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A former M-19 rebel (now a born again socdem) has a high chance to take Colombia's presidency. If so, he'd be the first left leaning president of that country.

Is Petro /ourguy/?


He's going to win every poll has him winning by at least 10% or so. They didn't get a right wing candidate with enough organic support in race, they couldn't manufacture enough to make up the difference

Same case as Chile and peru



The Colombian right are sending him and his vice presidential candidate death threats so I would say so


He's just gonna be your average pinkuck wave Boric/Castillo/Lula type cuck

I mean in Colombia specifically it's an interesting development but don't get your hopes up
Latinamerican rightoids are simply schizo it's not a measure of anything


File: 1653839398858.png (119.73 KB, 608x1036, 20220312_AMM989.png)

It's really adding up though if he manages win and Lula is the favorite to win in Brazil

While the ones you mentioned and them as well are not crazy revolutionaries they still all hold a place that would be held by a right winger. By that point the majority of Latin America will at least be libs and leftist

Look at this map from economist from 2 months ago



they are sadistic violent schizos.


the hell is that


A left-wing government in Colombia would be a huge deal because it has been the main base for U.S. ops in South America for decades.



>WHEN GABRIEL BORIC, who is 36 and calls himself a “libertarian socialist”, is sworn in as Chile’s president on March 11th it will mark the most radical reshaping of his country’s politics in more than 30 years. His election in
stopped reading there


Lmao Boric remilitarized Mapuche land


boric seems cool, he doesn’t seem like your typical succdem populist and has concrete political demands that he seems to be serious about


What? Lol

What are his concrete demands?


What separates a full red socialist than a pinkuck?


wage hikes, pension reform, protection of the environment, reform of the penal system, reversing conservative populist moral regulations and giving civil rights to LGBT


All that is idpol and the first two neoliberal restructuring. Back to reddit


wage hikes are neoliberal restructuring? also join a right wing paramilitary death squad if it bothers you so much


That's still very leftwards for a country that never had a leftist national government.


He doesn't have a majority so don't expect much
It could be the first socdem goverment in Colombia, so it would be an improvement over the US aligned Uribismo


What a lack of nuance does to a comrade.
At least he doesn't have mapuches to remilitarize, ,so he can't go that rotten.


What is inflation dumbfuck
Yeah but that's the problem we can't just think in terms of it could be worse. It's like fear tactics


In this case, instead of just pointing knifes at eachother is to better check the sauces.
In this case, Petro's program.


We're not thinking in "it could be worse" we're thinking in "It could be better" but we know there is nothing better right now


>If Petro wins the presidency what does he plan to do? He says he is committed to finding ‘new economic development models’ that do not rely on extractive industries like oil. But he says that expropriations (nationalisations) are off the table and instead envisages a cautious redistribution of Colombia’s wealth. Petro proposes to extend free higher education, guarantee state jobs for the unemployed, end new oil and gas exploration in a country where hydrocarbons make up half of all exports; and increase taxes on the rich to pay for better public health and welfare. He vows to make companies pay 70% of their profits in dividends, bolster state pensions and reform the independent central bank.



Cool, soon red hegemony will be achieved.


>Wage increases = inflation
That's the excuse that right-wing governments (like the one in the U.S.) make for inflation instead of monopoly power inflating asset prices and made much worse in Global South countries because of balance-of-payments deficits after decades of neoliberal policies imposed on them by the IMF and World Bank.



>This program for change, built from the territories and the voices of its people, is conceived as the beginning of a transition, which will immediately make a dignified life possible, overcoming violence and social and climate justice, at the same time that the permanent conditions are consolidated for a great peace that allows the entire Colombian society a second chance on earth.

The chapter "From an extractivist economy towards a productive economy" seems like socdem stuff, with support of cooperatives and a warm agrarian reform (taxes for unproductive lands), "Associativity and cooperativism in the field will be the basis for the country's agricultural development", protectionism for the national industry with support for the national research and the fight against programmed obsolecense. Revisions of the FTA. And still 2 pages more about popular economy.


The PCC is with them, for the anons that didn't know


My Columbian Mom says she and her (well-off) family are scared of him turning it into Venezuela. What do i say?


