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'LNP Bros…It's over' edition

- News/info:

Fresh guardian just dropped:

McNamara and Richmond got turned into Lab v. Green races, So a Lab/Grn MP no matter what there.
Everywhere else except Brisbane is just Lab v. LNP within a % point of each other at 70% counted.
Could end up with Lab-Grn de-facto coalition, Could still just be a Lab majority at this point.


File: 1653266841229.png (20.73 KB, 454x500, unknown-6.png)


Who will do the welding now?!


Dutton as oppo leader represents the Liberals finally abandoning the 'L' and embracing their position as old tories screaming about immigrants and Gays all day.
We can only hope they dont infect us with American race autism.


File: 1653271483447.jpg (23.27 KB, 324x275, 1639753619011-2.jpg)

Truth be told, I reckon if they did do this approach, they'd only become more unpopular.


I tried looking for Dutton's policies. Couldn't find anything official so this seems best:

Some highlights:
>certified cuckold
<Voted consistently for
>Banning mobiles and other devices in immigration detention
>Deregulating undergraduate university fees
>Drug testing welfare recipients
>Increasing eligibility requirements for Australian citizenship
>Increasing the cost of humanities degrees
>Increasing the price of subsidised medicine
>Privatising certain government services/assets
>stop da boats
>Allowing companies to mine coal seam (CSG), tight and shale gas
<Voted almost always against
>Letting all MPs or Senators speak in Parliament
<Voted consistently against
>A fast transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy
>A Royal Commission into Violence and Abuse against People with Disability
>Considering legislation to create a federal anti-corruption commission
>Doctor-initiated medical transfers for asylum seekers
>Federal government action on animal & plant extinctions
>Increasing consumer protections
>Increasing political transparency
>Increasing trade unions' powers in the workplace
>Increasing support for the Australian film and TV industry
>Increasing the diversity of media ownership
>Restricting foreign ownership
>Stopping tax avoidance or aggressive tax minimisation


As my last post speculating, He's basically just a US tier NeoCon/Rethuglican parachuted into Australia


File: 1653309979256.jpg (86.33 KB, 936x622, 0_aliens-nukes-604325.jpg)

Spoke to my mum again, she ended up voting for UAP and One Nation. Didn't know who the other left parties were, preferenced the Greens low because Bandt is a twat and global warming is fake.
Mid-way through the conversation she began telling me about nuclear weapons being controlled by aliens, the Pentagon admitting hundreds of UFO contacts, Lionel Munford, something about the Miracle of Fatima, and how they predicted the Ukraine-Russia conflict.
Coincidentally also saw this article in Crikey today


Looking at the election results so far, most of the country expect remote/rural areas in say QLD and NT swung away from the libs, whether it be to the ALP, Greens on independents.
However, I'm concerned that very working class areas of Melbourne actually swung to the libs - presumably through UAP/PHON votes. Yes, people are mad about lockdowns, but I do worry about the right wing radicalisation of working class people. I have one friend who has gone full blown nutter - she used to be pretty normal but all she does is rant about how the WHO is going to take over the hospitals and how the vic govt has been kidnapping children and shit. Its genuinely frightening to see someone lose their mind like this.



This is the best result for socialism since Fred Paterson. The sallies + salties got 7.04% of votes in Wills.

Salties got 5.27% in Fraser.

Salties got 4.70% in Calwell.

Sallies got 4.20% in Leichhardt.


Wait your mom is a Posadist then interesting very very interesting indeed.


fuckin nice :)


are your labour peoples sucdems or cuckdems?


The party is spelt Labor, and they suck shit


what are Salties and Sallies?


that's part of the lockdowns people got more time to get exposed to conspiracies especially with the mental toll isolation can take on some people making them susceptible to those theories including the anxiety surrounding the vaccine and unrest with the lockdowns in general.


why do they spell it the burger way?


File: 1653315911020.png (104.49 KB, 1156x506, 4tqfa23.png)

dw comrade Liddle is on the case o7 o7


Sallies are Socialist Alliance. Salties are Socialist Alternative, who make up most of the Victorian Socialists. Initially the Victorian Socialists were made up of both sallies and salties, until they had a falling out and now it's almost all salites.



To be honest I'm not against aliens bringing in socialism at this point


File: 1653317048890.jpg (18.14 KB, 640x480, Milkman.jpg)

Tell her that the WHO's agents are anti WHO in order to inoculate the public against their real agenda. Because they're secretly working against the milkmen.



Okayyy so the distinction between anglo and other forms of English hadn't solidified yet and so was more fluid


To think I preferenced her over the ALP


She's completely right. Anyone who supports far-right reactionary shit should be shot.


We live in a democracy, this is easy fodder for others to use against the Greens in this electorate. She's burning gains for nothing.


File: 1653356325160-0.png (22.85 KB, 555x209, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1653356325160-1.png (160.35 KB, 396x298, ClipboardImage.png)

From this old 2021 article:

What a fuckin laugh. 'oh no there are vehicles in public think of the children'


strange times, acp can't seem to get a break from the authorities. Although I disagree with framing the kitchen as a nice charitable "political commitment" where you don't actively recruit, it allowed for an unexpected political victory.


Well it's not just charitable, it's aid with a political branding attached. It brings good reputation, sympathy and attention to the cause. Think of Breakfast for Children (considered by the FBI as one of the reasons the Black Panthers were the 'biggest threat to domestic security').
It also normalizes the party and makes it a thing people will resist getting rid of. If it was seen as just a front for recruiting, I think it would be more likely seen as nefarious than good.


while i agree that getting on live tv and saying that the street kitchens are largely for recruiting people into the communist party would be counter-intuitive, at the same time you cannot build a party simply by being nice to people. A key component of the BPP's breakfast for children programme was politically educating the families which utilised the services. A key aim of any communist party is to equip working people with revolutionary knowledge and to educate people on how the problems that affect them are a part of a united system called capitalism. It's good to have fans and to be liked, but to get revolutionaries that engage in class struggle at the cost of their own personal interests requires more work and a different approach.

This article touches on it better than I can:


The ACP seems like a young party that has agility to make the necessary changes, and for all our sakes I hope that they do.


Good article, thanks for linking. Wanna put it in the Guerilla Urbanism thread too?


The ACP don’t already do some ideological outreach in their food drive anyway?


I'm not sure but you'd hope they'd at least have a few pamphlets or something


What are the political views of the dog?


File: 1653374082600.jpg (52.36 KB, 539x700, toto_50.jpg)

his DMs are open so you could ask him


File: 1653375024836.png (67.15 KB, 632x806, suqph7zxjq071.png)

Spoony vibes


File: 1653385950567-0.pdf (197.42 KB, 160x255, Factions(AJPS).pdf)

File: 1653385950567-1.png (225.37 KB, 634x462, 1653376218600.png)

1991 interview with Albanese in the old CPA newspaper Tribune. The PDF is a case study by Andrew Leigh of 1980s factional politics in Labor.







They leave out the fact that the Christian charities don't feed the homeless on Sunday mornings because they're at church. That's why the ACP steps in and feeds them on Sunday mornings because homeless people need to eat regardless of your need to pray.

There are stickers around the square asking people to join the party.

<The Albanese supporters were
known as … ‘Bolsheviks’


Maybe you could hit him on the head in minecraft and make him forget the last 20 -30 years


File: 1653449981149.jpeg (34.13 KB, 708x433, images (18).jpeg)

Why did he do it bros?


Fuck I hate Dai Le already


File: 1653472923757.jpg (89.7 KB, 1125x897, 1610610210022.jpg)

>all the seppos saying that they need our gun control
>all the libs singing the praises of John Howard
I hate school shooting season


But it's genuinely funny Labor teardrops trying to become experts on Vietnamese citizenship just to justify a s.44 case against her because they're salty perennial loser and horrible Captain's pick Keneally lost.


I don't care for the ALP but she's liberal affiliated and seems to be typical of people who 'fled' Vietnam who hate anything red like a mindless parasite.


haha, misread the source.


Whenever I see developments or news articles about development it makes my fucking blood boil. I see pretty pictures of the same shitty fucking cardboard building and the nicely mixed 3d renders of people playing in the park. Each as horrifyingly uncanny as the next.

How green the grass will grow,
How well contruction goes,
How exciting for investors and how honoured you are to know!
How much will be spent on this?
How much will be then wasted,
On the perfect type of plaster box with stupid fucking placement?

All the time we hear of "sustainability", "affordability" and how many millions of dollars are being put into the centrepiece of a rotting suburban hell.

How about I list off all the buzzwords?
Exciting, Elegant, Sustainable, Affordable, Social Housing, Investment, Prime Location, Townhouse, Complex

And worst of all, "development".

I see the same fuckhead drinking on the newly painted curb. I can smell the same fucking pollution beside the newly planted 7m^2 garden bed. I still see trash piling up behind the renovated road that leads to the industrial estate. I still find no shade beneath the withering and weed ridden nature reserve. All this and we wonder why stable living is a pipe dream for my generation?



Time to move out bush and become a maoist insurgent


>telling me about nuclear weapons being controlled by aliens, the Pentagon admitting hundreds of UFO contacts
To really throw her for a spin tell her about 'Project blue beam' and how the U.S governments 'alien disclosure' is 50/50 part of the American governments true 'nuclear option' - Which is to attempt a 'first strike' against their rivals [Russia, China and potentially India] to destroy their populations and industrial base. And then use massive propaganda and PsyOps to convince the entire world it was alien attack, Which will in turn justify a global patriot act, 4th Industrial revolution and an Occident controlled E.D.F/N.I.R.V to pacify the world.


