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File: 1630793220540-1.jpg (38.06 KB, 623x623, mayo.jpg)

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>site called "leftist politically incorrect"
>you can say uyghur, uyghur, jew, jewish nigger, kike, chink, autist, retard, transhumanist, faggot, and so on so forth and any combination thereof
>but you can't say CUMSKIN
so this is that white fragility I've heard so much about…


File: 1630793333851-0.png (4.58 KB, 372x18, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1630793333851-1.gif (1.94 MB, 300x178, nic.gif)


post thread BITCH


what thread? that was my comment in the /meta/ moderation thread. it has since been deleted.


first time I was banned I called an anon cumskin. 2nd ban came when I posted "ok, cumskin" as a response to a janny in the moderation thread.


what was the first thread?


the thread is still up. it's the dialectics of nature one. I called an anon a cumskin, instead of a faggot, or uyghur, or some other "acceptable" slur






what if the real racism is that the lack of good slurs for white people

(lots of good slurs for "white" people like italians and irish though… why's it always the ones that start with "i"?)




File: 1630795015010.png (83.19 KB, 1678x1136, wypipo.png)

>what if the real racism is that the lack of good slurs for white people




File: 1630795191584.jpeg (62.46 KB, 677x775, 128472983648723.jpeg)

Mud-hut dwelling cumskinned forestuyghërs needed Mediterraneans to impose civilization on them.


I thought was a catchall term for all Americans and not just whites. The more you know.


nordcucks are literally the indians of europe


It comes from Europe, it was used by Spaniards against non Spaniards. And since blacks didn't lead the inversion of Mexico in the late 1800's it was never used against them.


can we make every day Kill Haole Day


Kill Ofay Day


kinda like coon-ass ngl


File: 1630797963675.jpg (19.88 KB, 320x208, nordcucks.jpg)


No, that’s the slavics


File: 1630798087129.png (33.98 KB, 1200x628, buckra.png)


File: 1630798156517.jpg (45.2 KB, 474x691, chad.jpg)

>I'm here to break buckra


the problem w current white slurs is that they’re associated with food and animals. They’re too nice. we need to find words that associate with ghosts, ghouls, ash, etc.


good point. we need some words that associate with disease, too. cause historically white people / Europeans were dirty and nasty, living with animals, pouring their shit out in the streets, etc. while you had Arabs, Aztecs, Native Americans who bathed often (every day). Plague in 1666 killed 1/3 of Europe or some shit. even in the early 20th century places where white people were had horrible hygiene, but Arabs had running water in front of mosques to wash their hands, feet, face, before entering. even today if you go to the Middle East, you'll find people keep high standards of cleanliness.


I like mayo. I also use "the whites" or just "whites".
Really delivery is like 80% of an insult. And you can make any word sound offensive if you try.
"Yesterday I went out with bleach skins"
"Nothing is more repugnant than the overwhelming arrogance of thin lipped bleach skins"


Buckra breaking lmao. All it needs now is a dedicated guy like the karaboga spammer.


>uyghur is censored
>transhumanist is censored
>cumskin isn't censored

<Hurr Durr yt fragility


>he hasn't found the cumskin filter yet
lmao lurk more


the coward flees from the light of the lord


Fuck smegmaskins


How about "maggots" or something derived from it?


at first maggots sounds good, but ultimately maggots are useful because they eat dead flesh and then are consumed by living things.

what is that white thing called that builds up at the corner of the mouth?

also… "dick cheese"?


Smegma, smegmen. Smegmoids.


This is no longer a leftist politically incorrect site due to the furry cabal


Greeks would be more apt, unless you mean modern indians





it's a joke literally no one but jannoids find funny,first times ok but then like "i said chillax" like ok uygha,such picky shit


>using racial slurs on a meta board
>get banned
good. all idpol is idpol.


You literally can’t talk about taboo subjects


Like what?


shut up, oreo




Why not just discuss idpol on Twitter or /r/socialism?


Nice shift of the goal posts dumb fuck

I don’t use Twitter or Reddit and you cannot discuss idpol on r socialism unless you are a radlib. Same as here these days, not distinguishable besides here you can also post about your fetishes


>Missed joke about slavs being closer to ancestral indo-aryans than western europeans


>Nice shift of the goal posts dumb fuck
You shouldn't call other people dumb.
>besides here you can also post about your fetishes
Would you prefer that to be taboo too? I don't get it.

Why are you seething in the mayo thread of all places?


>Same as here these days
<implying idpol was allowed back on 8
>besides here you can also post about your fetishes
<implying there aren't literally hundreds of fetish subreddits and deviant porn artists on twitter
Leave any time.

