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Discussions, querries, feedback and complaints about the site and its administration.
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Hello, we forgot to properly schedule a vote on what to do with /roulette/ this month so I will make those votes here;

Vote: Create /lounge/ as a board now that its tenure as a /roulette/ has ended.


Vote: Instate /draw/ as this month's /roulette/ topic.


I abstain.
We should have maybe set the criteria upon which we would have judged the viability of /lounge/ beforehand. It could be argued that using pph or activity as the sole measure is too restrictive for this type of board, a board which main appeal is, if I understood correctly, being a "comfy" space for socialisation and it seems, albeit not in great numbers, a couple of people use it for that purpose and in a way that might not a been possible in a more rapid and chaotic board like /siberia/. So in that regard it was at least partially successful.
However, I understand too that it might not be wise to multiply needlessly new boards and fragment the site more than it is warranted by the size of the current userbase and that /lounge/ style threads could already coexist and thrive inside /siberia/ with the help of appropriate moderation.
Thus my abstention.
Moreover, it would be useful to have the opinion of the users, especially the ones that have used /lounge/ the past month.


>Moreover, it would be useful to have the opinion of the users, especially the ones that have used /lounge/ the past month.
Yeah, I think that kind of thread is fine in /siberia/ with the more relaxed, friendly atmosphere the board has now. Plus, advice for social skills specifically already has its own thread on /hobby/. So IMO there's no need to create /lounge/.
I created a couple of threads there, if I'm not mistaken. I could've put them on /siberia/ instead, although it seemed safer to do it in /lounge/ at the time since I had the choice.
I believe it was a good idea, but it's not necessary at the moment. Right now, a little bit of moderation on /siberia/ does the same job and probably better.


Vote For.

Vote For.


>>13540 (OP)

I vote for those things as there doesn't seem to be a problem with them and also, well they already happened.
/lounge/ was simply too slow, quantity has a quality all its own.


Vote yes for lounge

I agree with what krates has to say here, we need adequate criteria to judge roullete boards

I get you, this makes sense

I think ultimately it would be best to have an offtopic board and a dedicated social board, that way people have a specific place to go to in order to socialize, kind of like the role the matrix fulfills atm, or like the old /leftytrash/. And that way b can have more random content and there is not an expectation to refrain from flaming and trolling or whatever that may be barred from a social board.


Vote yes




File: 1635474722563.png (22.55 KB, 200x200, ClipboardImage.png)

Vote: Create /draw/ as a standalone board.


I vote yes






Suggestion, make /AK-47/ a hidden board


Vote for both


Vote: Create /AK-47/ - Guns, weapons and the art of war. as a standalone board.

Vote : The next topic of /roulette/ shall be:
A - /x/ - Paranormal, horror and the occult.
B - /long/ - Effort posting : OP's must be over 300 characters long and replies must be over 150 character long, text only, only PDF and EPUB files are allowed.
The board with the most votes will be selected, in case of tie the community will decide which board will be selected. You can only vote for one of those two.


>Vote: Create /AK-47 - Guns, weapons and the art of war. as a standalone board.
>Vote : The next topic of /roulette/ shall be:


>Vote: Create /AK-47/ - Guns, weapons and the art of war. as a standalone board.

I vote Yes to this for all our Gun needs

>Vote : The next topic of /roulette/ shall be:

A for /x/ let's go x-files.


vote sure for making it a board

vote /x/ for next /roulette/


/we should do long/ + /x/ and call it /schitzo/

If not vote for /long/


>Vote yes
>Vote A


>Vote: Create /AK-47/ - Guns, weapons and the art of war. as a standalone board.
Yes. I have long waited for a /k/-style board to be implemented.
>Vote : The next topic of /roulette/ shall be:
A. Call it /posadas/ or /schizo/ to keep with the overall board naming theme.


/x/ Sounds cooler.


