. The incident was cataloged by lawmakers as "a violation of the Constitution and an attempted parliamentary coup."

A year on, India's riot victims say justice still unserved
Many of the Muslim victims of last year’s bloody violence say they have run repeatedly into a refusal by police to investigate complaints against Hindu rioters. Some hope the courts will still come to their help. But others now believe the justice system under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu-nationalist government has become stacked against them.

Extinction threatens third of freshwater fish species, report finds
Nearly a third of all freshwater fish species are threatened by extinction, according to a new report released by 16 conservation groups on Tuesday. "The World’s Forgotten Fishes" says that 80 freshwater species — which make up more than half of all the world’s species — have already been declared extinct, with 16 disappearing in 2020 alone.

Bolivia will control drug and health service rates
The Vice Minister of Justice, Jorge Silva, in charge of the Defense of User and Consumer Rights, declared to the state channel Bolivia TV that the institutions that make up the National Council for the Supply and Control of Medicines Prices will carry out permanent inspections to protect health public.




Wally Adeyemo, Joe Biden’s pick for Treasury No 2 urges get-tough attitude on China
Wally Adeyemo, President Joe Biden’s nominee for the No 2 job at the US Treasury, said on Tuesday that Washington should work with allies to hold China accountable to international rules to ensure a level playing field for companies in the United States and elsewhere.

Progressives Not Mourning as Neera Tanden's Bid to Head OMB on Verge of Collapse
Tanden's chances of becoming director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) were thrown into serious doubt late last week when Manchin—an opponent of progressive causes who supported several of former President Donald Trump's Cabinet nominees, including former Attorney General Bill Barr—said he would vote against Tanden, citing "overtly partisan statements" she has made in the past.

Amazon Is Paying Employees to Quit Right Before Critical Union Vote
On Sunday, there were concerns on Twitter that the drive was specifically targeted at the Bessemer warehouse, but Amazon runs this program nationally and has for several years. This year’s program, and internal documentation spelling it out, was first reported by labor reporter Kim Kelly.

Hawaii affordable housing guidelines could include $1M homes
Affordable housing guidelines set by a Hawaii state agency could rate two-bedroom homes costing $1 million as affordable for some households eligible for government-subsidized housing. The guidelines established by the Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corp. were aimed at helping developers produce affordable housing, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported Sunday.

Republican David Perdue of Georgia decides against running for the Senate in 2022
Perdue said the decision was personal, and he did not elaborate about what caused him to backtrack on a Feb. 16 statement that he was seriously considering mounting a race. The seat is held by Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock, who defeated Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler in one of two Georgia runoffs on Jan. 5.

Ahmaud Arbery memorialized in Georgia a year after slaying
A memorial procession led by Arbery’s family was planned for Tuesday evening through the Satilla Shores subdivision, where he fell bleeding in the street from three close-range shotgun blasts. Organizers asked supporters outside Brunswick to participate virtually, running for 2.23-miles (3.59-kilometers) to remember the avid runner, whose family says he was jogging when he was killed.

Video showing officer with arm around teen's neck during arrest sparks investigation
In the video, which has been circulated on Twitter, an unidentified Baton Rouge, La., police officer is seen on the ground over a young boy with his arm around the boy's neck. In the background of the video onlookers can be heard saying "He's a boy, get off of him!" and "You're choking him," according to CNN.

If you joined the GameStop frenzy or dabbled with bitcoin, get ready for the tax man
Every time a trader sells a stock or cryptocurrency it counts as a taxable moment. Because these traders may move in and out of different stocks and coins several times a week or day, they can be surprised when hundreds of pieces of paper arrive at their door. The IRS wants a peek, and may want a cut, of all of it.