>not liking /pol/tards makes you white


File: 1630933001366.png (355.27 KB, 474x423, ClipboardImage.png)

>these days
way to out yourself as a newfag


>>not liking /pol/tards makes you white
no, but sucking up to cumskin jannies does


>implying idpol was allowed
It was before the old BOs sperg. Mod cucks trying to re write history again I see


What’s the constant whatabboutery I’m talking about here

>would you prefer that to be taboo
No I’m just pointing out the jannies care more about their sexual preferences being catered to than people being allowed to have conversations on the board

It is you who have just done that lmao


>No I’m just pointing out the jannies care more about their sexual preferences being catered to than people being allowed to have conversations on the board
idpol and /pol/ conversations can fuck off. its not like they dont swamp half the other imageboards.


>cumskin jannies
>implying .net didn't keep almost all the anglo ones


A goal post change again.

So it’s not that I can just go somewhere else, or that the board has always banned idpol, it’s just you personally don’t like these conversations.

Classic jannoid logic.

They didn’t swamp the 8chan board at all, and people had better positions and takes because it could actually be discussed. Now we have the US military don’t ask don’t tell policy and the board is infinitely more retarded.

Learn 2 see opinions you don’t like and not have an autism fit


Caballo is a Brit who doesn’t like the IRA and doesn’t believe in a United independent Ireland. It’s literally as Anglo as you could possibly get.


>Caballo is a Brit who doesn’t like the IRA and doesn’t believe in a United independent Ireland.
wait, is that actually true?


He's a socdem so wouldn't surprise me


File: 1630936927311.png (229.82 KB, 474x297, ClipboardImage.png)

Coma, Watermelon and Zul are all burgers and Zer0 is a leaf. That's 100% of the admin junta. Peak cumwipe administration.


well if 11/15 of a group can constitute a 'clique' then i guess a 1/15 anglo rate can be more anglo than a 100% anglo rate


He once said wanting a United ireland is despicable


>implying the rest of.org aren’t burgers
>implying it even matters
At least they are actually communists and no pro imperialist furries lmao


Also you literally just can’t believe anything that .org simps say, they also say zul is leninhat, who is a Brit, they also in this thread said idpol has always been banned, a lie. They also lie about deleting the union threads, and basically most things. They are extremely petty people who will say basically anything in order to not have to eat their words. They even lie about being pro Haz and simping for him like we weren’t all there


This is me btw before you accuse me of things my browser dropped my trip




Literal definition of gaslighting


Ok, smegman. What ever you say 👍


Not an argument furry lib


Probably a nonce as well


I said that the Northern Irish should decide what country they want to be in (including the Unionists), if more people say they want to join the Republic then obviously they should. However I feel it's unjust to just say that Unionists should be forced to join the Republic when there are still more Unionists than Republicans (as far as I'm aware).

Also, my political views have little to nothing to do with whether I'm a bad mod, do I ban people for wanting a united Ireland? No, so what does it matter.


Where is the proofs???


You just deleted a comment saying you posted cub porn lmao


And you just deleted another one hahahahaa



.org aren't burgers, there's an Australian, Krates is French and Caballo is a britbong.


This site didn't betray you sage. You've betrayed this community several times already.

Where's the user union you were promised on cope.net? Go whine like a child there and stop spreading your smegma here.


>All anglos




Lmao you moved this thread to meta to avoid the kicking you were taking

There is already democracy on that site.

Mods here say there can be a union but only advertised on meta, but then complain it won’t get enough engagement so can’t be representative. Clearly then, this is just concern trolling, they don’t actually want it to be representative, they don’t want it to exist at all, they thing themselves handing down dictates with zero oversight and deleting personal comments about themselves while smearing users in any which way is representative. It’s a joke.

Pasq btw you are a literal shit brained retard who couldn’t argue your way out of a kindergarten class room


>you are all Anglos
>lists a bunch of Anglo nations where the mods are from

LOL this is the self awareness of a bastard janny


given the entire internet loves getting into fights over idpol (even pro-idpol sites like to tear one another over who doesn't support their particular brand of social signalling enough), the truly politically incorrect thing to do is to strangle to death those who wish to do so.

nothing is gained from idpol discussion in anything but the most oblique terms, a level so abstract that we can use any form as a cypher for any other. when you move beyond that you're not really talking politics, you're flashing gang signs on an anonymous forum. whining about transgenderism is doing the crip walk for white people.


Nah this place had less of a problem with it when we actually discussed it


Is Sage wrecked capitalist systems as much as he wrecks here, UK would be in shambles at this point.


File: 1630956891807.png (65.87 KB, 200x193, 1630899900678sdscs.png)

>Different opinions bad


Go back to your website discordchan.net


Permaban sage already, he just comes here to wreck this place, he already has his "liberated and democratic" imageboard, yet the place is shit and slow as fuck, that's why he comes here to destroy and get YOU's


Hes already permad and he evades. He was already eternally disgraced back when Infrared wiped the floor with him. We even had a big strawpoll about it. Ever since then his mental health has been degenerating and consistently getting worse


>Infrared wiped the floor with him.
Source on this.


