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A former M-19 rebel (now a born again socdem) has a high chance to take Colombia's presidency. If so, he'd be the first left leaning president of that country.

Is Petro /ourguy/?
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Ay ay ay you got trips not dubs. Doesn't count.


w-what does trips mean, anon!?


a coup and then a counter-cop, maybe even an auto-coup


Bay of Piglets tier failed coup


File: 1655757857813.gif (712.58 KB, 498x214, eyes.gif)

This only means that it will be much worse


File: 1655763845266.png (1.29 MB, 946x1114, PETRO.png)

Should venefachos/gusanos be deported back where they belong?


Juan Carlos Pinzón, Ambassador of Colombia in the U.S., quits after Petro wins the presidency


Not gonna lie, a lot of this sounds kinda spooky to me, as well as this, if you posted
> if that job is solidary and cooperative [in the obvious sense of being cooperativistic].
a whole load of people would throw a hissy fit.

But that isn't the part that concerns me, the part that concerns me is that this comes across to me as basic a green-liberal agenda, to me a popular economy doesn't come from "digitally education and cheap credit" at least, these things wouldn't be my first ports of call,, not your winning speech stuff.

Somebody tell me why I'm wrong, I haven't been keeping too much up with him

I do get that the Columbian left is behind him and compared to Duque he is a saint, but, Duque is a fascist piece of shit though.

But it doesn't appear to be Acre or Maduro, hell, it doesn't even seem like a Boric or Castillo.



/int/oids are seething yet again


>But it doesn't appear to be Acre or Maduro
I don't think Maduro is a good role model for the Latin American left, I do support him but he's not precisely the brightest guy there is

>it doesn't even seem like a Boric or Castillo.

Nothing wrong about it


you're underestimating how right bend colombia is. he's like bernie sanders, not revolutionary but necessary.


>"Me he comunicado con el gobierno venezolano para abrir las fronteras y restablecer el pleno ejercicio de los derechos humanos en la frontera."
<"I have communicated with the Venezuelan government to open the borders and restore the full exercise of human rights on the border."


Has Petro said anything about the US bases in Colomibia? He's probably going to need to remove them to prevent a coup


>The economical pluralism means overcoming the old slaveries, the old feudalism. Being able to have a land that is full of grown foods, having a place for the indigenous communities so they be able to develop their autonomy, their culture. Have a popular economy, that can be strengthen through digitality, education, cheap credit. From there will come forms of capitalism, hopefully democratic, hopefully productive, hopefully not speculator.
This was a sad read. It is basically the WEF greenwashed capitalism with a human face, weak and defenseless to the forces of monopoly-finance capital. If you think Allende was bad, this guy won't even need to be killed because the imperialist powers will game this guy out of his campaign promises in the presidential-term equivalent of an afternoon. There are no safeguards here: no people's militia/army, no nationalizations, no land reform, no dedollarized shift of power-center… if you fall for this you're not a Marxist.


This. He's essentially playing the role of controlled opposition to the bourgeoisie, positioning himself as leftist and playing up his historical role as a revolutionary solely in order to dupe the proletariat and strengthen their oppressors. He is not an ally to the left, he is an enemy of the workers, and the slightest concession to his caricature of what progress to the exploited world means should be unacceptable to the class-conscious. The job of the revolutionary left should be exposing the errors in and resolutely denouncing the deceitful nature of Petro's governance, which is clearly a tool for the oppression of the working masses.


>scotland, catalonia, bavaria, occitania, brittany


This is precisely why I filter people who post with the slaveholder flag.


t. a reactionary psychopathic rapist.


File: 1655915755386.png (Spoiler Image, 132.49 KB, 314x346, co.png)

Least incel siberianon


File: 1655916012240.jpeg (23.81 KB, 350x262, FSk1WMaXoAAvAZN.jpeg)

Amerilards stay the fuck out of my family's country


Where are you anon and why don't you live there?


File: 1655916171387.png (323.76 KB, 727x574, ClipboardImage.png)

t. would've taken advantage of women in post-soviet countries


Every gringo that migrates south invariably makes things worse and most function as a new labor aristocracy


>labor aristocracy
Nice fairy tale.


>Cope, culombianas are simply the superior stock of women.
Then why do Colombian men prefer donkeys?


Ok schizo. How's your mansion in LA?


Can you not turn this thread into /isg/ or /siberia/ please?


We'll pick Lenin over you, sorry pal.


The provisional government might have been more "left-leaning" than the Tsar but that didn't stop them from doing nothing to resolve Russia primary contradiction at the time WWI. You might play the role of the Mensheviks but the left should ensure that they aren't deceived by saboteurs like Petro who only wish to maintain imperialism by pretending to be the leftist opposition to workers in the third world.


The idealists always do pick Lenin over Marx.


You're not Marx bro, sorry.


File: 1655996656203.jpg (41.68 KB, 700x520, petro-clinton.jpg)


File: 1655996706343.png (214.41 KB, 2500x2500, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1655996808155.jpg (28.24 KB, 600x471, gustavo-bill.jpg)



Very based


File: 1656007710440-0.jpg (32.9 KB, 680x368, 1652620582258.jpg)

File: 1656007710440-1.jpg (227.88 KB, 800x1022, 1649696592713.jpg)

The same old fairytale of “left-progressive governments” is back in the news following the electoral victory of social democrat Gustavo Petro in Colombia, as well as the performance of leftist Jean-Luc Mélenchon in French parliamentary elections.