Just tell her "vieja paraca hijueputa"


File: 1653847464644.png (496.56 KB, 1080x1062, c9rb6it8ng091.png)

This is silly, Petro represents the reabsorption of the labour movement in Colombia back into electoralism, not its strengthening, nor some kind of accomplishment. What you gotta understand is that the government was put against the wall by workers during the last few years of activity, mind you, it wasn't very organized, it was done mostly through spontaneous action, which expressed people's feelings of discontent at their shitty contiditions of life, but it was very powerful by Colombian standards, it accomplished a reduction of the working day, passing of abortion rights, reduction of taxes to basic foodstuffs. Additionally, the workers movement was evolving, with unionization in more sectors of the economy, more aggresive plays by existing unions, and their strenghtening. But capital could not have this happen, so first, the top crop pf petty bourgeois businemen, union leaders, and others redirected the force of the masses to petty bourgeois measures, life lines for small businesses, anti corruption measures, purely performative punishments for politicians, taxes on "inmoral" food and other consumption items, the petty bourgeois was seeking control of the workers movement, and the workers lacking a communist party were led this way. Naturally, the government played along, hoping to burn enough time for the movement to die down, and let it be channeled to elections, which is what happened, now the aims of workers are going to be directed towards economic nationalism, idpol, and petty-bourgeois reform in pensions and health.

t. Colombian


Ask if she is afraid that Petro will take her slave plantations :^))))


I told her that the Vize president was a black lady and she calmed down a bit


tell her to pack and leave


This happens all the time in south america

Neoliberal status quo starts to crack
People get mad, maybe protest
'People's' guy wins election (is called a leftist by the media/US/right)
System doesn't allow him to do anything
At best a couple of reforms are passed, at worst nothing changes
If any kind of crisis hits (energy/food/inflation) it's blamed on 'the left'
An even crazier right winger is elected
Privatizes everything, strips down all welfare ,benefits, etc
Start the process all over again


It's tiresome. I hate living in this cursed continent.


Based and sword of bolivar pilled


File: 1653853947785.jpg (206.98 KB, 600x774, FCA118FBF.jpg)

That is just bourgueois democracy with a hint of socialdemocracy.


lol what does the last panel say?


Why do doy ask this to baby? Baby was little, he doesn't remember anything, baby!


>Neoliberal status quo starts to crack
>People get mad, maybe protest
>Privatizes everything, strips down all welfare ,benefits, etc
>Start the process all over again
Yea, almost like a wave.


BREAKING NEWS: Petro lost again


>48% of the vote
COPE uribestia COPE


He shouldn’t fall into the redistribution trap that Venezuela did, needs to underpin it with industrial development like China. The reason China has weight is because it focused on having leverage. Obviously it has special attributes, its huge size, but even a small country like Cuba managed to get its own kind of leverage with its emphasis on healthcare and doctors. It helps it to form partnerships with other nations. If Colombia wants to get away from resource extraction, it needs to make sure it doesn’t just end up lacking in things to trade, or else it will be vulnerable.


File: 1653864163406.png (266.59 KB, 744x1166, meds.png)

meds. now


Still winning


File: 1653866219988.png (1 MB, 2880x1147, meds2.png)

It's pretty much the same 2018 scenario (maybe a little worse), the old fart will win by a landslide under the "cualquiera menos Petro" speech.

It's over, compa.


Now the time of the warming begins.

Cual es el punto de la liga? A mi me parecio el tipico outsider de la derecha. Porque Fico ya sabemos que es el derechista fabricado en laboratorio.


> There’s Armando Benedetti, Petro’s right-hand man and campaign strategist—once a die-hard Uribista and later ally to Uribe’s center-right successor, Juan Manuel Santos, who helped negotiate the 2016 peace deal. There’s also Roy Barreras, formerly the president of a party founded by Uribe and later a Santos ally, who was recently reelected to the Senate on the ticket of Petro’s party. Barreras is currently under investigation by Colombia’s Supreme Court of Justice for alleged corruption in the management of public contracts. And those are just two examples out of dozens of ex-Petro critics from Colombia’s traditional political class who have jumped on the bandwagon. Even Colombia’s second-richest man, banker Jaime Gilinski, is backing Petro’s campaign as one of its top financiers.

>And if those sound like strange bedfellows, it gets stranger. On Thursday, Barreras announced at a public meeting in Cartagena that several Conservative Party members from Colombia’s Caribbean coast had given their support to the Petro campaign. While Barreras didn’t name names, the meeting was attended by Conservative politicians linked to William Montes, who spent over seven years in prison for ties to paramilitaries, and to Enilce “The Cat” López, an alleged narcotrafficker who was convicted for her own paramilitary connections.

