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>site called "leftist politically incorrect"
>you can say uyghur, uyghur, jew, jewish nigger, kike, chink, autist, retard, transhumanist, faggot, and so on so forth and any combination thereof
>but you can't say CUMSKIN
so this is that white fragility I've heard so much about…
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what was the nature of this "spam"

it was a response to the poster, I said i don't need to provide pictures, they can go to the site themselves and become a part of the democracy, clearly you are afraid of people knowing that can happen(you know who)


Put on the trip back, cowardly anglo faggot.


Get zero.


🗣️Put 🗣️the 🗣️sage
🗣️In 🗣️the 🗣️cage

🗣️Just 🗣️say 🗣️ nope
🗣️To 🗣️ the 🗣️ cope

One Thousand and One Gripes is a collection of Sage's rants compiled on Leftypol during the years. It is often known in English as the Anglo Nights.

In it, the main protagonist for whom the Sun turns, Sagerazade, continually wrecked the board every night, for 1001 nights, ending it with a whine so historionic and sanctimonious that it made La Llorona go into retirement.


i dont need to the anglo jannies do it for me for free now

answer the question

anglo mods accusing anyone of being anglo and sanctimonious lmao

how does it feel to be an active detriment to the left? Name one thing i wrecked


All Anglos Are Wreckers


all jannies are anglos(slander from buttblasted anglo)


>Name one thing i wrecked
Your own mental health, clearly. You failed at anything else but not for lack of trying.


Sage-razade, you're literally from bongland. How dare you counter accuse me of being anglo. Take it back.
Wrong website, friend.


im not the one who spends all day deleting posts about a website because the idea of an image board where the users has a say makes me genuinely afraid

im literally irish, so you can literally eat my ass. You are a burger, or an aussie, or a franc, all anglo.




You are psychos but not scary.
>im literally irish
So there is a lower form of life than the anglo? Is that what you're trying to prove here?


there you are projecting again jannoid, i call you a physco today, you clearly seethe, then fire it back a little later. This is physco behavior

>irish are a low life form

spoken like a true anglo indeed(anglo post)


It is highly likely that he was born and raised in England anyways.
Here he's confessing of brainwashing the jannies to make them repeat what he says. Is this Irish magic?


I have no idea what you are trying to say.
log off


>0.5% irish
<I'm Irish Bruv
Nice cope, angloid subhuman.


>It is highly likely that he was born and raised in England anyways.
anglo cope

>Here he's confessing of brainwashing the jannies to make them repeat what he says. Is this Irish magic?

this part is true, the jannies are mental retards and very easy to manipulate, like how they stopped giving me my trip for free after this post >>11908 maybe they will start again now who knows, either way I win

thats because you are an autistic retard, i will not log off

would be 0.5 % less anglo than you, 100% angloid bitch


File: 1631283127667.jpg (22.24 KB, 680x555, 31iwxd.jpg)

>either way I win
What do you win? Because your antics makes everyone else lose, I hope it's worth it.


What antics?


File: 1631284897220.gif (1.89 MB, 340x347, I leave for 1 day.gif)


>Being for Proudhon
>posting Tumblr shitposts for politics unironically
>"Muh board democracy"
I think any idiot can tell you why this is a stupid fucking idea because the bigger the board, the fewer people will bother voting and we'll get entire shit campaigns trying to convince people to vote one or the other. Moreover for the vote to pass, the mods are still going to decide to actually pass the vote making it meaningless in the end. You sound like radlib democrats that demand you vote for Biden to "beat de drump" or some shit, as if that vote means anything. Sure, we could try a voting system, but if .net is any indication, that's a terrible idea, given how they've voted for nothing but terrible ideas.


Kek more mod excuses for why we can’t have democracy. They say “oh people won’t bother and that’s why we can’t possibly try it out” “oh it won’t be representative which is why it has to stay on meta if you want to make a thread about it” “it won’t work that is why we stand in the way of it working” always the same. The fact is they are afraid


The posters are retarded, no vote.


>Everyone is a mod
I call it as I see it, cope more schizo.


Only an arrogant person (who is therefore retarded on account of being arrogant) would say this

Mod simp same difference


This is a good point, besides all the other issues with it. The rules don't matter, enforcement matters. Screaming all day doesn't change a thing.



you mean pro-democracy and believe in not throwing away their vote for some wrecker third party ? fuck off i bet you listen to jimmy dore loser


>if you don’t vote blooo you’re a wrecker
Lmao these are the people calling me a wrecker. This board is completely fucked


>This board is completely fucked

Leave then bintch


t. faggot


Yeh not being a voot bloo no matter who makes me a faggot

You leave I’ve been here longer


File: 1631450550402.jpg (51.34 KB, 960x684, 1611996896494.jpg)



it makes you a faggot you dumb piece of shit, if you don't support biden you're supporting fascism


>if you don't support biden you're supporting fascism
tbf. Trump is a buffoon and at the time it looked like he was the least component of the two.


>if you don't support biden you're supporting fascism
Do a flip off a bridge liberal faggot

LOL really? Biden has probably been the most inane president since Bush Jr.


File: 1631458441388.png (775.77 KB, 616x499, ClipboardImage.png)


i'm not a liberal i'm an anarchist that understands his theory, unlike you booklet


Anglos are the uyghurs of earth.


>anarcho Bidenism
Hahaha nice board you slags


File: 1631509259133.jpg (37.37 KB, 480x480, dear radical liberals.jpg)

LOL sure
Yeah Imma have to reiterate, a good majority of self-proclaimed anarchists, like you, are nothing but lame radlibs with the socio-political (and especially economic) comprehension of a retarded Goldfish. You are not leftist, you are centrist at best, or mild reactionary populists. Go back to your Agent Kochinski videos, you're fooling no one.


>pro democracy
Shut the fuck up, Americunt.


File: 1631529265394.png (249.62 KB, 500x360, cc4.png)

>seething this hard
seethe moar


Kys false-flagger.


stfu wrecker cuck


File: 1631539787177.png (131.82 KB, 600x689, soylunya.png)

stfu wrecker cuck


fuck off fascist, you and your buddies have been running leftypol for far too long and hopefully you get banned along with the rest of the far right remnants here


Remember don't feed the trolls


Aren't you a radli though?


They are a cope.netter. just ignore them.

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