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File: 1628464054096.gif (11.78 KB, 220x213, pepe.gif)


the postertariat has had enough of this! the janitourgeoisie infighting and couping each other, the site turning to absolute shit! we cant take it anymore and we will not take it anymore!

this thread will be one where the posters will initiate their demands directly to the current ruling junta and finally unionize to protect the place they know and love!



File: 1628464216567.png (443.48 KB, 1206x884, bunker.png)

<a onclick="highlightReply('431727', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#431727">&gt;&gt;431727</a><br/>What happened to bunkerchan?


Ok uygha<br/><br/>Demand 1. Fuck OP in the ass


Literally just purge everyone in the staff every two-three months and turn every board except /b/ to have reviewed posts before being uploaded, that way /pol/shitposting is kept at minimum plus it will encourage effortposts


ban leftcom posters<br/>ban anarkiddies<br/>ban glowies<br/>ban avatarfags<br/>ban furfags<br/>ban jannies<br/>eat a dick<br/>etc


File: 1628464408192.png (324.57 KB, 384x790, n sanely.png)

<a onclick="highlightReply('431742', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#431742">&gt;&gt;431742</a><br/>jokes on you im into that shit<br/><a href="/meta/res/8612.html#8612">&gt;&gt;&gt;/meta/8612</a><br/>shameless and extremely gay samefag




<a onclick="highlightReply('431769', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#431769">&gt;&gt;431769</a><br/>Trust the plan of the party elites. Don't criticise it


<a onclick="highlightReply('431756', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#431756">&gt;&gt;431756</a><br/>t. Liberal


<a onclick="highlightReply('431795', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#431795">&gt;&gt;431795</a><br/>you 15yo


File: 1628465441725.jpeg (62.72 KB, 454x675, images (58).jpeg)

<a onclick="highlightReply('431811', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#431811">&gt;&gt;431811</a><br/>Stop projecting


I dunno but I'm pretty blackpilled after the pretty comfy period post-split where I got to come on .org for effortposts and the bunker was still there for inane schizoposting. Now post-merge has settled down a bit it's just like some weird demoralized hybrid of /pol/ and r/stupidpol. I kinda hate it here now.


<a onclick="highlightReply('431967', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#431967">&gt;&gt;431967</a><br/>feeling this pretty well


<span class="heading">TRUE COMMUNIST LIVES MATTER</span>


<a onclick="highlightReply('431967', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#431967">&gt;&gt;431967</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;Now post-merge has settled down a bit it's just like some weird demoralized hybrid of /pol/ and r/stupidpol. I kinda hate it here now.</span><br/>Same, comrade :’(


I hear this shit started because of disagreements between the mods over how to moderate /b/. It's a fucking waste of time to even debate that. Let anons post whatever the fuck they want on /b/ and let mods delete whatever they fuck they want from /b/ as well. No worthwhile discussion happens there.


not samefag this time but something i think is relevant<br/><a href="/meta/res/8589.html#8594">&gt;&gt;&gt;/meta/8594</a><br/><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('431967', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#431967">&gt;&gt;431967</a><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('432036', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#432036">&gt;&gt;432036</a><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('432057', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#432057">&gt;&gt;432057</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;&gt;432069</span><br/>bad times create real uyghas<br/>real uyghas be straight chillin<br/>straight chillin creates bitch uyghas<br/>bitch uyghas create bad times<br/><br/>or something but WE CANNOT GIVE IN TO DESPERATION NOW. leftypol needs some real uyghas now more than ever. we have to be the real uyghas since jannies prove themselves bitch uyghas time and time and time again.<br/><br/>so i repeat. <span class="heading">VOICE YOUR DEMANDS NOW!</span>


<a onclick="highlightReply('432084', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#432084">&gt;&gt;432084</a><br/>This is the only major leftist imageboard and I ain't going anywhere. Leftypol provides a comfy space to express my snowflake feelings in a time where Western leftism is scattered and harebrained and completely impotent, sometimes it's good to just let it out with other leftists. If the schizos want to go at it we'll see who can outschizo who. I don't have any demands; I can't force anyone to be honest or transparent in their posting. If it helps, as a fellow anon I'll always be honest and forthcoming in my posting.


additional demands made on meta <br/><a href="/meta/res/8627.html#8627">&gt;&gt;&gt;/meta/8627</a><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('432156', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#432156">&gt;&gt;432156</a><br/>understood. thank you for your service soldier o7


<a href="https://leftypol.org/meta/res/8627.html" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://leftypol.org/meta/res/8627.html</a><br/><br/>Without a set of well defined rules, proper ban notices and staff that can be held accountable this shit will implode yet again.