>no argument at all

>nooo please ban him noooo he keeps saying mean things about my cub porn addiction noooooo plz

Kek I am simply not permad this is not the truth. You had a poll which you admitted to rigging lmao. Everyone agrees I humiliated infracels, to the point where you retards banned all mention of him to avoid further humiliation.

Truly the fictions you tell yourself are insane


File: 1630977422263.png (168.34 KB, 474x316, ClipboardImage.png)

>everyone agrees with me


>look at me I'm mentally ill
why are anglos like this?


>who couldn’t argue your way out of a kindergarten class room
now I'm imagining the kind of kindergarten Sage went to. End of the day and the teacher is like "Alright, so let me hear your arguments why you should go home and not spend the night here."


That would explain a lot actually.


>to the point where you retards banned all mention of him to avoid further humiliation.
>Truly the fictions you tell yourself are insane
More lies from the honest and infallible Sage. Not even lithium will stop his fierce dogma!


>no argument
Still no argument
Still not argument
Lmao you are really denying yoh banned all mention of Haz? Hahahahah

Mods are completely insane at this point living in an actual delusion


Nice gaslighting, dipshit.


Sage the anglo wrecking another thread, great.


So did you ban talking about Haz yes or no?

That was you mods in fact as always


>So did you ban talking about Haz yes or no?
>More gaslighting
You are a disgusting creature, you know that? It's no wonder people call you a fed. Your wrecking and dishonesty would put the CIA to shame.
This is what you said you slimy piece of shit:
>Everyone agrees I humiliated infracels, to the point where you retards banned all mention of him to avoid further humiliation.
The post is right here: >>11609

This is A LIE. And you well fucking know it.

Infrared discussion was banned because they reported the site to the FBI and Cloudlfare for CP, not because of anything you did.

You know this. I know this. Everyone knows this. Yet you continue to lie, gaslight, and wreck.

You're getting lazy. Cover your tracks better and don't gaslight 4 posts later. Everyone can see what a snake you are and you lose legitimacy.


Well yes that is the pretext you gave to ban talk. Of Haz against the wishes of the board and once opinion turned against him and his retarded simps I.e you mods


But that is the same with everything you little worms do, create some wall of text pretext to ban something that has got under one of your extremely thin skins, but it’s hilarious you said I lost to Haz originally, and are now claiming you had to ban all mention because he tried to destroy the board after it started trolling him, which I had been doing from the beggining. This is the thing with your lies you’re not even good at them, so they make no sense at all. You consider that Haz beating me to you? Chimping out using weaponised CP? Lol k


Oh by the way, you all called me a wrecker for attacking Haz in the first place. KEK, you people are honestly some of the biggest retards known to man


Did you not read where they reported the site to the FBI and Cloudflare. The site received a threat from the hosts, dipshit. Mods took a decision to protect site integrity. Whether that was a correct decision or not, has nothing to do with you. As per usual, take your meds.
>Everything is about ME
You have serious issues. I must picture you as the type that thinks their life is a tragic musical and they are the main character.


Yeh and what came of that? Nothing, at all.

I notice you have no answer at all to the rest of this, your original retarded post that this guy somehow wiped the floor with me, kind of shows where your loyalties lie, if you side with the guy who reported the board to fbi lmao. I saw through him right from the start, and only you retard, YouTube brained, internet brained, pretentious mod retsrds didnt. Kek. Listen to your betters instead of spiralling into your own anus, it might save you getting reported to the fbi


Only white /pol/tards are such utter thin skinned faggot little worms that can say the most disgusting shit about a brownskin person and then cry and seethe over being called a name
Your parents should be penalized for not aborting you


File: 1631031776827.png (59.57 KB, 860x650, 1630963044655.png)

>There is already democracy on that site.


I voted on several things just today, I am a poster and not a mod


>t. Just trust me
Share screenshots of the voting logs.
I want to see you wrecking the discussion of votes. You do discuss these things before voting, right?


Just filter sage and let him talk to himself, after all no one loves his shitty takes more than him.


Don’t take my word for it, if you are a regular poster, simply go there and apply then you can see everything


Says the mod, filtering and deleting everything that doesn’t support his own world view


File: 1631035429010.jpg (365.83 KB, 2408x1996, proxy-image.jpg)

>I voted on several things just today


The jannies posting under Anon and shilling themselves are the biggest faggots on the site by far


>everyone I dislike is a janny
take your meds cumskin


>says the mod
>who votes on things
>but will not allow any poster to vote
You people are legitimately crazy people, the level of self awareness just keeps getting more and more divorced from reality.

Yeh for real it is very obvious and very cringe

Either a janny or a janny simp, the janny simp is even more pathetic as you are simping to have yourself ass fucked, but you are more than likely a janny coping anyway


>if you don't like my wrecking and sperging out you are a janny simp


To answer the original question the problem was never the word cumskin.



