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Was the Minoan civilization communist? Paul cockshott claims that the incas were communist. Both the Minoans and the incas were palace economies, does that mean palace economies are communist?



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>Paul cockshott claims that the incas were communist
Sounds anachronistic.


>Citation needed
The Post (aka a Shitpost of an OP)


can you explain what a palace economy is?

This is obnoxious. Marx isn't an oracle


Ay caramba shut it down, the gringo knows!


Way to out communism as an ideological equivalent of how actual monarch families treat each other
The only difference being the religious like attention put on manners, which is impossible on a society wide scale


you're obnoxious feeding this shit thread


Bump :)


keep posting unfunny memes for me


Planned economy =/= communism


A planned economy does not equal communism or socialism.


Bump again :)


There is clearly nothing valuable being communicated here.
Why are you continually bumping this shit thread?


>Paul cockshott claims that the incas were communist
where does he say that?


who cares


Communism is when you have a plan of what to do obviously


OP you should just ask yourself the following question:
Was the Minoan civilization a class society?


the existence of palaces would indicate an economic elite and ruling class of kings, so no
a better case could be made for the Indus Valley Civilisation.
>no monuments or large buildings devoted to a wealthy elite, political leaders, or gods
>society of modest burials, no rich grave goods or elaborate tombs have been found
>there is little evidence of violence
>no evidence of wars


Cockshott ould never claim that. Planned economy on the other hand, thats not far fetched.
Dictatorship of the proletariat? Sure, in feathered crowns and blood lineage


maybe OP is confusing temple economies like the Ubaid culture with palace economies like Ur?
>mass production of erotic female figurines
booba truly transcends time


Based Indusians.



Not all palace economies have communist societies but all communist societies have palace economies.

Necessary but not sufficient condition.


pajeetsirs, i kneel. og no gods no masters way before bakunin


"Our father is Marshal Kim Jong Un, Our Home is the Party's embrace"
"With the Respected Marshal who loves people most and regards his trouble for the people as his joy as our father in the harmonious great family we are assisting each other in the warm cherished house, our socialist homeland"

"The Household / Family well ordered is the true image of the Commonwealth." -Jean Bodin

"My old home the Monarchy, alone, was a great mansion with many doors and many chambers, for every condition of men." -Joseph Roth

"Socialism is the phantastic younger brother of Despotism, which it wants to inherit. Socialism wants to have the fullness of state force which before only existed in Despotism." -Friedrich Nietzche

"A family being nothing else but a small Kingdom, wherein the paterfamilias had Regal power… and a Kingdom being nothing else but a great family." -Gryffith Williams

"For as household management is the kingly rule of a house, so kingly rule is the household management of a city, or of a nation, or of many nations." -Aristotle

"The rule of a household is a monarchy, for every house is under one head." -Aristotle

"Visitor: Well then, surely there won't be any difference, so far as ruling is concerned, between the character of a great household, on the one hand, and the bulk of a small city on the other? – Young Socrates: None. – It's clear that there is one sort of expert knowledge concerned with all these things; whether someone gives this the name of kingship, or statesmanship, or household management, let's not pick any quarrel with him." -Plato

"So that Aristotle following Xenophon, seems to me without any probable cause, to have divided the Economical government from the Political, and a City from a Family; which can no otherwise be done, than if we should pull the members from the body; or go about to build a City without houses… Wherefore as a family well and wisely ordered, is the true image of a City, and the domestical government, in sort, like unto the sovereignty in a Commonwealth: so also is the manner of the government of a house or family, the true model for the government of a Commonwealth… And whilest every particular member of the body does his duty, we live in good and perfect health; so also where every family is kept in order, the whole city shall be well and peaceably governed." -Jean Bodin


File: 1652576210768-0.png (937.43 KB, 4000x4000, Grace qt.png)

File: 1652576210768-1.jpg (208.49 KB, 2048x1182, Caligula quote.jpg)

So there you have it, /leftypol/.
The true means for the socialist takeover of the State… is to have a palace economy and a proletarian Red Dynasty that will champion the People's cause.


Monarchy via reincarnation of a lama but the qualifications of being lama requires being cute


File: 1652580775535.png (31.86 KB, 591x558, ITSOVER.png)

the original cancel culture was the culture of debt cancellation


Make jubilees great again?


No. Central planning is not communist by itself.


Cockshott never said this. Show a single source. At most he says they are planned economies which is true. Planned economy =/= communism. The damn USA had a planned economy at the height of WW2.


>The damn USA had a planned economy at the height of WW2
Did not, the overwhelming majority of the economy was still privately run, just with price controls, higher taxation and it was far less state directed than Britain or Germany were.


> majority of the economy was still privately run
so was the ussrs


Good joke.

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