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The latest spread of the monkeypox virus has prompted The World Health Organization (WHO) to convene an emergency meeting, Britain’s Telegraph newspaper reported on Friday. The disease, which is typically confined to forested areas of western and central Africa, has been spreading rapidly in a number of European countries, as well as the US and Australia since early May.

According to the report, high on the meeting’s agenda are the mechanisms behind the virus’ transmission and possible vaccination strategies. Dr Mike Ryan, Executive Director of the WHO Health Emergencies Programme, is reportedly attending the discussion.

The newspaper claims that the WHO is looking at whether smallpox vaccines could be used effectively to tackle the spread of back to monke.

Meanwhile, the UK government has already ordered additional stocks of the smallpox vaccine, which is being administered to people who may have been exposed to monkeypox, the Telegraph reported. On top of the 5,000 doses the British authorities have on hand at present, an order has been placed for 20,000 more shots, according to the report.

In Africa, reports of the risk of death, if untreated, are as high as 10% to 11% in the Central African clade of monkeypox.[1][11]


wow the malthusians cant keep getting away with it


Does it? It seems to come from all kinds of sources.


I am genuinely shocked it took people this long to bust out this line of pandemic thinking


Why are you reposting retarded Twitter gibberish from egg accs



how sure can we be of this? I feel like rightoids say everything is a bioweapon nowadays


For the record this is mostly spreading as an Sexually Transmitted Disease atm, so nobody here will have any issues.


you dont greet strangers with a kiss in your country?


File: 1653170501652.png (77.24 KB, 811x699, ClipboardImage.png)

Confirmed cases have reached 108, suspected cases reached 86


wtf spain


I greet them with my dick


>But a regional health official said the authorities had recorded 21 confirmed cases in the Madrid region, most linked to a gay-friendly sauna in the heart of the capital.
AIDS 2.0


Ohh great there's definitely going to be an outbreak in latin america thanks to spaniards isnt there


I don't know anything about biology, any anons want to explain this


2 newly suspected cases have been added, from France and Greece: https://bnonews.com/monkeypox/


Norway is looking for suspected cases after a man left Oslo then was confirmed to have monkeypox.


The US cases are probably like 2000 by now, let's be honest.


File: 1653171772961.png (363.89 KB, 736x486, ClipboardImage.png)


>tfw all those countries banned flights to your country
Feels good



It could also be the other way around.



so they just knew and never bothered to do anything about it?


i mean thats what happened with covid all across the world lol


>These are people most would never expect to be Satanists. The little, old woman who works at the DMV. The fat, friendly oaf that works at the post office. The million-dollar executive at the big pharma company. The soldier at the recruitment office. All of them belong to this collective. It is rumored that their numbers are in the tens of millions and they are a global network.
This is uncannily similar to the Tim Heideker bit from the last Chapo episode about Qtards executing local civil servants for stealing the national election from Trump.


>Diseases spreading
>War imminent
>Starvation from inflation and sanctions
>People fucking dying
So many crises, how do you guys keep up with everything?


bros is the bible real. was the revelations right?


just blame the rich and move on to the next crisis, then blame the rich for that one too. ezpz


I keep a diary


None of this shit is technically new, Revelations John probably lived through the same shit. I sometimes wonder if those evangelical nuts had a point.

Then I remember that they share a decent amount of responsibility for all of this.


The virus circulating is not from the 10% mortality clade, it has ~1% mortality.

However, that was before Tecovirimat, which was approved in 2018 for treatment against Monkeypox amongst others, so the fatality rate would presumably now be much smaller.

Unsurprisingly this drug wasn't being supplied to African countries dealing with Monkeypox outbreaks, of course. Not as if it had a chance of, you know, preventing this shitshow :)


if you start seeing >>981622 come true then it's time to convert but as of now i place it firmly in the schizo kino category.


File: 1653191593687.png (818.44 KB, 1068x1883, 1653172600101.png)

Oh look another fearmongering campaign right as the drama over Ukraine is lessening in the minds of people, and right before another upcoming wave of firings and recession, how about that. Oh oh oh and don't forget Rusha did eet! Such a tiresome game.


Weird how the world goes on without me. I'll need some time to process this.


How do I tell my gay cousin that frequently parties in tourist areas of the city to take extras care of himself without sounding like an homophobic asshole?


message received commander, going to shoot up the dmv in christ's name


tell him to care himself because posh tourists are spreading diseases again
this was the case with covid and it is now the case with monkeypox


Imageboard shitposters do it for laughs


The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Welcome to the End Times comrade


And it's entirely self-inflicted. People better start hoping there isn't a god to punish them after all of this. If there is… imagine watching your creation just create endless, senseless misery for each other


File: 1653195099995.gif (280.17 KB, 128x128, 1583748611729.gif)

can the christcucks leave


All of these things have been happening perpetually for all of human history, but now when westoids have to deal with them it's suddenly a sign of the end times.


The current generations haven't.


Must feel good to be a Russian brother. Pray for your comrades in the west pls


Really have to fight the urge to let my imagination run wild with conspiracies.
Russian bioweapon?

Maybe the anti-vaxxers were right and it's some kind of disastrous byproduct of the rushed and experimental vaccines?

Is some Umbrella Corp demonic pharmaceutical company – which would have access to such pathogens for research– release it so they can make billions like Moderna and Pfizer did off covid?

Is the earth itself sentient and releasing countermeasures to neutralize the human infestation destroying the biosphere?


Calm down I just thought it was funny how what he listed matched up perfectly with the Book of Revelation.


the only reason people run wild with conspiracies is because they lack information
>Unsurprisingly this drug wasn't being supplied to African countries dealing with Monkeypox outbreaks, of course. Not as if it had a chance of, you know, preventing this shitshow :)


Calling it now, US-developed bioweapon, they're gonna get away with it.


As long as this only spreads through segs and fugging then I'm fine.


File: 1653196246630.png (282.54 KB, 650x590, hazmat.png)



Go back to r/politics, faggot.


how about both of you go back to either 4chin or leddit, i dont care which






Why couldn't you Americans be like normal people and not fuck the monkey? United States of Monkeyfuckers.


bitch nig


I wish this was a Russian bioweapon and hope it kills millions of burgers.


>CIA in Africa for two years: Monkey fucked, AIDS everywhere
>America runs out of workers, possibly raids local zoos for wageslaves: Monkey fucked, monkeypox everywhere
Seeing a pattern yet?


>the only reason people run wild with conspiracies is because they lack information
Well, we don't have information. And it's impossible to know who to trust today, many information sources have been corrupted .


Last I checked the skripal poisoning was a brit false flag.


File: 1653197181035.png (40.4 KB, 652x328, ClipboardImage.png)

Why was America looking for more monkeys? Social distancing getting them lonely? It's all connected.


La creatura….


Don't you know you gotta


>dumb conspiracy theorist it wasn't america it was russia, who is le bad


Sure thing, LANGLEY.


rightoids say covid is simultaneously a nothingburger and a bioweapon. Rightoids are idiots, as are the Dore/Greyzone tier ""leftists"" who ape and suck up to them


>they already orchestrated a chemical attack
Uhuh yeah sure they did.


yeah this is why we should run with wild conspiracy theories born from my "gut feeling" instead


File: 1653199623034.jpg (12.22 KB, 272x199, 1463361054483.jpg)

the epidemic itself might be aids 2 but this now shitty thread for sure is covid 2 instead and will be for the foreseeable future if it ever goes pandemic


File: 1653199734652.png (352.04 KB, 615x1167, 5d6.png)

>the only reason people run wild with conspiracies is because they lack information
No, its because people have no trust for information because at this point authority figures have lost trust as they kept getting exposed or lying for politics and the agenda at hand. It is far better that people are critically thinking and maybe incorrect but not trusting MSM than being NPCs.


Exactly. You are epistemologically naive if you believe in simple pure data as untampered and ready-to-uptake unfiltered information directly transmitted trustworthy and ideologically neutral sources. Are you going trust the head of Moderna telling you his "information" says we're gonna need another 6 boosters ? Or the government which changes the script whenever convenient ? True intellectual chads see through this veil of lies and generate their own hypotheses.


directly transmitted * through trustworthy


thanks for the knowyourmeme pic

nobody said that

>True intellectual chads



>nobody said that
It's implied by your obeisance to the myth of information


>m-m-muh New Thing
Why do we let these /pol/tards incapable of processing linear flows of time here again?


thats the ugliest soyjak ive ever seen


File: 1653201080509.png (264.9 KB, 768x768, anya.png)

you guys are panicking over a dna virus with an r0 = 1 that isnt even airborne


Enjoy the blisters on your genitals sex haver.


File: 1653201283030.jpg (41.29 KB, 644x401, gadget.jpg)

as an incel theres even less of a reason for you to worry about this


File: 1653202464941.jpg (140.99 KB, 1044x864, conspiracy debunk.jpg)

>everyone that questions a narrative and isn't a fearmongering NPC is "le pol"
<N-no don't critically think! That's conspiracies!
Should I remind you that this is literally leftyPOL, did you get lost from reddit? You are literally a glowie shill.


File: 1653204158369.jpg (55.04 KB, 270x245, smug girl fed up.jpg)

this is a study of virus detection in air and not a transmission study, the "theoretically" is doing a lot of legwork here


also if it ever turns out to be airborne im sure folks will wear a mask and practice social distancing just like we did with covid!


I know I will, I've been in this room for 2 years and I can stay here for 20 years if need be.


File: 1653204983068.png (921.85 KB, 879x1199, 1647103624802.png)

>it's official CDC guidance
uhhh yeah, based on a virus detection study instead of a proper transmission study
this isnt a new virus, we have already studied it for decades

>human-to-human transmission is believed to occur, but studies of african outbreaks indicate that only 8% to 15% of unvaccinated household contacts develop infection


also re: the discussion about the united $nakkke$ buying vaccines, they used to do that with smallpox too because they were paranoid about terrorism >>981023 so at the very least if youre amerikkkan you shouldnt worry too much if worst comes to worst which i doubt because its a dna virus, it shouldnt mutate into a pandemic strain

i hope im not proven wrong!


This post is the product of a warped mind that hasn't seen sunlight for a month


The CDC is reeling from being wrong before on COVID and they're being cautious. The CDC was arguing at the beginning of the pandemic that fomite transmission was possible due to some shitty virus detection study, turns out it was fucking wrong as hell and probably harmed more than it helped in the long run.


File: 1653233340368.jpg (74.03 KB, 1100x618, index.jpg)

>The CDC is reeling from being wrong before on COVID and they're being cautious
The CDC is still wrong on COVID, they even came up with a new map scale to pretend it's over. They don't care about being wrong.


why contain it?


>Hillary 2026


No, he isn't, he's a dismissive jackass that screams "conspiritard" and even complained on /meta/ about it.
Also My posts are specifically not about the news but the content of them, the clearly fearmongering angle thy are going for and the utter schizophrenic hysterical reaction they're trying to stir up in the coming months.


File: 1653237189948.webm (17.42 MB, 1920x1080, glowHD.webm)



>10% death rate virus, likely airborne, now spreading
<"i-it's a nothinburger, plandemic, le fearmongering"
probably best to run to the mountains and avoid society if these anti-vaxx, anti-mask schizos continue to have their way


Most attractive anglo soyjak


It'd be a personal boon for me, as a foreign tech worker, if this was actually real. Tech stonks would literally flip overnight. But it isn't, nobody will remember this monkeypox shit in two months, probably even less. Save this post I guess.


Wait I dont have the PS5 yet.