<a onclick="highlightReply('432331', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#432331">&gt;&gt;432331</a><br/>Also because of you.<br/><br/>Here's a fucking proverb to describe you:<br/><span class="heading">Gajah di pelupuk mata tidak terlihat, semut di seberang pantai nampak jelas</span><br/><br/>Look that shit up, cuntfucking retarded fuckwad.


Full support from me, but I've made my complaints in the past, especially in the short era of the mods shilling their favored e-celebs and bypassing the trash thread where it belongs. The element was supposed to make things more transparent, but apparently it doesn't matter, because shit will still be kept under wraps until the last second and things blow up. Mods need to get over themselves and treat this like an actual volunteer jobs, or fuck off and leave the job to "boring" but rigorous people.


<a onclick="highlightReply('431745', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#431745">&gt;&gt;431745</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;reviewed posts</span><br/>holy reddit


File: 1628469712521.jpg (174.29 KB, 750x907, 1608450134838.jpg)

<a onclick="highlightReply('431745', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#431745">&gt;&gt;431745</a><br/>LMAO, you think that will stop /pol/


locking thread, we have a thread for supporting the glorious watermelon military junta already.


<a onclick="highlightReply('432391', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#432391">&gt;&gt;432391</a><br/><span class="heading">THIS IS HOW THEY WILL TREAT OUR DEMANDS!</span><br/><span class="heading">NEVER STAND DOWN! OUR VOICES WILL BE HEARD!</span><br/><span class="heading">FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS! FOR THE POSTERTARIAT!</span><br/><span class="heading">THEY WILL PAY FOR THIS! LONG LIVE LEFTYPOL!</span>


File: 1628471376835-0.jpg (12.44 KB, 224x225, jannie.jpg)

File: 1628471376835-1.png (101.93 KB, 1542x1184, jannoid.png)

File: 1628471376835-2.png (590.29 KB, 548x670, jannychamber.png)






<a onclick="highlightReply('432532', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#432532">&gt;&gt;432532</a><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('432539', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#432539">&gt;&gt;432539</a><br/>I only know Watermelon, Zul, and Zero. How are these other uyghas? Are they with Watermelon or siding with the radlib subhuman Caballo?



<a onclick="highlightReply('432548', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#432548">&gt;&gt;432548</a><br/>all against to the three you listed to my knowledge.


krates and comatoast have stepped down and a lot of the active mods have been banned.


<a onclick="highlightReply('432635', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#432635">&gt;&gt;432635</a><br/>Damn, those two were actually some of the actually decent vols imo.


<a onclick="highlightReply('432635', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#432635">&gt;&gt;432635</a><br/>That's a shame about Comatoast.


Site was going to shit anyway, don't really care if the mods want to fight over it's corpse.


<a onclick="highlightReply('432649', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#432649">&gt;&gt;432649</a><br/>so is that it? you giving up now? is that the leftypol way, anon? i dont think so. we ARE leftypol. we ARE the site. they work FOR US, WE DO NOT WORK FOR THEM! and the site being shit is their fault, isn't it? the fight has to be taken to them!


This shit came out of absolutely nowhere - like a few weeks ago, the posting here was not bad, all of a sudden we started getting the glowie and nazi threads again, and then this random coup?<br/><br/>I'm relatively new around here, only started lurking on bunkerchan last october (never used image boards before), but I can't see what the average user can do around here to change things. On discord it's much easier to see and isolate problematic mods and users because everything has a name attached, there's ways to engage with those managing the server, but here it seems we're just at the whim of a bunch of self-appointed mods.


File: 1628475198054.jpg (21.92 KB, 474x266, JEWSDIDWTC.jpg)



<a onclick="highlightReply('432813', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#432813">&gt;&gt;432813</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;but I can't see what the average user can do around here to change things</span><br/>bully them


<a onclick="highlightReply('432813', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#432813">&gt;&gt;432813</a><br/>It's such a fucking shame, things started out strong with this site but suddenly vols started becoming far less active than usual, leading to situations where rightoid/other anti-communist threads or posts stayed up for hours. I checked the vol logs and it seems that only 4 vols are pretty active, all others seldom do anything, no wonder things started going to shit.