Another Glowie "leftist" wins in Latin America. Quelle surprise.



The only entity capable of turning countries into 'Venezuela' is the US


Rodolfo is going to smoke him. Fico voters are overwhelmingly anti-Petro than anti-Rodolfo. Keep in mind, Rodolfo is pretty much just Colombian Trump in the sense that he's a rich, right wing populist entrepreneur who admitted to being a Hitler admirer (before he "apologized").


This was a bad result for Petrosky. He runs mostly on anti-Uribism and being the zoomer candidate and now he's going against a candidate who is anti-Uribism (although ironically, all the Uribists are going to vote for him over Petro) and is also a zoomer candidate. If it was against Fico, Petro would have won but against Rodolfo? Not a chance. It's over.


That's why "anti-uribismo" is a vacuum political stance, it puts all of the country's failures into one character with no further examination. If Uribe dies nothing happens, as simple as that.


File: 1653872070063.jpg (Spoiler Image, 331.49 KB, 1001x1280, hahaha.jpg)

In an Antiuribism match, the probable winner would be the one that doesn't kneel or pact with Uribists.
Heh, but campaigns don't go that simple, specially one where they are bringing their Washington propagandist to do the "Next stop Vuvuzela thing". Like in Peru, or Ecuador, hell, everywhere. As Telesur pointed out, if this is just a repeat of last campaign (and the Uribe protegee won that time), they should question themselves, and personally, go for thsose who viced their votes.
I don't want Colombian bros to choke like it happened in Ecuador


So what can the Left there do?


After considering it further, the defeat of Petro is an inevitable consequence of the defeat of the protests in 2021, Petro channels the strength of the masses into petit bourgeois demands, and reforms, that is appeal, and this guy does it 10x better, look at this shit

>Vamos a recoger todos los vehículos que haya por cuenta del Estado. Y vamos a hacer un estudio de cuáles son necesarios, que yo creo que no es más de 5 %. El 95 % se va a rematar y con la plata que recojamos vamos a pedir que aprueben una ley en el Congreso para pasársela a los pobres", argumentó el empresario santandereano.

>"El IVA del 19 % al 10 %, pero quitamos las excepciones. Le quitamos ese nombre al IVA y ponemos impuesto al consumo, pero no hay devolución", expuso el político con 77 años de edad.

>Yo me defino como Rodolfo Hernández, un ingeniero que quiere sacar los ladrones del gobierno. Eso es todo

>"Nuestro propósito es alcanzar una cobertura del 100 % en educación superior y para lograr dicho objetivo se invertirá en la construcción de más centros educativos superiores, empezando desde las regiones más apartadas y pobres del país

>Ni de izquierda ni de derecha, manos libres e independientes hasta el final. Desmiento absolutamente que mi campaña esté por unirse a ningún nombre, coalición o partido político

This is 100% what the petit bourgeois thinks in colombia, word for word, nice sounding platitudes which don't have real content, but address what people think is wrong with the nation, opportunism of the highest order, this guy beat petro at his own game


The white bit is native french clay for some reason.



quino was a true genius, it's a crying shame there isn't a big collection of his work translated into english
thankfully most of his stuff is silent and the punchline doesn't require knowing spanish


It's like trying to translate Dr. Seuss in Spanish, yes you can but it would be nowhere near to the magic of the original source. Mostly because of the wordplay and some elements of context.

Tradutore, tradittore!


tan lejos de dios, tan cerca de los gringos :(


These people look american (US)


Petro underperformed
>Libs will rally on their shitty neolib alternative
>Autodefesas will murder and intimidate petro supporters


What's that alternative?


This Twitter thread is a good sum up. Get your translator ready. https://twitter.com/LiamPeiker/status/1531113457336057856?s=19


File: 1653996515275.png (1.34 MB, 1003x1310, ClipboardImage.png)

>My Columbian Mom says she and her (well-off) family are scared of him turning it into Venezuela. What do i say?
Tell her get in the gulag.


File: 1654000611557.png (828.21 KB, 1082x866, lXSoZOQpuoLfqamevziwtSfN.png)



They have the American phenotype.


I can count 11 different phenotypes there mate


I seriously hope you didn't believe all that made up bullshit. Especially coming from a Twitter thread. Now let's take a look at some of his most powerful allies in his campaign

>Pote Gómez

>Bernabé Celis
>Freddy Anaya
>Carlos Camacho
>Clan Aguilar
>Nubia López

Those are irrelevant names nationwide but really powerful in Santander, and naturally, linked with
Álvaro Uribe. Now go see the "big names" supporting him in the second round. You're too gullible, my man.