As it happened last December with Gabriel Boric' victory in Chile, a number of left-wing, opportunist forces in Greece and abroad celebrate the recent results, presenting them as a “triumph of the left” which can allegedly bring positive developments for the working people.

However, history provides important lessons. The last two decades are full of examples which clearly demonstrate that no bourgeois government, no matter if it is called “socialist”, “left” or “progressive”, cannot serve and satisfy the people's interests within the conditions of capitalist economy. Those who today hail the victory of Gustavo Petro in Colombia as a “people's victory” are the same shameless opportunists who were celebrating the rise of SYRIZA in Greece and Podemos in Spain back in 2014-2015.

Historical experience, both in Europe and Latin America, demonstrate that the so-called “left governments” cultivate and spread illusions about the humanization of capitalism. Nonetheless, the painful reality is that humane capitalism is like Santa Claus; it does not exist. The case of PSUV in Venezuela is an emblematic example of the failure of the opportunist theory of “21st Century Socialism”. The examples of Lula-Rousseff in Brazil and Lopez Obrador in Mexico confirmed that no “left” or “progressive” government, no matter its intentions, can provide actual and radical solutions to the people's problems as long as the means of production remain in the hands of the capital. In the best of cases, these governments adopted some policies against extreme poverty, but even these measures were subsequently retracted as long as they were incompatible with capitalist economy. After all, the prosperity of the working class is by definition incompatible with the profitability of the monopolies.

Unfortunately, a number of Communist Parties and forces, both in Latin America and Europe, have adopted the erroneous strategy of “stages to socialism” which leads them to seek their participation in “left” and “progressive” governments. The cases of Brazil and Chile are quite characteristic. In France, the case of the Communist Party (PCF), which participates the social democratic alliance of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, is a prominent example of ideological mutation and irrevocable deviation from the principles of Marxism-Leninism. The once powerful and respected French Communist Party of Maurice Thorez and Jacques Duclos has been reduced to a political accessory of the sinful social democracy, which in turn serves as a reserve of the capital.

Such political forces overlook or underestimate the laws governing capitalist economy, as well as the de facto reactionary character of the bourgeois state. The tragic outcome of Salvador Allende's “Popular Unity” government in Chile must be a constant reminder that socialism is impossible to come through peaceful ways and parliamentary illusions, but only through the overthrow of the capitalist system and the eradication of monopolies' power.

Is there any particular reason for the working class in Colombia and France to celebrate the electoral achievements of Petro and Melenchon? For us, the answer is pretty clear. The working people must have no illusions. The real way out for the people's interests does not lie in the old and faded fairytales about “left” governments, but only in the intensification of the organized class struggle against the system of exploitation, capitalism.




these things tend to suck not because they're jews, but because poor people are, flatly, not welcome in the US as refugees (even though they're the ones that need it the most) so it always skews towards rich, probably bougie people and their experiences with countries that wanted to prioritize the poor for a change, even if it was only rhetorically.


based tbh


Opposing socdem improvements of the material conditions of the proletariat is reactionary.
Reducing the wealth of capitalist to lower poverty is objectively good, and no socialists would oppose it.

It goes without saying that humanizing capitalism is not going to work. But people are going to try it anyway, and you have to go along with it until it fails. When it inevitably does, and the system invents something like neoliberalism to undo the social reforms, that's when you can ruthlessly crush the bourgeoisie. You'll have the political momentum on your side when your revolutionary actions appear as defense of previous social reforms. It easier to gain the favor of the masses that way.
You have to pay attention to not be too far ahead of the masses, nor too far behind the masses.

You have to understand the historical situation your are in, sometime history makes a hard break and it's possible to make revolutions like the Bolsheviks or the Maoists. But consider that the power of the ruling classes were already broken down a lot. The Tsar and the Chinese feudal dynasty were battered from imperial attacks, that gave the communists a secure path to victory. Given the amount of chaos the waning imperialists are creating the global capitalist system, such a hard break in the motion of history may once again appear. So be mindful to never separate theory from material conditions.


pragmatically in developing states there are two kinds of socdems. Theres AMLO and Boric, pragmatic development or progressive Latinx


It’s more the fact that these refugees are accepted because they’re anti-communist and can serve US imperialism.


there is the big dog leninhat we know and love


Dream on


yeah, you're right shitposting and writing blogs only 37 people read on the other hand will bring about revolution in no time


yeah this based


Well…it's not like uribistas weren't with kiddy diddlers..
But yeah…we don't have a better choice than a succdem. It's that or uribismo


>When it inevitably does, and the system invents something like neoliberalism to undo the social reforms, that's when you can ruthlessly crush the bourgeoisie.

When has this ever happened? Social Democracy is a snare for the working class, a deception. What we need is ruthless class warfare, not dreams of class peace that pacifies the proletariat while the bourgeoisie are forever plotting how to claw back any concessions.

To win for good we need the dictatorship of the proletariat.

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