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I think that we can all agree that we need more people, more posters spanning from all the left positions, let's go past the "much PPH" meaningless debate, we barely have any effortposters now, much less drawfags and other kind of talented people, the split was a catastrophe in terms of users and we have not recovered yet.

A small imageboard may be good for very niche hobbies and things like that, but for leftism it's the absolute opposite,our ideology is supposed to appeal to the vast majority of people that composes the working class, we should strive to be an Imageboard for the masses, the more people the better (leftists ofc),we used to have a very large potential userbase on 8chan but that's gone.

I think we should start promoting the board, in youtube, discockrd, hell even on reddit Twitter and Facebook, there's literal thousands of people that are members of communist and socialist parties around the world, hundreds of unions and workers organizations etc, and their input could be very valuable, hell maybe we can get some Chinese people in here, or people from the Japanese communist party etc.

I think that everyone should do their part in your social circles and social media you frequent the most, casually mention leftypol if you have leftist friends, mention leftypol in breadtube videos, if you follow communist or socialist party accounts on twittee or Facebook invite them to come etc, if you speak more than one language the better, if you have the means to get in touch with people from China or Japan or you know someone who knows the language maybe we can try to get some people from those countries here, along with people from Arab countries, Africa etc, that would be awesome.

Leftypol should stop appealing to its own userbase and reach out for people, just like the bolsheviks went out to the factories to garner support for the revolution and just how the CCP talked with the peasants to fight against the nationalists, we should do the same.

We have a world to win!


Mods don’t even want the current user base to be allowed to post freely.

They don’t want the posters to be organised to do stuff like this, because they want a huge box for stuffie lovers

First step should be for them to stop being retsrds and to end the split(sage)


run along and get zero


We do have effortposters, but yes, we are lacking talent in the other departments. This doesn't have anything to do with the split since most normal or semi-normal people are only gonna be dimly aware of it. We had this issue for some time, it's been talked about since the bunker days to my recollection.


there are no effort posters because the site is stale and boring and you are not allowed to have fun because everything must be tailored so it doesn't hurt the jannoids fee fees uneducated shit opinions, random whims and personal predilections. Compounded by the fact that on the janny team sits actual libs(sage (you get the idea))


>go to a reactionary/right-liberal site let's say rumble.com
>point anyone deviating from the to go back to leftypol.org


Ignore the wrecker and continue the conversation normally.


it is impossible to ignore the jannies when they impose themselves unelected on the board(who else could it be but eternally seething anglo?)

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