First monkeypox quarantine ordered in EU
Belgian health authorities have mandated a 21-day self-isolation period after three cases were detected




So they are trying to create a gay panic again like with AIDS? Who are these idiots? Obviously any anal sex between a male and female will be equally a risk. Yet they are targetting Grindr users.


The super spreader event was a Madrid gay sauna not a regular orgy though


>uhhh yeah, based on a virus detection study instead of a proper transmission study
where did you find that the CDC guidance is based on this random study you thought of?


File: 1653257635303.png (454.1 KB, 480x480, ClipboardImage.png)

I heard on the news it was spread by fucking, /leftypol/ is safe. The NEET shall inherit the Earth.


File: 1653257682433.png (284.19 KB, 1288x641, ClipboardImage.png)

Sexual monkeys get the pox.


>Please stay at home if you are a literal pox vessel
<This is regarded as a controversial, authoritarian decree by westoids


File: 1653259231750.png (113.69 KB, 385x360, ClipboardImage.png)

let the westoids burn, their libertarian beliefs will damn their civilization

all praise china



2020 was a taste of things to come. '21 until now was just a respite.


File: 1653261250467.png (5.16 MB, 1934x1725, ClipboardImage.png)


Why do a handful of retard burger anons keep repeating this one far-right meme specifically?


Because it's funny how simplistic of a model of history it is


Maybe burgers will become better people and less dumb if they try to not be always obsessed with what the far-right are doing.


>Europeans are going to kill millions again with the pox thanks to their abysmal hygiene practices
Why does this keep happening?


but it started in africa…?


File: 1653278289130.jpg (244.45 KB, 1920x1080, 1652382408644.jpg)

I feel like we've gained all we can from isolation, introspection and drugs so it may be time to start seeking knowledge from outside the human sphere by enlisting the aid of devils and other outer beings.


>spread sexually

looks like i got nothing to worry about



it was a nothingburger like anyone who knew what monkeypox actually is couldve told you (and did tell you all throughout the thread)


On what are you basing your statement?


just the two facts that it only spreads through intimate contact and that the fatality rate is below one percent (for the strain that's spreading in the global north now)
it's nothing to worry about


>loveless virgins overwhelmingly survive
>fat gamer virgins quickly succumb
Follow me, set me free, Trust me and we will escape from the city. I'll make it through, follow me!


started in Fort Detrick


File: 1653300772551.png (915.59 KB, 1170x1714, pinwheel theory.png)

i call it pinwheel theory


File: 1653300840243.webm (5.09 MB, 720x720, chyna2.webm)


It goes the wrong way.


Ok, fair enough. Lets wait for more information.


It's certainly not a covid tier something burger at least. Everyone is on edge because humanity just recently got ass-slammed by a virus and this, while not as deadly or pathogenic, is especially repulsive.




Funny how an outbreak of disease caused by Westoid's disgusting hygiene doesn't spark an outpouring of hatred and xenophobia.


I thought it originated in Africa?


>Real life suffering is just like comics and action movies


For fuck's sake man, it's fallacious logic to write off anything that's vaguely simple as untrue simply because it's a simple theory.
Shit doesn't need to be complex to be true man. It's not hard to see that shit just happens in cycles, and it's just as easy to apply that understanding that things tend to happen in cycles that repeat themselves in human history.


Yes and it was contained there until Europeans decided to export it.


no instead it sparks an outpouring of hatred and homophobia


>It's not hard to see that shit just happens in cycles
yeah humans love to see patterns where there are none


Nah. People romanticide conflict and suffering because most of us are spectators. Also, most entertainment and news only talks about the golden nuggets in a turd pond.
All those real-life rags-to-riches stories or how people stood up to their school bullies? Those were one out of a hundred thousand whom were lucky.
Alot of times, excessive conflict/suffering makes people numb and antisocial.
I especially hate how people whom are suffering are offered nothing but shitty pep talks.
"Look man, I know it's hard, but keep up the good work man."
"To suffer is to gain."
All this toxic eroticism of suffering/conflict is because everyone thinks they can change the world. They think they can plow through through obstacles like their favorite superheroes.
They think themselves as little gods whom can do it all.

People whom are struggling don't show any prominent/glamorous signs. They show lackluster impression. Yet, they're scoffed at as "not suffering hard enough."
Meanwhile, people whom are swimming in money and power are seen as "veterans", when they received alot of help.


File: 1653341175605.gif (2.74 MB, 498x372, 1653256022046.gif)

but guts is just like me…


The real issue of capitalism is the old fairy tale of self-made men.
"I was born and raised in a toxic city dump outside of Detroit.
But now, I sit in a mansion in Napa Valley.
All I had was my wits. I never even finished the sixth grade."
Why capitalism doesn't tell you is the amount of connections/support that was required. The amount of swindling, post-academic reading, and ass-kissing required.
It's why self-help/motivational media is so popular. Motivational gurus are like evangelist of the secular world.
It triggers pride and money-lust.
It's why so many people are swept up into alt-right, conspiracy theories, cryptocurrency schemes, etc.


Yes you do, only way to remove it it's to chop off your dick. Sorry, I didn't made the rules.


No you just have the gay.


>new deadly disease that affects gay men and antivaxxers
4chan will be empty this time next year




i wish, 4klan is gay but Does Not Fuck


File: 1653343009657.png (121.63 KB, 414x257, ClipboardImage.png)


Monkeypox: UK discovers 36 more cases


how many of those babies are gonna have french citizenship?


let's play a game, how many of these woman you think where of age ?


so bottom line this for me is this a problem ornot


Many Nigerian and African women see all westerners as very wealthy people who can change their lives, hence a man has revealed his escapades with hundreds of women.
While speaking to an online news site, Africa24, a 40-year-old French tourist, Jean Michel, admitted that he impregnated more than 600 women in six African countries including Nigeria, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Togo, Ghana and Guinea, within two years.

His confession has been translated from French to English by Simon Ateba in Washington, District of Columbia and it reads:

“Good morning Africa 24, I have a confession to make about the havoc I have wreaked in six African countries, including Cameroon, Togo, Cote D’Ivoire, Nigeria, Ghana and Guinea. I am not proud of what I have done. These were unfortunate experiences.

“In France where I hail from, I did not have money. I was very poor until one day I played and won lottery. I won 550 thousand euros. It was the largest sum of money I had received in life.

“I did not know what to do, and a friend suggested we travel to Africa. We obtained all the documents, entry visa, and the rest, and our first stop was Ivory Coast.

“In Abidjan (the capital of Ivory Coast), we rented a furnished apartment. We had money to spend and met Ivorian people and we became friends. They introduced young Ivorian girls to us, and that’s when it all started.

“I began having sex with girls every day. Sometimes, I would sleep with three girls at the same time. It was a marvelous experience.

“I worried less about my health. All I wanted was to have fun. My friends and I were in a night club in the town every day looking for girls.

“One time, I met a girl and gave her money, and she told me to be engaged to her. She was ready to get pregnant for me. I don’t know whether it was the money they liked or the fact that I was from France that attracted them.

“I spent three months in Ivory Coast, spent 60, 000 euros and slept with more than 80 girls. After leaving Ivory Coast, I went to Togo where I slept with over 100 girls and spent 40, 000 euros.

“I spent three months in Togo and went to Nigeria. Nigeria was where I got more girls. I did not speak English, and it seems Nigerian girls love foreigners.

“I rented a furnished apartment in Nigeria and I was in Lagos for six months. I spent 100,000 euros and slept with 230 girls. Nigeria was the place I appreciated the most. Girls were always available and easy to deceive.

“From Nigeria, I went to Ghana, and then Cameroon and ended what I describe as my sex tour in Guinea. I was in those three countries for more than a year and spent over 200, 000 euros. If I told you I slept with more than 700 girls in those three countries, you won’t believe me, but it was unbelievable!

“In all, I slept with more than 1,400 girls in six different African countries. I have all their pictures in my photo album, including the dates we met, their names and phone numbers. I opened a Facebook account only for them.

“Since I returned to France, I have had more than 600 of them who told me they got pregnant for me. Some committed abortion, and I do not know exactly how many finally gave birth.

“Africa is a marvelous continent. Girls are beautiful and very sexy. All they want is a man who has money, and the worst is when he’s white.

“I realised that they love having mixed race babies. I do not know why, but many would do anything to get pregnant for you. 100 euros is plenty of money in Africa.

“To summarise, I went on a sex tour in Africa, I slept with 1,400 girls in two years and more than 600 got pregnant.

“I know many of you would judge me, but I do not care about your insults. I know that what I did is not good, but I enjoyed my stay in Africa, and I am planning another trip to Senegal, Mali, Gabon, Benin, Niger and Democratic Republic of Congo.

“The day after I returned to France, I went to the hospital for medical exams, and luckily, I was HIV negative, and I did not have any other infectious disease.

“My friend was also negative and we are planning another trip. I did not go to secondary school, so disregard my grammatical errors. Thank you for reading my story”


anon, how do you even know that????


1400 new french citizens.


ok, how do u know THAT



Four more U.S. monkeypox cases under investigation, CDC releasing smallpox vaccines to those at high-risk


remember that half of /leftypol/ and the entire moderation team shares your exact concerns my friend you are not alone


File: 1653370404192.png (850.46 KB, 757x628, 1649789590127.png)


lmao look at these raving retards ignoring all evidence, its almost like they want this to be bad, completely disregarding that weve been studying this disease for several decades already
this might be one of the few times leftypol managed to be level-headed about something while everyone else didnt (if you ignore the conspiracytard spam itt by the same undesirables)


The Chapotalk users are 99% gay so they're understandably scared.


They’re arguing about it being named monkeypox. Some people say it’s because it was found in monkeys. Maybe it was. Are monkeys getting sick from it though? Do you only get if from contacting monkeys? It’s an old disease and so has an old name. After MERS the WHO issued guidelines on naming new diseases that say they should not be named after animals, places and people, among other things.

This ended up provoking a lot of outrage from Smart People who felt it was very important for some reason to name diseases after animals, places or people.

Here is a summary of the guidelines from 2015:

> The best practices state that a disease name should consist of generic descriptive terms, based on the symptoms that the disease causes (e.g. respiratory disease, neurologic syndrome, watery diarrhoea) and more specific descriptive terms when robust information is available on how the disease manifests, who it affects, its severity or seasonality (e.g. progressive, juvenile, severe, winter). If the pathogen that causes the disease is known, it should be part of the disease name (e.g. coronavirus, influenza virus, salmonella).

>Terms that should be avoided in disease names include geographic locations (e.g. Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, Spanish Flu, Rift Valley fever), people’s names (e.g. Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, Chagas disease), species of animal or food (e.g. swine flu, bird flu, monkey pox), cultural, population, industry or occupational references (e.g. legionnaires), and terms that incite undue fear (e.g. unknown, fatal, epidemic).



Boston, Massachusetts monkeypox patient had contact with 200 people, CDC says

King County investigating first presumptive case of monkeypox in the U.S. state of Washington

California's first suspected monkeypox case reported in Sacramento County

Czech Republic detects its first case of monkeypox

United Arab Emirates announces first case of monkeypox in the country

14 new cases of monkeypox reported as United Kingdom's total rises to 71

Portugal reports 14 new confirmed monkeypox cases, total at 37


is this what they meant by "return to monke"?


I bet baboon poster is blowing fat ropes to this news


If monkeypox evolved into humanpox, why is there still monkeypox?
Checkmate atheists.


>implying gym bros arent homo


So realistically, how concerned should we be at this point?