France: 'Islamo-leftism' debate shows just how low Macron's regime can go
When French Minister of Higher Education Frederique Vidal appeared on CNews last Sunday to warn of the dangers of “Islamo-leftism”, one may wonder whether she had planned to deliberately reignite one of the most destructive debates in the country, or - for structural reasons related to her privilege - she simply felt confident enough to allow herself to be candid? In either case, we are now back to the cycle of Islamophobic trash. This past week was dedicated to how Trappes, a popular banlieue in the western suburbs of Paris, was supposedly “a territory lost to Islamists”, as its recently elected Mayor Ali Rabeh was, according to the far right, “not doing enough” (to prevent racist fake news, most probably). The title for the worst, most ignorant, most racist and polarising statement related to Islam and Muslims in France has become, over the years, one of the most sought-after credentials. At the same time, our political elites fail to tackle more mundane issues, such as addressing a major health crisis, fighting unemployment, curbing mass poverty, or addressing structural discrimination. They have failed even to be struck by a transient form of decency and simply remain silent, when incapable of offering any useful contribution.So when Vidal was invited on the CNews show, her PR adviser, surely aware of how politically bland the minister had been thus far, likely told her to make the most of it. And she did. When host Jean-Pierre Elkabbach asked her to comment on whether “Islamo-leftism is infecting universities”, she doubled down and explained that “Islamo-leftism is in fact infecting the whole society”. The host went on to ask whether Vidal included those who “link race, gender and social status” in her criticism. “Absolutely,” she confirmed. And when Elkabbach claimed there was “an alliance between Mao Zedong and Ayatollah Khomeini”, Vidal couldn’t agree more: “You’re right!”

How Wall Street Kills Grandma
As governors in New York and Florida face political crises over their handling of the pandemic, the scandals have spotlighted how a disproportionate amount of COVID casualties have occurred in the nation’s nursing homes. The situation is a cautionary tale not only about political corruption, but about the consequences of a nursing home infrastructure being run by for-profit corporations — and now a study documents some of the body count. The analysis found that between 2004 and 2016, more than 20,000 Americans perished as a consequence of living in nursing homes run by private equity firms. The data showed that going to a private-equity-owned nursing home significantly “increases the probability of death during the stay and the following 90 days” as compared to nursing homes with a different ownership structure. The study from University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago and New York University researchers evaluated data from 15,000 nursing homes across the United States, alongside Medicare patient data, to assess the impacts of private equity ownership on patient outcomes. In all, the researchers found that the deaths accounted for “about 160,000 lost life-years.”

How Israel Uses Africa to Try to Whitewash Apartheid
In recent years, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, aided by Donald Trump, has sought to garner legitimacy for Israel beyond Washington. In the second half of 2020, Israel partially or fully restored diplomatic ties with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain in the Middle East, as well as Sudan and Morocco in Africa. Despite Trump’s exit, Israel’s campaign for normalization is not finished yet — and Africa is of particular interest. As Netanyahu told Israeli ambassadors to Africa in 2017: The automatic majority against Israel at the UN is composed — first and foremost — of African countries. There are 54 countries. If you change the voting pattern of a majority of them, you at once bring them from one side to the other. You have changed the balance of votes against us at the UN, and the day is not far off when we will have a majority there. On a recent episode of AIAC Talk, Africa Is a Country’s weekly show, William Shoki and Sean Jacobs spoke with Yotam Gidron, author of Israel in Africa, about Israel’s scramble for Africa. As Gidron notes, Israel’s presence on the continent is not just a recent phenomenon. “Throughout history,” he writes, “Israeli politicians and pro-Israel organizations and actors saw Israel’s involvement in Africa as a means for reshaping the international narrative around the situation in Israel/Palestine and countering criticism of Israel as a settler-colonial, discriminatory state.” In the years after the state’s creation in 1948, Israel sought to cast itself as part of the rising anti-colonial world and successfully forged ties with postcolonial leaders like Ghana’s Kwame Nkrumah and Tanzania’s Julius Nyerere. The realities of Israeli occupation destroyed these ties by the early 1970s, as countries across the continent — save for apartheid South Africa — cut off diplomatic relations. But today, as Gidron describes in the following interview (condensed and edited for clarity), Israel is again seeking to burnish its reputation by pivoting back to Africa.


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French centroids & zionists scums are at it again.

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