>I seriously hope you didn't believe all that made up bullshit.
I didn't say I believed it. I was responding to someone who wanted to know the alternative so I posted the policy ideas that came from Rodolfo's mouth.

>Now let's take a look at some of his most powerful allies in his campaign

And Petro has support from Roy Barreras and Benedetti, both with heavy connections to Uribe. What's your point? Of course Rodolfo is a corrupt uribista hack but you're not making a very good argument here.


Oh yeah, Petrosky is finished.


File: 1654053569593.jpg (94.81 KB, 943x710, fuerza.jpg)

Lo unico que se puede hacer.


Uh Rodolfobros?
>BREAKING NEWS: First precounts do not coincide with the data of the reports of the Registry. There are differences of more than 12% in the results.

>Departmental registrars suggest that Petro could win in the first round if a TOTAL RECOUNT is made.



They will never not cuck themselves, will they?


Toothless opportunism in service of capitalist continuity.


>make a coalition of every parties
>still loses because of the boomers screaming about extremism
they're fucked,lmao


t. liberal blaming ephemeral cultural identities instead of social relations and material conditions
rolling on the floor laughing my ass off


File: 1654121864956.png (186.12 KB, 755x464, dafascistspectrum.png)

>Is Petro /ourguy/?
>a fucking succdem


>Gustavo Petro le propone a Rodolfo Hernández 'acuerdo nacional'
<“Le propondría al contrincante Rodolfo que si su programa hace un gran esfuerzo por acercarse al nuestro, como lo estamos viendo, que hagamos un gran acuerdo nacional y que el primer acto de gobierno, sea el de él o sea el mío, sea convocar esa diversidad que se expresará el 19 de junio para construir en Colombia caminos de pacto histórico”, afirmó.
>Translation: Gustavo Petro proposes a 'national agreement' to Rodolfo Hernández
<“I would propose to the rival Rodolfo that if his program makes a great effort to get closer to ours, as we are seeing, that we make a great national agreement and that the first act of the government, be it his or mine, be to convene that diversity that will be expressed on June 19 to build paths of historical pact in Colombia”, he affirmed.


> the economist


One day left, bros. I'm afraid they will stole the elections


Stop the count!


That old fat ass with bitches in a yacht is gonna win?


well…as a colombian i hate to tell you this, but they STOLE the elections in 2018. petro should have been the prez. since then. but somehow the reactionaries here are in plan
>petrists are gonna burn our narcostate democracy!


I vooted!


Two hours left lads


I'm sure there was fraud but Petro's political capital wasn't that huge back then. Duque's campaign led an effective anti-peace agenda


It's time


Telesur en vivo
In spanish




wtf hes winning now


¡Vamos, Petro! Es increíble la cantidad de gente que vota por ese viejo imbécil


File: 1655674083784.png (1.22 MB, 2512x1146, letsgooo.png)



They are incredibly close. 19% of tables already counted and not even a 2% gap yet






I am not happy before it ends (and hes not turning out a traitor like that Serb but a man like AMLO)






First thing he needs to do, Purge the police and the army.








Bink dide :D:D:D


File: 1655676090629.png (138.89 KB, 939x665, ClipboardImage.png)

Tightening up… but the results are coming in fast.






File: 1655676160612.png (366.91 KB, 575x564, nervous.png)



File: 1655676187674.png (1.58 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)



It's tightening up, hold me Petrobros


Forgot translation, but Telesur is calling it for Petro, it seems.



El País called for Petro


BR here, any Colombiano to educate me on Petro and Rodolfo?


Burger here. All I know is that Petro is a former left-wing revolutionary turned politician and Hernandez is basically a Trump/Bolsonaro wannabe.


Socdem, ex militant of the M-19
Neolib, angry old man-child, fake populist, investigated for corruption despite his entire argument being "I'm anti-corruption", basically Trump in the sense that he doesn't know anything about his own country


Refer to my post here. I was right in my prediction


Rodolfosister we got too cocky
Petrochads i kneel



Rodolfo congratulated Petro Now and conceded on tv


>wage hikes, pension reform, protection of the environment, reform of the penal system
<reee idpol
glow more


Incoming reestablishment of relations with Venezuela.
Now wait to see the right wing try to strip the president of his powers.



