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Hello all. First of all I am not here to shill the other domain. I mostly lurk these days in the /USpol/ and larger current events threads, but I've been around a little while and I remember infinitychan and leftpol. I gather that the current schism is between the 'modocracy' and the 'postertariat'. It feels like we are in a battle to prove one mode of community organization over another, and I think it's clear that the organized modocracy will be able to run a better site. I've followed the split and understand certain personalities and their conflicts precipitated the split, but now the new domain specifically is shilling a certain 'user power' ideology.

I have a couple concerns I'd like to discuss with people here. They're not so much immediate but they may prove durable. The first is that the new domain has quickly shut down its pretensions to an /assembly/ board (it seems assemblies and votes happen in the matrix chat off-site, great idea, retards! Now everyone has to migrate off-site to voot!) and instituted a public /i/ board, which makes me seriously question the intentions of the site. They are a website with something like 10 times fewer posters than here, and they actually want to raid this board and accuse the modocracy as glowies. Leave it to the postertariat anarkids (is Sage here or on the other site?) to give every niche interest a unique board and posture for meme warfare when they are so few in number. I bring this up because while I'm not worried about being raided by the other domain, I am worried about this site getting a bad reputation from their antics. If anyone wanted to counterraid them, they would get utterly destroyed, but I don't want to deal with any more of this /b/tard shit pretending we're in 2005. Something tells me that /leftypol/ has moved beyond that, and gone with the 'rent-free' modus operandi. Raiding other spaces makes some sense when they are utterly antagonistic to us, but lately I think there are few at least on clearnet so I feel like our priority should be liberals and soft-left spaces that are to be beaten by jokes and just getting the people there to lurk here.

My second concern is /pol/shit inasmuch as it still exists. Over the last year or two I've found bunkerchan to be very hard to navigate for decent discussion, with tons of disruptive posts and posters and still find it happening here (e.g. leftcom poster in the recent "why do you hate capitalism so much?" thread). This comes back to the split because I suspect that at least half of the people on the new domain are honest anons who want to grill and are misled, and that the split makes us vulnerable to more /pol/shit. Has there been more or less of it lately? And then finally, what is to be done about the other domain? I think glowies are hyping them up and incensing them against this place, basically keeping them on life support instead of the normal course of events where they burn themselves out and get bored of being a splinter. Finally thank you Krates for saving the site and all the people who are doing the irl work for it.


There's a whole thread on meta about discussing votes just like here. Why do orgers always feel the need to lie about everything? Is it pathological?


>Let's get liberals to lurk here guys

Terrible plan.


Why did you write all this shit? It's not complicated, the splitters are LARPing retards and their site will quickly die once left alone.


The other site aren't glowies. Just disc*rd drama fags.
There's been more /pol/ recently. Maybe something to do with the fact that the coup invited raids. Maybe because of the new captcha made /pol/ slower because of bots not posting as much.

The raids of cope.net here are unfortunate and a nuisance. And the fact that they are actively promoting raids on nazi forums means we will pay for their actions. I don't get it, but what can you seriously do beside not post on the cope.net and ignore them.


But the voting does happen in matrix right? t. ogre spy
If the site is any good they might learn something.
>Why did you write all this shit?
Caffeine + 'tism.
I remember when a faction went to fbi.gov, and that most sane people decided not to put ourselves there. Didn't realize it metastasized into this. Sadly agreed with your last point.


>They created an entire board dedicated solely to raiding
We're all fucked


>I gather that the current schism is between the 'modocracy' and the 'postertariat'.
Should have stopped reading there, but I'm bored. The schism is effectively that pre-existing drama leading to rapid deterioration, a coup, a split and then subsequent thread bitching. The governance system is secondary, I think that's a generally held opinion.

Like you said, off-site voting is an extra pain. If you were ever in the preceeding Congress chat, you would know how different it is to the grillers; it was mainly the people who have complaints or are NEETs who are over-represented. If you weren't in the Congress, well, that just supports the argument against off-site politics.
But it's almost necessary! An anonymous public forum is just asking for voter fraud. Which is one major part of why such as system was not implemented here. Even looking at /meta/ is too much of a distance for most users, let alone registering to a third-party chat service.
Coma was pushing for this months ago. He's very nostalgic about the way things were on 7chan a decade ago (I mean, now he wants to rename /roulette/ to /777/). Luckily for them the soy site is dying down now or it would be scorched earth already.
They've openly posted about trying to antagonize this site there, and it's actually the funniest thread I've seen this month. It's real keyboard warrior shit. It's as if /pol/ thought raiding here would convert people, except if /pol/ had 5 regular posters.
From what I've gathered, they're permabanned since February and openly post there fantasizing about wrecking this place. Report them whenever you don't like them lmao.
/pol/shit is eternal. We're famous there even when we do nothing. The change comes from culture, and that's hard to shape unless mods start banning people who respond to bait, but that's some 'no fun allowed' bullshit. I honestly think there are less now that the split has died down, but it could be just my timezone.

Not really.
You know how they thought we would be the meatshield for /pol/ raids?
Somehow I think the site with a dedicated 4chan raid thread will take the heat for us.


>I think the site with a dedicated 4chan raid thread will take the heat for us.
That's if they still exist weeks from now.


> I think the site with a dedicated 4chan raid thread will take the heat for us.
Thats hopeful thinking. Besides, pol is stupid enough to not differentiate between the two sites. The sites look virtually the same.
>Rest of your post.
10/10. Agree with all of it.


> pol is stupid enough to not differentiate between the two sites. The sites look virtually the sam
Make the Jungle theme the default so we can be differentiated from the containment site.


now this is a based take


although, the front page is dark themed. So it won't look congruous with the boards.


It's the same stylesheets, so that wouldn't be a problem.
I like the Jungle theme but I suspect a lot of users wouldn't want it as the default…


You're probably right. I gave too much credit to drama. At least this whole saga may be instructive of how NOT to go about doing things in the future.
It's incredible, really. They are saying 'our' 'spies' are reading their thread – maybe just for laughs. Their disruption is obvious. But I do think most pollacks know this domain name and not theirs and we will catch flak over it. No different than any other day I guess.
No reason for this site to change its looks. We will deal with polshit regardless.


I've been away a while thanks for the tip.


>e.g. leftcom poster
mods should have banned that faggot on sight
pretending to be a leftcom and being this illiterate with such shit takes shouldnt be tolerated

>Something tells me that /leftypol/ has moved beyond that, and gone with the 'rent-free' modus operandi

leftypol was always like that iirc, we don't raid shit, never did

>This comes back to the split

the simple fact they dont have the original domain and the situation here is "good enough" mean they will disappear eventually, unless they somehow suddenly gain a massive appeal


>mods should have banned that faggot on sight
but we do and did. You underestimate how much free time these people have and how much they invest in being an asshole on the internet.


uh hello, i am not here to say one side or the other is better but uh.. this one side is defintely better

fuck off lib(sage)

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