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/pol/ invokes images of fascists, neonazis and other losers so why do we share a similar name with them when we should be trying to keep as far of a distance from them as possible ?(Falseflagging is against the rules)


take out the "left" and leave it as /y/ while you're at it, I identify as an anti-leftist communist


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Change the name of /leftypol/ to /pol/.
/pol/ is short for politics.
We should project ourselves as just having normal politics, and malign the liberal status quo and reactionary fringe as doing bad politics, which is correct.
Reclaim "/pol/" from the nazis.


This but unironically


Plenty of "left-wing" political ideology is just as anti-materialist as "right-wing" political ideology, especially when both are concerned about laws, liberal rights, the legitimacy of moral principles, etc. Communist politics are the only politics that are possible for a genuine materialist. It we take the materialist position as the default one, it follows that the board should be named /politics/. In his Politics, Aristotle's name for the best of all possible constitutions is simply "Polity", because for him the constitutions of all other polities are perverted in some way. In the same sense, communist politics are the only Politics and we should not hesitate to make that clear.


Change it to Commiepol


>(Falseflagging is against the rules)


If you really wanted to drop the /pol/, then you should've used /left/ on Bunkerchan when it still existed.


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Yeah. I think that our name draws too much attention/influence from /pol/ or /pol/-adjacent morons.

We should seek to be our own thing and distance ourselves from them.


bunkerchan was too reactionary for my tastes everything got a lot better after leftypol.org was established(Falseflagging is still against the rules)

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