>Vote: Create /AK-47/ - Guns, weapons and the art of war. as a standalone board.
I vote Yes
I think it has a (albeit small) active userbase already and it was an historical board during our 8chan days so creating that board is warranted in my opinion.

>Vote : The next topic of /roulette/ shall be:

I vote B
Having a text board focused on effort posting would be a nice experiment.


If we make /AK-47/ /AKM/ is a better name a thing should we move the guns thread from /hobby/ there?


Vote yes for /ak-47/
Vote x for roullette, although I think several people have made good points that we should be careful not to let it generate too much schizo and right wing shit that could infect the rest of the board.
I would agree something like /AK/ or /AKM/ could be a bit more snappy and possibly work better than /AK-47/ actually /AK/ is kind of cool in that it is similar to /k/ and is a well known term.


OK, so either /AK/ or /AKM/.


/AKM/ has a pleasing aesthetic about it, and the K is in the middle
Could just make a thread on the board asking though


Yes, A

/AK/ generated useful discussion and a decent amount of activity. I think we should keep it.

/long/ feels like a mix between a purposeless board (/r9k/, /qa/) or /edu/ (already too slow). /x/ may be done to death but at least it's got a topic and a group of users who've requested it.



voting for B) /long/


Hello, meatlings.

The trial run for /spoox/ is up, and it is now the time for voting on its existence.

As such:
VOTE: Make /spoox/ it's own board.

In addition, we must vote on a new /roulette/!
Some ideas in circulation are:

1 - /long/
OP's must be over 300 characters long and replays must be over 150 character long, do not allow images.

2 - /lifestyle/
basically taking stuff like cooking, fitness, being outdoors, ect and make it into its own distinct thing, which would free up /hobby/ to be mostly about tv, movies, comics, ect

3 - transport & city planning
The "roast suburbia" board!

4 - roleplay (maybe a /tg/ styled board?)
Cause boardgames need a home too, could also be a place to organize ongoing tabletop games.

5 - research & philosophy
The sister board to /edu/.

6 - /dump/ (NSFW)
For all your image dumping needs!

7 - /film/ - Movies and TV
For kino viewing purposes, could also include watching parties.

8 - /media/
Movies, TV, comics, etc, and broadly visual enterteinment outside of weeb shit, can include /film/ ideas.

9 - /civ/ - Civil discussion.
No b8 allowed.

10 - /motor/ - cars and motorcycles
Breaking down transportation to its nuts and bolts.

11 - /img/
only image posts, no text

12 - /fast/
posts older than 24h disappear, OPs get redacted (maybe it works better with 26 hours)

13 - /deutsch/ - German
Take 2 for creating a specific language alt-board.

14 - /diy/
basically anything related to intelligently meeting material needs with limited or minimal means

15 - /lgbt/
for discussion of issues pertaining to lgbt comrades.

16 - /t/ - Torrents
a pirate's life for me!

17 - /lumpen/ - Slum (Drugs, Sex, Crime, Making Ends Meet)
/siberia/ with a dash of illegalism


Making my vote for /t/ as we need more pirating in our lives.


Voting against /spoox/ as it got around 150 posts in a month.


I note m00dy votes yes on creating /spoox/


personally vote against /spoox/ as it was low activity.
as a counter-proposal, I propose we instead merge /spoox/ topics into /dead/.


lefty/lgbt/ now


I don't think concepts with an inactive /hobby/ thread should be done. I'm also hesitant to continue /roulette/ as it just clutters the site with more dead boards.
Against /spoox/

>16 - /t/ - Torrents

I think this would be cool, although maybe it could be /pirate/ for a more general concept.


>13 - /deutsch/ - German
>Take 2 for creating a specific language alt-board.
How about a board to speaks in any language and with location flags?


So like the /int/ but instead of meme flags actual location? Is what I am getting.

I am for /spoox/ but its also because I pushed for it to begin with so of course I would want it.