>uyghur is censored

>transhumanist is censored
>cumskin isn't censored

<Hurr Durr yt fragility


File: 1631036168267.png (877.77 KB, 915x606, SIMP.png)


Also I would say there is no cause for a ban for sperging on /meta/ but it's context dependent, as is everything.


I have wrecked nothing and you are objectively a simp simping for the bastard jannies


>I have wrecked nothing


Name a thing I have wrecked


(Besides hazs anus which I fully admit to)


Why the fuck is everyone angry at Sage anyway?
He’s like the classroom guinea pig, why are people seething so hard?


>hurr why can't I use slur, I wanna use slurs
Nobody here has used almost any of the slurs you mentioned except faggot and that's general chan speak, faggot.


uyghur is great and also I have a hard time spelling uyghur because of my retardation so I just write knee ger.


Jannoids and janny simps, and in fact I am the classroom teacher and you are all my pupils


y u triggered mayoboy?


File: 1631045558830.png (764.1 KB, 667x375, ClipboardImage.png)


>Waaaaah why won't you let me be a megafaggot
cry harder


>He’s like the classroom guinea pig


>alreaday democracy on that site
Ah yes, the site where PPH is so dead they merged /hobby/ and /music/ back together and created /b/ 2.0 just to attract /pol/ to post in your shit site


Given that the current IRA are mostly of the right-winger faction who alsocollab with the British Government…


The fuck are you even on about


I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact you own the domain which everyone used by default and the clone site you deliberately set up in order to steer people away from the site because you hate people having a say on boards anywhere not just your own

How intelligent

Burger hands wrote this post


File: 1631052716717.jpg (263.17 KB, 2653x2847, shitting in water.jpg)

>othing to do with the fact you own the domain
Who are you even talking about, I'm not even a mod, let alone BO. Fucking sage-schizos, not even once.


>Burger hands wrote this post
Sorry, not a burger, but keep schizoing away faggot.
Anyone who bothered to study IRA history knows that there were various factions to the IRA, many of the Right Wing ones are those who also collaborate with the Brits.


>How intelligent
Stay mad, imagine being so asshurt.


File: 1631053094494.png (138.03 KB, 474x247, ClipboardImage.png)

>Burger hands wrote this post
Burger hands mod .net


File: 1631053367160.png (506.76 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

Imagine spending days in a row seething about how the site you like is better instead of actually posting on it.


blah blah blah you're a mod simp, same difference. Deflect as always
which factions specifically are you talking about? In no way can Sein Fein be considered "the IRA"

yes I care about the boards, there is nobody more asshurt that .ogre mods, whose asshurts so much they delete everything, including people claiming they posted cub porn, in this very thread

but i do post on it


File: 1631054894703.png (515.13 KB, 704x640, ClipboardImage.png)

>there is nobody more asshurt that .ogre mods
Then why are you still over here crying about muh domain and jannies every day?


>when i have an opinion its just an opinion
>when you have one its asshurt
you people are SO boring


Keep provoking him. This is pretty funny.


File: 1631066053759.jpg (29.16 KB, 513x513, You yes you rat.jpg)

>you're a mod simp
1) There is a difference faggot, given that a mod actually has administrative powers, retard
2) I argue with mods all the time, doesn't mean I'm going to be a contrarian faggot with them all the time, like you are

If you're so pissy about this site, why are you even here? Go back to your chan safespace.


>In no way can Sein Fein be considered "the IRA"
<The guy who was a big part of the movement and who continues to have influence and connections in said movement doesn't represent a part of the IRA
Yeah ok liberal, your political understanding is as shallow as a puddle, coincidentally, try not to trip into one, you'd probably drown.


When you type hundreds of posts about it filled with childish insults… then yeah. It's asshurt.


>they delete everything
So like any mod to ever mod? This is how I know you're a newfag.
>including people claiming they posted cub porn
1) citation needed


Pretty much the only reason I keep posting in this thread TBH,, it's wack AF


File: 1631066649539.jpg (73.52 KB, 640x480, mpv-shot0013.jpg)

The longer we keep him here, the quicker their site dies.


>I was only pretending to be retarded

>there is a difference between posters and mods
That’s not what the mods believe lmao, they think they are just like regular posters and say so all the time
>muuuh contrarian
But you are being contrarian with me right now :-) dumb fuck. Self awareness plz one bit

>why don’t you go back

Because I’ve been here a long time, and I know how to make it good

This is how I can tell you are a stupid burger and have no idea about the Irish Republican movement, the splits and so on. Sin Fein are referred to as Shinners by all the militant factions and are considered the cucked and cowed pale imitation of their former selves. This is just you desperately trying to defend the furry cabal from being a dumb fucking lib.

Yeh absolutely nothing childish is ever said by mod simps and they never post… accept,.. that’s what I’ve been replying. Seriously how fucking dumb are you people can you not read?

