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This board is a successor to https://bunkerchan.xyz/ which will continue to operate under the management of Space and their remaining/new moderators. We wish them the best of luck for the future despite our differences.


In short, /leftypol/ has split due to drama which essentially boils down to a dispute over server access on Bunkerchan. We, the /leftypol/ moderation team, have been forced to leave by Space, who removed our moderator rights due to our decision to stand together in solidarity rather than allow Space to demand the removal of certain mods who he viewed as primarily responsible for behind the scenes efforts to try to force him to give us the power to keep the site running and to improve it beyond its current state. Therefore, we have decided to activate our own clone of /leftypol/ which we have been preparing in case of this eventuality. We do not welcome this split or take it lightly but from our perspective it has been forced upon us. We are now working to make this site feature complete and to progress ever further.

A full outline of the history of the dispute and current events (as well as our next steps) is below if you would like to do the extra reading.


To briefly outline the problems that we have been having, they most importantly concern access to the server side of the side. At present, nobody other than Space has ultimate control over the site and Space is still required to approve any serious code changes (IE ones other than those that can be made by site staff). This is a relatively normal state of affairs of course, but the problem is that Space is not always available when we need him and has intermittent periods of what I can only call disinterest in the site.

Often, it has been difficult to get him to approve simple fixes to the site which are urgently needed to keep it running or else bring it back when it does break. Many of the technical issues (not all, but some) that we have had to deal with since the migration of /leftypol/ to Bunkerchan have been due to Space not taking the time to implement fixes which have been suggested by our tech team. When the changes do not directly affect the stability of the site, it is often even harder to get Space’s attention.

For example, Space’s approval was needed to make changes to the board headers to add new boards which has led to long delays in adding new boards to the topbar, and other changes. Often, when we the mod team have seemed to dally in adding new features it is because of the difficulty with getting approval for changes. This can often take weeks, which sadly makes us look unreliable and hampers our flexibility as a board.

The clear solution to this issue was for Space to share his server access with the highest members of our technical staff so that they could push through changes themselves. For months, Space promised to do so but would never deliver, or would add on unreasonable demands to his original agreement. For example, when Comrade King, former admin of /GETchan/, agreed to merge his site with Bunkerchan, it was agreed that Space would give him server access, but this was never done. Later on Space demanded that King share a scan of his driver’s licence as ‘verification’ which he found unacceptable. The tension between /GET/’s staff and Space has contributed to their decision to try to once again leave the site, unfortunately.

In addition, Space agreed to give server access to Comrade_Rat who has been the main technical contributor on our staff and is someone Space knows personally. Rat was part of the Bunkerchan staff before /leftypol/ moved to the site in the wake of 8chan’s demise. Due to Rat’s presence and willingness to work with us since the migration we would have been happy with this, but as stated, Space stonewalled this and promised it would be done while never doing so. I (Caballo) eventually personally pressed Space on this matter as can be seen in the attached screenshots but he refused to back down.

One of the key issues regarding server access was our dissatisfaction with our board’s software, Lynxchan. This software is difficult in many ways and our technical staff ultimately decided that it would be better to switch to new board software rather than try to fix something they felt was fundamentally an inferior option. Many of the peculiar issues of the site which we have been asked to fix have been caused by Lynxchan’s deficiencies. To that end, our technical staff have been working on custom software, Gochan, but in the interim, we wanted to switch to the more established Lainchan software. However, this process would be realistically impossible to complete without server access.

As a side issue, Space used his status as site owner to override our decisions about the site, telling us what we could and could not do and ignoring our own voting when he disagreed. Of particular concern was the question of funding the site and of monetisation. We of course recognised that Space was bearing the financial burden of hosting the site, and we are still grateful for him doing so, but our suggestions for collecting donations in an organised manner to make the ownership of the site more ‘community based’ or democratic were brushed off.


Eventually, we decided that we had no other option than to create a backup plan as trust in Space had dropped so low. We felt that we could not continue to put in so much work when our efforts were undone by Space’s inaction. At the time we embarked on this plan, it was common to not be able to talk to Space for weeks at a time. We knew that ultimately Space could not be forced to hand over control of the site to anyone, so we endeavoured to make our own site which we had control over, both as a contingency plan in case we were removed from moderating /leftypol/ by Space, and as a bargaining chip to show Space that we were serious about our demands.

This site will be hosted at leftypol.org , a domain which was given to us by the former owner of the /leftypol/ splinter site at that address. Our technical staff have worked hard to enable us to import the content of bunkerchan.xyz to that site at the moment of our potential departure, so that our board’s topics and discussions are not lost as was the case when 8chan closed. In effect, we have set up a contingency so that our tenure as the mod team of /leftypol/, and the experience of the users of /leftypol/ and related boards, can continue without much disruption. We have also changed the board software to Lainchan to enable a smoother experience for the users.