>So like the /int/ but instead of meme flags actual location? Is what I am getting.
Yes please


>I'm also hesitant to continue /roulette/ as it just clutters the site with more dead boards.
Continue roulette as a formality and only bother voting new boards when exceptional user activity is noticed.


I vote yes to make /spoox/ a board. I think it was a cool idea that didn't get enough of a chance to find it's place.

Vote yes to 2, 11, 6, 12, 16, 17 in no particular order.

With /lumpen/ I think we would need to develop a reasonable standard for accepted content for security/legal reasons. I am in agreeance with Discomrade that it would not be a good idea to make a new board based on already existing low activity threads on another board. I also think /deutsche/ is a bad idea because we already have an /int/ thread and language specific generals and there is an /int/ board hosted on getchan already. I kind of like the idea of 2 /lifestyle/ as a fit type self development thread, but as a general self development hub sufficiently distinguished from /liftypol/ and the social advice threads etc.


I vote no regarding the creation of /spoox/ because of low activity combined with its schizo attractor potential.


>supernatural board
Why are you enabling idealists to push their shit over the website?


This, it might be cool and fun and dumb but it's not compatible with communism. Many other imageboards already have a supernatural/paranormal/creepy board that isn't infected with rightoids.


vote no on creating spoox
vote for an lgbt board


File: 1643730221795.jpg (40.91 KB, 380x600, gay marriage.jpg)

>vote for an lgbt board

anon that's every board


You're all girls and gay, get over it losers.


A board solely for images (an image board, if you will). Easy to engage and get more activity in it going.


>A board solely for images (an image board, if you will).
I know you're joking but American newfaggots really believe that's why they're called imageboards and will use it as a defense for dumping trash on discussion boards.


assuming it doesn't pose any major legal problems, a piracy board seems like the most likely to succeed of the non-gimmick boards. images only seems like the most likely gimmick to succeed or to play out in interesting ways and is the one i'd vote for.

most discussion boards could really do with a "business plan", some sort of idea of who they're aimed at and why existing boards are insufficient. especially to target the question of "is this a board for existing users to talk about a topic, or a board to bring in people who want to talk about that topic?" - if the former, making a case that it can't really be discussed on existing boards, and if the latter, suggesting how people can be brought in.
although /roulette/ is fine when it's just casually throwing up topics, there's a longer term risk of having a large number of neglected boards be nodded through because 2-3 people were using them.
although i'm not against /roulette/, it might be useful to look at ways to vitalize existing smaller boards. perhaps by making people off-site aware they exist, trying to attract (say) artists to /draw/ even if they're only left-leaning, not particularly interested in posting on /leftypol/ proper.
(though that raises a longer-term question over the site's aims: should /leftypol/ always be a politics website, or is it a general discussion website that leans left and has a left-wing politics board?)

i'd be remiss not to mention an idea that may or may not be mad: create a new board if someone (or a group) volunteers to moderate/administer it, then assign them the responsibility for getting it up to speed within a trial period, ideally with quantifiable targets of success/failure agreed in advance, perhaps with intermittent review. i can see how the targets might be gamed, or how a decision to terminate the board might lead to drama, or how a board mod could go mad or whatever, but it might open up some innovative approaches for running a small board without much extra work being needed from the existing mod team. (assuming this is possible with existing software)


more like board of the 3 months


I agree on making /spoox/ its own board. There's still discussion to be had. The USSR did have intelligence agencies investigating the "paranormal," not the same extent as the US did, but it existed so there's some precedence for discussing it here.

I vote strong yes on /t/ since i have been downloading a lot lately, also 17 since /dead/ is a bit too niche for crime discussion, soft yes on 2,3 cause I think urban design could be a fun roulette topic.

I'm fine with /lgbtqiaa2s+/ but only if "Rate Me" threads are banned


Rate me includes "do I pass?" and "Am I hon?"
"Is it long enough for me to top?" Etc

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