No. I cannot run, there is nowhere to run to. I cannot hide, there will be no stone left unturned. The only option is to harden my heart and confront the beast head on, to make revolutionaries of my peers who I know suffer as I do. My hatred of the capitalist machine is tempered by my love for my fellows and I WILL NOT abandon them.


fine, urban insurgent, have it your way


Look the discourse of real estate developments is all kinds of hellish and there's all sorts of green-washing bullshit but always be mindful of knee-jerk anti-development notions, because that leads down the dark path of reactionary NIMBY-ism - and no one wants to sound like a hypocritical Greens councillor.

Australia can't solve many of our housing and infrastructure issues, without sustainable and transit-oriented development.



Based. Solidarity Forever.


>How green the grass will grow,
>How well contruction goes,
>How exciting for investors and how honoured you are to know!
>How much will be spent on this?
>How much will be then wasted,
>On the perfect type of plaster box with stupid fucking placement?


Pregnant and terrified, Tailah is moving into a tent with her young family
Their Bundaberg rental is being sold and for six months, Tailah and her partner Daniel have been looking for a new house for their family of five.
Daniel earns a decent wage as a traffic controller and the pair thought they would have no trouble finding a three-bedroom home within their price range of $300 to $450 per week. But as time wore on, they became increasingly panicked.
>"Unfortunately there are literally hundreds of applications for every single rental — there's just not enough to go around."
>"They always say when you've got a job, it's security and you're financially better off, but at the moment it doesn't make much of a difference at all."



>$244 a week for a patch of grass


Australians all let us rejoice,
For we are one and free;
Or so it's said by the braindead;
In this bloody country;
Our land abounds in natures gifts
Of beauty rich and rare;
But brits came here and mined and cleared
And now the land is bare!
In joyful strains then let us sing,
Advance Australia Fair.

Beneath our radiant Southern Cross,
We’ll toil through sweat and tears;
Though the fruits of such are not for us
They're for the profiteers.
For those who’ve come across the seas
We’ve got them cells to share;
While our own shall sleep on the streets
In this Australia Fair.
To torture school kids make them sing,
Advance Australia Fair.


Cope and seethe, Kristina





File: 1653562462727-0.mp4 (1008.65 KB, 320x240, RftZAtIM_DTPgv-f.mp4)


Are kids still doing the Melbourne shuffle?


I see wogs do it, but I think it's entered into the general dance consciousness at this point since there are only so many movements you can do with your body.


>To torture school kids make them sing,
>Advance Australia Fair.
Don't worry; Dutton wants them saying the Oath of Allegence too. (2018)


Yasmin Abdel Magied is considering giving up Austard citizenship. Oh noes, hopefully she returns so the rightoids seethe more!


File: 1653630872648.jpg (51.72 KB, 828x618, FTvcbDSaUAEI49v.jpg)

cool 👍


lmao, delusional


Any more information on this song. Who sings it? etc?


from this documentary @ 18:00 mark. No clue who sings it


Kek I'm watching the recent Q&A episode and a greens senator is talking about how she doesn't like dutton because he boycotted the apology to the stolen generations, scaremongering about african street gangs and that he blamed muslim immigration for the christchurch shootings and some liberal politician starts whining about how 'I thought we were supposed to be having a kinder politics!'


thanks the song is called dare to win and the singer is sean roche per the credits.


Australia played with the notion of an Australian empire pre-WWI


kinder for me, not for thee


>The Project shows clip of IEU teachers on strike
>parent immediately says they don't think teachers should get a pay rise because they 'get paid fine' and get '13 week of leave a year' that they can spend at home with their children.
Crabs in a fucking bucket.
Especially looking at all the parents on TV whining about remote learning.


I saw this comment first and I thought it was about chocolate egg inequality.


File: 1653644533386-0.jpg (401.02 KB, 1872x2048, FTvYFt1akAAXlk1.jpg)

File: 1653644533386-1.gif (1.68 MB, 498x498, anzac.gif)

this is what the ANZACS fought for


Now you've made me aware that I just said "children for me, not for thee"
thanks ):


The leader of the ACP is 17? I wish I was that articulate at that age.


yeah after being groomed by a party elder :/


Are all teachers groomers?


Show some solidarity with your education providing comrades


The teachers should all quit and move to another job. They should let the education system collapse. School is an oppressive hierarchy and should be abolished.


I thought the leader was Bob Briton, an old dude who was the old GenSec of the CPA


doin the deep dive into David Fox, pity the poor bastard is sympathetic to Maupin


>They should let the education system collapse.
Teachers won't though because, like all empathetic industries, the few would carry the masses before burning out.


Fucking envious of that man's hairline, goddamn.


he's still holding onto it, this is what happens when you learn australian labour history



Ok you canberra mob who rule over us, our economy rides on this you've noticed the pacific island nations that have leveraged being between us and china into huge concessions and tributary missions from both sides

We can do that with china which will be good for Australia's economy

Play cards right and we could be Switzerland between China and US and reap the benefits, like complete knock down kits to do grey market importing and a bit of industrial development kickstarted if they sanction each other

USA needs us more than we need them and the chinese have signaled a diplomatic reset with the Premier of PRC in charge of negotiating a diplomatic thaw

We can be like the pacific nations, begin dialogue with a few friendly letters translate them directly into chinese with a literate translator if you want to be extra polite and do like those pacific islands but on a bigger scale

Good for them good for us win win
Don't fuck this up you canberra mob tards


>>994200 (me)
I know youse canberra mob are reading this and this means you
When the current mob said the pacific island nations was the worst foreign policy debacle they were being kind
It's as bad as they claimed, but the last mob made an even bigger ooopsie

They cancelled a admittedly pork barrelled but nevertheless real deal with the french that would have improved our own technological capacity and allowed us to properly service the collins classes battery systems, but they even offered us their nuclear reactor 'technology' when the deal was scuttled

In exchange we got entrance into a bloc AUKUS that is only worth it as a binary barometer of USA interest in australia and an unreliable one at that

Play the cards right here and we could get technology transfer from Russia, China, USA and Europe by acting as a ckd kit middle man

And we'd be able to actually build our own cars and tractors shit maybe even eventually from scratch with the knowhow we'd get from working on that kit

Don't fuck it up you dumb cunts in Canberra


File: 1653779322690.png (10.24 KB, 445x116, Capture.PNG)


We're going to become the turkey of the Pacific, highly reactionary, part of alliances we shouldn't be a part of, and a place where the Australian army lost a battle


They're going to fuck it up.
Australia will always be a US colony.



File: 1653900268792.jpg (69.03 KB, 620x1200, prguy.jpg)

Why is the ALP laundering money through twitter?


>listening to mum praising Murdoch because much philanthropist and 'I understand that some people are jealous' and telling people to lay off filming that yacht




Reminder that One Nation were getting 0.20% of the vote in 2010 and 2013 and now they're at 4.86%.


Combine that with the UAP vote…


I mean that didn't even exist back then, now it's 4.07%
Greens haven't grown anywhere near that rate and are still only ~11%, but the 'teal' ex-Liberal greenies have shot up (all Independents shot up 2.00% in this election, and a bunch of them have seats. UAP & One Nation btfo lmao zero seats)

Stay tuned I'm calculating the socialism trend………


Didn't Greens got 4 seats?


File: 1653950670827.png (430.16 KB, 2700x4400, VOOOOTING.png)

Socialist parties in House of Representatives from 2010 to 2022.


File: 1653951004811-0.png (35.85 KB, 709x339, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1653951004811-1.png (54.61 KB, 719x601, ClipboardImage.png)

Current count is 80% but it's pretty much settled. Only 2 seats in doubt, both Liberal vs. Labor.


Katter got one, Center Alliance got one, rest are independents, most of which are those new 'teals'.


The lesson is people like "independents" even when they are funded by a group of porkies that behave like a party. This could change the electoral strategy for socialists. Instead of running as Victorian Socialists or whatever, we could have "crimson independents" that don't use the S or C words.

Going in as independents is also good at containing blowback. There are 151 lower house seats and the chances of us choosing 151 people that don't fuck up campaigning are low. For example, if one "crimson independent" says something stupid, then it doesn't affect the other "crimson independents" that much, unlike parties where everyone is supposed to be representing the party.

The upper house is still better to run as a party because it allows voters to vote above the line.


File: 1653964619678.jpg (356.84 KB, 1287x1316, Happy-Workerism.jpg)

>Instead of running as Victorian Socialists or whatever, we could have "crimson independents" that don't use the S or C words.
I am in support of this(….. is it basically just entryism?), but they really do need the media exposure to go with it. They aren't suddenly voting for independents despite their funding but because of that funding, or more specifically, how it was used.
>The lesson is people like "independents"
>2004: 3 independents (one was Bob Katter)
>2007: 2 independents (Katter and one of the other incumbents)
>2010: 4 independents (Katter and the incumbent, an ex-Greens candidate, and a by-election incumbent from 2008 formerly a Nationals candidate)
>2013: 2 independents (the ex-Greens incumbent and a new independent)
>2016: 2 independents (same 2)
>2019: 3 independents (ex-Green incumbent, the other incumbent's recommended successor in the same seat, and Zali Steggall)
>2022: 10 independents (7 'teal independents' incl. Zali, the two other incumbents and new Dai Le)
< +6 teals, +1 non-teals
So by naïve numbers, independents historically work better than open socialists and is potentially tactically advantageous because of the buzzwords like green and socialism but I wouldn't say it's a magic key to winning because people like "independents". If I counted correctly, there were 97 independents running for House of Reps. 10 got elected.