We have had things like Ebola and Avian flu that were basically nothingburgers. Covid's contagiousness was noted in the very beginning. However burgerville refuses to contain any disease because it isn't profitable.


File: 1653416649979.jpg (18.44 KB, 600x341, Doubt.jpg)

>monkeypox can only be spread by having gay sex
prove this.


nothing ever changes, ever.




File: 1653445810738.png (600.39 KB, 900x1260, 1473191545981.png)



You forgot to bump the thread, nothingburger-san.


i also forgot to hide the thread as nobody will remember this a month from now


If it aint airborne, it should be easy to contain and this was just superspreader event. For now it is being managed somewhat.


Actual nothingburger.


It's a spreading disease. I wouldn't call it a nothing burger. It might not be as dangerous as COVID, but it is quickly spreading around the world and causing damage.

Again, bourgeois states can't contain this shit, and once again, people will suffer. It's not a nothing burger if only because we are literally in the middle of the worst pandemic in a century and yet another more mild pandemic is brewing and our handlers still refuse or are unable to contain it.

0 control for spread internationally, 0 control for spread domestically, 0 preparation for it outside of the US hoarding vaccines, near 0 testing being done, 0 or best case, inadequate contact tracing, 0 indications of protection measures for the population.

Calling it a nothing burger is missing the forest for the trees.
>What is a thousand more deaths with this new pandemic? Nothingburger!
Retard tier.


it's unironically biblical plague lol


>Again, bourgeois states can't contain this shit
Even accounting for bureaucrat idleness, it's significantly easier to contain monkeypox by degrees of magnitude. Vaccinating close contacts of infected people with the smallpox vaccine i.e. ring vaccination is enough to contain, no need to perform onerous lockdowns. Even if they're complete garbage at this relatively simple task, this isn't like covid where you couldn't enter your an applebees without risking infection. rate of infection is far lower, and viral shedding occurs mostly after symptoms have flared up, just don't go around hugging feverish strangers I suppose.



First monkeypox case reported in Denmark, came from Spain

Argentina reports first suspected case of monkeypox

Austria reports its first confirmed case, makes quarantine announcement for monkeypox


>The super spreader event was a Madrid gay sauna not a regular orgy though
Are we going to pretend bisexuals dont exist?



Where is de proofs?


This will probably be like H1N1 , A disease of interest to scientists , but it probably won't become a pandemic.


what an exciting thread with a single person dropping to post about the 1-2 new cases people in bumfuck nowhere got every day or so


European AIDS.


I thought you hid the thread buddy :^)



File: 1653648272527.gif (625.02 KB, 480x270, 19d.gif)

Stop Playing Plague Inc ! ! !


Then all saying it’s from foreign travel is not reassuring, because this is why Covid spread and become uncontrollable in the US. The CDC was only looking for it people who had traveled.


Why isnt this cyclical?


Capitalism needs more people to extract more profits. I guess they might do it if they lizard people put their noggins together to see past short term profit. That they see the future resource crunch coming soon and decided depopulation is the only way.


World Health Organization: Nearly 200 cases of monkeypox in more than 20 countries not usually known to have outbreaks of the disease

Officials confirm 226 monkeypox cases in 21 countries

Italy's monkeypox cases rise to 12, one more suspected

Argentina confirms Latin America's first case of monkeypox

European Union in talks for common purchase of vaccine, antiviral against monkeypox

CDC Issues Travel Warning About Monkeypox Ahead of Memorial Day Weekend

Toronto Public Health reports new case of suspected monkeypox

10 monkeypox cases in 9 U.S. states as of Friday

Massachusetts General Hospital vaccinating workers against monkeypox, the first time the shots have been used in the US


Monkeypox outbreak could be just ‘the peak of the iceberg’, WHO warns

Argentina reports 2 cases of monkeypox

9 monkeypox cases reported in Belgium

Togo prepares to face monkeypox

Israel reports second case of monkeypox

Music festivals could become monkeypox superspreader events, scientist warns

First case of monkeypox confirmed in Ireland

Mexico confirms its first monkeypox case

Some Staten Island doctors evaluating rashes outside of office as first monkeypox case in NYC is discovered

No diagnostic facility in Pakistan to detect Monkeypox

Monkeypox confirmed in Seattle area in Washington state’s first case

Second suspected monkeypox case discovered in Northern California

Colorado identifies second presumptive case of monkeypox



This will become HUGE! Any day now………


i mean the difference between this and covid is that you can at least SEE that you have the pox


Total monkeypox cases in Portugal rises to 74

Second presumptive monkeypox case in Colorado brings US total to 12

First two suspected monkeypox cases reported in Afghanistan

Two monkeypox cases investigated in Bolivia

16 monkeypox cases confirmed in France

Six suspected monkeypox cases detected in Iran

New cases in Italy bring total to 15

First monkeypox case detected in Malta

UK Confirms Community Transmission Of Monkeypox Virus

First suspected monkeypox case detected in Pakistan

98 confirmed cases of monkeypox in Spain






It has not.


One nothingburger with a complimentary serving of happeningfries and somethingsauce coming right up


if something does happen im going to come back and laugh at your comments


I've read some statements from infectious disease researchers and MDs on twitter about monkeypox and thought I would provide a summary.
For reference I would say the buzz around monkeypox is about the same level of concern as that around hepatitis of unknown aetiology in children that is also happening presently. There is also a little buzz about the production of an updated covid vaccine, which several doctors are calling for but is not on the horizon far as I can tell. No one is shouting that the sky is falling (by the way– if you spoke to critical, well-informed people who read daily the news in China in January 2020, then you definitely would be getting a sky-is-falling vibe from some of them. Not this however.).

The overall assessment is that there is unseen community spread at present in many countries. Most people who we know have it presently are men who have sex with men, but more cases are appearing that do not fit this profile so it is not in fact an STI. However no one is panicking and they all suggest basically the same thing: ring-vaccinate the contacts of people who come in contact with the virus. They think the vaccinations are going to work well because monkeypox is an orthopoxvirus and the vaccines for this type of virus are known to be effective from the eradication of smallpox. There is also the encouraging result that vaccination is effective over a long period:
So the boomers may already have some defenses.

Whether or not this is going to be a somethingburger or a nothingburger, i.e. whether it's likely to directly affect you, depends on how effective the vaccines are, how rapidly they can be deployed to the contacts of the present cases, and the basic reproduction number of the virus (in the absence of intervention). I am getting mostly optimistic vibes on all of these factors, so I will lean toward "nothingburger." Surely if you are in China (and probably other East Asian countries) you can anticipate a nothingburger. But I have still some misgivings.

Of course, it is taken for granted in the western world that the solution is a technological one: the vaccine. One must hope this isn't a weak link. If it is, we have to fall back on the same epidemiological measures implemented to stem the tide of covid in early 2020. The west has proven their inability to implement such measures. Some researchers bemoan the fact that, for instance, no government is coming out to announce a "zero monkeypox" policy. Still however it won't be as bad as covid because even if the existing vaccines are not terribly effective against this strain one could produce a more effective vaccine and the fact that orthopoxviruses are DNA rather than RNA viruses means that it would not evade coverage as sars-cov-2 has done.

Another aspect is that "monkeypox" is a misnomer because the virus mostly infects rodents. Not many people are talking about this but in the UK they've recommended people with monkeypox to quarantine from their pets. I find this disquieting because it suggests that there is concern about monkeypox finding animal hosts outside of Africa, which could be an enduring headache if not a somethingburger. (Imagine if new york rats contracted monkeypox– then either a lot of people would have to take a vaccine or we may suffer sporadic epidemics from contact with this reservoir. By "we" I mean anyone in any country that someone from New York can fly to…)

Here are some people who post about it:
Sébastien Poulin, Emmanuel Maicas, John Ross, Eli Perencevich.


> Another aspect is that "monkeypox" is a misnomer because the virus mostly infects rodents.

Another reason why, as noted earlier, a new naming schema was created for infectious diseases.

One of my pet peeves is our intellectual class believing, or acting as if they believe, that naming viruses after places or hosts it was first found is a Best Practice, so I like to point out why it is actually never the best practice and has been correctly ended.


Monkeypox outbreak reaches 257 confirmed cases worldwide, World Health Organization says

CDC Issues Level 2 Travel Alert Due To Monkeypox

Undetected monkeypox transmission suggested as virus spreads in non-endemic countries: WHO



>The newspaper claims that the WHO is looking at whether smallpox vaccines could be used effectively to tackle the spread of back to monke.
The smallpox vaccine works against it? Yes! Being an old injun finally pays off. I got that vaccine back in the seventies. I have to tell Mom thanks for insisting on it even though the disease was supposedly already dead.


>and the basic reproduction number of the virus (in the absence of intervention). I am getting mostly optimistic vibes on all of these factors, so I will lean toward "nothingburger."

I think people got severe amnesia or didn't notice that when covid gained traction, case count was doubling every two days after it was introduced in a country and that was just the detected case count, it's simply not moving as quick. I guess we'll see in the end, but the reproduction rate already puts a ceiling on how much it will spread even without intervention and it seems it won't be nearly enough to strain health systems or be anywhere as close as the nightmare covid was. Which is good or bad n0ews, depending on your outlook, I think governments will do the bare minimum here because they predict the same thing as I do


R0 uncertainty is very high right now because there are competing effects: gay men are a demographic that are likely to see the doctor as soon as they experience the characteristic genital rash, making it more likely that most cases are detected. Testing and contact tracing is underway as well making it more likely most cases are detected. However it is early in the spread and we don’t know its origin yet making it less likely most cases are detected. So all told the value, which is not very high (~1.8) is hard to know for sure but it is within normal bounds for monkeypox and compared to smallpox does not appear as transmissible. Still, of course, the data are far from conclusive. It is important to note that nearly every detected case is a man— this makes me think there is no way it is as transmissible as smallpox, because men would have passed it on to more women by now (smallpox R0 is enormous, larger than 5).


Ok I dont wanna jinx it, but I think it is controlled.


Chinese customs steps up monkeypox monitoring after WHO labels it 'moderate risk'

Monkeypox cases rise in Spain to 120 and in Portugal to 96

Dutch Monkeypox cases more than double to 26, says RIVM

U.S. reaches 15 monkeypox cases

More monkeypox cases confirmed across Canada

Britain says 71 more monkeypox cases identified in England, total in the UK reaches 179 cases

US braces for heightened monkeypox outbreak by ramping up testing capacity

Suspected monkeypox detected in Peru

Germany orders 240,000 monkeypox vaccine doses

Brazil investigates first suspected monkeypox case

United Arab Emirates reports three more monkeypox cases



File: 1653943470763.jpeg (12.79 KB, 220x229, brainlet maga.jpeg)

I love that this disease has already generated skepticism and conspiracy theories.

COVID-19 being a political embarrassment for Trump has now lead to a situation where a significant portion of the American population has basically declared that disease isn't real and anyone who thinks any disease is real is a communist trying to undermine Trump.


thanks for these updates


This has convinced me that there will absolutely be a worse pandemic, given that the response to this potential pandemic pox virus was "let's just wait and hope it's not actually that bad LOL"


Just another virus exacly like covid (airborne and without vaccines at the start) would be disastreous now that the hyperreality doesnt accept quarantines.


> given that the response to this potential pandemic pox virus was "let's just wait and hope it's not actually that bad LOL"

You think that's bad? Monkeypox is not even that novel a strain (despite what the WHO keeps trying to imply to cover their butt), the mechanism of transmission is well known, we're still amidst the covid pandemic, meaning that we are supposedly under extraordinary disease surveillance, and they failed to contain monkeypox before it spread between multiple countries. Hopefully the next pandemic will be decades from now, but absolutely every mechanism for disease control will fail miserably, again.