Lumpen poster reporting in. Making a bait thread in 3,2,1..


<a onclick="highlightReply('432156', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#432156">&gt;&gt;432156</a><br/>JREG IS THAT YOU ?


If this is the demands thread I am once again going to repost my demands here from the other thread:<br/><br/>Here is my suggestion out right ban any and all soyjack posting ironic or not, it has ran its course and its stale just like all other memes from cuckchan. ITs not funny it never was funny and those that defend it are the problem.<br/><br/>Rightoids shall be given no quarter they come in bad faith and contribute nothing to these boards, giving them any sort of attention always leads to derailing.


File: 1628480066491.jpg (753.41 KB, 2285x632, 21 century zoomer.jpg)

thank you for your contributions. your posts are ultimately the one thing that would make this place worth spending time in. i have to sleep but keep contributing long as (((they))) dont just shut this down again. if they do, its gonna be time for an uprising. you restore my faith in this place


<a onclick="highlightReply('432842', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#432842">&gt;&gt;432842</a><br/>Yea my bad I am pretty busy.


<a onclick="highlightReply('432647', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#432647">&gt;&gt;432647</a><br/>Coma is taking a break he'll be back and only one vol was suspended for one week.




So then, Anons, is this the Terror, Thermidor, or the Brumaire?<br/><br/><span class="spoiler">Or Cultural Revolution time at last?</span><br/><br/>Are the dialectics in motion, again?


Lenin hats are obviously comprador posters


<a onclick="highlightReply('431727', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#431727">&gt;&gt;431727</a><br/>really embarrassed someone wrote this


<a onclick="highlightReply('433520', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#433520">&gt;&gt;433520</a><br/>the postewtawiat has had enough of this! the janitouwgeoisie infighting and couping each othew, the site tuwning to absowute shit! we cant take it anymowe and we wiww not take it anymowe!<br/><br/>this thwead wiww be one whewe the postews wiww initiate theiw demands diwectwy to the cuwwent wuwing junta and finawwy unionize to pwotect the pwace they know and wove!<br/><br/>long live leftypol! long live the postertariat!


<a onclick="highlightReply('431745', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#431745">&gt;&gt;431745</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;reviewed posts </span><br/>And while we are at it, we should also ban all slurs, ban soapboxes and stop agenda posting. <br/><br/>Holy shit man go back to reddit.


<a onclick="highlightReply('431727', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#431727">&gt;&gt;431727</a><br/>I like the coup but I'd like it even more if they'd ban idpozzed radlibs immediately. For now I am not seeing enough change.


<a onclick="highlightReply('431967', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#431967">&gt;&gt;431967</a><br/>You r/communism faggot safespace is still there. Noone will miss you


wat happen? ????


<a onclick="highlightReply('433645', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#433645">&gt;&gt;433645</a><br/>/leftypol/ is kill


<a onclick="highlightReply('433524', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#433524">&gt;&gt;433524</a><br/>ugh da feels!


File: 1628507565559.png (24.04 KB, 300x166, 1627261281689.png)

<span class="heading">WHEN WILL MY PEOPLE BE FREE?</span>


I haven't used the site other than /games/ and /hobby/ in the last few days wtf happened? Was I right and there were /pol/yps in the mod team?<br/><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('431745', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#431745">&gt;&gt;431745</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;except /b/ </span><br/><span class="quote">&gt;that way /pol/shitposting is kept at minimum</span><br/>lmao<br/><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('431967', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#431967">&gt;&gt;431967</a><br/>This<br/><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('433644', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#433644">&gt;&gt;433644</a><br/>Go back megafaggot


<a onclick="highlightReply('432989', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#432989">&gt;&gt;432989</a><br/>This is exactly what I was going to post, but with more emphasis on having 0 tolerance towards rightoids<br/><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('432828', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#432828">&gt;&gt;432828</a><br/>After a while it gets tiring especially since likeminded people often don't participate in the gatekeeping bullying. In fact, it seems that rightoids, reactionaries and other retards have more support from overly-tolerant idiots who think we should allow all kinds of bullshit or else <span class="heading">we'll be Reddit, which is CRINGE!!</span>


<a onclick="highlightReply('433643', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#433643">&gt;&gt;433643</a><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('433764', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#433764">&gt;&gt;433764</a><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('433760', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#433760">&gt;&gt;433760</a><br/>Yeah, the Mods should CRACK DOWN ON /POL/POSTING.