It took us months to set up this site, during which time we hid it from Space, as we feared his potential reaction. We knew that Space could, if he so chose, remove us as moderators of /leftypol/ and install others, which we felt would be potentially ruinous. That sounds a bit egocentric, I admit, but the drama involving the rogue admin Pyongyang, who Space initially supported over all of us, convinced us that if we were removed, /leftypol/ would likely be taken in an ideological direction we would find unacceptable.

To emphasise, Pyongyang was not merely part of a different leftist sect, as our mod team comprises a wide range of tendencies, but was arguably a full blown reactionary that reverted our actions in secret while creating a /troon/ board that was set to become a haven for idpol and stupidpol-esque rhetoric. Pyongyang eventually stepped down on his own when it became clear that he was not enjoying the support of the users, with Space refusing to take action to remove him.

During these last months we have run the site as usual and attempted to hide the tension between us and Space (though it has been noticed occasionally by some users). In the past month or so, Space has become more involved with the site for personal reasons, which we viewed as a welcome development. We always hoped that we would eventually we able to reason with Space and convince him to hand over access to the site to us, and it made solving routine issues much easier for him to be involved. That said, we continued work on the backup site.


Recently, Space was approached by a person on Twitter who asked if he could be given ownership over the hidden board, /dead/. Space agreed to this without consulting us, which we viewed as an overreach. While it is true that /dead/ was on the site before /leftypol/ was, we the /leftypol/ mods have taken over 95% of the day to day running of the site in the time since migration. The vast majority of activity on Bunkerchan has taken place in the relatively short time since we have moved here.

To make a long story short, our opposition made Space suspicious and led to him discovering the existence of our conspiracy. Space had arranged a closed meeting between the admins of the site, and was stonewalling communications with us. This led to a group of the moderators deciding to make the split public with the original version of this post. We originally predicted that following this meeting there was a possibility that the board could be taken out of our hands and given to outside actors, which turned out to be the case. Space was not interested in negotiation and demanded the removal of four mods who had been involved in the conspiracy including an admin. In addition, he would only give server access to a ‘loyalist’ admin who was rarely involved with /leftypol/ since the migration.

We, the moderators of /leftypol/, decided we would not be divided and conquered by Space and stood together in solidarity. Therefore, Space removed around 20 moderators who were members of the conspiracy, along with a few new mods who were not aware of it. Therefore, we have decided to continue our tenure at leftypol.org and we hope that you will join us on this journey, though it will ultimately be up to you. This was not the outcome that anyone wanted and it is not the one that we wanted. This site is not ready for use in many ways and we are aware of its current limitations, but our hand was forced by an infiltrator revealing the full extent of our planning to Space. Perhaps there will be some reconciliation in future but at present we have to assume that will not happen.


Our first priority will be to bring this site up to feature parity with bunkerchan and to make the user experience similar. We still have a long way to go in this respect and we are aware of the many missing features and conveniences that have not been carried over. The technical team is working hard to improve the site as quickly as they can while the other mods work on non-coding tasks. Eventually we will try to surpass bunkerchan by adding features which have been requested for many months.

Secondly, we will determine the status of /GET/ and /ref/. Their administration is currently convening to decide whether they will remain on Bunkerchan, move to this board, or move to their own bunker at GETchan.net. They have unfortunately been suffering their own split which is partly attributable to the situation on Bunkerchan, and we hope it will come to an amicable conclusion for everyone. We wish the /GET/ community success wherever they choose to reside.

Thirdly, we want to create a more open and community-centred style of moderation and decision making. We will host a public monthly discussion with each other and the userbase where we discuss the running of the board, what is working well and what might not be, changes we wish to see, new priorities and plans, and so on. The first of these should happen soon so that we can gather feedback about the current situation.

Fourth, we need to consider our current situation and what we could do differently in the future. As I outlined above, this outcome was not what anyone wanted and we need to try to make more harmonious decisions in future. We should never allow ourselves to be put into the situation which occurred on Bunkerchan again, where we are at the mercy of one person. To that end, we are going to explore the best ways to share power and responsibility among the administration/moderation team and perhaps even the users as we experiment with direct democracy.