The US intends to destroy the WHO


You can read all this but the short version is the US intends to lead its coalition of developed countries (“always the same map”) to change the WHO into an organization to punish and control South countries, which will result in most of the world quitting the organization. You’ll hear about it again in 2024z


Reminder that this disease is airborne by droplets. The disease is not spreading by orgies. Not as contagious as Covid tho.


>The SARS-CoV-2 PHEIC declared by WHO on 30 January 2020 resulted in the adoption of unprecedented medical and non-medical countermeasures around the world (…) despite the fact that the Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) for Covid-19 is low, in particular for persons under the age of 70.
schizo blog


uhh is that why only 8-15% of unvaccinated household contacts develop infection
dont try to bullshit about a disease that we've already known about for decades


But considering Trump isn't even in power at this stage why should denying disease even matter to them anymore????


Literally not true
Direct contact with lesions or body fluids is the issue
Otherwise people rarely infect others


stop reading eric fingly dingly's twitter feed please!


"Human-to-human transmission occurs," among other modes, via "mucocutaneous ulcers, respiratory droplets (and possibly short-range aerosols), or contact with contaminated materials (e.g., linens, bedding, electronics, clothing)."


Yep, same opinion.
I also get worried that it will be shrugged because it mostly affects gays (allegedly). Getting AIDS vibes on the reaction of this shit. Seems way more contagious than HIV.

Reminder nobody gives a fuck about HIV in the West, despite there being cheap ways to test and it being a terrible disease.


>everyone who is in the hospital sick in all of these different countries is a homosexual
fuck off


UK upgrades monkeypox threat

The monkeypox threat level has been ramped up in the UK and it is set to be listed as a “notifiable disease” in law starting from June 8, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) announced on Tuesday. The move means doctors in England will have to notify local authorities when they detect a patient suspected to have the virus.

“This new legislation will support us and our health partners to swiftly identify, treat, and control the disease,” the monkeypox incident director at UKHSA, Wendi Shepherd, said in a statement.

“It also supports us with the swift collection and analysis of data which enables us to detect possible outbreaks of the disease and trace close contacts rapidly, whilst offering vaccinations where appropriate to limit onward transmission.”

Moreover, monkeypox-related NHS testing and treatment will be free for everyone under the new guidance. The measure is expected to encourage people experiencing symptoms of the virus to come forward, including foreigners who would otherwise have to pay for treatment.

The announcement comes as Britain smashed past the 300 monkeypox cases mark. On Monday, 77 new cases of the disease were detected across the UK, with a vast majority of them identified in England.

Worldwide, the number of monkeypox cases has already surpassed 1,000, with the disease detected in some 29 non-endemic countries. On Monday, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stepped up its monkeypox guidance as well, upgrading its alert to level 2 and urging the public to “practice enhanced precautions” against the disease.


>nigerian guy fucks a monkey
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Ricky did it


File: 1654672489832.jpg (118.37 KB, 994x1280, IMG_20220608_091256_902.jpg)

>>1005489 (me)
>Reminder nobody gives a fuck about HIV in the West, despite there being cheap ways to test and it being a terrible disease.
Just saw picrel.


<Is China Too Effective At Containing HIV?




bUt At WhAt CoSt?????


Pilkington > Gervais



>(Reuters) - China has widened the gap on the United States in trade terms in large swathes of Latin America since U.S. President Joe Biden came into office early last year, data show, underscoring how Washington is being pushed onto the back foot in the region […]
>On the groundcurrent and former officials told Reuters that the United States had been slow to take concrete action and that China, a major buyer of grains and metals, simply offered more to the region in terms of trade and investment […]
>When excluding Mexico, total trade flows - imports and exports - between Latin America and China hit nearly $247 billion last year, according to the latest available data, well above the $174 billion with the United States. The 2021 data lacks trade numbers from some regional countries but those balance each other out in terms of U.S.-China bias.
>The outlier in Latin America, Mexico's trade flows with the United States were $607 billion last year, up from $496 billion in 2015. Its trade with China was $110 billion, up from around $75 billion six years before.


I dont give a shiiiiiiiiiit. Scroll down in every news article finding the "there werent any deaths reported" part.


I haven't stopped ignoring this yet and I don't think I will


File: 1654966330518.jpg (1001.3 KB, 6979x4230, figure1.jpg)

map update


Top health official comments on how monkeypox spreads
“Sustained” face-to-face contact is needed to spread the disease, Rochelle Walensky said


kissing = monkey aids

incels are immune


File: 1654966853771.mp4 (1.3 MB, 720x720, 1644259624204.mp4)


>muh nothingburger
Monkeypox to get rebranded, WHO says
The UN health watchdog is also considering bumping the virus’ alert to the highest level possible
Apart from rebranding monkeypox, WHO is also considering upgrading its alert level over the ongoing outbreak of the disease and may designate it as a “public health emergency of international concern.” The highest-possible alert level may be assigned to the outbreak next week, when the watchdog will convene for an emergency meeting, according to Ghebreyesus.


File: 1655261410467.png (266.29 KB, 568x1000, 1636514587910.png)

nonchads our time has come


Why is monkeypox being renamed? What's next, changing "collywobbles", "rockjoint", and "blight" to MOVID-1, MOVID-2 and MOVID-3? Soulless!


a chad abroad


primal blight


Very based, when was this?


Still feels like a nothingburger with these numbers


Very funny, if the Empire was America, they would have let Dagoth spread corprus through the entire continent and just told people to live with it.


In 2015, the WHO issued naming guidelines for infectious diseases. They say that human diseases should not be named after animals, places, or people, among other things. The reasons for this are, in my opinion, obvious and incontestable. Monkeypox is not primarily transmitted by monkeys, monkeys have nothing to do with monkeypox. The name is simply inaccurate, even harmful, as disease names often are.

The only argument offered to ignore the 2015 guidelines is that things were done differently before 2015. Even examples people give of this are seriously flawed and go against their position. For example, please say “what about Ebola, did you know Ebola is a river in Africa?” Ebola was not found in the Ebola River. It was discovered in a village named Yambuku, and the group of scientists who discovered it refused to name it after the village precisely to avoid stigmatizing it, remembering the disastrous stigmatization that occurred to Lassa after naming the Lassa virus. So they decided to name it after a nearby feature— the Congo River. But another disease has already taken the name. So they named it after a random, seemingly nearby River, the Ebola, which was actually some distance away. But we can see that even 60 years ago, scientists knew the many problems with disease naming, but it was up to individual researches to simply choose names without consultation or review and according to deeply flawed conventions.

Now we have consensus guidelines, and we will see most old diseases have their names updated eventually.


China has achieved Zero-HIV, but at the cost of human dignity (cokefueled buttseg)


China is genociding bugchasers


World Health Organization official on monkeypox: "The magnitude of this outbreak poses a real risk … Governments, health partners and civil society need to act with urgency."


Since monkeypox spreads by kissing or sex, what are the odds that more people in the digital era become pussyfree? The incel epidemic might worsen badly as a result of this stuff.


You leftists never learn.

God has been giving humanity clues for thousands of years. He even sent us his 10 commandments – basically a manual or "how to" for life. In it he clearly says "no sex before marriage". Guess what happens when you run your car without reading its manual first? It breaks down. Guess what happens if you run your life without reading the manual first? You get Monkeypox, HIV, herpes.

God is literally giving you clues all the time about life and you leftists consistently ignore it. "Gee, I wonder what will happen this time?"

And the worst part of this is your hubris. I bet you are already working on a miracle "vaccine" for monkeypox like you did with Covid-19. Don't you get it that it's of no use? If you break God's holy law you can't just miraculously undo it with technological tricks.

Despite your ways, I'll pray for you all.




good bit


God hates you as well uygha


lol nobody is having sex on this site


More like the incels are just more vocal. Why would someone who has and always had a normal sex life feel the need to post about it?


why would someone who regularly has sex with a partner post on a Chinese communist cartoon forum, I don't believe it.


NTA, I am a relatively normal individual. I have ocasional sex, I don't think posting on imageboard means anything. Stop projecting.


File: 1656063693172.gif (294.56 KB, 500x276, 1655483225497.gif)

Yeah, for now


Doesn't look sus at all to me. You zoomers are too suspicious this just happened naturally over 50 years compressed into 1 :D


Possible reason for speedy transmission of monkeypox revealed
The monkeypox virus mutates much faster than expected when transmitted among humans, new research suggests, providing a possible explanation for the rapid spread of the disease.

In a study published in Nature Medicine on Friday, Portuguese researchers reported the results of “rapid application of high-throughput shotgun metagenomics” as they began reconstructing the first genome sequences of the 2022 ‘version’ of the monkeypox virus.

They discovered that the 2022 virus differs from the related 2018-19 viruses by 50 SNP mutations, which are changes that occur in a single nucleotide in the genome. This is roughly six to 12 times more “than one would expect considering previous estimates of the substitution rate for orthopoxviruses (one or two substitutions per site per year).”

“Such a divergent branch might represent accelerated evolution,” the researchers claim. They noted, however, that further studies on the matter are needed.

“Considering that this 2022 monkeypox virus is likely a descendant of the one in the 2017 Nigeria outbreak, one would expect no more than five to 10 additional mutations instead of the observed about 50 mutations. We hope that now, specialized groups will perform laboratory experiments in order to understand if this 2022 virus has increased its transmissibility,” one of the study’s authors, head of the Genomics & Bioinformatics Unit at the National Institute of Health in Portugal, Joao Paulo Gomes, told Newsweek.

The news came as the World Health Organization considers whether the virus outbreak should be classed as a public health emergency of international concern.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as of June 23, 3,504 cases of monkeypox have been registered in 44 countries with the biggest number reported in the United Kingdom (793 cases).

With the disease spreading predominantly among gay men, the СDС has cautioned doctors not to mistake it for more common sexually transmitted diseases.

The WHO is not currently recommending mass vaccination against monkeypox. However, on June 21, the UK Health Security Agency announced that “some gay and bisexual men at higher risk of exposure to monkeypox should be offered vaccines to help control the recent outbreak of the virus.”

The initial symptoms of monkeypox include fever, headache, muscle aches, backache, swollen lymph nodes, chills, and exhaustion. A rash often begins on the face and then spreads to other parts of the body, although the WHO has noted that patients affected by the current outbreak are developing lesions on the genitals and anus, and not developing some of the traditional flu-like symptoms of infection.

The virus can be spread by close contact with lesions, body fluids, respiratory droplets, as well as via contaminated materials.


Virus causing monkeypox outbreak has mutated to spread easier

The strain of the virus in the current monkeypox outbreak in nonendemic countries likely diverged from the monkeypox virus that caused a 2018-19 Nigerian outbreak and has far more mutations than would be expected, several that increase transmission, according to a study today in Nature Medicine.

Researchers found the current strain diverges from the original strain by 50 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), and several mutations made the virus more transmissible. The strain belongs to clade 3 of the West African strain of the virus, which is less fatal than the Congo Basin clade. Monkeypox outbreaks from clade 3 are typically reported from western Cameroon to Sierra Leone and usually carry a less than 1% case-fatality rate.

The authors also said the outbreak is a moderate international concern. Currently, consultants to the World Health Organization are weighing if the outbreak constitutes an international public health emergency during a 2-day meeting.