>I congratulate Gustavo Petro and Francia Márquez for their historic victory in the Presidential elections in Colombia. The will of the Colombian people, who came out to defend the path of democracy and peace, was heard. New times are in sight for this brother country


File: 1655680198788.png (3.84 MB, 1900x1261, ClipboardImage.png)

Based. Should I move to Colombia? I was interested in it before but I didn't like that it was ruled by a right wing comprador government.

Maybe more years of lead incoming tho.


>the ones you mentioned and them as well are libs they still all hold a place that would be held by another lib
The horror


Socialist Bolivarian Union when?


Not gonna happen, not mayority in the parlament nor part of their program.
But a reestablishment of relations and cooperation to end the scourge of paracos and drugdealers would be nice.

Reminder that this is the first leftist president in the most addict US base of latam. Even Nato adjacent


Why are Colombo-Burgers so stupid?


Aka Miami


They both had a black lady VP ? Lol.


More reactions


Every latino expat in Miami is stupid. Just bourgeoise running away from their home country and pretending to be victims of persecution, probably the most pathetic people in the whole continent.


Honestly, I know he won’t do much given that I assume his party won’t win a majority of the assembly but I hope that at least he will fulfill the treaties with the revolutionary groups like the FARC. If he doesn’t, fuck his traitor, opportunist ass


pink tide rising again. reaganites and gusanos btfo




dont move to colombia decades of neolib gov/insurgency has left it a shithole


Is it worth moving to somewhere like that if you are a gringo with like a million dollars in the bank?


Colombia is probably one of the most right wing countries on earth, literally every single leftist movemeny has been defeated in all it's existence, both militarily and politically, even moderate soyboy left, zero wins, EVER.



File: 1655684044499.png (1.29 MB, 1739x897, ClipboardImage.png)

Really? It ticks a lot of boxes for me. Legal weed, cheap cost of living, beautiful country, etc. Seeing from expats the kind of nice ass houses and property you can get there for the half the price you could get a bungalow in LA. Look at this shit. They want a million dollars for one shit unit in a parking lot lol.




Most burger boomers that want to move to Colombia just do it to fuck Colombian women and buy cheap liquor, are you one of those?


I'll leave the women alone. I just want to chill and smoke weed.


>Gustavo petro tiene homonimo brasileño

If you have a source of income in dollars you can live really well, the dollar is like 4000 pesos now and the minumum wage is like $1,30 per hour
just try to assimilate and you'd be fine


Coup when


How likely will he end up like Pedro Castillo? Crippled by an oppositional legislature and deeply unpopular


>When oil prices fell, the Venezuelan model collapsed. And democratic principles were forgotten. Marked by their dependence on raw materials and their authoritarian drift, Nicolas Maduro's Venezuela and Ivan Duque's Colombia are more similar today than they seem.

He's another one of those "anti-authoritarian" socdems. He's nothing more than a lesser evil.


indeed, there's too much crap in there…
about petro
>EX guerrilla, the guy hasn't hold a weapon since like, 30 years, but rightoids always look at him as this "ebul commie terrorist"
>was a mayor of the capital bogota
>he made common knowledge the links between army, police, private enterprises and politicians with druglords and far-right death squads
>it's his life work made known to population that we're controlled by criminals
>a private entrepreneur
>ex-mayor of a kinda lesser city
>investigated for corruption in his government
>a so called "anticorruption paladin" that is not so corrupt as the ruling party
>is the emergency option for the petit-bourgouisie and all the scum


Petro speech; aka: Petro about capitalism; harsh translation:
<We are going to develop capitalism in Comobia
Atendeees say nooo and boo
<Not because we adore it, but because we have to surpass Colombia's premodernity, Colombia's feudalism, the new slaveries, the new slavery
<We have to overcome atavistic mentalities linked to that world of serfs, world of slaves that had as counterpart the world of slave owners
<We have to build a democracy, and that democracy will be build from allowing to exist a pluralism of concienses, an ideological pluralism, a color pluralism, an economical pluralism.
<The economical pluralism means overcoming the old slaveries, the old feudalism. Being able to have a land that is full of grown foods, having a place for the indigenous communities so they be able to develop their autonomy, their culture. Have a popular economy, that can be strengthen through digitality, education, cheap credit. From there will come forms of capitalism, hopefully democratic, hopefully productive, hopefully not speculator.
<From there will come, [new] forms of humanity relationships from the new technologies . From there will come an strong, productive economy
<That is why we want to transit from the old extractivist economy, that killed the water and the life towards a new productive one that can grow jobs in all of Colombia, production, that is the base of wealth. The national wealth depends on the labor, if that work is salaried, if that job is independent, if that job is solidary and cooperative [in the obvious sense of being cooperativistic].
<If that job adquires the new forms of the collaborative economy, it will have the backing of the new goverment. Because only with the base of growing economically, of producing, is that we will be able then redistribute. We cannot redistribute without producing.
<Thus if we want to redistribute, so the whole society be more egalitarian, then we have to produce in the fields, in the industry, in the tourism [sector], produce in the field of knowledge because that is how production is done in the XXI century. A regulated production, without affecting the human dignity. A regulated production, so nature isn't affected, so the water isn't affected, so the plains aren't affected. So the strickes aren't affected
[Salutes lady with portrait of guy who I can bet died in the unrest last year]
<Working respecting nature, that means Ambiental justice.

