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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Do your friends and family know your political tendencies? I'm personally pretty hesitant to talk about that stuff with friends for fear that they'll discover my power level, and my family don't even know I'm not a Christian (though I think it would be easier to tell them I'm a communist). What about you?


I don't explicitly say Marxist or commie, but I tend to hint at marxist concepts or viewpoints in "debates", for want of a better word. Closer friends know, but obviously they're more "vetted" than family


its kind of funny because my immediate family is pretty liberal so its fun to dab on them with my more conservative republican side


When I had a conversation about this type of stuff with my dad, he told my sister, who immediately took it upon herself to mail me several pro-capitalist books written by a billionaire hedge fund manager. Kinda funny honestly.


They don't know, but only cause I'm not confident in my knowledge enough to call myself a *insert ideology*


>Do your friends and family know your political tendencies?

my family is a bunch of boomers


(meanwhile i openly chair a chapter of a marxist youth party)


File: 1653343103109.jpg (39.75 KB, 902x492, ESzBnaxUEAAiInz.jpg)

My parents are "progressive" liberal Democrat types who read the New York Times and really hate Republicans. They're also atheists. It's like a meme where there's a liberal and some text that says "hates Republicans, voted Biden, gonna vote Biden again, just really hates Republicans."

But I don't describe myself as a "communist" around them although they've seen socialist literature I've had lying around. But for them, "communist" and "socialist" are kinda like made-up bogeyman terms that conservatives use to slander people like them. It doesn't mean anything to them. So I'll be talking about some Marxist concept when referring to reckless financial speculation, but say: "you can trace this to Marx but he didn't even come up with that, it's just 19th century classical economics which you can trace to Adam Smith, who was the ur-capitalist, and Smith said [insert stupid, self-defeating policy here] is stupid, but the Republicans say not doing that is 'socialism.'"

That tends to work. My general rule is that I don't say everything I think, but I don't say anything which I don't think is true.


Yes and I debate politics with my liberal/fascist friends and liberal social fascist family whenever I can.


My family (with really few exceptions) is all made of commies or either strong left-leaning, and also 50% of my friends are commies. So no i don't have this kinds of problems.


Told my mum and she said don't tell your grandad


> "you can trace this to Marx but he didn't even come up with that, it's just 19th century classical economics which you can trace to Adam Smith, who was the ur-capitalist, and Smith said
sounds like you're being a try hard name dropper


My mom wants to read with me capital and my father just wants to grill. I don't have any friends :(


>Do your friends and family know your political tendencies?
Not explicitly. They probably assume I'm a somewhat progressive liberal from discussions, although there are a few small hints of socialism that they may not have picked up. Parents are irreligious conservatives with generally anti-racist characteristics, one pro-green.
>big corp coworkers
A couple who admitted to being anti-capitalist/socialist know I'm a socialist, the rest I just indicate I'm pro-worker and don't bullshit about HR being HR. Manager (self-admittedly 'center-left') probably knows I'm also left-of-center.
IRL: I don't really talk politics to them, never really comes up
online group: openly socialist. Interestingly the group went from being teenage /pol/-lite ancaps-and-edgelords 4channer boys (a few years before I joined) to theory-reading anti-lib Marxist adults all fleeing the South as soon as they can. The edgy 4chan teen to commie adult pipeline is very real.


File: 1653351563873.jpg (50.65 KB, 500x412, FTeG8hhXwAAVEQw.jpg)

my parents used to be pretty active in student protests
so yes


File: 1653351770457.png (1.68 MB, 1402x1434, Handy Gets Trolled.png)



I work at Amazon it isn't funny


Yes. Why would I lie to my loved ones about what i believe?
What is this absolute retarded premise, anons?


>Why would I lie to [my family] about what i believe?
Consider yourself fortunate for that to be an option that doesn't invoke abuse.


>being abused by your family.
anon, this is an over 18+ board.




They know but mostly feel that I should layoff the radical elements a bit. My folks often call me a bolshevik lol.



Most adults still live with family.


they do kind of but explaining it to my mom would just result in a shouting match and I'm not about to do that.


Ray Dalio?
Thats sweet. Join your local org!


Yes. I'm not a pussyo, I leave explicit mentions out at work though, at work I just say things like "golly they make so much money compared to how much we get paid" a lot and point out things about the work place which are illegal, had the union conversation with a couple of people I trust/ have brought it up themselves. It really helps that train drivers keep going on strike, I've watched as gradually people start to understand what it is for more and more, even though they are pissed about transport complications, they are generally in favour. Although a social clique of girlboss managers makes the whole thing tricky tricky, but gradually I can see things clicking in peoples minds.

Other than that any time Ukraine is mentioned I say its Nato's fault. I'm fairly new so keeping it low key for the minute


File: 1653402745474.jpg (53.05 KB, 500x370, IMG_20220405_150409.jpg)

My best friend's dad made this meme about me, so I'd say I'm pretty awful at keeping my opinions under wraps.


What do you do?


I suppose they know. Perhaps you could say it's more don't ask don't tell. My mom would very quickly be a triggered lib if I brought most anything up, but I don't, but she should logically know from previous conversations where I stand. So, don't ask, don't tell.


uyghas need to get homes, god damn.
Tell your parents, if they kick you out it's only going to be better for you in the long run, even if you have to sleep on sofas or whatevs for a few months.


My dad is a boomer lib, my mom is a disillusioned lib who knows shit is absolutely fucked but would prefer not to think about it. My siblings and cousins are all "progressive" libs with one being close to a socialist. I am open about my politics when I meet people and with coworkers because I don't have to worry about state repression at this point.


Awww :3


none of my fam do back home, that'd be rlly bad
almost none of the homies really know that the shit I bring up when we talk about stuff is motivated and learned from Marxist theory. I bring up a lot of ideas with friends isolated from the name of the ideology lol
ppl at college don't rlly know, but idfw the ppl there anyways, I moreso make friends in the area rather than ppl on campus
some of my closest friends are ppl I don't have to hide that from, they're awesome, some of my other friends are also part of organization efforts, unionizing, protesting, etc.


What the fuck did you say, Jesse?!



>The edgy 4chan teen to commie adult pipeline is very real.
The first gulp from the glass of alienation will make you a reactionary, at the bottom communism is waiting.
t. niels bohr or some other physics dude


My father is a working class type of guy who works a union job at the shipyard and holds boomerish views due to his life and work environment consisting of interacting with boomers, but considers himself to be an independent since he considers both parties to be idiots.
My mom owns a small business and is a disillusioned lib who understands the decline that's taking place but would prefer to not think about it.
My step brother is sympathic to communists and their goals, even had CPUSA membership for a time,
but thinks welfare capitalism or a guided capitalism as the way to go since he believes that human nature is inherently too evil and greedy for socialism to work.
I'm an autist who sucks ass at communication so I usually keep my views to myself and only speak out sometimes without making myself come off as a communist to the best of my ability.



yes. I dont discuss it with them though. I made it pretty clear I think they're uneducated retards politically


I don't have family
I don't have friends

I keep everything to myself.


Sigma grindset


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