I wouldn't discount the significance of the specific issues in this election, primarily that green tory women were sick of Morrison's shit.
And keep in mind, these well funded independents did actually engage with their communities - it's not as simple as just slipping in some outsiders and hoping no one notices. The socialist parties are actually doing this and are making small gains in certain areas.


Heroically evacuated after completing its mission.


The indypyndents all had funding from the bourgeouis.


Socialist parties, even if they hate each other, need to not run against each other in lower house seats. Socialist Alliance ran 5 lower house candidates, Victorian Socialists ran 11. There are 151 seats, so why did they both run in Wills?

This matters because you don't get election funding from the AEC unless you get over 4% of the vote. In Wills, Socialist Alliance got 3.63% and Victorian Socialists got 3.11%, so they both blew their money.

Also, only run female "crimson independent" candidates that are ex-sportswomen or doctors.

Buzzwords are all the teals had and it worked. Keep your plans vague and your plans can be socialist.




I talked to a Vic soc volunteer about this while waiting in line, apparently Sallies had a tiff with Vic socialists because Vic Socialists had more people (?) and that they disagreed with some points in the campaign. It all sounds very silly and a great case for democratic centralism


>Albanese has kept his praetorian guard in the central engine room of the government – Marles in defence, Penny Wong in foreign affairs, Katy Gallagher in finance, Jim Chalmers in Treasury, Mark Butler in health and Tony Burke as leader of the lower house and in the workplace relations portfolio (where Albanese wants to try to establish some Accord-style consensus between unions and employers).


File: 1653999426064.jpg (9.66 KB, 259x194, index.jpg)

forgot pic


>Keep your plans vague
Works for UAP, right?


>Accord-style consensus between unions and employers
What does that mean?


File: 1654000230058.gif (847.15 KB, 220x169, mussolini-serious.gif)

its a DLP world, you're just living in it



>In general, the aim of prices and incomes policies is to restrain wages, enforce industrial peace, and replace trade union militancy and struggle with compliance. In particular, their purpose is to keep wages at a level below that which could be attained through free collective bargaining between the trade unions and the employers.

TL;DR: Corporatism


> apparently Sallies had a tiff with Vic socialists because Vic Socialists had more people (?)
Maybe if the Sallies got with the times and stopped living in the 70's


File: 1654031950546-0.jpg (157.86 KB, 1080x1203, FUGi15HUAAAMqyX.jpg)

File: 1654031950546-1.jpg (32.48 KB, 1080x408, FUGi0q-VsAAbXkm.jpg)

File: 1654031950546-2.jpg (107.64 KB, 1080x822, FUGiztZUsAA7tOY.jpg)

File: 1654031950546-3.jpg (109.3 KB, 1080x819, FUGiyunUsAArUgX.jpg)

Does drew have a point here?


>no one cares about [thing he can't stop posting about]
into the trash


i love how the "uygha movement" is tied to this guy


Sounds annoying and in need of a battering tbqh lads


Let me guess, he's Croatian?


worse, he's greek


insane person
Where does he get his funding?


File: 1654131327695-0.jpg (231.46 KB, 1396x1530, FUKoqE2aQAEwgMN.jpg)

File: 1654131327695-1.png (178.88 KB, 743x625, y5vcxsd.png)


kys drew


File: 1654146619880.jpg (87.56 KB, 840x1024, FUIXdArUsAA2uZG.jpg)





Ah it's a mining/resource extraction conference, now it makes sense


Victorian police stations battling workforce shortages due to stress, sickness


>Wodonga and Wangaratta police stations are experiencing ongoing staffing shortages

>Victoria Police have provided temporary deployments to the stations, to shore up staffing
>They say both stations are sufficiently staffed to respond to incidents as they occur


I hate Anglos so much it's unreal.
I sure hope nothing bad happens to the local businesses. :^)


If they stopped at things like Systems Engineer, there would be nothing wrong with that post.

Also I forgot to tell my local rep to do shit on behalf of the train workers union (TWU?)

I sure hope nothing bad happen to multi-national franchises :)
yes i am mad that Subway and McDonalds got to use the Dine and Discover vouchers


Why do they even bother advertising? Everybody knows government jobs only go to friends and family of existing government employees in Australia.


Enjoy the weekend m8s


meeting to divide up africa like what they did in wwi


File: 1654343864298.png (310.1 KB, 525x821, FUKYxY1aMAA22NN.png)

we are the harbingers of a new australia… and this shall be our long march


File: 1654393933174.mp4 (1.28 MB, 540x960, 1533250525281808384.mp4)


The people that watch this are literally bootlickers.


File: 1654407982656.png (141.22 KB, 474x295, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm sorry, is the imagery of a police officer stomping on your face not meant to provoke massive shock and revulsion?




File: 1654415246998-0.jpg (65.47 KB, 640x640, 2858696.jpg)

File: 1654415246998-1.jpg (366.69 KB, 1015x1537, big-m-girl.jpg)

File: 1654415246998-2.jpg (403.24 KB, 1007x1513, big-m-girls-448199.jpg)

File: 1654415246998-3.jpg (143.6 KB, 600x857, s-l1600.jpg)

a transition to communism in the Australian context will include a return of Big M girls, a necessity to build productive forces - Marx knew this.


Question about IWW and Australia: >>1003936


The M stands for Marxism, Big Marxism


Mossad / CIA (See: Yemeni)

>We're living in the Labor-(DLP) + Greens + Slimy petty boug Fascism ending.

The German Labour Front and / or Mussolini's Grand Council where the most yellow unions in the country are put on a committee 50/50 with porkies to decide what % wage rises are


Nonsense. It involves an extremely rigorous process which ultimately wastes a lot of time because an application and a phone call is typically all you need to know if someone is a schizo.


dammit my household is stuck watching the jubillie while my mum keeps calling the queen 'amazing'.

I mean I can enjoy the covers of Queen songs but it's just going down from here.


oops forgot to add the music.


broken clock, but truth be told, who gives a fuck what this guy has to say? The guy goes out of his way to deliberately provoke Chinese communities by shit talking China in front of them.

Lord knows I'm not a fan of China as it exists now, but even I find there's little point in saber rattling against them.


M stands for Milkers, Big Milkers.


File: 1654422755856.jpg (412.96 KB, 963x1489, big-m-girls-455114.jpg)


They're even that big though :\


One must die. Who do you pick?


Eat shit wog


Barillaro, though his political career's dead anyway.

Hey, Jordies is part itallian too.
t. wog.


File: 1654595822115.jpg (125.08 KB, 736x736, JokerSubway.jpg)

>5.5% Inflation.
>Got an inside tip (Coles) that produce and meat price is going to absolutely skyrocket through winter.
>Interest AND Cash rate hike.
>Government considering implementing 'emergency rules' for natural gas, whatever the fuck that means (Export ban?, Rationing?)
>Jim Chalmers on TV : "No more inflation by crissy, trust the plan, two more weeks!"
<Everyone in my family is doing the surprised Pikachu face and wondering how the economy got this shit - My ass that spends all days learning about Macroeconomics and Monetary policy on a basket weaving forum is just sitting there jokering out.
<Im jokering out because i know its just the start.


The most important thing is to immediately go and buy all the food you can find at the shops. Buy as much gas as you can if you have a storage tank.


File: 1654596495062.jpg (99.81 KB, 801x856, ConservativeShoplift.JPG)

>"Go to the shops and start hoarding something like i dont know…Dish soap!…And then when people see you they'll think in the back of their head 'Hmmmm…Does he know something we don't?' and then they'll but some! and post about it on Facebook! and before long they'll be a full blown Dish Soap shortage!"


Well you'd better hurry or there will be none left and you will be forced to eat ZE BUG off a LEAF!


I saw Grover Furr at a grocery store in Los Angeles yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos or anything. He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?” I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but he kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw him trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen Milky Ways in his hands without paying. The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Sir, you need to pay for those first.” At first he kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter. When she took one of the bars and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any trotskyite infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each bar and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.


I want to believe this is true.


It won't be easy under Albanese.

Stock up on toilet paper NOW!


new to the internet?


what does that even mean?


To become the Joker


deviantart ned kelly goes hard


>historically inaccurate guns


Neduru Kerry


>Matchworks suggesting they would get me a warehouse or meatpacking job if I don't get a job soon.
< Have an RSA card and am thinking about bartending.

Is bartending a good way to let me overhear shit and spread consciousness?


>Is bartending a good way to let me overhear shit and spread consciousness?
ofc it is.
Be among the people.
Also you will learn to understand lumpen and why they come to be as they are.


neduru keruri*


File: 1654861266980.png (95.07 KB, 864x610, Untitled.png)


Hey cunts post ecological disaster we can make proteins from plastic
Eath the bugs hunh
Yeah ok in those circumstances


Unions have had a "fuck you, got mine" mentality since Bob Hawke. Unlike Canada (or the USA), unions will not help you find work, unless you're already well connected in the union. If you've already got a good job, unions might help you keep it. Unions only work for privileged people in Australia.