Monkeypox meter: https://www.monkeypoxmeter.com/


Nobody on this board is qualified to say that this is a bioweapon TBQH


If you want to be strict likely nobody posting here is qualified to say it isn't suggesting all is speculation


That's correct but we should trust the scientific establishment unless there's a reason not to, they have a high rate of past correct predictions/statements


>they have a high rate of past correct predictions/statements


sorry but that's true, or would you prefer to go shitting in the woods and wipe your ass with leaves? we owe modernity to the scientific method, for better or worse


Nobody on this board is qualified to say anything.


sorry sweaties but only credentialled academics are qualified to say anything and qualified economists say communism is hunger and poverty I guess it's check mate for us :^)


economics isn't a real science, so it's completely different



I'm going to be visiting NY I hear they're giving free mpox vaccines there


the CDC only gave them 1,000 doses lmoa


>real science
unironically both pure ideology and spooks


File: 1656456596783-0.jpg (32.17 KB, 898x248, 1656446467161.jpg)

File: 1656456596783-1.png (38.36 KB, 1410x873, 1656446545471.png)

CDC Activates Emergency Operations Center for Monkeypox Response
>Today, CDC continues to lean forward with an aggressive public health response to the monkeypox outbreak by activating its Emergency Operations Center (EOC). This action stands up the CDC’s command center for monitoring and coordinating the emergency response to monkeypox and mobilizing additional CDC personnel and resources. CDC’s activation of the EOC allows the agency to further increase operational support for the response to meet the outbreak’s evolving challenges. It is home to more than 300 CDC staff working in collaboration with local, national, and international response partners on public health challenges. The activation of the EOC will serve to further supplement the ongoing work of CDC staff to respond to this outbreak.

>Globally, early data suggest that gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men make up a high number of monkeypox cases. CDC continues to provide guidance and raise awareness among frontline healthcare providers and public health. CDC is also raising awareness of the current situation with the public through its website and social media in addition to direct partner and community outreach.

>In June, CDC updated and expanded the monkeypox case definition and continues to encourage health care providers to consider testing for all rashes with clinical suspicion for monkeypox. Health care providers who see a patient with a rash that resembles monkeypox or might be more characteristic of more common infections (e.g., varicella zoster, herpes zoster, or syphilis) should carefully evaluate the patient for monkeypox and should consider testing. Anyone who has risk factors for monkeypox, and a new rash should seek care and testing.

>Last week, CDC began shipping orthopoxvirus tests to five commercial laboratory companies, including the nation’s largest reference laboratories, to quickly increase monkeypox testing capacity and access in every community. This development will facilitate increased testing, leverage established relationships between clinics, hospitals and commercial laboratories, and support our ability to better understand the scope of the current monkeypox outbreak



science is testable and demonstrable in the real world unlike neoliberal economics


Instead of nipping it at the bud, lets wait and see how bad it gets before we decide if we need to do something about it.


Monkeypox outbreak in U.S. is bigger than the CDC reports. Testing is 'abysmal'
Sex bros are finished


as if sex bros don't have dozens of other deadly diseases to worry about


If that chart is accurate, and we're still in the beginning of the exponential phase, I'll start caring about this in September. Until then, nothingburger.


File: 1656522258402.png (368.48 KB, 673x375, ass.png)

>I'll start caring when it already too late


the god damned queers just can't stop sucking on each others' anuses, can they?


Too late for what? this shit isn't even particularly lethal.


>trusting western numbers


File: 1658451002684.png (20.05 KB, 847x121, ClipboardImage.png)

the next black plague will be born in a gay man's asshole.


inb4 universe activates banter mode and sajid gets it


File: 1658589148830.png (77.57 KB, 1296x426, ClipboardImage.png)

>The World Health Organization on Saturday declared the international monkeypox outbreak a global emergency, a decision that underscores concerns about rapidly spreading infections.


Droplets too uygha


File: 1658594141520.png (2.1 MB, 1408x1188, ClipboardImage.png)

No official health body has asked anyone to do that, though. A gay porn actor had an interesting thread before he protected his tweets, it went something like this:
>I have tons of orgies with strangers all the time. However I had covid recently so I refrained for a while until I could test negative again so as not to spread it.
>My source of income is filming these orgies and selling them on onlyfans, and covid disrupted that for about a month.
>I started having orgies again. The CDC said there were only 2 cases in my county and didn't say anything about refraining from sex so I figured it was all good.
>I caught monkeypox.
To me the interesting part is that this guy does everything the CDC tells him to do, he's like a mega-lib. The thing is, they never really did tell him to cool it on the orgies and it seems he genuinely believed that if he stuck to the CDC guidelines then he wouldn't get monkeypox. I believe the CDC is so concerned about stigma around gay sexuality that they are failing in the mission to prevent the spread of disease in this demographic.

This is a very simple intervention that would have a strong effect on transmissions rate: The CDC officially recommends that people categorically refrain from gay sex until they are vaccinated against monkeypox. It is unimaginable that the same agency that brought us picrel, however, would do such a thing. The institution is extraordinarily impotent.


They've memoryholed all mentions of it being spread by droplets lol. There was a Twitter thread I saw recently that documented this, but I'm having trouble finding it. A lot of sources now are trying to blame the gays for the transmission, but it's pretty clearly just to pull another AIDS and downplay the severity.


Damn, is it really that worrying?


There is recent news of two children with it. Can't find it tho. It is basically the new Smallpox.



File: 1658600205336.png (256.15 KB, 554x629, me ne frego.png)

>I'll start caring about this in September


WHO declares highest alert over monkeypox


I think the more worrying part is that the WHO basically failed to contain a disease that is relatively easy to contain through ring vaccination lol. They're in full damage control with the droplets shit but the bottom line is that it's substantially less contagious than covid and a prompt vaccination of contacts would've curbed this quickly. At this point I'm willing to bet the WHO has just been completely gutted by The Gates Foundation and is a useless organism, more so than every before.


Man it's been L after L for the WHO since January 2020. They seemed to have learned their lesson at least.


I think most people just won't get it, like this doesn't spread pre-symptomatically at all, but if you're some sort of sex worker and you don't have access to vaccines, you're going to get sooooo fuuuuucked.


>It is basically the new Smallpox.
Are you retarded? Smallpox was fatal and killed millions over the centuries, this is an unpleasant infectious skin rash, its not trivial and should be prevented but it doesn't kill or even cause severe harm, it passes on its own after two weeks of ugly blisters


The case fatality rate is 1%. COVID is somewhere around there too and we know what a shitshow that's been. The offset is monkeypox has an R naught value of about 1.1 to 2.4 whereas the coof is like 2.8 on average. Someone please tell me they still have that chart with the basic reproduction number and case fatality rate on the X and Y axis, and it has the Spanish flu and stuff on there for comparison.


Where are you getting that CFR from? There's 5 deaths out of 11000 confirmed cases. Proofs where them proofs


It's in my orb.


Because the airborne shit comes from like one shitty article, 95% of reported cases are from close contact and undercount is happening because doctors are confusing it with syphilis. This is the fomite shit all over again. Do you know there are still institutions that consider cleaning furniture with disinfectant wipes to be a proper COVID mitigation effort? Insane and it's all because of lunatics like Feigl-Digl


tl;dr me on the Monke pox. What measures do I need to take, to keep it away from me?


>The case fatality rate is 1%.
That rate comes from studies done when it was still only endemic to Congo/Nigeria, where the standard of care received from the health systems is likely far below that which westerners have


Stop having sex.


Don't touch strangers, especially avoiding extended full body contact, don't share clothes or bedding. That's pretty much it.


So this shiz is still a nothingburger, right? I shouldn't start worrying right now since we're currently dealing with another wave of COVID anyway.


I think if your profession puts you at risk, like being a sex worker, or a masseuse or whatever that demands close contact with strangers' skin without any sort of protective equipment, you might want to start checking your clients' health. Maybe refrain from fucking strangers without at least checking if they have strange rashes or pimples on their genitals. And even if you get it, monkeypox is a stable virus so it won't mutate like covid and re-infect you later.


That’s true, but my main point is that the people most at risk of monkeypox are not well-served by simply abiding by the recommendations of the health body. The official line isn’t “abstain from sex until you’re vaccinated” it is “try your best to abstain from sex with people you know have monkeypox.” At the level of institutions, it is total impotency.


Oh yeah that's a given, any potential mitigation efforts will have to be performed outside of governmental institutions, they aren't going to move a finger about this because it's not lethal enough, it's a stable virus so it'll go away before covid does, and it mostly affects people that are already at the margins, so who cares. Until it starts infecting kids, I suppose, but that's somewhat of an uncertain *if*


As an addendum the kids stuff is also scaremongering, at an R0 between 1.1 and 2, it's already less contagious than covid, and certainly a lot less contagious than chickenpox, so it's not a given that it will rip through classrooms. It's just the people I mentioned who are at particular risk and who will need to mitigate it by themselves. I think most people just won't think about it that much.


Believe it or not, the development of bioweapons targeted towards certain races was ironically researched by Israel, which is quite depraved, more so for a nation that should know why that's an evil idea.
Euroids truly are degenerate creatures?


I firmly believe the push to call it an STI is a pure cope, and that they just don't want to deal with a second pandemic in 2 years


I think it's the opposite, that hinting towards airborne transmission is WHO/gov health orgs cope because they can't do much to stop the spread of just about any infectious disease, so monkeypox must surely have a novel avenue of infection that appeared out of nowhere even though it's very unlikely for it to suddenly develop airborne transmissibility.


>We investigated environmental contamination with MPXV from infected patients admitted to isolation rooms in the UK, to inform infection prevention and control measures. Surface swabs of high-touch areas in isolation rooms, of healthcare worker personal protective equipment (PPE) in doffing areas, and from air samples collected before and during bedding change were analysed using MPXV qPCR to assess contamination levels. Virus isolation was performed to confirm presence of infectious virus in key positive samples.

>We identified widespread surface contamination (66 positive out of 73 samples) in occupied patient rooms (MPXV DNA Ct values 24·7-38·6), on healthcare worker personal protective equipment after use, and in doffing areas (Ct 26·3-34·3). Five out of fifteen air samples taken were positive. Significantly, three of four air samples collected during a bed linen change in one patient’s room were positive (Ct 32·7-35·8). Replication-competent virus was identified in two of four samples selected for viral isolation, including from air samples collected during the bed linen change.

>These data demonstrate significant contamination in isolation facilities and potential for aerosolisation of MPXV during specific activities. PPE contamination was observed after clinical contact and changing of bed linen. Additionally, contamination of hard surfaces in doffing areas supports the importance of cleaning protocols, PPE use and doffing procedures.


>consider cleaning furniture with disinfectant wipes to be a proper COVID mitigation effort
it isn't?


File: 1658653588719.jpg (90.7 KB, 600x600, 5de.jpg)

>Stop having sex.


It obviously helps, because covid is known to persist on surfaces for days, but contact alone isn't enough to catch COVID, it needs to enter your body so infection from contaminated surfaces is rare.


File: 1658674804135.png (865.74 KB, 1898x4208, baberogers.png)

Impossible order for the average gay bro to follow. See picrel.


>So I attend the orgy, have a great time. Guzzled a metric fuckton of human piss, I think I had sexual contact with around 15 men, similar to the orgy on Saturday. Had a great time, met some great people, then stumbled my piss-drunk ass home.

This is what the gay community actually believes.


lol what a fucking retard


idk why hetero folks stereotype gays as ultra hedonists when they themselves tak about wanting to do the most sickest things.


