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File: 1630138564990.png (1.1 MB, 1024x768, ClipboardImage.png)


Once upon a time, the now four websites were united under the banner of the glorious Bunker, after the tribulations of the Year of Shooting Induced Permabans. The Bunkerchan, LeftypolOrg, GET, and LeftypolNet, although moderated by different factions of moderators, all had coexisted on one site under the superficially aloof and often absent dictator Space, presiding over the boards but not directly interfering in the everyday affairs of management and moderation. Thus, though the factions of moderators could squabble to no end, the personage of Space under which the regime on the Bunker existed could symbolize unity, stability, and continuity. However, the catastrophes began when Space, in a hotheaded moment of half warranted suspicion, elected to descend into the sphere of the politics of ordinary moderators, and blackened the legitimacy of the administration of the Bunker, so that the illusion of the benevolent but removed ruler became no more and factions of moderators initiated the war of all against all. After that, the history repeated, because the site administrators didn't conduct themselves in the ways of the benevolent coronate and perform the correct rites, instead meddling in the lowly affairs of state by managing the jannies' infighting. Hence the drama that has wracked not only this site recently but also of the past the GETLF incident triggered by the crisis of King's surprise reentrance and the even earlier infinityLeftypol BO spergout. In order to arrest the slide into lawless anarchy of Leftypol and avoid any potentially imminent future problems, there should be a suitable shitposter of noted lineage crowned potentate of the USSC, in whom the ultimate authority of site administration be vested, and by this action restore, to former glory, the great harmony of the state.


File: 1628919080724.jpeg (101.95 KB, 900x900, bunker.jpeg)

In retrospect, the split was complete autistic horseshit. I miss bunkerchan, it was /comfy/. Space_ did nothing wrong. Fuck this website and whatever more autistic splits happen; you manchildren (if you aren't actual children) ruined a good thing.


Leftychan.net is still up
bunkerchan us still up via tor .onion and direct ip clearnet


Space did nothing, absolutely nothing and as a sysadmin that's what he did wrong.


and so begins the miserable end of this garbage website
How dare Space_ not be terminally online. Read the Tao Te Ching—doing nothing is best.


I don't think you get what I mean. When you are sysadmin, you are not supposed to take 5 days to setup Cloudflare high alert mod and leave the modteam alone to deal manually with automated spam that nearly destroyed the site because of course space had no automated backups. This is not about being terminally online.


>Space did nothing
he did tho and he lolifags


Were you even around during the soyjack raids? The mods had to manually deleted and ban IPs for fucking days due to the absence of Space_.

Like keeping a hands off moderating is one thing, being a ghost is another.


stop reposting this shit copypasta


what is the ip btw?


space was, and always will be a sell out


There unironically should be an absolute monarch or dictator.


The problem was that Space was too absent, and wouldn't implement needed technical fixes and so on. It made running the site twice as hard as it should have been. When we wanted to create a new board and put it in the UI it could take weeks or months and made us look like total assholes.



sup space. fuck off and blows your brain out you wrecker faggot


why is space spamming shit revisionist threads here ?
fuck off retard, space and currency are worse than all the jannies drama combined


>historical revisionism:The /meta/ thread


Space_ was the dictator and the current mods are aristocrats
The need for people's control over the means of posting becomes more obvious by the day


the only good one was the 8chan bo


File: 1630366199066.png (155.48 KB, 363x253, dredd.png)

gracefag whats your take on plato's republic as a model for imageboards? ex: >>10034


File: 1630377978665.jpg (846.82 KB, 6000x5105, Grace hesiod text reduce.jpg)

Well, I would probably give a brainlet response, but I am also keen on knowing that absolutists themselves, even despite criticizing Plato, really preferred him to Aristotle, as Hobbes said that Plato was the best of the Greek philosophers. I think there does need to be fresh blood, but vetting mods would be probably be a good idea. Where the modocracy is right is that getting new mods takes time and you need experienced hands on deck… and Bodin says, that it is good to have fewer than many more for the modocracy, because "more governours, more factions, their consultations will be more hard to determine". But also those who are already heavily invested in the board.

The Herodotus debate also talked about this problem, "But in an oligarchy, the desire of many to do the state good service sometimes engenders bitter enmity among them; for each one wishing to be the chief of all and make his counsels, violent enmity is the outcome, enmity brings faction, and faction bloodshed."


Deleted a few of my posts


Unique IPs: 15

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