Fifth, we will try to explore ways to end the current split. We know it is not a positive development and we understand that it hurts our community. To this end, we will attempt to retain positive relations with Bunkerchan as part of a unified webring, and examine possible diplomatic solutions to the split. We are open to a reconciliation but of course there are terms that we would expect to be met and of course Space and the new administration of Bunkerchan is likely to have their own conditions. For now, we have both agreed to leave a sticky advertising each other’s boards in our respective /leftypol/s.

Finally, we will update our manifesto and rules to reflect the new situation. This will be a relatively simple but time consuming effort and is not a priority. For now we would ask users to simply use their common sense, rules that refer to ‘bunkerchan’ should be read as applying to ‘leftypol.org’, and so on.

I would like to once again thank you all for your patience in the current times. We will try to modify this topic to keep updated with current events.

With love, the moderation team
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All posts deleted were either
Fuck sage
I love sage
and nothing more bc this discussion of mental issues has gone on long enough


I am not a polack janny nigger. Go look at my posts. I posted one post asking about what happened with the split. Then a day or two later I have read this thread. I then agreed with Sage but this is not allowed apparently.


>everyone is a janitor who disagrees with me


So you just delete even more posts. You guys actually never learn what the hell is wrong with you


>everyone who disagrees with me is /pol/


>53 posts by Sage!61KGLATVW ITT
>almost all of which is derailing, schizo conspiracy theories, his ego, off topic discussions

>inb4 I'm a janny

I just did a ctrl+f in the thread, you moron


>So you just delete even more posts.


mod tag for this post


This isnt as big a deal as sage is trying to make it out as because the posts were just shit posts. I can understand trying to keep this tread more secure


i could ask you the same, why do you keep coming there?


>leave up the posts insulting sage
>take down the posts defending him
shut up nigger janny. You should be ashamed


this is not true though, just because you delete the posts agreeing with Sage does not make it true either. He is talking about the board and the split, it is in fact you who is only talking about Sage


How do you know we post there anymore?


your janny is posting there rn


In the thread that you created and linked here…


Well, I can see some mod has been very triggered this morning. Disappointing. We desperately need that union of posters.


File: 1609339638810.png (110.16 KB, 256x256, zizzer.png)

We had an internal talk; one mod was very annoyed that this thread was turning into a discussion only about sage. He deleted a handful of newer posts, but left all old posts intact. Your posts regarding sage or whatever else you want to shitpost about will not be deleted.


>one mod was very annoyed that this thread was turning into a discussion only about sage. He deleted a handful of newer posts, but left all old posts intact.
so basically
>i don't like this thread therefore i will edit it to my liking, completely disregarding the communal nature of a website
what a joke, you all deserved to be purged.


It is not unreasonable for someone to want to delete derailing posts in a meta thread.


tbh looking at two tabs of the threads, one pre and one post deletion, we aren't missing much.
preferably they'd delete sage altogether but oh well


It's not unreasonable to curate meta threads.
This post totally doesn't reek of desperation by anymeans, lol.


you have to be logged in and in mod view to post with tag.


>calling others desperate


>preferably they'd delete sage altogether


>preferably they'd delete sage altogether


>Not knowing who the literal admins are let alone comatoast

Friend I think you need to go back to scabchan and then go even further back to 4chan.


As you can see mods, allowing one of yours to become triggered and try to edit discussion has caused you considerable kerfuffle. Wouldn’t do that again if I were you.


I wasn’t derailing shit I was having a meta discussion in the meta thread holy shit you really are booty blasted as fuck.


the only thing triggered is your narcissistic spamming retarded ass, you dumbass faggot
off yourself already, nobody gives a shit you obnoxious screeching shitfilled cunt


bitching about others being triggered while you do nothing but bitch about your pathetic existence and your "score" and all this schizo shit is pretty hilarious to everyone else but not past a certain point of your spam just shitting up thread after thread
go run into traffic you dipshit


Holy fuck, I kek'd so hard.


Mental illness most of the time is not entertaining but quite boring.


>I am not triggered
>several lines of rage
No, of course not


You are the one bitching about his existence. Clearly keeping score is not talking about himself, but directly talking about both boards. You need to calm down it is making you look very silly.


Look janitor niggers, nobody is going to use your shit board if you act like this, the users of bunkerchan think you are a laughing stock, you simping yourselves on the board doesn't change that and just makes you look even more pathetic.
>shitting up
>run into traffic
Seems level headed to me. I don't see anything about the board here though. Seems off topic, should probably be deleted.
Holy fuck, I kek'd so hard


In my six years of using /leftypol/, I don't really recall bona fide users using "janny nigger", however this is rather common on /pol/. Really makes one think.


File: 1609347415030.png (66.32 KB, 1387x500, fegetdgtgt.png)

Literally no one here gives a single fuck what the opinion of a bunch of /b/ rejects think of us. 30% of that place is all newfags anyways.


