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The latest spread of the monkeypox virus has prompted The World Health Organization (WHO) to convene an emergency meeting, Britain’s Telegraph newspaper reported on Friday. The disease, which is typically confined to forested areas of western and central Africa, has been spreading rapidly in a number of European countries, as well as the US and Australia since early May.

According to the report, high on the meeting’s agenda are the mechanisms behind the virus’ transmission and possible vaccination strategies. Dr Mike Ryan, Executive Director of the WHO Health Emergencies Programme, is reportedly attending the discussion.

The newspaper claims that the WHO is looking at whether smallpox vaccines could be used effectively to tackle the spread of back to monke.

Meanwhile, the UK government has already ordered additional stocks of the smallpox vaccine, which is being administered to people who may have been exposed to monkeypox, the Telegraph reported. On top of the 5,000 doses the British authorities have on hand at present, an order has been placed for 20,000 more shots, according to the report.

In Africa, reports of the risk of death, if untreated, are as high as 10% to 11% in the Central African clade of monkeypox.[1][11]
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>Something worth considering is that there are still fewer cases of monkeypox than there were cases of COVID back in February of 2020 in China
The PRC instituted massive testing programs, the West hasn't done anything similar and we have no idea how bad it really is.


Damn, this is an awful time to invest on strip clubs.


>I didn't say *you personally* should be worried, I'm not advocating for anyone to worry.
Yet you sounded very worried, but fair.

>You are extremely stupid

lmao, sucks to be dumb and not realize that this is still largely the same monkeypox from the 1970s


giving dumb people the means to do simple linear regressions was truly a mistake


And you sound like a cunt


are you schizo? They were saying the opposite


the word
is doing some monstrously heavy lifting in your response to that anon. Of course its still the same, until it isn't. How many variants of covid have we gone through now? How much worse are they now and how little protection do current vaccines have on them?


>How many variants of covid have we gone through now?

The difference is that the MPox virus is a well known orthopoxvirus and competent geneticists can already draw educated assumptions of how the virus will evolve. It's not a novel RNA coronavirus which has literally existed for two years only. I don't know which part of this is simply not permeating into your brain. It's like you're daft or something. Here's a very important science lady saying literally the same thing I'm saying: that it's impossible for COVID and MPox behave in the same way because they're different viruses, she's also mirroring what I've been begging for you to comprehend: that MPox is not a novel virus and scientists can infer the evolutionary trajectory because that's what fucking scientists do


Bonus: here's the same scientist lady commenting on your paper you uncritically quoted without any sort of educated interpretation explaining in layterms that it's simply not a matter of finding the number of mutations and screaming MUTATIONS!!! like a retard on twitter, the pre-print hasn't figured out what the mutations represent functionally on the virus, and since geneticists are nowadays so much better at detecting drift than ever before, they're bound to find a lot more mutations compared to previous observations.


Hope this is enough science for your ricking morty-infected brain.


sir, if you had taken the time to respectfully read my reply you would have noted i was not the original anon you had responded to. Thank you for your virology lessons though, I learned some new things today.


nothing personnel kid. jk, i hope he reads my post as well and is able to piece together that it's meant for him.