Nothing far away from the economic part of his campaign promises >>995099


Still huge for Colombia


dengist colombia???


This is what you have to work with in the underdeveloped world. People who expect the vanguard of communism to arise anywhere but in Europe or NA are completely mindless.


Any day now firstie


Any day now thirdie.


File: 1655740126605.png (851.94 KB, 748x721, ClipboardImage.png)

>B-b-but i don't like him! It's not fair that he won!


the only vanguard that will arise in north america or europe are those of oppressed nations. only scotland, catalonia, bavaria, occitania, brittany, new afrika have any revolutionary potential. this is because those who are loyal to imperialist nations like france, germany, britain or the usa are imperialists themselves.


Even in this white guilt nazbol fantasy world of yours, this is still the first world where the means of production are developed.


Gloid cope


there's no white guilt here. only vulgar anti-americanism and anti-natoism.


In that case you should understand that so long as the US empire and its NATO lapdogs control the vast majority of the global economy and military, there is little to no hope for any third world communist movement to actually establish itself as a vanguard.


After Petro announced a black lady as her VP candidate some of his opponents (Sergio Fajardo, Rodolfo Hernández, and John Milton) tried to play the black sidekick card as well.


and in that case, i will also continue to maintain my belief that secessionist movements will be the first world vanguard.


Given the fact that entire history of socialist revolutions has taken place outside of the first world, it's reasonable not to expect much out of first worlders. That being said, it is true that so long as the US commands its imperial might to crush revolutionary potention around the world it's gonna be hard to succeed.


>scotland, catalonia, bavaria, occitania, brittany
>oppressed nations


Reminds me of Aristide's second election platform, went something like "we're going from dirt to poor" then he got overthrown anyway


The first step towards siege socialism


>oppressed nations
I am perfectly fine with fictional characters being oppressed.


Nuevo video de Ahi les va sobre la victoria de Petro


><We have to overcome atavistic mentalities linked to that world of serfs, world of slaves that had as counterpart the world of slave owners


dubs and he gets couped



This seems like pure wishful thinking but even Chaves was pushed far to left from how aggressive Venezuela's right wingers are.


You ruined everything


Ay ay ay you got trips not dubs. Doesn't count.


w-what does trips mean, anon!?


a coup and then a counter-cop, maybe even an auto-coup


Bay of Piglets tier failed coup


File: 1655757857813.gif (712.58 KB, 498x214, eyes.gif)

This only means that it will be much worse


File: 1655763845266.png (1.29 MB, 946x1114, PETRO.png)

Should venefachos/gusanos be deported back where they belong?


Juan Carlos Pinzón, Ambassador of Colombia in the U.S., quits after Petro wins the presidency


Not gonna lie, a lot of this sounds kinda spooky to me, as well as this, if you posted
> if that job is solidary and cooperative [in the obvious sense of being cooperativistic].
a whole load of people would throw a hissy fit.

But that isn't the part that concerns me, the part that concerns me is that this comes across to me as basic a green-liberal agenda, to me a popular economy doesn't come from "digitally education and cheap credit" at least, these things wouldn't be my first ports of call,, not your winning speech stuff.

Somebody tell me why I'm wrong, I haven't been keeping too much up with him

I do get that the Columbian left is behind him and compared to Duque he is a saint, but, Duque is a fascist piece of shit though.

But it doesn't appear to be Acre or Maduro, hell, it doesn't even seem like a Boric or Castillo.