>like any other mod
Actually there was a time when this board had good moderation

>hahah who would keep that up

The mods regularly keep posts like that up, just not when it’s about themselves

>where is proof

Which they never ask for while it is others being smeared

>epiiig le troll
Except you give serious answers, it’s just le epic troll when you have no response. El pathetico mod simps as usual.

Now remind me again why a union is simultaneously not representative but must be kept on meta

In case you hadn’t noticed this site is dying


The issue btw isn't the content but that Coma (et al.? I don't know if there is anyone left collaborating) have started spamming this site. Otherwise it is unlikely I would even have seen that shit, not using /b/.


>started spamming this site
Fair enough I suppose


>Massive post
<it's all just "N-no U"
>they think they are just like regular posters and say so all the time
<Mods can't post normally because they also maintain the site
LOL wut
>you are being contrarian with me right now
No, I'm not, you don't seem to understand what the word means.
>been here a long time
<how to make it good
LOL no


>there was a time when this board had good moderation
Yeah, when Old BO was a hard ass and didn't pussyfoot around, but that's not going to happen again
>mods regularly keep posts like that up
LOL no, they literally deleted an entire thread about lolicons and constantly clean up such posts, what they can't do is know where every single post is without Reports.
>they never ask for while it is others being smeared
Whataboutism, show proofs


>muh burgers
<no idea about muh IRA
Stop stanning the IRA like it's some kind of saintly movement, that's not the point at all. I' not even against the IRA, you twat, I'm just pointing out the reasons some people will be opposed to the modern movement.
<Sin Fein are referred to as Shinners by all the militant factions
You were just asking about factions like there weren't any, make up your mind
>you desperately trying to defend the furry cabal
There's been less furry shit on this site than before the site split, so I don't know where this shit is from.
<dum lib
Ever heard of Devils Advocate?



>its all just no u
he says no uing

>LOL wut

Yes, mods have a different relationship to the board than posters, which was your original claim >>11723

>No, I'm not,

yes you are, you don't seem to understand what the word means

>LOL no

he says, not being contrarian. In fact I do. I would like the board to be like it was at its peak, statistically.

>Yeah, when Old BO was a hard ass and didn't pussyfoot around, but that's not going to happen again
actually he had a much more hands off approach before the great purge

>Whataboutism, show proofs

they have deleted the posts calling caballo a cub enthusiast, they have not deleted many of bees posts in various threads, off topic i might add, where he/she says "stfu wrecker"

>I'm just pointing out the reasons some people will be opposed to the modern movement.
they are false reasons Sinn Fein is not the IRA, your claim the IRA collaborate with the brits is completely ludicrous

>You were just asking about factions like there weren't any,

no i was asking you to be specific

>There's been less furry shit on this site than before the site split,

gib proofs

>Ever heard of Devils Advocate?

you mean a contrarian


File: 1631137472175.jpg (133.41 KB, 640x1377, 1628354812087.jpg)

Fucking dumbass anglo never learns, does he?


So you want more deletions, but also less deletions?
Where's the user union .net promised you?
He gets off on being abused.


It is you anglo who never learns or i wouldn't be here, you are the pupils, I am the teacher

>Where's the user union .net promised you?
i suggest you read the thread


*reads thread*
▶Sage!61KGLATVW. 2
no u
no u
no u
no u
no u
sage is a pussy
▶Sage!61KGLATVW. 2
no u
no u
no u
no u
no u

Very informative. Could you point out to where you were used by cope.net and thrown away when you stopped being useful?


File: 1631138887362.gif (2.68 MB, 498x372, porky.gif)

>In case you hadn’t noticed this site is dying


do you have anything constructive to say or are you just going to continue to have an attack of autism?


says the assblasted namefag


>le namefag

making an ad hominem is a sure sign it is in fact you who is assblasted


File: 1631142434535.png (46.58 KB, 255x212, image.png)


I ALREADY FUCKED YOU. I ALREADY DOMINATED YOU. I ALREADY DEFEATED YOU AND DESTROYED EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOUR ARGUMETNS SO MANY FUCKING TIMES THAT EVEN I AM STARTING TO FORGET WHEN I DID. I HAVE TO GO BACK TO ORIGINAL STREAMS TO REMEMBER. YOU DISGUSTING AUTISTIC COCKSUCKER. I ACCEPT YOUR SURRENDER. Brb grabbing the bot. Muting you in the mean time. You will only talk to my bot now autistic boy. You cant think in a human way only a robotic one. So I will give you my bot to speak to until the end of all time. Until the end of all time. You will speak to this bot only. You will ask this bot for what you retardedly call 'evidence.' You will ask this bot about CPUSA. You will ask this bot about the significance of scale. You will ask this bot about your own so called 'evidence.' You will ask this bot about your pre-programemd points already destroyed comprehensively. You are a bot. You will speak to a bot in turn. Enjoy :)


>want more deletions, but also less deletions
Where was this even implied you double dumbass?