Because gays get to do the fun stuff more on avarage


It's good that we have brave people like babethepigboi to fight these stereotypes


It’s literally another sodomite disease


the average gay bro has a piss fetish and attends orgies?


we could erradicate HIV if we wanted to. We can cut this monkey pox virus before it becomes a pandemic. It would be way way cheaper long term to do this. And we know it won't happen.




File: 1658678650559.png (37.52 KB, 600x800, Monkee.png)


Gay actualy fullfill their dreams and desires because they have an actual community, forged by segregation and persecution.




99% of this place already does that


Now you can hav all your dreams and desires in the monkee pen.


t. alienated sexless "ex"-/pol/tard


t. bug chaser


heteros can get it too?




Stop implies you had it before.


File: 1658693633065.jpg (24.98 KB, 500x498, 1530674229181.jpg)

Obviously because there are no women involved, women function like a handbrake on sex. Remove this brake from the equation and you get piss orgies every single day.


Monkeypox: 12 cases detected in a tattoo business in Cádiz

>One of the twelve persons infected told a reporter that she had gotten a nose piercing. The needle had been opened in front of her, and the expected hygiene was practiced. But 10 days later, the first symptom appeared

>“I started with jaw pain. On the 18th, Monday, I saw a lump in my neck and some appeared small white grains. The next morning, my whole face and neck were swollen,” says the person with monkeypox virus.

>Seeing that the symptoms did not improve, the woman herself decided to go to the doctor to see what was happening. “The next day I went to the emergency room, I went to Cadiz. I told them that I had a piercing and I got infected. They asked me if I had done it in such a place and I said yes”, he comments in front of the cameras of ‘Informativos Telecinco’.



So, this outbreak for now doesn't have any deaths recorded. But we can be sure that having monkeypox will have lasting syntoms. Bets on which ones?


>But we can be sure that having monkeypox will have lasting syntoms
and thats because……?



Here again with the daily reminder. Monkeypox is airborne, spreads through droplets and survives up to a week in cloth. Thanks for listening.


Fondness of bananas


If you think that a guy who has sex for money having a lot of sex is crazy, think about how the official recommendation from the agency tasked with preventing spread of infectious disease never told him to do otherwise. They never announced a "zero monkeypox" policy or even told people not to have sex with new partners until getting vaccinated. Seemingly gave up entirely on their mission.


Would have been nice if the leper colony known as "THE WEST" could have done something to prevent a virus similar to smallpox from getting a foothold in a human population and getting billions of chances to turn into something more deadly and contagious. Let's just keep waiting and seeing, waiting and seeing.


>But we can be sure that having monkeypox will have lasting syntoms
>billions of chances to turn into something more deadly and contagious


I'm upset with myself for not buying the monkey pox vaccine stocks. I had stopped stock trading a while ago but i knew of them such as (siga) and it's gone up 100% in value and down again multiple times. Straight up cash cow.

Missed opportunities


Looking forwards to the rest of the world getting it under control in a month while the US spends the next 3 years struggling not to drown in its own pus


>stopped being a NEET and started interacting with a lot of people at my job right as this is happening


shows you for trying to be a productive member of society


I learned very early on with covid (remember the mask demonizing) that you always do the opposite of what the CDC recommends


We have like 11K cases and yet we keep seeing the same three pictures of black African men with massive blisters on their face instead of, like, the actual monkeypox cases we're supposed to be worried about lol


Proper ventilation is far more important, your risk of contracting COVID from fomite transmission is little to none, "experts" were calling on to disinfect every surface because of a couple articles showed COVID could persist active in surfaces for hours but turns out it was only in limited conditions and it didn't really become an important avenue for infection. I presume something similar is going on with the monkeypox droplet shit.


y-you want me to prove that viruses reproduce and mutate? anon, have you attended high school?


Nobody is concerned about monkeypox mutations, what you need to prove for this to be significant is:

a) that the existing mutations represent a risk of increased transmissibility in human beings (0 proofs so far)

b) that the pace of mutation is quick enough for it become more fit to infect human beings in the near future, also 0 proofs.

Understand that this isn't an unstable RNA virus like COVID or go back to hexbear and shit your pants there.


Why the fuck is this still called monkeypox? Change the name already.


da gay flu


I do not understand your state of mind. This virus is in principle very easy to eliminate, yet the western countries are failing to do so because of their impotency of their infectious disease control institutions. Why are you making comparisons to covid? Here are the scenaria that should be your basis of comparison:
1. Detection of monkeypox in western nations is registered and an immediate response is carried out that detects and isolates all cases.
2. The present scenario, where over 10,000 people have contracted monkeypox. We don't know how this one will play out.

It is a fact that we don't have to be in the second scenario, that the second scenario engenders far more damage and risk than the first one, and that indeed that the possibility for a dangerous mutation that makes the virus more well-adapted for transmission among humans is larger in the second than in the first.

I dismiss your challenge to have me prove those stupid claims. Demand a society that acts responsibly, do not demand that random people prove impossible things (like "the pace of mutation is quick enough for it become more fit to infect human beings in the near future." This is not mathematics, you would not be able to prove this for covid either; it is an empirical question that can be decided only in retrospect).


extremely based post. This is the only position to have.

Somewhat tangential, it's amazing how little emphasis is put on preventive care. Criminal, really.


I am already working under the assumption that no government will do anything significant to stop this and I wish both the WHO and national disease control institutions in the west weren't gutted out to the point where they are virtually unable to perform contact tracing. Yet even working with that assumption, that nobody in power will move a finger beyond maybe tallying cases in the worry spreadsheet, I can't see what's tentatively been called monkeypox still being any more concerning than covid is for those reasons I mentioned, adding that avoiding monkeypox for most people is degrees of magnitude easier to avoid. I simply don't see why *me personally* should be worried about monkeypox the disease itself. What you're doing is colluding my concern for being personally infected with a disease with my sentiments around the institutional collapse that allowed for this to happen. Yes it is fucking frustrating, yet I'm not worried about contracting monkeypox myself or the long side effects of monkeypox that don't fucking exist, and can't possibly exist in the future because the virus doesn't biologically work like that.

> Demand a society that acts responsibly

What's stopping you?


>I do not understand your state of mind.
the man's only asking for proofs, dawg


>>1087877 (me)

>you would not be able to prove this for covid either; it is an empirical question that can be decided only in retrospect).

I don't even know how can you say this, this isn't an undecidable hegelian historical world event, it's a fucking observable virus that has existed for decades and has been deliberately left to spread in the west. YES WE WOULD KNOW IF IT MUTATES AT A CONCERNINGLY RAPID RATE BY NOW. Jesus christ for fucks sake.


The proof of my claim, that monkeypox is being given billions more opportunities to adapt to human transmission than it would otherwise, is trivial. There are billions more monkeypox viruses in human bodies now than there were at the beginning of the year.
I didn't say *you personally* should be worried, I'm not advocating for anyone to worry. I said that the West should have stamped out monkeypox and the fact that they haven't has given it more opportunities to turn into something worse. These are both true.
You are extremely stupid and I am not going to respond to you from now on.


>I won't provide proofs or even reply to any counterarguments but you guys are le dum


It's a funny name, I like it


It is a mistake to let people like you dictate the terms of the conversation, because the premise is implicit and incorrect:
>that the pace of mutation is quick enough for it become more fit to infect human beings in the near future, also 0 proofs.
Premise: Below a certain mutation rate, the virus will not change to become more dangerous. Where is your proof of this claim? There can be none; the rate in question would have to be identically zero. This implicit premise reveals both your bad-faith participation, because you are calling on me to prove something that in principle cannot be shown to satisfy you. And it reveals your misunderstanding (perhaps deliberate?) of the process of mutation itself.

Meanwhile, in actual science (and this is consistent previous claim, "it is an empirical question that can be decided only in retrospect") which must be grounded both in CORRECT understandings of the processes in question and their limits, researchers have found
>In sequences from two lesions of one patient, an 856 nucleotide translocation between genome termini resulted in the duplication of an initial (5-prime end) gene, and the disruption or complete deletion of four genes near the (3-prime) genome end. Orthopoxvirus genome rearrangements of this nature are known to confer fitness advantages in the face of selection pressure.
This is a surprise to you, but not to me! Because I know that a mutation RATE only tells you the number of mutations over time, in a particular sample, at a particular time. It is certainly not a number which, if it's low, means you know what is going to happen in the future! Particularly you, who can know no better than anyone since you misunderstand nearly everything!


Does this mean that everyone should rush the grocery stores and hide from monkeypox? No, all it indicates is that the dereliction of duties exhibited by the CDC and its European counterpart exposes society to unnecessary risks. That paper is about a mutation that never would have happened if they were successful in their basic mission, in a circumstance that they purportedly have been preparing for as matters of national security for decades: To prevent the spread of a smallpox-like virus infectious to humans from gaining a foothold in the population.

Let me reiterate: There are over 10,000 cases that simply should not exist right now. Every strand of genetic material in every viral particle in every human body embodies another roll of the dice. It is their JOB to stop this, and they are either incapable or unwilling. The counterfactual scenario– it could be worse, if it did have a higher mutation rate– is not relevant. The actual scenario is institutional failure.




Same reason sheep pox, horse pox, fowl pox, cowpox, goat pox, and swine pox haven't changed their names i imagine


They should literally all be changed


New disease had, for decades, been named in problematic ways by researchers following poor conventions and there was no standardized guidance on the practice. The WHO finally standardized naming practices for human communicable diseases in 2015 after MERS was improperly named.

Human diseases should not be named after people, places, or animals. They should be named after clinical symptoms, pathology, causal pathogens and specific descriptions, and can be appended with a year or an arbitrary number.


How much does this matter? A rose by any other name smells as sweet. It's not as if HIV is free of stigma because it follows the convention and it's not as if anyone understands why they switched from the Greek letter covids to the Omicron BA.X's. I think if they want people to stop calling it "Monkeypox" the best course is to eradicate it!


reminder that monkeypox is airborne, highly lethal, highly dangerous and we are all going to die very soon
no I don't need to prove my assertions


Wrong, monkeypox is easily treatable and survivable but only if you go out and buy all the toilet paper you can find.


File: 1658974573643.jpg (69.89 KB, 380x469, toilet paper raid.jpg)

RETVRN to early 2020


U.S. reports 1,048 new monkeypox cases, biggest one-day increase on record


it's ogre humanity is finished


They failed to eradicate it. It's unbelievable that the did, given that we just came out of a pandemic, but in fact, did. The governments in the West have seemingly lost the ability they once possessed. They eradicated smallpox, eliminated polio, but failed to stop this EZ mode epidemic.

So having said that, they should quickly change the name before a million people have it.


TIL the covid-19 pandemic is over because western media stopped covering it


File: 1658996308605.png (974.48 KB, 974x2087, 1631637816102.png)

<primary victims
>europeans and settler statoids
>sex havers
>gay libertines with no self-control
Global n*rtherners literally won't stop driving cars and eating meat to stop the planet from burning and the biosphere from dying, they won't stay inside and avoid going to the beach for 2 weeks to stop millions from dying from the coof, and they won't stop having sex to avoid getting and spreading monkeypox.

And it's all about muh freedom, no judgy no shaming. All about the individual. Their right to contract the disease, to spread it, and to continue living their life as unfettered as possible while it continues to spread uncontrolled.

This society is heading towards a fully deserved hell of its own creation. Liberalism will lead directly to the death of humanity, but not before more horrors are visited upon us.


>its all the individuals fault
>vote with your wallet
Fucking die already Margaret Thatcher.
What are you even doing in a leftist board, go fuck off.