See how Labor governments refuses to do anything about unemployment. They don't give a fuck about lumpenproles because they're not already successful. Labor actively wants lumpenproles to suffer so they can show union insiders what will happen to them if they don't support Labor and the ACTU.


idk burger unions sound the same as Australian ones.



Public Holiday Pay, so good.


>"I can't believe the Victorian Greens elected a transphobe as Convener! We progressives and socialists have to fight to reform the Greens!!"




Everyone should go and buy all the toilet paper and fuel they can find


TERFism is still idpol


ok liberal


the point was more anti-socdem than anti-trans


silence liberal


File: 1655205584454.png (133.61 KB, 644x827, fuck off nazi punks.png)

Hell yeah.


The original Zigga


Based dialectical bartender.


>and then he went back to ignoring me
Chad af.


File: 1655206583624.png (317.37 KB, 474x474, ClipboardImage.png)

*mutter* fucking libs



the camera may have infrared camera also so place bits of foil or whatever in strategic places

the cameras are probably in the self checkouts which should be avoided since that betrays retail workers


sad pepe.png

Austards, we almost had Scovid the Welder running the country through the electricity crisis. Think of all the acceleration we missed out on.


Remain calm
The lights will soon return
Chairman Albo endures
The Commonwealth of Australia endures
There is much to be done


File: 1655303708086-0.jpg (167.76 KB, 1200x907, SAFR_Face_Mask.jpg)

File: 1655303708086-1.jpg (165.29 KB, 1830x1155, SAFR_and_Face_Masks_2.jpg)

>SAFR evaluates occlusion on a variety of levels, and sometimes the level is such that an exact match can’t be made.
>In these cases, SAFR can automate subsequent procedures that ensure safety and security protocols are upheld.
>For example, different matching thresholds can be required when occlusions are detected, a multifactor authentication workflow can be initiated, or security personnel can be notified when a person is not recognized because of a face mask or other occlusion.

<he still thinks masks work against facial recognition in current year


you need payday foil masks if you want e anonymous these days damn.


>watching QandA, episode about power crisis
>twitter feed post says "we need a genuine free-market for electricity!"
i tried to find it but couldnt, good to see a lot of people dunking on free markets. even my Liberal4Life mother is anti-privatization


well fuck
guess I'll just.. idk anymore :(


File: 1655385863517.jpg (229.95 KB, 1000x1000, IH-B21-BK.jpg)

Now that your electricity rates are much cheaper than what it costs generators to make power, if we all consume power, it will send them broke. Run your heaters as much as you can!

Just wear a balaclava.


File: 1655386182945.jpg (52.87 KB, 601x568, property_owners.jpg)


you should litterally just show them what's currently happening in France when they started "privatizing",the electric firms are litterally bleeding money and have to be propped up by the state so they don't accidentaly get nationalized back.
the reality is that a "free" electric market would get dunked on by a singular country with nuclear reactors because they would be the cheapest,and if every country does it,there is no longer any needs to sell electricity,only raw materials,so the firms would die anyway.


These a kinda cute tbh




met my future wife today

she didn't think so either


File: 1655716589135.jpg (116.25 KB, 618x910, australian flag.jpg)



fucking flag has someone elses flag on it. watch "nationalists" defend this


File: 1655730420845-0.jpg (245.67 KB, 1080x1291, FVr-EQzaUAEtgK5.jpg)

File: 1655730420845-1.jpg (147.67 KB, 798x820, 793uqvs.jpg)

This is so funny to me, imagine being the GI-Joe spec ops cops and getting your cover blown by a bunch of hippies, then go and cry to the media about how scared you were.


No way thats real, thats so fucking stupid lmapo


>we are not the ones with the guns


Wtf based?




The Authoritarian dictatorship of Australia attacked a group of global w00ming libs having a low energy gathering on private property. Australia has no human rights and must be carpet bombed!



Xi Jinping! My country yearns for freedom!


>be West Australian
>functioning self-sufficient electricity grid
>self-sufficient agriculture industry
>no tolls roads
>no pokies
>no lockdowns
>basically avoided COVID entirely for the past 2 years
>friendly relationship with China makes uyghas seethe


People's Republic of West Australia when?


Show up n say hi to your local comrades



File: 1655951642388.jpg (958.65 KB, 2481x3509, 51786215d740447ebf7134.jpg)

Thoughts on the CPA's 1931 programme for aboriginal rights?



>The handing over to the aborigines of large tracts of watered and fertile country, with towns, seaports, railways, roads, etc., to become one or more independent aboriginal states or republics. The handing back to the aborigines of all Central, Northern, and North West Australia to enable the aborigines to develop their native pursuits. These aboriginal republics to be independent of Australian or other foreign powers. To have the right to make treaties with foreign powers, including Austeralia, establish their own army, governments, industries, and in every way be
independent of imperialism



File: 1655955057103.png (178.98 KB, 1193x925, map.png)

I propose the attached split


And yet there's not a single commie in there communities.


>family watching the project
>talking bout da| minimum wage in between the dumb shit
>mfw they show a second-long clip that happens to have the red CPA flag with the hammer and sickle, flying in center of a TWU protest crowd


File: 1655974072647.png (28 KB, 474x266, ClipboardImage.png)

>[unsubstantiated false statement]
dunno mate


File: 1655974952141.png (106.12 KB, 349x209, ClipboardImage.png)

You mean, Greens are… BASED?


I'm tempted to come and chill, but there's a family event I can't miss plus an hour travel because I'm out of town. Unfortunate timing.
Is that pic martin pl.?


Yeah, that's where the nsw CUDL runs their stuff



What the fuck is east turkestan?
Does she mean Xing Jiang?
What a loon


Neither are great names for exclusive use. Xinjiang makes sense from the Chinese perspective because it's a relatively accurate description of its status to China (New Frontier). East Turkestan makes sense if you're instead looking to emphasise it's cultural and linguistic ties to Central Asia.

There isn't really a neutral term for it since historically it's not been one region. The south was Altishahr and the north was Dzungaria.


People only do that for countries that rival western hegemony though. Xinjiang has been a part of china for like 300 years, noone calls new york the iroquois confederacy


How was it? you did go, right comrade?


where is a good place to keep up with community rallies being organized near me


nta and clueless, but making RSS feeds for various orgs pages could be a start if no-one else has an answer.


Fucking. Facebook.

Seriously, so much "organising" and shit is done via facebook and I fucking hate it.


Fuck anyone using facebook as a main organization platform.
When I start joining orgs (movin in2 melbourne at the end of the year) I will vocally criticize them for centralizing around any antagonistic hostile pro-capitalist platform, rather than trying to export its users or merely advertise there for an off-site organization page.


What's the alternative?


Hopefully the Extinction Rebellion libs cause major disruptions and seething tomorrow.


>start new uni course of indigenous issues
>figured it would be a good learning opportunity
>is entirely from a postcolonial perspective
I fucked up, this is horrendous.


It's what the majority of people use. Be fucking stupid to use some internal platform with no capacity for growth.


Pigs having a sook about protestors


Based, one of them blocked one of the cuck tunnels with a car. Most of the cuck tunnels in Sydney only have two lanes, easy to block with one car.


How many times can he fit "unlawful" into a sentence?


File: 1656331407921.jpg (39.53 KB, 620x403, caltrops.jpg)

Next time the libs should drop some caltrops.


Mum's trying to call Blockade Australia a business, because 60 minutes said so. Can someone explain?


Did you not read post 2? Advertise there, don't organize there.

Dedicated webpage (open to all) or fediverse social media (no closed-garden or deanonymizing) for public organizing.
Advertising? Sky is the limit. If someone in my area can put up stickers for 'autism rum that makes you cum like a horse', then a socialist org should have no trouble.


Tell her they're in the business of making boomers seethe


If she is broke, tell her to go join it then.


Trots were getting people to take selfies with some sign about abortion in Rundle Mall today. Don't they know Roe V Wade has nothing to do with Australia? But also why is it so hard to find out what the abortion laws are in Australia?


And business is booming


Mum thinks we should shoot the woman who parked her car in the tunnel. "Make an example of her"


I, uh, solidarity with the global simultaneous revolution, of course!




it's solidarity you obdurate fucking uyghur


And, incidentally, it's signalling that you give a fuck about women's issues. Not the most effective signal by a long shot but a real one nonetheless.


I've seen you on twitter - are you @sackdan or @sluggate ?


>I fucked up, this is horrendous.
Give us the filfiest take so far…


>autism rum that makes you cum like a horse
just watched BTC extra part myself infact.


>Australia doesn't exist
>mabo was bad
>australian government law is illegitimate (based) but international law is legitimate (cringe)
>constantly invoking human rights, a product of the liberal enlightenment, but somehow simultaneously arguing that liberal values are eurocentric
>a tax on council rates should be implemented for aboriginal people (I'm not specifically opposed to this, but the view is that this would somehow not be controversial)
>the deputy mayor of Melbourne was wrong to advocate teaching aboriginal languages in school because you need permission from aboriginal people to speak the language
>teaching lawyers that laws are based on the condition of enforceability is problematic
>the racial discrimination act is problematic because it treats all races as equal
Basically its incredibly essentialist and misses the forest for the trees. Somehow the evils of the state only apply to Aboriginal people and everyone else is well off under this system because its "our system".


How does Chinese migration work in elections? Are they pro Communism? Do they have a communist party?


all correct


Modern communist are sadly pro killing unborn baby workers


What's worse is that many of them have killed TRILLIONS of unconcepted unborn half baby workers with their cooming


Looking good for the TWU. They're getting news airtime too.
My train will be shit tomorrow but I don't care. Post dance GIFs for me.


