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Reposting here because no one ever reads meta and because sage ruined the thread, sorry mods

I think that we can all agree that we need more people, more posters spanning from all the left positions, let's go past the "much PPH" meaningless debate, we barely have any effortposters now, much less drawfags and other kind of talented people, the split was a catastrophe in terms of users and we have not recovered yet.

A small imageboard may be good for very niche hobbies and things like that, but for leftism it's the absolute opposite,our ideology is supposed to appeal to the vast majority of people that composes the working class, we should strive to be an Imageboard for the masses, the more people the better (leftists ofc),we used to have a very large potential userbase on 8chan but that's gone.

I think we should start promoting the board, in youtube, discockrd, hell even on reddit Twitter and Facebook, there's literal thousands of people that are members of communist and socialist parties around the world, hundreds of unions and workers organizations etc, and their input could be very valuable, hell maybe we can get some Chinese people in here, or people from the Japanese communist party etc.

I think that everyone should do their part in your social circles and social media you frequent the most, casually mention leftypol if you have leftist friends, mention leftypol in breadtube videos, if you follow communist or socialist party accounts on twittee or Facebook invite them to come etc, if you speak more than one language the better, if you have the means to get in touch with people from China or Japan or you know someone who knows the language maybe we can try to get some people from those countries here, along with people from Arab countries, Africa etc, that would be awesome.

Leftypol should stop appealing to its own userbase and reach out for people, just like the bolsheviks went out to the factories to garner support for the revolution and just how the CCP talked with the peasants to fight against the nationalists, we should do the same.

We have a world to win!
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You mean the jannies?


>Let the users themselves handle this stuff.
then do it, pussy


>oh, so that's what it's really about. You don't want this place to grow because you're scared that culture will change. I just want the community to grow because that means more people can produce nice stuff, effort posts, images, etc
That's not going to fucking happen, and has never fucking happened to any imageboard that has attempted what you are stating. Seriously, was this site your first imageboard? Because the way you talk sounds like that. And it not that I'm scared of the culture simply changing, it's that your view of imageboard always ends up ripping out the substance rod what they truely are, and replaces it with a vapid self-indulgent project that kills the board in the long run.

You have the rest of the internet to do what you want. Go do that there.


>Mods who don’t want to lose control and see any of kind of user gathering as a threat? As above stated hipsters if want their little hidey hole to do said shitting and farting in? All of the above probably.
The mods are literally clapping their hands together praising this general idea in the Matrix you faggot. You're unironically the mod shill in this scenario.




give 5 examples.

hard mode: if you say 4chan i am going to come to your house and remove your testicles with an axe this isn't even a challenge this is a written threat.


yeah I'll rather see leftypol die than it ever falling that low
t. stupid retard


>Now all you get is effort posts about how Stalin murdering thousands of communists is based and the correct application of Marx.
that sounds kinda based tbh




All the ~2016 content creators were doing that with leftypol. The community still exists despite them. Many people found out about leftypol BECAUSE OF them.


I don't know why you guys are so worried about traffic when we are getting plenty of US National Guard activity here.


leftypol need more glowies!


nta but yes


File: 1631494147985.png (718.93 KB, 2048x962, MatrixOnGrowthPost.png)


>give 5 examples.
4chan is probably the best example, but the next best example would be 8chan and all the various boards that attempted it, including its own /pol/ with Kampfy. The examples though are limited because no other fucking imageboards attempt this shit.
>hard mode: if you say 4chan i am going to come to your house and remove your testicles with an axe this isn't even a challenge this is a written threat.
Come try it you faggot.


>All the ~2016 content creators were doing that with leftypol.
Do you have any idea how quickly that degenerated?
>The community still exists despite them. Many people found out about leftypol BECAUSE OF them
The community still exists in spite of them, not that they helped it in the long run with what occured later.


File: 1631494596345.mp4 (1017.14 KB, 404x720, laughing duck.mp4)


it's honestly amazing how anyone can be so fucking stupid


>Phil Greaves is schizo posting in COVID general still
>eugenics faggot is still posting
At least I ran King Lear off the site, but he then tried to come back. And schizo-posting and /pol raids aren't even the main problem.

I tire of answering the same questions and having the same conversations over and over, not knowing answers to settled questions, or repeating the same bullshit over and over regardless of how much they get debunked, then resurfacing acting like nothing happened to whine about "tankie LARPers" or MLs (the Tucker Carlson maneuver).


this is eugenefag's voice


yes but /leftypol/ only occasionally broke #1, most of the time it was #3 and sometimes way lower at like #8 or something. That was the exception not the rule


I am glad my relative does not know about this website because she is also a covid-19 schizo poster


>even on a record breaking day


He brings up /meta/ shit on /leftypol/ constantly despite knowing the board exists, so yeah, mods are probably going to start banning that shit on site unless it's put on that board. No need for you to be a fag about it.


