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Hello everyone. This is the thread to make this week's proposals. We have these proposals which failed previously, that perhaps we should discuss again this week (I won't put these on the docket, unless someone actually brings them up with amendments so they might pass this time):

Proposal: Reorganization of modocracy to groups based on siloed focus (ex: tech/mods/outreach)

Proposal: Elect an executive. Instead of voting on every issue, simply elect an executive, either a single individual or small group (individual is better), who is recallable by vote. The executive makes all decisions except electing themselves and kicking or adding any member from/to the modocracy. This will free up the modocracy to get back to the core tasks of tech, modding, outreach/growth, and other activities associated with maintaining and growing leftypol.

Proposal: - same as above except by sortition.

Once again, I must clarify that ONLY MODS CAN ACTUALLY VOTE ON PROPOSALS OR VOTES. Anons are free to have their say and offer suggestions and feedback to improve proposals/votes but these are only advisory and user votes are not counted for official decisionmaking. But who knows, a persuasive enough argument might sway the mod team to your cause?

Please reply to this post to post proposals for consideration next week. If a user proposal seems like a good idea, we may adopt it and make it official. Thanks everyone. Feel free to post your opinions but try not to spam or needlessly bicker back and forth in order to keep the thread clear and legible. Any off-topic posts may be removed without warning.


>There were no successful proposals last week
Uhhhh >>13282 ?


PROPOSAL from a user
>Moderator votes remain the counted votes in admin decisions, but users should let vote using strawpolls (or perhaps polling systems built into the site?) per topic to display general user attitude to a proposal. If majority User opinion directly opposes moderator majority vote then the proposals should be discussed and votes called on again after a break of 1-2 weeks to let people rethink positions on a topic.
<obvious /pol/ trolling and spam should be taken into account in these user polls
This would allow for a more democratic and user friendly voting process, but doesn't just let the sites administrative decisions become a free-for-all mess like on (.net)
>whats to stop pol from brigading? and how would you account for that in the polls?
>How do we define a true leftypol user
That's the reason I said that a majority user vote only stalemates an opposing moderator vote, so even if /pol/ spams, they'll just delay the vote for a couple weeks, raids only last a short time so a balanced recount can be made. Also no voting options can b made that are clearly and definitively reactionary or liberal positions (such as idpol shilling or other rule violating content)

Obviously the nitty gritty details are up to the mods to discuss on implementation.


Some comments:
There is nothing really stopping anyone from making strawpolls.
>obvious /pol/ trolling and spam should be taken into account
There is no way to take that into account, except to say everything that is easily manipulated should be regarded as manipulated.
Even putting aside foul play (and that is impossible, if done competently it is not possible to even identify), there is serious issues of selection. At different hours of the day, polls will have different results, depending where you put it, polls will have different results. Depending how questions are asked, results will differ (there is a reason people are paid for producing surveys).


Someone needs to make an official /leftypol/ Youtube channel and repost all the meme videos, documentary videos and other content from the webm thread there. Stuff like Embed related is not enough to get our popularity on its own, the board needs agents in social media (excluding twitter, that place is cancer and is pure liberalism).


Note that youtube channels can be set up to allow multiple people to manage them, so this does not have to be reliant on one person. Maybe make the channel using a new google account tied to the site (if it's "official") and have a small team of trusted people to handle uploads and other things, to spread out the work a bit.


I'm in support of mandating polling user interest (we would probably use another system like framapoll), at least for for things like wordfilters that affect the users and are non-essential. I'll formalize this proposal later tonight.
Caballo experimented with a polling thread back when the character limit proposal was made and I think it was a success.


Good idea. I only found bunkerchan because i stumbled on a getchan video on yt.


Maybe we should start to think if we keep /lounge/, when was it launched already?
I support this.


I think that we should also keep the current userbase engaged, making things like weekly game tournaments, actual organized debates, movie nights followed by discussion and so on.

I've been thinking that a weekly leftypol podcast could be a good idea, just a couple of anons talking about what happened in the board and the world during the past week and inviting people to talk if they so desire, we could have debates there, and interviews and other things, and share it on spotify for others to see.

What do you think?


>What do you think?
If my timezone wasn't so atrocious, I would have already started doing this.
Someone do it already.


Proposal from a mod
Basically what they said.

>All public vote announcements in the voting thread should have an open poll attached, to give users an easy way to show support or disagreement.

>In cases where user polling indicates majority in opposition to the moderator vote outcome, the action will be limited to 2 weeks before it must be reconfirmed in the voting thread.
Ideally opinions would be expressed in replies with actual discussion, rather than the 'yes/no' junk from users and mods, but I don't think we can do much about that.


My bad, I just copypasted last weeks thread.


We should vote on it but imho it should be dissolved.


this is why you should have a union where all votes are identifiable to a user and there can be a vetting process.

If only somebody had thought of this


/lounge/ is basically the same as /siberia/ TBH, just slightly less autistic.


File: 1633095894222.jpg (63.7 KB, 640x480, m'ress really.jpg)

>IDing people


Speaking of roulette mods should make a decision soon, it IS October 1st.


many of the users are in matrix and with a targeted campaign many more could be brought in. If people don't want to take part in democracy then they don't have to


>If people don't want to take part in democracy then they don't have to
>to participate in democracy you must attach a user ID to yourself
Sounding a bit like lolbert "voluntarism" here. Not that there is a better solution readily apparent.


>many of the users are in matrix
and many aren't and never will be.


Such a voting system is present in literally every socialist state or union on earth.

Not with that attitude. If they have strong feelings, they can join. If they don’t, don’t join.


This sounds like a removal from anonymity, sort of the point of chans.


Not really you don’t have to connect your posts to your matrix account if you don’t want


Proposal: get pasquale to chill


You need to get a hobby


Rich coming from the dude that babysits the overboard.


I don't lel


The only way to do this is a quick dose of liquid nitrogen doctor freeze style


File: 1633105936536.webm (339.89 KB, 325x228, mhm mhm jeez.webm)


well you dont


remove (you)s


Votes have expired but for posterity:

I am against polling except for specific cases as it has been abused here in the past by brigading from another site

Vote against all the proposals in the OP


Ok MODS someone has made a /leftypol/ Youtube Channel
>>>/leftypol/534666 (yes I know the trips are insane)
i've done it, the channel is leftyclips404

Make sure to link this in the Home Page


File: 1634209210793.png (771.22 KB, 1167x1062, Syncplay-167.png)

I am heavy in favor of movie nights and would like to propose the utilization of the Syncplay software. This would however necessitate either distributing links to the files themselves via either BitTorrent or OCHs like catbox.moe. The latter would also allow users to stream the movie directly as that is a build in function of Syncplay.
I would also like to propose to kick the movie nights off with one of the translated Ogawa Pro documentaries.


Soviet films are a good idea too, a lot of the best ones have English subtitles and are free on Youtube.


File: 1634353419607.jpg (161.44 KB, 750x738, 1630578716372.jpg)

From the meta thread:

How hard would it be to put a cool-down timer on posts? I'm probably the only mfer who would benefit from it but anyone who dumps anything on this site would appreciate it.


What do you mean by cool down timer?


Sorry about the major delay, I have been caught up with work. Regardless of the long wait, no proposals passed in this topic.

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