It is airborne though.


source: dude, trust me


Obviously not as contagious in airborne droplets as covid but the dangeris still there. But the main way of getting it is through close contact with bodily fluids, specially with contaminated surfaces. Sweaty clothes, sweaty train bars, etc. Sex was only the first spreader event.

"Human-to-human transmission occurs," among other modes, via "mucocutaneous ulcers, respiratory droplets (and possibly short-range aerosols), or contact with contaminated materials (e.g., linens, bedding, electronics, clothing)."



99% of patients with M-pox are men
95% contracted it from sex with men

Another statistic which reporters found notable: 41% have HIV


is this the gay's revenge for generations of persecution? an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, guys…


nut for a nut makes the whole world nutted


It really doesn't matter, in my opinion. Maybe they'll change the name but it won't amount to anything. Something worth considering is that there are still fewer cases of monkeypox than there were cases of COVID back in February of 2020 in China, so we're still in the phase of a slow-motion car crash that in principle could be stopped at any point, but in practice keeps proceeding despite how easy the consequences are to predict.


Because they are testing only in STD facilities and only men.


Everything is looking very good to me!


>Something worth considering is that there are still fewer cases of monkeypox than there were cases of COVID back in February of 2020 in China
The PRC instituted massive testing programs, the West hasn't done anything similar and we have no idea how bad it really is.


Damn, this is an awful time to invest on strip clubs.


>I didn't say *you personally* should be worried, I'm not advocating for anyone to worry.
Yet you sounded very worried, but fair.

>You are extremely stupid

lmao, sucks to be dumb and not realize that this is still largely the same monkeypox from the 1970s


giving dumb people the means to do simple linear regressions was truly a mistake


And you sound like a cunt


are you schizo? They were saying the opposite


the word
is doing some monstrously heavy lifting in your response to that anon. Of course its still the same, until it isn't. How many variants of covid have we gone through now? How much worse are they now and how little protection do current vaccines have on them?


>How many variants of covid have we gone through now?

The difference is that the MPox virus is a well known orthopoxvirus and competent geneticists can already draw educated assumptions of how the virus will evolve. It's not a novel RNA coronavirus which has literally existed for two years only. I don't know which part of this is simply not permeating into your brain. It's like you're daft or something. Here's a very important science lady saying literally the same thing I'm saying: that it's impossible for COVID and MPox behave in the same way because they're different viruses, she's also mirroring what I've been begging for you to comprehend: that MPox is not a novel virus and scientists can infer the evolutionary trajectory because that's what fucking scientists do


Bonus: here's the same scientist lady commenting on your paper you uncritically quoted without any sort of educated interpretation explaining in layterms that it's simply not a matter of finding the number of mutations and screaming MUTATIONS!!! like a retard on twitter, the pre-print hasn't figured out what the mutations represent functionally on the virus, and since geneticists are nowadays so much better at detecting drift than ever before, they're bound to find a lot more mutations compared to previous observations.


Hope this is enough science for your ricking morty-infected brain.


sir, if you had taken the time to respectfully read my reply you would have noted i was not the original anon you had responded to. Thank you for your virology lessons though, I learned some new things today.


nothing personnel kid. jk, i hope he reads my post as well and is able to piece together that it's meant for him.


Don't know if you're responding to me, which are:
But you'll notice that nowhere do I say that monkeypox is similar to COVID so I genuinely do not understand what point you're making. In case you are the same anon as here:
<Nobody is concerned about monkeypox mutations
Interesting! Perhaps we should read the paper I linked, as well as the twitter thread you link? Let us see if "nobody is concerned about monkeypox mutations:"
>Given the propensity of orthopoxviruses, including MPXV, for rapid adaptation to new hosts via duplication and alteration of terminal genes, and the unprecedented scope of opportunity for MPXV in the current situation, the duplication, inactivations, and deletions we see in five terminal genes of ChVir28389 are of great interest.
They sure sound concerned to me! It is even more regrettable that, since "it sucks to be dumb and not realize that this is still largely the same monkeypox from the 1970s" my dumb company includes the authors of the paper who say that
>The dynamics of previous MPXV outbreaks may have no relevance to future evolution now that the virus has apparently achieved relatively sustained and widespread human-to-human transmission. The consequence of changes in poxvirus genes whose products are no longer required in a new host or otherwise altered context is unpredictable. For example, genes promoting virulence in VACV are inactivated in VARV, yet VARV is much more virulent50–52, and the loss or inactivation of host immune system-modulating genes in VACV can result in increased virulence40. We should not be complacent regarding the current outbreak, based on the prior history of MPXV in humans.
If you are so much smarter than I am I cannot begin to understand why you are reading Twitter threads, threads that in fact contradict none of the research they're commenting on, instead of the papers in question! I can hardly imagine what good it would do you, however, because in addition to perhaps not being smart enough to understand the humour in Rick and Morty, for which in fact an extraordinarily high autism score is required, you also cannot into reading comprehension! Since of course you can see in my posts that nowhere do I say "monkeypox will be like covid!" However, allow me to help you and emphasize the vast contradictions in your stupid position, which is arguing against a point I've never made, and the conclusions of the paper, AGAIN:
<scientists can infer the evolutionary trajectory
>The dynamics of previous MPXV outbreaks may have no relevance to future evolution now that the virus has apparently achieved relatively sustained and widespread human-to-human transmission. The consequence of changes in poxvirus genes whose products are no longer required in a new host or otherwise altered context is unpredictable.


Erratum: Post >>1090983 is not mine.


real patsoc hours


First monkeypox deaths outside Africa reported
A 41-year old man has died of monkeypox in Brazil, while Spain also reported its first death from the disease on Friday. These are first known fatalities outside of Africa, where monkeypox is endemic.

According to a statement by the Brazilian Health Ministry, quoted by local media, the deceased patient had a weakened immune system and suffered from lymphoma, among other diseases.

“He was hospitalized in a public hospital in Belo Horizonte, and was later taken to intensive care. The cause of death was septic shock, aggravated by monkeypox,” the ministry said.

The health authorities from the state of Minas Gerais, where the patient had been hospitalized, said that he died on Thursday.


File: 1659194256458-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 295.33 KB, 800x1172, F1.medium.jpg)

File: 1659194256458-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 114.43 KB, 500x653, F2.medium.jpg)

File: 1659194256458-2.jpg (Spoiler Image, 150.59 KB, 800x948, F5.medium.jpg)

File: 1659194256458-3.jpg (Spoiler Image, 152.1 KB, 800x661, F8.medium.jpg)

<Clinical features and novel presentations of human monkeypox in a central London centre during the 2022 outbreak: descriptive case series

Fuckin' hell the symptoms observed in this study are nightmarish


File: 1659194276626-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 95.78 KB, 800x496, F7.medium.jpg)

File: 1659194276626-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 123.2 KB, 800x557, F6.medium.jpg)

File: 1659194276626-2.jpg (Spoiler Image, 199.93 KB, 800x1149, F4.medium.jpg)


Jesus christ. That's fucked. I'm getting the vax, fuck it. One thing is getting your internal organs permanently damaged with long covid, but getting your dick mangled by this shit? No fucking way.


Stop being alive if you don't wanna die xDD


You're right, I'm gonna eat some forbidden candy.


File: 1659195299779.gif (1018.76 KB, 280x258, risotto.GIF)

Time to dig out the old CBRN suit


Silence incel. Your liberal tongue will not blame proles for having "gay sex" for a conscious negligence of the ruling class to contain this virus


Why is sex always correct? If a guy has bumps all over his dick (monkeypox or mot) you're gonna suck it because "you're no incel"?


>Why is X behavior always correct?
What a liberal question. lmao


have (gay) sex



why couldn't they just wear condoms though. maybe you were also an anti-mask retard, in that case credit to you for being consistent, but i am pro mask and pro condom
>inb4 it can still spread through kissing
don't kiss random strangers then
>inb4 it can still spread through skin-skin contact with boils
don't touch boils then
this seems like an incredibly easy disease to avoid, even if you have sex with men


>why couldn't they just wear condoms though
While condoms would additionally provide some minimal protection, they aren't going to be effective safeguards like they are against HIV. This is because the virus can be spread through transmission of fomites, just like lice/crabs for instance (with better success I suspect).

>don't kiss random strangers then

Asymptomatic spread has been observed to be occurring; that is, no outwardly presenting symptoms observed by the infected subject or by the non-infected subject. It's one of the characteristics of this outbreak's transmission that is still yet to be understood (as it seemingly differs from past outbreaks)

>don't touch boils then

(See above)

There have been plenty of cases of spread where no sex was involved, such as in the tattoo shop here >>1085769 , or the dance floor night club cluster, multiple massage therapists, etc. A future monkeypox outbreak outside of DRC & Nigeria is something that has been warned about for 15+ years by microbiologists/virologists/epidemiologists


>asymptomatic spread
hence my suggestion: don't fuck strangers. did you know this is literally also what WHO is suggesting? Perhaps we should listen to the experts here?
I know the refrain "listen to the experts" is almost impossible to read as sincere on an image board but I thought it was a good idea with covid and i think it's a good idea now.


your post >>1094958 heavily implies that it only happens through sex/kissing/direct contact with visible lesions, and that this is occurring primarily at underground warehouse bukkake's where distorted dicks that have open lesions oozing waterfalls of monkeyjuice are being sucked left & right like some sort of Fear Factor stunt lol

>this seems like an incredibly easy disease to avoid

for now, maybe. But in a month, school semester starts, and if there's only one thing in this world that is certain - it's that getting college-aged kids not to fuck strangers is a task only a fool would think achievable


year after year fewer and fewer young people have sex. whatever be the reasons for this, your prophesying of some sexual armageddon in september is retarded.


I blame americans


as long as I dont have sex will I be safe from the monkeypox?


that's true for you and certainly true for heterosexual males


it's true for youths in general irrespective of sexuality


>blame americans for african disease that european sex tourists picked up preying on the youth of african countries they've driven to prostituting their young men
eurofags strike again


I'm still right tho




>listen to the experts!!!
Fucking liberal. Think for yourself you fucking retard. How are you going to prevent people from going to night clubs and having sex. Fucking retarded ingrate, I swear to God you fucking libs remind me of the marvel that primates are able to work Microsoft Excel and algebra.

What are you going to do? Tweet it super loud??? Are you going to make a change.org petition to ban sex and dance clubs??? Don't call yourself a leftist. I am telling you now your entire way of thinking is utterly liberal.


File: 1659776488731-0.png (637.53 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1659776488731-1.png (443.09 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

>Short of a shot, then, the CDC suggested individuals avoid “anonymous sexual contact” and “private and public sex parties,” instead proposing “virtual sex with no in-person contact.” Alternatively, lovers might also “masturbate together at a distance without touching each other and without touching any rash,” or “consider having sex with [their] clothes on,” the document continued.
sauce: https://www.rt.com/news/560342-cdc-monkeypox-sex-guide/


>How are you going to prevent people from going to night clubs and having sex
You shut down the club's temporarily while you contact trace the spread

Clubs can open again those monkeypox scars look like forever


I'll wait. Let me know when you managed to get them closed.


I worked in the industry son you lock the club's doors with chains and padlocks the staff get a paid day off


File: 1659791560853.png (57.7 KB, 680x414, FWYO__yXgAYn1oZ.png)

An exponential regression curve is more accurate fit for the observed data.


This graph is exponential due to the y scale being logarithmic , which makes it look linear .


between this and the groomer panic we're going to see some pretty wild levels of homophobia when you start seeing kids with it once school starts up again


File: 1659792585304.png (935.75 KB, 800x800, Polio-3-chains.png)

BTFO. The underlying assumption of naysayers is that people getting viruses is totally fine just because that's the way it's always been. Any measure is authoritarian and a plot to enslave humanity.