Stop, we've been going somewhat okay, but this discussion now belongs in the mayo thread on /meta/ and nowhere else.


File: 1631535295632.png (586.72 KB, 600x641, ClipboardImage.png)

I feel second-hand embarrassment from reading this post.
Couldn't resist.


people that don't know to ignore trolls are responsible for the impossibility of meta discussion


and trolls


we dont need more people, we need more quality poster, and less drooling morons, polyp convert, libs, propaganda slurpers and theorylets


this tbh

>the site would be more entertaining with a greater variety of people
go to other chans for that, Im not here for the shit drivel of lib, US propaganda enjoyers and polyp dominated spaces drowning out the few good posters


Quality according to who



>Because 4chan reactionaries and twitter/reddit liberals never achieved anything either
They murdered/harassed a few people into suicide.

Not really, relevant on the long run, but eh.


Reposting from the internet shit thread.

This video was recommended to me just now.

It has 450 views now, but their channel has videos with much more views. The video is also good.

The guy has 3 Patreon supporters. It would be a great channel to advertise Leftypol.

So, call to action comrades:

If you have a throwaway account, consider advertising leftypol in the comments.

If you spare some bucks, consider getting the Patreon to advertise Leftypol. The cheapest option is 4.5 USD and the advertising is the same as the highest paid one.


this your channel? shill it in ITG as well


It's not my channel. I posted it to ITG too.
I have a feeling I've seen videos of him before. I'm not really aware of internet people besides the main ones.


More people to the site?
My opinion is more Alunya OC will bring more people.
Also how leftypol.org is exclusively by leftists & for leftists, but /leftypol/ once was on 8ch with other boards and politics.


TIL declasscucking memes is a now a DSA shill


Here's a truly controversial take.

Detente with the Infraredfags.

There are probably thousands of them now, while this board every year can't stop with the self sabotage. They literally have influence on the CPUSA nowadays. Then transform this place so that it is focused on high quality Left posts, or otherwise the worst tendencies of the culture of imageboards will come and wreck it, over and over again.


>high quality
Immediately these seem contradictory.


File: 1631886965112.jpg (434.19 KB, 1500x1059, alunya character sheet.jpg)

I think the first Alunya pic is a better one, she looks more swarthy and interesting, the second pic just looks like every other generic catgirl. take away the leftypol logo and no person not from /leftypol/ could identify Alunya as "leftist" or communist


We used to have a massive potential userbase on 8chan, but that's gone. Our philosophy should appeal to the vast majority of people who make up the working class; the more people the better (leftists of course). I believe we should begin promoting the board; there are literally hundreds of people who are members of communist and socialist parties on youtube, discockrd, and even reddit, Twitter, and Facebook.

A board for e-celebs in general might be reasonable, though. Especially if there's a concerted effort to appeal to the zoomers. It would also be good if we got back to the days of, like, old youtube where there was actually active discourse happening.


You don't have it. I'm not sure how many times I have to tell you faggots that /leftypol/ is not a place to organise. It is not a substitute for really going outdoors and discussing leftism with people. It isn't a magic bullet or a master key to getting into what you consider "internet activism." This is a simple message board where people debate various topics.


You're literally just copy-pasting part of the post again, you got told for being incorrect, stop repeating yourself on this.

>begin promoting the board
>board for e-celebs
<attract Zoomers
It's going to turn into Vaus.hite central, ECelebs are absolute cancer and dedicated a thread is enough. An entire board is just going to bring liberalism and bad faith 'leftists' that seek an ideology to justify and shield their shitty behavior and beliefs.


The things that would genuinely help the site expand would be unappealing to most users. Allowing user boards and encouraging e-celebrities to create their own boards only to discuss that content creator's videos/takes is nonsense. Any of those ideas will be dismissed as too much labour, resulting in a perpetual September scenario in which normies and radlibs dominate the site, e.g.


The red and black flag is clearly (anarcho-)communist.


Red and Black themes are found all over the place, literally the BadDragon Logo is Red and Black. Aesthetically the common Alunya that gets posted is too simplistic and her better dressed variation gives her more character and pazzaz


>Red and Black themes are found all over the place, literally the BadDragon Logo is Red and Black.
Yeah but the black and red parts divided are reminiscent of the anarcho-communist flag.
>Aesthetically the common Alunya that gets posted is too simplistic and her better dressed variation gives her more character and pazzaz
Well, I agree with you there.


*the way the black and red parts are divided on her scarf
Also I wonder, if that design had a star somewhere, would it be "communist" enough?


Nah a hammer and sickle is needed, that's the classic symbol after all.

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