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Israeli settlers forcibly seize Palestinian-owned building in Hebron
Dozens of Israeli settlers took over a Palestinian building in the Old City of Hebron on Friday, while flanked by Israeli soldiers. Issa Amro, director of the Hebron-based Youth Against Settlements activist group, tweeted a video of the scene which showed settlers carrying their belongings, including mattresses and suitcases, as they stormed the three-storey building.

Egypt, Ethiopia compete for US support in Nile dam file
Ethiopia has appointed former Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy Seleshi Bekele as a new ambassador to the United States, in a move aimed to counter Egyptian efforts to draw US support in its favor in the yearslong dispute with Addis Ababa over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

Thousands march against occupation and betrayal in Berlin
Kurds and their friends are joining a central rally in Berlin under the motto 'Defend Kurdistan Against Occupation and Betrayal'. The demonstration is directed against the Turkish attacks on the guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) and the betrayal of the ruling party KDP that cooperates with Turkey in its invasion campaign against the guerrillas.

Germany logs rise in right-wing extremist cases in security agencies
An official report found concrete evidence of right-wing extremism in over 300 cases within Germany's top security agencies, Germany's Interior Minister Nancy Faeser said at a press conference on Friday. The report comes amid increase scrutiny of German security authorities, following a slew of high-profile cases involving far-right chat groups among police officers and extremism in Germany's military.

More people buying less food due to cost-of-living crisis
THE number of people buying less food due to the cost-of-living crisis has dramatically soared over the past month, according to damning new figures. The latest survey by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) found that 41 per cent of adults reported cutting back on their grocery shop due to the rising costs.

Nephew Of CPN Cadre Murdered By Police In Udayapur District
The deceased has been identified as local Nabin Katuwal (19). He was hit by a bullet in the chest. Katuwal was the nephew of Gaur Bahadur Katuwal, an independent candidate of the Netra Bikram Chand-led Communist Party of Nepal.

Newly appointed Sri Lankan PM pledges to implement brutal IMF program
Sri Lankan President Gotabhaya Rajapakse swore in Ranil Wickremesinghe as prime minister on Thursday to enforce the International Monetary Fund (IMF) austerity dictates. Wickremesinghe has assumed office after weeks of anti-government protests and strikes fueled by soaring inflation, acute shortages of essential foods, fuel and medicines and lengthy daily power outages.

TN This Week: Stalin Writes to PM, Forcefully Evicted People Write to Stalin
Tamil Nadu chief minister MK Stalin once again wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This time it was for ensuring social diversity in the appointment of judges, setting up of Supreme Court branches, and declaring Tamil as an official language in the Madras High Court. On the other hand, people affected by housing and livelihood issues are regularly writing to Stalin. A prolonged eviction took place from the banks of Buckingham Canal in Chennai. The victims wrote to the CM to intervene. But Stalin spoke about the issue in the legislative assembly only after a person self-immolated in protest on May 9.

Thousands mourn in Havana the victims of Hotel Saratoga explosion
A lethal explosion caused by a gas leak when the hotel was being served in the morning of Friday 6th killed 46 and wounded 53, of whom 13 are still in hospital. They were Saratoga workers, neighbors from a nearby building, students from a close by school and passersby.

Peru to Sue Repsol for 4.5 Billion USD for Oil Spill
The National Institute for the Defense of Competition and Protection of Intellectual Property (Indecopi) filed the first civil lawsuit for strict liability for diffuse interests in Peru against the oil company Repsol, due to the oil spill in Ventanilla that affected consumers, users and third parties.


>palestinians have literally thousands-strong marches through the streets regularly as well as armed paramilitaries at their disposal
>they still stand and watch instead of stopping a handful of settlers from seizing 1 (one) building
im starting to think there’s a simple reason why zionists keep winning


U.S. abortion rights activists start 'summer of rage' with Saturday protests
Planned Parenthood, Women's March and other abortion rights groups organized more than 400 "Bans Off Our Bodies" marches for Saturday, with the largest turnouts expected in New York City, Washington, Los Angeles and Chicago.

New Mexico governor seeks more US aid for wildfire response
New Mexico’s governor is asking for additional federal assistance to respond to wildfires burning across the state’s north, including one that is the second-largest in the state’s history and that officials estimate has destroyed hundreds of homes.

Dallas salon owner believes shooting a hate crime: 'He didn’t even demand money. He just came in to shoot people'
A shooting at a Dallas hair salon that injured three women of Korean descent may be part of a string of shootings targeting Asian businesses, police said Friday. Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia said a similar vehicle was used in three recent shootings, including Wednesday's attack at a hair salon described as Korean-owned.

Man who stabbed Boston officer shot, killed by police, authorities say
A man accused of stabbing a Boston police officer was shot and killed by police early Saturday morning, authorities said. The incident happened around 3 a.m. Saturday in the area of 22 Glendale St. near Hancock Street near Boston's Upham's Corners neighborhood.