>potential future scabs


based incoherent lib


What a condescending worldview, how do you fell about immigrants?


That's a bridge to far for me, i don't consider act of masturbation the same. But i wouldn't be opposed to if people stopped cooming



They're humans too, and therefore potential scabs that should be removed from Australia.


unironically audio related


File: 1656539625097.jpeg (174.11 KB, 634x845, broc.jpeg)

Aussies leaving broccoli stems behind at the supermarket
>'Yes true…but I always break mine off as it weighs less and cost less,' one commenter wrote to which the clip's poster replied: 'The cost of food is so expensive these days…do what works for you!'

>'I have weighed with and without, and it saves about $1.50 as the stalk is heavy, every bit helps these days,' a second said.

>'No disrespect but for that price I would do the same,' a third replied.


>classed as theft
sounds like a Cunt Manager


>not eating the stalk


>not just scanning it as something else thats cheaper


>feeling the need to pretend to scan them at all


>The ASIO Director-General, Mike Burgess, notes in the annual threat assessment for 2022 that during the past 12 months this threat emanates more from a potential lone actor than groups. In a previous threat assessment the Director-General observed that right-wing extremists are generally motivated by some perceived notion of social or economic hardship, are much harder to identify and tend to be middle class and educated rather than the stereotype of poor and uneducated.
https://www.aph.gov.au/About_Parliament/Parliamentary_Departments/Parliamentary_Library/pubs/BriefingBook47p/RightWingExtremismAustralia (has links in that paragraph)
Sounds about right?


>In 2021 minors accounted for 15% of ASIO’s counter-terrorism investigations, a marked increase compared with only a few years before. In 2022 the Director-General identified that the Australians being radicalised are younger than ever, with the number of minors increasing and the age at which they are becoming radicalised decreasing.
I'm… I'm gonna GROOOOOOOM!



All my fruits and veggies get scanned as brown onions. If everyone did that workers wouldn't be getting replaced with self checkouts.


Dialectics son.


Sitting at the station next to two hi-vis tradies mad about the trains taking all stops: "these grubs think they deserve more money for blowing a fuckin whistle and waving a flag"
I'll make sure our generations don't turn out this bad.


Tradies are kulaks of our time but soon they will face the reality of the housing bubble collapsing.


Opposite, they're people that are "escaping" from Communism.


This is sort of true, at the last election Chinese people voted against the Libs in droves because of the anti-China rhetoric.
It's more true for Vietnamese Australians, given most of them were refugees in the 70s/80s.



God is finally drowning the heathens


>The Illawarra and Sydney regions should expect up to 90 millimetres of rain on Sunday, with strong 35km/h winds to lash the city
It's muh climate change. Quick, go buy greenwashed shitty products made in China, pleb!


File: 1656941257976.jpeg (115.01 KB, 960x540, i59pcykvkzivs25cmbev.jpeg)

The largest EV charging network in Australia is now co-operatively owned. Anybody can become a member of these clubs.

<A consortium of Australia’s motoring clubs has acquired electric vehicle (EV) charging network business Chargefox.

<Australian Mobility Clubs – which is composed of NRMA (NSW), RACV (Victoria), RACQ (Queensland), RAC (WA), RAA (SA), and RACT (Tasmania) – increased its stake in Chargefox from 40 per cent to 100 per cent through its company Australian Motoring Services.

<Chargefox is currently Australia’s largest EV charging network, with more than 900 plugs currently in operation, and plans to increase that number to 5000 by 2026.



File: 1657175252097.png (152.21 KB, 371x474, 1644169999906.png)

So, who's ready for the shit show of Workforce Australia?


File: 1657203589516.png (369.32 KB, 575x608, ClipboardImage.png)

Is it a coincidence this happens as Wong talks of going to China?


we're going to get another coup, aren't we?


in the UK


I'm not :(

Also anyone got their tax return yet?
>you better of claimed your union dues and donations


Ive spoken to this guy a few times personally actually, when he first started making a racket about China.
But I dont want to be too involved in anything political in this country, I’m pretty schizo about how much of a nanny state we really are. But fuck man does he get annoying, he’s right that neoliberalism has produced the most annoying cunts to ever “grace” this planet, but shut the fuck up cunt, we get it.
He’s also like 40k in debt because of his senate run so he’s just going to tennis matches screaming for some chinese athlete to be free.


File: 1657547317367.jpg (1.44 MB, 3277x4096, FXXEjShakAA6RC9.jpg)

Albo death note


File: 1657551439894-0.png (274.55 KB, 635x494, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1657551439894-1.png (100.95 KB, 913x620, ClipboardImage.png)

I think the UK and US will coup you in a second if you even write about becoming closer to china in your dream journal, anon.
Wongs public statements are probably seething them.
Have you not been following this story in aus, anons?


Albanese is just as much of a fuckwit as Morrison.
I mean this sincerely - where is the lie in any of the claims from Chinese press the Guardian republishes here?


nobody is saying anybody is lying you oppositional retard.


based defensive guardian journo


>UK and US will coup you in a second if you even write about becoming closer to china.
Won't China eventually figure out an anti-dote to that ?



he's just like me



So Wollongong is holding some sort of shitty bike race festival and the city is expected to balloon with like 100'000+ tourists expected to show up for Two weeks,
It's increasingly looking like i'll have to walk Like andn hour and a fucking half to work for the duration since its right in the middle of the car exclusion zone.

They also are apparently going to have SWAT, Horse cops and riot cops on 24/7 standby just in case the greenies try anything lmao.

Tlatelolco massacre, But its a bunch of Australian greenies getting executed by the federales for attempting to interrupt a bike race


Australia is going to be very important geographically for America in this century
Absolutely if you don't support the threat of war when the time comes


buy a bike


Are there really that many people who watch a silly bike festival?


Maybe the glow should have made Scovid win, it would be funny and accelerationist.


China being explicit about what is required to normalize relations being framed as a demand that you therefore cannot accept is oppositional behavior you would expect from a five year old with undiagnosed autism.


"blak" is the Australian "latinx"


>Bikes are murder!
Greenies, probably


>Wong and Wang



In Chinatown rn, someone standing at the front with a 'Taiwan is free democratic nation, Taiwan is not China' sign.


>The Wong Wang Meeting
Sounds like a Monty Python skit.


latinx is something white Americans made up because they don't understand that gendered languages aren't offensive but had to impose their own values onto different cultures.
Blak is a term used by Aboriginal people by choice.


>Much controversy surrounds to this day Calwell's handling of the White Australia policy. The 'Two Wongs don't make a White' statement has been used in textbooks and in the media to suggest racist attitudes on the part of Arthur Calwell. The Hansard of 2 December 1947 indicates that a question was asked concerning deportation generally and, in particular, deportation of a Chinese national Mr Wong, who had been in the country for many years. The Department of Immigration apparently had issued an order for deportation on the wrong person. In explaining this, Calwell was subjected to persistent interjections by a Liberal member for Balaclava, a Mr White. In concluding his remarks, Calwell said in a teasing way: 'There are many Wongs in the Chinese community, but I have to say - and I am sure that the honourable member for Balaclava will not mind me doing so - that "two Wongs do not make a White" '. One can only speculate why the press reporting Calwell's statement chose to exclude the capital 'W'. That statement then became 'Two Wongs do not make a white', a continual repetition of which, in the words of one of Calwell's successors as Minister for Immigration, Clyde Holding, 'made it a segment of both the attitude of Arthur Calwell and a gross assertion purporting it to be the base of our immigration policy'


the east german (DDR) auscam


File: 1658018020721.jpg (109.71 KB, 1010x705, 3t5edf.jpg)

why the hell would the aussie cpi clone use famous anti-communist jack lang as a mascot?


Something something because he fought against bankers and nationalised the economy.
If these guys had balls, they'd put Ned Kelly on their banner.


His autistic battle with the New Guard was bretty gud though


File: 1658057347883.jpg (133.71 KB, 1040x780, bushmaster.jpg)

The special military operation has shown what a fucking joke the ADF is. Both sides are slinging long range missiles at each other over Ukraine and the urban fighting is done by local paramilitaries. This is what a real 21st century war looks like between two states. Nobody here seems to care that the ADF spends so much money on useless shit like Bushmasters, but nothing on real weapons.

The ADF has no ballistic missiles like Tochka or Iskander.
The ADF has no rocket artillery like Uragan or HIMARS.
The ADF has no long range air defence like S-500 or Patriot, only short range RBS 70 missiles.



Because these people are just rebranded Rosa-killers.


Are you implying we have troops in the east of germany?
fuckkin ell yanks


I mean Bushmasters are probably a shitload cheaper and more useful on a day to day basis than ballistic missiles, so it's kind of understandable


non-aussie here. what do you all think of Australian new wave? I just watched "My Brilliant Career" (with a younger sam neill) and enjoyed it


It was good and we should learn from it, it just goes to show what happens when the government funds the arts.


File: 1658117800297-0.jpg (84.52 KB, 640x506, fumie-endo.jpg)

In the future socialist australia we're doing the japanese practice of Fumi-e but instead of icons of Jesus and Mary it will be images of Bob Hawke


Can it be Howard and Morrison too?
And Keating?
How about Hughes?