/int/oids are seething yet again


>But it doesn't appear to be Acre or Maduro
I don't think Maduro is a good role model for the Latin American left, I do support him but he's not precisely the brightest guy there is

>it doesn't even seem like a Boric or Castillo.

Nothing wrong about it


you're underestimating how right bend colombia is. he's like bernie sanders, not revolutionary but necessary.


>"Me he comunicado con el gobierno venezolano para abrir las fronteras y restablecer el pleno ejercicio de los derechos humanos en la frontera."
<"I have communicated with the Venezuelan government to open the borders and restore the full exercise of human rights on the border."


Has Petro said anything about the US bases in Colomibia? He's probably going to need to remove them to prevent a coup


>The economical pluralism means overcoming the old slaveries, the old feudalism. Being able to have a land that is full of grown foods, having a place for the indigenous communities so they be able to develop their autonomy, their culture. Have a popular economy, that can be strengthen through digitality, education, cheap credit. From there will come forms of capitalism, hopefully democratic, hopefully productive, hopefully not speculator.
This was a sad read. It is basically the WEF greenwashed capitalism with a human face, weak and defenseless to the forces of monopoly-finance capital. If you think Allende was bad, this guy won't even need to be killed because the imperialist powers will game this guy out of his campaign promises in the presidential-term equivalent of an afternoon. There are no safeguards here: no people's militia/army, no nationalizations, no land reform, no dedollarized shift of power-center… if you fall for this you're not a Marxist.


This. He's essentially playing the role of controlled opposition to the bourgeoisie, positioning himself as leftist and playing up his historical role as a revolutionary solely in order to dupe the proletariat and strengthen their oppressors. He is not an ally to the left, he is an enemy of the workers, and the slightest concession to his caricature of what progress to the exploited world means should be unacceptable to the class-conscious. The job of the revolutionary left should be exposing the errors in and resolutely denouncing the deceitful nature of Petro's governance, which is clearly a tool for the oppression of the working masses.


>scotland, catalonia, bavaria, occitania, brittany


This is precisely why I filter people who post with the slaveholder flag.


t. a reactionary psychopathic rapist.


File: 1655915755386.png (Spoiler Image, 132.49 KB, 314x346, co.png)

Least incel siberianon


File: 1655916012240.jpeg (23.81 KB, 350x262, FSk1WMaXoAAvAZN.jpeg)

Amerilards stay the fuck out of my family's country


Where are you anon and why don't you live there?


File: 1655916171387.png (323.76 KB, 727x574, ClipboardImage.png)

t. would've taken advantage of women in post-soviet countries


Every gringo that migrates south invariably makes things worse and most function as a new labor aristocracy


>labor aristocracy
Nice fairy tale.


>Cope, culombianas are simply the superior stock of women.
Then why do Colombian men prefer donkeys?


Ok schizo. How's your mansion in LA?


Can you not turn this thread into /isg/ or /siberia/ please?


We'll pick Lenin over you, sorry pal.


The provisional government might have been more "left-leaning" than the Tsar but that didn't stop them from doing nothing to resolve Russia primary contradiction at the time WWI. You might play the role of the Mensheviks but the left should ensure that they aren't deceived by saboteurs like Petro who only wish to maintain imperialism by pretending to be the leftist opposition to workers in the third world.


The idealists always do pick Lenin over Marx.


You're not Marx bro, sorry.


File: 1655996656203.jpg (41.68 KB, 700x520, petro-clinton.jpg)


File: 1655996706343.png (214.41 KB, 2500x2500, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1655996808155.jpg (28.24 KB, 600x471, gustavo-bill.jpg)



Very based


File: 1656007710440-0.jpg (32.9 KB, 680x368, 1652620582258.jpg)

File: 1656007710440-1.jpg (227.88 KB, 800x1022, 1649696592713.jpg)

The same old fairytale of “left-progressive governments” is back in the news following the electoral victory of social democrat Gustavo Petro in Colombia, as well as the performance of leftist Jean-Luc Mélenchon in French parliamentary elections.

As it happened last December with Gabriel Boric' victory in Chile, a number of left-wing, opportunist forces in Greece and abroad celebrate the recent results, presenting them as a “triumph of the left” which can allegedly bring positive developments for the working people.

However, history provides important lessons. The last two decades are full of examples which clearly demonstrate that no bourgeois government, no matter if it is called “socialist”, “left” or “progressive”, cannot serve and satisfy the people's interests within the conditions of capitalist economy. Those who today hail the victory of Gustavo Petro in Colombia as a “people's victory” are the same shameless opportunists who were celebrating the rise of SYRIZA in Greece and Podemos in Spain back in 2014-2015.