17 GOP attorneys general sue EPA over California vehicle emission standards
The suit alleges that EPA Administrator Michael Regan violated the Constitution's doctrine of equal sovereignty by giving California an exemption from the Clean Air Act and allowing the state to impose emissions limits that are stricter than the nationwide standard. The attorneys general argue that doing so allows California to impose its stringent limits on all new vehicles and amounts to favoritism.


As the Planet Warms, Let’s Be Clear: We Are Sacrificing Lives for Profits
The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) recently dropped a bombshell announcement that should have garnered news headlines in the major global and U.S. media, but did not. New WMO research concludes that “[t]here is a 50:50 chance of the annual average global temperature temporarily reaching 1.5 degrees Celsius above the preindustrial level for at least one of the next five years.” WMO Secretary-General Professor Petteri Taalas explained, “The 1.5 degree Celsius figure is not some random statistic. It is rather an indicator of the point at which climate impacts will become increasingly harmful for people and indeed the entire planet.” In 2015, the likelihood of reaching that threshold within five years was nearly zero. In 2017 it was 10 percent, and today it is 50 percent. As we continue to spew greenhouse gases into the atmosphere in dizzying amounts, that percentage spikes with every passing year and will soon reach 100 percent certainty.

Media Ignore Criticism of DHS’s New ‘Disinformation’ Board—Unless it’s from the Right
Testifying in front of a House committee, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently announced DHS’s formation of a “Disinformation Governance Board.” The board’s stated mission would be to address “disinformation spread by foreign states such as Russia, China and Iran,” as well as “transnational criminal organizations and human-smuggling organizations.” Little is known about the board, and Mayorkas has claimed it will have “no operational authority or capability.” Still, leading media instantly heralded its creation. The Associated Press (4/28/22) accepted the premise that a DHS-helmed body would “counter disinformation” coming from Russia and “human smugglers” targeting people seeking to immigrate to the US. MSNBC (4/29/22) maintained that the initiative “makes sense.” Notably, not a single reference to the DHS’s history of incessant violence against immigrants, Muslims, Black Lives Matter organizers and other activists was deemed relevant to either story.

Fred Hampton: We Have to Protect Our Leaders!
There was a situation down on the corner where there were four intersections and people were being run over. And Huey said we’re gonna stop this situation. The people went down to the government and they redressed their grievances peacefully, begged the man to put stop signs up as a humane action, just to stop our children from being murdered in the streets, to stop these maniacs who are driving fast and they don’t have any legal reason to stop. And you know what the pig said? They said you can go back home because I’m running this thing and you people don’t have any say-so. But Huey P. Newton came through, and he told the people to “give me a chance, because I believe something else. I believe with all my soul and with all my heart and with all my mind that the people should, could and will have the power. Let me go down and let me see if I can put the stop signs up.” They said, “Well, Huey, we already tried.” But they didn’t understand that Huey was like brother Malcom. That Huey would do things even if it didn’t correspond to what you thought ought to be done. He would say things not because you wanted to hear them or not. Huey got Bobby Seale and Bobby Seale got a 9m pistol. Huey got his shotgun, he got four stop signs, and got him a hammer, went down to the corner, handed his shotgun to Chairman Bobby Seale and said, “If anybody come on this corner and fuck with us, we’re gonna blow their brains out.” Huey P. Newton said people learn basically by observation and participation. The people observed. Next time they had another four-way intersection. Same type of problem. People were running past where there should be a stop sign but there wasn’t any; children were being murdered and maimed in the streets. Again Huey went, got Chairman Bobby, Chairman Bobby got his 9mm, Huey got his shotgun, got four stop signs and a hammer. He went down to the corner, told Bobby, “Anybody fuck with us, blow their brains out.” Nailed up the four stop signs. No more accidents, no more problems. Next time—the people who gassed last time, gassed this time, too. They observed and participated. What happened? They had another intersection, a four-way intersection. Children being murdered. Children being maimed. Huey was gonna move again, but he understood what was gonna happen, but he didn’t know it was gonna happen then. But then he looked up, and even the vanguard was surprised when he saw all the people gettin’ their hammers, gettin’ their stop signs! And the people were down there. No more problem and more accidents. How did they learn? They learned by observation and they learned by participation, and that’s the way the Black Panther Party believes in doing things.


File: 1652560465875.jpeg (445.6 KB, 2048x1985, FSt7s9bXoAEj2sH.jpeg)

Thanks newsanon


It was an unnocupied villa owned by some bourgeoise Palestinian, undergoing exquisite renovations. True communists would support the squatters here instead of resorting to the usual talking points.


File: 1652576047301.jpg (33.21 KB, 402x307, 20200918_154649.jpg)

Thanks News anon


They stood and watched because nobody in Palestine is going to bleed for porky. This was just some landlord's empty mcmansion, for all intents and purposes.


GERD dam thing is pretty cool. Don't understand why it's such a big deal for Egypt and Sudan though, do they really still base their agriculture off of the seasonal flooding? Pretty sure at least Egypt aleady has dams on the Nile. If they are worried about the amount of water why did they agree to a filling regime in 2020 or whatever, and Ethiopia claims they will end up getting more water in the end because "less evaporation on Lake Nasser".
Anyways, it's a cool project and supposedly the reservoir they create will be the fourth biggest in the world

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