If the government puts through harsher hacker-tier over-punishments for greenies blockading streets, hopefully that will prompt a sink cost fallacy and lead them to start kneecapping CEOs


Now I'm doing a class on the media and politics.
The lecturer is a cliche anti-Trump lib talking about Russian interference and complaining about white men who voted for him. "CLINTON HAD MORE VOTES!!!"


Tell them that raw vote counting underrepresents rural native Americans.



>1.5% of the population will have long covid



That seems like an under-estimate to me. It's probably only including diagnoses rather than actual cases of long-term covid asthma/dyspnea.


File: 1658306469460.jpg (53.83 KB, 450x600, The Stig.jpg)

>The Economic Benefits of Trade Unions

>Nobel Laureate, former World Bank Chief Economist, and best-selling author Professor Joseph E. Stiglitz will deliver the inaugural Laurie Carmichael Lecture with Sally McManus, Secretary of the Australian Council of Trade Unions on Wednesday 20th July in Melbourne.





Its time to immediately go and buy all the fuel and toilet paper you can find!


You will never be allowed to be in a union. You will be forced to kiss the arses of the job creators forever.


File: 1658307287936.jpg (165.5 KB, 1050x783, FV8zj9MXEAEZ7f9.jpg)

marg bar Euro-comm


>If the government puts through harsher hacker-tier over-punishments for greenies blockading streets, hopefully that will prompt a sink cost fallacy and lead them to start kneecapping CEOs
Might as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb.



>Landleeches bought all the residential property in ruralcel towns and left them empty

>Wages so low that it is pointless to rent them to tenants
>Ruralcel towns crippled and become ghost towns
>People beg them to behave ethically in the Fake News MSM



Is military service the correct way to combat rampant alienation and social disconnect among Zoomers / TikTok users?



You're an idiot. Fuck off.


File: 1658312379982-0.png (106.41 KB, 271x401, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1658312379982-1.png (14.85 KB, 1200x170, ClipboardImage.png)

Too much yapping not enough dying boomers. Lol I decided to look up her age and this was the first search suggestion.


File: 1658312527376.png (181.29 KB, 480x267, ClipboardImage.png)

Actually I guess she was saying the opposite of what I thought, but another gem from the article

>We fear for our children’s future in a region, a world, dominated by China and its AI totalitarianism. We have no idea where their future prosperity will come from now that Australia’s near four-decades-long China boom is ebbing.

WTF Sci Fi novel is she living in? The Chinese robots are coming for our children!


Is this a joke?

What's leftypol's take on Sally McManus?


She's the head of the Australian council of trade unions, not exactly a twitch streamer

She's a laborist shill that accepts SDA cheque, she's not helping anybody


I might support national (civil) service, if all old people also have to participate in it


>if all old people also have to participate in it
based. Time for them to pull their own weight.


All senior pensioners to be forced to use giant hamster wheels to generate electricity


File: 1658374105948-0.png (1.21 MB, 1024x768, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1658374105948-1.png (2.4 MB, 1162x1610, ClipboardImage.png)

Better yet, put the zoomers into work battalions so they can contribute, learn how to live like a normal person and socialize, get laid, etc.
And the nation can benefit from their work, especially rebuilding after a revolution/civil war.


comfi. both r ussr?


>Zoomers are the other, so they need to be "cured".
You still think Zoomers are the ones whom are responsible for postmodern chaos? As if though millennials are innocent?




File: 1658465556595-0.jpg (61.99 KB, 743x312, 4rfzvxc.jpg)



Say what you want about Maupin but at least he's knowledgeable about the history of his country's communist party.





If it was something like what neutral euro (for now) cunts do, or even with what was historically did with the concept of 'civil defence' i have no """""""""""""""""""real"""""""""""""""""""" issue with it.
The issue is that the only people that propose this intend the service to be some sort of 2 year long NeoCon brainwashing - Which is why instead of talking about it in terms of general preparedness for war, they talk about it in terms of 'MANNING UP THOSE DAMN LIBTARD!!!1!!!1!!'.


Someone should link up FriendlyJordies with the ECPI to bond over their 'Old-Labor' worship, Then when they have their inevitable split he can form the 'Australian Political Innovation Centre' lol


File: 1658549315307.mp4 (1008.65 KB, 320x240, RftZAtIM_DTPgv-f.mp4)


File: 1658549979457.jpg (91.36 KB, 1024x576, FCRlCTBVgAMRqND.jpg)

imagine the power, Young ALP + Aussie Cossaks + CPI Liquidationists


>"Im just gonna say it…Muammar Gaddafi? BOSS."


A little Aussie history/theory every week.

I like the idea. Good one.


File: 1658555000029-0.jpg (73.51 KB, 750x761, FYULsXOUUAAgW3d.jpg)

File: 1658555000029-1.mp4 (3.48 MB, 1080x720, 1550645090149883905.mp4)

Drew Pavlou says he's facing seven years in a UK jail after the Chinese sent police a fake email saying he'd made a bomb threat during a protest outside its embassy


File: 1658555182352.gif (3.89 MB, 200x200, 1610551551839.gif)


File: 1658555382624-0.png (445.11 KB, 634x634, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1658555382624-1.png (467.83 KB, 634x634, ClipboardImage.png)

Damn, bro ain't doing too bad for himself. No explanation why they have all his date photos in the article, but he's getting some hotties.


made for BGC


>swatting via false flag email
hahaha shit so that's how you swat someone anonymously


haha, NATOid finds out detention without trial is actually bad, unlucky


Going on one or multiple dates with several attractive women is not that impressive at all, especially since he clearly has a rich daddy. I'm a poor and autistic guy and I had more women ask me out. I'd be mopping the floor with these loser trust fund kids throughout hs just by emasculating them with body language.


So what do the cops say? It's easy to verify that it came from that email address if it has a valid DKIM signature. Drew claims that's not his email address, so all they have to do is find if he has used it in the past.


xir should transition into a female to get into a womens prison


He also did a scam with his power to shut down and aquire a public daycare for single mothers, soaking up government subsidies before gutting and selling it off. When he was head of police the Brisbane cops were notorious for being the most corrupt in Australia so makes sense that he would be going the anti-corruption angle. Also don't forget his support for banning encryption and his stated desire to aquire chinese surveilance technologies. He is basically a creepy little fascist and probably a nonce.



>Boomers like Burgess:
"I bought my first home with only three years of median salary"

>Average Aussie Zoomer:

"I need at least 25 years of every cent I'll ever earn to own a home"

>Burgess to Zoomer:

"If you complain about the fact you need to pay 8 times as much as myself, often for the same house, I'm branding you a domestic terrorist and will target you for disenfranchisement, because your political advoacy is hurting my net worth"

Interesting how the "Conflict of Interest" is never spoken about in regards to "perceived threats" by Gaysio. I wonder how many investment properties Mikey boi has, will he disclose that? Probably not.



File: 1658813089258-0.png (9.22 KB, 526x97, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1658813089258-1.png (305.89 KB, 474x316, ClipboardImage.png)

I know it's just dumb spectacle, but haha holy shit
>minimum wage is $171.04 a day
>you'll need to compete with $2
Is she just trying to accelerate?

Well, I'm glad she's pissed off.


the article was from 2013


Dammit I got dupped.


'Indigenous voice to parliament' will be at best some guy that sits in the gallery and gets to give a critique/submission of whatever bill is being discussed/passed/vooted on.
Worst case is its a fucking minstrel show where a bloke in full body paint and a didgeridoo does a performance before each sitting of parliament


A lot of aboriginal folk, especially in the southern part of the country, are highly skeptical of the whole concept. Given its the ALP pushing for it, you just know it's going to do fuck all and be abolished by the libs


>'Indigenous voice to parliament'
3.3% of Australia's population


When do they give up on this Labor Left "Australias not imperialist!!! Just Americas/Poms lapdog!" bullshit. Curtin was shit, Whitlam was shit, Hawke was shit, grow the fuck up.


average australian state funeral


The ALP has created similar groups to advise them before. The whole point of the referendum is so the LNP cannot get rid of it.


>Worst case is its a fucking minstrel show where a bloke in full body paint and a didgeridoo does a performance before each sitting of parliament
Getting back to our historical traditions with an indigenous jester to parliament.


Yeah but do you really expect them to take it to a referendum? What an incredibly stupid thing to do, the public will reject it.


>nsw trains on strike
>nsw road workers on strike (midnight tonight)
Someone post that original rave ITS HAPPENING Ron Paul .gif for me pls


It looks like there will be a referendum this electoral cycle to create an indigenous representative group in parliament. I recall the Liberals had vaguely similar plans.

Can someone give me the rundown on what the establishment hopes to achieve with this?



Good run down here.
Self-determination for first nations people works, it helps improve living standards for them.
I'm a little weary of what it will be in practice though, the proposed change allows for the Government to legislate the structure of the mechanism, and I'm concerned this could just lead to it being made a box ticking exercise or even something that can be abolished by a Liberal government.
I'd still vote yes, at a minimum I'd say a higher yes vote would be another signal to conservatives how irrelevant they are, much like the SSM survey.



the statement itself is riddled with problems and is far from a uniting document


Thoughts on the rejection of idpol and pride ideology becoming more visibly mainstream in Australia?



what's to think about? just more culture wars to keep people divided


Backing down to screeching homophobes is pathetic.