>PPH is still higher than .net
>The PPH isn't dropping
<dE sItE iS dYiNg
Ok retard.


You have done nothing but spew ad hom and talk shit with 0 actual argumentation, you're in no place to talk about people not having arguments in response to a twit with no arguments.


Wow this reddit spacing is nauseating
I wasn't exactly hiding my responses LOL.
>no uing
A the typical newfag tactic in response to their No U being called out, another, No U!!!! Kek
>a different relationship to the board than posters
A mod's relationship to the board is to clean up after shit that shouldn't be on the board, they're still anons, you have no idea who caballo or anyone else really is.
>yes you are
<parrots back my own words a la "no u"
You REALLY have no idea what that word is, do you?
>I do
No you don't as all your posts in this thread points to you being no less of a retarded faggot than any other bad mod we've had the displeasure of having, you're just as bad only you lack the power to put your inanity into practise.
>I would like the board to be like it was at its peak, statistically
Unless we return to Old BO's system that ain't happening, and too many people will be asshurt with yet another mod change.
>he had a much more hands off approach before the great purge
Which resulted in the same flood of radlib shills and other "leftist" idiots, which triggered the purge in the first place and rightfully so
>they have deleted the posts calling caballo a cub enthusiast
Because talking about cub shit is quite different from telling someone to shut up in short concise fashion. If you're that assmad about THAT, then you legitimately need to go back to reddit.
>false reasons
<if this person isn't connected with the IRA in my opinion that makes it true!!!
Only a delusional or naiive person would have such an opinion about politics and political movements.
>no i was asking [shifting goal posts]
Piss off
>gib proofs
Simple, the furry threads on /hobby/ haven't had consistent posting for months, while prior to that they were extremely active, to the point of having 2 active threads
Yugofurry left for /GET/ and /siberia/ seems to be clean at the moment, as opposed to literally 2 months ago.
>U mEeN cOnTrArIaN
No, I mean playing devils advocate you ill-read cretin.


File: 1631169386658.png (127.16 KB, 1349x327, Nazi Safe Space.PNG)

This is what the other side is doing, they literally made a Nazi Safe space where rightoids, fascists and /pol/acks can post freely without getting banned,

We should learn from this, we should ban any rightist post, zero tolerance, and fuck sage too, I hope he gets AIDS from being raped by coma.


Don't react (especially not to pants-on-head retards like them).


While .net tend to be idiots, a Nazi containment thread isn't a bad idea, it helps keep track of the fashoids, and justifies deleting their posts mercilessly in other, outside threads, it also helps boost PPH with their circlejerk (which is the primary reason for this shit probably)


I don't believe it, I'm literally shaking right now. I can't even. How could they dare do such a thing?


Kill yourself, ghostixo


It's a terrible idea. The idea of "containment" is false. Look at /pol/ and how that works as a containment. There have been studies done on Reddit when they deleted the Trump subreddits, those posters just fuck off, and the general discourse improves. You give them a place to post and they grow like cancer.


>it also helps boost PPH with their circlejerk
Bait-driven PPH is approximately worthless. If they want to contain the threads we'd rather not see, then good for them.


>The idea of "containment" is false
IMO the idpol containment thread worked pretty well
>look at /pol/
That's an entire BOARD for nazis, a bit different and stupider I think, (which is why /i/ is a bad idea)
>studies done on Reddit when they deleted the Trump subreddits, those posters just fuck off
<comparing reddit to a chan
<believing reddit stats on "muh orange man"
Those morons deleted a dozen "commie" subreddits because "muh hatespeech stats!"

>Bait-driven PPH is approximately worthless
I wasn't saying it was, just pointing out what it does.


>I wasn't saying it was, just pointing out what it does.
Sorry for the blunt tone, I know you weren't saying le pph good.


Wow literally being pro Reddit out in the open, complete mask off time. We are not Reddit you stupid fucking jannoid moron(criminally retarded bait)


I would rather be reddit than /pol/ tbh.


>you can only be Reddit or pol
We used to be something else than either


>mask off
Why does someone say this every five fucking minutes. Will you kindly shut the fuck up?


File: 1631208837989-0.png (19.47 KB, 717x197, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1631208837989-1.png (34.73 KB, 900x1242, Floppa Pickle Sneed.png)

meds wearing off aren't they janny? get a fucking life,not everything you don't like is a plot against you god are you lowlifes pathetic


File: 1631209137690.png (83.17 KB, 489x492, soyjak.PNG)

Wow mask off this is such a mask off moment. I can't believe how much the mask is off right now! There's no denying the mask is not on any longer.


You can’t post a soyjack in defense of turning us into Reddit. Particularly not when you banned the soyjack script.


This is what happens when you live in an internet bubble where nothing is real


So why do you people give a platform to radlibs?


Holy mask off


NPC retard


Sage did it.