Don't know if you're responding to me, which are:
But you'll notice that nowhere do I say that monkeypox is similar to COVID so I genuinely do not understand what point you're making. In case you are the same anon as here:
<Nobody is concerned about monkeypox mutations
Interesting! Perhaps we should read the paper I linked, as well as the twitter thread you link? Let us see if "nobody is concerned about monkeypox mutations:"
>Given the propensity of orthopoxviruses, including MPXV, for rapid adaptation to new hosts via duplication and alteration of terminal genes, and the unprecedented scope of opportunity for MPXV in the current situation, the duplication, inactivations, and deletions we see in five terminal genes of ChVir28389 are of great interest.
They sure sound concerned to me! It is even more regrettable that, since "it sucks to be dumb and not realize that this is still largely the same monkeypox from the 1970s" my dumb company includes the authors of the paper who say that
>The dynamics of previous MPXV outbreaks may have no relevance to future evolution now that the virus has apparently achieved relatively sustained and widespread human-to-human transmission. The consequence of changes in poxvirus genes whose products are no longer required in a new host or otherwise altered context is unpredictable. For example, genes promoting virulence in VACV are inactivated in VARV, yet VARV is much more virulent50–52, and the loss or inactivation of host immune system-modulating genes in VACV can result in increased virulence40. We should not be complacent regarding the current outbreak, based on the prior history of MPXV in humans.
If you are so much smarter than I am I cannot begin to understand why you are reading Twitter threads, threads that in fact contradict none of the research they're commenting on, instead of the papers in question! I can hardly imagine what good it would do you, however, because in addition to perhaps not being smart enough to understand the humour in Rick and Morty, for which in fact an extraordinarily high autism score is required, you also cannot into reading comprehension! Since of course you can see in my posts that nowhere do I say "monkeypox will be like covid!" However, allow me to help you and emphasize the vast contradictions in your stupid position, which is arguing against a point I've never made, and the conclusions of the paper, AGAIN:
<scientists can infer the evolutionary trajectory
>The dynamics of previous MPXV outbreaks may have no relevance to future evolution now that the virus has apparently achieved relatively sustained and widespread human-to-human transmission. The consequence of changes in poxvirus genes whose products are no longer required in a new host or otherwise altered context is unpredictable.


Erratum: Post >>1090983 is not mine.


real patsoc hours


First monkeypox deaths outside Africa reported
A 41-year old man has died of monkeypox in Brazil, while Spain also reported its first death from the disease on Friday. These are first known fatalities outside of Africa, where monkeypox is endemic.

According to a statement by the Brazilian Health Ministry, quoted by local media, the deceased patient had a weakened immune system and suffered from lymphoma, among other diseases.

“He was hospitalized in a public hospital in Belo Horizonte, and was later taken to intensive care. The cause of death was septic shock, aggravated by monkeypox,” the ministry said.

The health authorities from the state of Minas Gerais, where the patient had been hospitalized, said that he died on Thursday.


File: 1659194256458-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 295.33 KB, 800x1172, F1.medium.jpg)

File: 1659194256458-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 114.43 KB, 500x653, F2.medium.jpg)

File: 1659194256458-2.jpg (Spoiler Image, 150.59 KB, 800x948, F5.medium.jpg)

File: 1659194256458-3.jpg (Spoiler Image, 152.1 KB, 800x661, F8.medium.jpg)

<Clinical features and novel presentations of human monkeypox in a central London centre during the 2022 outbreak: descriptive case series

Fuckin' hell the symptoms observed in this study are nightmarish


File: 1659194276626-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 95.78 KB, 800x496, F7.medium.jpg)

File: 1659194276626-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 123.2 KB, 800x557, F6.medium.jpg)

File: 1659194276626-2.jpg (Spoiler Image, 199.93 KB, 800x1149, F4.medium.jpg)


Jesus christ. That's fucked. I'm getting the vax, fuck it. One thing is getting your internal organs permanently damaged with long covid, but getting your dick mangled by this shit? No fucking way.


Stop being alive if you don't wanna die xDD


You're right, I'm gonna eat some forbidden candy.


File: 1659195299779.gif (1018.76 KB, 280x258, risotto.GIF)

Time to dig out the old CBRN suit


Silence incel. Your liberal tongue will not blame proles for having "gay sex" for a conscious negligence of the ruling class to contain this virus


Why is sex always correct? If a guy has bumps all over his dick (monkeypox or mot) you're gonna suck it because "you're no incel"?


>Why is X behavior always correct?
What a liberal question. lmao


have (gay) sex



why couldn't they just wear condoms though. maybe you were also an anti-mask retard, in that case credit to you for being consistent, but i am pro mask and pro condom
>inb4 it can still spread through kissing
don't kiss random strangers then
>inb4 it can still spread through skin-skin contact with boils
don't touch boils then
this seems like an incredibly easy disease to avoid, even if you have sex with men


>why couldn't they just wear condoms though
While condoms would additionally provide some minimal protection, they aren't going to be effective safeguards like they are against HIV. This is because the virus can be spread through transmission of fomites, just like lice/crabs for instance (with better success I suspect).