It's the deranged tripfag samefagging


Hive mind.


>everything i don't like is /pol/
>there couldn't possibly be more than one poster that disagrees with me
>Literally no one here
Indeed there is literally no one here apart from Sage basically LMAO your biggest supporter and this is what you do.
Its the deranged mods samefagging


Came here because of this thread. You mods really are stuck up. All these people saying you are wrong and the best you can do is pretend they are all /pol/? This is why nobody cares you are gone, even if they don't like space.


File: 1609351132790.png (154.03 KB, 599x755, 28db615121e7f29ec46ddceb35….png)

>Everything I don't like is pol meme



democracy should only be had to the extent that we can vet people to ensure reactionaries don't get to vote on the proposals. democracy as a system exists only as a system to serve as a way to mediate inter-ideological conflicts and leadership, and as such it must be composed of the allowed ideological range of /leftypol/ (IE leftists). Any non-leftists or those who flirt too heavily with reaction should be excluded by definition.


>This site will be hosted at leftypol.org , a domain which was given to us by the former owner of the /leftypol/ splinter site at that address.
Y'all are terrible at picking domain names. There are now three "leftist" imageboards:


stick with the *chan moniker please


File: 1609359217241.mp4 (2.47 MB, 640x480, caramellmanson.mp4)



File: 1609360344633.jpeg (63.13 KB, 500x564, boooooriiiing.jpeg)



using pol rethoric to try convince really is pathetic





File: 1609362149854.jpg (55.92 KB, 968x681, impact-event.jpg)

4) Although Lenin’s struggle against the rule of state bureaucracy is well known, what is less well known is that, as Lewin perspicuously notes, with his central proposal of the new ruling body, the Central Control Commission, Lenin was trying to square the circle of democracy and the dictatorship of the party-state. While admitting the dictatorial nature of the Soviet regime, he tried to

>establish at the summit of the dictatorship a balance between different elements, a system of reciprocal control that could serve the same function – the comparison is no more than approximate – as the separation of powers in a democratic regime. An important Central Committee, raised to the rank of Party Conference, would lay down the broad lines of policy and supervise the whole Party apparatus, while itself participating in the execution of more important tasks … Part of this Central Committee, the Central Control Commission, would, in addition to its work within the Central Committee, act as a control of the Central Committee and of its various offshoots – the Political Bureau, the Secretariat, the Orgburo. The Central Control Commission … would occupy a special position with relation to the other institutions; its independence would be assured by its direct link to the Party Congress, without the mediation of the Politburo and its administrative organs or of the Central Committee.

Checks and balances, the division of powers, mutual control – this was Lenin’s desperate answer to the question: who controls the controllers? There is something dream-like, properly fantasmatic, in this idea of a CCC: an independent, educational and controlling body with an ‘apolitical’ edge, consisting of the best teachers and technocratic specialists monitoring the ‘politicised’ CC and its organs – in short, this was to be neutral expert knowledge keeping the Party executives in check. However, everything hinges here on the true independence of the Party congress, already undermined de facto by the prohibition of factions, which allowed the top Party apparatus to control it, dismissing its critics as ‘factionalists’. The naivety of Lenin’s trust in technocratic experts is all the more striking in that it came from a politician who was otherwise fully aware of the all-pervasiveness of a political struggle that allows for no neutral position. However, in ‘dreaming’ (his expression) about the kind of work to be done by the CCC, he describes how this body should resort

>to some semi-humorous trick, cunning device, piece of trickery or something of that sort. I know that in the staid and earnest states of Western Europe such an idea would horrify people and that not a single decent official would even entertain it. I hope, however, that we have not yet become as bureaucratic as all that and that in our midst the discussion of this idea will give rise to nothing more than amusement. Indeed, why not combine pleasure with utility? Why not resort to some humorous or semi-humorous trick to expose something ridiculous, something harmful, something semi-ridiculous, semi-harmful, etc.?

Is this not an almost obscene double of the ‘serious’ executive power concentrated in the Central Committee and Politburo, a kind of non-organic intellectual of the movement, an agent resorting to humour, tricks and the cunning of reason, keeping itself at a distance … a kind of analyst? So why did Lenin’s project miserably fail? (Stalin formally supported the idea, but the CCC was rendered totally impotent and subservient to the Politburo.) The problem was not that the Bolshevik Party was too dictatorial – in Lacanese: excessively functioning as the Master’s discourse. Paradoxical as it may sound, the Party was not functioning enough as a Master, preferring to function more and more as the university discourse. But what does this mean, politically?

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