Guys wtf I always thought Comatoast was the sysadmin? Also is he out or in? I'm getting conflicting information <br/>Who's sysadmin and able to make Watermelon sole mod?


<a onclick="highlightReply('433764', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#433764">&gt;&gt;433764</a><br/>I agree zero tolerance for any /pol/posting and giving legitmancy for any of their bullshit claims. They don't debate in good faith and shouldn't be taken seriously. Their opinions are nothing but ramblings of mutts.


<a onclick="highlightReply('433764', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#433764">&gt;&gt;433764</a><br/>Yup! Agreed too! They must be immediately permabanned, and the mods must literally censor every single word like how they reworked transhumanists into transhumanists


Someone please reply to me <a onclick="highlightReply('433821', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#433821">&gt;&gt;433821</a>


<a onclick="highlightReply('433876', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#433876">&gt;&gt;433876</a><br/>Being able to call someone a faggot retard niqqer doesn't make you brave or stunning you absolute retarded niqqerfaggot. Kill yourself or go back to reddit. The filters are in place because of posters like you who are unable to hide your seethe and inner rightoid always comes out to shit up threads. Die now.


<a onclick="highlightReply('433764', event);" href="/leftypol/res/431727.html#433764">&gt;&gt;433764</a><br/><span class="quote">&gt;After a while it gets tiring especially since likeminded people often don't participate in the gatekeeping bullying. In fact, it seems that rightoids, reactionaries and other retards have more support from overly-tolerant idiots who think we should allow all kinds of bullshit or else we'll be Reddit, which is CRINGE!!</span><br/>i haev loose bussy pls bauss, pls gib bring us pol2. reddit uighurs be coping, while I be spreading


This is how we unionise the board: <br/><br/>Okay, so basically this is the gestalt official proposal, I was going to write a document with all the ins and outs of my reasoning, for that, you can go back through this chat and read what I have to say. Essentially, my belief is this: 1) there is somewhat of a consensus among mods and regular attendees to mod related discussions that some form of board democratisation is favourable 2) there are numerous different beliefs on what that should be or what it will look like 3) there is fairly wide consensus that the system of moderation decision making currently in place is not fit for purpose. 4) there is also a fairly wide consensus that, although democratisation is favourable to basically all, most recognise to a great or lesser degree real issues, among these, how can we prevent the subversion of such a system. 4) this leaves us in a position that, we must widen the scope of the decision making process on the board, I.e, democratise it, add more voices to the pool of those eligible to vote, while also making sure that pool does not become subverted with bad faith actors.<br/>My proposal therefore aims precisely to target these concerns, in order to complete the above objective of democratisation to some degree.<br/>While the ideal situation would be in my opinion direct democracy, there are very real threats to this, and very real problems with its implementation. Therefore, I suggest measures in order to smooth over implementation issues in a gradual, increasingly democratic fashion.<br/>Thus, in practical terms, I would like the mods to vote on these 3 separate but cohesive proposals 1) that a union of posters be allowed to created by the posters, this union will act as the mechanism by which posters can discuss issues with the board. It will be owned by the posters, so that it’s independence from the moderation team can be assured. Initially, this union would be a place of discussion, and the will of the board discerned by the individuals who made up the voting body of the union. These individuals would be, those collections of posters who are currently engaged in the board moderation and have been long term. Gradually, more and more people would be added to the voting pool long term, it would be the specific job of these individuals to oversee this expansion. 2) in order to solidify this, myself and soy noticer (the initial inspectorate) be inducted in the mod chat, which would give us voting rights but no mod powers. This way, through the above mentioned Union, gradually more posters, judged good faith by said inspectorate, based on their participation in union discussion, could be added to the inspectorate voting pool and therefore the democratic process of the board. 3) I suggest that this action, if voted for by a majority of the mod team, would represent a binding mandate to enter into a gradual, good faith, long term process of board democratisation as described above.<br/>*This might be sloppy I meant to write this from a laptop but needs must. I have thought through things like the constitution of the union etc


this sort of thread should go on /meta/

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