File: 1659240212424-0.jpg (112.86 KB, 1210x622, wfSDcxz33.jpg)

File: 1659240212424-1.jpg (16.55 KB, 417x406, E9q73TlWEAAsv1F.jpg)

someone even threw away a fucking SLR


Based Strayan Maxist History Anon


It's okay anon, we'll just peacefully prote-


File: 1659248332952.png (351.81 KB, 1016x1094, 1639752905425-1.png)

>Can someone give me the rundown on what the establishment hopes to achieve with this?
State stability through "appeasement". I.E thinking that representative politics/ democracy is what will save us and having an advisory role, but offering no legitimate and political reformation/ policy change will actually aid indigenous people. This isn't getting into the fact that mining companies also support the "indigenous voice". It's another example of decolonisation being co-opted by libs and the state to serve its own ends, as opposed to giving indigenous people autonomy.

All in all, it's just a way for the Australian state to create an illusion of progress but doing nothing other than change the appearence of their government, thinking that if we have indigenous representation this will help indigenous people as a whole.

>It is an exhibition that charts the history of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people in Australia's armed forces.

Again, ties into the whole "if we represent opressed people in state institutions, we'll move forward as a country." Being Bisexual myself, I could give a fuck about gay soldiers, unless they're vets who've been fucked over by capitalism and are seeking to right past wrongs. Does it suck that homophobic abuse was levelled? Of course. Does this mean that we should champion LGBTQ people because they served our government? By this logic, let's invite cops to pride! Never mind that it was the Australian government which nearly passed the Religious Freedoms bill! Nah, it's alright, cos we got gays in the gov. Fucking unbelievable.
This shit reeks of American culture war bullshit, and I hate that it's found its way to this country.


Didn't read


sorry mate, took off the name.
tl;dr representation politics means sweet fuck all and provides little to no change.


These are all idpol distractions while Sleepy Anthony cucks you all at the Job summit.


>This shit reeks of American culture war bullshit, and I hate that it's found its way to this country
Always have been.


File: 1659570409073-0.jpg (1.27 MB, 3018x3773, FZH-2QrVEAEp6vO.jpg)

File: 1659570409073-1.jpg (570.66 KB, 4096x2306, FZRSqSAaQAAslQ6.jpg)

drop your top hats and roses, a new symbol of class collab just dropped




File: 1659585631957-0.jpg (445.61 KB, 1200x1200, 2850.jpg)

File: 1659585631957-1.jpg (68.51 KB, 600x800, wedgy_me_188.jpg)

File: 1659585631957-2.jpg (246.72 KB, 1103x1600, WilduCross03a.jpg)

what a sick animal, we really should be using it more in australian iconography. Apparently the Wedge tail's claw represents the southern cross in some aboriginal groups in South Australia


The Virgin Bald Eagle vs the Chad Wedge tail


I've always considered it the national bird of the socialist republic of victoria
hands off


There needs to be an alternative to the ACTU because there are unions that don't like it. There are two international trade union federations: ITUC (run by the CIA) and WFTU (formerly run by the KGB, now run by the Greek Communist Party). Of course the ACTU is affiliated with the ITUC, but there is one ACTU member union (the CFMEU) that's affiliated with the WFTU.

There needs to be a WFTU affiliated federation of Australian trade unions. As well as the CFMEU, the Retail and Fast Food Workers Union would probably be interested in joining.


Unions are dead as long as they pretend the industrial relations laws in this country are legitimate.


vve mvst retvrn


when the socialist republic of australia is established we will be making one of these for every grave at the Kremlin Wall Necropolis


So green seem to not be 'wrecking' atm (At least so far as anything Labor does can be 'wrecked').
What does this mean if the two (Lab-Grn) manage to hold it together till next election? (Assuming some crazy black swan event like war with china / GFC 2.0 dosen't happen)


what do you mean "hold it together"? Eventually things will get worse and the ALP will give some marginal half arsed support which would just be enough for a re-election. I don't know what angle the Libs would be going for in the future though,I guess they're just waiting for an opportunity to get back in the public eye.


File: 1659703066029.jpg (80.21 KB, 1079x584, D-qfn2gXoAQ2c1V.jpg)

what org should I join? I was thinking Greens because at least they have some relevance


It's full of liberals

Since you're thinking that way anyway you probably have a liberal inclination so you'll be able to slip under the radar

Want to do some smooth entryist sigma grindset and report back to us what the fuck this fuckwits are up to?


Please put this video in the OP for the next thread.

If you want electoralism, Socialist Alliance is better than the Greens.


RAFFWU better be careful with their small but steady success, I've already heard a few branches "grew" and suddenly pushed for more "conversations" rather than what they're doing right now…


>Socialist Alliance
Yeah, join a literally WHO "party".
Might as well just join SALT or VicSocs because at least then you'll get some bussy fr fr no cap


Ok Then m8 join the green party and report back to us



This is a good speech, but I think the CPA should practise what they preach in regards to reformism and revisionism


I mean where's the self-respect? Doing ads for China with a text-to-speech bot


Automated production of videos
Remind me of how pre WWII the radical core of the KPD was high technology workers


Vic Socialists have a bigger public profile than the sallies in Melbourne


are there any good Aussie leftist podcasts? Like covering current events?



But why only Victoria? Kind of limiting going with that name.


Agreed, I think its just because they've got a base here and know they'd burn money trying to make gains nationally. Easier to start small.




File: 1659834661907.mp4 (2.18 MB, 1280x720, 0xgQkDL-ANBtwyZy.mp4)


a short one for the adhd addled zoom zooms


Will the proposed Aboriginal constitutional rec' referendum pass if it goes ahead or will the 'DEFEAT, OF THE LOONY LEFT CRT DIVISIVE REFERENDUM' Be the foundation for the next generation of the 'Quiet Australian' mythos


File: 1659836132524.png (17.67 KB, 589x227, r.png)

I know no one cares about reddit but fuck this made me laugh


Why the fuck do these people have to write in this style? They don't have to be as dry as Stalin or something, but they could at least WRITE like their not directly transcribing a casual conversation or some shit.



Any anons know what happened to our comrades here? Sorry for linking to Reddit.


I know exactly what your talking about who you are anon, because i recognise the Filename
Sorry about your current troubles anon, always tragic when something like that happens in the family.


I actually just took the filename from the /co/ thread. I'm doing fine


File: 1659873915080.jpg (236.02 KB, 1400x1500, Alastor15.jpg)



>The absolute state of the /co/ thread at this moment.
/trash/ing imminent.


File: 1659876767813.png (507.9 KB, 935x924, 1640574476812.png)

>those two or three anons posting pedo shit in the bluey thread


File: 1659954758307.jpg (110.84 KB, 520x804, 9781925203363_FC.jpg)

Worth it?


if you want to understand the ideological mindset of the current ALP then sure, but the guy seems like a social fascist par-excellence.

>He has worked as a policy adviser and speechwriter on the staff of Kim Beazley, Simon Crean, Mark Latham, Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan, and has written speeches for many other ministers and opposition leaders at the federal and state levels. His current clients include senior political, business, community, public sector and academic leaders.

>His debut novel The Last Man in Europe (Black Inc. July 2017) tells the story of how George Orwell wrote Nineteen Eighty-Four.
>While at King's he worked as a conservator of the private book collection of John Maynard Keynes.

Here's albo's thoughts on him:


>no-one cares about reddit
did you just assume my leftypolism?


link? lol. I wanna see the bluey discourse


File: 1659957420441.jpg (1.66 MB, 2048x2048, serotonin.jpg)

the thread died, you'll have to check the archives


Back in my day, we had foolzfukka and nothing


Depends on whether you can relate to working-class boomer nostalgia. I'd still say it's worth a read though.
>Dennis was a founding fellow of the think tank Per Capita.
You forgot this one.


Been seeing posters for this around Sydney. I'll save you a click; it's hosted by Socialist Alternative and supported by Red Flag paper.

I'm in town over the weekend, should I try and crash it? If it turn out to be DSA-tier trash, I can just open a thread.



How many fucking conferences are they going to have? If you want to be at the brain stem of Socialist Alternative and bear witness to their only political education then go. None of the speakers seem particularly notable.


File: 1660039365325.jpg (56.87 KB, 960x960, 1639880027504-4.jpg)

Ironically granting the indigenous voice and allowing a constitution of idigenous nations for the Australian state would actually allow for one or two options.

1. The building of dual power, in which indigenous people's can find build institutions that exist in spite of the state.

2. Serve the interest of the state, as this will make the Australian commonwealth look better. Western countries can give themselves a good 'ol pat on the back and see how "TRULY progressive" we are- provided we don't get coup'd by the US because now indigenous nations have an element of control over their land.


This just goes to show that the right wing media pundits of Australia just more or less goes around shrieking whatever their leash holders in America tell them to. They're completely out of touch with our politics- fucking hell even Paulin Hanson is more in touch with the people of Australia and she's an absolute ass. I think this nation is smart enough not only to not trust our journos, but our politicians come very close.

The far right here has as much appeal as my hairy Greek nuts.


File: 1660040173184.jpg (16.36 KB, 229x209, 1644899534185.jpg)

The only thing they're notable for in the Australian left is being a bunch of loud mouth opportunists who hijack shit. Don't get me wrong, they're becoming a lot more self-aware and seeking to do better but for the most part they've got a long way to go.

I've seen more cooperation with Solidarity and Socialist Alliance than I have with SALT. That's not even getting into the fact that they had a conference where they threw sex-workers under the bus, and were repaid by having used condoms flung on their cars.

The IWW is growing in NSW and VIC and are actually helping nurses organise. They're still small, but keep an eye out for them.


