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Following up on >>>/leftypol/503609

leftypol.org needs a permanent team of staff growth hackers to full time think of ways to drive users to the site.

TLDR: A lot of the strategies in the book are more in line with for profit companies and don’t translate well to a anonymous not for profit imageboard, however, some ideas can be translated.

The takeaway:

- Recruit a specific team of non moderator staff to handle social media outreach, and growth strategies, i.e. their full time “job” is to think of ways to drive more users to the site and then do that with or without the users help. At a minimum the team should have a designated “growth lead”, plus any willing people with UX, UI, SEO, Marketing, and social media management experience you can find and who would be useful.

- Create a Growth room in matrix. Call it MAUism (monthly active users) or leftypol.org growth engineering or whatever. Invite all members of the tech team + the growth team + any other relevant parties.

- try different ideas.


File: 1632244914804.png (182.8 KB, 925x508, marketing3.png)

see: picrel

Paid acquisition is clearly the worst option. SEO is good but its pretty rare for people to find leftypol through search unless they’re already looking for it. Our users clearly either share news of leftypol through word of mouth or on other platforms. Therefore virality (memes/oc that hopefully make it onto mainstream social media like yt/insta, + stunts/trolls, etc.) is a good option, and so is integrations/partnerships. Perhaps sponsoring youtube channels with good content.

referral programs don't really work with anonymity


File: 1632245338537.png (557.54 KB, 925x736, marketing1.png)

see: picrel

Forget everything in the paid category other than influencer campaigns, particularly leftist political youtubers.

SEO: good but insufficient. Again lack of auto archiving means a ton of SEO worthy content is wasted by being deleted. Cripples web rank. Having an SEO expert on the growth team would help.

Website Merchandising: Making a tshirt or something could be cool but not sure how this is supposed to help much with traffic. Maybe if people wear it to real life political events.

Contests and giveaways: Maybe, but only like once a year

Online video: .org should have an official youtube channel and peertube instance where the videos are mirrored in case of being yeeted from YT.

Social media: .org should create official accounts on facebook, snap, insta, etc. in addition to twitter and have the growth team manage these.

Contributed articles: Getting leftypol’s name in articles is good, esp. in mainstream publications. FP article didn’t seem to do much though.

any other ideas?


File: 1632245788117.png (341.38 KB, 925x609, marketing2.png)

Content marketing – see: picrel. Some of these strategies. I laugh at the idea of leftypol on LinkedIn pulse, could be ok for effortposts though. INB4 the PMCs are coming.

Lowkey shilling for SEO purpose – Why don’t a bunch of anons and jannies write medium blog posts and other articles in various places talking about leftypol? Seems like a pretty decent way to increase backlinks and increase the site’s ranks.


File: 1632245802789.png (79.99 KB, 828x690, growthhacking.png)

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