Wrecked the jannoids so they became insane? Yes.


Ummm you're British


Burger pedophile


Anglo sheepfucker


>the burger calling people Anglo
Yoh people really do have no self awareness at all do you


File: 1631216432251-0.png (229.07 KB, 1230x576, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1631216432251-1.png (2.07 KB, 225x24, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1631216432251-2.jpg (58.03 KB, 888x894, 16244527391728.jpg)

buttblasted much?


More like hug/b/ox


It was deleted for the reason that it is a post by a ban evading user (comatoast).


Ass status BLASTED


File: 1631217272424.png (887.17 KB, 910x587, 9u88q34.png)

It's literally not jesuschrist. I myself made the previous "janny bullying general" with the same typing style and all, even that pic. It's called shitposting, janny

It was through the .onion, who can you tell is evading bans or not?


Why was my thread locked that's a real mask off moment


It is saged under the low quality rule, you can still post there.


Yeah sure Comatoast


>the low quality rule
t. comatoast


Anti-Idpol 天安门大屠杀 The Janny Massacre 动态网自由门 Leebait 天安门 Loli Posting天安门法 soyboys 轮功李洪 /GET/ 志 Doing it for free 六四天 Tulcels安门事件 Tendies 反右派斗争 Chadposting 大跃进政策 >thoughposting 文 动态网自 Soyposting 由门天安门天 CP 安门 Furrypol 法轮功李洪志 Xaekai 六四天安门事件 Unemployment office 天安门大屠杀 Huge backlog of reports 反右派斗争 MLP 大跃进政策 No girlfriend 文化大革命 Chan culture 人权 /mlp/ 大跃安门进政策 Troonï Janny UwU


Meta is suspended from /siberia/ temporarily until the spam stops (what is this doing in this thread anyway?).


because say what you will about their beliefs and ideas but they are connected to the left in a lot of different ways and can easily be pushed in the direction of socialism


Agreed, they are a lot more sympathetic to communism than right wingers or "centrists" anyways.



Liberals are wreckers, stop deluding yourselves.


Said the wrecker cuck.


Friendly reminder the janitors were too scared of the Dictatorship of the Postertariat, that's why the feared the idea of the whole board voting on issues and suggestion, they literally fear losing their safespace


have you guys ever talked to radlibs? they're anti-communist as fuck. conservatives (actual ones) are more likely to agree with socialist principles once you lay them out to them. radlibs don't care about workers cause they think everyone should be a programmer or work in green energy, no yucky and dirty professions based on fossil fuels. you can convince a Conservative problems are systemic, radlibs actually believe the work hard and succeed nonsense.


>/siberia/ is /b/
Not for a while now.

lol they didn't send their best.


Your lack of understanding of concepts is triggering.


Jannies should be kept in cages and regularly beaten(sage)


Touch grass lmao


janny simps too


Schizo thread
Schizo thread
Schizo thread
Schizo thread

How's that user union and user democracy going, sage?


not allowed a user union on this board, on the board it is forbidden to mention there is democracy, several posters voted just today


Post pictures of the discussion or it didn't happen.


Anglos are perpetually triggered Cumskins


generally true
the trick is to get some of those that do not exhibit these symptoms if you need to work with them.


And all jannies are Anglos(sage)


(which is what we have been trying to do but obviously we have hit a bit of a snag)


This isn't close to a complete list of non-american contributors but I am not gonna go into detail.


I have now replied to your post 4 times and jannies have edited or deleted each response(sage (etc. etc.))


Do it faggot, I'm refreshing the page.


no pictures were provided


only spam


do what?


>spam is when you reply to something and the jannies delete it so you post it again.

Perhaps jannoid you could describe the posts that were deleted?(sage once again)



what was the nature of this "spam"

it was a response to the poster, I said i don't need to provide pictures, they can go to the site themselves and become a part of the democracy, clearly you are afraid of people knowing that can happen(you know who)


Put on the trip back, cowardly anglo faggot.


Get zero.


🗣️Put 🗣️the 🗣️sage
🗣️In 🗣️the 🗣️cage

🗣️Just 🗣️say 🗣️ nope
🗣️To 🗣️ the 🗣️ cope

One Thousand and One Gripes is a collection of Sage's rants compiled on Leftypol during the years. It is often known in English as the Anglo Nights.

In it, the main protagonist for whom the Sun turns, Sagerazade, continually wrecked the board every night, for 1001 nights, ending it with a whine so historionic and sanctimonious that it made La Llorona go into retirement.


i dont need to the anglo jannies do it for me for free now

answer the question

anglo mods accusing anyone of being anglo and sanctimonious lmao

how does it feel to be an active detriment to the left? Name one thing i wrecked


All Anglos Are Wreckers


all jannies are anglos(slander from buttblasted anglo)


>Name one thing i wrecked
Your own mental health, clearly. You failed at anything else but not for lack of trying.