>This just goes to show that the right wing media pundits of Australia just more or less goes around shrieking whatever their leash holders in America tell them to. They're completely out of touch with our politics-
Exactly, No on (Obviously there may be someone, but lets be real - not very many) in Australia cares about the 'ANTIFA TRANSHUMANISTS GOING INTO YOUR DAUGHTERS BATHROOM AND TEACHING THEM NEO-MARXIST C.R.T RACE THEORY', People just DONT talk about that kinda shit in the crib room at work when politics come up, 99% of the time, its muh debt or muh interest rates or muh Lebanese back welfare cheats - and fuckwit youtubers like Yemeni screaming that shit at Uni students on street corners shows just how Golemised by America our 'Right-Wing' is.

I'd genuinely argue that the Liberals approach of essentially turning us into the most politically illiterate but more importantly apathetic anglophone state on earth to create a smooth machine politics, instead of going the American route of in-school political propaganda and intentional miseducation has ironically made any attempts by the right to rile people up about gays or muslims or trans's or vaccines significantly harder for them.

>fucking hell even Paulin Hanson is more in touch with the people of Australia and she's an absolute ass.

Pauline maintains some legitimacy to a faction of people because she (Pretends, don't think for a second i take her as earnest/genuine in her actions) plays the role of the mythical 'Socially-Conservative Distributist' who puts up a doomed bill to 'BREAK UP / NATIONALISE THE BIG FOUR' or voots against an outrageously retarded Liberal policy even she knows is political rat-poison.

Weird American style 'S.W.E.A.T pledge' kissing your bosses feet and thanking him for giving you a job prosperity-evangelo-zionist open class-cuckoldry will NEVER be popular in Australia, Thus why the LibDems are viewed as such an unbelievable joke.


File: 1660042926915.jpg (23.01 KB, 283x313, 1639753619011-0.jpg)

> 99% of the time, its muh debt or muh interest rates or muh Lebanese back welfare cheats - and fuckwit youtubers like Yemeni screaming that shit at Uni students on street corners shows just how Golemised by America our 'Right-Wing' is.

Pretty much. No one likes the libs for purely idpol reasons- though tbf and I'm going to sound like a broken record for mentioning this, the religious freedom bill was certainly a legitimate criticism- but rather their absolute economic and state mandated corruption.

>I'd genuinely argue that the Liberals approach of essentially turning us into the most politically illiterate but more importantly apathetic anglophone state on earth to create a smooth machine politics, instead of going the American route of in-school political propaganda and intentional miseducation has ironically made any attempts by the right to rile people up about gays or muslims or trans's or vaccines significantly harder for them.

Pretty much, given our cuts to education and them getting rid of the curriculum that taught us about indigenous history. Is there homophobia, islamophobia and transphobia in Australia? Absolutely, but it is a completely different beast to that in America, and usually most Aussies would be skeptical about your local kebab store owner being a terrorist, or the gays coming to groom our children or trans people "being everywhere"- don't get me wrong, they'd believe in some bullshit, but not in the sense that "we must kill them all" like a fucking yank would.

>Pauline maintains some legitimacy to a faction of people because she (Pretends, don't think for a second i take her as earnest/genuine in her actions) plays the role of the mythical 'Socially-Conservative Distributist' who puts up a doomed bill to 'BREAK UP / NATIONALISE THE BIG FOUR' or voots against an outrageously retarded Liberal policy even she knows is political rat-poison.

I'd argue she maintains her legitimacy through fear mongering about the Asian invasion and "dividing us by race" shite, but the problem is her solutions are fucking whack. Are there lebanese criminal gangs? For sure. Have Sudanese immigrants stolen a car or two? Probably- problem is she think that these problems can be solved via ethnic deportation- and hardly anyone in Australia wants that- again kind of looping us back to your point on the libs goal of making us politically illiterate and apathetic.

>Thus why the LibDems are viewed as such an unbelievable joke.

It's why the libs are seen as a joke too, lol.


File: 1660043783821.jpg (91.75 KB, 591x652, democracy.jpg)

Adam posted cringe again :/


I feel like were definitely one of the countries in the wake of covid where an opposite situation to countries like America where the institutional 'left' is withering-on-the-vine while the 'right' is emboldened has emerged where our 'Right' is definitively the one withering on the vine while vaguely 'leftist' ideas become more commonly discussed (I guess other examples would be how the scots and Irish are once more emboldened after the disaster of Johnson, And Macron fading in France while a dark horse coalition of the SocDems and the PCF+100 trot splitter groups cuck him out of parliamentary majority) .

Everyone from Palmer to Yemeni threw EVERYTHING they fucking had at the wall just to try and let the Lib/Nat's eek out one last 'miracle', But it just wasn't fucking enough. Infact it was the exact opposite of the 'Palmer factor' / 'Palmer+Pauline+whoever the fuck else siphons voots to the lib nats' shit they were expecting.

More people vooted for Labor painted green (Once again, Not defending the greens for a second, what matters is the people who voted greens perception of what they think the greens are) with a guy who literally looks like a Soyjak leading them then any of these supposed 'freedom candidate ANTI-DEATH VAX LOCKDOWN populists' which was once again, an entirely imported Americanised issue


>The building of dual power, in which indigenous people's can find build institutions that exist in spite of the state.
It's absolute adventurism, but I'd 100% go out there to those communities to help them for at least eight months.
I'd shut my mouth, and just do. If I got asked I'd comment briefly about Sakana, BPP, Zippos, etc. all the classics.

I just want my Abobros to be able to build their own shit bros ;_;


File: 1660044664913.png (3 MB, 1176x1920, the based.png)

>The IWW is growing


So more or less the right is fucked unless they can find a way to not suck off american right wing talking points impossible or they try to get the libs back in power after over a decade of corruption not likely.

I am certainly glad that fellow Aussies are starting to catch wind of america's bullshit wafting on our shores.


File: 1660045199625.png (1.52 MB, 843x1322, ClipboardImage.png)



>I just want my Abobros to be able to build their own shit bros ;_;
Me too lad, me too. Speaking of, this is worth a geez.



File: 1660048302688.gif (621.29 KB, 360x450, kot.gif)

Now that does look promising.
I think these communities would do well to look to the indigenous people of North and South America to see how they go about autonomously organising and resiting in their respective communities.

I'm reminded of the Five Hundred Peoples idea.

A black flag with five "hand drawn" concentric rings, made of 100 dots each (eventually blending together as one circle in the smaller rings). Basically a confederation of the 500* Aboriginal peoples acting autonomously, insurgently, within the carcass of liberal Australia.


>That's not even getting into the fact that they had a conference where they threw sex-workers under the bus
Oh shit, that was SAlt who got the salty surprises? I get all the Aus orgs mixed up.


>~67000 or so in HECS for a law degree, now I no longer believe in legal reforms or abstract justice
Brah, what do I fucking do after this? Do I Long March into the bureaucracy? I'm probably not going into private practice.


>Do I Long March into the bureaucracy?
Yep. Make as much as you can doing as little as you can, minimise your taxes by every conceivable means, and use the extra money to support local orgs or something.
That or go part-time at an NGO NFP and end up blackpilled.


>minimise your taxes by every conceivable means
On this, btw, given you've "done law" and now no longer believe in shiet, consider it financial and economic praxis.
Just use debt as much as you can, minimise your taxes, claim back everything you can, get all the perks that the booj are allowed to access in the pay-2-play pay-2-win system, then use said perks to fight the booj.

I'm organising a local cadre to do exactly this. I'm no good on the streets but I'm a legend in excel sheets.


>I'm organising a local cadre to do exactly this.
Example: One of the gang has a piece of bushblock in some bumfuck location. We're considering putting three goats on it because then it counts not only as "rural/regional" but also as "agriculture" so we can get massive tax breaks against it.
It's actually fucked how easy it is tbqh. Impossible for an individual prolly, but get a few of the gang together and it starts to work okay.
Also going to use the property to do fun stuff and let people squat on it.

I'm at work lmao ok bye


>That's not even getting into the fact that they had a conference where they threw sex-workers under the bus
They were merely reflecting standard Marxist thought, pissing of revisionists in the process.


Is that for a double degree or did you foolishly do a full price graduate degree?


Please make a video of the conference like this guy.


tl;dw they get touchy on the USSR, that's a good topic to bait them with.


Fuck me they make the Australian left look like a bunch of cunts.


File: 1660130785864.jpg (20.82 KB, 680x366, 1657086408098.jpg)

"standard" Marxist thought isn't infalliable, and there's been enough changes in society and the economy, as well as discoveries in anthropology that there's stuff that Marx and Engels needed to re-examine especially considering that prostitution is a legal profession in Australia.
>but it's revisionist to re-asses it
So what, Engels views on anthropology shouldn't be criticised given what we know now?

Sounds based.



This is the sad case for most party orgs, but I hear good things about the ACP, Solidarity, and IWW. I've been around the Sallies (socialist alliance) and they're not too bad- though they have a lot more faith in electoralism than I do- they're certainly a lot friendlier.

SALT, the people who hosted that conference, yeah they need work.


Laborsisters, what do you all think of Sleepy Anthony's jobs summit? What is going to happen?


>n-no, you can't call prostitutes lumpen! that would mean i have to stop paying for sex!
Pathetic. Pigs like you are part of the problem.


behold my latest creation


File: 1660205817752.jpg (80.1 KB, 880x416, 3t5aerfdx.jpg)


Unique IPs: 137

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