>don't kiss random strangers then

Asymptomatic spread has been observed to be occurring; that is, no outwardly presenting symptoms observed by the infected subject or by the non-infected subject. It's one of the characteristics of this outbreak's transmission that is still yet to be understood (as it seemingly differs from past outbreaks)

>don't touch boils then

(See above)

There have been plenty of cases of spread where no sex was involved, such as in the tattoo shop here >>1085769 , or the dance floor night club cluster, multiple massage therapists, etc. A future monkeypox outbreak outside of DRC & Nigeria is something that has been warned about for 15+ years by microbiologists/virologists/epidemiologists


>asymptomatic spread
hence my suggestion: don't fuck strangers. did you know this is literally also what WHO is suggesting? Perhaps we should listen to the experts here?
I know the refrain "listen to the experts" is almost impossible to read as sincere on an image board but I thought it was a good idea with covid and i think it's a good idea now.


your post >>1094958 heavily implies that it only happens through sex/kissing/direct contact with visible lesions, and that this is occurring primarily at underground warehouse bukkake's where distorted dicks that have open lesions oozing waterfalls of monkeyjuice are being sucked left & right like some sort of Fear Factor stunt lol

>this seems like an incredibly easy disease to avoid

for now, maybe. But in a month, school semester starts, and if there's only one thing in this world that is certain - it's that getting college-aged kids not to fuck strangers is a task only a fool would think achievable


year after year fewer and fewer young people have sex. whatever be the reasons for this, your prophesying of some sexual armageddon in september is retarded.


I blame americans


as long as I dont have sex will I be safe from the monkeypox?


that's true for you and certainly true for heterosexual males


it's true for youths in general irrespective of sexuality


>blame americans for african disease that european sex tourists picked up preying on the youth of african countries they've driven to prostituting their young men
eurofags strike again


I'm still right tho




>listen to the experts!!!
Fucking liberal. Think for yourself you fucking retard. How are you going to prevent people from going to night clubs and having sex. Fucking retarded ingrate, I swear to God you fucking libs remind me of the marvel that primates are able to work Microsoft Excel and algebra.

What are you going to do? Tweet it super loud??? Are you going to make a change.org petition to ban sex and dance clubs??? Don't call yourself a leftist. I am telling you now your entire way of thinking is utterly liberal.


File: 1659776488731-0.png (637.53 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1659776488731-1.png (443.09 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

>Short of a shot, then, the CDC suggested individuals avoid “anonymous sexual contact” and “private and public sex parties,” instead proposing “virtual sex with no in-person contact.” Alternatively, lovers might also “masturbate together at a distance without touching each other and without touching any rash,” or “consider having sex with [their] clothes on,” the document continued.
sauce: https://www.rt.com/news/560342-cdc-monkeypox-sex-guide/


>How are you going to prevent people from going to night clubs and having sex
You shut down the club's temporarily while you contact trace the spread

Clubs can open again those monkeypox scars look like forever


I'll wait. Let me know when you managed to get them closed.


I worked in the industry son you lock the club's doors with chains and padlocks the staff get a paid day off


File: 1659791560853.png (57.7 KB, 680x414, FWYO__yXgAYn1oZ.png)

An exponential regression curve is more accurate fit for the observed data.


This graph is exponential due to the y scale being logarithmic , which makes it look linear .


between this and the groomer panic we're going to see some pretty wild levels of homophobia when you start seeing kids with it once school starts up again


File: 1659792585304.png (935.75 KB, 800x800, Polio-3-chains.png)

BTFO. The underlying assumption of naysayers is that people getting viruses is totally fine just because that's the way it's always been. Any measure is authoritarian and a plot to enslave humanity.

Westerners, look at the attached picture.
>The effects of polio have been known since prehistory; Egyptian paintings and carvings depict otherwise healthy people with withered limbs, and young children walking with canes.[146]


There's 0 interest from the ruling class to do such a thing. This will have to become disruptive to everyday life before they do something about it. Only after the hospital beds are filled with necrotic genitals will they move a finger. The spice must flow.


Only reasonable post in this worthless thread so far.


I agree with you, we should get rid of all the hostile viruses and bacteria, contracting these diseases is just a drain. We should however then introduce some kind of tailored immune therapy to keep immune systems from atrophying.


Daily reminder anon here. Monkeypox spreads through droplets on surfaces.

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