Westerners, look at the attached picture.
>The effects of polio have been known since prehistory; Egyptian paintings and carvings depict otherwise healthy people with withered limbs, and young children walking with canes.[146]


There's 0 interest from the ruling class to do such a thing. This will have to become disruptive to everyday life before they do something about it. Only after the hospital beds are filled with necrotic genitals will they move a finger. The spice must flow.


Only reasonable post in this worthless thread so far.


I agree with you, we should get rid of all the hostile viruses and bacteria, contracting these diseases is just a drain. We should however then introduce some kind of tailored immune therapy to keep immune systems from atrophying.


Daily reminder anon here. Monkeypox spreads through droplets on surfaces.


three months later and I continue to successfully avoid learning about whatever this stuff is


>Don’t be gay
>Only have sex with girlfriend
>Secured monogamy over a year ago
<Chances of getting ooh-ooh-aah-aahpox basically zero


t's not sex, retard. It is prolonged skin-to-skin contact.
None of these things are going to inherently save you from Monkeypox (or whatever Lauren Hill meme name you have picked for it today).


File: 1659990456634.jpg (71.51 KB, 800x533, sweat droplets.jpg)

>blocks your path


And in the air


For the last fucking time it's not an STD you retards. As far as we know it's not spread through semen, a condom won't save you.


>t's not sex, retard. It is prolonged skin-to-skin contact.
over 90% of cases have sex as a transmission vector, yeah you can get it from other vectors but sex is the overwealmingly most likely vector


File: 1659993358619.png (11.15 KB, 640x734, 8e3.png)

>tfw you will never get monkeypox


the thing is that sex is the only skin-to-skin contact people have anymore


>only 3 months since start of the outbreak in May (1st case in UK from tourist returning from Nigeria)
>now 29,432 cases
>in 94 different countries
It's airborne. No std's or skin-to-skin contact only diseases spread that fucking fast you idiots.


Chickenpox is airborne. So is monkeypox.



more likely droplets. airborne diseases are downright explosive in their rates.


My cum is airborne too


holy shit motherfucker

Seeing as the capitalist world won't take the public health measures necessary to end this pandemic just like how they fumbled the ball on Covid because lockdowns, contact tracing, testing, paid full sick leave all impede on profits…

Is Work From Home my only option now for the rest of my life? I don't want some Frankenstein disease to fuck my shit up


Fake as fuck, sex was just the outbreak event. Kids and doctors have caught it with contact with skin.


Bros hold me, is the world so retarted that reactionaries are gonna oppose vaccinating to this?


most cases come from sex
>No std's or skin-to-skin contact only diseases spread that fucking fast you idiots.
if people are having orgies then they do


Mfs on the US are only testing gay males. Meanwhile there have been infected children and medical staff on Israel contaminated by not having gloves. I assure there are a lot more cases that reported. The West will incubate the next deadly smallpox.


>Mfs on the US are only testing gay males
because thousands of gays have symptoms
>Meanwhile there have been infected children
two children, both of whom were raised by a same sex male couple.
Saliva is a transmission vector, but not the only or most common one.


mass dyoffs are probably the only way they thnik they can get wages up tbh. Im not a hisorian but iirc after the Black Death people we're a lot better off because of the labour shortage


>it's just the flu 2.0
>nearly 3 years and 26 million covid deaths later..


Okay but wages didnt just go up because there were less people. There was a lot or violent clashes and conflict between those events.


Can you get monkeypox from hookers if you do plain vanilla sex only?


yes, the flu is one of the biggest killers of humans.


I wouldn't fuck hookers even without the monkeypox pandemic happening. Literally asking for an STD, yuck


Female cashier who caught monkeypox in Georgia talking about her experience


Again proving the WHO """"""expert guidance"""""" completely retarded and counter productive, as well as all the retards who took them at their word because they're """experts""".

Also proving once again that homophobia is a mental illness in line with other right wing afflictions that prevent one from assessing reality accurately.

God I hate the fact that we literally haven't even gotten over covid and our handlers are making the same obvious negligent non-action that led to covid becoming a serious issue. Worse still is that this disease is even easier to stop or control the spread compared to covid. It's like nature gave as easy one to see if we learned anything and the answer is no. I feel nothing but hate in my heart.


its fucking incredible to me that we all understand that Reagan exacerbated the spread of AIDS by saying it was just a gay plague. Then we see literally the same shit happen again and straight mfers think they are safe.

You are not essentially different to gay people. You will get the same diseases you fucking moron.

I used to roll my eyes when radlibs told me that homophobia was a mental illness or things like that but now i really think they were ahead of the curve. Medical care is a collective responsibility and if you see one part of humanity as subhuman you are through willful blindness and ignorance putting everyone else at risk.


>we all understand that Reagan exacerbated the spread of AIDS by saying it was just a gay plague
literally how did him saying this exacerbate the spread. it didn't. he exacerbated the spread by not coordinating a federal response to the disease because he was unconcerned about a disease he thought affected gay people. That prejudice isn't at play here.
>You are not essentially different to gay people
I don't have sex with men tho


>literally how did him saying this exacerbate the spread.
Straight dumbfucks thought there were safe and kept literally fucking around.


post literally any evidence


Does anectodal count?



>literally how did him saying this exacerbate the spread. it didn't. he exacerbated the spread by not coordinating a federal response to the disease because he was unconcerned about a disease he thought affected gay people. That prejudice isn't at play here.
Yes it was, it is all related and it is well documented.
>AIDS was met with great fear and concern by the nation, much like any other epidemic, and those who were primarily affected were homosexuals, African-Americans, Latinos, and intravenous drug users. The general thought of the population was to create distance and establish boundaries from these people, and some doctors were not immune from such impulses. During the epidemic, doctors began to not treat AIDS patients, not only to create distance from these groups of people, but also because they were afraid to contract the disease themselves. A surgeon in Milwaukee stated, "I've got to be selfish. It's an incurable disease that's uniformly fatal, and I'm constantly at risk for getting it. I've got to think about myself. I've got to think about my family. That responsibility is greater than to the patient."[36]

>Some doctors thought it was their duty to stay away from the virus because they had other patients to think of. In a survey of doctors in the mid to late 1980s, a substantial number of physicians indicated that they didn't have an ethical obligation to treat and care for those patients with HIV/AIDS.[37] A study of primary care providers showed that half would not care for patients if they were given a choice.[38] In 1990, a national survey of doctors showed that "only 24% believed that office-based practitioners should be legally required to provide care to individuals with HIV infection."[36] However, there were many doctors who chose to care for these patients with AIDS for different reasons: they shared the same sexual orientation as the infected, a commitment to providing care to the diseased, an interest in the mysteries of infectious disease, or a desire to tame the awful threat.[36] Treating patients infected with the AIDS virus changed some doctors' personal lives, as it caused them to have to deal with some of the same stigmas that their patients had. This disease also weighed on their minds, because they often had to deal with witnessing the death of patients and most often those patients were as young or even younger than they were.

>One of the best known works on the history of HIV/AIDS is the 1987 book And the Band Played On by Randy Shilts, which contends that Ronald Reagan's administration dragged its feet in dealing with the crisis due to homophobia, while the gay community viewed early reports and public health measures with corresponding distrust, thus allowing the disease to spread further and infect hundreds of thousands more.


>>1113841 (cont.)
>AIDS was met with great fear and concern by the nation, much like any other epidemic, and those who were primarily affected were homosexuals, African-Americans, Latinos, and intravenous drug users.
He was also a racist piece of shit. Let's also not forget that it was during Reagan's administration that the CIA flooded black communities with crack/cocaine.


so basically gays did what you're doing now (didn't trust the experts) and then the disease spread


>trust the experts!!!!!!

the experts say communism is a failure, why dont you trust them there?
<answer: because they have ideological biases

yes exactly, which gay people also understood when Reagan was talking his gay plague shit. Trusting the experts without any consideration of possible ideological bias is liberal shit, where you believe in a scientific institution capable, without bias, of determining objective truth


Reagan wasn't 'the experts' though


>murray rothbard says communism is bad so I won't listen to doctors about medicine
not an argument


"Learned"? It's just not profitable!


Once again, so called "experts" are making this out to be an issue exclusively for men who fuck men. I am all for science, but we must not blindly trust so called "experts" and bourgeois institutions.


Maybe it's different in the U.S., but doctors over here were making public statements in response to being mined for quotes by media over here. Not even rightoid outlets either, the big media.


I see. I guess what I should say is don't trust experts who are being overtly ideological and claiming it is a gay man's disease. Also pay attention to what the good experts are actually saying instead of getting it through the media, but I probably don't need to tell you or anyone here that.


Honestly, this board doesn't have nearly enough skepticism towards bourgeois science (including, even, the hazy part of physics). Must be bourgeois class consciousness popping up.


I personally think it's in reaction to the anti-science tendencies on the right.


Eh, users here are, by and large, bourgeois. This place is crawling with students and salarymen. Sure, there is the odd precarian, but even those are more frequent than proles.
Hence this "reaction to anti-science tendency" rationalization. Of course this is the thought process, but why care at all? Communists have the luxury of choosing what works.
See also the painfully verbose "effortposts" that take paragraphs to make a single point. It is the cooing of roast pigeons.


You ignored the medical staff green uygha.


>students and salarymen.
There are few ways to make a living in this world without subjecting yourself to the college machine. Tell people to universally take up a trade is just as bad as when bootstrappers say "lol jus get a better job lmao". Not everyone should be or wants to be a plumber or an electrician as based those occupations are. This reeks of vulgar workerism.

Funny thing is I still generally agree with you about our skepticism of bourgeois science because we have to remember they are not exempt from the profit motive.


>Eh, users here are, by and large, bourgeois.
didnt know leftypol was filled with owners of the means of production


Who the fuck are these experts and scientists saying it is a gay disease? The people spewing this shit are the same esoteric conspiratards that Carl Sagan warned we should get rid of immediately. And people who know they are lying of course.


>Eh, users here are, by and large, bourgeois.



getting your dick mangled to own the libs is the new trend


>students and salarymen
Comrades, is it bourgeois to have a job?


File: 1660142603121.jpg (13.03 KB, 225x224, do.jpg)

God forgive me for I'm about to fall for some bait


Redditor seems to have gotten infected twice, potentially one of the first recorded cases of this happening in humans (though its been recorded in mice). Refer to this comment from the thread:

>I’m so sorry to hear this happened to you.

>Unfortunately, there are data in mouse models to suggest that treatment with TPOXX prevents immunologic memory, and you may be one of the first cases to suggest this is true in humans too.

>When mice were treated with TPOXX and subsequently rechallenged with mpxv, they contracted the virus. Mice who cleared without TPOXX were protected from subsequent exposure to the virus.

>If you’d be willing to chat with me, please DM me. It’s important that this information be communicated to the broader scientific and public health community. You should have been vaccinated after your infection, as should anyone receiving TPOXX to clear their infection.

>Please DM if you’d be comfortable connecting. I’m a PhD immunologist in SF and I’ve spent a good bit of my summer trying to help our community through this, as well as trying to better educate our public health officials and community on the science.

>Edited to add Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2849515/



Antivaxx schizo rightoids all "unvaxxed sperm is the new bitcoin". 1 year later now they're all gonna get dick mangled because "monkeypox not real; it's l-le liberal hoax". Guess I'll have the last laugh. Non-mangled dick is the new bitcoin

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