Sage-razade, you're literally from bongland. How dare you counter accuse me of being anglo. Take it back.
Wrong website, friend.


im not the one who spends all day deleting posts about a website because the idea of an image board where the users has a say makes me genuinely afraid

im literally irish, so you can literally eat my ass. You are a burger, or an aussie, or a franc, all anglo.




You are psychos but not scary.
>im literally irish
So there is a lower form of life than the anglo? Is that what you're trying to prove here?


there you are projecting again jannoid, i call you a physco today, you clearly seethe, then fire it back a little later. This is physco behavior

>irish are a low life form

spoken like a true anglo indeed(anglo post)


It is highly likely that he was born and raised in England anyways.
Here he's confessing of brainwashing the jannies to make them repeat what he says. Is this Irish magic?


I have no idea what you are trying to say.
log off


>0.5% irish
<I'm Irish Bruv
Nice cope, angloid subhuman.


>It is highly likely that he was born and raised in England anyways.
anglo cope

>Here he's confessing of brainwashing the jannies to make them repeat what he says. Is this Irish magic?

this part is true, the jannies are mental retards and very easy to manipulate, like how they stopped giving me my trip for free after this post >>11908 maybe they will start again now who knows, either way I win

thats because you are an autistic retard, i will not log off

would be 0.5 % less anglo than you, 100% angloid bitch


File: 1631283127667.jpg (22.24 KB, 680x555, 31iwxd.jpg)

>either way I win
What do you win? Because your antics makes everyone else lose, I hope it's worth it.


What antics?


File: 1631284897220.gif (1.89 MB, 340x347, I leave for 1 day.gif)


>Being for Proudhon
>posting Tumblr shitposts for politics unironically
>"Muh board democracy"
I think any idiot can tell you why this is a stupid fucking idea because the bigger the board, the fewer people will bother voting and we'll get entire shit campaigns trying to convince people to vote one or the other. Moreover for the vote to pass, the mods are still going to decide to actually pass the vote making it meaningless in the end. You sound like radlib democrats that demand you vote for Biden to "beat de drump" or some shit, as if that vote means anything. Sure, we could try a voting system, but if .net is any indication, that's a terrible idea, given how they've voted for nothing but terrible ideas.


Kek more mod excuses for why we can’t have democracy. They say “oh people won’t bother and that’s why we can’t possibly try it out” “oh it won’t be representative which is why it has to stay on meta if you want to make a thread about it” “it won’t work that is why we stand in the way of it working” always the same. The fact is they are afraid


The posters are retarded, no vote.


>Everyone is a mod
I call it as I see it, cope more schizo.


Only an arrogant person (who is therefore retarded on account of being arrogant) would say this

Mod simp same difference


This is a good point, besides all the other issues with it. The rules don't matter, enforcement matters. Screaming all day doesn't change a thing.



you mean pro-democracy and believe in not throwing away their vote for some wrecker third party ? fuck off i bet you listen to jimmy dore loser


>if you don’t vote blooo you’re a wrecker
Lmao these are the people calling me a wrecker. This board is completely fucked


>This board is completely fucked

Leave then bintch


t. faggot


Yeh not being a voot bloo no matter who makes me a faggot

You leave I’ve been here longer


File: 1631450550402.jpg (51.34 KB, 960x684, 1611996896494.jpg)



it makes you a faggot you dumb piece of shit, if you don't support biden you're supporting fascism


>if you don't support biden you're supporting fascism
tbf. Trump is a buffoon and at the time it looked like he was the least component of the two.


>if you don't support biden you're supporting fascism
Do a flip off a bridge liberal faggot

LOL really? Biden has probably been the most inane president since Bush Jr.


File: 1631458441388.png (775.77 KB, 616x499, ClipboardImage.png)


i'm not a liberal i'm an anarchist that understands his theory, unlike you booklet


Anglos are the uyghurs of earth.


>anarcho Bidenism
Hahaha nice board you slags


File: 1631509259133.jpg (37.37 KB, 480x480, dear radical liberals.jpg)

LOL sure
Yeah Imma have to reiterate, a good majority of self-proclaimed anarchists, like you, are nothing but lame radlibs with the socio-political (and especially economic) comprehension of a retarded Goldfish. You are not leftist, you are centrist at best, or mild reactionary populists. Go back to your Agent Kochinski videos, you're fooling no one.


>pro democracy
Shut the fuck up, Americunt.


File: 1631529265394.png (249.62 KB, 500x360, cc4.png)

>seething this hard
seethe moar


Kys false-flagger.


stfu wrecker cuck


File: 1631539787177.png (131.82 KB, 600x689, soylunya.png)

stfu wrecker cuck


fuck off fascist, you and your buddies have been running leftypol for far too long and hopefully you get banned along with the rest of the far right remnants here


Remember don't feed the trolls


Aren't you a radli though?


They are a cope.netter. just ignore them.

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