Historical experience, both in Europe and Latin America, demonstrate that the so-called “left governments” cultivate and spread illusions about the humanization of capitalism. Nonetheless, the painful reality is that humane capitalism is like Santa Claus; it does not exist. The case of PSUV in Venezuela is an emblematic example of the failure of the opportunist theory of “21st Century Socialism”. The examples of Lula-Rousseff in Brazil and Lopez Obrador in Mexico confirmed that no “left” or “progressive” government, no matter its intentions, can provide actual and radical solutions to the people's problems as long as the means of production remain in the hands of the capital. In the best of cases, these governments adopted some policies against extreme poverty, but even these measures were subsequently retracted as long as they were incompatible with capitalist economy. After all, the prosperity of the working class is by definition incompatible with the profitability of the monopolies.

Unfortunately, a number of Communist Parties and forces, both in Latin America and Europe, have adopted the erroneous strategy of “stages to socialism” which leads them to seek their participation in “left” and “progressive” governments. The cases of Brazil and Chile are quite characteristic. In France, the case of the Communist Party (PCF), which participates the social democratic alliance of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, is a prominent example of ideological mutation and irrevocable deviation from the principles of Marxism-Leninism. The once powerful and respected French Communist Party of Maurice Thorez and Jacques Duclos has been reduced to a political accessory of the sinful social democracy, which in turn serves as a reserve of the capital.

Such political forces overlook or underestimate the laws governing capitalist economy, as well as the de facto reactionary character of the bourgeois state. The tragic outcome of Salvador Allende's “Popular Unity” government in Chile must be a constant reminder that socialism is impossible to come through peaceful ways and parliamentary illusions, but only through the overthrow of the capitalist system and the eradication of monopolies' power.

Is there any particular reason for the working class in Colombia and France to celebrate the electoral achievements of Petro and Melenchon? For us, the answer is pretty clear. The working people must have no illusions. The real way out for the people's interests does not lie in the old and faded fairytales about “left” governments, but only in the intensification of the organized class struggle against the system of exploitation, capitalism.




these things tend to suck not because they're jews, but because poor people are, flatly, not welcome in the US as refugees (even though they're the ones that need it the most) so it always skews towards rich, probably bougie people and their experiences with countries that wanted to prioritize the poor for a change, even if it was only rhetorically.


based tbh


Opposing socdem improvements of the material conditions of the proletariat is reactionary.
Reducing the wealth of capitalist to lower poverty is objectively good, and no socialists would oppose it.

It goes without saying that humanizing capitalism is not going to work. But people are going to try it anyway, and you have to go along with it until it fails. When it inevitably does, and the system invents something like neoliberalism to undo the social reforms, that's when you can ruthlessly crush the bourgeoisie. You'll have the political momentum on your side when your revolutionary actions appear as defense of previous social reforms. It easier to gain the favor of the masses that way.
You have to pay attention to not be too far ahead of the masses, nor too far behind the masses.

You have to understand the historical situation your are in, sometime history makes a hard break and it's possible to make revolutions like the Bolsheviks or the Maoists. But consider that the power of the ruling classes were already broken down a lot. The Tsar and the Chinese feudal dynasty were battered from imperial attacks, that gave the communists a secure path to victory. Given the amount of chaos the waning imperialists are creating the global capitalist system, such a hard break in the motion of history may once again appear. So be mindful to never separate theory from material conditions.


pragmatically in developing states there are two kinds of socdems. Theres AMLO and Boric, pragmatic development or progressive Latinx


It’s more the fact that these refugees are accepted because they’re anti-communist and can serve US imperialism.


there is the big dog leninhat we know and love


Dream on


yeah, you're right shitposting and writing blogs only 37 people read on the other hand will bring about revolution in no time


yeah this based


Well…it's not like uribistas weren't with kiddy diddlers..
But yeah…we don't have a better choice than a succdem. It's that or uribismo


>When it inevitably does, and the system invents something like neoliberalism to undo the social reforms, that's when you can ruthlessly crush the bourgeoisie.

When has this ever happened? Social Democracy is a snare for the working class, a deception. What we need is ruthless class warfare, not dreams of class peace that pacifies the proletariat while the bourgeoisie are forever plotting how to claw back any concessions.

To win for good we need the dictatorship of the proletariat.

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